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Nov 7, 2017 NOW LIVE: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you must declare your allegiance. ----- Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Cinematic Trailer World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Features Trailer ----- Recruit Allied Races Explore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favor and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set. Learn more about Allied Races here. New Continent - Kul Tiras As a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar’s high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause. New Continent - Zandalar Prepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshippers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun. Plunder Uncharted Islands Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect the island’s resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more. Storm the Warfronts Head to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles. Infuse Armor with Titanic Might Take control of the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that’s emerged in the Legion’s wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Enter a World Divided New Level CapStop the spread of the Blood God’s corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120. New Dungeons and RaidsFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal’Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! Character BoostAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle! CommunitiesFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups.Ornyx0 Nov 7, 2017
4m World of Warcraft Forum Upgrades! As some of you may know, over the last several months we've been implementing new forums for a few of our titles, including Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, as well as BlizzCon. These new forums allow you to more easily navigate current topics, encourage more constructive discussions, and reward positive contributions to the community. We are now ready for World of Warcraft to transition to these new forums. This Thursday, November 15, the current World of Warcraft forums will be going into maintenance starting at 8 AM Pacific. We estimate this process should take approximately 8 hours. Note: We will be migrating over any active threads from the last two weeks to allow ongoing community discussions to continue as seamlessly as possible. Once maintenance is complete, the old forums will remain available in read-only mode for the foreseeable future, so you’ll be able to easily reference back to anything that wasn’t automatically transferred to the new forums. Here’s a few of the new features we’re excited about: Tracking and Updates • The Blizz Tracker has returned to help you quickly find official posts • You can now easily find threads that you’ve previously viewed • Better text formatting • Threads now update in real time without needing to refresh • Threads now infinitely scroll – no more navigating page by page • The forums will also remember what you’ve read and where you left off! Sorting and Search • A new “Advanced Search” feature will make looking for older posts easier • You can now sort posts by “Top” or “Latest” with configurable timeframes. Notifications • You can now enable notifications for when you are tagged in posts and replies Flagging • The “report post” feature has been upgraded to a flagging system with multiple optionsYthisens31 4m
Oct 27 Note: Communities and the Code of Conduct Hey all, With the influx of discussion around Communities on the forums, we've decided to set up a new forum dedicated to the feature itself. Please direct all conversation and recruitment around Communities there! On that forum, you can search for a Community that's of interest to you, or advertise for a Community you've created! Players are encouraged to form groups around their interests, both in- and out-of-game. While we recognize that those interests are largely varied across our community, all posts in this forum and Communities themselves must uphold the World of Warcraft Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Please be mindful that your forum post does not breach the Code of Conduct. This includes bumping of threads, harassment, trolling, etc. We look forward to seeing the Communities that are created as we head into Battle for Azeroth!Ornyx54 Oct 27
Oct 26 WarcraftDevs Twitter Updates Hey guys! Some of you have voiced some feedback about feeling a little missed sometimes when it comes to us making or posting updates on sites like Twitter. Since we understand that some of you guys prefer to only use the forums we're going to maintain this sticky thread here as a master list of all of the recent tweets so that you can see when we make them and what was said. I will try to catch all of them as it will sometimes include tweets from accounts like: WarcraftDevs and Watcher himself or any other dev that posts something I think might be relevant to include in here.Ythisens38 Oct 26
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1m Post with your character that has your favorite name Mine is a reference to one of my favorite shows of all time (Scrubs) and is a great name for a Dwarf.Beardfacé89 1m
1m Game is very unrewarding for mythic raiders Let me finish, Outside of raiding that is, game is very unrewarding for mythic raiders. World quests for pointless, timewalking is pointless, Can’t push mythic plus this week I really can’t see any reason to log on outside of the 9 hours my guild raides Last week me and my friends did a lot of mythic pluses and they were fun. This week they are too boring and frustrating and not worth the effort to push just for the sake of challenge it self. I guess I’ll give RBGs a shot. Leveling an alt is too boring already leveled 2 can’t stand the tought of leveling another.Humanìty43 1m
1m Is Blizzard Safe? What if someone starts shooting up a BlizzCon, there being lots of angry ‘fans’ and all.Prizn15 1m
1m In case they move to Battletag/Account Name Tomorrow... It's been nice chatting with y'all the past years. I've been on the forums since they were first around, through various names, though the main 3 have been Myzou, Reinhilde, and for the past year, Maizou. However, (IF IT HAPPENS, WE DON'T KNOW YET) I won't be posting anymore if it forces us to post with our battletags or account name instead of our characters. My account name and battletags are rather easy to find me offsite with, and I'd rather not deal with the harassment that comes with that. People who know me here know I post rather snarky and sarcastic remarks a lot (Though I do tend to be helpful even when snarky/sarcastic), and although some people like that, it comes with haters too, and I've had to deal with some harassment in the past, both in game and on forums) So if it ends up happening, I'll just end up stop posting on the official forums and move to sites like Petopia, Warcraftpets, etc. full time, as I'd rather nip the harassment before it starts. Hopefully they understand that posting as our characters is important to us though, and that's why the WoW forums have taken so long to upgrade. But in case it does happen, I'd like to thank you all for being here to chat with these past years, as I've enjoyed chatting with y'all, even those times I had people yelling at me to shut up or stop posting because no one cares (like when I wouldn't drop the topic of the fact they had no intention of letting us change our faces at the barber shop after updating character models :P). Even though a lot of people call GD toxic, it's honestly rather soothing to post here at times. There's always regulars I can count on to see posting.Maizou56 1m
2m The Water Strider problem Feels like this is a compulsory mount, and I have to use it all the time. Half the population seems to be riding one as well. A lot of people start screaming when people ask for its water walking ability to be disabled. Can we have a compromise? Make it situational instead of a kind of "OP" mount? How about it moves at +80% speed on land instead of +100%Creeks0 2m
2m Recommend me music to play WoW to I like guitar-based rock. Especially metal. Recommend me artists/bands and tell me why I should listen to them. Shoot!Prizn45 2m
2m Why junkergnomes and Vulpera will go together Ratchet and Clank.Hella25 2m
3m Why are people upset over the avatar you post with? ??? Please be honest. I am genuinely curious what reasons people have.Utterly20 3m
3m If you could buy any mount.. How much would you pay and for which mount? I’d pay 500k g for gladiator photo drake. Thing looks goodHumanìty4 3m
5m Blizzard: Never Give In To Children Crying One of the biggest rules in parenting is that when a child is crying about something you shouldn't give in or else they'll cry even more. It creates a cycle where they will literally cry at everything because they know eventually you'll give in and reward them. Nothing has been closer to this than what the Alliance is doing: boycott War Mode. Now you're giving them incentives for turning it back on which will in the long run just make them cry more. The incentive for having War Mode on should be greater for BOTH factions so players feel crippled by having it off. The problem right now is the bonus is so small that many Alliance players opt-out in favor of increased productivity. If War Mode provided more incentive for BOTH factions you would have actual battles happening on a regular basis competing for those greatly increased rewards. Faction imbalance isn't the core problem here; it's the small 10% increased rewards that are worth it until you get camped for an hour. Ultimately what a fix like this is going to do is going to result in dramatic power swings as each faction turns it on and off each week as risk and rewards change. To have a real impact on participation in War Mode we need to see some core shifts like bounties being unable to use flight paths, greatly increased honor rewards (making actual world PvP a viable grinding strategy), and a greater incentive than just a 10% bonus.Empowerments69 5m
5m BEs are HEs But they should have been alliance. Not horde. That was a major blow by blizzard to their own lore.Humanìty15 5m
6m I will drink from your skull TODAY THE GODS WILL DECIDE YOUR FATELokhir9 6m
6m Strongest mortal in wow universe currently Jaina or khadgar?Humanìty8 6m
7m Alliance get 30% xp buff As of 8.1, alliance is getting a 30% xp buf! Thanks blizzard!!Edwaylin77 7m
7m Why High Elves Don't Work: A Primer (Revisit) DISCLAIMER: This is a thread of mine from August. I'm reposting it light of the coming forum migration, so that discussion may continue as this topic is still somehow being thrown about. After seeing this entire debacle play out since Void Elves were revealed, I have noticed a couple things. Firstly, that Ion, and thus Blizzard, haven't changed their stance on High Elves since Blizzcon. Secondly, that High Elf Hopefuls keep bringing up the same arguments that they claim supports High Elves. Despite our Lead Game Director Ion Hazzikostas stating quite clearly on two different live streams that High Elves don't make sense as an Allied Race, why they don't make sense, and that there are no plans in the immediate future for High Elves, I am here to refute each and every one of the copy and paste points people keep bringing up, and give clear, logical explanations as to why they don't work or make sense, in hopes you all can reach the same conclusions Ion and Blizzard have! Ready? Let's begin! 1: "High Elves are different enough from Blood Elves!" I see this one a lot, but no. Sorry. They aren't. The High Elves went through no mutation, no physical change, no evolution or otherwise genetic alteration after Quel'thalas was sacked by Arthas and the scourge. Kael'thas renamed the High Elven people Blood Elves in memory and honor of their fallen, and for no other reason. It's been only 30 or less years since Kael'thas renamed his people Blood Elves. They are racially, genetically, identical. While people love to think of High Elves as "pure" or Blood Elves as "tainted", which are both untrue, given the recent golden eyes of the Blood Elves, it doesn't appear that tapping demons' magic to sate the elves' magical addiction did anything cosmetically permanent. Blood/High Elves that succumbed to their hunger became Wretched. Blood Elves that overindulged in fel became Felblood Elves. 2: "Blizzard did Pandaren for both sides, they can do Blood/High Elves on both sides! How could it dilute faction identity more than Pandaren?" I'm going to go ahead and say most people asking for High Elves don't play Pandaren. Why? Because they represent the lowest number of players within their own faction out of ALL races. Last number estimates show about 2.5%, per faction. Combined across all of WoW, roughly 1 in 20 plays a Pandaren, whereas Blood Elf numbers are the most populous among Horde races, having been roughly equal to Human numbers in Alliance for most of WoW since TBC. Also, for or those that don't know, Blizzard regrets doing Pandaren as a Neutral race, to the point that I can say we'll likely never see another Neutral race. Since MoP, it's basically impossible to write Pandaren lore now, because their forces are split faction, and we haven't seen them do anything notable in WoW since MoP. Their identity is basically nothing. 3: "High Elves' lore and history is rich enough to stand alone!" Except any High Elf history is also Blood Elf history. High Elven buildings, tabards, crests, architecture, vehicles, weapon style, etc. is Blood Elven except painted blue. The only notable High Elven characters left are Alleria and Veressa, but Alleria now leads and represents the Void Elves going forward, leaving only Veressa. The two have been separate for only 30 or so years. Not nearly enough to diverge or have enough unique history. 4: "Nightborne are just Night Elves, so we should get High Elves even if they're just like Blood Elves!" Nightborne spent 10,000 years in arcane isolation from Night Elf society. They physically changed from the powers of the Nightwell, and their culture changed immensely from worship of Elune. They bear little cultural similarity to current day Night Elves. They are far more similar to the Blood Elves in that isolation around a magical font of power changed them drastically over time. Blood Elves originated as Highborne Night Elves that were cast out for continuing to practice in the arcane. This doubles as a lore reason as to why they find allies in the Horde through the Blood Elves, as they can empathize with their plight. 5: "High Elves chose not to feed on demonic magic! They sated their magical addiction through other means! Their culture is so different!" If I make myself a ham sandwich and offer you one, but you tell me you don't like ham and would prefer a turkey sandwich, I wouldn't turn around and call you culturally different from me. Regardless, as of the end of The Burning Crusade expansion, where Blood Elves were introduced to the Horde, the Sunwell was restored as a font of Arcane and Holy magic, removing the inherent need for Blood Elves (or High Elves) to sate any magical withdrawal. Lor'themar has also continued to allow High Elves to make pilgrimages to the Sunwell. You can see High Elves in a post-TBC-era Sunwell during the Quel'delar questline, and more recently, the Nightborne recruitment questline, where he even granted Alleria an audience. 6: "We can make High Elves different enough from Blood Elves! Look at all these tattoos and tribal motifs we made! Void Elves are not what we want!" Re-imaging the High Elves to all look like extrapolations of some Warcraft 2-Era rangers isn't solving the problem. The problem is that Blood elves are High Elves. The problem is that the fantasy of a traditional LOTR "High Elf" is a Blood Elf. Blizzard hasn't been deaf for all these years when Alliance ask for High Elves. It is NOT a secret, but they likely took a look at High Elves and agreed that they are just Blood Elves in fantasy, skin tone, hair color, origin, and feel, with the only difference to speak of visually being eye color. So they made an attempt to see how they could spin and mix up a Thalassian elf enough to merit inclusion on the Alliance. They made a compromise. They gave it a prominent Thalassian leader with strong Alliance ties, and they provided it with a unique, flavorful aesthetic to set it apart from other races, most importantly their Blood Elf counterparts. In these areas, I think Void Elves were a success. They also currently number greater than any other Allied Race of either faction, so it sounds like most Alliance are enjoying them. 7: "You say there's not enough High Elves left, but there's even less Void Elves, yet they are an Allied Race!" Let's start with basic stuff. Actual NPC numbers, towns, factions in WoW, etc, do not represent canon numbers. WoW is a representation of a multi-game IP. Example: The canon number of people in Goldshire is somewhere in the thousands, where as in game, I don't think you can find more than 30 NPCs. The point being, we don't know how many High Elves are left. We also don't know how many Void Elves were created. People's perception that there's less Void Elves than High Elves is based on in-game representation, and Void Elves were literally just added, so of course there will appear to be less. This has definitely changed going forward as you can already see them in BfA events, and they even have their own Island Expedition team. High Elves, barring a single NPC here and there, will only see less and less limelight as Void Elf stories move forward. 8: "High Elves were there in the Nighthold cut-scene! They represented 1/3rd of the forces there!" The two main factions involved in that quest were the Blood Elven forces under Liadrin and the Night Elven forces under Tyrande. Veressa made an appearance so Elisande could insult her and her people for diluting their bloodline with humans (ouch!). Because she showed up to help Tyrande with a glaive thrower and a few of her Silver Covenant does not somehow equate to being one third of the forces there. 9: "Blizzard reverted their stance on Classic Servers! If we make enough noise and cry enough, they'll cave on High Elves!" No, definitely not, and if this is the reason you keep arguing about it, please stop. The two are not at all the same. The lack of Blizzard Classic servers was causing unauthorized private servers to pop up and recreate this experience, and Blizzard has to protect their IP, so they shut them down. However, they realized there was more of a crowd/market for this than previously thought, so they announced official Classic servers to cater to this demographic. If you honestly think there's as many people clamoring for High Elves as there were for Classic servers, you severely overestimate your vocal minority. 10: "Ion doesn't know his lore. Ion isn't listening to us! Ion should be fired!" While this isn't exactly an argument and more of an opinion, I'm including it here because it's flooding the forums while High Elf Hopefuls go through their stages of grief. Ion isn't Lead Game Director because he doesn't know his lore. He's also not the only person that weighs in on these decisions, though it's easy for everyone to bash him because he is the messenger. Ion in my opinion does what any good developer does: experiment, keep what works, cut or fix what does not. Through the Q&A's, we've seen the progressing stance on unpopular things in Legion like Legendaries, RNG, AP grind, etc. and in BFA, all of these are getting addressed, while popular things like Mythic+ are seeing dungeons specifically designed around it. 11: "If Blood Elf is the High Elf Fantasy, then NIghtborne is Dark Elf Fantasy, and Horde are getting those! They look just like Night Elves!" I would say no here. Nightborne were isolated for 10,000 years from Night elf society. That's as long as it took for Night Elves to transform into High Elves after their exile, leading to the creation of the Sunwell, and those two are obviously different races. If you hadn't caught the obvious, the Nightborne was basically a Legion-era retelling of the Blood Elf storyline: "An elven people (Blood Elf/Nightborne), physically and culturally warped by thousands of years by exposure to a mystical font of power (Sunwell/Nightwell), find their leader had consorted with the Legion (Kael with Kil'jaeden, Elisande with Gul'dan). A splinter faction within these people (Scryers/Nightfallen) rise up to overthrow their leader and purge them from Legion taint and control." The only difference is that Velen reignites the Sunwell, whereas Thalyssra decides to destroy the Nightwell. Either way, they culturally and visually clash with Nigh Elves, who have shunned practice in the arcane since Azshara and The Sundering, having only recently allowed Night Elf mages to tenuously practice since Cataclysm. Back to the question, Nightborne were given unique idle animations, had the Night Elf signature flip jump removed, and given only one eye shade between them. Nightborne get Warlock as a class option. Nightborne also have severely limited customization options, less than that of any Allied race despite being the most fleshed out in Legion. Whether that serves to severely limit their palette, or indicates they were merely worked on first, I don't know. I find Nightborne plenty different from Night Elf, considering the entire first story arc in Legion is dedicated to explaining and detailing this, and given the changes mentioned above. 12: "High Elves being barely different from Blood Elves is just like Lightforged Draenei being barely different from Draenei, or Highmountain being barely different from regular Tauren!" Yes, of course. But unlike High Elves, Draenei and Tauren are not crossing faction lines. They are just more Alliance Draenei. More Horde Tauren. More Alliance Dwarves. More Horde Orcs. The only two Allied Races thus far that "mixed it up" would be the Void Elf, a compromise to the Alliance to get the Thalassian model, and the Nightborne, a compromise to the Horde to get the Night Elf model. Using any other comparisons between Allied Races to merit High Elves is a pointless endeavor, because Blizzard specifically catered these two to be opposing and opposite compromises for each faction. For an Allied Race that "crosses faction lines" a more drastic set of rules and distinction would be required. 13: "All the reasons Ion gives for not allowing High Elves could be used to exclude Void Elves!" I'm seeing this one echoed quite a lot, probably because of Taliesin and Evitel's two videos (which, by the way, end up with the result that High Elves probably don't make sense). To reiterate Ion's main points of reasoning for why High Elves weren't going to work, taken from the two live interviews: -Too similar to Blood Elf in aesthetic (Fair-skinned, tall, majestic, blond-haired) -Blurs the lines between the factions (Both visually, and by population numbers) -No clear idea of who/what High Elves are as a larger faction (Splintered groups) -No hub where High Elves would pull from (Sort of related to the above point) Void Elves, by comparison, addressed these in the following ways: -Changed the visual aesthetic, dark to pale grey skin, dark hair with animated glows and tentacles, vastly different hairstyles, armor type, void skin racial -Ties Void Elves to Alleria's story with the Void, Alleria staying with Turalyon firmly on the Alliance, being the link to bring them into the fold (not unlike how Sylvanas became the link for Blood Elves to join the Horde) -Clear idea of who the Void Elves are, Blood Elven exiles who dabbled in Void powers, Alleria and Locus Walker teaching and helping these people to harness and control these powers. New Blood Elf and High Elf exiles find their way to Telgorus Rift. -A clear hub in Telgorus Rift, where they can study and practice their, frankly dangerous, void powers away from public eye. Reinforces their initial idea as a crack elite squad of Alleria's The mistake people make when they use this line is that High Elves not being playable was because Blizzard couldn't bend or understand the lore enough to make it work. That's just not the case. We've seen Blizzard do major, drastic ret-cons or lore changes to merit inclusion for a number of things. Blood Elf Paladins and Draenei that weren't Broken back in TBC, etc. To think they couldn't have easily made High Elves 'make sense' lore-wise is not the issue. The real problem is that they visually, culturally, and aesthetically were not distinct enough from Blood Elves to merit including them on an opposite faction, and so Void Elves were the end result of the iteration Blizzard went through to give Alliance a "flavor of High Elf". CLOSING STATEMENT At the end of it all the core issue that, especially in Battle for Azeroth, the faction identity is important, as are the races within those factions. Adding High Elves would indeed damage that identity. To say that adding High Elves to Alliance wouldn't cause damage to Blood Elven or Horde identity is ignorance. Blood Elves have been part of core Horde story for over 10 years now, while High Elves have been a "me too!" inclusion at best, or completely absent at worst. Moreover, the High Elves per current lore in Chronicle left the Alliance under Anasterian Sunstrider following the Second War (the one Alleria gained fame in), and any current-day remaining High Elves who did not follow Kael'thas or Lor'themar were fringe groups mostly Dalaran associated (remaining a mostly Neutral city-state). While I know this post won't silence any of the increasingly desperate, baseless, or straight ignorant arguments being brought to this forum, reddit, MMO-Champion, the extremely radicalized/disturbed people on the "High Elven Discord" and the rest of the greater internet, I feel this forum needed a point by point breakdown of the broken record that is the High Elven argument. Also, as passionate as you may be about the inclusion of High Elf, I am infinitely more-so passionate that High Elves stay out of the Alliance, where lore has had them for over a decade.Lydon471 7m
7m What's wrong with the gnome model? Why is it that of all the races, gnomes have some of the worst clipping?Grimvald1 7m
8m Devs confirmed Sylvanas is their Waifu Apparently she's just super special to the writers so they confirmed she won't be a raid boss because she's much more than that (funny, big characters like Illidan, Arthas, Garrosh, Kil'jaeden etc... which have been much more important ended up as raid bosses, yet Sylvy is too special for that). Guess when you're the devs waifu you can do more evil than literally every villain out there and you just get saved anyway. Source: 8m
52s So PvP vendors for 8.1? This is the second post I make about PvP vendors, but I can't stress enough on how important this vendors are for character progression in PvP. Random gear is not fun, not fun for PvP players, it's not fun getting the same item 3 times in a row from different quests it makes you want to throw your pc out the window. I don't know where is Ion Hazzikostas head when he said having everything in a loot box not knowing what's going to be it's FUN. I want to know what I’m getting gear wise, I want to be able to choose my own damn gear just give us our vendors back. THIS AIN'T FUN! (Don't write stuff like do dungeons or mythics cuz that's not the point, I hate PvE and I hate being forced to PvE to get gear.) TLDR; It wans't supposed to be a rant but I think It came out as one.Melhart3 52s
10m Are the old forums going to be archived? Somewhere? I know the last 2 weeks will be migrated, but I am kind of sad everything else is getting wiped out. There are a lot of posts I kind of enjoy looking back on/come across from my high school and college days. Its kind of like a view into my life from the past and how my posting style and attitude evolved. All the way back to arguably the best time of my life in 2011. I remember that time fondly, I'd hate to see it all go poof.Valarien0 10m
14m Vulpera when? With the big ears and fluffy tails pls nd tyThàlyssra14 14m
14m BT badly overtuned. I have been waiting since Legion to get a transmog I like for warglaives. As a tank DH I never was a fan of the sharp tonfa look. So I resubbed hearing TW BC would net a DH the warglaive look. I've waited patiently for BC timewalking to come around. Having run part of it, it is WAY overtuned...We took 10 people in and it took hours to not even get halfway. Some trash has an absurd amount of HP (courtyard flying orcs, holy crud), and even the early bosses that some large groups cleared first go in the past are just beastly. In terms of difficulty, yeah, sure, it reminds me of the original BT. The problem is, I have just this ONE week to clear it with some PUG or another, not months to learn the fights and patiently whittle our way through. I think average groups should expect a 3-4 hour clear at best... Throw us a bone here... either tweak the ilvl so it doesn't feel like we're clearing BT in Karazhan gear at best, or tone the trash/bosses down. Don't believe me? Hardly any groups seem to be forming, and those that try can't reach critical mass for even 10 people. Noone wants to slog through that hot mess.Gunjniir25 14m
19m How is the new forum going to work? I am curious about this, how is it going to work exactly, they say you will be able to 'post more often' if you are good, but what does this actually mean, does this mean that when we start we will have a limit on how often we can post?? Also, are the good MVP's like Bluespacecow and so on going to still be around as MVPS? We need them.Elae85 19m
24m Macro help So I want to make a macro that equips an item, uses that item, then equips another item in one push. To be more specific, I'd like to equip my Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest then use it to get the dragon form then re-equip my main weapon. I've tried many different ways, which include: /equip Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest /use Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest /equip [MAIN WEAPON NAME] and /castsequence reset=3 item:71086, [MAIN WEAPON NAME], nil and lastly, /castsequence reset=3 item:71086 /equip [MAIN WEAPON NAME] So far only the first and the last codes work and they only half work. I have to press them twice to get my desired result. Is there a way to fix this so that I don't have to press it twice. I've checked, and Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest doesn't have a cooldown when equipped (not even a GCD) so I'm not quite sure why it's not working but I'm not very skilled in macro-making. Note: I used [MAIN WEAPON NAME] because I'm still trying to improve my gear so the weapon name changes frequently.Luperco0 24m
24m Why do you play female characters? We all know you are men, so why do you roleplay as female characters? Is it body issues? Desiring attention? Please tell us more..Prizn132 24m
27m Everyone stop hating on Blizzard! I understand alot of you have frustrations but keep in mind Blizzard is a company and its goal is to make money and make a product that most people agree with.... They know their will be alot of people who dislike/hate their product... But they stick to their goals and overall design a decent game I like sure its not at its glory of Lich king.... But I still like current expansion overall I posted some things like this in past... But I mean come on nobodys perfect and Blizzard is no excuse.... I know they messed up alot lately and have been ignoring people massively... But overall BFA is still a good game no matter what you haters say. If you agree with what I said about Blizzard upvote if not post why you disagree.. AND YES THIS POST IS FROM MY MAIN TOON!!! i HAVE THE COURAGE TO POST ON MY MAIN UNLIKE THE MAJORITY OF FORUMS USERS!!! ( sorry for caps but had to be caps to get message across)Lizzyon35 27m
31m Do Rogues have the most spells? Used to all the cookie cutter classes with a small spellbook and stuff. But when i try to play a rogue i get kind of overwhelmed with how many spells they have compared to all the other classes. Kind of a crapper when it comes to keybinds. So i dont use every bind possible.Swansdk5 31m
34m Crimson Expanse?! I'm flying around and theres a $h1t7load of obisidium and elementium in the "crimson expanse", but i cant get in/under it! Anyone know where the entrance to the place is.Timill3 34m
38m WoW is like nicotine. Easier to quit with every patch.Flatulus10 38m
38m What Was Your First Main? For me I started two weeks before bc and I was an undead shadow priest. My order has been: 1. Undead Shadow priest. 2. Night elf feral. Bc. 3. Human combat rogue. Bc. 4. Human combat rogue wotlk. Skipped cata. 5. Undead warlock mists. 6. Undead warlock draenor. 7. Be unholy dk legion. 8. Human warlock bfa.Crookedmán105 38m
41m Friendly Reminder Back in TBC, male Blood Elves were DBZ ripoffs and hunters were Pokémon training huntards. Mages conjured their own tears. You guys may think you’re cool now, but we won’t forget how pitiful you mortals were... once upon a dream.Prizn13 41m
46m The Unofficial High Elf Discussion Megathread Alliance High Elves Allied race Disclaimer: This is the Unofficial High Elves Allied race mega thread, We want to respectfully keep the discussion to stay in this mega thread, So the forums aren't contested by 500+ High Elf topics on the front page, any further threads about High elves or Quel’dorei made outside of this thread, will not be the voice nor representation or be in association with the High elven community. As it stands we would like to keep it respectful and for the discussion to focus on the developments and the story of Quel’dorei (High elves) since the last mega-thread. We do not condone trolling from either side both for and against. With this in mind, we’d like to share some comments and thoughts from our community on what we specifically mean and would like when asking for High elves. “High elves to me mean loyalty to friends and family above all. What I want specifically for them to be is to embody the ranger culture that was prevalent in the ranger core of quel'thalas. The classic wood elf feels but to also incorporate elements from the high elves of Stormwind and dalaran giving them magi and a link to the kirin tor as well as paladins. I want those that chose to remain with the alliance for any number of reasons.” - Fliktarg - US “To me, the High Elves are an adherence to tradition, principles, and family all while hoping for a better future. A renewed future. The High Elves have fought for peace and responsibility (especially in magical use as they are fully aware of the consequences) in the world since their exile from Kalimdor. The Sin'dorei, and now the Ren'dorei have all abandoned their traditional views and way of life when it comes to magical responsibility and traditional values. Values which were long intact due to lessons learned in the first coming of the Burning Legion. Those two have worked with and embraced the very forces that the Quel'dorei have long fought to keep at bay. It is as though they have completely forgotten their own heritage to become that which seeks power at any cost, regardless of the consequences. The Quel'dorei have held onto and openly embraced their traditional ways without succumbing to such a low and basal instinct as one would expect from the other races of Azeroth who are not nearly so long-lived and have not learned the same lessons as a whole people. They are unique, filled with an unwavering integrity in the face of even the darkest days and the ravages of the scourge. Instead of succumbing to the darkness of fel and void like many of their kin they have embraced their unique, continuing cultural identity with renewed fervor; never betraying their principles. Never becoming the 'joiner' in the 'if you can't beat them, join them," mentality. They truly are High Elves in name, action, and in continued principles; which makes them an undeniable and unique bright star in the Warcraft universe.” - Arisena Sunsworn “To me, High elves represent the Alliance more than most of the races currently in it. They are a strong, independent people who parted from their kin during the most difficult times. And unlike the Blood elves, they never lost their way. They've stayed true to themselves and to the Alliance. That loyalty is something that most playable races today lack. They have always believed in the Alliance, and for that reason alone, they should finally be their own playable race. And on a more serious note... Their inclusion as a playable race would be a really nice gesture to Alliance players amongst the current hostility. Sometimes, it feels like Blizzard is putting Horde players' opinions first with every new feature. For once, I'd like to see them put the Alliance first, and give us something of actual value. Give us something that makes us proud to be playing our faction.” - Stephanië US “High Elves, why should they be added? Well in my opinion not because of what they are, but because of what they represent. High Elves were always deeply connected with azerothian humanity and served as something like (analogically) its older cousins. They tutored humankind since its very origin in Arathor and continued to teach other (now Alliance) races and nations about the world. It's because of them that Alliance exists in its current form and i feel like it's really shame that they can't be officially part of what they helped to build.“ - Spinel EU High Elves are the Elves who choose loyalty over nationality. People who chose their friends over their brethren. They are the elves who overcame the mana addiction without fel magic. I want them because they have a lot to bring to the lore of Warcraft and represent a missed opportunity at deepening the story behind the Alliance/Horde conflict Also, Elves just belong with humans dwarves and gnomes - Enariel (CrazedRaven) - US Overview of what has been done to High Elves in BFA Now we are going to move onto, High Elf NPC’s in Through BFA beta,Live & PTR, Multiple High Elf NPC’s have been added. -Let’s start with Frostfencer Seraphi, Who is part of the Island team, <Auric’s Angels> Which can only be referencing Auric Sunchaser. ( -Next we have Two new High Elf NPC's in BFA Islands expendtions.( ) -We also have Yvera Dawnwing, A portal master in Bourlas and Stromgarde keep. Where she is a quest giver. ( -Lastly we have the High Elf 7th Legion shield mages, on the Stromgarde keep, warfront airship ( Speculation on the future In the recent weeks, there have been some in-game ‘leaks’ related to potential upcoming Warfronts. The text can be seen via typing: ... in the in game chat box which shows this text: ... The text describes possible Warfronts including a potential Silvermoon Warfront. As the High Elven people originate from Quel’thalas, this Warfront is a perfect opportunity to showcase Veressa and the Silver Covenant on the Front lines fighting alongside the Alliance in an attempt to reclaim their homeland. Within the High Elf Community Discord ‘The Legacy of the Quel’dorei’, there have been discussions regarding what this Warfront may entail. Without getting into too much detail, here are some potential ideas: -The Warfront revolves around the war between the Elven factions - Blood Elves, Nightborne and San’layn (for the Horde) against Night Elves, Void Elves and High Elves (for the Alliance). -The Warfront includes some form of emotional response from the Blood Elves as they remember the Scourge Invasion of Quel’thalas. -Portrayal of comparisons between Arthas and Anduin. - A potential betrayal from within Quel’thalas just as Dar’khan Drathir betrayed Silvermoon during the Third War. This has been speculated to be Halduron Brightwing, as he is someone of importance and also has relations with Veressa and Alleria Windrunner since he was a child. It also gives an opportunity for Liadrin to replace Halduron as her character has become quite significant. - Potential Commanders for the Warfront could include Alleria, Vereesa or Auric for the Alliance whilst Lor’themar, Rommath or a potential San’layn for the Horde. Note, whilst not all suggestions may necessarily entail High Elves, the ideas are in regards to an opportune time for the High Elves to be added as an Allied Race. Types of Alliance allied High elves For clarification, the High Elves which are being requested are NOT the Elves from Quel’thalas. Instead come from ideally the Silver Covenant, however, can come from Lodges throughout Azeroth or Stormwind for example. But, the ideal situation are those from the Silver Covenant. ... The Silver Covenant was first introduced in the expansion Wrath of the Lich King and, since then acted with the Alliance across many events within the Alliance War Campaign throughout expansions. (More information will be listed below) There are currently 48 named Silver Covenant High Elves whom have interacted with players, including other unnamed members which supply forces to the Alliance military such as the 7th Legion Battlemages as a singular example. Other concentrations of High Elf NPCs include places such as Quel’danil Lodge - whom work with Alliance Adventurers (the player) to rid Forsaken invaders from it’s lands. The Lodge is the larger of two major populations within Lordaeron. High Elves are also found within Stormwind - particularly the Mage Quarter. The City of Dalaran as well as the Allerian Stronghold within Outland. Patches High Elves have played a role. ... Links: If you would like to view High Elf concepts for an Allied Race, you could visit our Tumblr page: ... You can also read more on the lore of High Elves and arguments for them as an Allied Race here: ... Or, if you would like to support High Elves as an Allied Race you can join our Community Discord: ... To Conclude, massive thanks to all members of the High Elf discord who had help put this thread together! EDIT: A poll has been created, feel free to vote! - Where would you like the High Elven home hub to be? ...Xyaa4130 46m
51m Most likely to be gay What wow character is most likely to be gay?Sandil76 51m
52m No Cata TW Mount? Just out of curiosity, why is there no TW mount for Cata TW dungeons? I personally hope that they add a mount in the future, every other expac has a mount you can earn. Does anyone else want this?Fonotrius17 52m
55m Mag'har class/clan combinations I've been mulling over it for awhile, and I've been kind of wanting to come up with reasonable backstories / motivations for each class for each clan. Some, like warrior, shaman, and even hunter would work for any clan regardless, but Monk, Priest, Mage and Rogue are pretty niche- Generally I would expect to only see a monk for Burning Blade, a Priest for Shadowmoon, a Mage... Well that's kind of hard to place, but maybe Frostwolf/Blackrock, and Rogue for Laughing Skull (since we don't have the Shattered Hand skin). I've considered doing a Shadowmoon Monk, myself, but I'm curious if anyone's done any "non-typical" combinations and what reasoning they came up with their character's backstories, if they've thought about it at all.Zexxil0 55m
58m Improvement suggestions I have played wow since 2011 and love it, Throughout the years I have spent many hours playing and looking forward to playing. Now i dont feel that way as much, playing more casually such as levelling alts. As soon as i reach 120 i lose interest almost completely, here is what i think is wrong with WoW currently and how i would fix it, do you agree or disagree? anything to add? War mode: The concept of Warmode is great but im not a fan of it at all. I played on Frostmourne US because it was a high alliance realm and there were PVP moments. If i didnt want to pvp I would go to a PvE realm. (Blizz could offer free realm transfers to certain realms that need to more people). I still play on a high alliance server, but whenever i turn WM on I see 100 horde destroying every single alliance they see. I never saw that many alliance back in Legion ganging up on a horde. Most of the world PvP i got into was 1v1. This sucks and I hate it. Additionally to what i wrote above, i join a group with my friends to play, to herb or whatever. It is SO ANNOYING when we all have to go turn WM on or off. When we go to summon people to dungeons but we dont match and have to wait for a third. This is probably my most hated new addition to BFA. I no longer go out in the world or do wqs because i hate it that much. Characters In legion my character was so strong. I loved having the weapons and levelling them up. In dungeons and pvp, using my artifact ability was amazing. On most classes it was the strongest ability and i loved when it came off cooldown. When we did M+ in Nelths lair my R druid would save all her cds and wed pull the entire last room and the boss. It was so much fun. I also loved their were passives woven into the weapon, for example Wild growth could proc on your rejubs or thrash could proc twice. It was great fun when it happened. Now our classes are so basic everyones grandma and her cat can play. There are roughly 4-5 buttons for each class with rarely any passives. Its so BORING. You can make the world great, the world quests and m+ great. But your characters are lacking everything they need. My r druid has 1 cd now, and in m+ I feel so useless, as well as making tanking harder - it makes for an even more toxic community when you cant keep aggro against DPS who refuse to hold their dps. I have played all classes in Legion and loved 90% of them. Right now i do not love a single one because they are all grandmas cat friendly and boring. Stop dumbing down our characters, every ability and removing spells. BFA changes that are bad Apart from destroying every character (which none of us can escape) the new necklace and azurite is awful. Its not fun, the choices in the gear are so boring i randomly pick them without even reading them. The world quests are boring too because they offer no reward. I do maybe 4 wqs a week and get so bored i vow to never do them again. My neck is level 27 i think. and i want to bin it. The world quests are stupid, some of them take 10-15 mins each and some take 10 seconds, wheres the method in that? 3 or 4 of the emissaries require you to visit 3 or 4 areas that take 5 mins to fly between. Levelling from 0-120 We get a talent every 15 levels. People were complaining about this before you make levelling 100* slower. Now instead o getting a talent every 1 hr of playing its every 5. And its rubbish. The talent system currently should be offered to everyone at the same levels but also add in another talent tree like that was available to wrath and cata. A point every two levels that does something simple but once you reach 120 it adds up. That would be fun and engaging. Other suggestions. -Bring back tier sets but make them enchants that can drop from any boss in any raid or m+. For example there would be a head, shoulder, back leg, gloves enchant that says (2) (4) and once you collect any two you get the (2) set and once you enchant 4 you get the (4) set. This will take out the problem of past tier sets where at 300 tier would beat a 350 leg because it gave tier. -Weapons. Every. Single. Person hates the current weapon problem. Why only 1 polearm in the entire raid? with a 5% drop chance? whats 20 raids to get it... come on blizz, even you know thats stupid. Make all the special expansion items (like the stupid enck) be weapons and we will ALL be happy (i think) -levelling (as mentioned above) -Give every class multiple passives that give a chance to proc extra things, its fun. Give healers more healing cds and more abilities (r druids have 4 boring rejuv rejuv rejv its all we do) - Fix warrior tanks, its been 2 years and you still havnt bothered to fix them? I can literally fix them overnight, it isnt hard. Get your heads out of ur asses and do something. Add a passive healing, add something. I dont even play a warrior and its peeing me off. This is all i can think of right now, what do you guys think?Chelseaspie0 58m
1h City purges Remember back when players would bring diseases or powerful NPCs into major cities and watched as said things killed everyone in the city? Any older WoW player would have probably experienced at least one time this sort of thing happened. I remember these scenarios happening all the time way back then. Oh how I have miss these days. You guys remember experiencing any? I remember when people would kite Kruul into Stormwind. Was always fun watching him destroy everyone in the auction house and such. And of course there was the people who did the same with the dragon world bosses lol.Hella3 1h
1h 100% no mount drop You literally suck, so over the money grinding crap. the fact i have done every instance that drops a mount for every instance in the past 3 yrs and i have recieved naff yea thats right ,oooo apart from the 100 out of100% i got i dont usually grip cos im from 9 years of EU.... but for me to run these every week and get naff? my friend did warfronts first time and recieved 3 mounts ? either you hate me and my money or its something messed up in the coding, either way im ready to sue, this is some bull crap!!! 3 years, dungeons, raids, boses, this is all weekly 195 hrs of apsolutley recieving nothing but an 100% drop is sooo wrong,#Iwantmymoneyback!Leoela130 1h
1h Some Mounts are a bit small Got my Alabaster Hyena today and it looks great, except my Trolls toes are just about dragging along the ground. That and a few other mounts need to be a little bit larger to not look silly.Zhing26 1h
1h The person above you... You wake up cuddling the person above you in a nice relaxing enviroment.... a comfy bed, how do you react? and what did you think happened last night...? (don't go to far! THIS IS NOT GOLDSHIRE :O)Hawkéns39 1h
1h Happy Days vs WOW Before jump the shark episode.Redphantom8 1h
1h Next to no stones going out. It is only Wednesday and there are already sparingly few people trying to do their stones. By early this afternoon I already had a group where a fellow talked about failing his stone twice with his guild...we failed his stone. The reason for this, despite what people think, is not because it is too hard. It is because it is NO FUN. Nobody wants convolution. The best mechanics are things like Volcanic or quaking which cause you to move or like raging or bolstering which take limited mechanical effort and thought but do overall increase the difficulty and need to be minded. They dont OVERWHELM the dungeon. NOBODY WANTS TO BE SWITCHING TARGETS ALL DAY. ITS NOT FUN. It has nothing to do with difficulty at all. And every time I come in here and talk about Mythic+ some rose tint wearing vanilla player tells me that the problem with the game is that things aren't hard enough. Its not about the difficulty. Its just a piss off to deal with and no one wants to do it, therefore it doesn't get done. Explosive is a stupid mechanic for several reasons, the chief among them is the way we interact with it. And it isnt fun.Taironn17 1h
1h Solid Proof of the Exodus of players. Added 2 major youtubers coments as well. Added 2 video game news websites. Keep in mind that I want to see this game get better but the stuff that just happened with the hotfix screwing over my favorite faction and blizzard being totally silent on the topic is unsettling.Calbrianna41 1h
1h Gaming related news: Swatter Pleads Guilty Tyler Bariss, the man that swatted an innocent 28 year father of two last year during the holiday season, an action that lead to the man's death by the police... plead guilty to 51 charges. Prosecutors are recommending 20 years. Happy to see it, I was so angry at that situation last year when it happened. Please try to keep any conversation on the topic respectful. I was just glad to see some justice in the situation.Alexstra62 1h
1h Where can i find accurate info about servers? I know there was a site back in the day that showed the populations of each server and if they were horde or alliance dominated. I came across the site but im not sure if its accurate anymore, hard to tell. Does anybody know? and if they know a better way to get that info can you point me in the right direction? im coming back to the game and wanted to find a decently even server to play on. or maybe that doesn't even matter anymore? lol idk. thanks for your time.Metafect1 1h
1h Appearing offline reminder Please remove this annoying reminder. I will continue to appear offline for as long as I want to. I don't NEED the launcher asking me every 7 days if I still want to.Roguish3 1h