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Nov 7 NOW LIVE: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you must declare your allegiance. ----- Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Cinematic Trailer World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Features Trailer ----- Recruit Allied Races Explore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favor and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set. Learn more about Allied Races here. New Continent - Kul Tiras As a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar’s high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause. New Continent - Zandalar Prepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshippers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun. Plunder Uncharted Islands Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect the island’s resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more. Storm the Warfronts Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles. Infuse Armor with Titanic Might Take control of the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that’s emerged in the Legion’s wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Enter a World Divided New Level CapStop the spread of the Blood God’s corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120. New Dungeons and RaidsFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal’Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! Character BoostAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle! CommunitiesFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups.Ornyx0 Nov 7
11h Stromgarde Warfront Unlock Timing We’ve seen some confusion about when Battle for Azeroth’s first Warfront, Battle for Stromgarde, will open and would like to give some clarifications. Similar to other types of endgame content such as raids and rated PvP, the Battle for Stromgarde will not be immediately available at launch. Instead, it’ll open a few weeks later. Initially, the Alliance will control Stromgarde Keep (which allows access to certain outdoor content in the Arathi Highlands), while the Horde begins preparations to assault. Once those preparations are finished, Horde players will be able to queue for the Battle for Stromgarde Warfront. A few days afterward, the roles will reverse: the Horde will control Stromgarde (thus gaining access to the outdoor content), and the Alliance will begin their own preparations to retaliate. This process will continue to alternate between Horde and Alliance on a regular cadence.Ythisens409 11h
16h Uldir - Unlock Schedule Hey all! The following is our current planned release schedule for Uldir raid content: September 4 - Normal and Heroic open September 11 - Mythic, Raid Finder Wing 1: Halls of Containment (Taloc, MOTHER, Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth) September 25 - Raid Finder Wing 2: Crimson Descent (Fetid Devourer, Vectis, Zul, Reborn) October 9 - Raid Finder Wing 3: Heart of Corruption (Mythrax the Unraveler, G’huun) We’ll have more information to share in the next few days on when other types of Battle for Azeroth content will unlock.Ornyx313 16h
3d WarcraftDevs Twitter Updates Hey guys! Some of you have voiced some feedback about feeling a little missed sometimes when it comes to us making or posting updates on sites like Twitter. Since we understand that some of you guys prefer to only use the forums we're going to maintain this sticky thread here as a master list of all of the recent tweets so that you can see when we make them and what was said. I will try to catch all of them as it will sometimes include tweets from accounts like: WarcraftDevs and Watcher himself or any other dev that posts something I think might be relevant to include in here.Ythisens23 3d
5d Note: Communities and the Code of Conduct Hey all, With the influx of discussion around Communities on the forums, we've decided to set up a new forum dedicated to the feature itself. Please direct all conversation and recruitment around Communities there! On that forum, you can search for a Community that's of interest to you, or advertise for a Community you've created! Players are encouraged to form groups around their interests, both in- and out-of-game. While we recognize that those interests are largely varied across our community, all posts in this forum and Communities themselves must uphold the World of Warcraft Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Please be mindful that your forum post does not breach the Code of Conduct. This includes bumping of threads, harassment, trolling, etc. We look forward to seeing the Communities that are created as we head into Battle for Azeroth!Ornyx49 5d
Sep 15 9/14 Reddit AMA with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas Reply Thread Hey guys! Like I mentioned previously, I will be taking Ion's answers on reddit and posting them here so that anyone who prefers to not go on Reddit and would like to see this in the forums can now read them :) I'll do my best to grab them all. Please try not to make too many duplicate threads on each answer if you can.Ythisens20 Sep 15
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14s Mythic + is the worst thing to come to WoW. Not only has it ruined end game in WoW and reinforces the idea of repeating boring content while running on a hamster wheel. It's only reinforced the idea into blizzard that titan forging and RNG works. End game in WoW consists of afk in city, queue mythic + or raid and for some people arena. There is literally no reason to ever do anything else in this game. No incentive to do a battleground, no incentive to world pvp, no incentive to do anything really. Mythic + from my experience has bred an anti social league of legends level of toxicity that has never been present in WoW to the level it is now. Even as a rank 70 shammy on my server I still get spam declined and kicked out of easy !@# keys no doubt because blizzard refuses to buff this $%^- class. Most mythic + groups don't even know how to communicate their thoughts it's like playing with a bunch of illiterate angry kids.Bogwater24 14s
19s Tomorrows Changes With scheduled maintenance this week, we intend to make some targeted adjustments to Azerite Traits: All Classes (Healer)  Ephemeral Recovery mana increased by 15%. (Healer)  Savior trigger threshold increased to 50% health (was 35%).  Death Knight (Blood/Unholy)  Bone Spike Graveyard: damage increased by 100%. (Unholy)  Festering Doom: damage increased by 25%. Demon Hunter (Havoc)  Eyes of Rage: damage increased by 20%. (Havoc)  Furious Gaze: Haste increased by 40% and duration increased to 12 sec. (Havoc)  Revolving Blades: damage reduced by 35%. (Havoc)  Thirsting Blades: damage increased by 70%. (Vengeance)  Revel in Pain: absorption increased by 20%. Druid (Balance, Guardian, Restoration)  Craggy Bark: absorption increased by 15%. (Balance)  Dawning Sun: damage increased by 40%. (Balance)  Streaking Stars: damage reduced by 40%. (Balance)  Sunblaze: damage increased by 35% (unchanged in PvP). (Feral)  Iron Jaws: damage increased by 66% (unchanged in PvP). The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. (Guardian)  Gory Regeneration: healing increase increased by 15%. (Guardian, Feral)  Masterful Instincts: bonuses increased by 10%.  Hunter (Beast Mastery, Marksmanship)  Rapid Reload: damage increased by 25% and tooltip corrected to say "more than 2 targets." (Beast Mastery)  Pack Alpha: damage increased by 60% (unchanged in PvP). (Beast Mastery)  Dance of Death: Agility increased by 20%. (Marksmanship)  Unerring Vision: Critical Strike increased by 100%. (Marksmanship)  Focused Fire: damage increased by 30%. (Survival)  Blur of Talons: Agility increased by 65%. (Survival)  Up Close And Personall: Damage increased by 40%.  Mage (Arcane)  Galvanizing Spark: damage reduced by 30% (unchanged in PvP). (Arcane)  Explosive Echo: damage reduced by 35%. (Frost)  Frigid Grasp: Intellect increased by 100%. (Frost)  Packed Ice: Damage increased by 120% (+45% if used with  Splitting Ice). Reduced by 50% against players. (Frost)  Glacial Assault: Chance to activate increased to 20%. Monk (Mistweaver)  Burst of Life: healing increased by 20%. (Windwalker)  Open Palm Strikes: damage increased by 60% (unchanged in PvP).  Paladin (Protection)  Dauntless Divinity: block increased by 20%. (Protection)  Judicious Defense: absorption increased by 10%. (Retribution)  Divine Right: Strength increased by 40%, duration increased to 15 sec. (Retribution)  Expurgation: damage increased by 15%.  Priest (Discipline, Shadow)  Depth of the Shadows: healing increased by 20%. (Holy)  Blessed Sanctuary: bonus increased by 10%. (Holy)  Permeating Glow: bonus increased by 15%. (Shadow)  Spiteful Apparitions: damage bonus increased by 75% when the  Auspicious Spirits talent is not selected. (Shadow)  Searing Dialogue: damage increased by 150%.  Rogue (Assassination, Subtlety)  Sharpened Blades: damage reduced by 30% (unchanged in PvP). The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. (Assassination)  Poisoned Wire: Critical Strike increased by 50%. (Outlaw)  Brigand's Blitz: Haste increased by 50%. (Subtlety)  Blade In The Shadows: damage reduced by 25%. (Subtlety)  The First Dance: Now grants 2 stacks of the Critical Strike bonus when activated. Critical Strike bonus reduced by 25%.  Shaman (Enhancement)  Strength of Earth: damage increased by 60%. (Enhancement)  Roiling Storm: damage increased by 100% (unchanged in PvP). (Restoration)  Soothing Waters: healing increased by 10%  Warrior (Arms) Executioner's Precision: damage increased by 75% (unchanged in PvP). (Arms)  Test of Might: Strength reduced by 15%. (Fury)  Reckless Flurry: damage reduced by 25%. (Fury)  Bloodcraze: Critical Strike increased by 100%. (Protection)  Reinforced Plating: Strength increased by 10%.  Warlock (Affliction)  Dreadful Calling: damage increased by 30%. (Demonology)  Forbidden Knowledge: damage increased by 35% (unchanged in PvP). The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. (Demonology)  Umbral Blaze: damage increased by 20%. (Demonology)  Explosive Potential: duration increased to 15 sec. (Destruction)  Accelerant: duration increased to 12 sec. (Destruction)  Crashing Chaos: damage reduced by 30% (unchanged in PvP). (Destruction)  Rolling Havoc: duration increased to 15 sec. Alongside these changes, we plan to increase the damage output of a few affected specs: Arcane Mage: all damage increased by 3%. Balance Druid:  Starsurge and  Starfalldamage increased by 15%. Destruction Warlock:  Incinerate,  Conflagrate, and  Immolate damage increased by 10%. Fury Warrior: all damage increased by 6%. You'll see the final adjustments in our hotfixes update post on Tuesday.Blessonline5 19s
22s Dreadwake mount promotion not valid w/ ingame shop token gametime The current interface for adding gametime through use of a token allows only for the addition of a single months game time, unless an extra step is taken to first add battle net balance, and then spending the battle net balance on a larger package of gametime. This has lead to situations where players have added 6months+ of gametime through the ingame interface, but are now ineligible for the dreadwake mount. In addition, refunds will not be processed on these gametime tokens (in exchange for battlenet balance - which could then be used to buy the 6m gametime 'pack'). Players who had previously purchased the 180 day gametime packs have been awarded the mount, but not players with 9+ month purchases of gametime. In my case, i may be able to buy an additional 6 tokens (im not sure i can even check this anywhere), but i would imagine there are players who are currently unable to claim tokens to take advantage of this promotion. This seems like a ridiculous situation to be in, where i am worse off because i used an ingame convenience to directly add game time, therefore costing more than a single 6 month bulk game time purchase, and in addition, becoming ineligible for the mount promotion. Hopefully this can be addressed, either for this promotion, or future promotions, as the current ingame token interface currently negatively impacts players in their ability to obtain promotional items.Shrom20 22s
27s Blizzards Bad Class Balancing Made Me Quit Today Constantly getting kicked out of mythic Keystone dungeons because I'm Demonology and not Affliction. All because Blizzard's class balance is BAD, and the people who do class balancing are doing a bad job of it. During Beta Demonology took a 27% nerf to their overall damage, and demo is almost last place on any kind of dps ranking you put out there for Heroic Raiding and Mythic Dungeons. Just remove every single Demo Warlock nerf that occured in the beta and MAYBE Demo would be a middle of the pack DPS just peaking into a top tier DPS. MAYBE. How can I enjoy the game when I'm being removed from doing end game content. I even stopped leveling this Shaman because apparently their end game is so bad that I'd have just as bad of a time with them in any of their 3 specs as i am with Demo. So I give up. I'm done and I quit. All because Blizzard's Class Balancing team has sucked any enjoyment i could of had out the window. Thanks Ion for trying to deliver content at a rapid pace (no sarcasm) but It's hardly worth my time when your team's class balancing bar's me from doing the content I want to do on my Demo Lock. I've quit, but here's my feedback so that maybe Shadow Priests, Shaman, and non-affliction warlocks can feel loved. MEANINGFUL LARGE NUMERICAL BUFFS FOR UNDERPERFORMING CLASSES/SPECS All you really gotta do, and you're golden. And your internal metrics don't really mean anything when the entire WoW community goes by something different. We don't care if you think Demo Locks are middle of the pack because of some internal metric you have. We don't care because we have our own tools as players, and we react to our own tools. Not yours that you use in house. You could have Demo Locks sitting all the way at the top, and you can come out and say that, and we would laugh at you because according to us and the information we have, that's not true. Player Perception is far more important than you realize. And in this circumstance, it made me quit the game. Thanks for the ride, I've been playing since Vanilla, but now the ride is over for me.Terminalvel4 27s
35s Blizzard forgot to add walls to warfronts Blizzard didn't add all the invisible walls to Battle for Stromgarde, so AFKers can just leave the map and chill out in wetlands without being seen, and thus possibly kicked. This seems like a mild oversight, considering it gives you access to an empty buggy copy of eastern kingdoms where fatigue doesn't work and going under water DCs you from the game. They should probably add a wall there, or make warfronts fun enough that people aren't desperate to escape from them instead of playing them.Vharani1 35s
47s Lightforged Shaman and Highmountain Paladins! Their class lists are just too short and same-ey, especially since you basically threw everything you could think of on the elves and Dark Iron are literally as versatile as the regular dwarves. At the very least you could give them both one extra class to spice it up a bit. It's not even like it'd be a stretch, the naaru are basically light elementals anyway (And the Light MADE the Elements) and I distinctly remember getting an'she praising holy relics in HighmountainThalyinsa0 47s
52s A ShadowPriest Prayer Fellow Shadow Priests. I have just realised why we have gotten no love from Blizzard in BFA or in the upcoming 8.1 - we have been doing it wrong. We are priests! To get what we want, we must pray. Please all add your prayers to mine. Our father, who art in Irvine, California. Melee lovers, be thy name. As 8.1 has nearly struck, please let our class no longer suck. And give us this day our old Shadow 'feeling' and forgive us for mind controlling mages off the lumber mill in Arathi, as we forgive warriors for two shotting us and laughing. And lead us not further into discipline. But make us evil - truly evil again. For thine is the nerfing and the buffing, the loot dropping and withholding, and the creator of all the low-level elites that we now enjoy watching other classes solo. And if you can bring it upon yourself, almighty Blizzard, to look favorably upon your servant, and grace us with a blue post, that you are aware of our plight, and something good may be coming our way, I will sacrifice to you 1000 gnomes, nearby one of those shadowy altars of the Storm whilst a creepy octopus faced man watches. For ever and ever (God I hope not - we really need a change), AmenScottie6 52s
58s Confess your sins *casts Confession* Confess your World of Warcraft sins here. I complain about Alliance getting too many horses but I actually really like horse mounts. I just want to fit in ;_;Sympathy115 58s
1m How much gold do you spend in a week Spending 50k a week on runes pots and flasks considering we earn 5% of what we made in legion this doesn't feel rightMugino144 1m
1m Why do you stay with WoW? With all the threads detailing complaints and reasons for leaving, there are still some among you that, despite the dissent you vocalize, still stick with the game regardless of its current state. Why?Yohano68 1m
1m Fully Erect Trolls I really think they need to add an option for the Darkspear to stand fully erect as well, like why not! I like the Zandalari trolls but they are shorter than a non-erect Darkspear so I'm not interested in playing one even if they are fully erect. I know orcs got the option to stand fully erect or remain hunched over so I am not seeing why they can't do this for the Darkspear? Is there a legit lore reason or something I don't know because if there is then maybe I'd get it and it'd make sense.Animagi65 1m
1m Allied races suck for new/returning players. Allied races suck for new/returning players...forces players to play old content to access what was suppose to be "new" content. Having to be exalted with previous Xpac reputations to access the "new allied races in WoW BFA" sucks for returning or new people. I played on and off in legion but never was fully into it due to same formula since MOP and now find myself torn again just wanting something new Moderator - Edited for language. Please adhere to the code of conduct when posting.Takinbreaths350 1m
1m Ground mounts: best and worst movement style As a mount collector, Ive noted over the years that I tend to gain a preference for mounts not only by what they look like, but how they move. And some of them move far better than others it seems. For me, the smoothest movement comes from either wolves or boars. They have a steady back-and-forth leg movement which is generally easier on the eye. Also, surprisingly, the scorpion mounts like the Kor'kron Annihilator have an extremely smooth scuttle pace. Some of the worst are things like the Breezestrider (updated Talbuk) mounts with their weird gallop and tails flopping up and down. Also the raptors bounce around a fair bit which can get quite tedious after a while. What are your best and worst mounts for motion and movement?Reull32 1m
1m "Night Warrior" Night Elves Haven't seen too many threads on this subject. "The Alliance is getting a new scenario that covers Tyrande's exploits against the Horde in Darkshore in the immediate aftermath of Teldrassil's burning. It involves her undertaking a ritual to become the Night Warrior, giving her a new model with dark eyes. Completion of this scenario unlocks "Night Warrior" customization options for Night Elves." -Taken from MMO Champion. After seeing the Blood Elves golden eyes and straight backed Orcs, I'm very excited for this. I would love for other races to get more customization in future. Anyone else as excited as I am?Kaaluka16 1m
1m Enough It's enough of the negative talk. WoW is still a beautiful game. In one year, probably back in 2015 I spent close to $1000 on boosts and such. So far I've spent maybe $100. It's cheap and once I start farming tokens my play time is free. Don't be discouraged. Have fun!Archeon8 1m
2m Who would you prefer now After everything that's happened so far, who would you prefer now as horde Warchief; Sylvanas or Garrosh, (providing he can get himself unfisted from Nagrand) and why?Snowslight21 2m
2m I need 3000 AP before tomorrow And I have no idea how to get it with the weekly already done. Outside of 20 normal expeditions, how would yall do this?Taironn10 2m
2m Night Elf "Night Warrior" Looks like they've dug up some customisation options now. Looks pretty nifty. 2m
3m Flying. Honest question, please don't lose it on me. Why is flying such a big deal? (as in why can't we do it the way it worked originally, not why do people want to do it) It seems like a tool perfect for players who only have limited amounts of time to play to actually access content in a reasonable amount of time. I also can't see the negative aspect that is preventing it from it being no different than a land mounts use. Please let me know your opinion/answer. Thanks!Healtoeboots63 3m
3m Maiev Should Have Been The Night Warrior Tyrande has always represented the lighter, nobler side of the Elune priesthood, while Maiev continuously represents the darker intentions - the jailer, the huntress, the vengeful assassin. Secondly, with Illidan gone, Maiev lacks any real purpose or role in the story. As a major character since The Frozen Throne - and the narrator for the vanilla trailer - she deserves better than to be forgotten again, dropped and picked up only when Illidan is relevant to the story. Hell, Wardens even have form in this area. Avatars of Vengeance were the Warcraft 3 Warden ultimate, and helped protect the Vault of the Wardens. The WC3 lore behind Avatars of Vengeance even states that 'Avatars of vengeance are rarely encountered naturally, nor are they summoned. They are born of a terrible wrong or bitter emotional state. When an individual seeks vengeance with all of their will, they may inadvertently bring to life an avatar of vengeance.' Also, parralels with Illidan consuming the Skull of Gul'dan would be interesting - Maiev losing a part of herself by becoming something greater for the sake of her people. It continues with the historic theme of drawing parallels between the two character. I mean, if you wanted to see a darker, vengeful side of the Night Elves, you already had one.Nindraine29 3m
4m How do Nagas reproduce? Same as snakes?Tidalfury98 4m
4m Can Spriest Get a Void Shield? Kind of like how each of the mage specs got their own spec specific shield. It's extremely immersion breaking to be running around spamming void spells and then put on a light shield.Gortzugon3 4m
4m Remove Pathfinder requirement from old expansions Doing pathfinder while the quest rewards and reputation gains are relevant and the rewarded flying zone is current is a pretty good deal, but to do the same in an area that is completely outdated just feelsbadman.Animagi58 4m
5m Lets face it. High elves will be playable one day. Allied races are hot right now. They provide new content with relatively less work. Think about it. Which is more difficult? Thinking up a new race and giving it new models and coming up with lore, OR taking existing models that are an existing race with existing lore and just letting players play them? Of these all, High Elves would require the least amount of work. Now, they might not be coming soon, but one day. Count on it. Not to mention, this is like the most asked for race it seems.Illamedin203 5m
5m Which expansion is after BFA? Now that we've finally got the South Seas expansion with BFA, what's left? Do you think it will be... 1-Return of the Lich King 2-Other Side of Azeroth 3-Return to Draenor and garrisons! 4-Return to Vash'jir and a fully underwater expansion after claiming Naga as an Allied Race after killing off Azshara!! 5-Alternate Universe versions of Azeroth and Argus. What do you think will be next??Elae84 5m
5m Don't Let Blizzard Sneak the Taunt Change In! Seems like rather than give us an explanation or revert the change, they stealth deleted the topic about it for no reason. We can't let them sneak this change in. For those who don't know, taunts give the tank a large threat multiplier for 3 seconds. In an expansion where threat is so horrendous, they are trying to sneak in a change that removes this multiplier in 8.1. Speak out, make yourselves heard, and always keep a thread protesting this change on page 1. We can't let this go through. Life is already miserable enough for tanks as it is.Justweight181 5m
5m most fun ive had so far in BFA was leveling my monk from level 1 to level 51. just hit 51. hoping for 60 this week and 80 next week. we'll see.Dirtytricks6 5m
5m Arcane Torrent GCD Is there a reason why AT is on the GCD? You got other races with their racials off it and yet AT is still on it. I would understand if DPS racials would be off the GCD and utility on it, but then Shadowmeld is off the GCD. So what gives?Varx173 5m
6m Lightforged dranei Show off your lightforged dranei !Aten12 6m
6m GD Has Finally Cooled Down It is about time the fire begins to dull. For a couple days I didn't know how bad it would get. I'm glad to see GD has returned to a more "Normal" state...IF you can call it thatMatakie56 6m
7m Down from 14 million subs At launch of cataclysm to 1.8 million subs at one point in wod. Has it ever occurred to blizzard that they should make the gameplay design / class design great again? I reckon main reason people left was constantly having classes they master and fall in love with being changed and abilities being taken away and given back as talents. You can’t seriously tell me all 10 million people quit due to “real life”Humanìty138 7m
7m BFA Main storylines and forced Mythic dungeon. I'm going to preface this post with a note to those of you who do mythic dungeons. They're easy pz...ect ect. Yes, for some of us they are easy, that isn't the point of this post, it's about the mythic smack dab in the middle of a main story quest for the expansion. Blizzard why do you always pull this crap? Why do you force round players into square holes? I don't want to PVP, I'm not a hardcore Mythic player, not even a light mythic player. If My friends are doing them I'll tag along if they need <insert class> I'm actually a decent player so I can do Mythics and succeed should I prefer, I just don't usually prefer. My wife won't go near them at all. So first problem: Why on earth would you throw a Mythic at the end of the main storyline for the start of the expansion? Why do you feel the need to force players out of their comfort zone? Second Problem: Getting gear to do said mythic (In my case Siege of Boralus) I need lucky RNG on world quests, heroics and the mythics I did do because my guild was running a couple and I said sure sounds fun. Spoiler alert, I didn't have any luck. So now, my guild has finished all the mythics for the week and I can't get in with them. Oh, you can pug it, try pugging into a run with a 327 item level rogue. What your gear isn't 340 (Okay slight exaggeration but most of the groups were asking for 335+) ? No sorry don't want you. So translation you put the main storyline quest behind a RNG loot wall. You always pull this crap (as a company) we want players to do BLAH. Like warmode, mythics, raid ect. Guess what some of your players don't want to do BLAH. So keep them off the main storyline quests so we can at least enjoy the content we do like. Normal dungeons and Heroic dungeons and raid finder are well within the reach of an average wow player, Mythics may not be. You should keep that in mind when designing content. And main storyline quests should never be behind an RNG wall. It's stupid.Lildal51 7m
6s Romance the person above you! Thought this might be a fun thread instead of the usual mog rating thread. Come up with some sort of flirt for the person above you. Can be clever, witty, cute or whatever.Gnomest345 6s
8m RIP shamans in 8.1 and the rest of bfa more nerfs no buffs and no fixes to flame shock cd and mobility.shamans in 8.1 will still be sat for raids,denied m+ and trained in pvp its over. this is why i have shamans the worst class in wow. 8m
9m Bigger reagent banks Why can't we buy more space for our reagent banks? so many expansions worth of materials for even one profession builds up fast.Swiftraven5 9m
10m No world quest up for PA I logged in to do the emissary and i noticed there are no wqs up for Proudmore Admiralty. Whats going on did you guys forget to put some in? Only 2 wqs up for storms wake also, and zero for the turtles. Does any one else see any? i have all three emissaries open but no WQsIskandi2 10m
11m Stop adding High Elf NPCs to the game There is zero reason to do this now that Void Elves have been added to the game. We need more representation, not an irrelevant race that will never be playable. The portal trainer in Boralus that sends you to Arathi Highlands? She should be a Void Elf. The battle mages on the airship in Battle for Stromgarde? They should be Void Elves. The High Elves that appear in Island Expeditions? They should be Void Elves. Unless the story is dealing with Vereesa and the SIlver Covenant, there is zero reason to keep showcasing High Elves at this point in the game. The time of the Quel'dorei is over. The Ren'dorei need to take their place moving forward.Shadows363 11m
11m AFking in Warfronts. Looks like this needs to be looked at just got complaints from multiple guildies that they are going into these warfronts late in the week and having a bad experience because many are going AFK not doing anything. Perhaps an autokick if no activity is noted for 2-5 mins.Greenstone81 11m
11m Spell Xmog How cool would it be? It would add some variety to the almost 15 year old classes. Instead of pyroblast - boulder.Phunpolice9 11m
11m (spoilers) Alliance in 8.2 so its been leaked that the Alliance gets a temporary victory in 8.1 only for Sylvanas to get a total victory in 8.2 crushing the Alliance and leading to an almost horde victory. Theres also leaks of Nathanos resurrecting dead Night Elf defenders and using them as Dark Rangers to serve her on the Hordes victory. Seems like this entire expansion is gonna have sylvanas as the main character and the Alliance was just given a small victory in 8.1 so she could look good in 8.2 when she saves the horde.Iyasra36 11m
12m If the Horde killed/conquered/zombied almost everything in Azeroth what would happen?Enliaz40 12m
12m Dungeon Vote to kick is annoying. Will it ever get fixed? I hate seeing randoms get kicked because of groups voting to kick someone for stupid reasons while leveling.Staff41 12m
12m That metacritic user score.. Ouch! There is definitely some merit to the statement that Blizzards recent wave of Q and A and PR moves is due to backlash.. Metacritic is currently showing an 80 percent critic review (unreliable at best) and a 3.5 (!!) user score?! Woof, I haven't seen a user score like that for an MMO in a long time. Edit: For reference the same site has a 7.3 user score for Legion.Peonpaul89 12m