Pet Battles

Oct 5 Battle Pet quests.. Forever....... I have two Pet Battle quests stuck in my quest log, and according to the GM's I guess they will be there forever because I have zero interest in doing them. I got bored last expac tried the Pet battles to see if they were interesting (they weren't) let my sub lapse and came back for Legion. If they are going to do this they should put them in a different category so it doesn't count against my limit. I get it somehow someway people were abusing it by dropping and picking back up, why not set a 30 or 60 or 90 day limit (in my case you could make it 6+ months) before you could pick them back up after dropping. There has to be a better way then this, stuck with them forever.Blackmood13 Oct 5
Oct 4 Teams for Pet PvP So after trying multiple fights and teams.. I must really stink at pet pvp. Anyone by chance have advice on set ups or even just useful tips or tricks. I should have jumped on the bandwagon back when undeads were over powered and gotten my achievement for the pet back then. >.<Rosekitten27 Oct 4
Oct 4 No Daily Pet Battles I have a level 3 menagerie in my garrison, but I have never seen the daily pet battles. I have never had the daily come up for the local NPC or the traveling one, who never really leaves my garrison. Does anyone else have this issue? My ticket was pretty much brushed off and I was sent here to ask my peers if they have a solution for me. I also cannot get the dailies for any of the grand masters in the old world, although I completed the achievements. Thanks for any help you can share.Rasanna2 Oct 4
Oct 4 Battle Pet Following me This is going to be really stupid, but as I roam around, I have 6 of my battle pets following me.. can anyone tell me how this happened? A friend asked and I could not answer him.Fozzi5 Oct 4
Oct 3 Horde Dream Whelp available Message me and enter my raid to get Dream Whelpling on Horde-Illidan. Spoilers post Xavius.Ladygrim0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Stinker - problem. Sorry for the duplicate post. Disregard.Xulla0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Aszuna Specimens bugged? I just defeated or capture all three criteria, but was given credit for none of the above. Requirements: Defeat or Capture a Felspider Defeat or Capture an Olivetail Hare Defeat or Capture a Juvenile Scuttleback Capturing Fel Spider Defeating Olivetail Hare Defeating Juvenile Scuttleback (Forgive me if the screenshots are off) I didn't notice I wasn't getting credit until the Olivetail Hare didn't count, but I assure you I'm not lying about doing all three. Help?Évè5 Oct 3
Oct 3 This Azsuna Specimins WQ is broken. So I went out and got a FelSpider, and that worked, I saw it grey out on the quest list. Then I went and killed the Juvenile Skuttleback, and nothing. I didn't get credit for it. I thought maybe I wasn't close enough to the world marker thing... but I caught the Felspider pretty far away. So then I noticed my Felspider was ungreyed-out. So yeah, this whole quest is wonky. Just make it work for any of the required pets in the zone, and let players keep any progress they've made.Zenico21 Oct 3
Oct 3 Leveling 100-110 via pet battles only. For those that don't know, pet battles offer a surprisingly good amount of character XP if you have a good team and a solid supply of pet bandages to grind them out quickly. It'll be a while yet ( leveling my mage first ) but once I've finished that and have some time, I intend to level my warrior on pet battles/exploration only. Has anyone else so far attempted this?Specula6 Oct 3
Oct 2 Heliosus No egg phase, just keeps coming back full health. Has anyone else had this issue?Saffran4 Oct 2
Oct 1 Is there a way to reset pet favorites? When I started collecting pets I would favourite the ones that reached 25. But as I collected more and more pets I kept this up and have reached the point where I have too many pets favorited. is there any macro or addon that will remove the favorites from all my pets or reset if in some way without having to click all 800 pets to unfavorites them? I am going to feel like a monster if I have to tell each pet I don't live them anymore.Fragglelock4 Oct 1
Oct 1 Returning player feedback on pet battles Coming back World of Warcraft after about two years, I bought a few new pets and decided to see how this system had changed. After about 30 matches, I had two wins towards the pet battle daily, which required ten wins. So I did something else. The same pets being used over and over, mainly undead and flying. These easily overpowered critter and magic pets. Perhaps the grand winner was an undead goat pet that blew itself up, did damage at no risk to itself, and then revived at full health when the pet it entered died. Apparently there aren't very many players either, because I kept getting matched against the same player 4,5, 6 times in a row on a Friday evening. I'm sure they enjoyed their easy wins, but it got tiresome. Anyways, this system could use some attention. From what I can tell there's sort of a pet battle meta, and playing anything else will result in you being crushed.Alphatree2 Oct 1
Oct 1 Salad battle pet? I keep seeing Salad in my pet journal but there is never any tooltip when I scroll over it. It has abilities listed and everything so I was just wondering if this is a glitch or has it just not been found yet? Does anyone have an information on this pet at all?Darielyia5 Oct 1
Sep 30 Who are the best 3? Right now I have Onyxia Welp, Fel Reaver, and Anubisath. Can I win battles at 25 with this line up?Dîomedes2 Sep 30
Sep 30 Wild Battle pets Not Spawning Hello Recently i have been walking around no Wild Battle Pets are spawning where ever I go..I do have a battle pet Fallowing me that is on a team but no wild battle pets choose to show upNyend2 Sep 30
Sep 30 Pet Battle How come I can only do (1) pet battle daily in my garrison?Poshh3 Sep 30
Sep 29 Pet Battles Why can I only do (1) Pet Battle a day in my Garrison?Poshh0 Sep 29
Sep 28 Is Sir Galveston bugged? No, I don't mean the actual fight. I mean the fact he's almost always the Dalaran human tamer that's up. Splint Jr, Stitches Jr Jr, and Heliosus have no trouble spawning, but the other human tamers in Dalaran? They almost never seen to spawn. I've only managed to get one of the Family Familiar achievements (and that's with the bug that prevents Flummox from counting currently), and that's because most of the Dalaran tamers never seen to spawn. I've almost cleared every achievement for Sir Galveston however, because it seems like he's almost always up. Has anyone else noticed this?Reinhilde8 Sep 28
Sep 28 Returning Player Pet Levels Recently resubscribed after years of absence and I found Pet Battles!! Loving it but I am finding it very difficult to level my pets. My guild tells me to find some kinda leveling stone but it is only available in "Garrisons"? And I have never done any Garrison before. Those stone thingys that level your pets, are there any way to get them besides Garrison?Solyce2 Sep 28
Sep 28 2 pet charm related questions First how do you get them in legion, and two if you use a battle stone to upgrade a pet to rare does it completely adjuat its stats or only from that point forward. I want to upgrade my jade crane chick an probably use the ylt battle stone to make it 25Trollsong1 Sep 28
Sep 27 Learning The Ropes Quest I just learned pet training and got the quest "learning the ropes" In Org and I am looking at the map and see green paws but when I go there all I see is a npc "zunta" that says nothing. He has 2 little pets next to him that both say "non combat pet" and I have no clue how to do this it has to be bugged or something right?Benjiboots1 Sep 27
Sep 27 PvP Comp/Team Crisis Ok, so, I'm having a little crisis of conscience and am calling for comments and critics to help me out a little. Like many of you, I like to pet PvP. It's the only PvP i do since I really cannot stand the thuggery (my feeling and not to be taken personally) of regular PvP. In saying this and after taking my lumps and paying my dues, I have flat decided to not use Tier 1 pets in my teams, since some of those comps are literally almost impossible to beat. I should know as I have been on both sides and quite frankly I'd rather have fun and get my !@# kicked than smack up against an OP team designed for win farming. In saying that, I tend to PvP with either a bleed team or a clone dance team. Both use non Teir 1 pets (to my knowledge). Now then, after all that, here's my question: am I using stupidly powerful comps and thinking I'm being fair by not using Teir 1 pets, when really I'm not and destroying the fun for other battlers? I want to pet PvP, but I want it to be fun and equal, and for both of us to have just a good a chance at winning as the other. Otherwise I'd rather leave it be.Xstrada11 Sep 27
Sep 26 Triple Scourged Whelpling I know triple teams can be a gimmick, but I'm a goofy PvPer that like to try crazy combinations. With the higher ease at catching these pets (finding rares still not worth it, but will stone), is this something to fear (beside a team that decimates Undead)?Tukwilla4 Sep 26
Sep 26 LEGION: Strong Pets? Howdy. I just realized I have a lv 25 boost on an alt leftover from WoD. I have a lot of the level 1 pets from Legion. I'm wondering if anyone knows of some OP legion pets? I want to use this stone wisely. I even have 4 of the revered battle pets. This thread might also let me know what pet to grind next. Thanks!Prideful6 Sep 26
Sep 26 Garrison invaded by Pet Tamers! I originally posted this in the General discussion (since it was garrison-related), but perhaps here is a better place: While the Iron Horde, the goren, the botani, and so forth are important threats that we must quell in Draenor, I feel there's another group that I might've offended even more: Erris the Collector and Draenor's Grand Master Pet Tamers. Every day I defeat them all, and yet they've never retaliated like the others do. That gave me an idea: how about the lot of them come to my garrison for a throw-down? Sort of like a "Celestial Tournament", but Draenor-styled. All of them could visit the garrison, take up residence for a while, and offer a super-challenging series of pet battles for truly epic pet rewards. Of course, no healing allowed! What do you think? Blizzard? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?Pommie28 Sep 26
Sep 26 How I beat Fight Night: Heliosus First attempt at the Fight Night: Heliosus quest in Dalaran. What type of strategy did you use for this quest? Id like to think mine worked fine, but im sure there is always room for improvement.Gackto13 Sep 26
Sep 26 ultimate battle training stone? anyone on the ptr know if this is available? it's suppose to level a pet to 25, but unsure how or what the cost of it is.Fran20 Sep 26
Sep 26 Pet Battle Dailys I am not one to complain and I am not here to do that. Its getting old seeing the same pet daily's like 3-5 times a week. 1) Battle on Broken Isle - 30 pet daily's completed. (30 Battles Total) 2) Name changes for achievement - Kill 12 trainers with a certain type of pet. (120 Battles Total) Today for example, all 3 battles are for Broken Isle achievement. I know players want both achievements but if you do the daily's you are done with battle on broken isle already. So my suggestion, do 2 battles each day for each of the two achievements above. So a total of 4 pet daily's instead of 3. I know some days there has been 2 trainers but the random pet battles greatly out weigh the trainers. If there was 2 trainers a day it would still take 60 days or 2 months to complete the achievements. Any more thoughts etc? Didn't check over everything so might be errors!Pinkhealz0 Sep 26
Sep 25 The Canines Animation Wasn't sure where to post about this, but.. I adore the new corgis. Totally adorable and well done. What I don't love is the butt drag animation, I understand some people find it funny, but yeah.. after having pets that do that..I cringe every time. I know a couple others that wont have the pets out for that reason as well. If its a must to keep in, maybe a treat or item we could use on the pets? give them "good dog" or "happy doggy" buff.. where that action is turned off? for those of us that hate it? please? XDShiori4 Sep 25
Sep 25 Charms from dailies? Where are all the pet battle dailies that award charms? Yesterday I didn't have a single one and today I have one. Am I missing some way to earn charms this xpac?Sesamee7 Sep 25
Sep 25 Your walking-around team? I haven't really been pet battling, just checking for blue ones wherever I'm questing (none so far). Think I actually caught like one. They're all varied types but do you all have a good generic all-purpose team type to have on hand? Or are you using pre-made teams for different pet types? For Warlords, my normal team was like a mech, magic crawdad (he's always on my generic team since day one of pet battles) and a bird or cat. Not having done any research, I'm trying to ^_^ my way to your secrets. =)Vixie31 Sep 25
Sep 25 RNG in Pet Battles So I got a message today asking how much does RNG factor in PvP pet battles/How often will RNG win you a game. I told the individual that there are dozens of factors and it changes each match depending on pets, moves, etc. They told me there can't be that many factors in RNG... Considering I recall arguing this before, I found an old post that I thought was worth reposting. Both for this person and for anyone interested. ... ...Évè5 Sep 25
Sep 25 Wildlife Conservationist Is anyone able to see the pets needed for this world quests today? I know where to find them because I got them all a few days ago,but today that I have this world quest they're all gone.I can see on this character other pets in the area but not the ones I need.Relogging didn't fix it.Then I went there on my hunter who is only lvl 100 and she can see them.But can't do world quests yet.Tormento12 Sep 25
Sep 25 Power Leveling via Pet Tamers Is it still the most efficient way to use the Pandaria tamers with the 50% buff? I used to be able to complete the circuit before the buff wore off. That included the regular ones and the spirit tamers.Tukwilla2 Sep 25
Sep 25 Small QoL request A small Quality of Life change I'd love to see: A Gold Paw is a pet trainer/ Master. A Green Paw is a wild pet. afaik, that's it. I would love to see a differentiation in the wild pet icon, say, a dark green and a light green, or even just another color to show us that the pet is one we HAVE versus one we DON'T. With 700+ unique pets in the game, I'm constantly looking at the names going "ooh cool! A new pet I need!!" Only to mouse over that tiny icon on the map and see "1/3." Make captured pets a very dark Hunter green, and uncaptured pets a lighter mint green. Then I can tell just by looking at the map, "oh, I need that one!!" This is especially useful when 2-3 varieties of pets are all in the same area, you don't have to mouse over all of them to find catches. It also helps when finding rare mobs that spawn IN PLACE of other mobs. Now it stands out as you're walking around... hey, that's not a tundra rabbit... that's an Unborn Valkyre!! Seems an easy fix for a huge boost is functionality. :^)Brocknor8 Sep 25
Sep 24 Pet Charms in Legion... So, you guys decided to add new pets purchasable with Pet Charms, but you can't do Legion content to get them. Why? You have to go back to WoD content to gather them up at a nerfed rate when you should be able to do current content for them. You should have made each zone have at least one static master tamer daily you can complete for charms. Leave some non-traditional pet battle dailies for world quests, but give us a meaningful way to farm them consistently in current content. It's backwards having to go back an expansion. Trainers would also give us a way to level pets without stones. As is, if I want to do that, the best way is Pandaria...which is two expansions back.Eli8 Sep 24
Sep 24 I'm an awful pet battle for charms Does anyone have any tips? I'm just not good at this. I enjoy levelin but when I'm levelin im trying to keep a super weak pet alive. is there an addon or tip area I can go to beat the master people? Also i think I need to get a wider varity of pets?Mstokies3 Sep 24
Sep 24 MPPM: Filthling Undulating, smelly, and brimming with disgusting pride, the Filthling is this week's target. They are certainly elusive and you'll have to wallow in what appears to be mud to get one, but the payoff is grossly appealing. ;) Your turn to share about the hunt, or how well you've done in Pet Battles with this pet. Go!Crithto37 Sep 24
Sep 23 Broken Isles Safari Finished today! Rescued fawn is a cute lil dude.Orilux3 Sep 23
Sep 23 world quests not showing up Is anyone else ever seeing any pet battle world quests? Do you need to unlock them somehow? I didn't even realize there were any until i went on wowhead and read that this and more exists. All ive done with pets is catch them so far.Hurricané2 Sep 23
Sep 22 Raiding with Leashes 4 snip ... entire article: and a more detailed post on the homepage of Sep 22
Sep 22 Battle Pet Day Care So thinking back to the Pokemon games, why not introduce a battle pet day care where one can drop off say up to three battle pets with a trainer who levels them up for you. Then, based on how much you have them leveled up, you have to pay -x- amount of gold to retrieve them from the trainer? This came to me since the start of Legion, I don't know about anybody else but I have had like NO time to devote to battle pets with all there is to do once you hit 110. This would at least allow players to continue leveling up their pets if they've got more gold to burn than they do time to grind and level up their pets.Etaraan5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Is anyone else not getting WQ's for 2 days? Disregard. Issue solved.Aayah1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Pet Battle Queue Problems Lately I've been getting lots of error where the other player has declined the battle. Also when I've been waiting in a queue for many minutes, I'll leave queue, rejoin and get matched up pretty quickly.Tukwilla0 Sep 22
Sep 21 Firebat Pup I managed to snag one of these puppies and it appears to be the first on my server. I checked WoWHead and there isn't a listed price. Does anyone have a "going rate" for these little guys? (This is not to be confused with the Felbat Pup from the launch event)Wårriör3 Sep 21
Sep 21 A Suggestion for Pet Battlers A Quest or Achievement that allows their entire pet team (3 pets that are currently slotted) to be out at the same time. Pet trainers don't really have a way to show off, and this would be a cool thing to display their pet-battling prowess! They can walk around with 3 pets out at a time instead of just 1 like everyone elseMalithos3 Sep 21
Sep 21 addon that works for legion Hi I legit searched the pins and the forums but don't see any posts (without wading through tons of comments) that actually had petbattle addons that work for Legion. I was using pettracker before but it no longer works. Does anyone know of any pet battle addons that search pets by zone so you can see what you're missing and where they spawn that works for legion? thanksRadch7 Sep 21
Sep 21 Dream Whelpling Solid moves like the Emerald Proto-Whelp, saw maybe 6 or 8 spawn in a 30 man normal raid after downing Xavius. Not sure if a soft reset makes them respawn but will check it out laterDigerati4 Sep 21
Sep 21 Haunted Memento / Disgusting Oozeling I get why they changed haunted memento's throwing ability, but, why not just make it a battlepet or a non-combat pet akin to a squire. it does less than disgusting oozeling, its just a bit bigger and doesn't cause an effect. and keep the buff up when its summoned. i want my status ghost back.Crossblades2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Dusty Rug This is up on my realms Barbershop. I'm not sure if you can invite people to get this, but you're welcome to try. WelshCorgi #1753 Edit: It has been taken.Fran0 Sep 21