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Mar 18, 2015 Harrison Jones digs up a dinosaur Harrison BonesWaffletime55 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Mylune hugs why won't she /hug me. :<Jálad9 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Useless Weapon and Armor Sets I don't know if this is an Issue with anyone else, but Armor Sets and Weapon sets have become nearly useless for me, and i overlook any of them that are not Goredrenched (epic). My suggestion is that there be a vendor that allowed us to convert the Weaponry and Armor Sets into their respective Weapon and Armor Enhancement versions. I.E. War Ravaged Armor Set converts into Braced Armor Enhancement Otherwise it will have to become a cool 8 gold 47 Silver in my pocket.Tenjin2 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Ultimate Unanswerable Question Why am I seeing Teebu's Blazing Longsword up on the auction house for just 3500g and 4500g? Is this item now being duplicated hardcore?Dragonsongz6 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 I am SOOOO Sick of Group Finder I may sound insane you some of you guys, but, to be completely honest, I HATE Group Finder. Why? Well, it's mainly because it's just running around a dungeon, mostly looting bodies you or your team have killed, fighting a boss for about one minute, looting that corpse, and running of onto the next section of trash. This may sound GREAT to some of you who just want to get loot, and, yes, if you just want some rarer gear, it's a great thing, but, what if you ACTUALLY want to do the dungeon? Well, you screwed. Let me put it this way. When I was playing my first character I was around level 15. I was doing a quest and I had to go into a mineshaft. At the end of the tunnel, I found the dungeon portal to Deadmines. Hooolyyy heck. What had I just found? God only knows, but it was awsome! So, I leveled to around 17, did a little bit of research into the dungeon, and used general chat to gather a group of three guys. Small group, but we beat the dungeon. It was FUN. Didn't really get any gear I could use, other than maybe a cloak, but it was fun as heck. My team was communicating, we kept the agro off of our Priest (for the most part) and we had lots of fun. This was my first dungeon. So my thought was "Well, group finder must be like this, right?" NOPE. GF is AWFUL compared to finding a dungeon, getting your OWN party, and smashing through it. You actually plan and strategize for one. but in GF, you're dropped into a dungeon that you know NOTHING about, you know NOTHING about your team, and NO ONE talks. It's not a team, it's just a few people that are killing things that you want to kill as well. And, with EVERY group, there's this one dude lagging behind looting ALL the corpses. Usually me. I don't no ANYTHING about the dungeon or the bosses, or even the trash, and I don't even know where I am! Soo, attack when you can, loot always. It's more fun if you have the experience of FINDING the dungeon, forming a group, strategizing, and playing out the plan, instead of just DOING. What do you guys think?Newarts23 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Nerf Frost DKS To the ground!!!!,ilvl=670 No, really, its ok to be bottom of the barrel (as if we havent been there before) and have all pvpers ask Blizzard to nerf us even more (ditto), but...cmon we're losing even to a subspec here, acquired via a talent for prot warriors. Bottom melee! What is EVEN better is, even if you go with 630 ilvl we're still at the bottom, and from ilvl 630 to ilvl 670 we gain a whoppin 800 dps. No way there's a scaling problem with the spec amirite? Im just going to tell my guild that it doesnt need to provide me with gear anymore, ill just LFR for it since when did 800 dps ever made a difference?,ilvl=630Draekul16 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 PL works better with Tier bosses? If you are running a group with like 4 more ppl going for the same tier tokens, PL would work best since they wont be in competition with each other. However if its a ML group, there are more RNG chances against you getting that token. From my personal experience, everytime I try to join a ML group they always stack a lot of Vanq classes or by chance replace a conq/prot class that maybe left or DC with a vanq class. I just leave when we start getting more than 4 cuz I know I have an extremely low chance of winning. Now if it was set on personal they can stack the whole raid with vanq classes and I wouldnt care cuz im not in competition with them.Neoforce0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Misprinted Draenic Coins from LFR? Think we can get a few of these from our first LFR of the week as well? These seem a bit hard to come by.Shukuchi11 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Blackhand LFR Sigil how come we cant have the blackhand sigil in LFR but we can get it for normal and heroic? how are lfr ppl suppsoed to do blackhand?Ifr12 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Blood Boil bug!! It's just screwing a fundamental mechanic of the spec in the middle of mythic progression, this is a serious bug and has been reported days ago and still no response from any blizzard people.Kni6 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Point lights not working properly? Point lights "control both the lighting method and the quality of lighting. Decreasing this may improve performance." This is taken with the lighting quality set to High. Under the description of High - "Environment and detail point lights." I restarted the game after changing the lighting quality to make sure that the setting took hold - and it still showed really bad vertex lighting in this particular area that has been around since Classic. This area is right next to the Ironforge Gryphon master, and because of how the geometry in the area is set up it is a great area for demonstrating some of the flaws of the vertex lighting system that was present back in WoW's earlier days. Considering graphical improvements were one of the major highlights of 6.1, I wonder if this was overlooked, is a bug, or just simply not yet implemented?Jazrozi0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 My "I quit" post. (Not quitting). Inserting background story: The only reason I still play this game is because of my guild. I run an all twink guild, that is quite sizable. I don't, however, think anyone in my guild that I know well is ready to run it yet. I also love the social interaction. Yes, I basically pay $15 a month for a chat room, waiting for someone that I feel should leave it. Think it's a waste of money? Good. I don't care about whatever insult you'll throw at me for it. It's my money, I can do what I want with it. Inserting list of complaints: 1. Lack of community - I know I stated just above that I run a small community that I enjoy, but here I am talking about the overall WoW community. Nobody cares about the community aspects that help make this an MMO. People would rather solo the entire game. If you just implemented the companion generation technology that private servers use, you could shut down the internet connection requirement and make the best open world RPG. 2. Lack of RPG - Classes are slowly homogenizing. Abilities are being pruned, removing uniqueness (Monk Clash, Druid Innervate, almost Warrior Heroic Strike). More and more classes are getting the same things. More and more classes are beginning to play the same. More and more classes are beginning to have simplified, HIGHLY simplified, boring rotations that resemble console games. We're going towards "Bring the player, not the class" which should be great in the sense that no class is flat terrible, but its horrifying in the direction of making all healers, all dps, all tanks doing the same thing. You can't customize your play that much. Everything is forced cookie cutter. At least a long time ago, you had the option to be non cookie cutter. Now you can't even do that at all. 3. No flying - While I think ground mounts are fun and all - I don't use flying mounts in current zones while leveling - at max level, there is no point not having it. This is the most open world MMO since SWG was shut down, and it has the layout of a map that easily implements flying. You think no flying is a better play style, so you'd like to tell us not to. You're seriously going to tell us what is fun? 4. Questing/Leveling - Leveling is a total joke. If today is Tuesday, I can reach 100 before the raid lockout ends. That's just wrong. There's no point, never was, in exploring the world. I haven't even done most of the zones for leveling - Pre-Cata you could tailor your own quest path. In fact, you did if you wanted to level quickly. The great thing about this was that you had a choice in leveling: Level quickly, follow your path no matter what(but there was never really large multiple zone paths) or go explore around. If I didn't like this one quest hub in Ashenvale, oh look! I'm 15! I don't have to do it, I can just go onto Stonetalon, maybe even come back if I am high enough level for the next hub! This whole experience of going around and finding the quests you wanted to do is really not there anymore. Now I have to choose between two continents only, and once in awhile two zones of the same level range. And when I'm in a zone, I'm there till I cap it, there's no running between zones. It's why I love Outland - Just go where you want to quest if you're level appropriate. 5. LFD/LFR - I don't care what you think about it, this destroys the point of even having the dungeons on the map for anything other than going back after you've out-leveled them. We have a summoning stone system and a LFG finder that can easily replace this. Why can we just click a menu button, and then let it do everything for us? How about we actually form our groups, determine loot beforehand, pick and choose who we want to run with? WHY IS A MENU OPTION INCENTIVIZED RATHER THAN ACTUALLY GOING AND DOING THE THING?? I don't even use this. If I'm leveling, it's questing. If I'm forming a dungeon group, I'm there at the stone, advertising in general, and then summoning people from gen or from LFG. You can't say "Oh just do that then, why take out the feature?", because now people don't go out and quest. People don't go out to dungeons or use LFG. It destroys the game, it actively does wrong, rather than flying for example. This all applies to BG's as well. 6. Heirlooms - Exp boosts should be put on the slot, as a slot enchant, and gear should pass through. Or it should be a permanent buff or something. Looms are equivalent to purple gear, EPICS, of that level, until later content when you finally started getting better with the gear. This is wrong. I'm all for using exp boosts if you want, but making it so that I suffer in my own experience because I'm not is when the line is drawn. No looms? No one wants to group with me for a dungeon. No looms? I can't PvP at all. 7. PvP - It went from a mess to being a bloody car accident. No a train accident. No a plane crash. No a shuttle launch failure. Okay, you get the point. It's completely screwed over and you continually help it collapse by ignoring the forums entirely. Oh a majority don't use the forums? Sucks. If they care enough about an issue, they will come to complain. We see that happening. But you won't respond - You just like using twitter. 8. Copying of other games - There are things that should be copied (i.e. Diablo gear image saving) and things that should not be copied. (i.e. Player housing, Diablo RNG gear). You don't even come up with your own ideas anymore. You just sit here, watch the other games around you, and what works, you implement, what doesn't, you don't. Come on!! WoW was built upon a radical new system, that's why it became so successful. And now? It's just a corporate hog that because of its monetary intake can slug behind other games and say "Look! I'm the best because I implement your features!!" Don't get me wrong, I think certain things should be implemented from other games, however when that's your only model, you're off. 9. RNG of gear - Not it's droprate, but what happens after it's dropped. O_O Is it Thunderforged? Is it Warforged? Oh does it have the right stats? This is awful!!!! This should not exist. Ever. Ever. Period. No. This forces someone to have to run something again and again every week and just stops advancement. But players, you know why it's done? Because Blizzard can no longer implement challenging content in the same way. They have to do this because the content is too quick to do, so they have you running this over and over again until you're ready to shoot someone. (Not literally). Not only do you remove what we had in Vanilla, people running for certain pieces, pieces people knew by name, pieces that people formed groups and social circles around to get (If you don't believe me - Look at WoWhead, posts from as far back as TBC exist) but you make it an absolute boring grind to get gear. Oh but how is this "fixed"? We now get x1.75% extra damage output, and 1% extra damage reduction for each ilevel above our average. WHAT? This is just a terrible system. 10. Raid difficulty - Remember in Vanilla and TBC when there was no raid difficulty? Raids were made for a certain size of players? X raid required this many people, Y raid required this amount. Remember in WoTLK Ulduar the hard mode? Basically a heroic you could do by actively partaking in a fight differently? Such as pressing the red button in Myrmidon or dpsing KT's heart? But no. Now we get a sidebar that tells us we can choose raid difficulty. 10m? 25m? Heroic? Mythic 20m? Normal? Heroic? Oh hey sign up for LFR! Where's the fun in this? Rather than releasing new raids, you just slowly give one here that we clear first try but make us run, now with MoP between 3-4 times to get the proper gear... I'm fine with LFR having a difficulty, as long as you still have to go to the raid, and and a normal one, but come on, raids should be hard. They shouldn't be easily cleared for a reason. They're where we fight the biggest of the bad. We shouldn't have to run it at 4 difficulties to eventually be properly geared as high as possible - Just to have to spam it again for the proper war forged. Early MoP got the "upgrade" right - If you did the raid in a certain order, you got the upgrade, it wasn't RNG. 11. Lack of care for the world - You don't care about your world. You simply create these zones that are forgotten. No one reminisces about Cata scholomance, for example, they reminisce about Vanilla scholomance, not because nostalgia or time apart - Cata was 3 years ago, that's plenty time to develop nostalgia. Old zones had care, texture and we left feeling we saw them, if completed. With Cata and now, they just feel like small gas stations on a road trip, rather than a monument or town your stop to take in before continuing on. 12. Lack of use of the forums - I'm so done with you using Twitter. Your forums are here for us to voice ourselves - Use them. Stop creating this illusion that you care by taking to an environment who's use of 180 characters limits our responses. We can easily see this is because you don't want long, analytical opinions, you want snippets, because you don't care what we think. If a majority of players don't check the forums, that's their problem. If you used them, then the players would have their chance to voice themselves. If they don't then that's their fault for not doing it. Don't blame them for going to Twitter, and stop catering to them if they don't put in the time to take part. That's like paying someone for not doing their job. If they're content, they won't go here, if they're not then they will. You just need to use your head here. Just a few of many things I don't like about the game currently. Thanks for reading.Keschi48 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 More abrogator stones on ults ? so i thought were suppose to be getting more of the quest items after completeing parts or all of the whole quest line.. i have been finnished with my 710 ring and the whole quest to get garona and i dont get many stones on my alt.. pretty much the same drop rate 2-5 kinda lame what givesKreamfillins2 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Sylvanas is really hot. I mean, she sits in one room all day, how does she prevent herself from getting dehydrated?Luthen17 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Karabor raid Please turn this into a raid with the Burning Legion. We can see the downfall of the temple and the Burning Legion pretty much wrecking the place. But in this raid as raiders we "lose" because pretty much every raid we conquer and overcome. But since history does repeat itself, at the end of the raid we have to escape or get ported out because no matter how hard we tried it will still become the Black Temple.Profìen8 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Iron Horde: Entire Plot So thinking over the entire way this "invasion" has been conducted im really confused. So: We have aerial firepower. Which could have easily been used to A) Destroy the portal (and yes, that means scrapping this confusing plotline) B) Sending some gyrocopters through the portal and bombing the living crap out of the Iron horde forces marching into the portal. People are naturally going to say the orcs would have shot them out of the sky but if you reference the portal intro and the cinematic when we first step into Draenor there is absolutely ZERO aerial support visible for the iron horde i dont see any kind of rylaks or AA guns. The Cannon mounted on the gronns back would be way to slow to catch a gyrocopter in flight. Anyway this invasion is spun, Whoever came up with the invasion plans was a dumb individual. To send a small team of ground based forces into a sea of heavily armored and armed orcs and expecting them to accomplish anything at all was a major miscalculation. For blizz to actually continue with such a bad story is unbelievable im sure someone up there could have come up with a bettter intro to get us into Draenor. Theres still the whole other reason as to why Garrosh or Grom was stupid enough to invade a world when they hadnt completely conquered theirs yet either but thats another thread entirely...Jurthaidin27 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 C'mon guys, I know you're out there. I know I'm not the only one that doesn't have WoD. Let's all gather in here, start a reassuring group hug, and talk about how we manage.Vavelva17 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Please explain Horde wins! see subject.Slamezie6 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Where is the Blizzard intervention I don't understand why shaman's have been put on the blizzard *expletive* list. There is an entire CLASS, as in all 3 specs, that doesn't WORK. Why are we being ignored? Unless there are massive changes to the entire class and all 3 specs in the works there is no reason to be playing a shaman. High level end game raiding guilds? No shamans. Serious end game PvP guilds? No shamans. Arena teams in all brackets? No shamans. Yet this problem continues to be ignored! The shaman forums are page after page of complaint about a broken system and there is no action being taken so General gets to feel the fury of the passed wind that is the shaman!Badtaboo6 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 How rare is Hatespark the Tiny? Because I did MC and I got him, but I don't even do pet battles.Koten11 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 97% Highmaul mission fail Yea yea fail roll is fail. I'm not mad about it, but I do now have a sneaking suspicion that the percentage on the screen - for Highmaul missions - is different than whats actually being rolled.Diømedes48 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Boosted 90 Druid Have everything but the different travel forms? like flight form etc. Where do I get them? I spoke to the druid trainer and she never offered it.Elì5 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 World of Warcraft Figurines and Collectables So, I had no idea where to put this at all, because this does, and at the same time does not deal with World of Warcraft the game. Tonight, for the past hour, I've been on a little adventure for friend of mine. She complained to me she could not find a Keal'Thas Figure. Now, me being me, I raised a brow and said "Nah. Sounds easy enough to find." And I started my search, this is where I started to educate myself on licensing that Blizzard has, and how far the reaches of that licensing goes. POP! Games, a manufacture of famous vinyl figures, has about six different figures, from what I've found. Listed below -Arthas -Sylvanas -Murloc -Thrall -Deathwing -Illidan All of these timeless Characters within the World of Warcraft. Among other collectables, even in the Gear Shop, we've had Chen Stormstout, and others, with all other sort of collectables. Then there is the Mega Blocks World of Warcraft toys. Still, the fact of the matter is, a lot of what I see seems to be the same rehashed figures, and think that there is an open market for expanding on the figures and collectables that come from World of Warcraft, more so now that they have Warcraft Related thinks like Heros of The Storm, and Hearthstone. Plus, I think Overwatch would profit big time from figures, plushies, and other toys and collectables that are being promoted in the series. ...Arthamist0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Smash Bros. How does everyone like Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U? Favorite character?Sendravus0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Salvage Yard Loot Anyone know if its possible to obtain items like Benediction, etc. from the Salvage Yard? I know you're able to obtain items that were once removed from the game, would like to know if you could get things like that from there. Since I know you can get it off the BMAH.Cleoatore8 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Where LFR (sadly) fails. This is going to be a mini rant on the state of LFR. 1) Difficulty. Back when I only did LFR (ToT / MV / ToES / HoF), it actually posed some sort of difficulty. You had to actually know the general mechanics of the fight, DPS and healing to be actually decent (anyone remember Tsulong?), and you had to work together and communicate. Fast forward to today, and well, none of those things exist. All of the bosses (albeit Furance, but even that is rather easy) are completely, 100% faceroll. There is no mechanics, people can AFK with the reassurance the boss will be downed with no problem, and tanks can know nothing and still pull off the fight easily. I'm not asking for heroic/mythic difficulty, but come on, it's a joke right now. It's a joke to last expansion's LFR. 2) It doesn't prepare you for Normal/Heroic difficulty. I was always under the impression that LFR was the stepping stone from heroic dungeons into normal-level (previously Flex) raiding. Please correct if I am wrong. Nevertheless, in its current state, LFR teaches you absolutely nothing. You can step on 10 mines in a row and the raid won't wipe; you can let Kargath slash your face and you won't even come close to dying; you can get hit by 5 trains in a row and you still won't die. How are people ever going to get the experience/knowledge to get into the next level of raiding if you can just stand in one spot during the whole fight and hit one button? 3) The aesthetics of the gear. I know this really doesn't pertain to my post, but lord does LFR gear look like an eyesore. I would just like to say that Blizzard really dropped the ball here. It doesn't even look like they tried. TL;DR: LFR is too faceroll; it will never help people get into normal-level raiding. And the gear looks awful.Praying52 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Why don't we just... Resurrect Deathwing for a few seconds so he can create a huge chasm in the Blasted Lands. Move the Dark Portal to open up right over this pit.Virate21 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Solution to balancing the game for good TLDR: Make specific or all cc abilities do damage in pve. Make it a crucial part of the class rotation and modify the damage of that cc ability to fix any dps issues in pve. The damage of all regular abilities should be tuned for pvp. End result: this gives blizzard another way to tune a class' damage in pve while lessening the possibily of said changes having too much of an effect in pvp. For a long time players have said to balance the game around pvp but I'm sure blizzard takes that to mean "make it so that every class is balanced and every comp balanced." Thats not possible and any player that thinks that isn't being realistic. However blizzard can definitely do more to bring the power/control of classes closer together but since this is a pve game with a side of pvp why focus on the appetiser when you can keep them coming back for more with the main course? My concept is simple and has already been done by blizzard but for some reason blizzard just misses their own concepts. Deep freeze and storm bolt both do what i am referring to. I believe deep freeze was changed to not do that any more but I would honestly say that that was a big mistake. Now it can be argued that the cds on these abilities are too long yet another concept by blizzard for shockwave is if you use it on 3 targets or more you get a reduced cd. So if thats the case blizzard has 2 choices: 1)leave the cds of these cc abilities as is and allow the spell to do the appropriate damage to achieve their pve goals or 2)using deep freeze as an example, if the mage is targeting a target that is permanently immune to stuns and uses the ability it does damage and the cd is reduced by x%. Justification for every cc can be found as to why it does damage. For example: Hex- it curses a player and the curse is so strong that it morphs you into a toad however for a boss the curse flows though his veins and tries to morph him but uses brute force to fight off the transformation. The boss is not left unscathed and either takes damage directly from fighting off the instant the transformation occurs or as a dot since the boss is cursed for a period of time and if he ever becomes weakened while the curse still flows through him he will be morphed.(of course he will be dead before he is too weak to fight it off) Gouge-the tooltips says you are gouging their eyes out so honestly it should be able to do damage in pve The list goes on and on My only thing is this; I realise blizzard is using execute as a damage adjuster for warriors which is wrong because that will allow sudden death to down right be cookie cutter (we have this current talent system because blizzard said this was an attempt to reduce cookie cutter builds). So basically my suggestion for cc doing damage should be applied to any cc that is not related to the talent tree and is available to every spec. N.B. I dont expect this to be implemented in a patch any time soon, or even in a patch at all. I understand that this would be quite a bit of work...perhaps even resulting in major changes to some classes. I am merely a concerned player airing my views.Quickhots0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Character Housing I know that this topic has come up before on the forums, but I just wanted to reiterate the need for this because to me, it’s completely necessary. I think players should be able to have their own quarters in their Garrisons. I don’t want to make this argument too similar to Skyrim or some other fantasy games, but a player is nothing without a home base (And a Garrison doesn’t count). What is the point of building an entire fortress with followers and blacksmiths and generals and even a garden and an OUTHOUSE if you don’t have your own bed? In the past when I’ve brought this up, players have told me that you can use the bed in your inn if you have one. Why would you sleep in an inn in your own fortress? The followers salute you and bow down to you as you walk into the gates. They refer to you as commander, general, and boss. You control armies and missions and govern the entire stronghold. Wouldn’t it make sense to have your own little hut? Some privacy, something to call your own. I know it’s just decoration, but so is Pepe, and the prison underneath the Barracks, and so many other miniscule details added to the Garrisons that make them grand. You wouldn’t sleep with your followers with so much power; you’d have your own private quarters. The farm at Halfhill has a little hut in it, with a small bed, a stove to cook on, a boiling pot, and food. It’s small, but it’s suitable. After all, our characters didn’t even have their own place until Mists. We traveled inn to inn, like the adventurers and explorers we are. But we’ve been promoted, and I think it’s time to show. Just some food for thought for the night.Veanna7 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Art Master I would like to draw some of your characters today. You may leave a request. Here is an example of my work, it is of my own character. Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Please fix Armory pose for Tauren Fury Warriors. Look at mine for example. That is all. Carry on gents.Thòr15 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Combine Brawler's Guild+Proving Grounds+Duel I just had the craziest idea of an awesome suggestion for future patchs or expansions... We got Proving Grounds... We got Brawler's Guild... We got duels... What happens when you combine all three of them? You get Brawler's Proving Duels!! The name is kinda wierd, I know, but let me explain about my idea... Duel another dps in speed burst to kill certain numbers of targets or with a healer to heal them or with a tank in an endurance match to see who is the last man standing? Get the idea? What do you guys think?Trankos4 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Blizzard can't win. "Why doesn't Blizzard communicate more and let us know whats going on..what they plan..etc?!?!..its downright horrible how they run their business!" "I can't believe Blizzard led us to believe this would happen Tuesday, when they said 'next week'! They really shouldn't say anything about something until it happens! Talking about things too early is horrible when they don't have a definite release date!"Akston2 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 5 ilvl brf increase? When does this happen?Tiger9 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 can veteran accounts still post on forums? or do i go back to being bored late nightsLkilla1 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Can future Horde buildings.... Be of Forsaken and Blood Elf design when the idea is to create a permanent settlement. And for the more mobile field camps you can use Troll and Tauren tents. I think a lot of Horde players are tired of "ORC SPIKES" on everything and we could use some Victorian Era buildings with Elven architecture thrown around for that "fantasy" look.Nalithen8 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Topper Mcnabb is an undercover cop! Copper Mcnabb.Maryine21 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 MY 1 and only "i quit post" 1st- I'm sorry for posting an iquit post. w/e. Thanks blizzard for the great game wow has been. If you want exact reasons while i won't be playing, i'm sure you can look at the 100 other threads that say i quit. The 1 main flaw i find in wow, or any game these days is the fact that games are centered around how much money can be generated rather than how much fun can be generated (which leads to money) If you look at all of the new stereotypical iphone apps, they're centered around being free to download and wait for eternity to do whatever it is they want you to do. Well, you most certainly can give them $5 to speed up the process.. and the guy that pays $10 will be faster and more productive than you, but if you look at the core concept of the game (iphone app) it is based around milking money because people want to win. I relate this to WoW because i believe the target is raiders, and the rest of those subscribers who want to grind an easy mindless game to achieve "all that can be achieved". The reasoning is how garrisons, professions, achievements linked to old content, most reps,archaeology, fishing all have no difficulty, only a time sink and grind. I may piss some folks off, but wtf is up with fishing? you click, stair at the screen, wait for the bobber and click again. There is no game play to that, it's just click wait click click wait click. I dont need to sub to a game to click a mouse button, i can do that with my PC turned off! I believe this grind is based on the time it takes to accomplish - which would link blizzard's need to keep subs going as long as possible. Dont get me wrong, i know all games have an element of time spent = money made, but most time spent in games should be for enjoyment and fun rather than OCD obsessiveness to complete what meaningless grind there is. There is a lack of rewarding lvl 100 content, lack of PVE difficulty in solo/small groups, and lack of direction in what content is available. I know many people will disagree or flame me, but my post is hopeful that someone in blizz will read. I could think of 1000 easily implemented things that could be fun and entertaining content, but i will not, and will get bombarded for not doing so. Primarily, i believe blizzard's focus is making money (which is understandable) but is done so by designing meaningless grind rather than fun activities. This statement is another topic for another day from someone who still subscribes when the topic is relevant: The current goal of the game is 100% focused on gear upgrading. It seems that the developer focus is on gear upgrading then reverse engineering methods to obtain such gear. The productive way to design a game would be to create the options to play the game first, then put the gear behind those options in a progressive way. Raiding is not the only viable play style. Solo and small group play is still fun to most, as well as some form of balanced objective based pvp that requires player vs player content. TL:DR - Game content is designed to take time rather than effort ---designed to keep subs extended rather than entertainment. (thank you if you read) Edit: oh yeah - and thank you for those telling me "farewell" in either a good way or bad way. I have 4 sub days left. I may sub again when i can spend my 800k on tokens and there is content available.Orinis5 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Vol'jin is deaf Deaf'jinKeedorin19 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 My Favorite Memories of This Game I remember going over to my best friends house in 2004 and watching him play this game. I was very excited to buy it and play together with him and my twin brother. It seemed different than any other game I had played. I bought it in 2005. I spent hours, thinking of what class to roll. I opened the WoW booklet and read what each class was like. The booklet made each class sound so awesome! I rolled a Tauren Shaman, because I felt like it fit my personality. I couldn't have been happier! Being at Thunder Bluff and my best friend messages me for the first time and says he was going to meet me. He comes in riding on his mount in almost full tier 1. I was like, holy %^&%!!!!!! You can ride mounts in this game?! Coolest friend moment. Grinding out my last level to hit 60. Killing as many yetis in Winterspring as I could. A lot of my guild mates came out there to cheer me on. To see that BIG 60 next to my name was the biggest accomplishment! I was so relieved and excited to begin gearing up to raid with them and my best friend. Staying up until 4am on weekdays, trying to finish LBRS/UBRS. with no Looking For Group system, no cross realm or battletag invites were invented yet. Getting my tier 1 shoulders, walking around Orgrimmar, and having people compliment me on how cool they looked! Helping a real life friend grind out rank 14 on his Warrior. Helping make Thunderfury for another real life friend. Getting together a whole bunch of real life friends to prepare for the Burning Crusade expansion. Sitting at Denny's, deciding which classes to play, which server we were going to all transfer to. Being able to finally raid as Elemental, because they made gear tailored specifically to the spec, and i didn't have to wear cloth anymore! Completing Karazahn for the first time. That will forever be my favorite instance in this game. Competing in my first ever arena season! I did horrible, but it still was fun as hell. Wrath of the Lich King came out and I decided to choose Arena over PvE. I decided to dedicate myself to being the best resto shaman I could. I found a warrior named Smexxybonez on Daggerspine (you may know of him as Smexxin now) and we grinded out 2400 + to duelist that first season, even though I AFK'd our team for 6 months and logged in after the season finished to see the title :) . Being around some of the best PvPers taught me so much and how to be a better player. Now, everyone has moved to Tich, or other PvP servers. I remember rated Battlegrounds being implemented into the game. FINALLY!!! Getting to almost 2k rating and falling short >.< Then, during the middle of wrath, the game lost it's appeal. I've been unsubbing and resubbing on and off ever since. I MISS THE GOOD OL' DAYS!!! :-( Any of you care to share your favorite memories of this game?Mdkoa11 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Ragnaros has his own cereal brand Ragnar-o's Ragnaros gets caught on something SnagnarosAresxx0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Character performs action. Pun on character's name relating to result of action.Whoopdedoo5 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Vol'jin turns up... Vol'GinVirate12 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Looking for a Powerleveling partner! Looking to powerlevel to lvl 100 with a friend or two ^^ add me and we can talk races and specs and such! Please have heirlooms! hoping to lvl to 100 in about few days! Brewmaster#1202Aiju0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Season 2? Im just curious if anyone has calculated how long the average season goes on until a new one is started? and if so could you estimate approximately on season 2? or does anyone have any clue at all? anything would be helpful.Brèwslee1 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 I cant get the consle thingy to work. Well, I've tried both death effect commands, and they don't work!! please help! D: The death glare thing is annoying. And I die everywhere! (Don't judge me) Im on WoD patch 6.1.0 Please help me out here thx! :) ( ' . ' )Vivii4 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Playable Races we do not need I keep seeing folks asking for this race and that race. Personally I think we have enough races as it is, but if Blizz ever considers adding more, here are some things that need to be ruled out. 1. Elves. We already have two playable elves, adding more will not add any thing to the story, it will not add any thing to PVP. There will be zero change. B. Furrys. We don't need them. they're Furrys. Third. New races from out of nowhere. Give us some warning, show us some lore for them, don't just add a race that no ones seen before, because after the staring zone, no one will see them again. IV. Quadrupeds or Snakes. We have pants, its a basic piece of equipment, the core game mechanics are based on the fact that we wear pants. pant are here to stay. I hope this was helpful to those of you about to post your "neat race idea". And I'm serious about the Furrys, NO.Phlynch105 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 Cannot create auction? I'm trying to sell Brawler's Harness and Primitive Mantle and the "Create Auction" stays grayed out with no message saying why. I do have gold to for the deposit, the gear is repaired and the items are not boa, bop or anything else along those lines. I made another auction to test with zero addons enabled and it worked. Very odd...Huntchamp4 Mar 18, 2015