Pet Battles

Oct 24 Them mind messing Tricky Treats blues I am sick of Tricky Teats, I farmed my 300 for Widget the Departed and Naxxy. God, what a mindless grind of flying from place to place. I either need to get a better therapist with better pharmaceuticals, or maybe some better Scotch.Baadboy7 Oct 24
Oct 24 PvP Pet Battle Queue So I queued for my daily set of PvP pet battles (I'm working toward 1,000 and 2,000 PvP pet battle wins) and I notice that today (as opposed to yesterday), the group finder eyeball is now beep beep beep beep beeping at me for the entire queue time. It's like someone wants to join my group but I can't invite them because this is not the pre-made group finder - it's the PvP Pet Battle queue. I've currently been queue for 5 minutes of beep beep beep beep beep beep beeping. Blizzard, I beg of you, please revert this most annoying of changes.Neall2 Oct 24
Oct 24 Random battle pets appearing? Anyone else have random battle pets just show up at various times? I had a king snake follow me around earlier and just now it was my zandalari anklerender. lol I keep having to dismiss them and it's driving me nuts. I've had this happen before but I can't remember how I "fixed" it and I can't seem to find any information online. I checked the options in my Rematch and Pet Tracker addons, but I saw nothing relevant.Avalene3 Oct 24
Oct 24 Nazzy for Sale Naxxy for sale on Suramar 100kDoggler0 Oct 24
Oct 24 337 WS + Bone Serpent + Teraclaw Best PVP team out there, see it a lot. Any good counters?Padnamprik7 Oct 24
Oct 23 Pet Breeding Anyone know if they have any plans to pick up this again for the next xpac? From what I understand it was well into development when they axed it.Arkah2 Oct 23
Oct 22 Elemental Escalation - Snozz I keep trying multiple strats that use Tiny Twister + Crazy Carrot + Ominous Flame. Bottom line, the pets don't last through his damage (why does an ability with a "chance" to hit 3 times always seem to hit three times for this jerk?) Anyone have a better idea?Superdaedra5 Oct 22
Oct 22 Snozz Elemental If anyone's having trouble with Snozz lemental, I managed to do with with Molten Corgi x/1/x, Ominous Flame x/2/2, and Cinder Kitten 2/2/x if it helps. I got a mythic headache from it, but I'll try to remember the attack order as best I can Pass, swapped to flame Forboding Curse Manual swap to Corgi Superbark, ability swapped to Flame again Scorched Earth, Forboding Curse, might have died or survived long enough for the ability swap Cinder Kitten rend until it died, not sure if I used leap for a curse expiration or not, sorry Hopefully this helps someone else out thereYzzami0 Oct 22
Oct 21 Pet Battle Key Bindings Broken [Fixed] So I'm not quite sure if this should go here or in UI bugs and junk but I was having issues with it and by process of elimination I figured out the issue. I use dominos for my action bars (love it really recommend it), but I was messing around with my binds today and moved some stuff around and a little later I went into a pet battle and my pet battle keybinds were all messed up. So after process of elimination I figured out that the pet battle keybinds use the first 4 bindings you have on the action bar 1 block. Hope this helps some one because it took me way to long to figure it out and I don't want some one else to waste as much time as I did. [edit]:Also don't know if this is specifically just dominos or if it is the main game as well. Cheers!ßaßé1 Oct 21
Oct 21 No, just feels like it. I was waiting in queue for a PvP pet battle tonight. I checked the little eye-scanner-thingie. It said: Avg wait time: 1 min / Time in Queue: 49 days 17 hr. Hmmmmm...... No, but sometimes it feels like it! <laugh>Wayfur0 Oct 21
Oct 20 Zookeeper Nerf? I realize this is very RNG, but I've noticed a sudden drop off in Pile of Pet Goodies during the past week. I used to get at least one during my daily WQs, but suddenly I am getting none, when the number of mobs I'm killing hasn't decreased at all (if anything, I've been doing more than I was before). Is anyone else experiencing this?Tennueth1 Oct 20
Oct 19 Selling Knockoff Blingtron Just like the title suggest, selling Knockoff Blingtron. On Barthilas Horde biggzie#1421Biggzie1 Oct 19
Oct 19 Wondrous Wisdomball Does the item for this pet still drop from the Kirin Tor dailies? If so, what’s the drop rate for the Strange Humming Crystal? I’m almost done with the Dutiful Squire/Gruntling grind (thank god) and the Wisdomball is next on my agenda. I wish I had grabbed it when it was available on the AH earlier in the expansion.Elunatic2 Oct 19
Oct 18 Blizzard Real talk here. We need a tiny pitlord pet. We need several. Minniroth Bwutallius we need them blizzard.Zunde2 Oct 18
Oct 18 Fix the pet battles on Argus I spend half the time opening my achievement box just so I can finish the fights. The pets keep getting stuck while doing some of their abilities, like Gloamwing when he's attacking me with Slicing Wind. He gets stuck most of the time in each step and I have to keep opening something up on my screen just to get him to finish his move. It's getting very frustrating when I spend more time trying to get the moves to finish then it takes to actually do the battle.Darielyia6 Oct 18
Oct 18 Pets getting 'stuck/pausing' midfight Hey guys, as title says, I am beginning to get really annoyed when the enemy pets are almost every fight getting stuck in an animation, anywhere from a few seconds, to a couple of minutes, before they get back into position for the next 'round'. I cannot recall this happening more than a week ago, but I have changed nothing on my system for ages, and can think of no other reason why this would have recently begun to occur. System is defragged, latest drivers etc, and my wife hasn't had this occur to her alt all on her comp. Has anyone come across this, and if so, know of a fix? Considering giving up on the whole pet battle system if I cant fix it, becoming too frustrating. Thanks all.Zurtankoblin17 Oct 18
Oct 18 Best critter pets? So i was doing the pet battle achievements and I realized I dont have many critters and that most of them just suck in general. What are the best ones I should level to do these achievements?Igyfarmyou2 Oct 18
Oct 18 MPPM: Swamp Croaker Major Payne decided to give you guys a break from having to fight giant bosses, and he now wants you to trudge around the swamps of the Isle of Thunder. The bulbous, wart-covered Swamp Croaker is this week's target and we'd love to know what you think of the pet, and how well it does in your Pet Battles!Crithto18 Oct 18
Oct 18 Spineclaw Crab Does the Spineclaw Crab ever drop??? I'm sick of trying to farming this, truly a horrible drop rate. Is there a way to make the rare spawn, its never up, which makes this even more frustrating.Kalystah15 Oct 18
Oct 18 A Modest Proposal I love pet battling. I love it on my main, I love it on my alts. I've really enjoyed how much love Blizz has been giving pet battling in recent xpacs, from all the new tamers and achievements and vendor rewards to the new dungeons. I have a suggestion about how to make it even better. Leveling alts with pet battles is, of course, already a thing. It's primarily useful at 85+, since the XP gain is most efficient post-Pandaria, when the availability of wild pets at level 25 also makes it an excellent point to level pets up to maximum. Unfortunately, this means if players want to level toons with pet battles before 85, they have to resort to hackish methods Blizz doesn't seem to approve of, by visiting zones well before they're supposed to be there. It also makes the spots in these zones ideal for this sort of thing a little crowded on well populated servers. My suggestion is that pet battles should be presented to new players as a legitimate means of leveling beyond just the occasional pet tamer daily against common pets or wild pets at very low levels. Setting aside alts for a moment, new players have access to leveled pets now either through friends or the AH (Tokens eliminated any gold barrier to acquiring them). Pet battling is a fun and satisfying aspect of WoW that could appeal to players alongside the questing and dungeon mechanics, which are frankly not as satisfying in a lot of well-known ways. How about adding a few areas around the starting zones, and possibly other Vanilla areas, with some fast-spawning level 25 pets, that newbies and lowbies could use for leveling through pet battling? There could be a rabbit warren in Dun Morogh, a spider's nest in Tirasfal Glades, a pool of snails in Darkshore, etc. This would not only provide leveling opportunities to new and altaholic players, but more advanced players might go there to farm rares for useful wild pets. This would encourage social interaction between new and advanced players. They would be natural gathering places for PVP battles. Breadcrumb quests for pet dungeons could be offered, etc. I think this one small addition could make the pet battling game something enjoyed by all levels of players together, not just at or near end-game.Songya8 Oct 18
Oct 17 Good pet battle add-ons Hi, Can anyone recommend good add-ons for battling & collecting pets? Thanks!Printemps11 Oct 17
Oct 17 can my kids pet battle each other? i just got my kids (7 and 9) their own wow accounts all they want to do is pet battle, great but i can not find a way for both of them to be able to battle each other, they are too young to play vs other people yet i am looking at guides but none of them really tell me about this scenario (or i'm just blind) please help me out, do they have to have their pet at max level ? do they have to have 3 pet slot open ? what are the minimum req (if any) to friendly pet battle ? thank you EDIT: RANT: you would think with pet battles being a major entry point for young gamers, this would be easier to do.Dagome6 Oct 17
Oct 17 Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu after 7.3 Has anyone got Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu after 7.3? There's apparently a bug where you can't get it even if you have the Power Ascended achievement, but there's doesn't really seem to be much posted about it beyond "there's a bug". Is it affecting everyone? It is just players who got Power Ascended after 7.3?Guyronic3 Oct 17
Oct 16 Best PVP pet battle teams? I want to see what everyone feels are the best pet battle teams out there currently with the new releases of pets.Dilàudid28 Oct 16
Oct 16 Glory of the Tomb Raider - U.S. Horde This is a direct link for U.S. Horde sign-ups. A 3 hour time frame has been blocked off on Saturday, October 14th from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST. Level 110 is required and we will shoot for 900+ item level. If you have not familiarized yourself with Tomb of Sargeras yet please do so before signing up by completing/reading/viewing: • Raid finder • Wowhead Guides: • Achievement Guides: • Fatboss Videos: We will be using Discord. You do not have to speak but you have to be able to hear and follow directions. We will need 3 tanks for several of the achievements as well. Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to Kelly#12973.Kelly8 Oct 16
Oct 16 PSA: Super Squirt Clipped Short If you were planning on leveling against Super Squirt during the morning hours before reset, be advised there is scheduled maintenance from 5am to 1pm PDT on Tuesday morning.Songya5 Oct 16
Oct 16 Minfernal Help Well, here I am, after trying for two years to get this guy. I would like to finish the Argus family pet achievement, and a few strats I have run across use the Minfernal. That, and I would like to finish up the Zookeeper title this winter. I've tried everything and have not seen hide nor hair (err, rock nor flame) of him, outside of some lucky schmuck showing off a newly-captured one in town. Any tips? I'm a little bummed at this point at just how damned hard he is to get. Tried all of the strategies I've come across, including a new server DK, and nada.Sylvanara14 Oct 16
Oct 15 Is there an addon... That allows me to simply mouse over a wild pet to see the rarity on it and its team mates?, i'm getting tired of clicking a pet then forfeiting then doing that over and over again until i find the rare pet i'm looking for.Daffodil3 Oct 15
Oct 14 Looking for Black Tabby Cat Anyone willing to help me out? Can't afford AH prices and need it for the crazy cat lady title. If anyone is willing or has an extra let me know; also the cat can be caged once learned.Ashearah6 Oct 14
Oct 14 Team Presets I just started getting into pet battles, and sorting through the list of pets to find 2 that compliment the 'main' pet you want to use on any given fight is easily the most off-putting aspect of the system. As the list grows it will only become more annoying. Being able to make 5-10 teams that we can save and switch out with a single click would be a huge QoL improvement.Extingra2 Oct 14
Oct 13 Maximum pets limit 1,000? Does anyone know if Blizzard has plans to increase the maximum pet limit beyond 1,000? Really why have a limit at all? You can only have 3 of any one pet so the max should be the total number of pets in the game x 3.Wushuxiong16 Oct 13
Oct 13 What happened to the bonus XP? It seems like the bonus XP for this weeks event is spotty and much less than I have received before. A lv6 carry pet that is the sole survivor of a lev 25 trio battle only reached level 10. I can remember last month on the same fights taking level 1 to 4 pets in and getting 10+ levels. Am I imagining this or does anyone else think there has been an adjustment in the amount received?Emohohen7 Oct 13
Oct 12 pets for auction on barthilas LOTS Pets up for Auction in Barthilas Auction house starting at 1 silverTahamoot0 Oct 12
Oct 12 My dragonhawk hatchling wont fight So my dragonhawk hatchling doesnt fight, and whenever i try to capture a pet it dies after 1 strike. I have no idea what im doingCardid4 Oct 12
Oct 12 Guide To Creating PvP Pet Battle Teams Note: the most updated version of this guide can be found here: Discodoggy’s Guide To Creating A PvP Team Lately I have seen more threads asking how to get started in Pet Battle PvP. I figured rather than respond to each of them individually I would make this guide. Pet battle PvP is quite different from PvE. When facing the trainers you know exactly what move sets they have and often the sequence in which they perform these moves. In PvP you will be facing a thinking opponent and you have no idea what type of team you will be facing. Creating teams to face these thinking opponents can be a daunting task. What is the purpose of this guide? This guide is intended primarily for people who already collect and have leveled pets from each family and would like to start PvPing at max level (which is 25 at the time of writing). Choosing your team is a huge part, perhaps the most important part of being successful in PvP. The goal after reading this is for you to be able to create your own viable PvP teams. What this guide isn’t. It is not a leveling guide. It is not a pet battle PvE guide. It is not a how to PvP guide. The actual act of pet battle PvPing will be up to you to learn after you create your team. This isn’t a guide on how to make a team that will steam roll every other team you encounter. It’s here to get new PvP battlers started making their own teams. What are my qualifications? I was a pet collector before MoP and one of the most anticipated parts of the new expansion for me was pet battling. You mean I can actually use these little guys that I’ve been spending absurd amounts of gold on? Awesome! I started PvP pet battling on day one of MoP. I pet battle every day that I play WoW. At the time of writing this I have around 2,900 PvP wins. I know this doesn’t necessarily make me “good”, but it does make me experienced. One of my favorite parts of pet battles is putting together pets that work well with one another to form competitive teams. I would like to share some of my methods. Preliminaries Before getting started there are a few important facts that you need to know. If you have already done some pet battling then you probably already know this. I have included it nevertheless. Preliminary Knowledge A: Families Pets are classified into 10 families. In order to PvP you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each family. Every pet and every attack has a family classification. If an attack is strong against another pet then it does 150% of its normal damage. If an attack is weak against another pet then it does 66% of its normal damage. A major part of being successful in pet PvP is using strong attacks against your opponents. Listed below is each family, what it is strong against and what it is weak against. Humanoid is strong against Dragonkin but weak against Beast Dragonkin is strong against Magic but weak against Undead Magic is strong against Flying but weak against Mechanical Flying is strong against Aquatic but weak against Dragonkin Aquatic is strong against Elemental but weak against Magic Elemental is strong against Mechanical but weak against Critter Mechanical is strong against Beast but weak against Elemental Beast is strong against Critter but weak against Flying Critter is strong against Undead but weak against Humanoid Undead is strong against Humanoid but weak against Aquatic Note that a pet may have attacks from a different family. For example, a Bat from the flying family has flying, undead, and beast attacks. While I have heard the terms used differently in other games, this is the way I will use the following terms: Hard counter - This pet’s moves are strong against you. My Emperor Crab is a hard counter to your Fel Flame (elemental) because my Surge (aquatic attack) is strong against you. Soft counter - Your attacks are weak against this pet. My Arctic Hare (critter) is a soft counter to your Fel Flame because your elemental attack is weak against me. Double counter - Your attacks are weak against this pet and this pet’s moves are strong against you. My Shimmershell Snail is a Double Counter to your Fel Flame (elemental) because I have an aquatic attack (Dive) which is strong against you and I am a critter, so your elemental attacks are weak against me.Discodoggy45 Oct 12
Oct 10 Sign of the Critter I'm used to seeing a little squirrel icon beside my minimap denoting that it's Pet Battle Bonus Week. I don't have one, though. Is anyone else seeing it? Is everyone getting the XP buff? The event has started, right?Songya2 Oct 10
Oct 9 Pet Battle Dungeon Bugs and Ideas. I am starting to do the pet battle dungeons and I notice some bugs. I will talk about the bugs and then the ideas to make better pet battle dungeons in the future. First bug I ever saw was the trash pausing randomly. The first time that happened I actually logged off. It gets annoying waiting for them to continue. Another bug I noticed was with the crabs in the dead mines. They had a bug were there speed was randomly changed to somewhere over 13'000. Now the ideas. First idea is make bosses have no trash more often like in the dead mines. Pet Battle Dungeons can get hard and I think we should have less trash on the bosses, since dungeons can take ages with them making you lose. If you have the same problem feel free to share it. If you are a person working for blizzard please work on patching these bugs.Siamilhent2 Oct 9
Oct 9 Can't pet battle in someone elses garri now? Hi all, So I have some lower level toons that I have tried to pet battle in other peoples garrisons (squirt day) with and the pet battle arena is empty for my chars. Is this happening to anyone else? The one variable is the person isn't in their garrison at the time, but I don't remember this ever being an issue in the past?Missunknown9 Oct 9
Oct 9 Your opponent in PVP When you see your opponent in the Pet PVP BG, is that what they look like in the game, or is it just an random character Blizzard fills in?Baadboy9 Oct 9
Oct 9 Question about the drudge ghoul I've heard that the drudge ghoul only drops from normal lk and not heroic. Is this true?Dru38 Oct 9
Oct 8 Trying to learn, any tips? Hello. i love collecting pets and trying to get better at battling them. Does anyone have any tips? Like how to level faster or what pets to get? Anything is helpful!Cöbalt6 Oct 8
Oct 8 Best way to level pets? Havent been into pets since MoP but want to level up some more now, whats the best ways to do so?Igyfarmyou9 Oct 8
Oct 8 Eldritch and Erudite manafiend If you're having trouble finding one or the other something that took me a minute to figure out. Eldritch spawn at night Erudite spawn during the dayZunde10 Oct 8
Oct 8 Battle Pet Access Switching Is there any hope of getting some sort of switch so that two characters on the same account don't have to do the log out/log in, log-out/log-in dance in order to do pet battles? When doing the Legion daily tamers, that's eight extra log-outs/log-ins (or is it ten? - I've never been a math whiz). Plus, one has to wait while the other one logs in to be sure that the right one has access to the pets. Before I'm chastised for two characters on the same account being played, remember that some folks play with their minor children and some folks two box, so I'm not talking about circumventing the ToS in any way. I have seen other posts discussing this in the past, but was wondering if anyone knows if it's even being looked at by the developers. To a non-programmer, it doesn't seem like it should be that big of a job to program a switch of some type to accomplish the change, but I could be way off base. Any ideas?Wayfur1 Oct 8
Oct 8 Can't Find ANYONE in Que :| Pretty sure I cant be the only person qued with a 25 team atm. This happens every night. I'll sit here in que for 5-10 minutes, drop que, hit "find battle" again and wait... I don't see anyone else complaining about this though-- So, is this not happening to everyone? I figure if it were a bug or something it would clear up after a day or so... Its been happening ever since I switched realms a month ago.Vailnite8 Oct 8
Oct 6 Autumnal Sproutling Breeds This pet is sold by Draemus in Dalaran for 100 Pet Charms. It comes in 10 different breeds. I am only interested in the P/P & S/S breeds. Are these the best breeds for this pet? I was wondering if any other pet collectors have any extra of this pet in these breeds they would be willing to sell me for gold. I've got characters on Stormrage, Burning Legion, Arygos, Proudmoore, Ghostlands, Area 52, Dalaran, Archimonde, Elune, Hyjal, Kargath, Malygos, Turalyon, Moonguard, and Aman' Thul (Oceanic realm).Elunatic3 Oct 6
Oct 5 Armory Not updating... So for a day now my Armory hasn't updated which means I can't properly update my profile. Anyone else having this problem?Escalus4 Oct 5
Oct 5 Host a pet battle I was wondering, if i wanted to host a pet battle in the guild. Can I see other people's pet battle fight like a spectator ??Valerianmed1 Oct 5
Oct 5 Pet Master Pet Battles over Powered still Pet Battles are still to over Powered on Pet Battle Masters like timeless isle for example. Not a things been done to fix it. its come to a Point where its not worth trying an I like to od had a chance at getting them pets. Its few Ex Packs later omgSaurain13 Oct 5
Oct 4 Need Help, new to pet battles (sorry in advance for incoming wall of text) So long story short, i have quite a few pets i have collected to just have as eye candy while i quest/level or have a fitting companion in RP, iv used up all of my alts garrison stones that boost pets to 25 loooooong ago and regret it now, but i do have an ammount of lvl 25 pets Iv looked up some guides and found a youtuber that makes short/sweet/to the point videos for pet battle guides on how to fight the different Argus tamers/rare pets BUT most of the ones i have seen i dont have. so my question to you all (if anyone responds) is what pets should i go after FIRST to start me off on a good track to building a few teams? i heard a few people say the Anubis idol pet is good, i think i have a level 1 somewhere in one of my alt's banks. so my other question would be what the best way to power level pets are?Kristiara5 Oct 4