Pet Battles

May 8 Why is "king" a mature word for pet names? I just got Benax off of Anax in Suramar and immediately tried to name it Ribbit King in honor of a favored internet comedy duo, but got told that it contains mature language. I can name it "Ribbit" but not "King", so why is "king" a mature word? Could it be some gang reference I dont know about?Scrumpon10 May 8
May 7 Paralyzing Venom not working? I use it on my Felbat pup and for about 2 weeks now it hasn't worked even when I debuff their speed and go fist during the round.Hairmetal2 May 7
May 5 Scraps-new undead pet Found in Broken Isles, in the Curious Wrymtongue Cache. Anyone have any info on how to get the cache? Where is it? etc.Disma9 May 5
May 4 Pet Teams addition Hey Blizz, Is there any chance you pet battle gods could put a Team option into the pet UI, like equipment sets? Id love to be able to have preset teams ready to go for master battle encounters! I always forget what combo I used for what guy, etc.. Anyway, just a hope :) Thanks!Furyan3 May 4
May 4 Robert Craig, Aulier, Trapper Jarrun? Never see them. What am i doing wrong?Means6 May 4
May 4 One pet (best one) So, I don't really pet battle at all. My highest pet is level 12 and its a Gilnean Raven, lol. So, I have a bunch of pet charms and I thought I would level a pet to 25. IF, I Could have only 1 pet as 25, which one should I choose? The best pet that covers most if not all battles, etc.Dreadnova9 May 4
May 3 Is Haunt Haunting Your Dreams? Recently I've been running into a lot of Haunt strategies while PvP pet battling, usually from Unborn Val'kyr and Ghastly Kid but now that more and more people have farmed up Wicked Soul I see him quite frequently as well. I have found that Trihorn Shield off of any of the dinosaurs (Direhorn Runt, Pygmy Direhorn, and Stunted Direhorn) works wonders against this annoying DoT.Nivmizzet18 May 3
May 3 Battle Pet help First time trying to do this So i bought some battle pets on the AH and when i try to use it them it says i cant add companion to my account. Does anyone know what i can do?Ishöot6 May 3
May 3 Best Pet Supply bag ever! When did they add that pet supply bag to Children's week? (I missed a couple years) Every one so far has had a flawless stone (wowhead says it's 88% chance) and at least one burger and one hotdog, usually more.Qingzhao0 May 3
May 3 Pet Battles - Pay to Win garbage Good job Blizz. The Battle Store pets and grandfathered Collector's Edition pets are currently the most OP in the game. I fought a player with 2 level 1 pets and a single level 14 Panda Cub. I myself had a Tanky Warbot with 600 HP at level 10. I literally get one-shot, non-crit, by the Panda Cub. Mind you, Panda Cubs are BEASTS and Warbots are MECHANICALS, which SHOULD mean I have the upper hand by doing 50% extra damage, certainly not equating to losing by OHKO. My friends are reporting similar situations with Collector's Edition and Battle Store pets. Seriously, Blizzard? I'm starting to understand why you guys introduced this system. When people complain that paid and collector's edition pets are OP you and most other players can just say "it's a casual mini-game, no one cares". Seems like this is where you're resorting to making your money from micro transactions. EDIT: Typo, I have SIX-hundred HP, not four.Thirkfifty122 May 3
May 3 A new pet battle: Baby Loque'Nahak ORIGINAL LINK IDEA: Good evening community! So, I came here to real talk about a battle pet suggestion to be created and put in the game (obviously). I've sent this mascot suggestion's for the game itself (in the Help section), and even commented to friends who have that thing for pets in common and they thought that would be nice. Well, it would be a mascot inspired by Loque'nahak, the Hunter's helper that only BM Hunter can use. I sent this several times, the last being well details on type, how to get and skills, afraid that something happened like Ban'thalos that is acquired through quests in the garrison... Its nice, but it's easy to pick up and almost no one else uses, off which is very cheap in Auction House (nothing against those who liked it, of course). I will tell here only my idea about how he / she would like to find and what skills would have (but all of these can change, of course). Starting with the capture: it would be rare and you have to tame, exaclty like Unborn Val'kyr. The first idea I had was his spawn would be shared with Val'kyr in Nortúdria, but at different points and not on all maps, but I found a bit precarious and would get a little annoying to find Val'kyr. It would not be that neither Mariposa Asarubra and Vaga-lume Safira, that you have to catch the two if both are up. You would pick one or other. The second idea was make it harder to catch and yet fun: it could appear on ANY map of Azeroth, but only on points of rare cats to Hunter tame, like the White Lion in Kalimdor, Hibernia. It would be annoying, yes, but it would not share spawn with Val'kyr. In this case, this mascot would have about 18 rare throughout Azeroth, only in spots that appear rare cats to Hunter tame or kill. We will also discard the kittens of Mount Hyjal, because there's a lot in their surroundings and Skarr. The points of cats who are spiritual beasts, let's consider count only Loque'Nahak and Gondria At Kalimdor: Duskstalker: Teldrassil 57, 66 Shadowclaw: Darkshore 41, 36 Duskcoat: Felwood 39, 31 Sian-Rotam: Winterspring 45, 17 Rak'shiri: Winterspring 47, 18 Iceclaw: Winterspring 52, 18 Feras: Stonetalon Mountains 76, 91 Dishu: Northern Barrens 45, 32|48, 51|42, 52 Humar the Pridelord: Northern Barrens 67, 64 Eastern Kingdoms: The Dark Prowler: Hillsbrad Foothills 33, 55 Araga: Hillsbrad Foothills 44, 54 Sambas: Twilight Highlands 68, 25|49, 22|45, 29|42, 38|38, 53 Tabbs: Badlands 58, 60 Broken Tooth: Badlands 22, 60 Kash: Swamp of Sorrows 79,28 Pogeyan - The Fire Spirit -: Northern Stranglethorn 36, 28 Northrend: Loque’Nahak: Sholazar Basin, 21, 70|31, 66| 36, 30|58, 22|51, 81| 67, 79|71, 71 Gondria: Zul’Drak 67, 77|61, 62|63, 43|69, 48|77, 70|54, 37 His appearance: Do not run away from the base which is the Loque, but use the body of Xu-fu Cub of Xuen designer or Brightpaw, the rest I believe in WoW team potential. <3 Its kind: it could be either the types MAGIC or UNDEAD! Their skills if it was the type MAGIC First Skill: Spiritual Pound (type Magic or Beast): If Beast type, leaves a debuff on opponent's attack, reduced by 2 rounds. Second Skill: Healing, (invent a name). It will heal the mascot for 4 rounds. Third Skill: Moon Climate / Moonfire (already known skill) Fourth Skill: Arduous Bite (Elemental type). The LOQUE has a blue flame in his mouth, would make a dot of 4 rounds generating a regular damage to each end of turn. Fifth Skill: Here he can have as much Fade or some other skill that at least decrease the received damage, as stoneskin. Sixth Skill: Outbreak Of Power. Everybody knows, everybody loves. His skills if you were the UNDEAD type (will not have big difference) First Skill: Spiritual Pound (type Magic or Beast): If Beast type, leaves a debuff on opponent's attack, reduced by 2 rounds. Second Skill: Death and Decay. Undead type and that will heal the active pet (any mascot that would enter the fight will be healed. Also, everyone knows this ability). Third: Keep the Moonfire. Fourth Skill: Arduous Bite (Elemental type): Stay the same. Fifth Skill: Rotten Roar (Undead type), gives a little damage, but the most important thing is that the dot inflicts the disease type about 3 turns. Sixth Skill: Babel (Undead type). The mascot disappear beyond his littermates and they attacks the opponent for three rounds (think of the skill of Ragnaros). The damage, amount of healing, etc. would be the creative team's responsability. About the name: I honestly do not have idea, it could be something like Loha, Loloha, Lonka or something.Iakyta13 May 3
May 2 Monk & DK Pets need to be "cageable" If you are not aware, Blizzard is adding in new pets for DKs and Monks, but unlike the pets from the Shaman, Warlock/Demon Hunter and Druid Class Halls, these new pets basically require you to main a DK or a Monk. Whereas the original class specific pets just required you to level an alt to 105 (and only 100 for the shaman) and do a few WQs for OR, the new DK and Monk pets require you to unlock every Artifact Trait for a single artifact weapon after empowering it. This means that you will need to not only get these two classes to 110, but play them enough to max out the artifact weapon. In the case of the DK, you will need to max out all three weapons to be able to access the three pets. While this is all good and dandy for DKs and Monks, those of us not main-ing these two classes are rather screwed if we want to be able to play our mains since we all know how long it takes to farm AP to max out weapons. For the sake of a collector's sanity, please make these pets cageable or lower the requirements on them.Tikana38 May 2
May 1 So. Many. Pets. Glitch? I have been making the final run towards finishing this achievement. I was at 547/600 earlier this week. I added about 13 pets that I was almost positive were new. I got no credit. I chalked up to maybe i had them once got rid of them. Today, I finally got the Dust Bunny in Dalaran, and got the Rescued Fawn. The count of the achievement did not go up. I also got the Hyjal Wisp and Stinkrot to get the K'ute for Raiding with Leashes 3. My count for the achievment still sits at 547/600. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I have added a minimum of 4 new pets. Anybody else had this problem, any suggestions?? I submitted a ticket though thought I might pop on here and see if anyone had seen this already.Angryaces9 May 1
May 1 Graves in Heroes 2.0 With the changes to how levels are calculated in Heroes, does anyone know the specific Heroes of the Storm level required for Graves now that 2.0 is out? From what I've heard you get the pet sub-lvl 25?Quintessence9 May 1
Apr 30 Gnomeregan and Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeons! Discuss! What do you want to see? More challenging content? Multi-Player pet content?Ashief21 Apr 30
Apr 30 How I envisioned the Battle Pet dungeon I had hoped to see the dungeon as us having to go through as one of our pets and do different tasks as that pet. Along the way getting to change pets according to which task was being asked of us. I would love to see something like this just so us pet collectors get to interact with our pets in a different way and eventually may get to use some that aren't really used frequently or at all. Remember the quest in Stranglethorn where you played as the little raptor and went through Zul'Gurub, something a little similar to that would have been great!Darielyia1 Apr 30
Apr 30 Transition on the battle I'm just came back to WoW since MoP, just start with the pet training, someone else think that when you defeat and pet and you switch for a new one the speed between the pets in that fight should define who is going first? The accion of switching a pet is actually the 1 turn in that new fight.(Sorry for bad english)Killercr2 Apr 30
Apr 28 Hateful Eye Why is it taking soooooooooooooo long to farm this pet. I've farmed every single day since the expansion came out. I've seen it drop soo many times for other Warlocks. I must have the worst luck in the history of lucks.Ylenaris3 Apr 28
Apr 27 What's a good pet to level others? What's great for battling the various creatures out in Azeroth for exp? I don't have any 25s yet so its my only option.Elizabautne20 Apr 27
Apr 27 Pet Battle Dungeon ending criticism I start out with a quest in Dalaran to go do the pet battle dungeon. So i go find the NPC and she basically says to do the dungeon. I queue for the scenario. I battle all the teams and defeat them all. That part was fun. Get to the last boss, defeat him. This is where it goes wrong... The last boss disappears and I'm left standing there in an empty dungeon. Now I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do. I got no reward. No goodie bag. I look around...WTF am i supposed to do? There's no exit. There's no direction. After a few minutes i run backwards thru the dungeon, jump off a cliff nearly killing myself and find a wall of vines blacking my path. I'm even more upset now. All the fun of running the pet battle dungeon is gone and replaced with utter anger and confusion. So i run thru the whole dungeon again. I get to the end and of course there still isn't anything there. I'm wondering who the hell designs something like this. So i again run backwards thru the place and find the NPC hidden around this corner. She gives me the option to leave the instance but warns me all progress will be lost. Great everything I've done is gonna be tossed out the door. But since i have no other choices, i take the option. It teleports me outside back to where i originally queued for the scenario. Apparently with the quest to turn in. All i get out of the whole thing is a training stone. No sack of goodies i was expecting to get for completing it. And now she wants to give me a quest to go do the dungeon all over again. This ending to this pet battle dungeon is ABSOLUTE $%*& design. Who makes a person run backwards thru a dungeon to find a hidden NPC to get out of it? Who makes a person run it twice to get the reward? I think running it once a week is enough. At this point, even if i ran it again, i don't believe i will get any reward for doing it because the gal on the inside says "if you leave, all progress will be lost" I can't see myself doing this again until these things are addressed.Mythilidor9 Apr 27
Apr 26 Elfin rabbit display bug? Anyone else have a display bug where an elfin rabbit appears golden in the journal? I have a brown one and a white one. In the journal, the white one appears as a shiny gold one, but it's a standard white rabbit when summoned. Anyone else?Kurogasa4 Apr 26
Apr 25 Failed to create pet battle. I've relogged and loaded in without any add-ons. I can't get any pet battle started. Anyone else experiencing this right now after patch ?Tecnik12 Apr 25
Apr 25 WQ Boss "Meet the Maw" didn't complete Won the 'Meet the Maw' pet battle world quest last night in Val'sharah with Direbeak Hatchling as part of the quest chain to obtain the mount (beat three world quest pet battles). Direbeak didn't die or even come close. The Direbeak was summoned as companion pet as well as in the battle. The other two pets were Spectral Spinner and Anubisath Idol. The quest didn't complete. He still has a gray ? as if it wasn't completed. This is the second time I have had an issue like this. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong? What should I do now?Moontalan3 Apr 25
Apr 25 Scraps : Is learning it locked to something? Hey there, So I obtained Scraps from the chest but the high was short lived as I'm unable to learn it, I get the error message "cannot add companion to your account". So I'm curious if learning scraps is locked behind an achivement I haven't completed yet since in the past that message only popped up when a criteria for something wasn't met. I've only just gotten back into the game so I'm behind battling the trainers of both WoD and this expansion so curious if that's it or if it's something else. Hoping it's not a bug :( Thanks in advance for any insight on this.Shokugeki4 Apr 25
Apr 25 Biggest battlepet? So what is the biggest battlepet? I want one at least as big as me, which won't be too hard, considering I'm a gnome. Also Blizzard please make the Fossilized hatchling larger, I don't want to have to use magical pet biscuits all the time. While we're at it, what's the smallest battle pet?Creatrix21 Apr 25
Apr 24 How bad are pets for rogues? I really enjoy having a pet by my side but I PvP very often. I use to notice when other rogues would stealth their pets would give away their position, would have a delay in stealth and would give away the direction a rogue would turn after Vanish, or just not even stealth with the rogue at all. Have any of these been fixed yet? I haven't had a pet out since MoP and rarely see any in PvP.Sacrilege3 Apr 24
Apr 23 Pet Battle Dungeon - Are You Kidding??? For the time effort the rewards are an absolute joke. "Received 6 Gold, 17 Silver, 70 Copper" "You Receive item: Pet Charm x 10" "You Receive item: Magic Battle-Training Stone x 1" I was expecting something along the lines of the celestial tournament - that was great. This is a watered down mickey-mouse version with no real reward. If the pets that you can get out of the pouches can be purchased on the AH, I dont see myself investing the time into this again. EDIT/UPDATE: To clarify- I love pet battles, and am glad that that pet battle dungeons were implemented, but I feel this misses mark from an effort vs reward standpoint. Thats all I am trying to say. Also I've realized from reading the comments that I'm probably not a part of the target audiance for this, and thats ok. Lets see some mythic+ pet battle dungeons!Doompigeon67 Apr 23
Apr 23 PVP Round Robin Pet Selection I like seeing the other teams in pet PVP, but I can't help but think that the games could be better matched if each player had a turn selecting a pet for their team at the start of the match. One player selects a pet, then the other can select a counter pet. Then the second player picks first the next round. Maybe a new mode of PVP queueing? Keep the current mode, but add the second for different rewards. Keep the pet selection timer down to a minute per pet.Jaxxonus1 Apr 23
Apr 22 Legion Trainers Where are all the Legion trainers. Trying to get the family familiar achiev and theres been none of the required trainers outside Tiffany since 7.2 launch.Tailee4 Apr 22
Apr 22 [Suggestion] Multiplayer battles If anyone here has played Pokemon they may have seen the addition of 2v2 battles to the game. I was a bit skeptical when I heard about it but after having tried it I was sold on it. It adds a whole new dynamic to a battle, where choosing your abilities, targets and partners creates a whole different outcome to an encounter. I don't see why this idea couldn't be added to Warcraft's pet battle system, maybe we could have 2-player Pet Dungeons? Anyway just wanted to throw the thought out there, has anyone else had good experiences with this feature in Pokemon and whether they think it'd work in WoW. Thanks!Krixooks1 Apr 22
Apr 22 Knockoff Blingtron I just got one! I don't know what to do with it, anyone wanna buy it? Apr 22
Apr 22 Wailing caverns pet dungeon - on alt? I did the pet dungeon on my 110 hunter for a couple of weeks and all worked fine. Then I thought, why not do it this week with my Demon Hunter at 107 and see if I can get some XP for him from the pet battles. I went to Wailing Caverns and the quest mark was white. So I thought maybe he needs to do the intro quest, but I can't find it in Dalaran. So I took my hunter to WC, and the quest mark is blue, so he can do it. My question - can only one character on the account do these pet dungeons? Is it possible to 'qualify' another character to do them? Is there a 110 level requirement (could not find out) or can I get some XP for a lower level character? Thanks for any advice on this! FrankKardek8 Apr 22
Apr 22 Can't Battle Beegle Blastfuse? Ive completed all the rest of the Quest, he's the last tamer i need, and yet when i click on him to duel, all i get is a sentence, nothing to click on to start or anything. Is this happening to anyone else? or did i not do something right?Zanny13 Apr 22
Apr 21 Rock'o Pet Tamer How many of you just by pass this pet tamer unless your on a class that can sneak in though all the mobs.....Lord I hate going into that cave even on this my two druids easy peasy ....just sneak in and out.Moused3 Apr 21
Apr 21 Pet Friendly Guild - Dragonblight I have just transferred to Dragonblight server and wondered if there is a pet collecting/social guild. Thanks.Revmrblacktn0 Apr 21
Apr 21 Tanaan Jungle Legendary Pet battles. Which of the Tanaan legendary pets are the easiest to battle? I'm thinking about parking an alt over there so I can get some pet goodies :) Also, what pet combo is good with fighting them? Since they nerfed the "howl bomb tactic"Ylenaris2 Apr 21
Apr 21 Pet Battle quest missing? I abandoned the quest a while back on a different character, now it's gone on all of them. I only did the first like 3-5 battles looked up entire quest line on wowhead flew around to first 10 locations and none of them have the quest. Any one have this issue or know how to fix it? Thanks!Tìmmÿ3 Apr 21
Apr 20 Gulp Froglet I got a Gulp Froglet from an amazingly nice priest last night for 5k! I was finally able to beat Flummox with all aquatic! I am sooo close to 700 pets(no repeats)!Varanid1 Apr 20
Apr 20 Anyone managed To Get Scraps Yet? With Treasure Master Ik'reggard handing out keys to his chests now, did anyone manage to get Scraps, the new undead pet? So far opened up about 20 of these chests and not a single one.Umbraluna24 Apr 20
Apr 19 Reminder: Noblegarden Pets and Mount The Noblegarden event is live starting 04/17/17 and will end on 04/24/17. During this time there are three pets you can collect only during this event: Spring Rabbit, Noblegarden Bunny, and the Mystical Spring Boutique (non-battle pet); you can also purchase a re-colored strider mount as well. To collect these you start by speaking to any Commoner in a major city and they will direct you to a plethora of race starting zones where you will be tasked to collect Noblegarden Chocolate. Luckily these are not daily quests nor time-gated in any fashion so you can collect them all in one set time if you desire. Little eggs spawn on the ground and 95% of the time they have Noblegarden Chocolate inside and the other 5% they have Easter-themed cosmetic items. Simply find the eggs and collect a few hundred chocolate and you'll be done collecting the Noblegarden pets. Note that the Spring Rabbit and the Noblegarden Bunny are both cage-able so you can sell and purchase these off the Auction House as well. Good luck and happy hunting!Nivmizzet10 Apr 19
Apr 18 Wailing Cavern Achievement? I just finished the quest in the wailing cavern and fought everything in that pet battle dungeon. Yet I did not get credit for the dungeon and I did not get son of skum. But I finished and handed in the quest and everything... Is this bugged or did i miss something?Chieve2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Thanks, Everyone, and Good-bye! So long, everyone. I want to thank everyone for the help they offered, especially Brawler and Eve. You guys have been great, and I really learned a lot about pet battling during my time here. When I first started, I didn't even know that pets had different breeds. Now I've learned where to go to level up my pets quickly, like the trainers in Draenor, Pandaria, and Broken Isles and some of the best pets to have for my pet battling experience. I'm now up to leveling at least two pets a day from 1st to 25th level. To say nothing of those rares that I capture at intermediate levels and finally top them off. So, I think my collection is growing pretty quickly. Oddly enough, I don't think I'll ever be good at PvP pet battles; I've never tried them. I just fight the pets in the wild and the trainers, predictable as they are. But during my time here, I also realized pretty quickly that we're not a good mix. Personalities clash. It's just the way things are. I've felt the need to block three people already. You can downvote, downvote, downvote this post all you want. I swear some people are just downvoting my posts the instant they see my name. I won't be looking back. Message received, loud and clear: you don't want me here. And frankly, I don't want to be here, either. I'm not assigning blame. We're just not a good mix. I think Wowhead and some other sources will be enough for all my pet battling information from now on. I failed miserably at the Celestial Tournament and realize that I will never be able to beat it, but at least I can manage the dungeons. And so far there's nothing indispensable at the Celestial Tournament anyway. I haven't seen a single pet or trainer that absolutely requires one of the pets from the Tournament to beat. So, thanks again for all your help. I have a growing pet collection now, and the means to keep it growing. And for that, I have you to thank. And I'm very grateful. So long.Loncis6 Apr 18
Apr 18 Dream whelp is pretty strong I mean fights can be slow but I highly recommend it as a pet if you guys don't have it already. I made sure to make mine rare tooChieve1 Apr 18
Apr 17 Am I missing anything important? Hi all! I'm currently the most removed from WoW that I've ever been since I began playing. Besides making a pet battle video about once I week I'm not doing much at all. I plan on playing again in the summer, probably returning in mid-June. I'm worried that I may be missing something important, like a limited time only pet. It would suck to come back and have missed out on a pet, especially if it's good a PvP :) So, are there any important pet related activities that I will be missing between now and June? If I know in advance I can at least log in to do whatever is necessary for the pet. Thanks for any help! Off topic, after frequenting the Hearthstone forums I sure do miss all the nice people here. It's a completely different world over there. It ain't pretty.Discodoggy5 Apr 17
Apr 17 50 to 5000 At the time of this post, I'm at 4950 wins in the Pet PvP Q. The vast majority of the pets and comps used are to be found here..... I've let the thread slide for awhile and I was thinking that it would be fun to have something of a revival for my last 50 wins. Name a comp...any comp. I'll play 10 matches and report my results. For the sake of simplicity, I ask that teams be restricted to pets I actually have. :)Darmand20 Apr 17
Apr 17 What Are Everyone's Go-To Pets? When you're out hunting for pets for achievements, what are the pets you find yourself most often using? There's plenty of information on Wowhead as to which pets to use to do pet dungeons or kill the Tiny Terrors of Tanaan, but when you're out hunting for rares to knock off an achievement or there's a special pet that you really must have, what are the ones you most consistently use? These are some of my favorite general purpose pets. 1) Alliance Enthusiast. Yes, his emotes are downright creepy, but he's a surprisingly powerful pet. With that Jar of Smelly Liquid to weaken the opponent's attacks, followed by a pretty powerful hammer blow, he can wear down just about any pet while taking minimal damage to himself. Plus with his Queue Dodge ability, he can stay up long enough to land a trap on that rare pet I finally found. 2) Emerald Proto-Whelp. "I'm in no rush. I can keep this up all day, if that's what it takes to finally land this trap on you." Thanks to Ancient Blessing and Emerald Dream, I can keep this pet up through just about anything. 3) Sky-Bo. Not for catching the pet, but he's good for the cleanup afterwards. With Sticky Grenade and Launch timed correctly, he delivers a pretty decent knockout blow. 4) Darkmoon Tonk. Can dish out the punishment when it needs to, but tanky enough to take a pounding while you're trying to land a cage on a pet. 5) Anubisath Idol. What more needs to be said about him? He is the tankiest of the tanky, tank you very much. I know Terrible Turnip merits a spot on this list, since his Weakening Blow cannot kill, but I haven't levelled mine yet.Loncis38 Apr 17
Apr 16 Nocturnal Strike {solved} Why does Nocturnal strike constantly miss in darkness when it "always hits" if the target is blinded?Attor16 Apr 16
Apr 15 Scraps Just got mine today from the treasure chest quest....took 5 keys....once you do the quest you can access the place anytime after and try for Scraps if you don't get him from quest line key you get.Moused9 Apr 15
Apr 14 Favorite Pet to have Following What's yours? Not for battle, but just to have out when you're doing whatever you do when you're not pet battling. Mine is probably the Sprite Darter Hatchling; fits well with my class and he can fly; both literally (when you're up in the air) and over the ground. Something about a tiny pet sprinting frantically alongside me while I'm on my ground mount just makes me feel bad.Tekumseh20 Apr 14
Apr 14 What is My Biggest Pet Deficiency? I almost called this thread, "What is My Biggest Deficiency?" but I decided that was setting myself up. So, I decided to make it, "What is My Biggest PET Deficiency?" I'm trying to think of what pets I need to level up next (as you can see, I have a bunch of rares all the way down to first level that I need to bring to 25th level. If someone's willing to help me out, I'd appreciate it if you'd take a look and tell me which pets I need the most. It doesn't have to be some lower level pet that I already have. If it's not too hard to get, it could be something I don't already have.Loncis1 Apr 14