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Sep 1, 2016 World of Warcraft: Legion now live! Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance, Azeroth needs your aid. The Burning Legion has returned—and World of Warcraft: Legion is NOW LIVE! The time has come to embark on your quest to the Broken Isles, to seek out and master Artifact weapons of legendary might, and to rally like-minded champions to your cause in your Order Hall. In this desperate hour, you must also strike a forbidden pact with the outcast Demon Hunters of the Illidari, fel-twisted disciples of the dreaded Illidan the Betrayer. Should you fail... worlds will burn. Purchase World of Warcraft: Legion now, and prepare yourself: kingdoms will burn. ------ Help and Support: You can find a list of common questions and answers related to Legion, Legion quests, and more located on the World of Warcraft Customer Support forums. If you do not see the issue you're encountering listed, feel free to browse the Customer Support forum to see if other players are having the same problem. Game Masters Legion Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start here for assistance: Get Help ------ Trailers and Media: World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of Azeroth Trailer Legion Artifact Systems Preview Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide Harbingers - Khadgar Harbingers - Gul'Dan Harbingers - Illidan Legion Cinematic Trailer ------ New Content & Features: New Class: Demon Hunter - Demon hunters, disciples of Illidan Stormrage, uphold a dark legacy, one that frightens their allies and enemies alike. Artifact Weapons - The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth with its full force, and the world’s heroes must discover new pinnacles of power to halt this unrelenting threat. World Quests - In World of Warcraft: Legion, questing at level 110 comes in new variations called World Quests Class Halls - Every class needs a place to call home—a special retreat where support can be found, and a war room in which plans can be made. Legion PvP and Dungeon & Raid Schedules - Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion. Battle to Level 110 - Travel to the Broken Isles in search of the Pillars of Creation, powerful relics used to shape Azeroth and explore all-new zones as you grow in power. Ornyx0 Sep 1, 2016
2h World of Warcraft Support for Windows XP and Vista Ending Soon As we previously announced, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista for several Blizzard games. For World of Warcraft, we’re ending support for these operating systems in October. Microsoft ended mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a segment of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued to support them. Now that there have been three major Windows releases since Vista’s release and a clear majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions of Windows, we are ready to make this change. After this time, Windows XP and Vista will not be supported and World of Warcraft will not run on them. We encourage any players who are still using one of these older operating systems to upgrade to a newer version prior to this date to continue playing.Ornyx81 2h
14h Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus NOW LIVE! On August 29, Azeroth’s greatest heroes will journey into the heart of the Burning Legion’s stronghold to undertake a most desperate mission in Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus. Succeed, and Azeroth may at last know peace; fail, and all worlds will burn. Read the full World of Waracraft 7.3 Patch Notes here. See a preview of the upcoming Campaign for Argus here. Learn more about the updated combat animations coming in 7.3 here. Trailers and Media Patch 7.3 Survival Guide The Battle for Argus Begins The Path to Argus New Content & Features: Argus - Journey to Argus, homeworld of the Eredar and base of operations for the Burning Legion's assault on Azeroth. As you explore Argus, you’ll visit new locations across the planet, experiencing the epic conclusion to the Legion storyline and unlocking new world quests and other content along the way. New Dungeon: Seat of the Triumvirate - Once the heart of the ancient eredar civilization where Velen, Archimonde, and Kil’jaeden ruled their people, this temple has fallen to ruin. Return with Velen to retrieve an ancient relic of power, and battle the darkness that has overtaken this sacred place, in a new 5-person dungeon among the ruins of Mac’Aree on Argus, featuring four bosses. Netherlight Crucible - Harness the power of Argus to activate the Netherlight Crucible allowing you to augment your Artifact Relics. The Crucible can be used to strengthen and customize Relics, increasing their raw power and allowing players to choose from a set of additional powers, including a second Artifact Trait to improve. Combat Animations - New and updated animations, effects, and audio are coming to all three Mage specs, all three Priest specs, and Elemental and Restoration Shamans. Restoration Druids have updated animations.Ornyx63 14h
5d Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus Art Contest Throughout time, artists have set their talents to capturing pivotal moments in history. To commemorate the grandest of crusades for Azeroth’s heroes, we’re asking you to bring forth your talents to encapsulate the campaign into Argus. Let the fel* of your creativity flow using pens, pencil, paints, or your favorite art program to capture the events, people, and environs of the Shadows of Argus for posterity… and prizes. We’re looking for your best Argus themed artwork either with traditional media or via digital media. First Place: Three qualified entrants will be chosen and receive one World of Warcraft: Legion Collector’s Edition signed by the World of Warcraft Art Team and one Starseeker Pet and Mount Bundle. Runner-Ups: Ten qualified entrants will be chosen to receive one Starseeker Pet and Mount Bundle. Entries can be submitted during the period of August 30 through September 30, 2017 to Each submission must be a high-resolution JPEG file of no more than 5MB in size to be considered for the contest. A submission must be your original work, and cannot include, in whole or part, any previously created work. You can find the full contest rules here. Good luck in your artistic journey! *You may need a bit of green – perhaps some purples too, but definitely green. Use fel responsibly. May cause itching, skin pigmentation changes and irritation, general hunger, and sudden feelings of world domination. Do not use without warlock or demon hunter supervision. Do not use fel and operate heavy machinery. Warnings aside, we’re sure it will all be fine.Ornyx24 5d
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10s Maybe the is room for Necromancers Think about it, Unholy death knights are pretty useless everyone just chooses Frost anyway, and they already are removing undead minions for most of the death knight specs, so if they finished the job and deleted the unholy spec for death knights and gave it to necromancers instead that could work. Or would that be taking away too much? Who plays unholy anyway??Elae4 10s
40s WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY GAME? I have been playing WoW for a lot of years. I started before it was a game you could play with others online. I did not realize you could play it online until just a little while before Burning Crusade was released. It was such an amazing upgrade from the original game, and then Burning Crusade made it even more enjoyable. I loved everything about it except the PVP; and then I discovered PVE Realms and all was wonderful. Now it would seem you wish to cram PVP down my throat whether or not I enjoy it or want to play it. Well, here a few random thoughts that explain why I feel you are pushing me away and really don't care if I play as long as you retain some special core group that wants to make this game something different. For the most part, the game has grown in wonderful directions and I have played it faithfully. But you keep changing a lot of the basics, which is absolutely annoying. And you keep making the game more work to play. IT IS A GAME - you know ... fun? relaxing? enjoyable? PLAY a GAME ... have fun? relax? enjoy yourself? FUN!!! What are you doing? I would prefer you channel all that creativity into quests or bosses instead of making it a full time job to level a profession. And what happened to opening a quest and reading what to do and where to go to either do what is required or find out what your next step is? Who had the big idea to make it a full time job to research what you are going to do when you get a few hours to play? Did you know it is almost impossible to play without researching what, where, and how to do many of the quests? It also feels like you have gradually changed things to slant the game toward "the house" so-to-speak. Isn't there someone over there reading forums or feedback that can see many players are upset because things are not the way they used to be? Example: having pet battles was a wonderful idea and I would like to own all the pets. But I get so frustrated and angry when you decide to let the Blizzard pet get to do just things now and then to make it difficult for the player to win. What is with sometimes the Blizzard pet ends up taking 2 or 3 turns in a row when none of it's abilities have the words "always goes first"? Just one example of many glitches we encounter. Or if you want the Blizzard pet to always hit, don't put a % of chance in the tool tip - JUST SAY SO and then we can plan on it! The Appearance tab was another great idea, but I don't understand some of the limitations or errors. But it is SO VERY difficult to even contact Support now a days that I am not sure I want to go through that but I suppose I will have to. If it is in my Void storage, it was soulbound and should be in Appearance. I have to take it out, then pay to put it back in. Bull. And there are things I know I have already bought that I do not know. I usually buy one set of PVP after each season for the occasional PVP encounter but I know very few PVP appearances? Wrong. Or the tabards. I hate that I have to again buy the ones that don't just cost gold; I might complain about that one. I try to keep every faction at Exalted; plus the achieves for tabards. Also, I have become growingly annoyed at what appears to be your attempts to equalize the races and classes so that no one has an advantage over the other. Did anyone over there happen to remember that each different class and each different race has specific attributes that set it apart from all the rest and that we can have 50 characters, which means at least 50 chances to try all sorts of characters to find the ones we like the best, based on those perks and differences? Do the people making these decisions play this game? For how long??? I really thought it was appropriate that no matter where a shaman was, you can always go to the shrine in your capital city. So why take that away? There are too many examples. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to play a favorite character for years and then one day log in and discover you have to get used to something entirely new, or someone took something basic away? Or have you ever invested the time to farm for a specific item, not just because it is cool in itself, but also because of the wonderful bonus you will get? And then ZAP - gone. Blizzard decides to take it away. Ruby Slippers? Innkeeper's Daughter? EVERYONE NEEDS MORE THAN ONE HEARTH STONE THAT GOES TO THE SAME PLACE ON THE SAME COOLDOWN; RIGHT? My time spent and my reasons for wanting those things are of no value and totally worthless to you. OH - how about this one? I do a long (or short, who cares) quest line and I get a nice reward. Job well done. You know all those other characters I have? Do the same thing on them and get that nice job-well-done-reward but you cannot sell it, you cannot DE it, you cannot use it - you know what you get to do with your reward? You get to delete it. And it is SUCH A VERY IMPORTANT ITEM that we are often required to type the word delete in order to throw our worthless reward away because at one point in life it actually was something you wanted to make sure we didn't accidentally lose. So you update a little bit and now we get anywhere from a copper to a gold for the item. Thanks! a great reward. OR you make new "models" for characters that we are forced to see every where such as the armory or on the launcher. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD TAKE SUCH AN ADORABLE LITTLE GNOME GIRL AND TURN HER INTO A ANGRY LOOKING, SHORT HOOKER with dark circles under her eyes???? A great deal of the charm in the toon was the fact she looked and sounded like a sweet adorable child and then could genuinely kick your !@#. You had no right to make Chromie look so horrible. I am so sad to say I could go on and on, but I will stop with the most recent one which is just too much. Why did you change the way some of the characters throw their spells? Did you know some of us do not play certain characters because they look so stupid (to the individual playing them, not everyone else) just casting a spell and if that annoys you it is difficult to enjoy playing constantly with that character. My favorite character is my Restro Druid. She was my first 110. She is the one I do the Ahead of the Curve on and used to keep up with all the raids. I do like the new changes for druids because you allow me to be even stronger in battle or healing situations; but those are changes I got to choose - not forced down my throat. She earned most of the over 20K Achievement points I have. She gathered most of the 840 unique battle pets and the duplicates I have and did most of the work to make all my battle pets Rare level 25. She did the farming to gather most of my 337 mounts and is personally at 287 of 300. I play her the most. So now, tell me WHY? WHY did you change how she throws spells? Now, sometimes she looks so stupid to me!!! IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! Thanks for taking away just a little bit more of my enjoyment. Sometimes I hate you.Deienjane37 40s
58s Bring back merit-based rewards Remove LFR. go back to 1 raid difficulty, make things challenging again. get rid of RNG. reward the best players with the best gear for doing the hardest content. None of this titanforging past a difficulty tier. Heroic raiders have the same ilvl as Mythic raiders, nobody has any distinguishable level of prestige and status. There is literally no reason to raid mythic unless you enjoy it, since you can get the same gear if not a bit lower in ilvl from Heroic. Why the heck does LFR drop tier sets? Why do LFR players need good gear? Theres no answer because this game is being catered to all of the casual players. players such as myself are a minority now in that we believe that you should get the best gear for the doing the hardest content in the game. it worked in vanilla/bc and there was nothing wrong with it. Having the barriers to entry to raids made it more exclusive in a good way... it made people dream about fighting Ragnaros during the vanilla era. people lived vicariously through others' experiences' of being able to see Patchwerk or Ragnaros, even Illidan. People took screenshots of the bosses they killed and it was one of the greatest experiences in gaming ever for a lot of many people. Now, everyone can kill the final boss of a raid simply by queuing for LFR, and nobody gives a !@#$ about the final boss or the buildup and hype of being able to see that final boss in person. It has become too accessible to the point to where everyone has become jaded and more entitled. I guess they do this and it makes sense because they want everyone to feel special. But guess what.. if everyone is special then no one is. Make WoW great again.Kyarlent45 58s
1m Mage Tower, Poor Planning They launch the Mage Tower and proceed to tell us that it was meant to be a challenge in ToS gear. Now that we are in ToS opening the Mage Tower up is tied to dead content. At this pace we will get the Mage tower up in 3 weeks build time (maybe)...and we get it for 3 days. For those of us with time-demanding jobs this is a real nightmare. Why such poor planning with the Mage Tower?Spartan56 1m
1m More feral and Guardian forms in future? Was wondering if Blizzard plans on creating more unique forms for feral and guardian in the future. Couldn't find any information online so wondering if anyone has any idea.Optimizé2 1m
1m "no one plays monks because..." "they are a new class and people would rather stick to their main vanilla classes" meanwhile demon hunters are the MOST popular class right now! face it, monks are just UNDERPOWEREDSellingheals36 1m
1m Why there shouldn't be a new class We are full. A Warden is just a hybrid between a mage and rogue, a runemaster is just a death knight with only runes (edited that error sorry), a necromancer is just an unholy death knight that not many people play anyway as its more complicated than frost which is face-roll. There is no point having a Tinker anyway, as a Tinker is just an engineer. The only unique class they could bring is a Bard, and Bard's have no place in wow as unlike in Dungeons and Dragons games where you would see them all over the place, I have never come across someone boasting about their exploits playing an instrument here and there are no actors or plays either. Mind you, the Lorewalkers could become bards...Elae159 1m
1m Rate the Mog Above You 1 - "Wow, that doesn't match. You need fashion advice." 10 - "Daaamn, you lookin' fine!"Trenton288 1m
2m New Warchief Please Since MoP I always wanted vol'jin to be Warchief and I thought garrosh was the wrong one for the throne. We kill garrosh and vol'jin is Warchief for one expansion? Then you kill him off? And put the worst character imo as the warchief. When all she cares about is forsaken and immortality. Why not put baine as warchief? Sorry if I offend any people who like sylvanas. This is strictly my opinion.Tenácity29 2m
3m Corrupt a Wish Been awhile since I saw one of these, so what the hell, why not... You all know the rules: take the wish made by the above person and grant it with a nasty little addendum, then make a wish yourself I wish I could wear a plate bikini and not look like a s1utted-up six year oldBopsy40 3m
3m What if Jaina actually IS a dreadlord? *spoiler warning* Given the rogue class hall campaign, I realise now that it's possible that ANYONE could be any high position of power or authority. It could be the guard right behind you... They are everywhere... What if the real Jaina died when Theramore got bombed...Elae34 3m
5m Why are people in M+ often so bad? I'm beginning to want to stop pugging M+ forever. Healers doing ZERO damage throughout an entire dungeon. Tank damage being severely low. and of course DPSers having extremely low DPS. I bet 90% of players in M+ don't even pre-pot or use CDs on trash. It's so rough. No wonder why people value M+ score so highly. I'm not even talking about lower keys here, in higher M+ too. There has really got to be a rating system like in CS:GO or something for M+.Banalock42 5m
6m Getting Around Argus Without Flight Now I'm pro flying just because, well flying is fun as hell, who wouldn't want to fly? That being said I was initially a bit turned off by Argus and lack of flight, especially with all the trash mobs and terrain... but I have found now with all the teleporters unlocked that getting around is pretty easy, add in the 10 minute CD nuke suit and the sightless eye toy and trash mobs are no problem at all. I highly recommend the sightless eye toy actually, its a 5 minute CD for a 10 minute stealth effect on all of Argus and all of the Broken Isles... you can still interact with quest items / profession nodes and use your mount, the only thing that breaks it is combat or taking fall damage, and it lets you get pretty close to enemies without getting caught... so all in all, Argus aint so bad without flight =P Edit: I would also recommend if you're not a DH to carry around a few gliders, as they do come in very handy!Arthurius7 6m
6m What makes a good password Hello kittens, I read an article of experts in cryptology saying using numbers and special characters is useless , letters are way more secure as they give a probability of 1 to 27 instead of 1 to 10 for numbers ... Here is an example of great password according to those last researches : tobeornottobethatisthequestion Blizzard , give us the possibility to secure our accounts , let us be able to use only letters in our password please !! Thanks Boomchack Here is the article : 6m
7m High Elves - Playable Race It's been talked about for years if High Elves should be a playable race or not. Reasons for them not: Same model as Blood Elves, supposedly too few in number lore wise, not an exciting enough character model for a new race. I believe there are more people than you think that would really like to play high elves. The idea of creating a high elf ranger (like Alleria, or Vereesa) is so appealing. Night Elves are cool and all, but come on, we all want to look like Legolas from Lord of the Rings. They wouldn't need their own city, since they are exiles. However, how cool would a High Elf city be. I imagine it looking like a Blue Silvermoon City, with a more nature theme, and a few human elements to it. Humans could help the elves with it. I don't think it would be crazy impossible for the High Elves to have set up an exile nation and city. A lot of time has gone by in WoW (just look at Anduin Wrynn!). Anyway, apologies if I sound like a broken record for those of you who have played WoW for years. Just thought I would bring up the topic again. So who else would like to play a High Elf? Thoughts? (Even for against)Azrion118 7m
7m No flying in Argus PT3 First capped thread: Second capped thread: First Blue post: The title of the first thread was "no flying in Argus has caused me to lose all interest" I can say with certainty that is definitely the case with me. I have not unlocked Mac'aree. I have no plans to unlock it or do anything else on the planet. The biggest and most important reward there is for me is not present. There is no pathfider. I might have been able to tolerate Argus if I hadn't already done no flying for a long time in the Broken Isles, but I did. There is no way I'm doing it again, least of all this soon. Not to mention the fact that Argus' terrain is incredibly frustrating for me, and apparently this was by design.Gigabear2391 7m
9m Auction House Price Volatility WOW... So a few days ago I bought four 16 slot Netherweave bags, I believe they were. I got them for just under 20gp each. Last night the wife went to buy four of them for a new character and had to pay nearly 100gp each. Today Im working on another new character. A goblin Rogue. Loving both at this point. That stealth ability is freakin awesome. So I go into the AH thinking Im probably going to shell out about 400gp for 4 of these bags. Nope....28gp each...just over 100gp total. Is this a time of day thing? Supply and demand? Or is it just coincidence that I managed to get mine pretty cheap while the wife just managed to hit the AH at the wrong time? Thanks a ton for any insight.Heagnin14 9m
9m What if more classes were Tanks and Healers Obviously it wouldn't fix the issue with LFD and the major shortage, that's more of current tanks and healers being fed up with the PuG attitude and refusing to deal with that player-base. Also a person needs to have the mindset to be a Tank or Healer, those play styles are a niche field that some can't handle or find no interest at all playing. However, it might open up more players into trying those roles if they had more choices with a wider collection of classes than having a smaller selection. It wouldn't be far fetched for many other classes to be able to take up such roles as they have in the past, to some smaller extent before being disbarred from it completely. I'm also not against more classes having a 4th spec as long as it fits their fantasy role while opening up more options. Possible tanks: Priest - Inverts the Light and Shadow focusing them inwards, while losing the ability to heal others, they are able to project more powerful barriers and absorption techniques around themselves. It requires the player to weave between both forces of Holy and the Void as one force fades the other strengthens. It requires a delicate balance should one force go too far over, it can break your concentration leaving you vulnerable until you recover. Warlock - A new ritual has been discovered, allowing the Warlock to absorb the power of all their enslaved minions, coalesced into a powerful armor that infuses the warlock with greater power. In order to maintain this form you are unable to summon any minions as their energy is being used to power your armored form that utilizes all their abilities. Hunter - Forms a greater bond with their loyal companion creating an inseparable link between the two of them. They become tethered, gaining the stats from both as one and all aggro generated by the Hunter is applied to the Pet; however, this link is both life and death. Should one of them take damage then they both suffer, should one be healed they both recover, and if one were to perish then the other will as well. They must remain close together and within line of sight to retain this bond, if they become parted too far or lose sight of each other, both will suffer mental and physical anguish. Shaman - Geomancers that merges the power of their Greater Elementals of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire to form a powerful unity, a form of an everlasting Ascendance. Possible Healers: Rogue - With deeper understanding of their poisons, they concoct powerful remedies and medicines that can treat rather than harm. Unlike the conventional healers with magical properties, they use objects in their arsenal such as vials-darts they throw at their allies causing a small amount of pain before it injects a serum that heals over time. Flasks they shake up and throw which spews a cloud that heals all who pass through it. Concentrated powder to provide anti-venom and alleviate diseases. Death Knight - The powers of Undeath can steal life from others, but it can also transfer it from one being to another. Using their ghoul as a medium they can take small amounts of life energy from their surroundings or enemies, transfer it to the ghoul where it is stored, and then to themselves or their allies close to the ghoul.Jerauld60 9m
10m Cash Grab We used to praise Blizzard for not being like the other triple A monsters but I can honestly say that Blizzard has now become the Cash Grab King. Well done Blizz, well done.Volarus111 10m
10m Why WoW can't get housing. If WoW gets housing, then the gnomes and goblins will want it. Ok, so you let them have houses. But then we have a problem. No one will be able to fit inside!!! How can we be sure that they're not doing anything illegal? Huh? You can't!!!Azshere28 10m
10m Seriously where is the horde? I mean did Blizzard completely forget about 50% of their player base? The only horde presence are the PC (if they are horde) and 2 NPCs. All the quest givers are either Alliance, Alliance lore characters, or Illlidan. There is even a fairly strong anti-horde vibe going down on the ship. It is getting old taking orders from humans, living windrunners, draenei, and a blind half elf mongrel. Edit: Also patch 7.2 didn't have any horde lore characters in it, but it was less noticeable because horde NPCs were around and there wasn't an anti-horde vibe on BI. This xpac had stories for 5 current and former alliance faction leaders (three of which the horde PC was helping) vs. 1 horde. Heck the BE faction leader didn't even show up to lead the BE forced in Suramar.Hamstar247 10m
11m Time to clean up character names? Trying to change names in high populated realms is an absolute disaster. Every decent name I can come up with is taken, and half the time, they don't even exist on the WoW armory page meaning it's probably just a level 1 or something who will never be played. Why doesn't Blizz free up some names that are on extremely inactive accounts?Maximisse24 11m
11m Bard as a new profession Thoughts??Elae44 11m
11m Do you think WoW is getting too... out there? Like if someone back in 04-09ish said that in a couple of xpacs from now youre going to be traveling to different planets via space ships to fight demons. Would you be excited or think thats the most absurd thing ever?Britanny38 11m
12m AFKING in Invasion Points must stop Blizzard, allowing characters to receive loot from completed invasion points must be stopped. 3/4 of my last Invasion were just afking until Boss spawned, tagged him once, than resumed doing nothing. You need to fix this, and fix this now.Shinryu53 12m
13m Why there should be level scaling People say that no way, they don't want level scaling for old content, but I am going to make an argument as to why there should be. I am going to make my arguments as to why I think every zone you should be able to do at level 120 in the next expansion. I will also try and combat some of the counterarguments. 1-Blizzard doesn't make as many leveling zones as they used to. I mean in Legion, all I have to do to get an alt to 110 is 4 zones. Sometimes when I've had rested experience only 3. I've seriously did this on one alt in less than 24 hours on a slow day. Level scaling, especially they increase the gear rewards etc will give people a LOT more to do in old content, especially on alts, there will always be somewhere to go in Azeroth and Beyond. 2-For the people that say 'omg no only if it's optional!' are missing the point. The point is, that at present, most people are NOT doing old zones. My experience of Legion has been that people just level past them, skip them, whatever else. Sure there is a small minority of people that will go back to old zones to get revenge at something that killed them, but that's pretty rare. You are missing the point that with premade group finder, those 3 player quest mobs that you are struggling on killing in Outland or whereever well you will have people that are going to come to you and group up with you, guilds will come and help you, as the world will be a harder and more dangerous place and with premade group finder it will be possible to get people teaming up with you and doing stuff even if you don't know them anyway. Also to make friends, join a guild...seriously...I know some people like solo play, I myself sometimes like to log on just do my own thing, but even when I just doing my own thing on an alt, I inevitably have to end up doing dungeons and groups to get content done. Sure, that ancient 3 player quest mob might be harder to kill, but that's not a big deal whatsoever. I admit, due to level scaling I did struggle with a few solo quests on the Broken Isles and had to use more strategy to get it done myself, but that's not a problem. The point is that all these old zones are NOT being used for ANYTHING. Nobody wants to do loremaster for the sake of doing loremaster which I already did a long time ago on my main toon anyway. 3-It's a chance to revamp some of the old world and bring it up to date with post-Legion timeline AND have those zones be relevant. The cata 1-60 revamp was a waste of time for a lot of people due to the fact that many people were already past level 60, but a post-Legion revamp of the entire world from Kalimdoor/Eastern Kingdom Outland, Northrend Pandaria etc....would NOT be a waste of time because people would be doing them. Might even be a chance to finish off Silvermoon and make the world alive and relevant again. I know people might groan and say 'ohh no I don't want to see recycled content' but I actually think they handled Dalaran really well in Legion, got to see new parts of Dalaran that you could never see before. Thoughts? Edited in response to further arguments... 4-People that say that it sucks to farming mats are missing another point, it is no longer relevant to go to old zones to farm mats, as you can level all your professions to max in current expansion content now. The only exception is tailors that make bags. But if the price of netherweave bags increases on AH as it takes them longer to far those mats, that's a good thing as they are making more money as they are taking more effort. 5-People have talked about farming mounts in old content. There's very few places in the open world where you farm mounts, that's only in raids, and raid level scaling is already done in Timewalking. I am talking purely about the open world. Also pets don't matter, you can fly in old zones...Elae246 13m
14m Why High Elves will NEVER be playable. For starters there are hardly any left AND most of the ones that were in the hinterlands have been killed off. Most of the high elven areas in classic have been changed and they either turned into wretched or something worse... secondly they are total wimps and are getting their butts kicked all over the place already dwindling their population further thirdly they have absolutely no identity, they are a broken people, they are not AT ALL UNIFIED. and lastly, they have no capital city, Silvermoon belongs to the blood elves so they have nowhere to congregate.Christopher147 14m
14m What's the most you've spent... ...leveling a profession? It can get quite pricey it seems.Whïtström13 14m
16m Best/Worst Class Mounts? Whats everyone's opinions on which Class mounts look the best and the worst? My Choice is: Best - Beastmaster Mount Worst - Druid (is nice tho they can carry passengers).Quakepalm81 16m
23m It's Pirate's Day! Who's gonna plunder some booty?Whïtström11 23m
26m The argus cutscenes are incredible Seriously props to the blizzard cinematic team for a job well done!Usutu8 26m
30m Relinquished Loot Tables I know they've described what types of loot are available for the Relinquished tokens, but has there been any mention or counts as to how many items are on each table? I.e., if I wanted a specific shoulders or leg item and bought the corresponding token, do I have a 1 in 20 chance of getting it? A 1 in 40? A 1 in 100?Ayza2 30m
31m Argus Pass or Fail? and goDracowarrior162 31m
33m New pc any good ? Intel Core i7 6700 Quad Core Pocessor 8GB RAM 1TB Hard Drive 4GB NVidia GTX745 Graphics Card Looking at buying a new computer is these stats good for wow play Sorry prob posted in wrong thread but didnt know which would be better thanks in advance <3 qtbearzQtbearz15 33m
43m Who else is bored of ARGUS? Doing the same rares/quests is boring... I dunno... are we actually going to be doing this for another year?Saeahiga69 43m
45m Some Tinkerer Concepts Available Races: Undead Goblin Orc Dwarf Gnome Draenei In order to balance out race population we give this out to lower pop races who show an inclination for science. 4 Specs, 3 take Agi Mail, 1 takes Int Mail. Spec 1. "Mech" Tank. Utilizing a mechanical battle suit at all times, a Mech Tinkerer tanks bosses using a variety of guns missiles handsaws and bombs. It is very mobile and can still tank at range just as well as if it were in melee range. Each race has a unique style for their mech suits similar to how bear druids look. Spec 2. "Pyro" Range DPS. Pyro Tinkerers are range damage dealers who rely on an ever present flamethrower to do damage. Using their flamethrower, and a small collection of bombs and traps, a Pyro Tinkerer can deal massive amounts of damage albeit not being very mobile. Any bow or xbox or gun becomes a hand held flamethrower for the Tinkerer. Each race gets to 'build' the look using distinct racial styling cues. Spec 3. "Ordinace" Range DPS. Operating with a combo point generating system, an Ordinance Tinkerer builds charges on a target then selects their detonate command exploding all charges on the target. The charges can be all sorts of different bombs explosives chemicals bleeds traps slows etc. An Ordinance Tinkerer can mix and match different types of charges should he want dots or aoe or cc or bleeds, he has different charges for each and can mix and match before detonating. Ordinance Tinkerers will have a higher skill cap as they do the majority of their damage via detonating charges so they must be constantly thinking 8 seconds in the future. Spec 4. "Chemical" Healer. A Chemical Tinkerer is similar to a Pyro Tinkerer in that they weild a giant gun like contraption. Differing however a Chem Tinkerer shoots a pinkish/purple water stream that heals their allies. Replacing their explosive bombs with healing bombs, and shooting healing darts plus their peptogun, a Chemical Tinker provides a new take on healing.Illidia28 45m
47m Shadowcaster Voruun. Needs to be looked at for Spawn times. Of all the Argus Rares I've come across, this one continues to elude me and several others I've met who all need it for the achieve.Renotarshil10 47m
49m one thing you hate about this expansion You can choose only one thing they added to this expansion you hate and never want to see again... For me, its the talking faces front and center popping up for every damn quest or storyline, I want them to go away forever.Jerauld229 49m
51m Morning Reset so i just logged in after the Reset and now Argus is cross server?? what is this crap?Noberon3 51m
52m Farming Rares on argus I was wondering what is the best way to farm the rares that drop fel spotted eggs? I sat at a spawn point yesterday for about an hour and Sabuul didn't spawn.Tenácity7 52m
53m Let's hang out until the servers come up? Hey all, I know I'm not the only no life waiting for the maintenance to be over! How are you? (No complaining about the maintenance please... that's just stupid. It's been the same since day one, and if we didn't have it weekly we'd have a ton of problems.) :D Keep it peaceful ya'al!Zìlex19 53m
54m I want Faction-Unique Questing Back Feel like I haven't seen my faction all expansion. Legion is the first expac to essentially cut faction-unique questlines, stories, and zones down to 30 minutes of questing (Stormheim) and have the rest of the story driven by neutral groups. Even if end-game content was led by neutral groups in prior expansions, leveling content introduced 4+ zones with separate faction questlines, which made you feel connected to your team. Class Orders were dominated by Alliance or Alliance-related characters, Alliance or Alliance-related characters were the key figures of this expansion, and Anduin had his own development, so I know Alliance players feel better this expansion than the Horde. But there is no guarantee for the next one. I don't think faction's need complete parity in presentation. I'm fine with Velen leading the charge on Argus just like I was fine with Thrall being the World Shaman. But I do hope that every expansion feels progressive and productive for each faction and a part of that means having their own presentation driven by their own values, goals, and stories. - Something every expansion prior to Legion did. Class Orders were enjoyable, but not worth watching virtually every race but Draenei and Elves sit on the sidelines while we finish off the franchise's most iconic antagonist.Yagarr7 54m
57m Will Withered ever be cured? Since we have a tree for them that cures the magic dependency, do you think we'll ever see them return to their formal selves?Britanny19 57m
57m The Legion invades Earth? What if the next planet the Burning Legion was planning on invading is Earth? And what if we don't stop Sargarus within the first week or so of the raid launching we get invaided for real?! That would also mean that the heroes we controlled in WoW are real and every stupid or wacky thing you did in WoW actually happened! Then if/when the invasion happens you gain all the powers combined from all of the toons you have to fight the Burning Legion from taking over Earth. Yeah...That and stuff.Zarador74 57m
1h Night elf old model So i understand they changed the old models skeletons to fit the new animation, but currently night elf old models are not even available. This is really saddening, i absolutely hate the new models for nelf and love the old ones.Nexxyd227 1h