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Sep 1 World of Warcraft: Legion now live! Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance, Azeroth needs your aid. The Burning Legion has returned—and World of Warcraft: Legion is NOW LIVE! The time has come to embark on your quest to the Broken Isles, to seek out and master Artifact weapons of legendary might, and to rally like-minded champions to your cause in your Order Hall. In this desperate hour, you must also strike a forbidden pact with the outcast Demon Hunters of the Illidari, fel-twisted disciples of the dreaded Illidan the Betrayer. Should you fail... worlds will burn. Purchase World of Warcraft: Legion now, and prepare yourself: kingdoms will burn. ------ Help and Support: You can find a list of common questions and answers related to Legion, Legion quests, and more located on the World of Warcraft Customer Support forums. If you do not see the issue you're encountering listed, feel free to browse the Customer Support forum to see if other players are having the same problem. Game Masters Legion Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start here for assistance: Get Help ------ Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of Azeroth Trailer Legion Artifact Systems Preview Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide Harbingers - Khadgar Harbingers - Gul'Dan Harbingers - Illidan Legion Cinematic Trailer ------ New Content & Features: New Class: Demon Hunter - Demon hunters, disciples of Illidan Stormrage, uphold a dark legacy, one that frightens their allies and enemies alike. Artifact Weapons - The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth with its full force, and the world’s heroes must discover new pinnacles of power to halt this unrelenting threat. World Quests - In World of Warcraft: Legion, questing at level 110 comes in new variations called World Quests Class Halls - Every class needs a place to call home—a special retreat where support can be found, and a war room in which plans can be made. Legion PvP and Dungeon & Raid Schedules - Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion. Battle to Level 110 - Travel to the Broken Isles in search of the Pillars of Creation, powerful relics used to shape Azeroth and explore all-new zones as you grow in power. Ornyx0 Sep 1
23m Classic Server Update Hey everyone, We’ve seen some talk among the community that you might be expecting to hear some news on legacy servers at BlizzCon, and we just wanted to take a moment to let you know that while we’re still discussing the possibility, we won’t have any updates to share on that until after the show. These past few months we’ve been laser-focused on the launch of Legion and getting Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan ready to go (it’s almost here!), as well as prepping for BlizzCon—which is always a huge undertaking itself. You’ve heard us say that the launch of Legion was just the beginning of the story we want to tell in this expansion. What we will focus on at BlizzCon is how the team is committed to making sure we bring you a steady stream of content going forward, and we can’t wait to share what’s next for Legion. Thanks for your patience, and we’ll see you at BlizzCon. -J. Allen Brack and the World of Warcraft development teamOrnyx8052 23m
23h Recent Actions Against Real-Money Raid Clears We’ve recently taken action against a number of accounts that were actively participating in and/or advertising the sale of in-game raid or dungeon clears in exchange for real-world currency. Such behavior is a clear violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use. As a reminder, in order to ensure fair play and competitive integrity, we’re continuing to closely monitor these and other activities that violate the Terms of Use. This includes selling in-game services for real money, exchanging accounts or characters, and other violations. This includes violations done with the intention of gaining a competitive advantage in raid progression (such as the purchase or transfer of geared characters or accounts between owners). Note that while selling assistance with obtaining items, achievements, PvP rating, or other in-game benefits for real-world currency is against the Terms of Use, selling those things in exchange for in-game gold is perfectly legitimate. Players should not feel as though participating in a “gold run” is going to result in negative action taken against their account. We’re disappointed to see members of the raiding community participating in behavior that clearly violates the Terms of Use, and want to be clear that such activities will not be tolerated.Ornyx71 23h
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39s Please Nerf Kin Tor Lei Race This is the most frustrating WQ i ever seen. On average it takes me a good 5 min to finally fill the power bar because of path dead ends and sometimes the blue beams simply stop spawning so i have to constantly back track all over the place. It would be nice if they nerfed the amount of power needed to fill the bar, or have more blue beam spawn points. Until then i'll just avoid this WQ altogether.Elfina13 39s
52s Illidan seduces Sargeras Do you ship the love story? It's got all the quintessential Fifty Shades of Grey elements.Kaneum10 52s
1m Artifact Power? hey all! so I just got the achievement for my bow... power ascended. I've unlocked all the little wheels for it... I"m still receiving artifact power items... what do I do with them? is there something more to come that I'll need them for or do I just save them if I decide to power up the other two artifacts? I'm not sure what is next for it? Thanks as always :)Aymslie1 1m
1m Brewmaster or Demonhunter I am very interested in the Monk and Demonhunter for tanking, which do you guys find more fun? I know it's subjective but what are some pro and cons to both? Which is in a better spot right now?Midgitt3 1m
2m Silithus Farm Was just wondering was this Farm Nerf recently I haven't tried it yet but he's not want to waste the time if it is Nerfed thank youThezzi8 2m
2m Mage tower as a 896 fire mage without helm So I took a long break which explains why I'm behind on gear (about 10 months). My best attempt was 15% (at this point my sleep deprivation is causing me to screw up a lot more). Thanks for making it absolutely ridiculous, blizzard. Tuning it behind specific legendaries is a bs design. Are the D2 devs responsible for this? Remember the green fire warlock quest in MoP? I did that without any issues. This, on the other hand, is just awful design. The helm basically makes the fight trivial. Another thing that's grinding my gears, why add the nethershard requirement? Is it really necessary considering it's time gated? Having to farm these stupid shards just so I can pull this boss is just rubbing salt in the wounds. It's beyond tedious!Elucidhz4 2m
2m Next xpac will we go back to normal weapons? I personally hope we drop the artifact thing because while it is very fun at first it gets very repetitive with having to rank it all the way up to concordance to get it raid ready.Shauan53 2m
2m Quests are filler content & poor game design First of all, the only reason people want to fly is because all of the open world content is extremely boring. Have you ever noticed that nobody ever asks for the ability to fly in raids? That's because raids are fun, unlike quests. Secondly, quests are a major part of the reason WoW feels like a single player game these days. Not only are they objectively the most single player part of the game, but Blizzard insists on designing zones to essentially be playgrounds for quests (which nobody really enjoys). That's why they PHASE EVERYTHING. Which brings me to my next point. The third point is, WoW's quest design ruins the whole shared world aspect of the game. Apparently the developers think it's more important for you to feel like a super special hero than to inhabit the same virtual world. Gotta have that phasing so you feel like you've accomplished something by saving the village of giants in Suramar, I guess. Fourth, the quests are patronizing. You've got all these major characters coming acting like I'm awesome and I'm the only person who can save Azeroth, which I instantly know is false because I'm in my undergeared DPS spec, I don't know my rotation, my action bars are a mess, and there are people walking all over Dalaran who are obviously more powerful. On top of that, I know they're telling all the other players the same thing. I wish we had more NPCs who were just willing to tell it like it is and tell you that you suck and l2p Fifth, quests discriminate against healers. Quest objectives always say, "kill x of these dudes" or "grab y of these items that you have to kill these dudes to get." Other than for class quests, you never have quests where you have to heal. There are quests where you have to like, "help x injured dudes"... by right-clicking on them. If we're going to deal with this whole charade every time a new expansion drops, it would be nice to at least have a healer option for every objective. The only way to design good quests is to copy what The Secret World did. That game has quests so good, many people still play it just for those quests, even though the combat sucks and the community is apparently dead. That's how good the quests are.Depressing97 2m
3m Sha of Lust? So if the Sha were supposed to be inspired by the seven deadly sins, why is there no Sha of Lust in game? I read somewhere that it was planned but scrapped due to time. Literally every other deadly sin is represented? There could have been some storyline where like the sha of lust takes over on the timeless isle and it becomes a reference to the lotus eaters in osydus. thoughtsKaneum47 3m
4m Moon Guard Horde Population? Been thinking about trying horde on Moon Guard. Hows the population for horde on that server? I know for ally is very active. Looking for servers out there with High horde Population, Suggestions? Prefer Normal/RP ServersMamamystic10 4m
5m Expansion Specific Servers Year 1 - 2 new Vanilla servers, 1 PvE and 1 PvP Year 2 - 2 new BC servers, 1 PvE & 1 PvP. You can transfer your characters from the Vanilla server to the BC server one way only. This way the vanilla purists can stay behind and other players can progress naturally. Year 3 - 2 new WotLK servers, PvE & PvP, you can transfer up from BC. Year 4 - You don't make a Cata server, we just pretend it never happened. Year 5 - 2 new MoP servers, on and on, hopefully you get the picture. These servers should be bound by all the restrictions that were in play at the time they were current, with one exception. Transmog. We should still be able to transmog our gear and every transmog appearance we unlock should still be account wide. I also think every expansion specific server that gets released should have all of its patches released at once too. If yearly server releases are too long or too short then respond with what you think is an appropriate amount of time. I would prefer quarterly releases, but I figured that would be way too fast for a lot of people so I compromised with yearly.Ocoo38 5m
5m High Elves as a Night Elf Sub-Race IMHO that's the only way High Elves could be playable. If they do Sub-races, they could create a new High Elf model based on the Night Elf model (just like in vanilla, but with HD models) and add it as a Night Elf Sub-race. Vanilla High Elves: What do you think? Would you play that? I would :DMortis215 5m
5m Goodbye Russel Brower!! Without a doubt, the WoW has some of the best music I've heard put to any video game, and I've been a fan since day 1. It really is with a very heavy heart to hear that you are leaving, and I wish it wasn't so. Admittedly, there have been times that I logged on just to hear the music. So best of luck to you, from one composer (and gamer) to another. I wish I could have met you, as I would love to make music for a video game. It's been a life-long dream of mine, not that I have been around very long... Take Care Russel Brower! Fondly, your fans!Nightsade1 5m
6m Finally got a paragon mount it was the hyppogriff. Its not the unicorn but it looks beautiful and it flies. post here how many boxes you have opened and which mount you got, if any :(Rautha44 6m
6m Bored. I'm bored leveling in Draenor is there anything I can do to make it more fun or is there another place for me to level?Ghomi32 6m
6m who is your wow waifu mine is yrel though i am tempted to get a second waifu with alleria now back tell me your waifu.Peppito68 6m
7m Nerf Prestige honor requirements While im fine with you gating a skin behind pvp, i dont like the fact that you gate some of the best colors behind 15 prestige levels. i like my alts and quite a few of their skins such as the guardian druid, arcane mage, destruction warlock, ect. While i would like to acquire all of those it's rough enough getting a single skin unlocked considering that you have to go through 750 to 800 honor levels to completely unlock all the variants. If all the honor levels require 800 after the first 50 honor levels then you would need 600,000 honor which is roughly winning 2,400 bgs or 6,000 arena skirmishs. that's just mind boggling to me, and thats just on the low end if honor requirements go up per prestige lv that 600,000 just goes up. Please blizzard nerf prestige honor requirements or make prestige account bound. ... ... ...Xanyunho77 7m
8m Order of the Broken Temple vs The Conclave Which would win a class order war?. The Monks or the Priests. Both are orders of individuals that provide spiritual and power guidance to their peers. Both focus on discipline and balance. Both Ended up defeating powerful agents of the Legion. Both were invaded and targeted specifically for the danger they represented. Which do you vote for and why?Averyx25 8m
9m Ok f it... Buff havoc dh. It is so pathetic it's not even funnyKarmaqt19 9m
10m Whats an easy healer spec? Ive tanked and dps'd, want to try something different now. Ive done holy for a few early levels and resto druid for a few early lvls but thats it Whats an easy spec to play? Not going to lie im mainly a keyboard clicker so i dont know how well healing is going to play outCitradelic22 10m
11m Rate Xmog above you ^^Unchaindfear231 11m
13m Bot Plague is back. Been good for a few weeks, but the last week they have slowly came back, counted 22 bots in 10 minutes in Suramar on Dragonblight just before. And yes they are bots, some using the flying hack, most using the bot that makes them go through walls, floors, trees. They are at plague proportions again.Coug69 13m
13m Herald of the Titans Group Forming Hello all, I'm looking to get a herald of the Titans run together either for this Sunday, next weekend, or at a time that is suitable to said group. If anyone is interested in coming please do not hesitate to post below with some very simple things. 1.)Character Name: 2.)Class: 3.)Spec: 4.)Is your character level 80? (Yes/No): ***If you answered no please give us a time frame for how long it will take you to get to level 80: 5.)To what extent is your character geared? *** If minimally geared, please provide us with your plan to gear up: Armory Link: Battletag: NOTE: Dedicated People>People whose egos get in the way of progress. So please if you do get accepted to run with this group bring a sense of humility alongside a commitment to 9 other who are investing their time to enable you to get this achievement. Reminder: This is going to be an Horde side run MUST BE level 80. NO Gear above 226 item level WITH THE EXCEPTION of your weapon, which can be up to but not exceeding 232 item level Bring flasks, buff food. Cata food/flasks can be used. Also gems and enchants required.ßeastmaster10 13m
13m Tomb of Sargeras Guild Carries My one rant for a while. Yesterday I was searching for normal TOS runs which were being advertised as 910+ one shot groups. A few of the groups I joined were advertised as such with the information also including, partial guild run. Unfortunately, when joining these groups, most of the guild was significantly under 900 when the group was advertised as 910+. It appears these groups were looking for everyone else to join to carry them. I normally don't mind if a guild is carrying one maybe 2 members but when there are 4 or 5 significantly under-geared, there is a problem. Some of the groups I joined were on Avatar and failed because the guild's low level DPS could not keep up and could not down the shield in time. Long story short, If you are going to advertise as 910+ or 900+ even for a normal TOS as a guild, don't expect everyone you pick up to carry your guild. This is false advertising and only makes finding a decent group more frustrating. I know people are going to say just form your own group but i prefer to join well established groups which are normally already put together as having Deceivers Fall or meet a certain level requirement. The point of this post is for those groups or guilds who falsely advertise expecting everyone who joins to carry their alts or friends.Chergarn11 13m
16m Rate the name above you on your marks... get set... GO!Dicedfox69 16m
16m How do you know if you're a good tank or no? This is a sort of General question to Healers, tanks themselves or even DPS. How do you know when someone is a good tank or no? Is it the hitting of Cooldowns when they see big hits of damage? Is it their ability to be healed easily? I've been trying out monk tanking and I find myself a lot more open than I did on my DK. I do, however, like the fact that I get little blobs of health on the ground. But, yeah, how do you know if you're a good tank or a bad one? Should your health consistently go up and down, should it spike? etc. Thoughts, please!Beardoktor32 16m
21m Thank you Russell Brower I'm not one to make threads, this might even be my first. There's not one for here Russell already that I can find. Russell you are a truly amazing composer. Over the years there are things I have loved and hated about this game, but one thing was always consistently fantastic: Your music. You are truly leaving a legacy behind you. You brought so much immersion to this game for me over the years. You are why I always try to buy CEs for WoW. Thank you for your work! For those not familiar with him and are curious, he composed much of the music for Blizzard games going back to BC. He did the Grizzly Hills theme, launch screen themes, etc. His position was unfortunately eliminated: Thank you again for the years of eargasms and best of luck to you in the future!Viera26 21m
21m Retired Character Tab Plz Not sure if this has ever been suggested before. So I was just looking at my character selection screen, and it's a cluttered mess. Over the years most players accumulate alts, maybe of different factions or classes. You don't really want to delete these toons, because why delete anything you have made progress on? But you also have no plans to do anything with them for a while. So why not have an active character tab, that has the characters your currently playing, which gives a nice clean interface, and a retired character tab where you can keep your alts that you have no plans on playing for the time being. You could switch a retired toon to active, and vice versa, as you wish. Then of course you can still delete toons as well. Maybe I'm just OCD, I dunno. Any thoughts?Ezbakeoven3 21m
23m Concordance 1 isn't endgame PTR update with new levels of traits/slot and pre-req to obtain it all is multiple levels of concordance. You also choose between "light and dark" path in a talent tree style, so you'd better get working on that billions of AP! First trait is at post-10 concordance levels in.Kumorihanta94 23m
23m DPS requirements to kill KJ on normal? What would you say the whole group needs to be doing DPS wise to kill KJ on normal?Veyzaur7 23m
24m Shackled Ur'zul reaction No but seriously, what is this thing. It actually concerns me. Even if I were to get it, I wouldn't want to ride it because everyone around me would either be to scared to talk to me, or running in fear at the sight of this thing. For reference: 24m
25m Need more Glaive designs. Now I know we will be getting Glaives when we are able to get our Artifact weapons, and from what I understand we will be able to change color and design over time. But according to our transmog closet we only have 3 choices of glaives to choose from atm. Are we going to see more designs in the future? Looking at the Vengeance artifacts I can safely say I don't like the design, but the 3 designs that we have to choose from are not much better. Also why only 3 designs? If you are only going to give us 3 designs, then please allow us to mog our legendary glaives we got from BT I think it is only fair. Thank you.Medisas73 25m
26m DPS... Stop Pulling. Seriously. If people want to tank, there are tank specs. Not that hard to play them, and queue as them. Leave us tanks to be the one's to pull trash, bosses and everything else. I got my Druid to 110 a couple of days ago. And well, I queued for a random Heroic dungeon after getting to ilvl 825. And after I loaded in, DPS started pulling everything in the dungeon, and well, was quite easy for me to pick up agro, and the healer was in a DPS spec (Playing a Ret Paladin, and wasn't switching to his healing spec), and couldn't keep me healed. Next thing, I died, most of the group died. As soon as I released, again, the same instance. I was eventually kicked and ended up with the deserter buff because the DPS kept on pulling the entire instance. And today, had to deal with the same thing on my Paladin doing Normal ToS. DPS pulling (Though can handle the damage on my Pally), but heals couldn't kept me alive, and with the amount of trash the DPS pulled, I just ended up leaving the group. EDIT: There you all go, here is the reason why I created this thread!Saralight480 26m
29m Release The Names! Still hasn't happened yet and it was planned for the start of the xpac. Can we get this with 7.3? It's supposedly the last patch of Legion.Malady27 29m
37m make Monk start at lvl 85 Monk has been the least played class in WoW for years and it is becoming worse and worse. please make small changes like making Monks starting at 85 so that this class is accessible to the player base. First of all, Monk is the only new class after vanilla WoW that you need to start at lvl 1, which makes it subpar against Death Knight and Demon Hunter for the majority of the player base. Second of all, Monk class design is too oriented at the top 1 % raiders. its a total different class if you have 4 piece current tier set. And this is true from MoP all the way to ToS. this makes top Monks too powerful while new Monks too weak. Like if you have 4 pieces of tier 20, you will jump from the worst self healing tank to the best self healing tank. if this trend continues, this will make Monk the essential elite class which is a waste for such a great class concept. In addition, it is no wonder Brewmaster got screwed so hard in Legion that you have two legendary waists in brewmaster loot table but no cape is in it. this is because not enough people is playing and testing monks in PTR. cna you imagine the same thing happen to Hunter and this goes live? if Monk were kept this way, this kind of mistakes will become more common. the only solution is to increase Monk population by simpifying class designs not by making super powerful tier set bonus. Last but not least, please simplyfy Monk design to fit regular player taste. Li Li and Kharazim is so popular in Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard has shown they could design great monk class. please implement it into WoW. Thank you.Gaigè78 37m
47m Druid or Paladin Hi, I wanted to find out what you would go for in my situation if you could only choose to main one of the above. I have both geared to around the same ilvl and they are my two favorite classes in wow. I like to do all sorts of content from battlegrounds/wpvp to m+/heroic raiding and transmog farming. I really enjoy being able to shape-shift with great mobility and have a variety of play-styles at my disposal and I love night elves and druid lore in general. I prefer the utility that paladin has and the general play-styles of each spec just seem to be a lot better and more appealing to me. So what would you choose and why? Lore, mobility and variety of the Druid OR utility and better gameplay of the Paladin?Maivn5 47m
50m Well, I Think the Final Straw Has Come For Me I have played this game almost 12 years on and off, but this is the first time I have made one of these posts. In the past I have gotten bored with the game, taken breaks here and there and at one point I did take an extended break from mid-BC to around the end of Wrath because I didn't like the direction I saw the game was going. I did come back before Cata and have been playing casually on and off since. While the game has went through many changes, some I have hated, some I have liked, I have still always loved this game and have really enjoyed playing it. I haven't ever really enjoyed this game though like I did when I started playing in 2005. I honestly think the only thing that has kept me here is nostalgia and the memory of the game I once fell in love with. No matter how hard I have tried to enjoy the game like I once did, I am now sadly realizing that just doesn't seem to be possible for me anymore. The game has taken the whole go, go, go mentality to such an extreme that it just isn't any longer enjoyable for me. I honestly despise it. I have done all kinds of things to enjoy this game again like I once did. I turn my xp on and off on occasion to slow down the leveling process. I am perfectly happy doing this. I choose to not wear heirlooms. Something else I am perfectly happy doing. I have gimped my leveling characters in many ways to try to enjoy the game like I once did. I don't enjoy killing mobs in 1-2 hits, etc. While I think Legion is a pretty good expansion, end game just doesn't interest me much anymore these days. It hasn't since BC. Where the enjoyment comes for me is the journey. I got this character to 110 not long after Legion launched and I rarely play her except on the rare occasion. But today, I think I am finally left with such a bad taste in my mouth to such an extent the thought of logging on just makes me disgusted honestly. I recently started leveling an undead priest. I quest as shadow and have been doing dungeons as holy. I used to completely love healing in this game. I was one of our best raid healers in Vanilla and BC. I honestly enjoyed it. Now, I understand Blizzard has made dungeons nothing more but a means to speed level these days and while I hate that, I have pretty much rolled with the punches for years, typically avoiding dungeons most of the time. But this new priest, I have really been trying to level her as old school as possible. I have been having fun turning my xp off and running dungeons as a healer and gearing her in this way. The more dungeons I have done, the more I have started to slowly hate this game and today was the last straw for me. I am seriously sick of the go, go, go mentality of this game now. I just can't deal with it anymore. I am a very good healer, so that isn't the issue. I am fed up with dps running ahead of the tank and almost dying. As a healer, I understand that my job is to heal the entire group and I happily do this. But I refuse to any longer heal dps who run ahead of the tank and not allow the tank do their job. My priority is the tank! If you want to pull it, you had better be able to tank it. Simple as that. I gladly heal all dps as long as they are doing their job. But enough of the ones who run ahead and can't handle it expecting me to keep all of the idiots up when they can't let the tank do what he's there to do, which is tank. These last two dungeons was the final straw for me. The first one I didn't say anything in chat about it. I just stayed with the tank and kept him my priority. The three dps took on in another direction and two almost died. So I suppose I should have left the tank who was doing his job and let him die so I could go find the stray dps not being team players to heal them? Nope, not happening. I just casually finished the dungeon and didn't heal the dps who kept doing this and stayed with the tank. At the end the tank thanked me. The last dungeon, well, I'm done. I think any enjoyment I once had for this game has just been completely sucked out of it for me. Same situation. All the dps running ahead not letting the tank do his job. Two of them came close to dying numerous times. This time I had had enough. I put a hot on everyone to help them regain some health while I healed the tank to full. So the dps got mad screaming for heals. I told them politely that they should let the tank pull. This concept was completely lost on them and I was told I was an idiot, etc. Nah, I'm not an idiot. I am just fed up of this type of behavior in this game. Beyond fed up. This game isn't any longer enjoyable for me no matter how much I try to make it so. A part of this game I once loved is just completely ruined for me. And yeah, we all have our issues with the game. This one is the final straw for me. I think I just finally realized that no matter how many hoops I jump through or how many different ways I try to enjoy this game like I once did, I just can't anymore. May sound stupid, but it makes me sad because for 12 years this has been a hobby I have looked forward to. Not anymore. Yeah, I know I am going to get all the snarky responses of "Can I have your stuff?", "See you tomorrow", "Wall of text", etc. But ya know what? I don't care anymore. Because in the end what has killed WoW for me, is the community. I have always played this game to relax and have some fun. To get my mind off real life stressors on occasion. When my hobby isn't any longer fun and causing me more stress, time to call it quits. I don't play this game for more frustrations. Anyways, rant and wall of text over. Out.Summerayné153 50m
55m In Defense of Russell Brower Clearly I don't know the whole story, the details of which might mitigate the absurdity, but I can't conceive of a universe in which firing Russell Brower could be construed as positive. The thing to do with an employee whose work is unfailingly exemplary is to give him a raise -- not declare his job redundant and show him the door. Nearly every aspect of World of Warcraft draws criticism -- everything isn't right for somebody. And by far the realm in which that's least true is the one for which Russell's been responsible. The impact of the work Russell and his team have had on this game cannot be overemphasized. It's lent it an air of pure artistry it wouldn't likely have otherwise had. I don't know the whole story. But it's not unfair to cast as suspect the decision-making prowess and rectitude of those who would cast out a master of this caliber. World of Warcraft, and indeed all who play it, are unquestionably poorer for this decision.Erderick6 55m
57m Help me forums All of my characters follow this naming pattern Multi-----er I have Multicasters, bashers, slashers and preachers But what should I name my Shaman? He can be a healer, melee and ranged dps, and for the life of me I can't think of a word that would fitMulticaster22 57m
1h 50 110's! - 1 Account - No RaF Well, I finally did it! 50 110's. What helped out alot was the heirlooms and invasions. It made my last 25 characters, easy to level. I'll be posting a video on Youtube as proof and for trolls to comment. =) Here's my first post, which tells all that I'm vision impaired and the reaon to have so much time on the game. Some answers to posts: 1. Why I have time to stay inside: I live in AZ, 115 Summers - too hot, Vitamin D? Pills and/or vacations outside state =) -Also, I'm disabled (vision 20/400) 2. 400 lbs living in parents basement: Nope - Married and she supports my game play to stay out of her hair. - Also, how can I have time to eat when I'm on the game all the time (as some claim) - I weight 130 lbs wet! =) 3. My favorite class/race/have most of: I would have to say Pally, Mage and Druid in the Legion expansion. Race... Human, Night Elf, Blood Elf, Undead. I think I have more Pally's than any other. I like to challenge myself in tanking with the vision issues I have.Martuse41 1h
1h Guild leaders being carried this expansion I noticed a lot of players on recruitment forums who are either GMs or officers have really bad parses. I'm seeing blues, I'm seeing greens and I'm seeing the dreaded gray parse. Yet these guilds have ridiculous loot council requirements where new members won't get loot for 2 weeks up to a month. This creates a revolving door where the new players carry the low parsing "core" members and the guild never truly progresses because the newer members get frustrated and jump ship to better guilds. They should have held out until they had an offer from a better guild. Why join a 1/9 Mythic TOS guild that is restruggling to clear Heroic TOS every week when you can join a 5/9 one? I'd suggest more people just make their own Heroic TOS PUGs until these struggling guilds sweeten their deal. Anyone who accepts that they won't get loot for 2 weeks or more does not respect themself as a player. Don't sell yourself short by helping low parsing leadership down bosses anymore.Bleanix55 1h
1h Prydaz in future expansions, issue? After beating the mage tower tank challenge earlier, I realized just how much potential prydaz had. But it's also concerning, with how HP is scaling up, since WoD was barely 400-700k. Now were hitting 8000k as tanks, 15% of our HP in future expansions will be extremely high shielded HP in PVP and other parts of pve that will be made too easy. Should Prydaz be nerfed after Legion is over, or do you think it will become obsolete with future necklaces?Sinelus7 1h
1h Legendary drop rate? Like wtf is the deal blizzard I do tons of Mythic +'s every day from 2-9 I do multi heroics every day I am 7/7N E-Nightmare , 7/7H E-nightmare and 2/7 Mythic E-nightmare and still cannot get one at all?? like I see people who rarely ever log in and magicly get one all a sudden?? would love to hear about this crap because I know some one who got 2 Legendary's with in an hour of each other just the other day and yet rest of us cannot even get 1? Started the second Legendary upgrade slot bla bla and don't even have 1 yet awesome /end rantEldeonas77 1h
1h Younger users playing World of Warcraft Firstly, as a disclaimer by "younger users", I am referring to people of age(s) 12-16. Generally speaking, younger than that and being exposed to the community of World of Warcraft is intolerable unless some form of supervision or tutelage by a parental figure is present. Just for reference, basic information as to why I am posting this. I, myself, categorize under what I call a "younger user" (fifteen years old) and do consider myself someone who is generally serious in terms of attitude which I am fine with. I also enjoy playing solo and primarily casual leveling/questing/dungeoning, however, I do have friends that I have attempted to get into the game but have been excluded for their age and lost interest in the game (we do/did not want to form our own guild) and as such they quit (they don't find the same enjoyment for playing solo as I do or just by ourselves with one another, but, I do like to have one person or a few people to talk to every here and there to help with immersion). As such, I am now left to play solo entirely in a game I enjoy but with no one to enjoy it with. With that out of the way, my complaints and issues and the real reason why I am writing this. When I have attempted to join a guild or guild(s) in the past, it went fine and all but admittance is largely based off of age, thus, ultimately I was the sole active younger user in most guilds I was in. I've also attempted several times to venture off of "New Players" realms but, they seem to be the only one(s) that are even remotely acceptable to younger users as anywhere else will blatantly say "18+" or "21+". Of course I understand that the guilds reserve the absolute right to decline, exile or admit anyone at will, however, I do not believe that admittance as a norm should be 18+ under the impression that anyone under 18 is a sheltered little brat that doesn't know game mechanics and or has not been exposed to things that the adult population has (you can infer what I mean here). While I also don't mean to say that every young player is woke and all-knowing, I am saying that not all of them are sheltered and need to be excluded on the pretense of maturity. After reading several forums also pertaining to this, I've found these are the common reasons why younger players are often excluded from guild events or activities. They do not have their own schedule, as such they are a liability. (Parents run their lives and schedule). Inconvenient for raiding. (I support this as a side note, as such I don't raid on other toons nor expect to be invited to raids even if I were in a guild actively). Lack of mutual interests with them and the entirety of the guild they are in. Older guild members cannot be "themselves" pertaining to the manner which they speak to one another or the jokes they make and have to keep their content PG or PG-13. Or, well, just simply "they're too young".All of this is valid for exclusion by guilds since they are indeed a liability and or can make guild members uncomfortable and that is fine and understandable. However, this exclusion should not be the norm for every guild and be strictly age biased as there are those young users that are also trying to enjoy the game and meet different people to help them to do so. I, myself, have met many people of older ages than my own on other platforms and games and we have gotten along great and I do accredit them for getting me interested in varying topics such as politics and things of that nature. Anyways, with all this out the way, just as a side note. I'm expecting literally nothing happening from me making this post nor do I really want to be the spur of controversy, I'm merely giving my own standpoint on it. I'll continue enjoying the game as I have and enjoying myself regardless of community. I'm sure everyone here has played this game as a 13 year old at one point with raid leaders being years older than yourself! You know how it feels! Don't disregard it just because you're older now! Realms I've ventured on for reference: Dalaran, Moon Guard, Stormrage, Thrall, Proudmoore and Wyrmrest Accord. honestly half my points are invalid and are completely biased but still lol also making this since it hasn't been touched on that much since like 2011-13 from what i've looked upGarthorm170 1h
1h Too many quests to do at level 110! Can we have the cap increased or even removed? For me there's far too many quests at level 110 and this isn't just on my older characters but even this new mage.Willford6 1h
2h What to Upgrade? I want to be able to push Ultra in a Raid setting w/ 50 to preferably 60+ FPS, while running at 1980x1080.... I doubt I would need to replace everything, and am thinking probably mainly just a good GPU upgrade could do it. However, before I continue forward, I thought I would get some input.... Here are the specs of my system as it stands now... CPU - Intel i7-4820k Quad Core @ an Overclocked 4.66GHz GPU - Nvidia GTX 760 2GB 16 GB of RAM 64 GB SSD More storage that WoW does not use Right now, I've got MORE than enough power coming from the supply, so I'm not worried about that... I even have the CPU Watercooled for Overclocking as well... I'm thinking a new Graphics Card should do the trick, but I've got about $300 to work with, and if changing CPU's would be better, then I'll do that. Thanks peeps! Let me know what I need to do to get the biggest bang for the buck.Jarrlaxle5 2h