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38m Removing buyback timer Someone in this forum posted a really easy way to remove the buyback timer on an item that you want to just vendor sometime in the past 2 weeks. I remember reading it but I had a brainfart and can't remember what it said. I have an army of the light tabard that I want to vendor, but I can't, at least not without waiting 2 hours. Putting it in void storage does not remove the timer (I verified this). I can't find the post now...does anyone know what the easy way to remove the buyback timer is (it did not involve void storage or deleting the item).Vralok5 38m
38m Blizzard should team up with Kelloggs and make an official Ragnaro's cereal. Have it taste like strawberries or cinnamon.Zën11 38m
39m invasion Point Button It would be nice if once you got to the invasion point there was one of the little green buttons next to an invasion point sign in your quest log to group for the invasion point. Finding the correct invasion point is a long look through a lot of stuff and by the time you find one it's full. Starting one gets you a whole lot of lookie loos who join and leave. Players are a bit more serious about actually joining and staying through the green buttons. I'm not sure if players are just trying to join to kill the boss and hoping someone else has already done the work on the first two tiers and leave to find one almost done or not. They are not that hard that anyone with armor to get there should be able to do it. So why all the lookie loos?Mystydawn10 39m
39m 200% rep item Should persist through death. It isn't a common item, it can only be used before level 110 when characters aren't geared. It is surprising that one bad pull negates this item completely. But hey, at least my leystone hoofplates weren't lost on death.Skohld0 39m
41m Help! My DPS sucks! Here I am, for all to examine. Please give me some advice so I can get my DPS respectable.Zeddicious26 41m
45m Why do you keep playing WoW? Ive been asking myself this question and im curious to know any other reasons from wow players. That been said, i came up with this reasons myself. Reason 1: Constant character progression For me, this is one is the most important thing about my gaming experience, i always want to be better with my all my alts. My goal is to always get at least 1 i lvl everyweek if i can. For that reason, i dont want to miss my weekly current Heroic raid with all my alts (sometimes i cant raid with 4 of them always). Reason 2: Keep my Gold income Im not a harcore Gold farming (i just try to get gold by playing the game), but i dont want to miss anything. I do the daily world quest for the boxes with all my alts (around 700g). I dont want to miss my world quest from argus, progressions, selling mats, flask, obliterums, invassions, Greater invasions, etc. NOstalgic 3: When i dont log for a day, i really feel bad lol. I have invested to much time in this game for about 12 years that i has become part of my daly routine. This in fact, is one of the reasons it is hard for me to find a replacement from this. From what i have said lines above, i can draw some conclussions. Did i mentioned “bacause is fun”? No. In fact, im feeling that that reasons i play is that i force myself to play everyday, like an obligation and if there is some kind of fun in my gaming experience, it goes around progressing with my character (not that i want actually, i want to have fun with the game itself). For me, killing mobs inst fun anymore, in fact i always try to avoid getting agro (i really hate that stupid “dazed” mechanic). I really feel that the combat system is outdated and it really needs a refresh (not just new spell effects). Besides that, gear gets obsolete always and the getting 1 piece is starting to feel not rewarding at all (even a mythic one). The realease of new content time to time is how blizzard keeps the attention of players, at least Works for me. When the current content starts to feel boring (it is happening more often) they announce a new content patch. The expansión starts to get old for you? Boom, new expanssion announcement. And this Works like a motivation for me to keep playing, i want to try something new and i want to be ready for it, thats why i always try to get better gear, to be ready for the next patch or to make my lvling experience during the next expanssion easier. However, i dont know how much time the “new content” factor is going to last for me. So, this was all my reasons, whats yours? Do you feel the same? Whats your motivation?Shocknado80 45m
47m Bullied over bad Gear I would like the ability to turn off others from inspecting my geer, several times I get a bunch of elitist not being very nice about my equipped items to the point where I just logoff so I dont have to deal with their crap. Is there such a thing? maybe through an addon?Luminatii161 47m
50m Demon blades - why? I cant seem to get into the rotation of going with demon blades. As it appears to be the go to for the tier 100 talent choice. I feel like I'm not generating enough fury on start quick enough, and when I lose it I'm out until i get a few auto attacks in. Should I use it when I gear up some more, and stick with something else for now?Eyeskream15 50m
52m Level 100 requirement for mount?!?! Blizzard... please... please explain what would cause this type of decision? I gotta say, it's right up there with some of the worst I've seen you make...Gumberculeez92 52m
55m "You've entered too many Instances recently" what is the restriction on this? just trying to farm for HH mount across my toons that are eligible for it and started getting this message? i thought it was a thing of the pastStonatroll6 55m
1h Character names that made you laugh Character names that made you laugh Couple I recently saw.. Paladin; Assbringer Gnome Rogue; GnomerogueanDactylion216 1h
1h Legion and Flying I stopped playing WoW several months ago because Legion is not friendly to solo players, at least in my opinion. Oh yes, it’s easy enough to level a toon to 110 then when I started to work on Pathfinder 1 and my professions, I gave up. I came back to Wow a few days ago to see how far I could finish pathfinder 1 and today I decided it wasn’t worth it. Getting flying on WOD wasn’t bad as a solo player but in legion it’s ridiculous. I assume the Developers did this on purpose for one reason, money, the longer they can keep players doing objectives for flying the less chance they would quit WoW. I totally lost interest in the game. When the next expansion comes out I will not purchase it right away but will keep tabs online on how the flying will be handled. If it’s just as hard as Legion then I have no interest in buying the expansion.Stealthlia31 1h
1h Need rep for Pathfinder. Any grinding spots? Loremaster got me revered with the Nightfallen, and pretty close to the end of Honored with everyone else, except the Valarjar. I'm pretty far back on that one. I'm doing world quests, but it just feel so slow. Is there any other method to grind out rep? Some mobs, preferably. I kind of miss slaughtering whole fields of mooks for points and prizes. Maybe tokens on the Auction House? Anything, really. It's just dragging and I'd like to fly sooner rather than later.Zakaril3 1h
1h When I get my ninja costume I always want to stop getting candies and keep it on forever. That or the pirate, please make some transmog for all classes of these not just a select fewFleasprayqt1 1h
1h All classes 110. What should I do now? Yesterday I got my last class up to level 110. Aside from my main here, every other class has just picked up "The Hand of Fate" and is sitting at Deliverance Point, but I don't really feel like playing them all through Argus. I've done all of it on my main here already. I did a few world quests today, but at the point of having leveled my champions to 925 now, I'm just not really feeling like doing more Argus. I know there will be a new raid soonish, but I'm not huge on raiding. I'll run through each wing of LFR once at least, once they're available, but that's about it. So my question is... what should I do now? I welcome suggestions! <3Moonquill33 1h
1h Ranking Solo/WQ Classes (and specs) After having a chance to play all of the classes (and most of the specs) at 110 on decently geared characters of around 900 ilvl and above, I have ranked each of them based on easiest and most fun experience while doing world quests and other solo activities. This list is highly subjective and tailors to my play-style of wanting to kill things quickly with little down time with a balance of both AOE and single target. Others may have a different experience. I'd be curious to see what everyone else thinks. Did I rank Frost DK too highly? Am I too hard on shadow priests? Maybe there is some secret sauce I am missing that makes some of these much better than my experience with them. 1. WW Monk – Best all around at single target and multitarget for both burst and sustained dps; self-heal isn’t bad either and great dps cool downs for elites 2. Frost DK – Good single target and respectable burst; decent at self-healing and good defense cooldowns 3. BM hunter – Great single target and good multitarget with cleave; pet tanking and healing cds makes BM resilient and great dps cool downs 4. HV Demon Hunter – Decent single target and great multitarget; best self-healing class and awesome dps cool down 5. Ret Paladin – Great single target but low multitarget; decent self-healing and resiliency 6. Warlock (I lean affliction but I can see an argument for other specs) – Good single target and multitarget; best pet tanking and self-healing 7. AS Rogue – Good single target and poor multitarget; decent self-heal and good defensive cooldowns as well as insta-stealth 8. Fury Warrior – Decent single target and decent multitarget; both Arms and Fury lack good self-healing 9. Feral Druid – Poor single target and decent multitarget; decent self-healing but requires micromanagement 10. Enhance Shaman – Good single target and decent to poor multitarget; resiliency is the worst in the game and self-healing is only decent with a lot of micromanagement/dps loss when used; even squishier than a mage somehow 11. Shadow Priest – Worst dps for WQ/soloing; relies heavily on a cooldown that must be built up; decent self-healing. You may as well beat on the mob with your staff for how quickly they die. 12. Mage – all specs are terrible for soloing/WQ if you don’t like a highly managed playstyle. If you love being forced to constantly position and reposition your character then Frost mage can be bumped up a couple notches on this list.Tandem55 1h
1h Question: Take the Edge off Quest Hi: Question: I have read there are a lot of downsides to turning in this quest. (The one finished when you get 6 followers to 950). Specifically, I have heard that the cost of missions goes way up and the odds of success go way down with little additional reward. Is this the case? I understand we need to turn this in once the next tier of raiding opens. But the next tier is not open now. Is it best to just hold this quest for the time being? Thanks in advance for answers.Rastlin7 1h
1h Timewalking dungeons... I'm having a couple of issues/thoughts with Timewalking dungeons. In 4 of my 5 random groups last night I had somebody who never ran the instance before, or was their first time there on that type of character (tank for example). There were 4 wipes in MT, because of people not paying attention and pulling extra random groups. Two of the groups had people who right after joining went afk to smoke, go to the bathroom, or needed to repair. People should do those things before you join a group, not after. Are there more random people playing these now, or did the people who had run them all of these years just doing something else? It seems that the quality of random groups has progressively gotten worse in the past few months. The dungeons aren't really random, we always get the same ones, and the difficulty of them seems to be getting tuned tighter and tighter. The last group I had had a fantastic tank and good dps that just went about their business and we cleared the Shattered Halls, so it's not all bad.Sweetpeaz7 1h
1h Mistress Alluradel I didn't know tunnel vision could get so bad. There's literally a warning on your screen, no addon required, telling you to turn around when she does the thing. Last time I did it, only me, a melee, and the rare invasion healer turned around. Everyone else charmed and started tearing us apart. Can you make the screen flash red or something so people realize they need to turn around?Quinzal45 1h
1h The Legion has taken over Stormheim This is the only explanation I can come up with for how we haven't had a Valarjar emissary in like a month.Allialara4 1h
1h Onpion on Legion My Opinion on Legion so far: I'm okay with the RNG. 1. Not okay with how artifacts are being handled. I like class halls and the missions. 2. Not okay with the imbalance of wpvp at the moment. 3. More importantly, NOT okay with survival hunters specialisation skills (spec) we need more attention and major improvements. 4. Not okay with Dalaran being the main city in the new xpac. It's utter laziness. 5. Not okay with there being no new race for the past 2 xpacs. 6. Finally, legendaries aren't very legendary anymore. Sure, it's nice when they drop but it's just too common nowadays. On top of that, they were lazily designed, Just lower level/ older models. What do you guys and gals think? I mean I enjoy verything else though, since I'm still subbed and play several times a week ^_^ Any particular improvements you'd suggest? I always hope that blizzard takes our feedback in the forums seriously. Also how do you feel about my opinions? I'm all ears!Boneriffic2 1h
1h Blizz the slow fade I'm amazed at players that want blizz to do this and do that. WOW is now free to play and the design team has been cut to bone. The World of Warcraft is on auto pilot and rightfully so. SUbs are down to 4 million or so and the revenue from subs has disappeared why spend a bunch of pay roll hours on it. Glitch's abound, hacking in bgs every where, and pvp so out of balance (unless your melee). Blizzs money makers are Overwatch and with Destiny 2. Activision has bigger fish to fry.. The days of hot fixes are going to be far and few between. Its just businessJaeran42 1h
1h Build-a-Boss What is this, you may ask? It’s a thread where you design mechanics for any lore character. I’ll show a template. Boss Name Phase 1: Phase 1 Name Note Ability X: does Y, spoken line Z Ability Y: does X, spoken line Z Ability Z: does X, spoken line Y Phase 2: Phase 2 Name Note Ability X: does Y, spoken line Z Ability Y: does X, spoken line Z Ability Z: does X, spoken line Y Phase 3: Phase 3 Name Note Ability X: does Y, spoken line Z Ability Y: does X, spoken line Z Ability Z: does X, spoken line Y Phase 4 (optional): Phase 4 Name Note Ability X: does Y, spoken line Z Ability Y: does X, spoken line Z Ability Z: does X, spoken line Y Here’s an example for Phase 3 if this was Jaina: Phase 3: Unseen Turns Jaina shifts into her true form: a dreadlord. She gains a 2% Crit bonus. Felblast: AOE pools spawn around the room, if stood in, they deal most of your health in one go. Voice line: “Go ahead. If you dare!” Legion’s Curse: Places this curse on four people and drops them down to 50% health. They have two options: use the button to heal up to full now, but will die instantly when they hit 50% again - or, use the button to stay at 50%, but when they hit 50% again, they get a buff that increases the effectiveness of healing done to you by 5%. Voice line: “The Legion’s curse is upon you, ‘heroes.’” Demonic Summoning: Jaina becomes immune. Portals spawn around the room, summoning lots of adds. Voice line: “My demons, to me!” Have fun :)Rynellyne2 1h
1h How to fix world pvp Delete pvp serversSellingheals9 1h
1h A contest for a new race/class combo. A while back EverQuest had a contest polling folks for a new race/class combo in their game. A few choices were Dark Elf Ranger, Dwarf Shadowknight, Iksar Berserker, among others. In the end it was the Wood Elf Beastlord that won. They also threw in the Froglok Monk at the same time as a bonus. What would you guys think if Blizz did something like that here? I think it would be awesome personally. If you could vote for one of these options, what would you go for? (Votes are being counted here) Forsaken Paladin: I Blood Elf Druid: III Orc Priest: I Tauren Warlock: II Goblin Monk: IIII Human Druid: I Gnome Shaman: I Draenei Rogue: I Worgen Monk: III Night Elf Paladin: II The contest would probably end with one Horde winner and one Alliance winner. And for the bonus I could see them throw in the Pandaren Death Knight. If you could vote for one of each faction, what would you pick?Tadkins71 1h
1h Na'zak the Fiend For the love of God-- FORCE HIM TO SPAWN ALREADY! Legion has been out for over a year now, and this boss has spawned ONCE. I want my prolonged power potion recipe already! :(Vailnite23 1h
1h Level 60 Experience Recently started up this guild with a bunch of friends to try to tackle level 60 content for a while (we all turned off XP gain, no heirlooms at level cap, etc) and to toy around and have some fun; it's not a -pure- vanilla experience, of course, but it's been pretty damn fun so far. Anyone else tried capping with a larger group for this sort of stuff? And if so - how'd it go? You all have enough people to maintain raid groups?Dustavarn11 1h
1h Dk or DH alt Hey guys, looking for opinions on what you guys would say is a better choice in general? Heavily 3s focused, heroic raiding, and wpvp shenanigans. Druid and priest are my two mains but wanting a third to mess around with for both DPSing and tanking. I love mobility and gameplay of DH but DK plate armor, 3s versatility and tanking as blood just seems really fun (but I've been enjoying Veng DH very much from what I've played so far) So out of the tanks which is more "wanted" or ddoes more damage? And out of the dps which would be a better choice for Throne coming up? Or just general opinions on the two classes which you favor <3Ellannt12 1h
1h Appearance Tracker: Complete 10 Dungeons I've been looking online for a macro that can be used to track progress, but I cannot find one. Is there one available? This is for the additional color skin you unlock after completing the challenge appearance. It requires you to complete 10 different Legion dungeons. Thanks!Outrunthesun12 1h
1h Hallow's End is the only event I get my original face a mask. Cheers to the original female worgen model.Brutalistica7 1h
2h Activision Blizzard microtransaction tactics Really interesting read. tl'dr is that they're looking at ways to change matchmaking in games so that someone who's made a lot of purchases gets matched with newer players, so the newer player sees all the cool things the veteran player has bought with real cash. Pretty scummy imo, but I hate the whole loot box gambling base game 80$ + 10-20$ a month sub + cosmetic dlc plague anyways.Gillrien107 2h
2h You wake up and suddenly! You've discovered every faction leader has been replaced with an Old God, but only you notice this. What do you do? And/or who do you serve?Azevara26 2h
2h Antoran Wastes giant creature skulls in cliff I could not find anything about these 3 huge skull like carvings in the cliff and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. 2h
2h Argus Rogue Soloing Spec/Build? Is assess or sub better? What talents?Eziø7 2h
2h Easy Tank For Mythic Plus So i want to get into tanking and mainly want to focus on mythic plus. So that is all i will be doing until the new raid is released. I have tried bm monk,prot paladin, DH,and druid all of which i have at 110. DK,druid and warrior i have tried and maybe they are more fun when geared but just dont like them. So any suggestions would be appreciated.Dilfhuntr6 2h
2h Will Blizzard remove all old models next expansion? Ok. Blood/Night elves old models were removed in 7.0. Draenei old models are removed this patch. We will not be able to access any old models next expansion?Cqwrteur76 2h
2h Blizzard Appreciation Thread How about a round of applause for the staff at Blizzard for bringing us this awesome game that has kept us entertained for all these years?!?! There's no other game that has had me involved for this long.. tried others but they just don't compare with what WoW has going for it. Sure it's been bumpy here and there but in the end this game is where my heart lies. 3 cheers for wow! hip hip!!... (so much negativity in here, let's change the mood)Deathtaur40 2h
2h L> for ppl to farm Bloodsail admiral rep with The booty bay bruisers hit pretty hard, but with a group (and a healer) i can see people easily getting honored rep in a couple hours. Add Sphinctus#1679 if you want to group up for it :P Sorry for horrible title. Character limit and such.Sphinctus0 2h
3h Portable Audiophone With music being so awesome for WoW, why isn't this a toggle toy? place it and it just keeps playing random sound tracks you have till you move out of range or turn it off. Instead its currently 1min cd and only 30secs of music.Jacara0 3h
3h Do your combat allies gain experience? So as a rogue we have a follower that is also a bodyguard version of a combat ally, meaning that they will just follow you around and attack everything you attack. I was told from a friend that you do want to make sure you level them up as they give you a lot of worthwhile awards, so I haven't set my ally up as a bodyguard for fear that they don't gain experience. Does anyone happen to know if they gain experience or do they not?Sapzy15 3h
3h DK class mount I recently came back to wow and remembered class mounts were available. I've done the quest for this DK, my rogue and lock. My lock is my main and the mount is good. It's a flying HD dreadsteed. Can't complain too much. The quest was very meh to me. I read a lot of complaints about the rogue quest saying it takes too long, too much travel but I LOVED it. It just embodies everything rogue. Sneak in kill a mark then vanish without a trace. The raven is really cool but I wish it had a walk animation. Then I did the DK quest. Let me just say I love DK lore. I love communicating with Nu Lich King I love that "the means justifies the end". Do what you need to kill who you need to kill in order to get power. Loved that quest line and the DK mount is amazing. What is your favorite class mount/quest?Draculous8 3h
3h Raids in Argus Hello all: Does anyone have the timetable for us to raid in Argus? There are four areas for raiding that are still grayed when choosing a raid. Any updating information is greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Innavoig.Innavoig4 3h
3h how can a gnome rouge club me over the head and stun me? they're too short also have you tried knocking out a dwarf? its near impossible. fix this blizzard. remove gnome rouges or just gnomes in general would be a lot more appreciated.Wortywort35 3h
3h other followers like Meatball? Hi all: Thanks in advance for any responses. I've recently obtained Meatball, and he is pretty cool. Any other followers like Meatball, which are obtainable by any class?Nusku8 3h
3h Leaving WoW for Black Desert Online Blizz, and all the WoW folks alike. I would like to first start off by saying, THANKYOU for all the wonderful memories! This game holds a true place in my heart. But as my worst fears have come to realize, This game is no longer something I truly enjoy in today's standards of MMORPG's. This game sh*t's on pretty much every MMORPG out there, except BDO. Unfortunately I have come to realize that the way WoW is built from the floor up, this game will ALWAYS be a constant grind for gear, Raid 2 days of the week, or PvP till your eye's bleed of boredom... I raided hardcore during Lich, and since then, have never felt that same urge, because the only things that kept me playing were 2 logins a week for raid times, which essentially after playing BDO, has made me realize WoW is nothing of what future MMORPG's will deliver to us.. BDO has everything you have, and 100x more.... It is the most complex MMORPG I have ever played, but is in turn the best MMORPG I have ever played because of the realism of the game itself, and in part something WoW can never be, because it was launched over a decade ago. Do you want housing? BDO has actual housing, where-as WoW has a failed Garrison approach, because their game was built a decade ago and cannot keep up with the future demands of MMORPger's.. Want unlimited level cap? where you arent stuck at a level for days on end, wondering what to do? BDO has no level cap, zero, for anything... it is just an insane grind to become #1 if your sole desire is such. WoW dev-team, your previous xpac, and the most recent big update, has reminded me that you have become one of the most boring MMORPG that I can play at this point in my life, and I find myself only playing you for nostalgia purposes, and nothing more. You have the same concept when releasing a new update, you have the same type of zone format for every update, and it will stay this way for the next 10 years.. It's not your fault, You are stuck in this themepark MMORPG, where we will all see the same kobold for the next 10 years. We will all see the same sh*t, day in, day out... Nothing changes, except the small zone you give us to grind REP for flying/Gear, just to raid, and go AFK once more, and un-sub for another 6 months until the next xpac comes out... Again, its not your fault, its simply that the game is a decade old and your platform is not built to change with the way the MMORPG genre is headed... I really hope you guys decide to make another MMORPG because I will be waiting, however, WoW just isnt it anymore...Mákjuice271 3h
3h I'm leaving for X MMO. I'm so sick of Azeroth right now. I'm going to leave for another game. Let's check my options. Rift - not in Azeroth anymore... dead. War hammer - dead Star Wars old republic - waste of 300m - dead Wild star - 40 man raids are great with the 10 people online - dead Lord of the rings - it's dead. Aion? Dead. Blade and soul? Dead. Black desert? Dead. They're all dead. So where exactly are you going to leave to? We're all stuck here!Aoridea102 3h
3h Why can't I transmog Field Marshal Set? Anyone know why I can't transmog my gear to look like the Field Marshal Set? I don't want to look like a freaking Chinese ninja this expansion, and the Marshal Set Represents the Alliance well instead of Kung-fu Panda.Drethas20 3h
3h Holiday Lockout I did the Horseman last night at 10:30 realm time, and I was just wondering if they reset on realm time or PST? I figured it would have reset by now since I did it before midnight real time.Gullrok3 3h
4h How to fix WPvP in 2 easy steps Look, I know WPvP is supposed to be spontaneous, unexpected, and unbalanced. The changes I'm proposing won't change anything about those 3. All I'm looking for is a small compromise to make it a little more fun for all, not just rogues and tanks. 1. Code any of the stacking dmg legendaries (DK frozen heart, Vengeance gloves, rogue cloak, etc) to do reduced damage vs players. 2. Have tanks take a tiny bit more of additional damage than they already do (5 to 10%) and buff their template so instanced pvp is not effected. Seriously, if nothing else, just these 2 easy changes would be a step in the right direction. Sure, a sub rogue might kill me in less than 4 seconds, but at least I have a tiny chance to trinket, cc and run and he can't kill an entire group by himself. Right now you die before you can see them come out of stealth (literally not exaggerating here) due to fan of knives + KJS trinket. I'd like to think you guys still care a tiny bit about WPvP, being that you put a few WQs in there for us. Throw us a bone blizz. Anything at this point. /begRemmý127 4h
4h Blizzard is lying about Legacy Servers Every time the subject of Legacy Servers comes up, the same crap gets rehashed again and again. People (like me) who want legacy servers keep being told we haven't thought it through, or we don't REALLY want them, etc. Additionally, lies told by Blizzard (such as the two previous) keep being repeated, mostly by people who just don't know any better. First off, let's get the "You don't want it" crap out of the way because this is the easiest. You don't know other people's thoughts/feelings, so shut up. You are NOT qualified to determine what someone does or doesn't want, nor are you qualified to tell them their assessment of their own thoughts/feelings is incorrect. Moving on... -----------------------------The Lie ------------------------------ My hope with this post is to dispel what I consider to be the biggest lie told by Blizzard. That being of course, that they don't have the old stuff. That there's no way for them to recover it. This is complete and utter bollocks. Ask anyone who knows anything about software development. Version control and build archiving is absolutely fundamental to competent software development, ESPECIALLY in a large company. Blizzard has been developing software, and doing an absolutely PHENOMINAL job of it, for what, like 30 years? I find it absolutely incredible (as in, without credibility) that Blizzard would be so incompetent in the area of software development that they would not have old builds archived. I'm not just talking about the client here either. EVERYTHING gets archived, and I mean EVERYTHING. It must. Everything connected to this, the server services, clients, data packages, images, textures, artwork, maps, EVERYTHING would be archived and saved. So that leaves 2 possibilities: Blizzard is incompetent. Blizzard is lying. Now it's possible that the people who keep giving these answers are simply repeating information they've been given. But someone along the line is lying. Whether it's the devs who answer the question or someone higher than them feeding them lies, SOMEONE is lying. It's either that, or one of the best software development companies on the planet is utterly incapable of competent software development. ----------------------------Make Them Practical----------------------------- "There is not enough interest" The success of private servers would suggest otherwise. Yes unscrupulous people might be running them, Blizzard hosting them could largely prevent that. Regardless, there is a simple solution to this, SERIOUSLY simple solution. Require anyone interested in legacy servers purchase/agree to a 12 month subscription to them before they even launch. Numerous people (myself included) have indicated we would be happy to pay a premium over and above the normal subscription we already pay. Hell I'd happily drop an extra $20/account. Let's say 9,000 people do that. I'm using this number because it often gets thrown around concerning active accounts on private servers. The real number may be higher or lower given some people who don't want to risk playing on a private server, some who would never pay, etc. But we have to have something to go on. 9,000 * $20 (assuming 1 account per person which is a terrible assumption, but it makes for easy math). That's $180,000 *PER MONTH*. That's 2.1 *million* dollars per annum. Blizzard should figure what the cost would be to actually implement it (this is not hard, companies do this ALL the time) and set a bar slightly higher than that. That bar must be met before they begin working on implementation. That will determine if the demand exists to launch legacy servers, and Blizzard doesn't have to risk ANYTHING. Ongoing cost will be easily covered for the first year. I know how much servers cost to run and maintain. I've managed $6,000,000 budgets for hardware and services. Our cost for data center space was roughly (including personnel costs) $20 per U of rack space per month. This covered everything. Let's assume that just these legacy servers required 10 full racks of equipment (it wouldn't but let's say it did). If the racks are 42U that's 420 total @ $20 comes out to $8,400 per month. That also happens to mean that a mere 420 people would be required to actually pay for the servers in an ongoing fashion. Somehow I don't think having 420 people actively subscribed to legacy servers will be difficult. ----------------------------------Avoiding Stagnation-------------------------- This is another extremely easy one. I swear it's like the people putting forth some of these arguments don't even bother thinking about them. Simply progress the servers when certain conditions are met. What's that? Current raid tier has been completed by X% of the playerbase? Cool, next content patch. What's that? The next content patch is the expansion after what the server is running? Cool, this is now a Y expansion server. Rinse, repeat. ---------------------------TL;DR---------------------------- Blizzard is either lying or incompetent as anyone familiar with how software development works can tell you. Every excuse Blizzard has put forth has an easy solution. You don't know what someone else may or may not enjoy, so shut the Helheim up. Go back and read you lazy bum!Zettá495 4h