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Nov 15 Not that I plan to make one or anything but When are the gobby updates? I mean I still hate them with a burning passion. I'm just askin' for a friend is all..Jellarie2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Timewalking BC wasn't so bad The only dungeons that gave me some hassle was Shattered Halls and Setthrak(I think that's what it's called. Shattered Halls was the worse, tank made some bad pulls but surprisingly nobody left. Even in arcade-action WoW state, you could still get your !@# handed to you. Loved it every moment of it. Now it's time for Vanilla Timewalking!Shadøw4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Do Demon Hunters Have Red Eyes As Well? Not in character creation, but in general? Like any books or comics? I wonder because Gul'dan and other demon influenced characters do, but the DH class only has the green. Just curious lol.Vaerth4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Return top devs from mobile games, thanks. Please get them started on fixing BFA ASAP. So sick of the terrible RNG PvP rewards and classes just feel awful. I quit my shaman because of how boring they are now.Overgrowth8 Nov 15
Nov 15 What allies race do you want revealed tomorrow? I personally would love to see a halfling. Smaller and more nimble than a gnome. So cute too! TeeheeheeVulrog235 Nov 15
Nov 15 This whole high elf thing wouldnt even be as an issue if... The writers literally made a tragedy converting most of the existing high elf population into void elves. Instead the writers decided to make them blood elves that just left the Horde because they weren't allowed to study void. To make matters even worse you make the other 2 windrunner sisters still high elves... can't even commit to the whole void elf thing. Also an alternate solution would have simply making them like the worgen/ alleria. Having a void form and if out of combat a high elf form.Vinetremus22 Nov 15
Nov 15 Armory Mishaps Anyone else have characters with not updating armorys? My poor Draenei seems to be permanently stuck with this guild name. Someone gave it to me and I used it as a bank storage for awhile and then gave it to someone else. It’s kinda funny since it’s been months now since she was in the guild but I guess this is what I get for taking it in the first place. But hey at least the new forums most likely won’t have a buggy armory anymore!Aalucia0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Dark Iron Dwarves model used inconsistently Normally when a newer, shinier model comes in for a preexisting race it completely replaces all the old models. I've noticed that this hasn't been the case with DID. There are many that still use the old model (even new NPCs), while others use the new player model. It's a bit jarring and I think they should all be consistently represented with the new models.Altusveticus6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Does Blizzard Care? Every now and then I get an immense sense of dread. What happens if Blizz actually doesn’t care about the community anymore? Blue posters only replying to joke threads, the game director making some lame duck excuse for a selection of hand picked questions, and no sense of urgency in pushing out much needed updates. For months and months and months. What’s going on? It’s a real shame it’s come to this. I just don’t get it. If corporate motives were at play, then wouldn’t making a more playable game be in their interest? More players is more profit. Unless WoW is just no longer profitable to be worth the effort in the first place (likely outcome). That makes me really sad.Flatulus4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Anyone exalted with Zandalari Empire? Just wondering if anyone is yet, tho I don't believe it's possible. if so, did you get another follow up to the Vol'Jin stuff and/or something that at least hints towards unlocking Zandalari trolls?Antivenum17 Nov 15
Nov 15 Why are people upset over the avatar you post with? ??? Please be honest. I am genuinely curious what reasons people have.Utterly57 Nov 15
Nov 15 Game is very unrewarding for mythic raiders Let me finish, Outside of raiding that is, game is very unrewarding for mythic raiders. World quests for pointless, timewalking is pointless, Can’t push mythic plus this week I really can’t see any reason to log on outside of the 9 hours my guild raides Last week me and my friends did a lot of mythic pluses and they were fun. This week they are too boring and frustrating and not worth the effort to push just for the sake of challenge it self. I guess I’ll give RBGs a shot. Leveling an alt is too boring already leveled 2 can’t stand the tought of leveling another.Humanìty68 Nov 15
Nov 15 Pitbull vs Nathanos, who would win? My friend keeps telling me that Nathanos would murder a pitbull any time any place. But I keep telling him I know a pitbulls type buddy, and once they lock their jaws it's game over. We decided to do a 30$ bet on what the WoW general forum thinks.Lowernslower106 Nov 15
Nov 15 Mag'har class/clan combinations I've been mulling over it for awhile, and I've been kind of wanting to come up with reasonable backstories / motivations for each class for each clan. Some, like warrior, shaman, and even hunter would work for any clan regardless, but Monk, Priest, Mage and Rogue are pretty niche- Generally I would expect to only see a monk for Burning Blade, a Priest for Shadowmoon, a Mage... Well that's kind of hard to place, but maybe Frostwolf/Blackrock, and Rogue for Laughing Skull (since we don't have the Shattered Hand skin). I've considered doing a Shadowmoon Monk, myself, but I'm curious if anyone's done any "non-typical" combinations and what reasoning they came up with their character's backstories, if they've thought about it at all.Zexxil11 Nov 15
Nov 15 My Wife is Bored My wife tells me, "I'm going to log in and work on rep." 20 minutes later, she's playing some tablet game while some 1970s Dracula movie is playing in the background. Also in the background is her laptop with her WoW character mounted on a horse at some crossroad. I asked her, "Do you want me to log in and join you?" She said no, and that she was burned out with the game right now. The thing is, we haven't been playing much. The rep she was working on (casually) was the ones to unlock playable races. I asked her if she wanted to accompany me to the store, to which she said no. She's enjoying a beer, playing her tablet game, sort of watching some lame Dracula movie, and occasionally glancing at her laptop screen. I asked her if she was bored, and she said yes. I'm bored too. I guess I'll have a beer and watch YouTube videos.Papapangpang38 Nov 15
Nov 15 Goblin/Gnome love thread. Let us take a moment to appreciate the small races of Azeroth. Goblins are finally getting their model updates and goblins/gnomes are getting some more lore. Motherloade and next up is Mechagon. Gnomes and taurens are also getting heritage armor. I love goblins for their snarky explosive personalities. Gnomes for their sweet and innocent charm.Gnomest7 Nov 15
Nov 15 I'll see you all on the other side! Good luck with your work day without the forums.Beardfacé0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Would You Accept Artifacts Back If you could customize it? Not just the color scheme, but change how a blade or hilt looks. It can also change from a sword to mace.Shadøw55 Nov 15
Nov 15 Dark iron dwarf thread. EVERYONE GET IN HERE!Retardadin9 Nov 15
Nov 15 Raider needs to go and M+ to be re-imagined Just looking at the groups out there makes me sad. M4 raider 1K+ required. M5 360 iLVL required... you get less than this from the dungeon. 380+ required. 1.4K raider big dicks only... for an M8. That is just what I have noticed in the past 5 minutes. Like I get it, you want the best chance at winning, but what about even starting the dungeon? I looked at the above and just skipped over them, especially for the M+ level they wanted the requirements to it would be almost impossible to find players willing to join. It is Teeming and Fortified week, and maybe just to finish the dungeon the average person needs someone with a higher iLVL than the dungeon drops, so maybe Blizzard needs to look into why this is. Last week was such an easy week, you could run 3-4 dungeons higher than the iLVL drop, this week it seems to be backwards.Tinybitty14 Nov 15
Nov 15 49,000 And I’m out. See ya on the flip side.Tovi17 Nov 15
Nov 15 Forced PVP (Because that is fun right) So, Blizzard is going to put in rewards that people will want in order to force PVP content down our throat if we like it or not. Sure, participation rates will increase because of the rewards but player enjoyment will not. Most people do not want to waste game time grieving other players in unbalanced world pvp. Easy way around world pvp is to just change shards. This is what most players will do to avoid confrontations. If they make rewards decent of based off who has lower numbers then they are just giving people unfair advantages and further creating imbalances. 2. Also, Blizzard can not even balance gear. I have a 385 ring off 2nd mythic boss and a 370 of the same ring with a socket that is better. I have several 385 and 390 rings that sim less due to stat allocation. Ya I have been getting rewards for content except they are all garbage rewards that do not fit my stat priority at all due to not having haste on them. 3. Blizzard developers are simply out of touch like they do not even play the game like a player would. RNG is terrible even when it goes your way. You can not target gear you need because everything is a lottery system. Chasing down AP to maintain neck levels is just purely stupid. There is no completion so you do not have to worry about it so you are in a constant state of grinding and anxiety. I want to complete things and feel good about it like I have accomplished a goal. When you feel your character is completed for the week it allows you to do one of two things. Log out and get RL stuff done and not burn out of the game OR play an alt that you want to advance on. Most players like myself that have RL squared away want to play alts. With the current systems of grind grind grind and never being optimized always chasing better lottery rewards etc... I am never satisfied and therefor never play a alt because I want to be the best I can be for my raid group and progress. This is something developers need to understand deeply and fix all the mistakes that have been made. People want classic back because of these exact things.Furyeon37 Nov 15
Nov 15 New warfront = better gear? I hope it will have better than the current 370 / 340 gear, or there will be no point in running it more than once to see what it's like.Fugubar5 Nov 15
Nov 15 off topic but... is it possible to quit your job via phone text without noticeRyzelol25 Nov 15
Nov 15 The person above you... You wake up cuddling the person above you in a nice relaxing enviroment.... a comfy bed, how do you react? and what did you think happened last night...? (don't go to far! THIS IS NOT GOLDSHIRE :O)Hawkéns58 Nov 15
Nov 15 We have zero idea what your intent is...for anything This is all about communication. What happened to patch notes? Where are the explanations of the new features? Why am I supposed to do them? Who are they for? What classes are you happy with? What are you not happy with? What are the specs supposed to be good at? There is a complete and utter failure of communication on how the game is supposed to work. You change things constantly, and every expansion. How are we supposed to know what you want it to be if you don't tell us? Go explore islands and battle in warfronts!!! Ok great, but what does that mean to me at a gameplay level? Who is the target audience for islands, warfronts, raids, whatever? Everyone? New players? What are the expectations? The class descriptions on character creation are all outdated. When you blow up classes every expansion, what were the goals? Looking at 8.1, why do we need like 7 different currencies instead of them being more universal? I think you're taking this whole "give the game mystery" thing a bit far. How are we supposed to know what the game is for, if you never tell us?Varrow116 Nov 15
Nov 15 Vulpera when? With the big ears and fluffy tails pls nd tyThàlyssra23 Nov 15
Nov 15 Here’s why Sylvanas is better than Alleria Sylvanas became Ranger General, the highest rank of the Farstrider Army. Her two Ranger Lords, (Lor’themar and Nathanos) were the second highest rank. Alleria was rejected, so she instead decided to run around with Turalyon (the guy who got owned by Illidan’s hand) When Sylvanas was 19 years old, she was described at the best archer in her family. It’s said she could hit a flyin bird in the eye from miles away. Sad!Tyierin97 Nov 15
Nov 15 Pathfinder pt.2 is the last straw I dont know what it will entail but I decided to jump the gun here and make the first complaint *its also a slap in the faceOhgodfleas66 Nov 15
Nov 15 Highland Mustang... For the love of all that's holy please let me give this mount away. I just got my FOURTH one. Please? I'll give you cookies! Lots of them! (puts out a generous tray of cookies in support of making this silly mount non-soul bound)Grumbles1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Recommend me music to play WoW to I like guitar-based rock. Especially metal. Recommend me artists/bands and tell me why I should listen to them. Shoot!Prizn55 Nov 15
Nov 15 Night Elf eyebrows Hey blizz, will male night elves ever be able to get eyebrows while clean-shaven?Varolyn28 Nov 15
Nov 15 Vulpera, never!woot Hah!Minimedic4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Timewalking: Fix it or make it Max level only Unfortunately timewalking does still appear to be "max level or GTFO." Tanks are yo-yos if they stay alive at all, DPS really slow the group, and healers can't keep up if they are not 120 and maybe even a bit geared. I've believed for two expansions now that timewalking should be restricted to a max level activity because the insane leap from even one level down and the cap in relative performance is just ridiculous and I just bailed on a group because the tank was 119, I was on a 110 alt (DPS) and the healer was 113. ONE DPS, ok maybe you're alright because there are three and the laws of "low responsibility" are in effect, but I just saw the shattered halls become a death zerg, and a terribly slow one for the first few pulls. I first adored the idea of timewalking bridging the level gap with leveling friends, but man... it does not handle the gaps as well as even the current leveling dungeons do. It's the heroic versions of old dungeons and they are brutal, for whatever reason, on pre-capped characters. Do yourself and the world a favor, take the hint that came with them nerfing the hell out of timewalking XP and wait for the level cap. I'm certainly going to now that I've had it confirmed again. Thing is, I can make all these recommendations, but of course people don't have to abide, so it falls on Blizzard to either fix this or just limit TW'ing to max level characters.Omedon100 Nov 15
Nov 15 New Forums Tomorrow! I can't wait.Macällän44 Nov 15
Nov 15 Monk glyph idea: Glyph of the Martial Artist Many of my monk friends and me enjoyed the brewmaster artifact sheathing style where it would rest on your shoulder instead of attaching to your back. My girl is a mistweaver and she liked the upside down staff sheath style as well. I know some people complain about windwalker sheathing 1h on the back too, and would prefer on the hip. Why not introduce a glyph called something like Glyph of the Martial Artist, one for each spec, that would modify auto attack and change your sheathing style. Regular mw staff sheathing would then be inverted, brewmaster would shoulder rest weapons, and windwalker would go from the then normal hip sheath to an on the back sheath. The rigging already exists obviously, seems like it would be a simple implement.Tokot0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Still trying to figure out what triggers the next level of Caches. For back ground information.. this character has been able to get ilvl 355 chests since achieving ilvl 347 from the emissary caches. Conversely, I have a rogue character that has gotten to ilvl 349 and the emissary caches still show up as being ilvl 340. For example, todays caches is for Honorbound and this character sees a 355 cache while my Rogue still sees the cache as a 340 cache. I'm not really interested in the increased level of gear at this point, since I have no interest in trying to jump on the Mythic+ bandwagon and I've been done with progression raiding since the days of Burning Crusade... I am just honestly curious at this point what the trigger is that clicks the emissary caches from one tier to the next.Rea15 Nov 15
Nov 15 Guess the next sylvanas retcon here She was working with DeathwingYzzami60 Nov 15
Nov 15 Learning Raid Group Updated 9/5/2018 for BfA. BTag: Hiddenswine#1330 Discord: Hi there! Just thought I'd post here to let people know. I'm restarting my learning raid group for BfA! I plan to host Normal Uldir (Alliance side) on Saturdays starting @ 1:00 pm EST. If you've ever thought of giving raiding a try, then please let me know and let's give it a shot! What you can expect from me: I offer full fight explanations and will lead you through the fights with call outs in a generally relaxed environment. I will NOT rage at you for messing up a mechanic and don't care if we wipe. For those who care my current progress is 7/8M in Uldir and I’ve RL a casual heroic guild for 2 expansions so I generally know my stuff. I make no claims to be the best (or anywhere close), but I think it's safe to state that I'm a decent PvE player and am happy to help others. What you can expect from the raid: A friendly relaxed environment where we progress through Normal Uldir. To be very clear, the key word there is "progress." Please... do not join this group expecting 1-2 shots. You will be disappointed, and I, in turn, will be frustrated. Let's not waste each others time. Having said this, we've full cleared the raid since the second week it opened. What I expect from you: - Discord: This is a free voice communication software. You can even run it off your smart phone if you want. I really just need you to be able to listen so I can make call outs as needed throughout the raid. I promise that I won't bite (I only get cross with people when they start acting like an elitist anyway). - Gemmed/Chanted gear: Honestly, things are so expensive right now, I'd at most just throw on some cheapo versions of these. Don't break the bank. - Minimum equipped average ilvl of 335. Unfortunately lower than this and I'm worried we won't get too far. - Willingness to learn AND to wipe. This is key. Wiping is a part of raiding even in normal mode. What I DON'T expect from you: - Fight knowledge. I will fully explain the encounters and my battle plan. - Prior raid experience. I'm A-OK bringing people who've never stepped foot in a raid before. So long as you're willing to learn and have a good attitude then you're more than welcome (hell I'd even say encouraged!) to join. - Perfect play/Super high DPS/HPS - The whole point of this is to learn and have fun. I EXPECT you to make mistakes. Anywho, just thought I'd throw this out there to those in GD. I often see people asking for a lower barrier to entry and usually run this group on Saturdays @ 1:00 pm EST Alliance Side anyway. My BTag is Hiddenswine#1330 for those who wish to get in contact with me sooner. I'll update this post throughout the week.Synsha402 Nov 15
Nov 15 Admit it Blizzard. You got us good with this week's affixes. I would be laughing too. King's Rest = ARRRRRRRRRRGH!Chaosnachos0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Strongest mortal in wow universe currently Jaina or khadgar?Humanìty18 Nov 15
Nov 15 I will drink from your skull TODAY THE GODS WILL DECIDE YOUR FATELokhir15 Nov 15
Nov 15 Dances You Wish You Could Do IRL Medivh pokes you in the forehead, instantly allowing you to learn any of the dances performed by the different races of WoW... which do you choose? I would totally choose the party rock anthem dance from the male pandaren. My fiancé doesn’t expect much from me with regards to dancing... I think that would impress her. Either that or the male orc (Mc hammer).Puju12 Nov 15
Nov 15 Removed from island and got deserter debuff I got removed from a heroic island expedition, like they kicked me or something, and I got the 30 minute deserter debuff? Did they kick me and I get the deserter accidentally, or do you just get deserter if 2 ppl decide they dont like you?Ivyvitacareo6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Would you say Horde is more like... Huey Lewis & The News or Phil Collins? And what race would Patrick Bateman play if he played WoW? *Mods Please Note this is simply a fun post, it harbors no intention of trolling or spamming.Leshe18 Nov 15
Nov 15 If you could buy any mount.. How much would you pay and for which mount? I’d pay 500k g for gladiator photo drake. Thing looks goodHumanìty27 Nov 15
Nov 15 Devs confirmed Sylvanas is their Waifu Apparently she's just super special to the writers so they confirmed she won't be a raid boss because she's much more than that (funny, big characters like Illidan, Arthas, Garrosh, Kil'jaeden etc... which have been much more important ended up as raid bosses, yet Sylvy is too special for that). Guess when you're the devs waifu you can do more evil than literally every villain out there and you just get saved anyway. Source: Nov 15
Nov 15 The new Guild UI and Permissions...yikes Whose bright idea was to lump all these permissions under a single check box? > New Permissions UI: > Old Permissions UI: Now to give someone access to officer chat, or give them the ability to set their own public note, I have to give them the ability to delete people's messages, calendar events, notes, gmotd, kick people from voice chat, etc. Thanks for taking more control away from the favor for watered down solutions. [Edit] For those not aware - you were previously able to control all these things individually, per rank. Feel free to vote on the question by giving it a like for Thursday's Q&A here: Nov 15
Nov 15 Famous Last Words As the Forums are only just now beginning to lose their minds over the thought of the new Forum Migration coming on Tuesday I thought we should have a thread for everyone to leave the very last thing they wanted to say. The last thing. Something that will be frozen in time forever here on the 'old forums' area. A place for one last plate of cookies to be shared. One last 'hate (insert MVP name here)" post. One last "You can have my High Elf Thread when you pry it from my cold, dead, keyboard" post. The Quote I Wish to be Remembered For "Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department."Romanna158 Nov 15
Nov 15 What's wrong with the gnome model? Why is it that of all the races, gnomes have some of the worst clipping?Grimvald5 Nov 15