Pet Battles

Apr 13 Park camping rare pets question Hello Everyone! Pet Enthusiast but Battle scrub here. I've always enjoyed collecting pets but did not enjoy the pandaria expansion so I had quit then, and am now returned for Legion, so I apologize for my obvious lack of knowledge. I just wanted to ask what rare pets spawn out in the world that one might park a character at in hopes of eventually find spawning! A simple inquiry indeed. Thus far, I have 2 alts parked in Unborn Val'Kyr zones, and am about to park one at the Minfernal spawn area, and am just curious if there are other 'world' rare spawn pets one might consider parking a character at in order to farm, since the extra few minutes it would take to log in/out to check would be no significant effort. I realize there might be a lot, or might be next to none, so I apologize for my sincere lack of knowlege, but am just looking for spawns I can add to my 'rotation' so I'm not just parking 8 characters at Unborn Val'Kyr spawns with no avail. Thanks in advance! For the... um... For the faction of your particular choosing! Yeah!Moodoo7 Apr 13
Apr 13 Getting started as a capped character? Pretty much the title. I am looking to get into pet battles to assist with the legionfall rep grind as there always seems to be a pet battle WQ up. Is there a fast method for a person who has NO pet battle experience to get a team up fast to complete the Broken Shore world quests? I currently have every class above 100 and 7 at 110, if that helps.Mesothorney6 Apr 13
Apr 13 Raiding with leashes I-IV Can I still do I-III? I just noticed this in my achievement tab and I love collecting pets...but is it worth it? I was going to do IV because stardust seems cool, but I am looking at the cool pets that drop at the raid bosses...and they all have low drop chances... Is it worth it? I don't want to pay for the pets and I feel like that defeats the purpose of the fun hahaChieve5 Apr 13
Apr 13 You ever come out of a pet battle... ...and something like this happens? Scared me rather nicely.Chirexya3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Can't find Unborn Val'kyr. I searched all over Northrend in it's spawn points and haven't found a single one. Any tips.Lazurimath20 Apr 13
Apr 13 Help me choose a new pet! I want to add a new pet, preferably a quality PVE pet. Gold isn't much of an issue. Any thoughts? (after reviewing my stable?) It can be from any source... Thanks :)Ashief7 Apr 13
Apr 12 Recommendations for Undead Pets? I was fighting one of the pet bosses in Pandaria. Raccoon-looking thing, was a critter. So, I went to see what I had for Undead pets at 25th level. I found two Scourged Whelplings, and nothing else. And in looking at their abilities, they don't exactly do massive damage to critters. And they did a terrible job against the raccoon. Fortunately, I had my then-21st level Teroclaw Hatchling in the third slot for power-leveling purposes, and he batted cleanup for me. Thank you, dodge and self-heal. (Though despite winning and being the only pet still standing, he got almost no experience for that.) So, can anyone make any recommendations for Undead pets that I can level up? I just now made a Fossilized Hatchling and a Voodoo Figurine with archaeology. Are they worth levelling up? I have the spider thing from a spider raid boss in WotLK that's at 10th level now. Bone Spider or something like that? Is that worth finishing up? I'm also thinking about taking out the Lich King again and hoping that Wicked Soul drops, since that's the only thing I have a reasonable chance of getting that has the Haunt ability. As long as I stay on the stairs and face him directly, buddy-boy Arthas should pose no problems for a 110 level Shaman. So, what do you guys think are the best Undead pets that aren't all-but-impossible to get, like Unborn Val'kyr?Loncis29 Apr 12
Apr 11 DK pets? Where are they? I logged on my DK in Ebonhold, read wowhead to find out that "Slimey" is now selling pets. I clicked on "Slimey" and there's nothing, nada/zilch. He does not sell anything. Are those pets rare or something? Besides of getting 10,000 resources on DK now I need to camp the pet/pets?Elvinna4 Apr 11
Apr 10 New Trainers A grouch for Blizzard's benefit...... There are a bunch of new trainers that have appeared in the new Broken Isle zone. These trainers obviously don't count towards the Family Familiar pet battle achieve, they do however seem to spawn in the same group as the other trainers. In other words they are preventing trainers that contribute to the achieve from spawning and thus making what was already a long and difficult achieve almost impossible. In the past week to 10 days I've found only one trainer that I need for that achieve. I cannot imagine how long that achieve is now going to take.Been1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Pet Charms: New items needed For those of us swimming in pet charms (I have almost 2k), it would be great if I could blow 700 - 1k on a permanent Pet Biscuit. Or Shiny Pet charm or whatever. Something that has a cooldown of 10 min or so, but could be done repeatedly and not extinguished. It would take the sting out of pet enchantments that wear off after phasing or zoning and give me motivation to spruce up the pet just for kicks, even if I know I have to log in 10 minutes. Just a thought.Agorel12 Apr 10
Apr 9 Pet Battle Dungeon Thoughts? Just completed it on both modes... pretty fun! What are your thoughts on it? Wasn't to hard.Ashief48 Apr 9
Apr 9 Restless Shadeling - Oceanic Patch 7.1 Do these still spawn in the Masters Cellar in Patch 7.1 with the Legion Kara quests there? Have logged on at 6:30am ST the last 2 days and none to be found.Morbink11 Apr 9
Apr 9 Remove rarities below blue or level them up Seriously, what's the point? Any pet that isn't blue is just useless unless you have a stone to turn them blue. OR, why not allow us to level pets past 25 if they aren't blue? Once a pet hits 25, it should get a new EXP bar to allow it to "level up" through the rarities, similar to Followers in WoD/Champions in Legion.Frozenclaws6 Apr 9
Apr 8 Selling pets I know it varies by server pop. But I make some side gold time to time selling pets. With the power leveling I get about 2 lvl25 a day I have been flipping death adder hatchling's before but if I'm not mistaken they were nerfed bad. Are there any other kind of hard to get but not super rare staple pvp pets.Richard2 Apr 8
Apr 8 Undocumented 7.2 changes With every patch a handful of things get changed/tweeked with no blue post whatsoever. Props to Quintessence for usually spotting these pretty quickly and posting them thereafter. Here's what I've noticed so far... -Weebomination has a new look. More of a blueish/gray tone. -Nether Faerie Dragon was also given a new visual look. -Alterac Brew Pup has a new icon. A St. Bernard face rather than a barrel. -Legionaire Murky and his "For the Horde" ability now work as intended. 3 rounds of 25% increased damage. Was bugged prior to the patch and the buff stayed on infinitely. If anyone else stumbles upon some visual or balancing changes, don't hesitate to post them here. ^^bBrawler8 Apr 8
Apr 8 Zandalari Footslasher Bug with Hunting Party After leveling this pet to 25, everytime I use Hunting Party the ability never hits the target. The other raptors I have do not have this problem. I regularly use Anklerender and compared both pets in a battle. The anklerender hunting party works as expected, occasional miss. The footslasher always misses.Tonetta2 Apr 8
Apr 7 Pets for 10 Gold For a limited time only you can get a variety of Battle Pets for 10 gold. I have placed on the Khaz'goroth/Dath'Remar Auction house many pets. See that they go to a good home. Cheers YuanchanYuanchan0 Apr 7
Apr 7 Misinformed about pet battles. I HEARD it's kind of like pokemon, where you can trade pets and take them from enemies is this true? Or a bunch of Bull? ;)Taurentotem5 Apr 7
Apr 7 Broken Shores Critters It's a shame there are no new tameables on the Broken Shore. There's a teeny little guy called the Calcified Crab that is basically a mini-me version of the Jeweled Onyx Crab spirit beast. I'd love to have it! Think maybe we can get some of the wee beasties as tameables? I wouldn't even mind seeing some pets added that are like the rare spawn battlepets we got in latter WoD.Tindomerel2 Apr 7
Apr 6 Dutiful Gruntling/Dutiful Squire I've been working towards getting these pets by doing the PVP world quests that are available every day on one Alliance and one Horde character. I'm just wondering if this will be enough to get the pets by the end of the expansion. I believe they still require level 7 Prestige. Can someone tell me how I can tell what my prestige level is at any given time? It recently popped up in my face and took up the whole screen when I turned level 2 prestige on this character, but I can't seem to see where the level is after that.Elunatic5 Apr 6
Apr 6 epic/legendary pets :3 I'm new to pet battles and I'm sure the topic has come up multiple times, but I think incorporating epic/legendary pets would be a pretty sick dynamic... Not necessarily a completely overpowered legendary pet with devastating abilities, but maybe something that just looks EXTREMELY cool (and obviously very rare). Perhaps only obtainable during a pet battle, meaning it can't be farmed in the world (i.e. Unborn Valk) or drops from pet battle quests (much like the legendary gear drops @ 110) Or maybe cool recolors/redesigns of pets that already exist (such as skins in OW or CSGO). Just think it would be cool to see :-)Jenmaury12 Apr 6
Apr 6 Pet Dungeon reset? I thought the pet battle dungeon was supposed to be on a weekly reset, but it hasn't reset for me, as far as I can tell. Is there something i need to do to do it again this week that I'm missing, or is it a once per account ever situation. If so, collecting the other pets from the damp satchel will be extremely hard.Daenerys2 Apr 6
Apr 5 Pet Charms for Level 25 Battle Stone?? This add has got me a little rattled to be honest. The level 25 battle stones only cost 45 pet charms from the vendor, which now-a-days is very easy to obtain. This is really a stab in the back to people who spent the better part of a year leveling all of their pets to level 25. I don't mind the stones being a reward for pet charms, but 45 is just too easy to obtain. Make it 75-100. Granted there are ~1000 battle pets so it will take a while to level them all but you really diminish the effort people put in to level their pets.Deteriorate10 Apr 5
Apr 5 Artifact power from Pvp pet battles. I remember back in the days of Mist of Pandaria. The famous expansion that introduced pet battles. Specifically in Pvp pet battles, if you were to queue up for a Pvp pet battle and win, you would be rewarded with Lesser Charm of Good Fortune. Fast-forward to Legion. We get exp but it's not helpful when you're max level. We get Flawless battle stones, but that's good from time to time. But Artifact power would be something I would love to see Blizzard add to the reward table if you win a pet battle. Everyone, and I mean everyone is grinding out that artifact power to max their artifact. Not only that, it would lower Pvp pet battle queue times and give players yet another unique way to level up their awesome weapon. I mean they already added artifact power rewards from archaeology profession, why not pet battles? ^_^ What do you guys think?Ylenaris3 Apr 5
Apr 5 Cheevs, battles, collecting Hey, I'm slightly familiar with pet battling as far as rushing to 25 and selling in AH. I'm more focusing on just achievement collecting now so I was curious about generic all around teams/add on to use .... I had emerald whelping but as stated above I only had it to sell and I have noticed it's pretty good for what I'm wanting to do. So all around cheap /effecient pet teams for: collecting pets from zones , pvp battles, the dungeonRichard2 Apr 5
Apr 5 Should I make a channel for Pet Battles Idk if anybody here remembers me or not but I used to make Pet Battle videos on Youtube and am currently thinking about making a second channel just for Pet Battle content. Tbh I actually have a lot of fun making Pet Battle videos but these type of vids clash with the main content on my channel and I thought that it might be a good idea to create a second channel just for Pet Battle content. Should I do it? I dont have a TON of subs on my main account but tbh it seems like I lose a few every time I upload a Pet Battle vid and I think this might be a good way to solve my problem.Gackto3 Apr 5
Apr 4 Stories from the XP Bonus Anyone have an interesting stories to share from their XP bonus this week? As you all know, there has been a 200% XP bonus for pet battles. And I've been taking advantage of it. Plus, I recently acquired my Safari Hat for an additional 10%. I think I've done very well, and gotten a huge number of pets to max level. Plus I've been doing the homework and recently added a couple of new important pets to my collection: the Clockwork Gnome and the Iron Starlette. Clockwork Gnome is a simple one, but a bit time consuming. Just learn Archaeology, and concentrate on the Dwarven digsites in the Eastern Kingdoms and you'll get it. The Iron Starlette is a reward from King Anduin after you complete a few 90th level quests in Blasted Lands. I was at the Darkmoon Faire today, fighting one of the Pet Battling NPCs. I was following the instructions left on Wowhead, which required only the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and the Darkmoon Tonk. I had been running around the DMF, trying to find a rare Darkmoon glowfly to add to my collection, when I decided to take on the Pet Battlers. (Saving tickets to buy another Tonk!) I simply loaded up the Dragonling and the Tonk and didn't even concern myself with the third slot. The fight went pretty well, although after the Dragonling died, the monkey managed to stun the Tonk. So, I swapped out my third slot, which was little 9th level Snowfang. "Ugh. Monkey's going to pulp that thing," I thought. Surprisingly, Snowfang survived the hit. Maybe monkey hits on a scale? And I quickly yanked poor Snowfang out and put Tonk back in. Tonk polished off the monkey, and Snowfang got the experience. "Cool. Maybe he'll make 11th or even 12th level," I thought. Snowfang jumped from level 9 to level 22! Ugh! I wish I had put my Clockwork Gnome in that slot! But, alas, Clockwork Gnome and Iron Starlette will have to gain levels the old-fashioned way. Of course, I can always repeat the quest tomorrow.Loncis8 Apr 4
Apr 4 Pet Battle vs. Players So, I've been doing a lot of pet battles lately and notice that players always seem to have the same pets in their set: The Lil'Ragnaros pet The Unborn Valkyre pet The Graves pet The Brightpaw pet The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (sigh) I get it! You want to win. But there are literally hundreds of pets to choose from. Why not mix it up? This makes pvp pet battles so very stagnant that I am not even going to bother anymore.Onyx10 Apr 4
Apr 4 Why Differences Among Rares of Same Level? I have three Fen Crabs (all rares, of course, since apparently, "Rare" is the only way to encounter Fen Crabs). And although I've completed their leveling to 25, they have different stats. Two of my Fen Crabs have only 1319 heath, which concerns me because the standard seems to be around 1400 in 25th level rares, with some being more "tanky," and having more health, such as my Darkmoon Tonk or my Anubisath Idol. The other Fen Crab has 1644 health. I'm liking his tankiness; however, he seems to trade off his resilience in DPS. His "Blood in the Water," which is my favorite closing move when battling with one of my Fen Crabs, does 624. While my other two Fen Crabs do 754 with the same attack, which is a significant difference, obviously. And their other damaging abilities are similarly distinct among the three of them, with the less tanky ones doing significantly greater damage. I had thought all rares of the same pet would be the same at high levels. I hate to bother anyone with what probably amounts to a very noobish question, but if there is a source that can explain this, could you please refer me to it? Does this have anything to do with the strange initials after pets that I see on Wowhead in the comments? Like someone will name their pet, then follow it with H/H or something like that. I'm seeing this now in every pet for which I have three. Two of Fel Flames, for instance, have 1627 in health, while one of them has 1806 in health. However, unlike the Fen Crabs, they all do the same damage. Are there any exceptions to this rule? Is there any pet that will always been the same at 25th level, no matter how many you have? Or should I go looking for another Anubisath Idol, in hopes that I'll find a superior one when I level it to 25?Loncis7 Apr 4
Apr 4 tip against double sunflower teams in the last 10 games orso, I faced about 6 double sunflower teams with varying third pet, so if you're like me and hate this type of fight, fret not, here's your solution: Trunks I even managed to win when When Elekks Fly missed a whopping 9 times in a row, didn't lose a single game! It sounds odd that the counter to a sunlight team is a moonlight team, but Trunks hits so hard and always first if you win the weather mindgame (not too hard, let's face it.. sunlight players are kind of brainless), they just can't outheal you even in the backline. good luck! Edit: I know there are plenty other counters, but I find Trunks rather fun in particular and moonlight teams in generalGreville1 Apr 4
Apr 3 Zookeeper Enchant Can anyone confirm if the Zookeeper enchant works/doesn't work on players? (i.e. looting bodies in a battleground) I know you can loot darkmoon fair quests off of player bodies with the journal, so I'm sure it's a possibility for Zookeeper!Jenmaury0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Landro's Lil' XT for sale I have a Landro's Lil' XT for sale. He is level one, but a nice TCG pet that not all have. Add me in-game or reply here. Battle tag: Charmcaster#1332 Thanks, and happy pet battling!Demoncharm0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Eldritch and Erudite manafiend If you're having trouble finding one or the other something that took me a minute to figure out. Eldritch spawn at night Erudite spawn during the dayZunde9 Apr 3
Apr 3 Character xp I just got back to pet battles lvling and I noticed I don't get character xp with my lvl 107 toon. Is this a bug or was this implemented?Jolcen2 Apr 3
Apr 3 Boneshard's Bonestorm weirdness Boneshard's attacks are Chop-BONESTORM; Blistering Cold-BONESTORM; Ice Spike-BONESTORM. So Boneshard's no.2 attacks are all Bonestorm. Ha, that's cute and I don't have a problem with that. The problem is - the first Bonestorm ability costs 10% of your pet's health. The second costs 30% of your pet's health, and the third 50%. They don't share a cooldown so you can use them one after the other. But the damage done by all three versions is exactly the same (192 on my level 25 pet). That's quite low. It makes no sense sacrificing 30% or 50% of your pet's health to do such a low amount of damage to the enemy team. Only the first Bonestorm attack (the alternative to Chop) is worth using. Is this a mistake on Blizzard's part? A joke?Fenella0 Apr 3
Apr 1 Rock Lobster Having trouble trying to beat rock lobster on today's pet battle on the broken shore. What pets did you use for today's team? Thanks. Edit. Nevermind, finally found a team. This is the first time I had trouble beating one I used Hydraling, Seagull, and Mechanical Gnome (metal fist, repair, launch rocket) in that order to beat this team.Faerilea1 Apr 1
Apr 1 Pet Dungeon Why am i unable to do the pet dungeon at level 104 ? I do pet battles as I leval my alts . This seems like a pretty dumb thing to implementDrazze0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Did first pet battle dungeon i did the first run beat the finally boss and i never seemed to get the challenge mode did i miss something? i cant get back in either if anyone has advice or knows what to do please helpBorthem1 Apr 1
Mar 31 Cant find lil' tarecgosa in guild vendor menu I am very sure our guild has this achievement unlocked and the i have reached exalted with the guild, but i cant find it from the guild vendors, tried deleting WTF cache interface but still didnt find itAzsharaz3 Mar 31
Mar 31 Pet opponent abilities I used to be able to see what abilities the pet I was battling had. Allowing me to anticipate when to put up shield block for example. Was this taken away in the new patch? I don't remember seeing a patch note about this. Was I getting this info through an add on? (I could have sworn it was in the ui though) Anyone know what gives? To be clear I'm referencing PvE fights not PvPSarayanu2 Mar 31
Mar 31 Re-Run Normal Pet Dungeon? I finished the quest, finished the first run through then got the challenge. Is it possible to re-run the Normal Pet Dungeon where I can heal?Jazzey1 Mar 31
Mar 31 pet battle dungeon heals why am I unable to heal pets in the pet dungeon? (after battles)Alainis2 Mar 31
Mar 31 Wailing Caverns Achievement. Hello Pet "Battlers", I've never posted on this side of the forums before and not a big pet battle individual (Only having around 35 level 25 pets). I went through the entire Wailing Caverns pet instance and finished the final boss. I went out to turn in the quest but was not awarded the Achievement that is at the bottom of the Pet Battle section of the achievements. Am I missing something or is it bugged? CheersFreeshipping15 Mar 31
Mar 30 Can't access old pet tamers Hi folks, Just getting into pet battling. I have a lvl 3 Menagerie and a growing collection of pets, so I thought to try out some of the old content/tamers. I can't seem to access any of them, though. I've done the intro quests for Audrey--level a pet, catch a pet, etc.--but she won't offer up the next set: go fight Julia, Old MacDonald, and so on. I've checked my other toons but none of them are on that questline. Not sure what to do because I seem locked out of all but WoD and Legion content. I'm wondering if any of you have run into this, know a fix, or a script to run to see where I might be on this quest (if I dropped it at some point). Thanks for any help!Oily3 Mar 30
Mar 30 Sissix New pet battle in the broken shores. I did it very easily with the aquatic team I had already set up. Sewerpipe Jelly - 1, 1, 1 Spawn of G'nathus - 2, 2, 1 Bleakwater Jelly - 1, 1, 2Cihys6 Mar 30
Mar 29 down for others? Is down for other people or just me? Been trying to get on it all morning to update my collection.Coldfang7 Mar 29
Mar 29 Only two pet battle WQs? For the last week I've only seen two pet battle WQs most days. At first I thought it was due to Suramar phasing, but the one character I have who's exalted with the Nightfallen and has done all the Suramar questing can't see anything there either. Is this a known change or is there something messed up?Taelduun2 Mar 29
Mar 28 7.2 Pet charms? Anyone on the PTR know if 7.2 will bring anything new I can spend my pet charms on. (Not counting the pet shoulder enchant or pet dungeons. Just content I can spend these charms on) Thanks!Evé1 Mar 28
Mar 28 Zoom Achievement I just finished the achievement Zoom by using a fragment of desire as someone suggested on wowhead. Just have a question though. It was suggested to use this pet to accomplish this. I was able to get it to use its confuse ability a couple of times allowing me to finish the achievement, even though it took me a more than 1 of try. I have no idea how I did it though? How do you make the fragment of desire use its confuse ability?Goozle5 Mar 28
Mar 27 Allaince/ Horde enthusiast and Faction change Quick question: I am leveling up an alliance DH to grab the eye pet and the alliance prestige pet. I find I am quite enjoying tanking on her and I was thinking of faction switching her to my main faction once I grabbed the Alliance enthusiast. Does anyone know if I would lose the pet if I switch factions? Thanks!Fûnk1 Mar 27