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Nov 7 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you must declare your allegiance. ----- Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Cinematic Trailer World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Features Trailer ----- Recruit Allied Races Explore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favor and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set. Learn more about Allied Races here. New Continent - Kul Tiras As a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar’s high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause. New Continent - Zandalar Prepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshippers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun. Plunder Uncharted Islands Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect the island’s resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more. Storm the Warfronts Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles. Infuse Armor with Titanic Might Take control of the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that’s emerged in the Legion’s wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Enter a World Divided New Level CapStop the spread of the Blood God’s corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120. New Dungeons and RaidsFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal’Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! Character BoostAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle! CommunitiesFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups.Ornyx0 Nov 7
58s Live Developer Q&A Thursday 7/19 – Submit Your Questions Join us live on Thursday, July 19, at 11:00 a.m. PDT, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth questions. You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #WarcraftQA. As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Tuesday!Ornyx738 58s
13m Battle for Azeroth Pre-patch Update Hi everyone, So, as you’ve noticed, today’s patch release has not gone nearly as smoothly as we would have liked. We’re sorry for how this has affected the stability and playability of the game while these issues have been ongoing. This has obviously not been the launch that any of us wanted. That said, we want you to know that there are currently several teams of people working hard to get you back in Azeroth and enjoying the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch as quickly as possible. We’ll share more details in this thread when we can. Thanks for your patience, The World of Warcraft TeamOrnyx177 13m
26m Lost Artifact Appearances Before a hotfix that we made to the game on Tuesday, July 17 at 3:30 p.m. PDT, some players in the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand may have found that the Mage Tower Artifact appearance they thought they earned had gone missing. We have some suggestions for you, if you believe this to be the case. Check your quest logs. If you have either the scenario quest completed, or you’re on the final quest to return to Dalaran and talk to the Council of Six, you should be able to go turn it in and obtain the appearance. Go to The Violet Citadel. It’s possible that one of the Council of Six has the final mage tower quest available for you. Go to Dalaran, accept the quest, stand in the circle and have your weapon upgraded, and then complete the quest. This should award the appearance. We apologize for the confusion. Thank you very much!Ornyx13 26m
7h Legendary Items in BfA Pre-Patch With the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, you’ll notice that the vendor who sold tokens that granted a random Legion Legendary item will now allow you to purchase specific Legion Legendaries relevant to your specialization. These are sold for the same cost that the token was sold for previously. Battle for Azeroth is just around the corner, so we wanted to take this opportunity to allow players who are trying to complete their Legendary collections a more straightforward way to do so, as well as give or new or returning players a way to pick up some strong items to prepare for leveling. These items can be purchased from Arcanomancer Vridiel in Dalaran for 1000 Wakening Essence. To help with this, many sources of Artifact Power will now grant Wakening Essences instead. Enjoy!Ythisens226 7h
1d Battle for Azeroth: One Launch to Rule Them All For the first time in World of Warcraft® history, the next expansion—Battle for Azeroth™—will launch in the Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand at the same time. Wherever you live and whatever faction you fight for, you can be part of one globally unified front as the battle for Azeroth begins. Check the details below for the exact time you can begin logging in to explore Kul Tiras—for the Alliance!— or Zandalar—for the Horde!—in World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion. Americas (PDT) 3:00p.m. August 13*Europe (CEST) 12:00a.m. August 14Taiwan (CST) 6:00a.m. August 14Korea (KST) 7:00a.m. August 14ANZ (AEST) 8:00a.m. August 14UTC 10:00p.m. August 13 *To align with other regions, the Americas will launch slightly ahead of August 14 in local time.Ythisens126 1d
1d In-Game Advertising Policy As part of our ongoing efforts to crack down on in-game advertising, we’ll be implementing some policy changes with how we handle moderation for advertisements made through the in-game Group Finder, and wanted to give you a heads up before these policies are put into place. Beginning Monday, July 2nd, we will no longer allow any advertisements in the Group Finder for in-game services such as carries or boosts, including those being offered in exchange for in-game gold. The Group Finder is intended for -- as the name suggests -- finding groups, and these advertisements make it difficult to find active groups that are currently being formed. Additionally, these are often used as a cover for real-money sales, particularly given that in-game gold cannot be transferred cross-realm. Note that this does not change our policy on selling things such as raid carries for in-game gold. Those are still allowed, but should be advertised through realm-specific methods such as trade chat. We’ll be adding an “advertisement” option to the Group Finder’s right-click reporting function with Patch 8.0, but in the meantime, they can be reported using the “spam” option. Thank you for your understanding, and for helping us keep the Group Finder clear of unwanted advertisements.Ythisens372 1d
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34s This is the worst I've seen PvP in a long time The state of PvP is an absolute joke. Removing templates has created insane inbalance in bgs.. the game im playing today barely even resembles what I played this weekend.Unbreakaable39 34s
39s Imagine if PVP gear was BiS for PVE. Could you imagine the sheer volume of complaints? So why the heck is pve gear BiS for pvp?Taedrillin89 39s
48s WRONG HONOR LEVEL GIVEN? I noticed for the reward for honor level 125 is a Prestigious Forest Courser, But I already have earned Forest Courser(still have it) and im currently at honor level 102. So now I would have to grind 23 more honor levels for a mount I already have. I think I was given the wrong honor level. Before the new patch i was prestige 20 honor level 16 and my newest Prestige reward was going to be The Prestigious Royal Courser. I believe my honor level should be around 130 or soLilgrim1 48s
49s Can Only Equip One Legendary?! I recently got my Shammy to 110 and received the 1000 wakening essences. She already had the boots so I went promptly to the vender and bought a second legendary. Problem is the game wont let me wear it saying I can only wear 1 now?! Whats with that when all my others are wearing 2 pieces?Startastic6 49s
52s Allied Races: Another Example of Horde Favoritism Blizzard's solution to giving a Horde race golden, Light-infused eyes: Add customization options to that race. Blizzard's solution to giving an Alliance race golden, Light-infused eyes: Cost the Alliance one of their Allied Race slots by making nearly the exact same race as one that they already have, just with some golden eyes and a few minor detail differences. Blizzard's solution to modifying a Horde race's body build: Add customization options to that race. Blizzard's solution to modifying an Alliance race's body build: Cost the Alliance one of their Allied Race slots by making nearly the exact same race as one that they already have, just with a different body build and a few minor detail differences. Blizzard's solution to making a major, self sustaining faction that has been in the game as an enemy to the players for ages, playable for the Horde: Give the Horde an Allied Race with a completely unique model, stance, combat animations, emotes, Druid forms, and more. Blizzard's solution to making a major, self sustaining faction that has been in the game as an enemy to the players for ages, playable for the Alliance: Cost the Alliance one of their Allied Race slots by making nearly the exact same race as one that they already have, just with a different shade of skin, some red, glowing eyes, and a few minor detail differences. Blizzard's solution to answering the requests of the Horde player-base: Give them what they ask for. Highmountain Tauren? "Sure!" Upright Orcs? "No problem!" Nightborne? "Said and done!" Light-infused Blood Elves? "You didn't even have to ask!" Blizzard's solution to answering the requests of the Alliance player-base: "The Horde is waiting for you."Jawah16 52s
1m Rate the transmog above you On a scale of 1-10!Jane16 1m
1m I can has High Elves? I really like the idea of allied races. I think it's way too excessive to give new races an entirely new zone with a back story. But what about the High Elves? I know they're just blood elves with blue eyes, but they're still pretty sweet.Drukaz130 1m
1m Party At Exodar Horde not invited. Not that you could get there anyway. Going to hang out, drink a few beers, and wait for this whole war thing to blow over.Adelphie32 1m
1m Invasions not Invading? I went to try and do my 3 invasion quest today - But noticed the demons seem to be on break out back. Is this a bug, or are invasions now not a thing? I see groups in LFG forming for them, yet when I join they're empty. I'm guessing this is a bug? Haven't seen it here yet. Sorry if this was posted in the wrong area I hardly write but I do read allot. Edit: I forgot to add, I'm in war mode does this effect invasions or?Roxzis23 1m
1m #pre-patchruinedmostclasses #pre-patchruinedmostclassesRàinbowdàsh23 1m
1m Caster vs melee balance The balancing of late falls far too heavily on the melee side. Hunters not included in either group, they are their own ball of wax. I play all of the classes, and It is safe to say that melee is dealing too much damage, and interrupting too many spells. When magic cannot be cast, the result is warlocks crying for an instant cast shadowfury, Shamans crying in general, and mages qqing for more iceblocks. The problem is that rogues and other melee can unload massive amounts of damage, while effectively cc'ing an enemy for free. Suggestions: Kick should have 50% reduced duration and diminishing returns. Resource costs for stuns should be increased. Cloak of shadows should cost 75 energy, and possible have a reduced cooldown to compensate for its loss as an offensive cooldown. Mage, warlock, priest and druid incapacitating spells should break less from damage. (10% of targets hp lost before cc breaks)Thrallgor0 1m
2m Today, I almost died... To an elite squad of three normal Murlocs. It was quite the experience. I get why people who've played this for a while might hate the levelling changes, but I'm actually having a bit of fun with it. Either that or I should of rolled a mage a while ago. Also, I realize this is just inviting ganking, but should I turn on War mode for the extra EXP. There's no way the Horde'd be in whatever random levelling zone I'm in.Thalireth13 2m
2m As a warlock I'm loving the pre-patch This is amazing. I soloed SoO with NO problems, I ran a Legion heroic and WRECKED stuff, new animations are flat out spectacular....I mean its a DAMN good time to be a lock. If this is any indication of how BFA will be I honestly look forward to it. I'm having fun.Lucrend1 2m
21s GD lounge # 180 Yep yep another one. capped last one so here you go and have funHighpaws557 21s
2m Toxic people[Solved] I've been reading the forums a lot and I've seeing people talk a lot of crap about those who love pvp as well as making some absolutely ridiculous claims. Shocking as it may seem, I am gonna bet you that there is a significantly high concentration of cancerous toxic PvErs and Rpers than those who like PvP. Allow me to lay out the reasons why. Note: This list only applies to PvErs who do stuff like the following: 1. Rampant elitism, irrationality and and the tendacy to bully those with weaker gear and skill. Here is a big difference between PvPers and PvErs. PvPers gank your character, but toxic PvErs attack you personally and kick your character from raids if they don't like you. Trying to get good at a heroic raid and progress into mythics? Expect to get called a noob and kicked many times before finally finding a decent group. If you are in a guild, you may be lucky if you get any loot or in BFA be accepted to be taken on runs. There is no cross faction chat so its not easy for PvPers to talk smack and arenas are the kind of thing people typically do with friends who won't be so nasty to begin with. 2. PvErs like to buzzwords such as griefing, forced pvp, any sort of synonym for loser or moron to argue their points. Griefing is pretty much always used by PvErs as a means of describing any sort of PvP they are offended by. I don't know about you, but these people seem strangely fanatical. 3. Toxic PvErs think they are better than everyone cause they don't pvp and that everyone who plays pvp is some sort of loser or crappy person. Just listen to how some people talk in the forums about pvp. Its one thing to not like pvp, but whole other to demonize everyone who does it. There are some people who want pvp removed from the game entirely dispite the fact that some may have always been playing on a PvE server and not doing any pvp to begin with. They simply want to take something some people enjoy and ruin it because they don't like it themselves. 4. Toxic PvErs look at PvP from the wrong perspective, then demonize it or demonize it based on a few bad experiences. Few things to know: -Ganking, Camping and questgiver are not griefing. Just because something is annoying, doesn't make it griefing. If you don't intend on doing any pvp or want that extra level of danger from WPvP, then you are gonna have a bad time. 5. Toxic PvErs commit worse evils than pvpers. -Kicking people from raid groups often for stupid and irrational reasons. -Raiding Guild GMs who'd favor loot to friends. -Ninja looters. -In so far ganking goes, has anyone every stopped to question if pvers should no longer be able to easily farm old raids? By this I mean having them at near the difficulty they once were in their expansion and requiring large teams to get through them. PvPers can't hop into low level bgs and just farm it. Maybe similar should go with just about every mob in the game. Weirdly ganking only seems to be wrong when it happens to a player. -Real life money sales for carries primarily happens among top raiding guilds. -Lets not forget what happens in Moonguard-Goldshire. Rpers though are a different story for another day, but there is plenty of toxic rpers around too. *Most of these toxic behaviors are things I've seen much more commonly among PvErs than I have PvPers and I spend more time around PvPers. If all of the above doesn't apply to you, then you probably aren't apart of the toxic PvEr player base. EDIT: Both communities have their toxic behavior. I only created this topic since I haven't so many people sticking up for toxicity against pvers. Don't be toxic, but also have some perspective. My stance has changed slightly. Will I don't think that small scale ganking is really a good thing, it would probably be for the better if Blizzard came out with scaling for all levels. I still feel though that higher levels should have some level of an advantage though at least, but that is my opinion.Çryptø72 2m
2m R.I.P Bear Tartare :( Worst. Change. Ever.Rangz13 2m
2m New to NA servers - Questions Hi everyone, sorry if my English is not perfect, I'll do my best to be understood. I just moved to NA, on the west coast. I travel a lot, I'm from France so I originaly play from the Europe servers but now it's impossible, the ping is too high so the experience won't be good. That's why I buyed a new licence to play here, I firstly create a character on the oceania server because I've been to Australia 1 year. Well, I won't write my life but my question is how to choose the server on the NA, I will create a new character (Horde or Ally I dunno yet) but I'd like to know if there is any specials servers for the west coast ? I would prefer to play with peoples from around this place, because of the time difference with the others side. If anyone can advice me, It would be very good :) ThanksLargandrael8 2m
3m Blizzard's fear of transmog On this patch's list of unnecessary changes, transmog is getting another nerf. Legion gave us some really fantastic transmogs, many including pant models that had really cool 3D assets! As of 8.0, none of these assets are appearing when worn under a robe model. This change was devastating to me, and I'm sure a few others, as it ruined some of my favorite transmogs. Blizzard is so afraid of seeing two textures clip that they're crippling themselves and their players when it comes to appearances. When something looks bad (ie; clipping) a transmogger's first reaction isn't "wow, these devs really don't care about the quality of their game." It's usually "how can I turn this into something unique that works?" A player won't go out of their way to present their character in an unappealing way just to stick it to the man. Please, Blizzard, this was a step forward in customization and for some reason you backtracked! Let us have this Nice Thing!Narcissus12 3m
3m Russia ...didn't do it... or maybe they did... who knows.Drumstep107 3m
3m Anyone else feel this way? I am very upset over the game now... I know nobody likes changes when they are used to something and every expansion's change I adopted well and was fine with it within hours. This patch and change and removing spells/abilities/pets what I got used to over the years suddenly is GONE! It feels to me like I need to re-learn to play every class all over again and there isn't much time. I play an Afflicition warlock and not having any pets is odd to me. I don't have any desire to play at all. Even though I pre-purchased BFA a while ago. Right now it feels like it's a totally different game. Wish these changes would've been done gradually over time and not in one day... Anyone else feels that way?Elvinna12 3m
3m Fun Just curious, if we are having fun? do we as players enjoy changes made? Most of the people ive spoken to and played with since patch are frustrated and upset. Ive been running keystones constantly since I could log in with every free time ive had. Its not even balance so much as global cool downs, changes made to play style, absence of artifacts. Challenging content is one thing, but it kind of feels that people are just getting angry and are no longer finding interest in playing each designated class they choose. What are the forums thoughts? Fun. noun 1. enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. adjective 2. amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable. For me personally I main rogue, and it just feels uncomfortable to play. Ive considered that it might take time to adjust, but it really feels like its beyond that, with certain defensive capabilities and pruning of abilities, absence of buffs with the artifact, i am not having fun, i for one.Solicon14 3m
28s Game lags/stutters since patch. Ever since patch, the game has been bad in terms of stability. I've tried many things to get it back to a running state and for the most part its ok, until any other player is in the vicinity, then the game slowly breaks itself as casting will cause 2-5 second freezes and stays like that (longest freeze was upwards of 2 min, resulting in death) and will continue until the other players leaves the area. It doesn't only happen when another player is around, but it happens often when they are. Is anyone else experiencing this?Sarrusa6 28s
4m Kul Tiran Racials. Have the Kul Tiran racials been released and if not do we have any ideas what they may be? Also, can you use the skinny human model on them if you so desire?Tao7 4m
4m Hippogryph Mount Noise Since the new patch, all Hippogryph mounts (Argent, Cenarion, Long-Forgotten, etc) have this incredibly annoying screech when mounted. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. This is a bummer because they have been my favorite mount type for a while. Is there any way to silence this noise only? I can't seem to locate any sound files and don't see any addons that have been updated recently. Thanks!Bambuz4 4m
5m Legacy Loot Mode Stealth-Nerf Has there been any sort of official announcement regarding the decision behind this change? I am struggling to see why the changed requirement from 10 to 11 was necessary or how this improves the player experience. I'm even struggling to find out how this helps line Blizzard's pocket, since all I see this doing is pissing people off. So what is the deal?Yujing3 5m
6m Thanks for the golden eyes They looks awesome, now I’m just gonna have to ask for one tiny little thing. Amber eyes for night elves. Why? Because they deserve it. The player character is involved in almost every major conflict on Azeroth. How in the name of Thall’s balls do PC not have amber eyes? Whatcha think?Ebonfall10 6m
6m Someone explain the increase in time to kill NORMAL mobs? WTF would Blizz increase the time it takes to kill a NORMAL mob? I finally get into the game and I fight my first normal mob and it turns out to be like I'm fighting an elite mob. WTF!? OMG this is terrible. Trash mobs are suppose to be rolled through not fought like it's a champ. I feel like a fu@kin% peon. I'm so hoping others feel the same way or this is my last hoorah. Leveling is slow as f@%k right now and to make it take THAT much longer is insane! Anyone else see this as a problem or is it just me. P.S. Trolls do not reply! **Update#1: Valhalas Vargul debuff you with Diminish Soul which, right now, increase the damage you take by 20,569. A critter doing 1 point damage can kill you 3 times over with that debuff.Hellsentme102 6m
7m Freedom of Speech, Cont. Vrakthris said: I have posted this before but it has been awhile so I will close this thread with the following. Freedom of Speech.... It is important to understand what that means and I highly recommend that you use the vast resources of the internet to do your own research, but I'll break it down for you... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The Constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of speech applies to the government created laws, not to privately owned companies. As with any other establishment governed by those laws, we are able to prohibit certain types of behavior. Just as you are not permitted to yell fire in a crowded theater (arguably due to safety issues) neither are you permitted to use inappropriate language and subject matter in our game or on our forums. You are welcome to your opinion, and we encourage you to discuss the game with your fellow players. However, we ask that you maintain a civil and constructive tone while doing so. If you do not, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the game or aspects of it." And yet, Congress wrote the law that allows you to discriminate against my, or anyone else's speech in your very public game. Congress, by the First Amendment, doesn't have the power to write such a law. So, how can that law be constitutional? It's a question for the legal scholars, in truth. I have no power to change it. I just ignore the nonsense in the chat forums. But I find it disconcerting that a company like Blizzard would choose to use a tool that empowers people to silence each other, rather than find ways to either encourage constructive dialogue or to weed out the political trolls altogether. All that said, the basic underlying problem is one of respect. We, as a country, no longer respect the other side in the political debate. We, as a country, are more eager to smash the other side than listen to them. Until we fix that, all of this is just prelude to war. (Yes, that's dramatic, but it's true. And we're doing our own little Red v. Blue thing right here on Azeroth, no? And I can certainly see the Hillary/Sylvanas comparison. Undead banshees created by powerful lords (Bill/Arthas) that threw off their creators to take power for themselves. Except Sylvanas actually got her crown. :) (I hope you Hillary lovers can take a joke.) FOR THE ALLIANCE!Aonar86 7m
7m who else thinks tommorrows QA will be cringe after all the drama with this patchShockslayer67 7m
8m Say you had a membership to a gym... and one day you show up expecting to work out but there was a major flood in the building so they had to close for the day. Are you; a) petty enough to request compensation for this one day of disruption due to unforseen circumstances. b) or do you, like most reasonable people, just say "oh man that blows, but it must be hard on them.. Maybe I'll just go for a walk/jog/bike ride or do something else today and hope this doesn't mess up their business for too long so I can come back tomorrow"Volmere67 8m
8m GCD changes killed all hype for BFA I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt before, I'm pretty sure the devs have no idea what they're doing now. I'm just going to skip playing this expansion and watch it on youtube.Jephny32 8m
8m Leveling is a joke now.. So my leveling experience in wrath, cata, and even mop (from level 1-80, 1-85, 1-90 respectively) used to be great. BoA's meant you had an advantage over someone who didn't have BoA's (Damage wise, not just +exp). Then they added fixed mana and extra health back in 2012... Okay. Was kinda crappy but we got used to it. Then we got the adjusted leveling system, where you could level basically anywhere, skip expansions if you wanted to, start expansions early, level with people not even close to you level, etc. When that happened, I felt a lot weaker than before. I feel like the percentage damage, or however they scaled it, was kinda off. But we got used to it, and it's an averagely nice addition. Then BFA pre-patch hits... Prior to this, I was leveling a hunter (Not even sure why, just something to do), and it was kind of painful up until around level 70. It finally felt like i was starting to do some damage, and leveling became easier. (As well it should. Maxed boa's and such...) Now... I feel like the squish wasn't done correctly. Before I could use 3-4 moves and a leveling monster would die, and I'd go about my business. Now, it literally takes me 10-12 moves for a regular monster to die. (Before, cobra shot crit mobs for ~4k, on a 10k health target. Now, it crits for ~400 on a 5k health target.) I can't really see how this is *actually* how it's supposed to be. It's bad enough there are 120 levels and 6 expansions to level through, but now.. This is just excruciatingly painful. Leveling right now is like pulling teeth. I really hope it won't stay like this... Anyone else have any similar experiences?Koraénish25 8m
8m Great. Thanks, Blizzard. I need a whole 55 rep to finally get Army of the Light to Exalted (took a long break). So I see one world quest left that'll get me that rep: a dungeon quest in Seat of the Triumverate. I get one boss in, then lose connection, and come back to find myself in Suramar, out of the dungeon group, and locked out of Seat. Thanks, Blizzard. Really. Thanks for making dungeons retardedly unstable after the catastrophe of yesterday's patch.Tandrella0 8m
9m World Quest Group Finder DESTROYED in BFA Blizzard has decided that being able to quickly group up with people and finish a World Quest a little bit faster is too powerful and needs to be destroyed. That's right in BFA the World Quest Group Finder addon has been broken by Blizzard. Addons can no longer create groups. Even without any addons, you will no longer be able to right click a normal world quest and say "Find Group." I completely disagree with this change. Anything that makes it harder to play with your fellow players should not be removed from the game. In fact Blizzard should really implement this themselves. I get that they probably feel that this makes World Quests less engaging, since you can finish them faster, but the truth is that World Quests aren't that engaging to begin with. Personally as a healer I think it's fun to be able to group up with people and do a quest out in the open world, even if there isn't a ton of interactivity in the group. It still makes the world feel more fun and alive. ...Wasselin219 9m
10m XP From Dungeons Hi all, From WoW’s earliest days, we’ve always had to take steps to limit experience gains for characters when grouped with someone of a drastically higher level. We recently became aware of a bug introduced in 7.3.5: a side-effect of the vastly expanded creature scaling was causing the logic to break when awarding XP in some situations. Earlier today, we applied a hotfix to creature experience that corrects this issue. At the same time, we have significantly increased the experience awarded through queuing for random Normal dungeons from Classic through Draenor content. Running dungeons at the appropriate should feel rewarding, whether as a complement to or even an complete alternative to questing. As always, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to keep a close eye on the pacing of the leveling experience in 7.3.5 and beyond.Ornyx3357 10m
11m War-Mode...needs 1 fix blizzard! WAR MODE![b][/b] here is my issue @BlizzardDevTeam. The group finder needs some kind of check box that shows players that, that grp is in or not in WAR MODE! I joined dozens of groups trying to get my farm on. Bad news every member of that party was phased because they Opt to be "Care Bears" and not have it turned biggy right? Cuz i'll just change the option at my talent window and....oh wait i gotta be in ORG to do that!? Let me fly all the way back/hearth/click my friggen boots 3 times to go back to Kansas and change it! Then fly allllll the way back to the farm spot....FLAWED! Fix it plz.Vylanthorin4 11m
11m Direct X 12 reasoning? The absence of a true full screen mode apparently is doe to the use of Direct X 12, but what advantages does enabling DX 12 give? The hit to frame rate doesn't seem like a fair trade off.Vancleave0 11m
12m What's going on with boomkin? I haven't been able to log in yet. Is it bad? Should I cry?Amyrlina14 12m
14m NO FULLSCREEN!?!?!? Does anyone know whats going on with the screen size ? Please tell me this is a bug from patch or something...Brofesor87 14m
15m Still no word on this seizure inducing bug This happens on all projected spells and projected textures when projected onto terrain geometry. On regular geometry, it doesn't happen. It has been happening on beta/PTR and it is now happening on live. No amount of fiddling with graphics settings fixes it. I've tried a dozen different drivers. Windows 10 with an Nvidia 540m(I get 60+ fps normally). This is known as z-fighting. It's when two textures are trying to occupy the same plane in space. The spells and world decals, that it's affecting, are known as projected textures. Much like holding a stencil and spray painting over it, projected textures function in the same manner. My theory is that something they did to their terrain engine is causing a rounding inaccuracy. That inaccuracy is what's leading to the z-fighting. I believe that it has something to do with their depth pass algorithm. And yes, I've tried deleting the config files, repairing the installation, etc etc. No change.Threnoidion93 15m
16m I need help (BfA and book spoilers) I don't want to be a part of the Horde. Sylvannas to me isn't morally grey and I don't want to participate in what's essentially the genocide of Night Elves. I have Alliance characters, my number 2 and number 4 favorite toons are Alliance. What bugs me the most is that we KNOW that if the tables were reversed the Alliance wouldn't try to kick the Orcs out of Kalimdor. Hell, Orgrimmar burned and the Night Elves didn't pounce at the chance to attack the Orcs when they were down. I don't want any part of that, and I don't see why Blood Elves wouldn't immediately declare neutrality and abandon the Horde to Kalimdor after the burning of Teldarssil and the blighting of Undercity. I get attacking Theramore, the Kul Tirans and some of the citizens of Theramore were aiding in attacking Orgrimmar's territory. Its saving grace still was Baine warning the civilian population. There are some book spoilers where Sylvanas attacks Forsaken citizens who reunited with their human families. How in good conscious am I supposed to support a Warchief that attacks families? Uses biological warfare against her own population. And commits genocide against another sentient and rational race? I'm hoping someone can go "Hey Layam you missed this detail about BfA which helps take the edge off..." Is there something like that?Layam64 16m
16m Recount not working? Recount isn't counting any of the Dps I do ever since The pre-patch has released. Anyone using recount having the same problem?Danju29 16m