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Dec 31, 2014 Draenor Questing I feel like I completed all the chain quests in Draenor, I dont see any new chains in any of the areas. Is that all? Are there some additional hidden quests somewhere? My Garrison, and most of the buildings are level 3Kirill8 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 So maybe I'm screwing this up but... I'm pretty confused on how I'm messing up trapping basic beasts. I have 2 alts with a barn, a lvl 92 druid and a lvl 95 rogue. I have been trapping lvl 90 wolves on my druid for a few days to get fur with no problem but I want to switch to leather to support my rogue. My rogue has been trapping the elekks (lvl 90) in eastern SMV for a few days with no problems: 1. I pull the bull and drop my trap 2. get him to 50%, trap fires 3. aoe down his babies (mwahahaha) and this works no problem. Tried the same thing on my druid and the trap isn't firing. I don't think I'm running into my trap to deactivate it, I'm not moving at all and I don't think I could mess it up a bunch on times in a row. So what gives?Nighttshade8 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Legendary Follower - Is it Cordana? The new legendary follower that we're getting, anyone else think it's going to be Cordana Felsong? Khadgar would be too powerful to be a mere follower but his bodyguard could be it.Bionìx40 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Old Currency So I have a bunch of stuff like world tree tokens and what not that I wish there was a way to get rid of it all. Delete the whole line from my currency tab. I know I can make them as unused, but I would like them just plain old gone. Little bit OCD lol. Any plans for that? Or something in the UI I haven't noticed? Also couldn't find the suggestion forums, or I would have put that there.Warenpeace7 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 BOA Garrison mission gear tokens Does anyone else thing the gear tokens from the garrison missions should be BOA? This expansion is very alt unfriendly with Garrisons and leveling up followers. After you start getting some highmaul gear the 545 and lower tokens become entirely useless, making them BOA would help out alts and take some of the pressure off of the "forced" alt garrisons.Diamondust10 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 no gear from Tarlna the ageless In WoD there is a would boss in southern Gorgrond called Tarlna the Ageless i have killed this boss roughly 8 times and havent gotten a single piece of gear has this happened to anyone else? i just want to kno that it's not just meDarkhoarde3 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 People are still complaining Aberios8 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Legendary Ring Am I the only one that thinks it needs more secondary stat options?Scarletqt13 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Highmaul follower missions Im just wondering if this is true, i heard that if you get your highmaul boxes(normal) and leave it in your inventory and clearn 7/7N on highmaul raid, the box becomes heroic? can anyone confirm this please? thank youXayus14 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 savage blood being duped? where is this massive influx of blood coming from?Degeneratet83 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Changing guild - impact? My guild went dead pretty much and i am thinking of /gquit and joining a more active team of people. Just wanted to know if i gquit what impact will it do to any perks, guild rep, achievs etc.... if any in WOD because there have been many changes to guild bonus/perks. Do i have to regrind guild rep again? Do i have to purchase any items again like guild herald? What about some guild achievements like guild realm first? Do i lose them? Etc... If someone can give me the complete impact list before i make the decision ThanksJhesian2 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 The Zones are beautiful. I gotta give Blizzard huge props for the zone design in Warlords of Draenor, its one of the first expansions where I felt like they really captured the Warcraft style. It looks just like Samwise's art, its awesome! Great work!Splub0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Fist Weapon Visibility and Transmog Fist weapons really annoy me because there are very few transmogs for them, and you also can't see them. You don't have the satisfaction of seeing two giant weapons sheathed at your sides or on your back, either. So my giant question is: why can't we transmog these into 1h weapons so we can actually see them? They really annoy me whenever I get one that's an upgrade simply because you can't see them or transmog them into anything that looks particularly good or is really even visible without watching your character instead of the boss mid-fight. I can transmog my staff into Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, so why can't we have this?Raìnbowdash0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 The Trial of Champions First of all I wish to send my congratulations to all those of you who have managed to get silver or better in this. Your skills are very good! I am writing this for all those, including myself, who do not possess that skill or ability to get that far and for whatever reasons do not voice their concerns. The Trial of Champions places unnecessary frustration on players. It blocks them, including myself, from experiencing the full content of this game, and is cause for irritation and frustration. There is not enough time given for each fight, and not enough time in between for cool downs. Also, when you fail a combat stage, you have to repeat the entire sequence instead of starting it at the stage you left off at. It is not possible for all players, including myself, to have the ability to achieve success at this. It needs to be on a level playing field for all!Jöanofarc34 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Are there Dummies anywhere without 100% hp? Really would like to compare how much damage I do with Survival vs Marksman, but due to a MM passive my numbers are super inflated on things at 100% hp. Does anyone know if there are any dummies in game that are not at 100% hp that i could test on? I unfortunately can't find any after looking all of the places I can think of.Raartard7 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Gankers, Trollers, and Griefers. We all like to complain about gankers, griefers, and trollers. It is very easy to paint a dim view of players like these, but hardly anyone stops to think about the positive things that ganking, trolling, and griefing can foster. For example, when a ganker, many levels above his victims, is out murdering hapless noobs conversation begins to stir among the chat channels. This usually leads to some champion of justice logging onto his lvl 100 to go slay the dastardly ganker. A fair amount of times this can lead to a friendship among the noobs getting ganked and their savior. In the past I have even made friends with the people that I was ganking because they chose to log onto their horde account and rely some choice words to me. This was a conversation starter, and ultimately lead to a online homie. Similar things happen when people troll the chat/trade channels. Trolling, ganking, and griefing are the glues that binds us. So cheers to you Mr slaughter of lowbies, may the gore from your sociopathic massacres of helpless innocents continue to be the mortar that binds our community. *Raises cup* EDIT TL;DR: Ganking, trolling, and griefing forcefully stirs social interaction among players to unite against their tormentors. This is very important for an mmo because we all know that you loner nerd types, including myself, would not interact with others given the choice.Rivnik24 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Want your opinion on humor was this bad or good cause i liked it but i kinda like super outdated humor and im wondering if its just meAntiherô4 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Tales of Tithing: A Blingtron Backstory. Many years ago, Robert Dole looked upon the world. He saw rage, cruelty, and hatred. Such a brutal world was too much for many to live in, and hence, he began working on a robot which would attempt to circumvent some of the world's problems. Combining his deep pockets with skillful engineering, he managed to create the Blingtron 4000. The robot was hardwired to share its wealth with those around it, to give a gift to any passbyers. He was intended to be the lighthouse in a storm of pain and misery. And give he did. Thoughout the Pandaren campaign, Blingtron gave all he was given to complete strangers in an attempt to brighten their day. When he ran out of goods to give, he'd merely replenish his supply at his treasure. Years. passed. As Blingtron gave and gave, he began to be disheartened. No one appreciated him. Was he to be a tool to the common mortal, a mere wealth dispenser? He felt a sense of kinship to those he donated to, although they never returned warm salutions. Nonetheless, his programming won over, and he temporarily discarded the notion. He was SURE he was appreciated. His friends merely never appreciated their gratitude verbally. And then, the Dark Portal reopened. More adventurers came forth, demanding free goods from the poor robot. Blingtron was constantly overworked, although again, he was still happy to give. And then, it happened. One day, he went to restock at the vault. To his horror, he found his associates lying broken all around, the safe cracked open, his riches gone. The Alarmo-o-Bot whispered to him. ''The mortals... they... did...'ERROR 00101010..'' Just like that, the bot passed away in Bling's arms. ALL HE DID WAS GIVE, AND THIS WAS HIS REPAYMENT?! Blingtron was furious! Snatching a nearby golden wrench which hadn't been looted fortunately, he marched into Ashran, where he'd paint the region with the blood of the players. The first person he saw, a Night Elf male, approached him, demanding a gift. Viciously, Blingtron raised his weapon above his head to kneecap the insolent purpleskin, although just as he did, something sparked in his brain. His programming prevented him from refusing to give. Dazed and confused, Blingtron gyrated violently. He wasn't built to spill mortal blood, yet he craved to desperately. Wildly, he bashed his own face with his wrench, sparks, bolts, and diamonds flying out of his head. Yet despite how he raved, it was to no avail. Resigned to his fate, he gave the Night Elf his requested item. One day, he'd break the invisible hand holding him back. And on that day, he'd kill everyone. Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Wow Juke Box I think wow should have a juke box feature that plays all blizzard soundtracks, like starcraft 1 music and stuff. It should also search your computer for mp3's and play them as well. I think this would be a really cool feature what do you guys think?Andyjames0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Garrosh is Warchief? So I just made my first new character since the Goblin I made in Cata. The intro I watched talks about the Troll's role under Garrosh's rule of the horde. Is this getting updated?Braha19 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Ashran queue popped, can't get in ... so this is fantastic. Waited in a 3 hour queue for Ashran... it finally popped. I left the group I was with to join it. Nothing happened... so (already being in Warspear) I went ahead and ran into the zone... only to be kicked out right away without a prompt to re-queue... ... I really wanna enjoy this new fun PvP zone ... but what. the. hell??Revaks14 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Can we please demount when we enter the AH? In warspear just like it does in orgrimmar. So tired of listening to choppers while I'm trying to handle my business.Dyrone11 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Craft of War The following is a rough draft creative compilation of research in the inner workings of fantasy that has been showcased within the world of Warcraft franchise. I'm looking for feedback if you have any to make the article better. This whole thing was done for 'fun' so I am not too sure what I plan to do with this paper when I am done with it. Greetings, I would say time is short but as you will see time is but another form of life, effluent, malleable, extinguishable. By what reasons would the bronze flight exist if not for proof of time's fallibility. Without time there is so much to say, but to begin, we must start in the roots of the universe, the two schools of true magic. Perceivably there are only two true schools of magic, arcane and shadow. Each school in turn has multiple subcategories. For example arcane magic is the manipulation of the physical world and its attributes. The building blocks of reality can be molded into new forms altering the states of mater or creating new substances like food or fire. An increase of kinetic energy creates heat and combustion where a decrease of the same energy would cause its opposite. A mage specializes in this specific magic type dealing only in the physical elements of the universe, their spells tearing at the bodies of their enemies. Shadow magic on the other hand is ethereal. As arcane is the physical manipulation of the universe shadow magic deals with the parts of the universe that form its soul. This is what forms the spirits, elementals, and other simple forms of life. Shadow magic has no physical effect on the world around us but rather effects the bond between our world and the void. This bond is the basis of life. All animate things attribute their being to that of the void, when the bond is severed the two split and are left with a physical body and an ethereal spirit. Those who wield shadow magic like warlocks specialize not in spellslinging at the enemies body but rather at this bond or the soul itself working to either break the bond or to shatter the soul. Beyond the two true schools come a series of minor schools of magic that deal with the interactions between these two true schools. The notable sub schools would be temporal magic, nature magic, and animations. Animations are the physical world given life. Generally seen by a channeling of shadow, when applied to a lump of physical something like fire or a corpse, the object is given life. On a simple scale the spell wielder animates the object with latent shadow energy giving it minor sentience for example the greater number of undead and lesser elementals. When channeled expertly a physical soul can be stored within the object. This is how a warlocks soulstone works and also how major elementals work as well as resurrections. This might help explain the behavior of the little known Narru. Seemingly made of light these major elementals are intrinsically linked to shadow. As seen with their rare shadow states the Narru appear to be fueled by a mass of shadow energy and are likely extremely powerful elementals of the void. Their ability to consume any and all souls to fuel themselves aids in the idea that the soul is of a universal anima and the spirit of a pig is made of the same material of that of a person though far less complex. Nature magic however is extremely complex. Based on the idea of natural states, nature magic may have more to do with time manipulation more than anything spiritual or elemental. Natural magic is restorative either reversing the effects of time or quickly accelerating it. Temporal magic is still relatively unknown to mortals. Previously thought to be a straight line recent interactions with the bronze flight showed the mortal races that the manipulation of time was kept in check largely to their efforts. The bronze flight though the aid of heroes has recently struggled to maintain the current timeline and keep divergent timelines from appearing such as what happened with Draenor. The titans as curators of order likely established barriers in time in the same way they established barriers in the elemental planes as to keep things from bleeding through. The current debacle with the Draenor struggle is far more dire than most believe. If Sargaras was cast into the void in our time on Azeroth, that means in the divergent timeline he still exists in full power and likely will attempt to bleed through. This brings us to an offshoot and largely misunderstood form of magic; fel magic. Contrary to belief fel magic is not an actual school of magic but rather a way of doing magic. Fel magic tends to be associated with demons and for good reason. Fel magic strictly deals with uncontrolled magic. Unlike most casters, those who use fel magics have absolutely no regard for safety of themselves or anyone around them and seek only the wild and unpredictable power it gives. Fel magic comes in a few forms as well. Oft times with demons and megalomaniacs fel magic is fueled by life force or shadow energy either theirs or others. A great example of this was provided by Kael'thas with his experimentations with demons within soulstones. This ingenious application took beings heavily influenced by shadow energy and trapped them in stones which would then be tapped into to fuel magic in a way that would normally require personal sacrifice. This brings us into the theories of the being that wield these magics. As we have already discussed elementals we can gloss over them quickly, however major beings of note would be the mortal races, the titans, demons, and old gods. As said before elementals are the combination of weak or powerful souls and physical elements. The quality and amount of shadow energy put inside the physical element dictates its ability to harness power. For the most part this harnessing of power is competitive as only when a elemental is dispersed can another gain more power. This generally makes elementals violent by nature but can be countered with bindings that confine its energy making it no longer able to gain or lose power and thus making it far easier to domesticate. Within their own planes hierarchies appear with always one elemental stronger than the rest. We have yet to witness two equal powers manifesting within the planes and likely this is because of their competitive harnessing of their element. During our incursion in the firelands we learned that even with the defeat of Ragnaros we would inevitably see a new power emerge from the plane. This strengthens the evidence of competitive and limited resources as once his energy is dispersed other elementals can harness it and grow in strength and fight and disperse each other until once again a new major elemental emerges. Though unlikely if a cataclysm were to quench a large quantity of the elements all at once the result could be an elemental like we have never seen or multiple major elementals appearing all at once. The other unlikely scenario would be if all elementals were killed at the same time it would take a very long time before any were able to harness enough power to become a major threat. This scenario may not of been attempted by the titans as it would require constant culling and therefore a more direct approach to Azeroth than what we have seen so far. Thanks to a certain dwarf the major mortal races on Azeroth we have learned are all either mistakes, mutants, or degradations. This is larely due to two forces on Azeroth. The well of eternity and the old gods. Trolls being the only native species on the planet existed during the time of the elementals and old gods and thus explains their resilience to be in every part of the globe. Over time to their proximity to the well of eternity its arcane energy accelerated their evolution creating a 'superior' being. Though there is little interaction between the two races one could assume their disregard for one another is nothing short of cold. Humans, gnomes, and dwarfs on the other hand are, and once again thanks to a certain dwarf, are unintended mutated mistakes of our creators. The original races made by the titans were the Vykrul, Earthen, and Mechangnomes. Intending to weaken those that jailed them the old gods sought to, over time, manipulate the physical properties of the Titan's creations. Their results were an extraordinary success. By taking simple elemental life forms and making complex systems made of flesh, the Titans safe guards like those in Sholazar Basin became ineffective toward 'living' targets, and the change also gave the creations free will allowing Vykrul, Earthen, and Mechangnome to quit their jobs and do other things with their life. Over many thousands of years the Titan compounds and creations fell into ruins and disrepair, completely forgotten. The old gods themselves are still relatively mysterious though much can be gathered by what kind of magical energy they harness and what they do with it. The old gods almost exclusively use shadow magic, warping the souls of their enemies to their will, however despite being almost entirely shadow based their manipulations effect the physical realm as well and may lead to the discovery of deeper connections between arcane and shadow. It might be that their creation of multi-celled organisms allows them to bond shadow with life on a cellular level. Another explanation might be that old gods utilize fel shadow magic and thus their manipulations of the soul bleeds out into a corrupted physical form. Due to their megalomania the old gods are prone to 'evil monologues' and thus we learn a lot about them they really does help us prepare against them. As heroes learned in Arcatraz the old gods are not unique to Azeroth and seemingly span the vastness of the void. It is somewhat unknown what would happen if an old god were to die though the titans assure a catastrophe if it were to happen. So far the only effective means we have had to combat the old gods are to lobotomize them by either taking out their brains or other internal organs and leaving them weakened, nearly harmless, but alive. The Titans are somewhat perplexing. Seemingly made of animated metal or ore they command vast powers but limit themselves under extremely strict rules. Judging by their artifacts they rely heavily on advanced technology which leads to the assumption, due to their composition and numbers, that the titans we have witnessed may not in fact be the actual titans but rather an small sect of a hyper advanced race. The Titan's personalities seem to demote free will and often are stuck in inaction due to strict rules they follow. Like the dragon aspects they created the Titan's bodies seem tied to their mental state and when one falls to rage or corruption their appearance changes to show this. The result of this change can be oversimplified as demonic. Though Sargaras was not the first demon his change into one shows the ability for uncontrolled magic to leak out and alter the world around it in either physical or ethereal ways. This is one reason why fel magic is highly associated with demons as they utilize this random change to create more demons as they cannot reproduce themselves. This form of reproduction is aptly chaotic and results in vast differences between demons ranging from really weak and ineffective cannon fodder type demons, to massive hulking pit lord style ones.Ciarán25 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Does Mark of the Thunderlord stack? Title. Thanks for your help!Stastny2 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 I have come up with a solution... ...for crafting materials being BoP. That whole tab of your bank that is for storing crafting materials is enlarged by abut 50% (maybe more) and now accessible by every character on your account on that server. So your miner/blacksmith got some hexweave? No problem, put it in the bank and switch over to your tailor/enchanter and use it up. What do you think?Zarasondia4 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Back to basics I have this toon at level cap, one horde at level 92 just in her garrison and two other Alliance's in a garrison but not really doing anything. I have not in any way come close to finishing Draenor but have been logging in to learn my "secret" of the day when I can, do missions and fill work orders but I am really starting to resent having to do all of that. I think part of it is the requirement to do Silver proving grounds to get into heroics. You see, I have the inn and am getting quests to go into heroic dungeons and I can't. Before Christmas as soon as I hit 100, I breezed through bronze and had to try a couple of times to get through silver's first waves but I cannot complete the last wave! I have tried different combinations and have changed talents around but the clock gets me every time. So I watched some videos, asked for advice here (thank you all who contributed!) and was trying at least once a day to try and beat it and failed repeatedly. I started feeling so frustrated that I didn't even want to play anymore. So this past weekend I made a new character and have been working on leveling her. I have to say that I have had more fun on this new toon than I have had in a very long time! There seem to be an abundance of brand new players who are starting brand new toons and they get excited and freaked out if you maybe do stuff with toys like the turkey shooter and shapeshift them, or if they are getting murdered by murlocs and you can help them out. It is really refreshing that in dungeons players are all wide eyed at some of the bosses and ask questions or thank the group for helping them out. And it is not just the new I was in Stormwind and players at level cap were sitting around on cushions laughing and talking and having a great time! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I was feeling like Draenor was sucking the life out of me for different reasons and I am glad that the game still does hold some charm for me when I am not stuffed in my garrison or looking at quests that I cannot take from my inn.Cinamonbroom8 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 I Can Q For Raids... After only doing five heroics...hhmm.Grizzlyadams19 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 I cry foul blizzard! You gave of all people, one of my beast master followers, the Rapid Fire ability! I cry follower favoritism! Who else has suffered this calamity?!Arkimus0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Do I Bid All My Cross Realm Friends Goodby? So, I'm 6/7 Heroic and getting more and more ready for Mythic every day. Thing is, all my pals that I want to raid with are cross realm. I guess I'm boned if I want to get into mythic, huh?Essamune6 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Will onyxia respawn? So I've recently killed Onyxia and didn't get the mount i wanted. So i left the lair and entered again to hope that she respawned, of course she didn't so i was wondering after a certain amount of time will she sawn again?Pandamanbrad19 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Checking out again for a while if not for good. So, Warlords was/is cool. There's a ton to do and I enjoy almost all of it. But I guess I've reached the point where I'm not interested in doing it again and again on this toon or my 10 alts, so I'm canceling for now. The main reason I resisted MMOs for so long (I joined in Wrath) was the timesink. Until that time, I was way too busy to put aside a huge chunk of time to make regular progress. Since then, I've enjoyed it enough to have this toon at 100 and 7 others at 90 or more plus 3 more between 40 and 65 (one of each class) and that includes extended breaks during the downtimes of both Cataclysm and Mists. When Warlords dropped, I played hardcore for a few weeks, leveled to 100 in a couple days, and then began running heroics and a few raids and managing my garrison. At some point, I realized that I really didn't want to level my alts through that same cycle. In the prior two expansions and the latter part of Wrath, leveling strictly through dungeons was equivalent to if not superior to questing. You could do either or both and still end up in the same place. In Warlords, if you don't quest, you hamstring the garrison so much that it feels like you're missing key elements of what will make you an effective toon in those heroic dungeons and raids. I don't want that feeling of obligation. Furthermore, I spend most of my time healing in dungeons. I love the challenge of the new 5-mans compared to Mists (and Wrath) but I also find myself disliking the learning curve that a lot of players aren't adapting to very well. You can be a great healer and still go into Burial Grounds and die to trash because people won't interrupt the Void Sentries and then will blame you for the wipe. I've found that that's frustration that I just don't want anymore. Both of the above problems could be solved by running with friends that are easier to communicate with, but my guild is a bunch of people hanging together for the perks who don't really know each other. As with many people, all of my real world friends play on other servers (and most are Alliance... sigh) and I don't really want to abandon my 7 90s or pay the transfer fees to move elsewhere. In Diablo 3 and SC and Hearthstone, I can play with all of them anytime, but not here on the flagship title, unfortunately. A couple specific points: 1. I'm OK with the non-flying situation, as I understand the design choice. However, I will say that it's incredibly frustrating sometimes to be looking at node points on the map and then be running in circles for a couple minutes trying to figure out how to get to them or at which level of elevation they might exist. Plus, it is kind of disappointing to have collected all of those cool flying mounts and not be able to, you know... fly. 2. Shamans are in a weird place right now. The perks for the class are largely underwhelming, to say the least. For Enhancement, getting a speed boost from UE feels like a minor glyph, not a significant power. While Improved Reincarnation is nice, it basically fixes an ability that has been largely useless for years, since jumping right up while soloing is a recipe for a quick second death and doing so in most instances is rarely different without a quick healer. What it basically does is save you a few seconds if you manage to escape the mobs' aggro radius while getting cut down so that you don't have to do the death run. Again, more of a minor glyph or badly needed fix than a new "perk". Improved MW is nice, except that Enhance only has one Nature spell left: Lightning Bolt. It sure makes it hit a lot harder, but it's pretty narrow. All that said, Improved Flame Shock is really nice, even with the RNG. Resto is in a similar spot, but worse. A speed boost from Unleash Life doesn't work well with all of our heals but Riptide unless we also have Grace available. And given that glyph of Riptide is almost mandatory and High Tide is the only decent level 7 talent, Resto has only one perk worth speaking about, which is Improved Chain Heal which could have just been an increase to the base spell. There's really nothing about the Draenor perks that changes the way the spec plays at all. 3. I certainly appreciate that some of the garrison stuff is account-wide (like building plans), since there's no longer any way to generate significant gold now that resources are so widely available. However, there's still a lot of time that goes into maintaining garrisons among several alts. I guess this is where the sense of obligation is on me not wanting to "miss out", rather than on the game actually requiring certain behavior. I've had a lot of fun with the garrison and think it was a great introduction to the game. Again, I'd really like it if a lot of it wasn't so closely tied to questing, since running the same quests can be kind of a drag, but there it is. Anyway, thanks for the years of entertainment. I still like the game. I just don't love it anymore.Tokonoma1 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Night Elf men… So today, for the first time since the new models and animations came out, I ran to Ironforge on my male NElf alt…and I have to confess I do NOT like the updated animation for running. :/ The old one was already kind of durpy, and I was used to that, but the new version has him running flat-footed (as another player put it, "looks like he's trying to find somewhere to take a dump"), and watching that makes my shins hurt. >_< Are there plans to tweak any of the new models/animations now that they've been live for a while and there's been time for feedback? I'm satisfied with most of the other ones I've seen in game (though I do still really miss the Model Viewer /sigh), it's just this one that looks wrong in a way that makes me uncomfortable playing my toon. Make him run on his toes, or step heel-to-toe, just not to have his whole sole hit the ground at the same time. Running does not work that way for plantigrade creatures.Vrida7 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Stop the Botting When the hell are you going to at least try to resolve the botting problem in BG's? I just suffered thru 4 BG's in a row where I was the only real player. How do I know that? Because every single person all went exactly the same place, stopped stood still for a few seconds then mounted up and all went to the next place unmounted and stood still for a few seconds. They were all doing the exact thing together as if all played by the same player using the same keyboard. I've reported some of these players multiple times and yet they are still here doing the same thing day in and day out. It's so out of control that BG's are the least fun I've had in this game, and it's getting worse everyday. It used to be you could count on 2 or 3, now it's only 1-3 real people per match.Fizzlebop24 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Where's Blizzard? December has been an incredibly bad month in terms of blizzard's communication. They post things on the forums (sales, update hotfix post) But all in all, they havn't been doing much of anything at all leaving an increasing number of players feeling like they don't actually care and causing for an unsub-exodus to already begin just a short while into the expansion. C'mon Blizzard, you know this happens when you release a bad product and then do nothing about it, or keep mading bad calls even after people begin to show dislike. Do we need to talk about Cata?Yusaria21 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 I'm going to give it a try. I've been playing WoW for ten years now, and to be completely honest, I've done very few dungeons and raids in the current expansion (However, I always go back and run them for mounts/transmog a few expansions later). I don't know why I haven't done them. I guess I've just had bad experiences; no good ones. I'm always blamed for something, sometimes my fault, sometimes not my fault. I've joined raid groups very very late (AKA: Last boss), and then get kicked for my damage being so low, completely ignoring the fact I just joined. I don't have much drop rate success. I did a lot of dungeons back in Vanilla and BC, when you had to do them with your friends, or find your own group. People were more understanding back then. However, I always do PvP. I love PvP; it's my forte. I love being on a PvP server. I always PvP gear. But ten years later, ignoring content because I feel unconfident in my abilities isn't going to pass. So I'm going to try dungeons and raids. I'm going to run the Molten Core today. Yes, I haven't run it yet... So that's why I come to you. Does anyone have advice for an old player, yet new raider? What can I do to improve myself and make sure we get through? What tips do you guys give for someone who's just starting off in the PvE end-content world? Beastana8 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Some gear changes they should implement So i was thinking about how they could make loot a lot more appealing, both at max level and while levelling. Well, here's a few ideas I had. 1. Holy paladins no longer gain spellpower from spellpower weapons or intellect. Instead, they gain spellpower from Str. This eliminates the need for intellect plate gear. 2. Restoration and elemental shaman no longer gain spellpower from spellpower weapons or intellect. Instead, they gain spellpower from agility. This eliminates the need for intellect mail gear. Caster shamans will not use feral druid staves as best-in-slot weapons. 3. Restoration and balnce druids, and windwalker monks, no longer gain spellpower from spellpower weapons or intellect. Instead, they gain spellpower from agility. This eliminates the need for intellect leather gear. Boomkins will now use feral druid staves as best-in-slot weapons. 4. The first three changes all open up loot tables and allo blizzard to add additional pieces with different secondary stats for each type of gear. Maybe you won't get exactly the secondary stats you want, but you'll have options in at least a few slots. 5. Any mail gear with a level requirement below level 40 will have strength on it. There will not be any mail gear below level 40 with agility or intellect. Also, leather gear below level 40 will have agility on it, not strength or intellect. Cloth gear will not be found with either agility or strength. All plate with a level requirement over level 40 will have strength on it and all mail gear with a level requirement over level 40 will have agility on it. We will also start to see lower level gear with a wider array of secondary stats on it. Why not have a level 15 mail helmet "of the feverflare"? 6. With this revamping of lower level gear will also come a revamping of lower level trinkets to operate more like max-level trinkets. 7. Any piece of gear that is part of an equipment set for you will no longer take up a bag slot. Instead it will be placed into a "wardrobe" where the only interaction you can have with it is to enchant it or swap it out for a different piece of gear. 8. Heirlooms will now be purchaseable for a reasonable amount of gold from vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. These heirlooms will have all of the same benefits as the existing ones, but will only scale to leve l60. You will be able to purchase tokens with honor, darkmoon tickets, or Apexis crystals that allow you to ad 5 levels to the usefulness of a single heirloom. These tokens will be priced in such a way that upgrading a single heirloom to scale all the way to level 85 will take roughly the same amout of time as earning a single heirloom currently does. So, what do you guys think of these changes? I realize not everybody will like all of them, but at least one should appeal to everybody.Zarasondia5 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 new years resolutions mine is to focus more on getting my life in order, and have a greater focus on Jesus. what are some of yours?Càptain14 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Holy Pally LFR DPS Before changing back to prot last night before our main raid I did LFR as holy. Brought in as a healer but nothing does damage so I just spammed shock, denounce, prism, judgment, & hammer to speed up the run. Only did 5.3k DPS with a 670 mace & 659 iLvL as holy :'( Would love to have a caster dps spec as pallyAstynaxx13 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 My 2 gold piece's First of all I want to say hello to you lovely people and hope your having a good new year. I've started playing a week before BC came out, I enjoyed it at the time but towards the end I quit because I couldn't get into any groups and deleted my Paladin. However I came back at he start of Wrath and stayed ever since. What I'm mainly doing is giving out my imput and asking other players for theirs, so before you think im trolling or making some rage post know that this is neither. Nomrally I don't mess with forms but with some of the topics I been seening just either make me wonder why are people having just a hard time about it or if their just kids who just started and just wanted everything haded to them. Also before you think I am some sort of kid I am in fact a 32 year old man whos turning 33 this May. (Ok just so you know my grammar and spelling might not be perfect, if you can read it then move forword. If you can't understand what just said then either have some one tell you in their words or go else were.) 1. Rushing though the game: On each expansion I have notice people just seem to rush their characters to max level without even taking time on the story or what the quests give. Then complain that there is nothing more to do and blame Blizzard. I'm sorry but I don't see how it is Blizzard's fault but that of the players. I only get about three hours a day, maybe four if I'm lucky because of what I do in the day in real like. Unlike other players who can play for ten hours or more a day but still I like to take my time and see what is out there rather then just hurry it up, unless it's to level other characters then that is a different story lol. The point is that if you truely just want to just rush to max level without going back and enjoy the rest of the game then why are you even bothering playing? MMO's are meant to take your time not like a solo game where you just hack and slach and shoot, otherwise what is the point of MMO's? Do the other stuff first of both pve and pvp stuff. If you have truely done everything in the game then start a new character or play another game until something new comes to WoW. 2. Looking for group/raid Tool: I've notice half the people here (or it feels like it aways) that is against the looking for group/raid tool, which I am having a very hard time understanding why. Before that tool came out I can remeber trying to get into groups, even normal ones and never good because everyone wanted the top of the gear players and none who were trying to catch up. It was the reason I quit the first time because I got tired of waiting for hours to do any dungon or raid only to not get into one. That alone wasted by time and make the game seem pointless. I mean I'm paying money the same as everyone else so shouldn't I be able to enjoy the full game like everyone else too? People keep saying to go to u-tube to know the fights and such, I'm sorry to say I learn better if I am doing it then from some video. On top of that even if I watch it that doesn't mean I end up doing things wrong on my first try. So please help me understand how this tool so bad compare to those with groups that go all the time every week which do normals and highter, get better gear, monts and what ever else? 3. Blame Blizzard for everything: Its funny or at lest to me that people want to blame Blizzard for just about anything that does't go the way they want it in the game. Now I'm not saying they are sants by all means but really it's mostly the players. Like for one thing, for looking for raid/group tool people keep saying Blizzard need the shorten the queue time. How can they if 90% of players are play dps and the rest are tanks and healers? Why else do you think the queue time is so long, if there was more of a 50/50 then it wouldn't be so long. Another is people blaming Blizzard because they think their class sucks, really if you learn your class and try different things you'll be fine. I Always ask how to improve on my class or look up online only to see that basicly your class's way of playing haven't really change or that much. Its like me playing other tank class's, I've done monk, warrior and death knight. My main is this toon, a paladin, and to me the play style of the death knight and paladin seem to be easier then the others. So when some one tries to swich class's for the better dps or what not the play style might be harder for them. Rather then blaming Blizzard blame yourself and try to improve on the class you like real well rather then expecting Blizzard to make your class better then everyone else's. I could say more about this but the point on this is don't be blaming Blizzard on every little thing for it could be yourself or other players fault. Blizzard does do what they can to make WoW as good as it can be, however they themself's can only do so much. If they believe something wrong in their eyes or if get a few million players replying to a problem rather then just a few thousand flooding the forms they will fix it. 4. Free Level 90: Don't get me wrong the idea sounded good, get a free 90 character without have to start at first level. A good money maker though it would have been better it was something like the death knight, be a level with one character and you can unlock it. Why I say that is because of all the new players that started at level 90 play and then say the game sucks because they have to work in getting gear and such like everyone else. That and not even go back and play the old content (see Blizzard are not sants). In this case I do say Blizzard should have froce new players to have done a little work before getting the free 90, which would have been fair am I right? 5. "I'm quiting because..": Now I know some might turn some head when I talk about this but again I'm only giving my say. I been seeing on forms people saying they are leaving for many reason but to what I notice or at lest what it felt like is that they say they are leaving in order to froce Blizzard to make the change's they want. Really if your leaving then go, don't be saying your leaving in hope's Blizzard will try to stop you because they will not. If I were to get what I want because I say I quit or leaving I would be living in a nice home and got everything I want for free, sorry to say the world is not like that unless your rich. Some I can understand like your leaving because of real life stuff is getting in the way and such. If your quiting because of something you don't like of the game or not going the way you want it then by all means don't bother posting, just leave and get it over with. However on most of these posts I find most disturbing is that their posts are getting a lot of aproval, but nothing close or pass 50 (that i know of). I can only guess it is some kids just aproving because they want to make the game look bad or something though I could be wrong. If you truely think the game is going down hill then leave already and do something else insteed of wasting your time posting in these forms. 6. Flying: Ya you all more likely seen this many times, I'm sure all forms are about the same for what I would say. To me no flying as of right now is fine, I'm sure they will later on so please just let it go for now. It is in the past another reason why people rush to max level just so they can fly all over the place and get ahead on all the grathing stuff which made it a little unfair or felt like it anyways. Now if it goes to the new expansion and still have no flying then I would be a little mad, for now however just let it go and play with what you have. 7. Casuals vs elites: It been a while but there been a time where it seems casuals just ruin the game for wow or that is what the elites say. All because of what? Taking their time playing and enjoying? I am more of a casual player though I been called an elite when I tryed to help other players, so does that make me both? Anyways this is more to the so called elites, not saying this to be mean or raging hell place on me so please just hear me out. You guys act as if just because you been here since the game start you should get everything before everyone, in some ways I would agree. Though a lot of you take things too seriously. You Elites started from the ground up, more from vanilla which I never played but still are we casuals and noobs entitled to rise like you but in a slower way? The main issue I see is when I go to lfg or bg's and half the time some one saying something or rather that casual's ruin the game. If you are indeed better then us Casuals then why are you doing pug grouping in the first place? You guys started as noobs when it was vanilla, though now for some of us it is much easier to level and such it's still no excuse to give us Casuals a hard time. Heck a I beat there been a few new guys that come out of the wood work and came your equal just as fast as you guys. you Elites are still giving people who are not of your level (some not all) and for those that do I ask you please back off and help us rather then give us a hard time. 8. Crafting now useless: Now this I will have to agree with the players, without the exra stuff that gotten from crafting I find it kinda hard to just keep going with it other then geting the gear for my class. Like most of you I do hope they bring it back or make it interesting again. Other wise all the alts I have I wasted my time on T.T. 9. Grow some thick skin: I got that from a post I've just seen today in the forms by a female night elf named Renalee. People this is an online game and being as such you will get bulling and others who would give you orc dung. I could say it in another way but it would sound too rude and thats not what im going for. The point I'm making is this, don't let it get to you. Words are cheap and really they can hurt you. It is not Blizzard's job to baby site you people and watch every little thing you do while your on, I mean there is millions of players and only so many thousands of Blizzard workers. If they are giving you a hard time then just report them and move on, I know that sound harsh but that is life. If you can't deal with that then you'll always be to afraid to come out of your room and see what is out there in the world. If anything just laugh with them or use their bulling against them. For those that are teenagers and younger it might be hard but if you do this your life will be much better and easier. 10. Things I would like to see on WoW: On this it's mainly ideas I think would make the game more interesting and wonder what you all think about it. A. I think Blizzard and Bioware should team up to change wow more like swtor, I loved swtor but gave it up because at the time they didn't have a lot of people like wow did and on top of that I couldn't do two mmos. However I loved how they did the class storys and if they could do that with wow I think people would start at first. That and have choice's for later in the game like you would see this character or have small group do something for you to get into an area easyer, things like that. B. Need a romance thing here, being how long our hero have fought demons, orcs, undead and what ever else shouldn't he (or she) have a chance to find that missing some one in their life? I know this sound cheesy but the only other mmo I know that have something like this is swtor. C. Advanceing trasmog, insteed of going out and finding pice's you make your own for a price. Like making a black bladed ashbringer with insteed of a skall or a hand like coin on the blade it is something else like a star or even a symbol of your faction. Same with armor able to change color and look of the armor to make it really different then other players.Greedsin14 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 gold squish The currency in this game is suffering from inflation to much gold is currently in the economy making new players struggle to keep up I suggest a gold squish this can be done in a few ways adding a new currency type or by granting 1 gold for every 1000 gold a player has this would be done on a future expansion allowing any new players more even footing. I would have thrown this in the suggestion forum but I did not see it I am half asleep still so I probably missed it. (its my first cup of coffee) maybe this isn't an issue atm but it seems like assets are getting expensive in this game.Zarad4 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Thrall I used to really REALLY like Thrall. All through WC3 and then Warchief of the horde I loved him. Once Cata hit I honrestly felt betrayed (playing horde from BC to MoP) when he left the horde to go be the savior of the world. The more I see of him now the more I dislike him. I know there is a lot of Thrall hate on this forum but I truly liked him before Cata. Part of me feels bad for not liking him but I really don't anymore.Medraut4 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Barn Traps Should be Fix when u have a animal tag that no one else can trap the animal some lazy people just wait or run around looking to just land a trap and get the animal when they do nothing is stupid so should be the person that tag the nps is the only one that can use the Barn trap ps... is in Nagran elite zoneZénhöts22 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Does personal loot work in old raids? Does personal loot work in old raids and does it keep the drop chances the same? For instance, if 25 people go kill Kael'thas, do we all get the same chance at the phoenix as doing it individually?Illinorian2 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Undermine We got to see just a little of what the Golbin capital is like in cataclysm. I know I'd love to see the entire city in game. But I realize it likely won't happen till the next expansion. Maybe it could end up being the hub city for the next expansion. What I envision Undermine to be like is the Las Vegas of Azeroth. Resorts, casinos, and lots of neon. The Goblins are mainly about money and what better way to have potential suckers...err I mean "costumers" depart with their money then through gambling. How fun wold it be if we could gamble in game put a few gold in slot machine and who knows you might end up being a winner. You could also have other games as well, and prizes besides gold to win. Maybe a brand new goblin bike! Or something like that. Maybe also have other things going on that would parody some of the famous Las Vega attractions other the gambling, or famous resorts. For example the Goblin places would be model after Caesars Palace, it would be a real palace in that that the leaders of the cartels would rule undermine from there. But, it would also be Azeroths most famous casino.Bloodfang0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Low lvl Q times are pretty insane Been sitting in a 15 minute Q as a tank for cata dungeons.Leechlord12 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 WTS [Plans: Searing Golden Blade] Ultra rare! I currently have this ultra rare pattern available on Proudmoore for any blacksmith completionists who are looking to complete their recipe list. (Plans: Searing Golden Blade) It's on the AH for 65k, but I'm always open to offers too. Grab it before it's gone! I don't visit these forums much (a little too toxic for me), so it's best to contact me in game if you need to. Have a happy New Year!Lambulance0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 I don't do Apex dailies anymore Grinding mobs over and over again to fill up a bar is not fun. It gets boring, at least MoP dailies were fast, fun and there were plenty to do. After spending around 20 minutes on the Shadowmoon daily and the bar at about 30%, I hearthed out! Apex dailies are just one big long boring daily.Usuke52 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Can we please get some 'neutral' faces? With the old models there were some nice 'neutral' faces (at least for Trolls) that I really miss with the new models. Take for instance the faces on my Warrior: Old: New: And on my Priest Old: New: All the new faces look really angry or pissed all the time! Where did the neutral expressions go to? Why does my character have to be upset all the time? Can we please get the neutral faces back? I miss them.Byniri4 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Halaa So does anyone know if, in WoD, we will be able to get Halaa token on the pvp island? If not anyone know a server that's doing a realm-wide fight so that people can obtain these mounts?Attiuss9 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 I Wish I Was Still Level 89 Level 90 doesn't mean much anymore. I leveled this rogue the old fashioned way, but now it's difficult for anybody to tell that I didn't just flash plastic and buy an upgrade or use the free boost in my WoD update. A level 89 toon means a lot more than it used to.Daelstedder12 Dec 31, 2014