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Aug 24, 2015 Uhm... wat? From First of all... Uhm wat? So many questions.... It says Completion event bunny but its model is a very old brown worg model... It is "summoned" at the end of a quest for the legendary rogue questline. I'm guessing its invisible and simply triggers the x, y, z event but why does bliz need an Event BUNNY that looks like a wolf? Its just really odd...Makorita3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 My posts always get thumbs down? I don't know if I have an army of secrete trolls following me but every time I post a comment I get 20-30 thumbs down no joke. Like people just hate what I say on here, really discourages me from even posting in the community. I don't know if it's what I said but It just kinda stings when so many people give me thumbs down. Them I see someone say the same stuff and they get 10+ thumbs up. Anyone else get this? And believe me I know people are gonna give me thumbs down here for the irony.Nîghtshiftér37 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 If you were a blue for Blizzard... ... how would you address the General Discussion community? In other words, do you think the current method is sufficient for the community or do you have a constructive suggestion that perhaps may address some of the communities concerns. I am not trolling, however, this may be a small ploy to allow the community to see the difficulties that arise when the blues are doing their job. A sort of 'Walk in my shoes' , kind of exercise.Arcum46 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Medallion of the legion? Killed each of the 4 bosses every day for about 4 or 5 days in a row now, on two characters, and I've only seen one of these drop and 0 pet cages. Am I just unlucky or is WoWhead's 30% droprate extremely skewered?Evil10 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Frequent latency issues in Garrison/Dungeons Has anyone else been having pretty frequent lag spikes when looting in Dungeons or doing pretty much anything in the Garrison? This has been going on for me for about a week now, and I have had no other issues with any other online games or programs. I've opened a ticket and tried a lot of different things to attempt to fix this, but nothing has had any effect.Bubblerot0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 LF horde to kill at Halaa Paying 3k gold for anyone that has a toon on the Horde side of DarkSpear to let me kill you a few times. Need 33 Halaa battle tokens. LMK and we can talk in game Add me Jugernaut#1609Jugernut13 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 You say LFR requires no skill But let me ask you this; If EVERYONE in the LFR group was at the bare minimum ilvl to enter (and I mean absolute bare minimum) could they just ignore all mechanics? I don't think they could. I mean after they died over and over and stacked up the buff, I guess, but that's not what I'm asking. Hey, doesn't that go for any difficulty really? Wonder what that says? Does anyone understand what I'm getting at?Solidjaw23 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 So I just was getting caught up on Legion And I read that flight will not be unlockable in 7.0. So I won't preorder or purchase Legion. Thought you guys had learned your lesson. Guess not.Lughna18 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 More character slots. Hello. I come in peace and I wish to parley. Let's just keep this direct and simple: We need more character spaces! Many people like to level multiple characters, sometimes of the same class just a different race. If you think of all the different class, race, and faction possibilities that's a LOT more than the current 11 slots would work for. Now with the Demon Hunter coming out, many people including myself have had to delete level 100 toons to make room. Of course people can just make new characters on different servers, but how are you going to get items to them? Why do you we have to completely start the game over on a new server because Blizzard won't allow us to play on the server we want? What if you want to be on a particular server? Please add more slots per server.Tuhkoda31 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Please roll back Ashran It was terrible from the start, but not as excruciating as it is now... It's impossible to gear up now in PvP, every group I join on my alt is a losing Ashran team. And to top it off I'm Horde... every random BG I join ends up in a loss too. Fixes shouldn't have to wait until the new expansion. I paid for this expansion and I expect features of the expansion I paid for to work. It's like paying for repairs on a brand new out of the box TV... It's not right, that's why you get to turn it in and pick a new one. It's disgusting how you can put out a broken product and then promise to fix it in a next expansion we also have to full retail price for.Raliftor6 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 After seeing everything in WoD... Why can't people just accept that warlocks are the superior class lore and game wise. Bow to your warlock overlords. And seeing all the toxicity from people, it makes me sick, WoD in my opinion was one of the best expac so far.... I made this to the haters: ✌Akhenath0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Take the Oath OK, let's put an end to the flying threads. Whether for it or against it, whether you're going to quit over it, or you could give two shakes, I think it's time for the forum community to take a stand and end the flying threads. It's been promised, a date's been tentatively thrown out there, Lore has offered more than I've seen from any Blizzard employee on the logic behind the decisions, I think we're good. IF someone comes back and says "changed our minds, we're not putting it in", you can go back on your oath. But really people, I feel it's coming, and I feel there is so many other wonderful topics in WoWland to debate, let's all agree to drop this one... Repeat after me... I <state your name> do solemnly swear I will not create or respond to any thread where the original topic title or first post has any mention of "flying". This includes snarky or sly commentary that may be unrelated to the topic. If I'm found posting in any flying related thread, I agree to have all my achievement points stricken from the WoW records" The only way to end this and get our forums back is by ignoring those who continue to beat this topic into oblivion. So help me <insert personal deity or relevant title here> P.S. - if this works, I'll be starting a similar oath for LFR's.Tyrelina19 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 [SUGGESTION] LFR as a difficulty option Since apperantly we are receiving a transmog revamp on Legion, and all points out to a Diablo 3 king of system, i would like to suggest this. Since LFR items usually have different color and in some cases, completely different skins, is it possible to add the LFR raid difficulty for transmog run purposes? If armor does come in a collection tab and we will be able to check what we have and what we don't, would be intresting to give max level players a way to run back and try to complete those slots, assuming that the color variants will be there in the first place.Zaphre9 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Add A Class From Another MMO I'd go with Lotro's Minstrel, since I like the idea of using music as your weapon or to heal your teammates. Either that, or the engineer from Warhammer Online.Waggner64 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 What is the hardest class to play? What would you argue is the hardest class to top decent numbers, pull decent heals on etc, unless you really know what you are doing? I am curious. I have got a hunter almost max level but I wouldn't mind challenging myself on one of the hardest specs on another class, as I feel this would challenge me to be a better player. Which specialization would you argue is the most complex to learn, and hardest to master?Elae38 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Pathfinder Achievement Question Hi- This perhaps directed more at Bliz, but my question is, for all three tannon factions all we need do is reach revered to unlock flying? I have done everything else, so just need to make sure to unlock flying all I need do is get revered with all three Tannon factions. thanksElimay12 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 One argument for LFR that I truly don't.... ...understand is the one that many players here and even a Blizzard employee have espoused. That argument being; LFR's increase in participation is why you're getting more raids and more raid content because the number of people experiencing them justifies their development time. So...if that is true (which, if you want to compare MoP and WoD to VN, BC, WotLK and Cata it isn't for the most part).... How did we justify any raid pre-Dragon's Soul? Was Tempest Keep and Molten Core just for funsies? AQ40 and Sunwell just an experiment to see if you could? Did Karazhan and Ulduar, widely considered the two best raids and pieces of content in the game, get created just for the hell of it? Did ICC get built just because you already had a giant castle there and decided to fill it with something? I mean...I don't understand where the logic for this works. At all.Baluin25 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Blizz, can you make a project dashboard? I have reactivated my account because I believe the future releases will repair those game elements that will bring back the joy of playing for me. Thank you for addressing some major issues, IMHO. I'm watching comments on broken promises on release dates. As a professional Lifecycle Manager and Change Management II Admin, I know (absolutely) that trying to target release dates out in the future is pure folly. I am a very firm believer in the rule of pi in project management. Multiplying time and cost by 3.14 is pure genius. It reflects reality for the most part. You said "cast in stone", when you know "cast in cheese" is usually closer to the reality of projects in the real world. Stretching project dates is a normal occurrence. Stretching promises is not. This is where the community expresses their disapproval of broken promises. If I may speak for many silent voices I would say that I appreciate a simple project dashboard. It doesn't have to be very detailed dashboard or include proprietary information. Maybe it's just a few dials or graphs. There are so many examples of software project dashboards, I don't need to get into what I'd prefer to see. Why not give us the number of game elements being worked on in engineering, pending approved release, or something similar? It's a fresh and open way of communicating with customers. Please do this.Isaidmoo3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 WoW Videos for Youtube Looking to do some WoW music. Need someone who can make great machinamas and someone who'd be willing to work with. I'm new to this whole making WoW music. I've made WoW videos before. They just never came out great. Can work with Horde and Alliance. Get back to me soon? :) Thankies!!Katzenmiauen0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Let us turn off Garrison quests, Herbs, Ore I have done all the garrison Stable quests and have all the mounts. I don't want to do these on all my alts. Or the Inn dungeon quests. Or the Apexis quests from the table in the Town Hall. Or pick herbs or ore. Etc. Please give us an option to turn toggle these off and on if we have already done them once.Willander2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Death Knights vs Demon Hunters The day is coming soon when you can reenact that one fateful day that Arthas kicked the crap out of Illidan, the outcome of those fights are yet to be determined. Will Death Knights come out on top or a change in fate with Demon Hunters coming out as the victor? Now imagine 40 Death Knights vs 40 Demon Hunters, Hero Class vs Hero Class by the numbers! This has happened before, there's a video somewhere of 40 Paladins vs 40 Shamans back during Vanilla when they were faction locked.Jerauld16 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 questions of defending champion I was lucky that I do not have to fight my way to open the gurubashi arena chest, but I only got the music roll and an green lv40 arena master trinket. NO HEIRLOOM!!! My lv20 twink earned the account wide agm achievement, but it's very unlikely for him to open the chest nowadays, so I use my lv100 main rogue. Is this why I don't get the defending champion loom? Do I have to use the toon that earn agm achievement to open the chest so the heirloom would pop? I checked wowhead page for info, 2 guys said they obtained theirs with a different character, while one guy claimed only the toon earned the achievement will see heirloom after opening the chest. It would be nice if someone could clarify this. If it's a bug and I should be able to loot heirloom with my main rogue, then I would submit a ticket to gm. If it's intended, then I guess my only option is to use my lv20 twink and hope he gets lucky enough to open a chest when no one is around. Thanks a lot.Xys1 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Rare Navel Missions -- really *that* rare? Ok, I've run a fair number of missions. Yet, from you can see I've not gotten one rare mission yet. I'm at over a hundred missions and just curious how rare are these? I'm thinking if they drop every 200 missions it looks like I'll be at 600 or more before I get Charting a Course which will probably put me into the next expansion. Just looking for feedback and any ideas of just how long to expect this to take. Just feeling a little frustrated and wanting to know if it is just bad RNG or if I'm in the normal place?Bitterhope47 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 So what will human racial be replaced with? Since EMFH is gonna be in the new honor thing what will they get? Just curious.Osbourne16 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Escort quest gone from bad to worse It's no secret that escort quests in this game have a number of shortcomings, but yesterday I witnessed one go wrong in a way I've never seen before. It's this quest "The Totem of Kardash": This is the Horde one in Nagrand where you have to lead a Mag'har captive out of Sunspring Post. Normally it's not as bad as some escorts, but I was there doing other quests and noticed a level 70 Alliance AFK right near the middle of the village, not flagged. Another Horde player began the escort and when they got close to the AFK Alliance the Mag'har NPC aggroed and started to attack! Since the Ally wasn't flagged there was nothing we could do except sit there and watch, and fend off any mobs that came by in the very long time it took the escort NPC to kill the Ally. I wonder if all escorts are bugged in this manner? I've never seen anything like it. I could understand if the Ally had been flagged, but they weren't. I guess the other player was lucky it wasn't a level 100, they never would have finished the quest!Norcal0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Greetings. My name is Avoxus. I'm a mage and I want to kill you then eat your brains out with cannibalize. Have a good day.Avoxus11 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 What is the best combo for 3s with a warrior im on the server wyrmrest accord and im looking for people to run 3s with tsg seems to work wellValanaris2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 An idea for Dungeon Sets? Think we should get dungeon sets in Legion, and more specifically, have it separated? Let me iterate on this. In Normal Mode dungeons you get the set, yeah? It's a simple little increase in the buffs and stats you get. In Heroic, you can loot tokens that boost your dungeon set up to the Heroic level. Then for Mythic, you acquire tokens that transform your gear into the equivalent of LFR-Level gear. What say you guys, think this would be an interesting idea?Akemitis0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Please kill Thrall I actually like Thrall. Thrall was an interesting character in WC3, and served the role of mediator between the Alliance and Horde until Wrath. He was, in my opinion, an awesome warchief. But we have a new awesome warchief. Who is doing everything he reasonably could to avoid open war with the Alliance. We don't need Thrall anymore. As an ally, Thrall is just too powerful. In Cataclysm, he almost reached Med'an level of OP. Sure, we could just retire Thrall - to take his place "among the legends of the past" - but it's already been demonstrated that Thrall won't quit. He was supposed to retire after literally holding the world together and doing more damage to the Destroyer than a group of 25 "heroes", but came back full force in WoD. If the player characters are ever going to feel heroic again, Thrall needs to die. Give him the most awesome, heroic death ever, fine. But give us a chance to shine again.Kheiron24 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Please double the rep gain for Laughing Skull This applies for the Frostwolfs, and all the Alliance counterparts as well. These factions are no longer current content. Solo farming, it takes more than twenty hours of ingame farming in the Everbloom to get to Exalted. This is completely unreasonable by today's stands. The Draenor dungeon events are great, but they could also be made permanent, or return to the old way of buying a tabard and taking it into a dungeon to gain rep.Shekora25 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Having trouble with connecting Ok it's 4:20 CT time so I don't expect anyone to reply at least 5 minutes from now but I keep trying to log in and it says connected but it never goes to my character page and keeps going back to the realm picking window or whatever you want to call it then when I click on any realm it just keeps saying Logging In To Server... And will never connect. Sometimes it will say connected when I click play on my app but will never do anything and will eventually if long enough say Disconnected From Server. Anyone Having The Same Problem Or/and No What To Do? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks, FreayjaFreayja2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Thanks for WoD I for one have thoroughly enjoyed it. Still so much of it I haven't done, but I'm trying. Bonus objectives gave some flexibility to the leveling experience. Garrisons have been fun, even if a bit buggy. Collecting followers was great fun. The zones are beautiful and the music, as always, is top notch. LOVED the hidden treasure hunt for those purple-glow world objects. Zone outposts were interesting. Not everyone is disappointed with this expansion. Keep up the good work, guys. Bring on Legion! Downvote if positivity has no place in your world.Racker14 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Flying has to be testable in Legion Beta Because if you intend/anticipate/plan/etc to add flying later in the expansion then it must be tested properly in BETA. If not, then Blizzard is admitting they have no intention of adding flying to Legion if there is no outcry like what happened in WoD.Mafic8 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 My one concern about artifact weapons What is the main difference between artifact weapons and the current legendary quest grind for our ring that we have in Warlords of Draenor? I am serious, it is something that will just take a long, LONG grind to get to maximum power? Or will it be more like it was with valor points, in the Cata/MOP days, that if you are dedicated you can get it to a certain maximum power through dungeons, dailies etc?Elae19 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 "Adventurer Mode" - An LFR Replacement Idea This has been an idea I've been thinking out for a while, and would probably be a welcome change considering the present state of LFR. One can even view it as a potential complement to LFR, but it might open up some interesting avenues. This is mostly an idea for Legion, by the way. The short version is: ... Within this, I have considered four potential difficulty settings: Tourist Mode Adventurer Mode Champion Mode Hero Mode I'll elaborate on the specifics of each setting later. And for a bit of fun, the NPCs in the raid will refer to the players by the same label of their difficulty setting. Play on Tourist Difficulty, and they'll refer to you as "tourist". If you want to do it without being referred to as such, you need to do it on a higher difficulty. There should be an option, at least for the first three difficulties, to do the content in a small group; up to the standard 5 player set-up. Doing so offers no additional rewards (set to personal loot by default and can't be changed), but gives players who want the option to do the content something interesting to do. The main premise here is that the NPCs will be effectively replacing the LFR group. They'll follow (most) of the mechanics of the fight, and be all-but-immune to a few of them (such as AoE attacks that are meant to be avoided by players, but that the AI doesn't have the capacity to dodge). They'll adjust based on your role (and the others within your group), giving you a chance to participate in the fights appropriately. Another little feature is that one of the NPCs will take the role of the "raid leader" and direct the player through fight; telling you to watch out for various attacks (including stay out of the fire), which target to focus fire and when, and when to use defensive cooldowns. Think of an integrated version of DBM, only without showing you the timers. Much like LFR these will be subject to a weekly lockout; also, all difficulties SHARE the same lock-out. And just to make things interesting, completing these will also award the Raid Caches we've seen in WoD; but this time you need to earn them by completing the associated content, and they'll be a drop off the last boss. The quality of this cache will be tied to the lowest difficult setting you defeated any boss on. As a consolation for raiders, the final boss of the raid will drop the caches in the usual raids... on the first difficulty you clear that week. Regardless of how you do it, you only get one cache per week. And for the last bit, "Adventurer Mode" should be unlocked a while after raid itself is released... probably after 2-4 weeks. Now, onto how each difficulty works... --- Tourist Mode Requirements - None. Difficulty - This one you can LITERALLY do nothing in and still complete it. Boss Drops - None. End Reward - "Adventurer's Cache" (same as LFR Cache). Making a very literal "tourist mode", you hop in and the NPCs do all the work; you're protected against death as well, with the NPCs putting a invincibility shield around you and healing you up to max health whenever you're should have died. At the same time, this mode features the least rewards; the bosses drop nothing and you only get the weakest cache at the end. --- Adventurer Mode Requirements - Bronze Proving Grounds. Difficulty - Slightly more difficult than LFR is currently, players need to do mechanics. Boss Drops - Same as LFR boss drops, same rate. End Reward - "Adventurer's Cache" (same as LFR Cache). Now, the player actually has to do some work; addressing specific mechanics and contributing to the boss kill. It's pretty much the same as LFR, only that you can't AFK through it. Boss attempts will automatically end if the player dies (or if in a group, all players die), though the NPCs will resurrect the player(s) once every few minutes if they die (much like a battle rez). Bosses now drop all the loot LFR would have normally dropped, plus they get the cache in the end. --- Champion Mode Requirements - Complete Adventurer Mode and Silver Proving Grounds. Difficulty - About the same as Normal Mode raid, maybe slightly harder. Boss Drops - Same as Normal difficulty raids, but at a GREATLY reduced rate. Tier sets tokens and weapons are excluded. End Reward - "Champion's Cache" (same as Normal Cache). Now we have something with a little bite to it, as the players are expected to contribute about the same as the NPCs aiding them. To put it roughly on par with Normal raids would be good. In terms of rewards, for the most part it's nothing special... the bosses do have a LOW chance to drop some of their loot, with the exception of tier set tokens and weapons (much like how the Cache's work). You also get the Champion's Cache, which contains an item from the Normal mode raid. --- Hero Mode Requirements - Complete Champion Mode and Gold Proving Grounds. Difficulty - Not completely sure, see below. Boss Drops - None. End Reward - Hero's Cache (Heroic Cache) and Achievements. Mechanically, the tuning is the exact same as "Champion Mode"... the difference is that this is an ENFORCED solo run (not even the NPCs are helping you!) and your item level is set to a specific point. Set bonuses, tertiary stats, and some item procs are disabled. It's pretty much the Challenge Mode version of Adventurer Mode. It should be considerably harder than any of the previous options. Considerations for how each class and spec fares while soloing can be taken into account and the item level can be adjusted accordingly. There are no boss drops in this mode (not that they'd help you)... but you do get a fairly potent Hero's Cache, which contains an item from the Heroic version of the raid. The achievements work a bit like the Challenge Mode, but don't use the time needed to clear it to evaluate how well the run went; rather, it tracks how many deaths occurred. Completing it at all earns one achievement, and it goes up until you complete it with NO deaths for the best one... and unlocks some unique models/textures for your artifact weapon. --- So that's the premise and overview of Adventurer Mode... a variant of LFR, but doable solo while still allowing for small groups to be considered. For more advanced players, there's the Champion and Hero setttings with increased rewards. Thoughts? Comments?Raelgar0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Watch this blizz! Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Nobody ever tramp mog female taurens I just realized nobody ever tramp mog female taurens.Gunnarr41 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Flight or More Content If you had to choose between one or the other which would be your choice? The ability to fly, or more content such as raids, questing hubs, and post-max levell zones.Wildhogg18 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Flying..... ...flyingButtersideup0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Beating Proving Grounds Hello all, I'm Mysan, I've always loved doing the proving grounds in my offtime, I've achieved Endless 30 on two hunters with ilvls of 595 and a way more geared one at 684, as well as my Death Knight ilvl 605, who is my highest at wave 35. I don't tank myself but have gotten Endless 10 Tank on my warrior alt of ilvl 676, before I wanted to ask the question I came here to ask, I thought it would've been a more appropriate idea to post a brief summary of my exp of the proving grounds. The question I came here to ask was more aimed towards the people struggling with Bronze/Silver Proving grounds. I see a lot of forums about Proving Grounds that are more like "Remove this BS requirement barring heroics!" "This is retarded, I'm a 10 year veteran", but regardless of all that, what is it specifically that is making it hard for you to pass Silver Proving Grounds?Mysan25 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Consider Cross Faction LFD and LFR Faster ques, really doesn't effect Alliance vs Horde lore due to the fact we are always helping cross factions anyways, and I like cows.Shyláin0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Bank tab suggestion Was sitting here going through my bags and sending account bound items throughout my various characters and a thought crossed my mind. Albeit only takes a few seconds to mail items, some of us have a plethora of stuff to send around. Now, my suggestion..... have you, Blizzard, ever considered adding an "Account Bound" tab to the bank. Where we can access it across all toons and can only accept "account bound" items?Brassbolt2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Whats up with the Coalfist Gronnling? I been searching around and can't seem to find a definitive answer on this. Rare garrison mission. I get that... but: -Do you have to have a certain follower level? -Do you have to have a certain character iLevel? -Do you have to be progressed to a certain point in quests/legendary/etc? -Is it simply chance not linked to anything? I got one of each class to 100 with all lev 3 garrisons and maxed number of followers (though all followers aren't maxed ilev) and never seen this. Am I missing a piece of the puzzle?Grayhorn27 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 LF A WoW friend TO START OFF I WOULD LIKE TO SAY I AM A PVPER AND ONLY PVP Idk if you saw my previous post about this and I had a friend but he never replied to me giving me any information (like when he's on and stuff) and he was never online, so I'm currently looking for a friend that's on a high or full server with friendly people, and if you want to be my friend then please help me level. Regardless of the fact of me being 14, I'm normally between immature and mature, but I know when the wrong/right times to be mature are. In other words, I'm a mature 14 year old. I like dubstep/trance/techno, I'm extremely fond of melee classes, I have a good sense of humor, have been told many times I'm adorable :3, and want to level a new character on a new server. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are horde I would like to be any of the following (whichever benefits you best): Orc Shaman Orc Monk Orc Warlock Undead Rogue Undead Mage Tauren Warrior Tauren Rogue (but Blizz won't let me...) Blood Elf Paladin Pandaren Hunter If you are Alliance I would like to be any of the following (whichever benefits you best): Human Paladin Night Elf Druid Gnome Mage Gnome Warlock Dranei Paladin Worgen Rogue Pandaren Monk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'd honestly prefer to be horde, but Alliance will do (for maturity purposes).Zottix8 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Whhhhy did you make ashran WORSE Every single day for the last 2 weeks it has been the same thing, day and night. 20-30 horde vs 3-4 ally, yet i see 60+ ally sitting outside waiting for the que to get in. EVERY SINGLE TIME AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY.Vaallektra18 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 What's your favorite zone.. and why? After flying around, and looking at the creativity and splendor of zones. I was really taken with how neat deepholm is. Yeah its rocky on plain on the bottom, but everywhere else its amazing. From its silver marshes, to the bright blue rocks that light up along its sides, I think its an example of the pinnacle of zone making. Going beyond the beauty of an all earth zone done to the 9's, consider the great entrance (going down through the maelstrom), the queen of earth, and the broken fissure exiting to the cosmos you see when you look up. All of it makes it a really neat zone. The story is 50/50 throughout, but it has a spot where deathwing was forging his armor, and a few other lore-ish related things. The airship flying around up top was a nice touch too. I can't think of one WoD zone that really matches what deepholm brought to WoW. The elemental plane of Earth, was done amazingly well, and went above and beyond anything I could imagine. Now how about you?Vargmal33 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 99 Fireballs stack on... ...Supreme Doom Lord! I think this is funny for some reason.Cathrielis0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Which talent- (100) Is better for enha shamans pve? They are all boring looking so whatever is best.Makorita2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 2 things that make me not play much anymore To those who care :) First LFR has 2nd rate tier I haven't been able to dedicate the time needed to raid normal or heroic with a guild so LFR is the only option I have to raid. With no real tier gear to work for LFR seems like more trouble then it's worth especially with the 20-40 minute timer as dps. Second archeology is horrible without flying and flying won't come till the end of expansions. Not sure what more I can add I always enjoyed digging things up before but in warlords it just isn't worth the investment.Diranux35 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Show us your... transmog.* Here's mine. It's a shame the weapon enchant can't be seen. * If you can that is, there being a minimum level limitation on what characters can be seen in the armory.Opulena7 Aug 24, 2015