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Nov 7 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you must declare your allegiance. ----- Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Cinematic Trailer World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Features Trailer ----- Recruit Allied Races Explore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favor and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set. Learn more about Allied Races here. New Continent - Kul Tiras As a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar’s high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause. New Continent - Zandalar Prepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshippers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun. Plunder Uncharted Islands Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect the island’s resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more. Storm the Warfronts Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles. Infuse Armor with Titanic Might Take control of the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that’s emerged in the Legion’s wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Enter a World Divided New Level CapStop the spread of the Blood God’s corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120. New Dungeons and RaidsFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal’Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! Character BoostAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle! CommunitiesFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups.Ornyx0 Nov 7
13m XP From Dungeons Hi all, From WoW’s earliest days, we’ve always had to take steps to limit experience gains for characters when grouped with someone of a drastically higher level. We recently became aware of a bug introduced in 7.3.5: a side-effect of the vastly expanded creature scaling was causing the logic to break when awarding XP in some situations. Earlier today, we applied a hotfix to creature experience that corrects this issue. At the same time, we have significantly increased the experience awarded through queuing for random Normal dungeons from Classic through Draenor content. Running dungeons at the appropriate should feel rewarding, whether as a complement to or even an complete alternative to questing. As always, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to keep a close eye on the pacing of the leveling experience in 7.3.5 and beyond.Ornyx2137 13m
20h Battle for Azeroth: Collector's Edition While Azeroth bleeds, the armies of the Horde and Alliance meet again on the fields of battle. Prepare for all-out war with this limited edition collector’s set, featuring rare and commemorative items to boost morale for the coming conflict. Double-Sided Story Book: Elegy & A Good War Every great war story has two sides. This limited edition hardback version collects two new World of Warcraft novellas depicting the Burning of Teldrassil from the point of view of the Alliance (Elegy, by Christie Golden) and the Horde (A Good War, by Robert Brooks). Each story includes original artwork exclusive to this edition*. Horde & Alliance Double-Sided Mark of Allegiance Declare your allegiance with this hefty, double-sided Mark of Allegiance. Place it somewhere prominent, with your chosen faction proudly facing out into the world for all to see. Includes stand. Collector’s Edition Digital Soundtrack A digital key to download the stirring orchestral pieces from the Battle for Azeroth soundtrack, the perfect mood music for laying siege to your enemies. --- Upgrading from Standard or Digital Deluxe to Collector's Edition If you’ve purchased a digital copy of Battle for Azeroth, but want to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition, we will automatically credit you the cost of the digital copy in Blizzard Balance - as long as you enter the Collector’s Edition key before 11:59pm PST on December 31, 2018. When you enter the key from your Collector’s Edition, we will see the original transaction on your account and the credit will kick in. Remember, you will need to enter the Collector’s Edition key before the end of the year, as automatic Blizzard Balance credits will be turned off at 11:59pm PST on December 31, 2018. Please note, if you bought a standard edition then upgraded to a digital deluxe, you will be credited for the original copy only. Standard Digital / Digital Deluxe > Collector’s Edition If you bought the Standard OR Digital Deluxe copy of Battle for Azeroth and pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, your Blizzard Balance credit will be the price you paid for the original copy. Standard Digital > Digital Deluxe > Collector’s Edition If you bought the Standard digital copy, upgraded to Digital Deluxe at a later date, then pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Battle for Azeroth, your Blizzard Balance credit will be the price you paid for the original Standard Edition.Ornyx139 20h
4d Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14 A new age of warfare between the Horde and the Alliance is here. Declare your allegiance in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth beginning August 14. As rivalries of the past arise once more, a powerful new resource emerges—and whoever lays claim to it could shape the future of all who make Azeroth their home. More information here.Ornyx72 4d
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29s BFA flight - 2 faction questing staying in Looks like the requirement to level characters from both faction to max and run quest lines with each is staying (not a bug). It's still an after patch and the devs won't respond for clarification on it on the forums or on twitter. Looks like you're gonna have to have to max level grind out achievements on 2 characters (different factions) in order to get flight in bfa. Kinda sucks for those who pre-ordered and used that character boost already.Lerie213 29s
34s [Provisional] High Elves as a Playable Race ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a provisional topic opened to continue the discussion of while the forum employees don't reopen the discussion in ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Alliance High Elves as a Playable Race V5.3 Since the April 26th Q&A, the discussion on High Elves has grown heated, fractured, and unproductive. In an attempt to restore a structured course of discussion to continue efforts to show support for High Elves as a playable race, this thread will dissect the response given by Ion Hazzikostas during the Q&A regarding High Elves. By this we hope to not only create reasoned discussion, but focus it within one thread to restore the forums to the more peaceful state it was prior to the Q&A. To begin with, the question and reply:......We'll look at the first part of the answer to begin with. PART ONE: BLOOD ELVES ARE HIGH ELVES...This is nothing new, though the nature of the reply leaves much to be desired. It is widely acknowledge by all players, those in favor of High Elves and against, that the different eye color and relationship to the Sunwell is at the heart of the difference between Blood Elves and High Elves. No one disputes this, nor is it a point that needs to be disputed as it is the similarities between the two races which makes their unfolding story of conflict with one another both organic, and interesting. That said, there is a clear logical fallacy in the words, "But if you want to be a fair-skinned, light, blonde-haired, tall, majestic, elf... That is a Blood Elf." This is like saying, "If you want to be a purple-skinned, muscular, white-haired, tall, majestic elf... that is a Night Elf." As one can immediately surmise, that description also applies to Nightborne, a Horde allied race. Did the Alliance have a monopoly on that appearance as this reply would seem to suggest the Horde has a monopoly on the appearance shared by High Elves and Blood Elves? The answer is no. Why should the Horde be given this preferential treatment over the Alliance? Why should the Alliance lose it's night elven aesthetic to the Horde, but the Horde maintain a monopoly on the Thalassian aesthetic? There will never be an answer to that question which will be acceptable. The box was opened with Nightborne. It cannot be closed. The Horde has no right to preferential treatment over the Alliance. The scales may not always be balanced between the two factions, but in this case, there is no reason to leave them tilted. PART TWO: THE BLURRING OF FACTION LINES...First and foremost it must be stated clearly: Players do NOT want Blood Elves, when they're asking for High Elves. Players want the Silver Covenant, the Highvale Elves, the Alliance Expedition High Elves. They don't want Magister Umbric or Archmage Aethas, they want Vereesa Windrunner and Auric Sunchaser. High Elves have been a part of the Alliance's story for so long that there is no blurring of the lines between the two factions with their addition. If anything Void Elves blurred the lines by taking the edginess thematic of the Blood Elves and serving it to the Alliance with an actual group of former Blood Elves, rather than the Alliance's own loyal High Elves. We do have a clear example of who or what the High Elves are as a larger group which remains in Azeroth. The Silver Covenant has been the face of the High Elves since Wrath of the Lich King. If the Developers feel this is not enough, then it is time to focus on that identity until it has reached a point of satisfaction. Many players are satisfied with High Elves as they exist right now. If Blizzard isn't, then it is upon Blizzard that the quality is brought up to the point they desire. It has been noted in this reply that distinction between the two factions is important, especially with faction conflict being prominent. There is no greater symbol of the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance than that of the Blood Elves and the High Elves. Orcs vs. Humans may be the core of the conflict as the major identities of the Horde and Alliance, but Blood Elves vs. High Elves represents the spirit of it. They epitomize this conflict in ways both artful and subtle. Despite having so much in common, there is a brutal shared fear, paranoia, and even hatred which is based entirely in the perspective of each side, which perfectly mirrors that of the greater Horde and Alliance factions. There could be no better race to make playable in an expansion about faction conflict than the High Elves considering this. The conflict between High Elves and Blood Elves has reached such incredible relevance that it's become the ideal analogy, as powerful an image of the conflict as the ages old Orcs vs. Humans. One could go so far as to say the absence of the High Elves neuters the quality of faction conflict. Horde players have complained they feel no real attachment to the upcoming conflict, that they feel like villains rather than protagonists. Through these forums alone we see the conflict already between factions, just on the topic of High Elves. Horde players express their desire to wipe them out, Blood Elf players describe them as traitors, bringing up the Purge of Dalaran. It's the ultimate expression of faction conflict condensed to one single, easy to add Allied Race. High Elves have done more to galvanize faction conflict than any other Allied Race could. At this point it is criminal to leave them out for any reason. If you won't add High Elves for the Alliance, at least do it for your Horde players to finally have a target they feel legitimized in attacking. PART THREE: THE HORDE IS WAITING FOR YOU...Considering how the previous part of the answer raised the issue of faction blurring, this reply is singularly self-defeating and antagonistic. The Horde should not be waiting for players wanting to be High Elves. The Horde should be sharpening their knives in anticipation of facing these players. By suggesting players seeking to play as High Elves should instead join the Horde, this reply is encouraging a blurring of the faction lines. Not only that but the reply is insulting and once again, brings up the question raised from the first part of the reply. "If you want to play a purple-skinned, white-haired, tall majestic elf, the Alliance is waiting for you." Except its not. The Horde has those very same options. The Alliance doesn't have a monopoly on them. Why should the Horde have a monopoly on, "fair-skinned, light-haired, elves?" It shouldn't. CONCLUSION: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE The final words of this response are perhaps the most legitimate. Anything is Possible in the Future. High Elves are possible in the future. Well, they should be more than a possibility. They should be guaranteed. The Horde has no right to monopolize a specific aesthetic anymore than the Alliance does, and the fact this was alluded to as an acceptable answer to the matter is nothing short of ludicrous. Speculation can be offered on the nature of this highly unsatisfactory answer. Perhaps the most probable is that it is too early to simply state that High Elves will come. Other races haven't yet received Allied Races to expand on their own customization (Gnomes, Worgen, Forsaken, Goblins, Night Elves, and Blood Elves), and Void Elves still need to find their place in the narrative. Certainly discussing adding High Elves right now would marginalize players who genuinely approve of Void Elves, and players waiting to see what is in store for them and their favorite races which haven't yet received new customization through Allied Races. The above having been said, there were better ways to answer the question, but at least it ended with a kernel of hope for players still awaiting High Elves. Perhaps the greatest criticism about this answer, however, lays in how uninformed it is in regards to discussions had by players in what they would like to see with a High Elf Allied Race. In short this post shall conclude with a question to those working on World of Warcraft at Blizzard themselves: Why ask we, the players, what we would like to see for Allied Races, if you will reply as if you never listened? EXTERNAL LINKS High Elven discord Legacy of the Quel'dorei... Wowhead Weekly #159: Perculia and Anniefuchsia about the Ion's answer to High Elves... Wowhead article about the High Elven discussion... Taliesin & Evitel Do Games - "How BfA Is Ruining EVERYTHING: High Elves, GCD & Personal Loot"... The Alurna Manifest of High Elves... Destiny of the Quel'dorei survey (vote)... Destiny of the Quel'dorei survey (results)... Compilation of the High Elven fan-made arts to customization options... All versions of the OP are saved in this Google Drive folder... High Elven Community FAQ... This text was created by Alurna@Moon-guard and had it's HTML changed by Pontifice@Azralon.Pontifice344 34s
38s How powerful do you think G'huun is? In my honest opinion Since he's the weakest old god and has not inspired many groups like the rest of kin have, and since he's smaller than his brethren (in wow, the biggest the strongest USUALLY) So IMHO he's not that strong. I'd say a small group of 5 can take him down I'd say Sally whitemane can take him down with no problemLunnaya15 38s
41s What is Iconic to each race? What class do you associate a race in WOW with the most . Orc - Warrior Undead - Warlock Tauren - Druid Troll - Hunter Goblin - Rogue Pandarin - Monk Human - Paladin Nightelf - Druid Dwarf - Warrior Gnome - Wizard Worgen - Warrior Draenei - Priest Nightborne - Mage Lightforge - Paladin Highmountain - Shaman Void Elves - PriestAlorne29 41s
45s Goblins Vs Gnomes World PvP Event So it seems we've got us an issue. We are the goblins descendant from Helix Blackfuse. Us goblins are currently undergoing plans to turn Azeroth into our own massive goblin homeworld with major goblin trade cities all major locations and superhighways paved across gnome locations. However, Gnomergan and new tinkertown we thinking will just be turned into a sewer system. I am also personally thinking Ironforge would look better with a goblin steampunk makeover. Its gonna be absolutely fantastically glorious will assure that we will be filthy rich lifetimes over! Of course, many of you gnomes it seems have other plans and would rather Azeroth dark remain in the dark ages when we could both be exploiting the worlds natural resources for capital, profit and exert our dominance over the natural world! What am I proposing? We need to need to get together and solve this issue once and for all. Goblin to Gnome. Lets meet someplace and duke it out. Each of us brings one leader and we will place will start things out very civilized. One of us moves forward and starts by with an opening statement and a few words. We then place our faction flags down and then begin the battle. To assure that there will be no shenanigans like non goblin or gnome gankers, will start this on a normal server then everyone flags when ready. The location will be undisclosed till close to the event. Streaming will only happen if everyone is fine with it. For complete fairness we can also attempt this in a war-game to balance stats. More discussion over rules will happen as people sign up for this. I am thinking we should have at least 10 goblins and 10 gnomes each side around the same ilevel. We can also have 1 person duel at a time and weight the results. *Open to ideas: If you have a different way you feel we outta do it, don't be afraid to speak up. How the winner is determined The winner can be determined by which side defeats everyone first. We can also have weighed results depending on how many people of each side wish to join in. Important and helpful things to know 1.If things go well, I'd love for this to be a recurring event which we do many times on a regular basis. 2.All levels are welcome. We can try to find people of equal gear and level to fight each side. 3. Its recommended to have some sort of decent rp story for members partaking in the event, but not required. Communication If you have interest in joining this event, join this discord for details and discussion and/or respond in the thread. _____________________________________________________ Tl'Dr Us goblins of Nitrofuse would like to want to set up an rp-world pvp event between Goblins and Gnomes. *Also. People who aren't goblins/gnomes may be allowed to come to the event to cheer people on as the fight continues. My main worry about this though is if the event may get disrupted.Çryptøganstà52 45s
48s Pathfinder is aight, but... just needs one simple change, really. I honestly think if blizz just cut the pathfinder achievement in half (as in there's no part 2), then I think it'd be perfectly fine. I personally like working for it and experiencing the zones for what they are along with everyone else in the initial stage of the expansion. I think a lot of people do, hence why the flying debate is still a thing. However, by the time you explore all the zones, complete the war campaign, finish all the reps, etc. etc. I think we kinda get the point, right? Why arbitrarily extend the waiting period since we already experienced the world's content? So people also play major patch content? Because if it's good/fum and there's decent rewards at the end (mounts, some gear, etc.), then people obviously will. Hell, even if blizz just wanted us to wait until the first major patch , that's ok! Just make it so that when the first patch releases, those who earned pathfinder prior will immediately get it.Matrim6 48s
1m What is "getting curve"? Lately I've been hearing things like "you need to be on curve" or "you need to get curve". What does all that mean? Does it mean to be on a normal curve of raid progression or character progression. Or to not be behind the curve? Thanks in advance for any answers to this question!Lorieal2 1m
1m Flying to "skip content" Really? I keep hearing this from the ant-flyers. "Flying lets you skip content." Does it? It lets me skip quests, dungeons, and anything in between? Oh wait, it doesn't. If I have flying at the start of the expansion, I am still going to do quests, run dungeons and whatever features the expansion offers. So what is this content that flying allows you skip? You miss out on the content of mobs beating on you while on a ground mount? We can't let ou players miss out on the precious possibility of being dazed. Really? It lets you skip the frustration of trying to figure out to get around a 4 feet high hill that you can't quite jump over? What "content" exactly does flying make you miss out on? What flying DOES do for content, is let you explore the world in a way you never could with ground mounts. You go up and look down and see so far. Maybe discover some cool place you never would have without flying. If riding through mobs and getting dazed is "content", then surely exploring the landscape by air is just as meaningful.Talvish396 1m
1m Race Benefit exist, why not racial penalties? Hey i was thinking, we have all these racial beneficial abilities (like breathing underwater for undead), however, we do not seem to have any penalties for selecting certain races. Here are some ideas I came up with: Tauren - Herbs/grass from you inventory will occasionally disappear and be eaten by the tauren. Forsaken - taking a critical hit from an enemy occasionally cuts a limb off which temporarily "disarms" the forsaken. The forsaken later stitches it back on. Dwarf - Automatically will purchase ale or beer whenever entering any inn or tavern - money is deducted from inventory and beer is added to inventory. Blood elf - after every battle, there is a short 2 sec animation of the blood elf cleaning their armor in order to maintain their elitist cleanliness Goblin - will refuse to do any quest that does not reward money or items. Gnomes - not allowed to purchase weapons or alcohol from vendors since the shopkeeper assumes they are underage. Humans - if there is another human in the group, there is a random chance that both humans will be stunned for 4 sec arguing with each other about something completely pointless and irrelivant to the current situation. Night elf - refuses to pick up any herbs since that is violating nature Worgen - Will occasionally run off and chase small animals at random occasions Demon hunters - Will randomly remind other people as to how much they have sacrificed I will try to think of more things for the rest of the races, these are all my suggestions for nowDrusillia22 1m
1m Best Quest/Quest Chain In WoW? For me, a few immediately come to mind. - Old warlock demon quests. So involving, really gave a lot of flavor to the class. - Green fire chain. - The entirety of the primary Westfall chain. Just very well told and executed, introducing us one by one to major bosses from one of the best dungeons of the expansion. - The Twilight Highlands chain that takes you inside a massive monster to kill it from the inside. - The entire Klaxxi chain from MOP. Also that one where you get to fight a gigantic sea monster in a boat. - Rhea's chain in the Badlands. Contains a bunch of very fun quests a really interesting character and easily one of the saddest moments in WoW overall. I will neverbe able to delete that egg.Lòst20 1m
1m GD Community Lounge #157 Ooo I get to make one of these again! Make sure to feed the hungry worgen, and no waxing Fleb this time! I envoke lounge creator rights!Faolana336 1m
1m I just realized something. The void elves are the awoken from destiny. Yes, first xur came to dalaran, now we have the awoken. Think about it. They're both a people torn between the light and dark, and purple.Solidusblarg6 1m
1m Wow, you kinda wrecked paladin... Coming back from a bit of a break, I have to say I am really not a fan of almost all the spell animation changes you guys have made to the class. The iconic judgement is the main change that really puts me off even playing this character. It was awesome since wrath when it fell down from above the enemy like a hammer of judgement should. Now it is this gimpy looking dwarf-size spinning projectile of lol that looks as goofy as the flying axes in B-rate kung fu flicks. Just... WHY? Why would you say to yourself, "that iconic ability that isn't broken just NEEDS to be changed to something incredibly silly looking?" Then there is the Blade of Justice... I'm not sure what to call this one other than "holy billboard uppercut." It might not be terrible for a range class or as a taunt, but as a core part of the ret rotation it just doesn't feel right for a melee class. This one is more subjective but still, it seems maybe it was designed this way to skimp on doing unique animations for the different 2-h weapons, like more of an impale for swords, upper-chop for aces, heavy smash for hammers, or w/e. It is amazing how changing a few appearance-only behaviors of iconic abilities that weren't broken and didn't need fixing can completely change your whole perspective on a class and how they feel to play, but it seriously does.Iolipop22 1m
1m The only good thing about Alliance Is that this cover of Hymn of the Firstborn is awesome. 1m
2m Is all the self-healing overboard? I've been away from the game for several years and just came back. I'm having fun and enjoy the current state of the game. However, it does seem like a strange design choice to give seemingly every class a lot more self-healing and have some tanks outheal healers. Only other change that I haven't enjoyed is how trash mobs are way more dangerous than the bosses in the M+ runs I've done. Maybe it is the bursting affix, idk.Wesquire30 2m
2m BfA: Who Will Win? I think the Alliance will beat the Horde, because the "good guys" always win.Prizma33 2m
3m Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero, Sidekick, Bystander Basically a "is the character above you a hero or a villain" thread but with a few more possible choices; Anti-hero, sidekick, and bystander. Just thought this dreary Monday could use a bit of levity.Rorrand154 3m
4m Being horde vs being ally in legion Here is a video showing horde attacking the AH and being able to kill the auctioneers. Then it shows me trying to do the same but we cant because there is a invisible wall stopping me from doing it. This needs to change. I pay the same amount of money to play just like them.Spadesap0 4m
4m Why can't I choose another class Did the death knights when they were new, nope went back to the druid. But hey Monks now that'll make me change again nope back to the druid. Demon hunters yeah that'll do it for me....nope back to the druid. Why is it I can't abandon the druid class and I've been playing since TBC. It's like no matter what blizzard gives I'm right back on my druid in-fact I got way to many of em.Leafmealone19 4m
6m AR suggestion: Arakkoa and Mok'nathal Well, tried to post this before, it glitched out and didn't post and I lost all that I wrote, so RIP. This is my first thread, so please forgive me if its not the prettiest or perfect, as I already know my suggestions are still pretty unpolished. So this is my thread about playable Arakkoa and Mok'nathal. I'll start off with Arakkoa first since I was able to think it out more. Also, keep in mind, this idea is based off of the text datamined from Mag'har scenario, so if you want to avoid spoilers, you might wish to avoid reading ahead. So this scenario would take place in AU Draenor, where you originally go to search for Yrel in order to find her to ask her for help in aiding against the Horde. Perhaps due to some interference or something going wrong, you instead land in the Spires of Arak. Confused, you mount up and start heading north in order to go and search for Yrel. Along the way, you come across some wounded Arakkoa, or something else, and they might be actively under attack or fleeing from something. What you're not sure of is what is attacking them. The Arakkoa perhaps recall tales of the champion from before when they aided them in fighting back against the Adherents of Rukhmar. Once more, they ask for your aid to help them get to Skyreach, where the majority of them are. Along the way, you fight some Lightbound while escorting the Arakkoa to Skyreach, further confusing you what's exactly going on. As you finally get to Skyreach, you learn of Yrel's light crusade, attempting to convince or force all creatures to embrace the light. You help defend Skyreach against Yrel's forces while a portal is being opened back to Azeroth. Ultimately, Yrel herself makes an appearance and remembers the champion from before. She asks why do you fight against her and the light. There isn't time to answer though as at that point, the portal to Azeroth is opened, and you flee through with both High and Low Arakkoa. You tell Anduin and the other leaders of what transpired on Draenor, and after the Alliance extend a helping hand to what remains of the Arakkoa, they offer to repay their debt by joining the Alliance against the Horde when they learn of the war. For customization, since the Arakkoa appear androgynous among other races, instead of a male/female option, they could instead go with a High/Low option. They could also go with something similar with the Orc customization. If they go with the High/Low instead of male/female, maybe they could have an option for voice since that's all I expect to be different with them, as well as help with flirt/joke emotes. Now my next idea deals with the Mok'nathal, the half-orc half-ogres. My Horde lore is really rusty, so forgive me if I make some mistakes here. This scenario plays out with the champion and Rexxar going out to find the others like him to aid in the Horde war effort. So you go with him to Outland, or elsewhere, to find the others. If you go to Outland (Which is what I imagine), you would go to the Blade's Edge Mountains, where the Mok'nathal clan is. From there, you either learn where they are, or talk to them, and eventually ask them to join the Horde to aid in the war. They don't accept, but don't decline either, instead stating that if you wish to gain their strength, you must first prove your own. So they force you to go through a trial, whether by arena or gauntlet, where you fight alongside Rexxar to eventually gain the acceptance from the Mok'nathal. From there, they give their word to join the Horde war effort. Sorry that the Mok'nathal scenario isn't that fleshed out compared to the Arakkoa, I wasn't sure what else I could do with it, as well as I was brain storming this stuff at 4:30 in the morning. I'm completely open for criticism and what not to tweak either scenario in order to make them more proper for the game and story. So it comes down to: Alliance: Arakkoa Horde: Mok'nathal (Half-orc, Half-ogre) I just don't want to see a race as cool as the Arakkoa thrown away, forever out of player reach. I think the allied races would be a great chance for them to come back and I think it'd be a really cool and unique race for Alliance to have. Gives them a nice high fantasy race in what is a pretty generic line up. As for the Mok'nathal, I believe that might be the closest Horde will get to playable ogres, as their bodies don't seem too big, but not small. They can probably be similar to Rexxar's model in BfA. Finally, thank you to everyone that reads this and I hope you all get the allied race you wish for.Jerriàh11 6m
7m Since we're getting fat humans... Give me skinny pandas.Welshcorgi40 7m
8m DIDwarves and MOrcs starting level I was wondering if there is any indication of at what level these chars will be when starting them. Are we going to have to level them up from 1-110 in the prepatch once unlocked? Or will they be like DH las exp and start at level 100.Luxa5 8m
9m When is WOW gonna have a royal wedding? Everyone is talking about the royal wedding— but when will there be a royal wedding in WoW? There are a lot of diferent contenders: Anduin and Wrathion, or Moria, Calia Menethil, Tess Greymane, and some unknown suitor. On Horde side I guess maybe Baine Bloodhoof could be considered to be royal enough for a royal wedding although we don't even know if he is dating anyone.Wasselin53 9m
10m The 50% Rule: Implement Now! Greetings: I have put a lot of thought into this an hours crafting this excellent new rule that I very much hope Blizzard will implement if not now then in the next expansion. It is the 50% rule. Here it is: After one month of release, any and all content shall be completed by at least 50% of the players. In the event this is not the case, the content in question will be re-tuned so that 50% of the player base has achieved success in said content. Why have the 50% rule: This rule is basically a check on content to guarantee that the majority of players who are paying customers for this game are getting through the various content in this game. It is my premise that if players are not completing the content, there is something wrong with the content. Does the 50% rule mean nerfs? No. Let me say that again. No. The rule does not mean there has to be nerfs. There could be other problems with the content. Maybe the reward is to low. Maybe the structure of the content is somehow off and people just don't want to do it. (Here's looking at you Kiren Tor magic of flight quests.) While nerfs certainly might be a particular solution to a particular problem, that is not always going to be the solution. Is this just for raids? No. This is for any and all content. It is for world quests, for pet battles, for pvp, for any aspect or facet of the game. The general rule is that half of the players must be successful clearing the content. Minor points and clarifications. -It would be based on accounts not on toons. So yes if a player cleared a raid on one toon but not his/her 10 alts that would count towards the 50%. It is customer based. -What if a customer just doesn't like something, like pvp or pet battles and will never do the content? That is why it is at 50%. And if some aspect of the game is being ignored by the customers then one of two things needs to happen. They need to up the rewards, change the tuning or just get rid of it. (i.e. first aid.) You need to either fix it or clip the dead wood. -What if something is well over 50%. Then it is fine. If it is not broke do not fix it. -What about raids? How does that count with all the tiers: The fact that we have to many difficulty settings (4) makes things complex. But clearly 50% should complete the highest setting which in this case is mythic. -OK, what about World firsts? This is the one exception to the one month timer. In this case, the one month for 50% of the player base to achieve success would start after the world first. This gives proper incentive to those who work hard to achieve the high end world first achievements while still allowing the majority to get all the goodies in a reasonable time. This rule will save this game. And in gaming time a month is a very long time. The "hard core" gamers get their due in this system. And everyone or at least half of everyone gets to succeed in all facets of this game. TLDR: Make a rule that content is cleared by 50% of the player base in one month from release. If this is not the case, adjust the content so that this threshold is reached.Rastlin218 10m
12m Fishing Extravaganza So how does this event work now? The guy (Riggle Bassbait) said 50 people can fish and turn in for a chance at the fishing items. I got all the way to 37 in just 18 minutes and it was announced that it was over and every fish I had disappeared. I couldn't even turn them in for anything... I thought it went on till 5 pm, even after the 50 winners? I've been collecting teleporting items and would very much like the boots someday. I seen on the forums people showing up 15 min late and still getting in the winners circle. I thought I actually had a chance being on time! lolFayrelin3 12m
12m Leveling from scratch, terrible experience I'm leveling with a friend who is new to the game, and even with the RAF bonus, leveling is both slow and boring. 1. Quest placement in most areas sucks. We spend more time moving between quests and the quest hub than we do actually engaging with the quests. 2. It takes too long to gain a level after ~30, and it doesn't feel rewarding. XP gains aren't scaling with XP requirements, which makes no sense; nobody wants to spend 30 hours leveling from 1 to 60. 3. There are huge gaps between abilities, and a lot of the abilities we get are meaningless. As a Feral druid, I've been using the same sequence of buttons since level 15 or something like that. 4. The rate quest mobs die at is frustrating, for lack of a better word. It's fast enough that we don't need most of our abilities, but still too slow to be considered fast. And the XP they give is a pittance, we don't bother fighting anything that doesn't have a quest attached. 5. Dungeon XP is terrible. It's not worth doing anything but the random dungeons, and they're slightly more enjoyable than questing (but just barely, due to the limited abilities available). They're also mindless; we can ignore virtually all mechanics while pressing the same three buttons over and over. 6. Dungeons are also slow, as if the XP wasn't bad enough. Trash XP is worthless, it entirely comes from the dungeon quest and random dungeon bonus. If we get a dungeon we already completed the quests for, we're better off just leaving. Honestly, if I were a new player, I probably would have quit the game if I didn't have the RAF bonus. I'm not even sure what changes went into creating this atrocious state aside from the zone scaling, because I haven't played since Pandaria, but they clearly weren't given any testing. EDIT: To clarify, I have every class at 85 or 90, and I'm considering this leveling experience both slow and boring compared to what it was in Cataclsym or Mists. Also, please stop posting 'lmao you would have hated classic.' I was one of the first level 60 characters on Eonar. The leveling experience back then was significantly more engaging and rewarding than it is now.Yenpanda112 12m
14m I thought people were joking about Kul Tirans Until I googled it and it's actually an allied race for the Alliance. Seriously Blizzard, why? They are as ugly as sin and morbidly obese, and I actually mistaken the male models for ogres at first glance. "Then don't play them", ok, but they took away a spot for something that could of had much more potential for the alliance, and God forbid not something that looks like it was designed out of some real life progressive/bias controversy.Malgroth42 14m
16m Balance Druid theme and role in the Lore Inc Wall of Text. Hello everyone, Id like to preface this wall of text by stating that I’ve been a druid fan since Wc3, even if a druid is not my current main, I always have one and I always play it often. I know that what I will be suggesting means a lot of work to Blizzard, so I know that probably nothing will happen and that Blizzard will keep things as they currently are. What made me write all this was that I noted a difference between the feel and theme of druids in Wc3 and what druids, specifically Balance druids, are in WoW. This first iteration of druids in Wc3 is what brought me first to the class and even though I have liked its evolution throughout the years and expansions, I’ve always felt that their theme is weird. Long story short, I think the “astral mage” theme of the druid makes very little sense for a class that is supposed to be closely attuned to the world. I don’t think the theme is bad, as the astral mage think is pretty enticing for a class. I just think it doesn’t have much to do with druids themselves. In warcraft 3 druids control nature, they attacked with nature and they healed with nature. Now they use a combination of power from celestial bodies (the opposite of an attunement to the world) and even those powers are not completely fleshed out. Solar Wrath and Sunfire, both spells are explicitly taking power from the Sun, however they do Nature damage, other classes who supposedly borrow the power from the sun (sunwalkers) do Holy or at least Light Damage. How do you explain, the power of the sun, dealing Nature damage instead of Light and/or Fire? Moon spells like Moonfire and Lunar Strike, come from a perceived relation to Elune, this relation to the Moon Goddess is only present in game, as books and novels have never (to my knowledge) depicted a druid using this kind of power. Originally druids only had Moonfire and Starfire in WoW, while having no celestial themed abilities in Wc3, there is even evidence to suggest that Elune is only respected in druidism but not called upon by druids and that this relation with at least the moon, started only in WoW: “This was the first time that he had been so bold as to intrude without her warning into her world” -Refering to Malfurion entering the temple of Elune, looking for Tyrande. Page 83 WotA Archive “Of Tyrande we have already spoken. She promised herself to Elune and I will not poach in the Moon Goddess’s realm!” -Cenarius, when discussing his tutelage of druidism with Malfurion. Page 32 The use of celestial powers has been expanded with every expansion until we have the description of Balance Druids in the Legion Class Preview: The elements that carve form into the universe are fluid forces of nature. Some beings seek to bend the power of these natural elements to their will. Druids, however, worship the protecting spirits of nature. Long ago, nature’s equilibrium was thrown out of balance, leaving the world vulnerable to catastrophic events, including the first invasion of the Burning Legion. By leveraging the sacred powers of the moon, the sun, and the stars, balance druids access arcane and nature magics—made more potent still through shapeshifting, when the spellcaster takes the form of the moonkin—to aid in the fight against imbalance that threatens the natural order of all things. But, what would I think to be better than to use the moon, the sun and the stars? My busy self has been thinking and I reached the conclusion that the Emerald Dream is the key. First I examined what the druid is, what are its differences between say, shamans, looking at the other spec’s theme I arrived at the conclusion that what makes Druids different from other classes, is that they call on the power of nature, through the blessing of a Wild God (beings of nature), that’s why there are Druids of the Claw, Druids of the Talon (the PC has the blessing of them all because we are badass like that, several named and powerful druids are not limited to just one ancient), in this way, every spec is blessed by mainly one ancient: • Guardians receive the blessing of Ursoc and Ursol • Ferals receive the blessing of Ashamane • Restoration is a little subtler, but they used to have a form, the tree of life which is an ancient, ancients are empowered by wisps and the mother wisp is none other than Aessina. A Wild god, so in a way, restoration druids are blessed by Aessina Despite all this, I couldn’t understand who the Wild God patron of Balance Druids was, there is no Moonkin Wild God, patron of Balance (there could be), and Moonkins are thought to be created by Elune, similar to how Cenarius is thought to be her son. At this moment I made a theme that had to fit balance druids using a Moonkin Wild God, connection to the Emerald Dream and the “balance” part of balance druid. Going back to wc3 I saw the Druid animations, and the Keepers of the Grove attacked with a green energy bird, but druids of the talon used a weird blue-purple almost pink ball, more akin to an Arcane spell than a Nature spell. And there it was, the two schools that druids use. Both come from the world, and yet are very different from one another. Nature, instead of coming from the sun, it comes from the Emerald Dream, said to be the blueprint of the world. Arcane, instead of coming from the moon, it comes from reality itself or titans, titans like Azeroth, whose wounds (the well of eternity) bleed arcane, a titan that has Leylines, that are described as planetary blood vessels. There it was, Balance druids can balance between the emerald dream, a place that is what Azeroth would’ve been if not altered by intelligent races, and Azeroth herself, a titan whose life is arcane. Balance druids maintain balance between the natural world, represented by the dream, and the civilized world, represented by Azeroth herself. Transforming into Moonkin to enhance their connection to the dream, they are guardians of both the emerald dream, and Azeroth’s life. Even the Moonkin themselves are a representation of balance between beasts and intelligent or civilized races. being half humanoid half owl. Balance druids emulate Nordrassil itself, wielding both Arcane and Nature, and acting as a conduit between Azeroth and the Emerald Dream This was fine until I started asking what would happen if Arcane and Nature mixed together, like the current Starsurge and Starfall, well it should be life itself, but how could that be represented? Again, I went back to Wc3, and saw the Trees of Eternity, the Ancients with the strongest connections to Nordrassil and they had these weird golden butterflies and lights dancing around them and in their hands. This weird golden glow that represented the power of Nordrassil, the power of life itself. The golden glow that night elves like Malfurion and Wild Gods like Cenarius have in their eyes. The glow of the life of Azeroth is golden. And golden like Azerite, the life of the planet. Several Questions arose: Why is the planet bleeding Azerite from this wound, and not from the well of eternity? The wounds are different, one was made by Aman’thul to rip out Y’ssharj only physically and the other was made to kill Azeroth, it stands to reason that Sargeras being a Titan, and his sword being a titan creation, it could pierce the Emerald Dream as well, forcing a wound between the two realms and thus, bleeding Azerite instead of just Arcane But could the druids have known about Azerite and not told everyone about it before? Because its not the same, one is given, the other is bleeding from a wound, one is energy and the other is a mineral. But how did the druids know Azerite before the wound? Again I went back to wc3, where this same golden power is represented as the faerie fire spell from druids of the Talon and that was it, the faerie is the golden life of Azeroth (as there are no actual fairies in Warcraft), how the druids knew the energy they wield. Even the scythe of Elune makes sense, as the weapon is described to weaken the barriers of time and space, and Velinde Starsong used it to draw the worgen to Azeroth, from the Emerald Dream, the weapon has the power to open a rift to the emerald dream directly. What I suggest now is a thematic change for Balance Druids, all spells could be renamed to something fitting of Arcane and Nature balance that they wield and have different color palletes to reflect it. Arcane: less blue more purple and pink Nature: green and teal instead of the sunlike orange and yellow. Faerie: golden and blue, like azerite. Actives Moonfire > Leyflare Lunar Strike > Twilight Strike Sunfire > Emerald Fire Solar Wrath > Wrath (like the green bird that is the auto attack from keepers of the grove Wc3) Starsurge > Faerie Blast Starfall > Faerie Storm (Instead of a rain, make it erupt from the ground) Solar Beam > Mana Flare (like the faerie dragon spell, ignites the area and prohibits the use of spells) Passives Astral Power > Attunement Astral Influence > Reach the World Celestial Alignment > Dreamstate Mastery: Starlight > Mastery: Lucidity Talents Starlord > Forest Lord Warrior of Elune > Warrior of Cenarius Stellar Flare > Faerie Flare Shooting Stars > Wildlife New Moon / Half Moon / Full Moon > Light Sleep / Deep Sleep / Awakening Stellar Drift > Dream Shift Fury of Elune > Fury of Ysera Galactic Guardian > Twilight Guardian Lunar Beam > Ley Beam Guardian of Elune > Guardian of the Forest Honor Talents Crescent Burn > Wild Growth Celestial Downpour > Untamed Wilds Dying Stars > Cycle of Life Celestial Guardian > Sylvan Guardian Eclipse > Harmonize Personally I think this is a great opportunity to give druids some thematic consistency and to separate them a bit from night elven culture, making them their own thing. I understand that Moonfire specifically has been a signature spell for the druids and very iconic now, and I really don’t expect blizzard to even see this, but at least posting this and making people talk about the overall theme of the balance druid is enough for this wall of text to be worth it. Thank you for reading. TL;DR: Moon, Sun and Stars make no sense for balance druids, Azeroth herself (arcane), the Emerald Dream (Nature), and the Golden Life of Azeroth (Azerite in mineral form or Faerie as an energy) make more sense as a spec, unifying the moonkin, with balance, the emerald dream and Azeroth. And defining the role of Balance Druids in the lore of Warcraft.Asadal17 16m
17m How does blizz prevent doping in esports? Esports has been gaining popularity over the years. However As with most sports e sports has been having a issue most sports have. That is Players taking certain medications to boost their performance. Now I am a fan of esports always have been and with the success of the Overwatch League and the hype for the upcoming WoW Arena League, Blizzard is set to enter the esports world in a big way. So I must ask What steps are Blizzard taking to discourage doping in their competitive games? I do this for both for curiosity's sake as well as not only cementing faith in Blizzard's ability to keep the games fair but also dissuade any dishonest players in using that method of cheating.Skarin58 17m
18m Change to Fishing after BfA So we've been stuck behind the same old zone/level gate for fishing since Vanilla and it's getting pretty boring moving zone to zone for certain types of fish. I say we change it up at a little since it's been this way for over 10 yrs. My proposal: 1. All fish types have and equal chance to be caught in all zones 2. No fishing pools appear until max level and an achievement like Fish Don't Leave Footprints. 3. Said achievement would be called B5: The Gathering (there are 5 types of fish to be caught and all start with the letter B) with having to catch 100 of each and it's cumulative across all characters. Achievement is Account-Wide. The achievement title is a nod to the movie pilot for Babylon 5 the series. 4. Pools are personal and cannot be shared with other players 5. Achievements for fishing from 50, 100, 250, 500 pools with 500 rewarding a quest for a legendary pole. 6. Legendary fishing pole be named Elseadrena's Ultimate Spinning Rod Just my $0.05 Anyone else?Elseadrena2 18m
19m Will we ever go to the moons? We've been to two different planets, Draenor and Argus. Heck, two different version of Draenor. But every so often I look in the sky and see Azeroth's two moons, The White Lady and Blue Child. I sure hope we get to go to one of them, or both, eventually. Looking up at them since Vanilla, though one was removed for a while, leaves me wanting! Is Elune waiting for us?Tresa18 19m
19m Improved Druid Forms for Existing Races? Zandalari and Kul Tirans are getting arguably the coolest Druid forms of any race in the game, but the most interesting thing for me is one major difference: They aren’t just “cat” or “bear”. For example, instead of a bear, Zandalari get an awesome turtle dino. So with this in mind, does anyone else want some edited Druid forms for existing races? I really want my Worgen Druid to be able to turn into a wolf. Whether with the Feral form or the travel form, a wolf just makes so much more sense for a Worgen than a stag or a lion-looking cat creature. I think they could improve Tauren Druid forms as well. I never understood the idea of “cats with horns” and “bears with horns” that they have now. What improved forms would you guys want for existing races?Dracowyrm9 19m
19m Rate the transmog above you because let’s be honest. None of us have anything better to do on a sunday afternoonRanael3 19m
20m I miss wow... 11 days ago I had open heart surgery. I do not have stamina to sit at my pc. I tried the other day and I regretted every moment of it. This is going to be a very slow recovery. This first week was hell. I didn't think I was going to live. But every day it gets slightly easier.Goutman36 20m
21m Can we get more skipping of content? I wanna skip the Worgen, Goblin, Pandaren, and Death Knight starting areas like how you can skip the intro for Legion and Broken Shore scenarios. Even if the Worgen, Goblin, and Pandaren were to come out at level 1 I think it would be a welcomed change.Baltha0 21m
21m The Only Winner of the Alliance VS Horde War The Void.Mortis13 21m
22m BFA Pre Patch Wasn’t too sure where to put this so I guess General works. I saw that in the BFA Pre Patch artifact traits will be removed from the artifact weapons, so that once BFA actually launches you will eventually switch weapons. While that’s fine, it makes me a bit worried for the situation I am in. Me and my small guild have planned on waiting for a few months to a year before actually picking up BFA. We are iffy on the expansion, and are unsure how it will turn out. And considering we returned only recently and missed almost a whole year of Legion content, we have plenty to do over the next year or so. But if artifact traits are removed, things might become a lot more difficult since some of what makes Legion content doable is the traits. So how hard am I going to be effected by this? Am I going to have to be forced to buy the expansion to enjoy the game, or am I screwed? Because if so, I might just skip outright and cancel again.Kadienn10 22m
26m Tailed Worgen I'm not really against the idea of having that as an option but what makes you guys think that they'll just suddenly give worgen tails when they're usually depicted without tails? Plus that's adding new bones to an existing model. Although if they actually are doing that. It would explain why it's taking awhile and probably why they're still keeping us in the dark about it.Vorawsoul12 26m
28m LF a Worgen to be my boyfriend. PSTChillypaws3 28m
30m Most forgotten about zone in the game? For this instance, let's not count "subzones", like the Isle of Hrothgar, Isle of Giants, or the Molten Front. Aside from sub zones, which zones do you think most people completely forget exist the most? I'd probably say Bloodmyst Isle, which is a shame.Byniri106 30m
31m Need Help I currently have a level 100 Human Warlock and want to race change her to Void Elf. Would I be able to get the Heritage armour when I reach level 110 via race change?Evilsanta4 31m
31m Shadow priest or ele shaman? So im pretty new to wow. This rogue is my first character and I intend to keep it as my main. The alts i definitely want to make or atleast try out are demon hunter, warrior, guardian druid, and a ranged caster(spriest or ele shaman). I still have my boost to use and I want to use it on the caster because i think it complements the rogue nicely in terms of being a different playstyle. Til now i was pretty set on a shaman, but now im considering shadow priest. I dont have an interest in mage or warlock atm. i really wanted a zandalari shaman but i didnt want to wait. Ive read that troll racial is amazing for shaman because of the haste but i dont know if zandalari will have something similar so i settled on makin a troll shaman. Now im thinking i may end up regretting using my boost on an ele shaman due to them just being...meh. If i made a spriest id like it to be a blood elf, but im unsure if the troll racial logic would apply to spriest aswell cuz of the haste. SO, my questions are: -which do you think is more fun and which is stronger? -is it worth using a boost on an ele shaman or could i end up regretting it? -does the troll racial make as big a difference for spriest as it does for shaman? Tldr: ^^^ im a new player tryna decide on an alt to complement my rogue. just read the questions lol Thanks sorry for wall of textIstealthl14 31m
31m Is your WoW name a reference to something? As the title goes, is your name a reference to something? Mine is from Lord of the Rings. The fair land of Llothlorien. Oh yeah, this is a continuation of a thread from a couple months ago.Lothlorien74 31m
33m San'layn/Darkfallen MEGATHREAD P5 Hi! The last one just capped at 1000 posts. This is a thread to discuss the ideas behind San'layn should they become an allied race, and their lore of course. Could San'layn be an Allied Race in Battle for Azeroth? We discussed wanting them added, but they have potential to actually be a thing now! We have a discord now too! Please see: Want to see a comprehensive list we are coming up with in terms of ideas? See here: Nobbel's video on San'layn lore: If you want to see a video I made on the matter, here is the link: Original Ideas The Story Let's start off with debunking the myth that all San'layn are extinct. Like the Blood elves or high elves, indeed they'd be low in number. We understand however that a race low in number can still be played perfectly fine by the playerbase--see Blood Elves and the new Void Elves. Ren'dorei are a small section of the Sin'dorei, in fact, that ended up being exiled. Take a tiny fragment of an already extremely small population and make an entire race out of that! Blizzard has done it once and they can do it again if it makes sense. But back to the extinct issue. Now, we've seen major San'layn leaders destroyed by the heroes of Azeroth, most notably Lana'thel. But we know that not all were actually killed off--the Blood Princess in the current Legion expansion is a good example of this. While we do kill her in Violet Hold, she is a good indication that the race is still there and did not suddenly keel over dead upon the death of Lana'thel (a ridiculous notion anyway). I'd like to mention the missing Blood Princes; see: . I will mention the princes here, too: Prince Theraldis, Prince Atherann, and Blood Lord Vorath (he was in the TCG so might not be considered in lore itself, I am not sure on that one.) Any one of the above could be ambassadors for the San'layn joining either faction of the current dynamic (I will get into what faction I see them joining in a moment.) We see the highest concentration of San'layn in En'kilah, where we are tasked with offing Prince Valanar. There is a huge concentration of NPC San'layn there, and while many of them could have been wiped out, a few could have survived and avoided detection to further work for the Lich King, only to have their wills freed upon Arthas being slain. I will get more into the discussion of 'will' in a moment as well. But anyway, the concentration of San'layn were only seen as NPCs there as well. We never saw the Ren'dorei in any location, including Ghostlands, until right when they were introduced, and they were inserted as potentially being in Ghostlands at some point in time. What's not to say a section of San'layn were hiding out somewhere in Icecrown? Or Grizzly Hills? Or other areas in the Borean Tundra? It's not that much of a stretch to say strategic forces were scattered along Northrend and then found themselves without a leader upon the death of Lana'thel and Arthas. Now then, would their wills be bound to the new Lich King? Or could they break from the will or even have had broken from the will of Arthas (an odd sect of San'layn, anyway) like Death Knights? The Darkfallen were selected as among the most intelligent of undead. It is not a stretch to say that when the Arthas's control began to fade upon the undead, they broke from him just like the Death Knights. Many simply continued to work for him, but a few could have taken other routes or hidden. We would have on our hands a shattered force of vampyr Blood Elves all around Northrend in this case--potentially being brought together by these princes. What would these elves seek to do? Continue to spread terror and rip people to shreds? Or could they potentially join a faction and, like the Death Knights, be accepted and integrated back into places they once called home? Remember, Death Knights were seen as mindless killing machines at one point, and we've seen that they did regain their personalities back, with one catch of course. They must continue to cause suffering in one way or another. These elves could have regained themselves with that same catch--the need, however, would be shifted to needing to feed off of living races' blood or energy. Not unlike what Blood Elves have to do in general, really, but with the San'layn they'd benefit much more from blood and its magics in general. Let's take a look into more lore. We were introduced to more issues on the vampyr this expansion in Stormheim, most notable the vampirates. They were compared to the San'layn, as a matter of fact, which was interesting... and then Lucard enters the picture. We kill him, and he says, "I.. am not... defeated...". Then, Mrrgleton comments, "Vampyr CAN be killed, can't they?" What could this imply? Could Lana'thel potentially be brought back, should those missing princes not be used? Did she really die at all--could she have been weakened or actually have drank enough blood of the heroes to appear dead but actually manage to flee while they were taking on Arthas? Again, this is speculation on how all of this could be possible, and who their leader could be. Now, what faction would they join? Who is the most likely to take them in? Easy. The Horde. Sylvanas needs more soldiers for her war against the alliance in the upcoming expansion. Her own kind is there within the San'layn, and they'd be very powerful assets to add to her ranks. She could give them purpose again and a chance to return to society rather than hide as creatures that should be killed on sight. Sylvanas is sure to know about the San'layn and the vampyr within Stormheim. What if she journies to Northrend and sends out messages to these princes, or sends out search parties, or even is contacted by a member of the San'layn who seeks to ally with her for a number of reasons? I know a lot of these ideas are a stretch, but I figured I'd bring them up anyway. Rather than say 'no' or 'no more elves', I'd appreciate actual, well thought-out feedback on this matter. ----------- DISCLAIMER: We understand that many want to see other Allied races first and by no means are asking for San'layn before or instead of others. This is just a speculation thread for sharing ideas and such. ALSO! Please do not enter our Discord and start cussing and spreading racial slurs. It is very immature and I am not happy about certain individuals that have done so. I'm aware that some disagree, but let's be mature about the matter. Fallynn247 33m
36m Alliance got screwed with Allied races Horde gets the awesome Mag'har that fixes Orc posture, mighty Highmountain Tauren and their big moose antlers, extremely well designed Nightborne and the awesome Zandalari trolls which also fixes their posture. What does alliance get? Well they got Lightforged Draenei which is nice but... They got even more purple elves (inferior to Nightborne and Nightelves TBQH), grey dwarfs and oafish Kul'tiras Humans.Viridianzero148 36m