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44m Who What When Where Why...Ogres? THAT PLAYABLE OGRE THREAD!! This thread was not made for Ogre lovers...they already love Ogres. Instead this thread was created for other members of the community in an attempt to not only get them on-board with Ogres, but to get them excited as well. For those readers against Ogres, if you read the thread and can find something I have not addressed please share and I will address it. This will be the comprehensive and ever-expanding list providing suggestions, input, thoughts and feedback about possible playable Ogres! 1. Why Ogres? 2. Why Now? 3. Why Not Something Else? 4. Possible Classes 5. The Two Headed Ogre Dilemma .....A-More than just a Gimmick, Overcoming Disabilities 6. Possible Racial Traits 7. Possible Racial Emotes 8. The Size of Ogres ....A-But...they're fat. 9. Ogre Mount Solution(s) 10. Ogre Starting Area 11. Neat Ogre Facts 12. Q & A 13. Conclusion 1. Why should Horde have Ogres? The answer is simple, there is rather large history of their cohabitation. Ogres and their lore have been a part of the Horde since before the first war and have been involved as recently as the Legion Invasion. You might be surprised to find out Ogres were originally recruited into the Horde by Blackhand in exchange for Shelter from their Gronn Masters. They participated in the war against the Draenei and were even involved in the infamous assault on Shattrath. Despite their use before the first war they were not used for the War on Stormwind. During the Second War Ogres were used widely in the Horde as enforcers, keeping infighting between the clans to a minimum. Following the Horde's defeat during the second War most Ogres went their separate ways, settling in different location all over Azeroth. Skipping ahead quite a bit here...but this next part is very important. There are still Ogre clans that are a part of the Horde. Dunemaul — Found in Tanaris. Recruited into the Horde by Megs Dreadshredder. Mok'Nathal clan — A clan consisting mostly of half-ogres, found mainly in Blade's Edge Mountains. Led by Leoroxx. Stonemaul clan — Found in Feralas and Dustwallow Marsh. Recruited into the Horde after Rexxar killed their former chieftain, Kor'gall. 2. Why Now? To be blunt it's overdue. Take into consideration other races that were added to the game that have little to no pre-existing Lore behind them that were thrust into the game. Blood Elves, Worgen and Pandaren. Certainly Blood Elves have lore as High Elves but that was certainly a curve-ball that was thrown our way with their allegiance suddenly shifting to the Horde. The move certainly made more sense logistically than lore-wise, and despite groans from many (including myself) were accepted due to the reasoning behind it. Goblins are the only race that has been introduced since the original launch of the game that made sense from a lore perspective. 3. Why Not Something Else? Besides the previously mentioned lore reasons the answer is logistics. Ogres are not the most popular choice. This is actually important. If a new race was placed on solely one faction (say a new species of Elves) this could throw off a very delicate Horde to Alliance ratio. Similar to how Blizzard brought some sort of balance to the factions with Blood Elves the opposite could be done by the implementation of a more popular race. As it stands I would not expect to see masses of Alliance come flocking to Horde just to play an Ogre. Ogres are a traditional "Horde" race and the majority of players that would be attracted to this are probably already Horde. To proactively counter some common arguments the coincide with this I'll list a few other common suggestions/complaints and address them. Argument-Horde Have Bad Posture, Transmog doesn't look good. Counter-Ogres have great Posture. They are not hunched over. Argument-Subraces fit as well! Counter-They certainly do, however when developing new content that could attract brand new players, sub-races of pre-existing races are just not exciting to new players, not as much as a brand new race. Subraces are cool because we know what a Dark Iron Dwarf is. To most outside the current playerbase it just looks like a dark skinned dwarf...or may even be misconstrued as a Duergar type of race, and the distinctions between the two are certainly note-worthy. Argument-I want _____ race! They look super-cool! Counter-I agree that many races look cool. Some just dont fit for lore reasons, some just make no sense based on the race itself. Two common examples...Murlocs and Arakkoa. I've actually seen these pop up from several people in the past. Murlocs simply do not have the ability to communicate effectively. Arakkoa are dedicated to Old Gods. One wouldn't fit due to their current lore...the other is the equivalent to wanting to play a...well a lesser race. 4. Possible Classes Warrior Warlock Priest (primarily shadow, much like Forsaken lore) Mage Hunter Shaman I cannot recall and Ogre Deathknight, and it certainly wouldn't work with the Two-Headed Ogre part I have described in the next chapter. Monks are a possibility, but it seems fundamentally difficult for an Ogre to try and learn "balance" 5. The Possibility of Two Heads Since Gul'dan helped develop what we now know as the common Two Headed Ogres at the Altar of Storms it brings upon us the possibility for some really interesting options for this. Will it ever come to pass? Hard to say, it certainly would be challenging. Creating a two headed Ogre with a friend for long term gameplay certainly sounds fun, but having to rely on that individual to play your character is a huge hindrance. Coming up with a solution around it could be tricky, but I think I found one. Each player makes their own Ogre, that Ogre can be played separately and independently just like any other player. A racial trait is to combine together giving the individual an amplified size (aesthetic purposes only). The player who initiates the trail gains the movement ability and the second player gains amplified damage but loses control of movement. In addition the combined Ogre gains the armor and mitigation of the movement controlling player and combined life of both players. Combined Ogres would take increased damage from PvP targets (still mitigated by the controlling Ogres stats) You cannot combine on any Ogre without selecting Accept, similar to a trade. Once in combat you cannot combine or separate from the Ogre you combined with. The biggest issue I can see with it is people stacking Ogres for the increased damage, so limiting the amount you could have in say a raid would almost be required. This could have amazing gameplay options from everything from PvE to PvP, and of course it's optional. The downside of it is also simple, if one messes up, you both suffer. (dont stand in fire) A- More than just a gimmick, overcoming Disabilties The inspiration behind this racial ability came from two sources, Cho'gall from Heroes of the Storm and two real-life friends of mine with physical disabilities. Over the years in the guild I'm a part of there have been many opportunities for all of our players to advance in content, PvE and PvP. These opportunities have been limited by my friends personal disabilities. Having to move constantly during fights and balance a rotation can be difficult (not impossible) when you literally have less to work with. Playing Cho'Gall (on Heroes of the Storm) with my friend that had the strokes allows us to succeed doing things together we otherwise would struggle to do. If Blizzard can make something work there, I'm confident they could do the same here. I realized this could give those players a chance to participate in content otherwise near impossible by relying on someone else. My friends (one of which has only one arm and the other has suffered from two strokes at a young age) could focus solely on their rotations. Since this option would have little to no bearing on what the movement controlling Ogre can and cannot do that player would not feel as though they are carrying anyone else. (no pun intended). I do not have an answer as to how Alliance could have something similar. I'm certain that the developers at Blizzard could find something similar to balance this out. In the end I see this as being something more than just a gimmick. It would be an opportunity for some people. It's something I genuinely hope gets read and considered by someone there at Blizzard. 6. Possible Racial Traits Keep in mind I dont expect nor desire all of these, just ideas to throw around. Alter of Storms - Mystically combines the Ogre with another Ogre to create the 2 Headed Ogre (read my 2 Headed Ogre part for more) Hurl Boulder - Hurls a Boulder at the target, dealing XXX damage. Tough Skin - Ogres thick skin reduced damage taken by melee by __% Bonk - Sock puny target in the head, stunning it for 2 seconds. Heavy Handed - Ogres increased strength improved their melee weapon damage by __% 7. Possible Emotes Male Dance-The Chris Farley Dance is pretty iconic at this point. Would not change, perhaps add a bit more to it. Female Dance- "All about that Bass" by Megan Trainor Two Headed Dance Would involve both sides doing something separate, quite possibly starting a fight between the heads. 8. The Size of Ogres. There is a great variety in the ogre species. Ogres average between 6 feet and 7 feet in height at adulthood, but continue to grow two inches to a foot at a time through a portion of their lives, as well as continuing to put on weight. A fully grown ogre would be between 8 feet and 25 feet; the average for the larger ogres is 15 feet, though some ogres are small, barely larger than 6 or 7 feet. Source for that information is from the Horde Player's Guide. The closest comparison to Ogre height is Tauren. According to the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade game manual, tauren females are 6.5 feet and males are 8 feet tall. However, according to Blizzard's internal bible, females are 9 feet and males are 10 feet tall on average. What this means is Ogres could be sized exactly like Tauren and still be within current parameters of the game AND lore. This is not something that could be adjusted to fit into the's currently already there. For an example I'm sure many of you have participated in the Legion Violet Hold 5 man. During the instance you will encounter Shadow Council Warlocks, minor Ogres that run out of the portal. These Ogres are the currently the exact same size of Tauren. ......A. But...they're fat. Copy/paste from Shado (ty for contributing) ... 9. Possible Ogre Mount Solution(s) Many people are concerned with an Ogres Mount size and how it could interfere with the environment due to its overall size. First off, as described in the size portion of the thread Ogres (and their mounts) do not necessarily have to be as large as you think. It would not be uncommon to be roughly the size of a Tauren. However another solution to the problem would be the Cho'Gall solution from HoT's. Have the Ogre carry a slightly smaller version of the mount at an increased run speed. Certainly this would take up less space overall, especially at the ground level (where most people are concerned). The problem with this solution is the amount of work the devs would have to put into animating all the mounts to be carried. I'm not developer so I dont know if this is an easy fix or a hard one, but it would certainly take more time than any other race mount. At the end of the day it really boils down to not all Ogres being as large as what some people assess them to be. 10. Ogre Starting Area Dustwallow Marsh. The events of MoP have left a significant open area for Blizzard to explore pertaining to Ogres. The Stonemaul Ogres have used Brackenwall Village as their home for quite some time. Due to the harshness of the land they were never successful in any real fighting against the Alliance in the same area. Since the "removal" of Theramore from the zone the possibility of expanding the village is certainly on the table. Possibly even including some of the old Theramore land to their foothold into that zone. It would certainly add a bit of conflict to that area. 11. Neat Things about Ogres Dirttea drew up 2 Ogres for us! During the Siege and subsequent bombing of Theramore that took place at the beginning of MoP, the Stonemaul Clan who is found locally in that area did not participate in the sacking and following explosion of the city. There is actually a possible foreshadowing of more Ogres finally joining the Horde. On your way to the Broken Shore (as Horde). With the "Largest Legion Invasion" ever to occur on Azeroth (as per Blizzard) taking place a lone Ogre that is not currently a part of any allied Ogre faction has come to join in the Assault on the Broken Shore. Offering himself to the service of the Horde. Ogres are seen as stupid, however they are quite crafty and have a great deal of knowledge about things that surprise people. For example Ogres take great pride in knowing their lands. They know every cave, knook and cranny in an area that they live. This is what would lead to Ogre Hunters. Gul'dan did not create two-headed Ogres! He just made them much more common. Natural cases of two-headed Ogres did occur very rarely before the Altar of Storms. 11. Questions&Answers ... Probably like male Ogres, with hair and bewbs. Here is an example. ... Already previously addressed. Willing to contest in a meaningful debate with anyone who wishes to bring up valid arguments to this. ... While it's true that Orcs and Ogres battled for many years before the Horde developed as we know it, and the Ogres even joined the Horde under dubious circumstances, they still joined, and are still a part of the Horde. Orcs have also come very far in their perspective on other races since their time on Draenor. ... This is actually a great question. Nothing fits on Alliance side as much as Ogres fit on Horde, Lore-wise anyways. My personal preference would be Naga. While they are currently aligned to the Old Gods, I think next xpac is going to have an Old God theme based on some info we have gotten so far from this xpac. There could certainly be a renegade branch of Naga that join in revolt. This however is probably best left to it's own thread. 12. In conclusion... Metzen himself had said they (Blizzard developers) toyed with the idea of introducing Ogres during Cataclysm. Everyone knows that Ogres belong here, even if they are not the most popular race. Thank you. I will update this thread instead of making a new one as more information is available or to address questions or concerns.Rickflairwoo112 44m
49m Do you kill other players on sight? Just curiousScattyoop111 49m
50m “Personal” Loot is not personal Edit: People seem to be replying to my post as if it's about not wanting to trade MY loot to other people. I could care less about that. I just think it's dumb that they made a "personal" loot system that has turned into de facto group loot, except it's more cumbersome since you have multiple people whispering you and you have to /roll in chat. I think they should make personal loot either truly personal (as in you can't trade it) or make a better UI system to allow this trading. Does anyone else feel like personal loot has morphed into group loot except every now and then, when the item is an “upgrade,” you can’t trade it? Other than those few items that people need and is an upgrade, most groups I’m in are still rolling for loot after every boss kill. So, what was the point of introducing personal loot if they just slowly made it almost the same as group loot? I know people complained when personal loot first came out that they weren’t seeing gear drop, but what’s the point of seeing gear drop that you can’t actually use? I’d rather you just gave me the chaos crystal directly. I think they should make a clear distinction between group loot and personal loot. Obviously, there is no “free” loot and Blizzard wants to control how quickly people gear. I’m sure the personal loot you trade away to party members is part of the equation in how quickly people gear. Why not just recalculate the algorithm for personal loot so that each player is gearing about the same speed as now? With the tradeoff being that you can’t trade gear to party members but you only get gear if it’s going to be an ilevel upgrade (or maybe the same ilevel for side grades). Since the upgrades are based on item level some still won’t be needed, but I think it would be a huge improvement over what is happening now. With a change like that we could just bask in the victory of a boss kill instead of scrambling to see who got what and if they are willing to give it away. What does the forum think? Do you like just seeing gear drop whether you can use it or not? Do you think personal loot failed its original intention?Wasselin37 50m
55m World bosses still not loot So is blizz just not gonna fix world bosses not dropping loot? From the beginning of this expansion, this has been an issue. So, we die three times and have to pay gold up the !@# for gear repairs for literally nothing? What's the point of world bosses?Alyxra27 55m
57m Tired of such emphasis on AoTC I honestly am getting so tired of all the AoTC only groups for heroic gul'dan or just for a fresh heroic nighthold. It reminds me of the horrors of gearscore to a much lesser extent. I get it, it shows that people have actually killed the fight but let's be completely honest. There's a number of reasons that people could've gotten that achieve. Their guild was solid and they were able to get carried. They got into a lucky pug that had already wiped enough to know the fight and down it. Or they just paid for a carry to a site like wow vendor (you know it !@#$ing happens). Even if someone did get it legitimately it doesn't mean they're not going to %^-* up or that the fight is going to be a face roll. I remember back in the hellhole of WoD where I had the AoTC and was able to get into multiple AoTC only groups for archimonde. Still people kept !@#$ing up when it came to simple mechanics like shadowfel burst or wrought chaos or just the damn infernals and wiping the raid. Even then it was just sometime not having the damage for it. I'm not saying that AoTC shouldn't be a consideration but for godsake at least take two minutes to armory someone or check them out on logs or wowprogress to see how progressed they are before you kick them to the curve. I'm 9/10 H and comfortably tank or dps both with my four set piece and BiS legendaries for ret. I've tanked elisande easily on heroic and have multiple attempts on gul'dan as a tank getting him as far as 40% before the other tank got knocked off by the felbonds. So I'm more than qualified to have a crack at the green bastard but I'm constantly denied entry all because of some freaking achievement that really doesn't mean all that much compared to actually INSPECTING SOMEONE.Achelean36 57m
58m Priest, Mage or Warlock Which two classes out of the three would you recommend for pvp right now?Laillah5 58m
1h What's with the pathetic dps on LFR? I just had an LFR group on Tichondrius with a WW monk doing 187k dps, two fury warriors doing 120k dps, and a hunter doing 77k dps... lol. How do you get such low numbers? Anyone with a 835 ilvl or higher could get those type of numbers or higher by smashing their face on the keyboard.Mythelm222 1h
1h HoTS Mount Promotion Late to the party, looking for people to play some heroes with. Bastarache#1144Orias0 1h
1h Tier 3 too rare/expensive I know a lot of members of the community don't care or don't agree with me, but I honestly don't understand how making one piece of gear cost a million gold and making me wait 3 years to see it one time, is justified. Either wait 3 years, or cost a million gold, not both! (Although it may take me another 3 years to save up that gold). I already spent years getting my T3 robe, and if you gave it away for free to everyone tomorrow, I honestly would not care! I don't care what other players are wearing, I have coveted this set since the first month I played this game when I saw some awesome priest wearing it. Now every NPC and their brother owns it anyways, so why can't the players just have a reasonable chance at it? This is literally torturing me, you don't even understand. Please don't make me wait 3 more years and grind the gold cap to get the only thing I have ever wanted in this game. A freaking matching shoulders/robe from 2006.Airguitar43 1h
1h Ogre Race Thread This thread is in regards to pushing for Ogres to be put into the game as a playable race. It is not in regards to an alternate Alliance race or other Horde type races just solely Ogres. I have since WC2 loved Ogres in the game. From the Brute like nature to the dark magics they practice they have a rich lore and history with the game. For good Ogre Lore and other good ideas see Classes - Warriors, Priests, Warlocks, Mages, Shamans, Death Knight. Other possibilities: Hunter, Monk These classes are without a doubt within the realm of Ogre lore and do not break from the fantasy whatsoever. Yes you could always make a gnome a hunter but for arguments sake This would be what I imagine the classes choices consist of. Racial Abilities - A defensive C/D akin to the Dwarves. The trolls have haste and orcs have a damage boost for C/D's so those would overlap. I feel a defensive C/D would play into the toughness and resilience of Ogres. A balanced passive that reduces spell damage taken.(ie 1%) Since individual resistances and spirit are no longer apart of the game the passive is up in the air to me. It would have to either be something unique or overlap with a race that doesn't already have an overlap. Starting area - I would imagine the starting area could be an island off of Feralas or if the old world was revamped Dire Maul could be written in. Could always default to a random new island or continent as well as we saw with the last 5 races added in. It would be nice if CoT started becoming a hub for old dungeons and raids allowing the current world to be overhauled but that's a separate argument. Appearences - Choice between 1 or 2 heads(This over all of them) Tribal markings Facial Hair Face Type Size Considerations - Tauren height or Tauren Collision height with taller graphic. Most Player races are smaller than the boss/ Dungeon brethren. A smaller Ogre model about the size of a Tauren would be a concession that the race would have to accept to avoid having to fix doorways around the world and space occupied during boss fights. Thank you for your time and feel free to add your own constructive input below. The more popular this becomes the better chance we have of recieving a response from blizzard. Also Feel free to put constructive criticism or note issues that must be addressed below so I can addendum the main post. Edit: Added DK's to the list of playable classes, Added Size Consideration blurb, Added Monks and hunters as possible class candidates Added Link to solid Lore on an old Ogre ThreadAshael16 1h
1h iLvl for keystones dungeons What ilvls is suggested fro +10-15 dungeons in 7.2?Raggulroth5 1h
1h rate my mog please :PRatedmxix2 1h
1h Auction house bos So the action house.. Why are people able to buy stuff and reaell it for more.... How is this good for anyone but the people who are too lazy to go make $$? The few who buy everything up and resell it are a cancer!! They profit buy creating thier own supply and demand curve. The are creating thier own monopoly. This should be stopped. Item sold on the AH ahould becone character bound after purchase BOS!! The lazy should not profit from others hard work... This is a game not RL these people are just making it harder for the rest of us.. playing the AH should not be a needed part of the game. /rant over. Let the ah troll down votes start.Darthpms94 1h
1h Whispering Guild Invites Look there is something EVERYONE needs to understand. Not EVERYONE wants to be in a guild. That is why we have the option to turn the Guild Invites off. I understand everyone wants there little perks (which wasn't even a thing when I started WoW), but you can't keep harassing to join your guild JUST for the perks. The last time I was in a guild...Well we never even did anything together. I'm sure there are guilds that do some things together, but I'm wondering if ANYONE remembers what being in a guild is about. Just stop whisper inviting people that have the Invite off. They don't want to be disturbed.Nymphodora84 1h
1h New model needed! Hyenas are in dire need of a model update! They are among my favorite creatures in both wow and real life. Adorable, deadly, and awesome! Every hunter I have ever had has tamed a hyena at some point and even my current hunter uses one on fairly regular basis today. I remember my very first encounter with a hyena back in late vanilla, it was the first "red" level mob I had ever seen. Killed my little hunter very quickly, I was an ubernoob back then. (I have graduated to minor noob!) Anyways, I knew then I HAD to have one. The fancy rare scorpid I had recently obtained couldn't hold a candle to the epicness of a hyena! I would also love to see a spirit beast, combat pet, and mount version of this creature, but that isn't the main focus of this post. The main focus is for some hyena love! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope you offer up your support so that maybe someone that matters will see!Annieorclie2 1h
1h Deathglare Iris wont drop? So i just did emerald nightmare darkbough in lfr and killed ll'gynoth and the deathglare iris for my quest wont drop, "The Emerald Nightmare: In Nightmares" is it bugged or something?Feorandreith9 1h
1h Closing Curse App Why? Why for the love of god would they make it that the default setting for the X button isnt to shut down the program but just to minimise it? Why do this? Especially when right next to the X button is the - button... you know, that button that minimises the program? Why do this? Why have two buttons do the same thing? Am I the only one who thinks this is a ridiculously stupid change to make? 1h
1h Can we get our new Worgen models? This post is a continuation of: and As the Two previous post have Capped on Replies. So continue your Replies here: - If you are new to this post, please check out the Original two Posts linked above and their combined 50 pages worth of replies to catch up on replies full of support, ideas, and opinions on various aspects and subjects of the Worgen and related by numerous others and myself. However to reiterate: The WoW community has been asking for various fixes on the Worgens since their introduction. There has always been issues and complaints in regards to the Worgen Race; everything from the female's Chihuahua face and perma-snarl, to the male's Muppet mouth and hunched back, overall awkward animations, various quirks, and a ton more issues or problems that left a lot of players, including the Worgen players themselves, unsatisfied since Cataclysm. We would also love if Blizzard were to deliver on their statements made during the time of Warlords of Draenor's release when they have actually posted on this official World of Warcraft website, and also stated during live Events: that Worgen (and Goblin) models were going to be updated. However, as we all know, Blizzard to date has failed to deliver. Lastly, we feel that with Genn Greymane playing a major role, with new Worgen-involved lore unfolding before our eyes, and with a heavier than usual Worgen presence in the upcoming Legion expansion, the consensus of replies agreed that this would be a great time for updates to the Worgen race sometime during Legion (even if that's during a later patch).Backsabbath4113 1h
1h Rank 3 Gathering: Should I Just Quit? I've had 12x 110s on my server since November and none of them has Rank 3 in any of the gathering subtypes (e.g. - Fjarnskaggl, Felslate). People have been complaining about these ranks and rng since the release of Legion (and even some aspects of WoD) but this is absurd. The expansion is nearly six months old and I've had many max level toons for half of that time, and none of them has a single Rank 3 gathering skill -- not even one. I feel as though I've accomplished nothing for months. You messed up, Blizzard. The rank system is garbage. Edit: Everytime I see a bot it makes me feel as though they are the only ones that will be rewarded with Rank 3 gathering skills in Legion.Punkinpah14 1h
1h Population: Why arn't High Elves Playable? Population of High Elves in Stormwind: 20,000. Population of Orcs in Ogrimmar: 11,200. Why can't Alliance have their High Elves? The Language barrier between factions needs removed too, and seriously... There are less GNOMES in the game then High Elves at the moment in the story line. Yet.. High Elves are still not playable?Dairuin37 1h
1h Brawlers Guild Rank 8 :D So today I finally beat Ray D Tear, which is the final fight of rank 7 in the Brawlers Guild! I struggled for a while and spent quite a bit of gold on flasks/runes/food trying to kill him at my iLvl (873 - I thought I could do it, and I'm sad I couldn't but oh well). I finished my 2nd Legendary Research and equipped my Shaladrassil legs, which made me 877 equipped. Went in, and attempted once and killed him. :) What's the lowest iLvl you guys have seen @ Rank 8? I'm sure some classes are just a lot better off at lower ilvls. Just curious!Angrusham10 1h
1h Plate Eye-patches for t-mog? Can we please get some more plate NONE engineer required eye-patch mogs? The only one for DK's/Warriors/Pallys is pink & it just doesnt match the classes feel. @ 1h
1h Is not wanting extremely low dps elitist? What the title said.Mythelm69 1h
1h which tank does the most dps? ^Ilinddrel8 1h
2h Necrotic Nerfed early? It seems like Necrotic was hotfixed today with how its now dropping after combat ends. Is this intended? Were there other changes that other people noticed?Zyký16 2h
2h Guardian Aggro Is anyone else struggling to maintain threat from other tanks as a guardian druid? I have been a bear tank since wrath and I have an 884 ilvl at the moment and tanks 10 ilvl's lower are yanking threat off me.Delfuego12 2h
2h rp how do u rp? Collorll125 2h
2h how soon do I get champions? How soon can I get order hall followers and follower missions? I have my first artifact and have done one set of missions (the druid in the cave with the bears in Val) and I am already half a level (53%) towards 101. In one place wowhead says I need to be 101 before I get followers and their missions. But in the icy-veins list of followers, it lists two (for each class) that you can get at level 100: 2h
2h Best loot drops Whats the best drop you have ever gotten from a boss? Personally mine was the legendary bow from kil'jaeden second tryBeerbhongg8 2h
2h Community Learning Events Why I started #Learn2Raid for World of Warcraft This Is For The Players Who Want To Raid But Cant Because Reasons [i]If you are someone who wants to try this raiding thing but gets turned off by the vocal minority of Raiders in this game, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who just wants to raid in a low-pressure group that cares more about killing bosses and having a good time, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who wants to LEARN to raid without being berated for low dps, low awareness, etc., then this thread is for you. If you have Autism or any other disability that would keep you out of PuGs in LFG do not be afraid of joining this group. I'm diagnosed with Developmental Dyspraxia and other developmental disabilities and a panic disorder and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I have difficulties others take very light, especially when it comes to learning new things. I know for a fact, everyone learns differently. Every group I lead is different. I don't lead carry runs, I can't promise kills but what I can promise is you will experience a judgement-free raiding environment and you will learn how to do many things in Raids. I'm not perfect at how to lead but I do my best at helping people overcome barriers. This is for beginners, players with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to help people get into raiding and move past LFR. How to Sign up Character name Server Class Item Level Horde or Alliance event Date of Event Who to Contact in Game to get an invite to Raid? IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME ADD MY BATTLETAG: MEIRA#1501 CURSE ID: MCCRAYJUSTIN167 I use the Curse App for Voice and Text Communication. Mord's Learn2Raid is the name of my server. Community Event Schedule: Upcoming Events: Horde: March 7th: 5pm-7pm PST Mord's Learn2Raid (Normal mode) March 8th: 6pm-7pm PST Mord's PvP Bootcamp (Rated battlegrounds, arenas, Ashran, Casual battlegrounds) Alliance: February 28th: 5pm-7pm PST Nighthold Normal (Comment if this works for you) [u]Need more Raiding help? ... ... ...Meirâ1107 2h
2h Nothing Facetious, please, ever Lets just stop and take a breather. Obviously, no one does anything just for the Halibut, nothing. It is all serious business here. When you can't yell out something funny and expect laughs. When you can't do anything for anyone else just being nice. When good will is frowned upon. When your name is besmirched simply because, they CAN. When everything you do and try to do is FROWNED upon. When they go out of their way to be mean to you. When you don't act like you are SUPPOSED TO. When you try, and try, and try to simply be nice, and you get slapped in the face for your efforts. DON'T EVER BE FACETIOUS ABOUT IT! I heard no one yell or scream yet that is what caps are supposed to mean. lol Am I being facetiously facetious? Joking at inappropriate times is what comedians do best and it is not appreciated one bit, especially if you browse or watch /trade chat all day long. In other words I would expect people being facetious would be appreciated and applauded especially with many of these people on the forums threatening to quit if they don't get whatever whim or fancy thrown in their direction. It is directly affecting this game but only in the bad way because that is how people are, and that is how they want to perceive it. Burn out because of? Playing too much? Nope, too seriously taking everything. I recommend some pet battling to you, good person. Rock on!Oreohhs36 2h
2h "Just having fun". Enough The tank told me this in a dungeon I was in. He and the healer were together and I could definitely tell cause their skill level was garbage. Tank took it nice and slow (Even using pull timers) On and this is a random Heroic. Tank always waited for his little friend. Healer had no clue what a dispell was. (If you don't, you shouldnt be healing) And her computer was running via hamsters. Look.....I get people want to have fun. But then there's good players who want to finish the dungeon quickly so they can move on and not be there forever. So please....if your one of those people...pick up the pace. If you just want to have fun...go with a guild group.Moomage48 2h
2h What's the min. item level for NH? Just curious, what is the minimum suggested item level for normal NH?Kaudgar12 2h
2h 7.2 50000 Order Hall Resource Requirement Class Order Hall Research Tree Tier 7 - (Choice 1)Increase Total Champ Number by 1 OR (Choice 2) (Couldn't find it) - 20000 Order Hall Resources Tier 8 - Relics gives you 2 in a trait instead of 1 - 30000 Class Order Hall Resources Anyone else realizing the insane amount of grinding that is going to be required to get the important tier 8? 250 Blood of Sargeras worth. This is probably going to come across as whining, and rightfully so, the forums are littered with petty garbage of complaints, but I KNOW that damn near everyone just looked at these numbers wondering how the hell they were going to come up with 50000 resources by the time patch 7.2 comes out. Anyone else feel like this might be a bit much? I've been playing for a while at this point and the most I've collected is 22,000 between using 1k each week for a coin and order hall quests.Chadaro190 2h
2h Gleaming celestial waistguard ? i see them at heroic 890 or 895, how do you boost them like that?Dellavee4 2h
2h Why no reforging? Tone down the RNG! I feel like a LOT of the frustration with RNG this expansion could have been mitigated by putting reforging back into the game. Like, I really dislike how Mastery works this expansion for my class. But nearly every piece of gear I have has Mastery on it! Putting a debuff on the target and doing extra damage to it doesn't feel like a function of Holy magic. Plus, it does absolutely nothing to help me in AOE situations. It's just a boring stat for me. Before, I had a lot of crit gear so I decided to embrace it fully. I always did decent damage with it, and seeing all the crits was fun and made questing super smooth. I just don't like not having any control over the kinds of stats I focus on. Even relics, something that could be used to customize and buff the playstyle I want are completely RNG! The only stat customization I get are two ring enchants. Gems don't even count because it's RNG if you get sockets. Just feeling bummed about this.Solthius11 2h
2h Death of World Defense It's very disheartening to see something that has aided the RP PvP servers so much go away. It just seems to be yet another bullet in the overall game for Roleplayers that enjoy PvP as well. We (ED) had a lot of questions regarding why World Defense was shut down and this was the response at the time. This was what we were told. We were looking for something along the lines of maybe patch notes, or maybe a blue post on the situation and we've waited quite some time. The same person asked the same question and now we're met with this response. On my server Emerald Dream, we love our RP and our PvP. We have days like RP Day where people put up RP stories that fill the entire first page of our forum. We have server wide events that encourage people to return to the old world and create a story that unites our faction for whatever cause it calls for. It's something that I love and truly believe makes our server something special. Legion requires your time if you wish to stay relevant in terms of gearing and Artifact Levels. We spend a lot of time doing AP farms, Mythic + dungeons, and Emissaries. And these things are awesome in my opinion because out in the world, it truly shows who's working hard through things like having a high ilvl and being able to dumpster people or seeing someone who has the new spider mount. So with our (RP'ers) time focused on the Broken Isles, I think some people know where I may be going with this. As RP'ers on Emerald Dream we plant our banners down on a specific piece of land and call it our own. For my guild (Warbringer) that place would be Aerie Peak. For us we've seen tons of RP Events, walkup RP, scheduled and unscheduled attacks on our base. And with the focus being on the Broken Isles so heavily, it makes things pretty much impossible to defend our lands because we can't really see what's going on. I remember a time where a guild did a random attack on our base. We saw it on World Defense and jumped into action. We got grouped up, and met our attackers in combat with us being victorious. There was a lowbie nearby who unfortunately got mixed up in the whole fight but we involved him in the assault IC'ly. Saying that we were going to keep him safe and for him to hide inside. We then lined up at the entrance of the Keep to chase the attackers out of the Hinterlands. I later got a whisper from the same person who said that that was one of the coolest experiences that he ever had in WoW. Who then later joined our guild. Keeping the old world somewhat alive is something that I think is awesome on RP servers. Taking away the ability to see our lands being under attack takes away from RP guilds on RP PvP servers and maybe even other regular RP servers having the ability to share their guilds with other people. It wouldn't hurt anyone if this was brought back. TL;DR Bring back World Defense so RP'ers who have an RP base of operations or are in the middle of an RP PvP Campaign know when their lands are under attack. EDIT: Check out Turwinkles videos that highlight several different RP Guilds that base themselves out in the world.Jalën670 2h
2h Canadian Pricing for Membership... Wouldn't it be nice if all Canadian players could get the same luxury as Americans do when it comes to membership. Something like $14.99 CDN for us. I am sure it is not a hard task to create the membership purchase system to recognize which country you are paying from. same would go for other countries I know Blizzard is making money off the exchange rates. As are our banks and credit card companies who charge us to have the rate exchange added to our purchases. i am not asking for all things from the shop be converted to CDN currency just the Membership. Is there any others who share my desire?Moondaughter42 2h
2h Shifting targets I have been gone for about a year. I am having a problem keeping my target. I hit tab, selecting my target, but then if anything moves around it (hostile or neutral) the game automatically keeps changing my targets. The only way I can keep the target I want selected is to hold the tab key down. Anyone else having this issue?Khamanya2 2h
2h Whirling Chains Bug Anyone else do Iron Docks and notice the Whirling chains debuff wont go away till you die? That's a fun bug to deal with as a tank.Failsafe20 2h
2h I've gotta skip Felsoul Hold WQs The last time I exposed my Withered, they tossed me into County for 60 days...Paulmolitor4 2h
2h What are the highest Aoe damage classes? i would really like to know.Têt15 2h
2h If you're sick of the grind Go play old school runescape instead, its way less grindy and more fun Evil smirkNerfmeharder31 2h
2h Archmage Alturus is Missing Apparently, Blizzard, you have disabled Archmage Alturus to those of us without legion, who are midway through the Move Dalaran Quest Line. You won't let us complete the quest line because we don't have legion, and because we can't complete it we are stuck in a phase that prohibits us from accessing the quests outside of Kharazan. Nice job, Blizz. Great Phasing Implementation. FIRE THE DEVELOPERS WHO INSIST ON FORCING THIS KIND OF PHASING ON THE PLAYERS WITHOUT ALLOWING US TO SWAP PHASES!Abi13 2h
2h World of Warcraft: Las Vegas World of Warcraft:Classic (Vanilla) World of Warcraft:The Burning Crusade World of Warcraft:Wrath of the Lich King World of Warcraft:Cataclysm World of Warcraft:Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft:Warlords of Draenor World of Warcraft:RNGville This is about right. No 100% drop for mount ? I guess they didn't want you thinking you could "finish" the grind just yet. I used to think that my Ele shaman was pretty meh with all those RNG spells throughout the last few expansions, but at least if I didn't lik it anymore I could reroll. Now to get rid of the RNG I got to reroll to a new game.Illidariman3 2h
3h alt level perk coming in 7.2? alt bonus leveling perk coming in 7.2? , if not I wish you'd make one I have seen the content , the content , the content , the content , when you have 10 accounts after 4 or 5 your just ready to get your remaining alts to 110 hate to say it but i'd even pay to get them there so you have a whole money stream your ignoring cause I am sure I am not the only one who would pay for it to get from 100 to 110 flame away flamers , I have my indestructable gear on ;-)Paladinger8 3h
3h Don't you open up that window Don't you let out that antidoteNoroidsbro5 3h
3h World Quest - Pet Battles Hi all, I'm not sure if I'm just missing the timing or if there's an inconsistancy between the phone legion ap, and the in game world quests. I notice a number of Pet Battle world quests on the phone ap through the day, that have hours and hours left on them, (while i am going to bed, or at work) and yet when I get home - still with seemingly hours to go on the quest, I can't find it anywhere in game. I mouse over all the world quests in each zone and can see no mention of pet battle ones - for rare conversion stones, or class leveling stones or pet charms. Is there any discrepancy? do they only work at certain times of the day? What is the time frame on world quests cycling in a zone (even if you dont complete them) how many should be up at any given time? Wanting to do what I can in pet battles to get as many new ones as I can (I already have an uncommon Dust Bunny, even though I've found that rug 3 times and can't find a rare one to save myself). Any info would be appreciatedGerda5 3h
3h Crazy LFR Stories What are some of the best, most entertaining and craziest stories from LFRBeerbhongg8 3h
3h What do you do... When the game seems to hold very little left? I really dont have interest to raid. I used to back in the days but the set raid times and once you arent in the main raiding group, your spots are limited to the main raiders not showing up which means it sucks. Plus RL doesnt allow for bulk blocks of hours set aside for raiding anymore. Plus it seems finding a decent guild..people actually being friendly and talkative seems rarer and rarer. I recall the days when invitations to guilds only came when 2-3 would vouch for your character and skill. Now it is just to boost ranks to make more guild gold or increased numbers with little interaction. This character will be the last in a long list of 110 characters. I think I have done every class except Monk to 110 now. Things are really fun then really slow down with WQs seem to cap your IL and LFR seems really hit and miss. Seems getting over that 670 hump is impossible unless you just give in to the raid life. Just wondering what you guys do for longevity? Tradeskills are a waste of time now it seems. PVP used to be really fun although I will admit I never was good at Arenas at all. Just seems now it is so watered down that it is much more about numbers against you rather than skill. And of course, WPVP isnt great fun because I refuse to bully lesser geared players and raiders IL make it non contestable.Bloodbraid20 3h