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3h Field Medic Is there anyone that has farmed for this? I only need 4 notes left but man I'm going to go crazy over this. Any information out there on Wowhead is disjointed and confusing. I tried to talk with a GM about drops and mobs etc but they just brought me towards wowhead. Is there any clarity we can get on these? I've had some drop in completely different zones from where comments have said they drop. Or what mobs in zones can drop them and which mobs can't. I checked the loot table on one of the notes with a certain mob, that mob dropped a different note that wasn't listed on the table. Is anyone able to help shed light or give me a moral boost on this title.Velyr26 3h
3h Walmart Receipt vs WoW Name Generator ... DUR ALK AA4 ............................................ 3.87 - Duralka ENR AA24 PK ............................................. 14.27 - Enra, Enrae 1GAL JAR ................................................... 1.97 - Igaljar NOPR KSH WHL .......................................... 2.74 - Kushwahl RENUZIT ...................................................... 0.50 - Renuz SIR 4LB BAG ................................................ 5.72 - Siralba PSE MOD 66 ................................................. 4.84 - Semud DAWN ULT ORG ............................................ 1.96 - Dawn, Ultorg, Torg SC DRTHND 2L ............................................... 0.82 - Durthand GV 9IN FOAM ................................................. 3.97 - Gavin LOR CONCEALR .............................................. 7.97 - Lorconce CHO YOGURT .................................................. 4.53 - Choyogu HILORGA VITD ................................................. 7.92 - Ilorga CLRANCE MARK .............................................. 2.83 - Clarence, Mark EQ ALG SP 60 .................................................. 7.48 - Ekalg CI ORIG ............................................................ 7.48 - Ciori KNORR RICE ..................................................... 2.99 - Knor, Norrice XB1 KAMA ........................................................ 29.99 - Bikama LOR MASCARA .................................................. 9.97 - Lormaska LD AW VNCK T ................................................... 4.97 - Ludavnik ... - Yarladmil - Paminnaomila - Floisonoria - Fanaomira - Cathancit - Arlashanner - Kharaylex - Nielroldarlo - Jonathibien - Gungosongoar - Okoicallind - Fusorosao - Bakuuganx - Gorvisharoos - Wyegheera - Perakaskarai ... So, which is better?Eilinasia29 3h
3h Lowering Maximum Artifact Knowledge This seems like a panic move when you realized there wasn't going to be enough artifact related content to keep the interest going. But it's just punishing people who actually play your game. I farm ap non stop, and look forward to not having to do that anymore. Please don't make it take months longer to finish.Septacular16 3h
3h Just give weapons a "finish" of AP Lowering AK to max 40, guess what? People will grind themselves to burn out even still - maybe more so! We do NOT want an "infinite" trait in WoW. Give weapons a CAP....the 54 worked fine, then added more with a patch. Do THAT during the expansion. Make a new CAP - and later raise it so people have a chance to catch up. Sometimes, it's nice to feel "done!" - even for a while. Like when my ring got to 795 in WoD, it felt GOOD I didn't have to farm Archimonde anymore for my upgrade item... Is that too much to ask? Is it....Avabelle9 3h
3h Buying Heavy Junkboxes Looking for a rogue to sell me as many Heavy Junkboxes as they can. I'm about to start farming this achievement and I hear this is the worst part. I'm on Dalaran-US and my btag if you'd like to add me is TheSkyeLife#1704. I don't know if I'll be able to get them all from one person or from several, but I'm willing to negotiate price and figure out an acceptable figure on a person by person basis. Please let me know <3Serenis14 3h
4h We need a gold sink other than tokens Something like, who knows, reforging stats You're all right, I was wrong, Tokens are not a gold sink yet if you have tons of it you're most likely going to use it for battlenet balance. We need something to spend it on.Sieten20 4h
4h satchels have to go i'm sick and tired, for the 3rd time in a row today we have 5 dps in the same group, and people get upset when we eventually WIPE. remove satchels already this is cancer.Monturagobli8 4h
4h LF Hack n Slash Spec. Looking for a fast paced, hack n slash spec to play. I'd prefer not Demon Hunter. Some criteria: It's going to be a female Horde race. I was thinking Enhancement Shammy, Fury Warrior or one of the Rogue specs. Thoughts?Lewdlady8 4h
4h Better Class mounts I think its time to admit the class mounts are terrible, the models look awful and not very rewarding for the effort to get them. The druid class mount is particularly heinous it is ugly and stupid. A better druid class mount would be a semi transparent green dragon from the emerald dream instead of an ugly ugly owl form that will make me never want to use travel form again. the other classes deserve better mounts also.Ninièl22 4h
4h WoW Character Boost I've never understood the point of the character boost, blizzard, do you really want people who have no idea what they're doing, be that close to max level? I mean come on. Or, maybe you're an experienced player buying a boost, because you "don't have time" to level your own character to 100. Lol, if you don't have time to play the game then don't play the game. Is it just me or has this game gone to !@#$? I remember when people actually enjoyed leveling their alts and would ALWAYS level with someone. I mean come on how often do you see people leveling together. Not just that but heirlooms have also %^-*ed it up, you one shot pretty much every enemy up until like level 60, which requires no team effort at all, not even for GROUP quests. whatever, that's all I have to say.Vyndragosa2 4h
4h Demon Hunter saved the day for me. I've always played Melee classes. And loved them...right up until Legion and the abominable class gutting and animation changes. I was so disheartened with all my old favorites when the pre-patch came out and I saw what was to be: Pally-gay and hollow, DK-weak and boring, Warrior-awkward and dainty, Rogue-completely destroyed. I was about to hang up my gloves and just be done and then I curiously rolled a DH pre-patch as I had already ordered Legion (probably the last pre-order I'll ever make from Blizzard), and this, this alone, has kept me playing. It was new, and it was actually the most lively and fun class of Melee that existed suddenly. Havoc seemed Awesome at first, but I actually have given up that FOTM for Vengeance. I find it has a good balance between damage and survivability and it feels nice to play. So the next time you're all hating on DH's, remember that it may have saved quite a few other subs too. And that matters to us all. (Edit: That being said, the inevitable day they #$^! up DH's too with awful gutting and complete 'rework', I'm outa here)Nicotene5 4h
4h Na'zak the fiend I've waited for this world boss to spawn for a very long time now. I only see him once since legion came out.. When will it spawn again? I need my r3 prolonged power recipe Q.QLunaha2 4h
4h Old quests/zones and their changes I started a new character thinking I would enjoy reading the quests and learning the lore, which I never bothered to do ever, and I came to find that so much had changed. Some quests had been removed, some altered to have less needed to complete, etc. I was actually a bit displeased. Lower level quests and enemies being nerfed isn't new but it definitely leaves more to be desired coming from someone who started playing in LK. I understand and accept the changes that were made for the Cata expansion but it seems like they have been further degraded. Not even that far into it I can only imagine how everything else that is old has changed. It really makes me want to play on the private servers just so I can experience the old content when they were "at their best" and so I can learn the lore that had been removed from the game for whatever reason. Just my thoughts.Onikaryuhdo1 4h
4h Building a PC So, this summer i hope to build a 1000$ PC I want to buy the parts and everything and assemble it and such. This being said I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START. I have searched many guides and all that stuff but all that assumes I know basics, like what overclocking means and such... so do any of you have an exteamly like absolutely basic guide I can reference?Pequino50 4h
4h Level 100 character boost refund? I do not know where else to post this, but I do not seem to enjoy the level 100 boost class for my birthday when I pre-ordered this game. She is a blood elf Mage, and I do not enjoy playing as a mage. Honestly, for playing a mage, if I HAD to pick my favorite spec, it would proabably be Frost. The casting is smooth and I can actually slow my enemies down with each hit. Plus, I have a pet elemental. However, I have been relying solely on Trade Chat, but not my guild, for some reason. "Look for another guild!" you may say. However, the Guild Finder is broken and I cannot seem to find any recruitment on Trade chat. "Go onto the Mage discord on Reddit!" you might say again, I did not know about that or where to find it. The reason I am asking for a level 100 boost refund is because I find the Mage class to be a bit... underwhelming, I must say. I feel like there are too many cooldowns, and some of them are longer than others, take Blink or Shimmer for example. Even with the Slow ability for Arcane mages, those seem to last shorter than 2 Arcane blasts. So, I've done some thinking, and now I want to change her into a Warlock, because they treat the Legion and their abilities like they are their !@#$%. Plus, their artifacts are much cooler in comparison. I would have made a ticket, but this topic does not fall into any of their categories. Say that I am asking for much all you want, mages are slow and boring (I am ready for your rage) and warlocks are wickedly awesome.Forgidin12 4h
4h Is WoW better off being hardcore? This would seem to be the big question, since the devs are obviously focusing on making the game more hardcore, with RNG and gated content. Is it working though??? I say it probably is myself, since Legion seems to be a huge success, and most of the players in game seem to be quite happy. To be clear, there really is no right or wrong answer here, since this is a highly subjective topic, and I am sure that Blizzard would like to hear what the community thinks about this. Do you like the game being made more hardcore or not???Speedymáge364 4h
4h blizzard got me hooked on gambling same odds of winning from the RNG godsHottshott0 4h
4h Renaming our gear I would love to see at some point of the game so that we can rename our gear would be nice to be able to do that could add that as a added feature to the transmog vendor/yak of course renamed gear couldnt contain anything offensive and what not but this kinda thing could actually work with limitations examples given no renames for legendaries and heirlooms or any crafted gear thats blizzard account bound cause would cause complications and what not.Äerith9 4h
4h The casual player debate is all wrong. I see a lot of players demonize casual players, and saying catering to this segment is one of the main reasons the game has declined since Wrath. See, I think people got this label all wrong. I think non-mmo, the instant gratification player type is a better description for the demographic Blizzard has been chasing the last four expansions, people who really traditionally really don't want to play an MMO or that don't care for a lot of the core aspects that makes up an MMO. A lot of the changes over the years has been aimed at this segment, my guess was to try to attract new players to the genre, making it more appealing by streamlining and making it more accessible. In my opinion, chasing these types of players has really been the real issue a lot of us long time players get so jaded. We see Blizzard stripping away more and more MMO elements from the game, saying the changes were made for "casual" players, when all along these changes were being made to try to cater to a mass audience of non mmo players. This game more or less is a lobby game now, resembling something more akin to Destiny or Diablo. I honestly think this gamble hasn't really worked out very well for Blizzard over the years, they really alienated a lot of their core audience with a lot of these changes, I mean I could be wrong and most of this is my opinion, but I think the game has really suffered a lot since Wrath because of this obsession from Blizzard to chase non mmo players. Yes, I know the game is old, and populations will decline regardless, but every expansion release we see a huge influx of old players, hoping that this will be the expansion that brings back the MMO elements that have been streamlined out over the years only to be promptly disappointed that this is the same thing we have been playing the last four expansions. With that said, I think casual MMO players aren't the problem, this game has always been pretty casual and the bulk of it's player base back in the day were mostly casual MMO players. I think a lot of these threads that attack casual players got it all wrong, they need to focus their attention to the real problem this game has, and that is the huge segment of people that hate playing MMOs that cry for all these changes that strip away more and more of what made this an MMO to begin with. TLDR: Casual players aren't the issue, it is people that hate playing MMOs crying for all these QOL changes and the removal of all grinds and difficult content, pretty much the instant gratification player type.Natashae70 4h
4h Tirisgarde Set Worthless... by the time I earned Exalted with the Nightfallen to earn the last piece. Why?Diro60 4h
4h Flying in broken isles How long did it take you guys to obtain flying in the broken isles? and what is the best way to farm reputation?Steelnips7 4h
4h It's sunny outside... ...and I'm in an office.Dawnglow30 4h
4h Nethershard Stealth Nerf May 22? Literally four hours ago I was getting 90-111 per box, now suddenly every box scratches at 60. 50, 52, 57, 57, 54, 57, 58, and 61. ...... Is this bad luck? Or was there a nerf. And why if there was. This stuff is cancer.Darkwraith19 4h
5h AK 40 max now - ty blizz ... Cause I totally didn't look forward to wanting to get extra AP from how bad it is now.Sylvian0 5h
5h If Artifact Weapons were never made... Do you think that this expansion would feel like it has a lot less content? Without the grind for AP, it seems like players would be on for less time. I for one think that Legion is a great expansion, story wise. But a ton of the content has been presented as more ways to farm AP. Without these Artifact Weapons, would this expansion even feel content heavy?Doomboy10 5h
5h 1.45 1.45. That is the number of times you would need to quest through Suramar in its entirety, start to finish, including all sidequests to get a single artifact on a new character to level 52. Questing through Suramar is a relatively efficient source of artifact power (if somewhat monotonous experience, at least for some players), roughly on par with spamming dungeons if you're quick about doing the quests. (Suramar is, of course, non-repeatable.) Each weapon to level to 52 requires 2,228,766,330 artifact power. Suramar, baseline, provides 4,100 AP for Nightfallen but Not Forgotten, 14,950 AP for the main storyline of Good Suramaritan, 7,800 AP for the Good Suramaritan Sidequests and 11,550 AP for Insurrection. At artifact knowledge level 40, this all totals up to 1,536,038,400 AP, significantly less than would be required to get a weapon up to 52. Given that Suramar quest experience represents about 10-12 hours of gameplay, this means that for each spec you choose to play, you would need to play roughly 15-16 hours of game time at AK 40 to get to 52, or about 45 hours per character. (60 for druids, 30 for demon hunters.) This is in addition to the leveling process, just to get to a point where a raiding guild would probably bring them for ToS. After effectively killing the grind (to much rejoicing) by adding artifact knowledge level 50, why do you see it fit to throw players back into this nonsense? You say you want Concordance to be achieveable on alts; are you really expecting a player with every class (necessary for a certain FoS) to sink 540 hours into an AP grind?Allialara4 5h
5h Cross Realm = TOO CROWDED I can't move an inch in this game without seeing a ton of other players. I'd like to run into other players every now and again like we did before someone turned the cross-realm stuff up to insanity, but I can't get away from people! I got tired of ridiculous mobs of people in the new content and decided to play my hunter who has just entered Mists of Pandaria. . . and I found myself fighting with level 100 demon-hunters to complete content. . . which, hey, more power to them if they want to get achievements on their new characters or play on easy-mode while they figure things out, this would not be an issue if cross-realming didn't allow a truly awful, unplayable number of people in the same zone. The issue isn't that I have trouble getting to the content or fighting for mobs, I play a hunter, so my range and mobility are excellent, but it doesn't feel heroic to have a million other heroes around doing the same exact things. Also, it makes everyone unimportant - like city-life. If I see someone rarely, maybe I'll throw them an invite to share quest credit, and maybe I'll take notice of their name and how they play, but with a million nameless whatevers constantly under foot, I just feel hurried, stressed, and unimportant. Maybe give us an option to opt-out of cross-realm? I think it's great to be able to play with friends from other realms, but I'd happily give that up if it meant that I could just have the people on my server show up and no one else.Snownips42 5h
5h Why aren't broken shore items BoA? Timeless isle was great from an Alt perspective. I could go there and farm coins that gave me stuff. If I was crazy I could farm them by the thousands off every animal and mob to get maxed out. Better than all of that was the tokens that were account-wide. Why aren't we doing that with the broken shore? You have the technology, you received feedback that a lot of people really liked it. It helped us engage alts who are far behind by this point if you've not been keeping up. I don't understand why you have to make it more difficult constantly on people. I don't understand what the philosophy is behind being able to let people get BoA items to gear alts but choosing intentionally to disallow it? At this point it feels like you're intent on keeping us on the wheel, but for those of us who have alts giving us BoA tokens would of KEPT us on the wheel anyway. You'd even have people continually grinding on the Broken Shore to get the shards for those tokens - which only helps you out more by keeping people playing. I can't wrap my head about this decision. A lot of other stuff in Legion is great. Scaling WQ's up helps a lot, but then you see missteps like this.Where13 5h
5h Invasions I look at my app and see 1 hour left on invasions, so I rush home from work as quickly as I can. I get home 30 minutes left, so I rush through it as quickly as I can. I finish the invasion with 5 minutes left, so I hop on my alt quick. Get there with my alt and boom it all goes away. Thanks Blizzard. I shouldn't be punished like this for having real life responsibilities. I barely have enough time to get through a couple a week because of the bad timing these invasions are placed at. I really believe that there should be more than one a day. It's not fair that people who have real life responsibilities have to suffer like this. I know I will get down voted and I really don't care. I know Blizzard doesn't care about me or my views, but this just isn't right. There are people who probably run 10+ alts through them every day, while people like me get to run through 1 a day if we are lucky.Aerýn11 5h
5h paragon chests, nothing but disappointment i've opened 10 paragon chests so far, and what do i get? nothing but gold! why does blizzard friggin' taunt us with these new faction mounts by making us constantly grind rep and for what? nothing! i do admit, i want the storm dragon, badly, but i miss the days where you could just BUY the mount once exalted, why do these new faction mounts have to be a friggin' lottery? rng is RARELY in my favor, you would think with all the negative feedback on these paragon chests, they would at least increase the drop chances a littleDevastator111 5h
5h Roast the person's mog above you I know mine's just terrible, roast the person's mog above you.Varuna383 5h
5h Why are Westfall Story items dropping? So it's Beautiful Beast week at Lower Karazhan, and I've been farming the damn place all week after Dinner Bell in M+. However, there are items coming out of the chests that don't belong to this week's play, and that is making me a VERY P.O.'d belf, bro. What's the point of rotating the plays if you can't be sure you'll EVER get the loot from the play you waited to go into rotation? I've got 520M AP from running Lower Kara this week JUST FOR THAT DAMNED TRINKET, please hold me /cryExutrankeira2 5h
5h Old gods vs Burning legion/Sargeras Who would win if these army were at war? Who would win a battle N'zoth vs Sargeras ?Oswill5 5h
5h Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One I just got this completed last night. What does Part two involve?Adamsmith76 5h
5h Better undead creation Sometimes I really hate being picky, but there are things that bug me so much that I can't ignore it. For a long time I have wanted to create an undead character. I have many times, but always delete it. The fact that the bones to the undead always poke through armor and cloaks always stop me. Does this bug anyone else?Kuroun4 5h
5h Suddenly always dying Questing Broken Isles. I quest Solo, and have quested enough to get exalted through the broken isles. Really enjoyed this expansion - but not anymore. Something has changed - Suddenly I'm always getting killed. Mobs seem to do a lot more damage. Not the style the game had, and that I enjoyed. I think once again, Blizzard has decided to change the game because it was actually enjoyable. Last time quite for 4 years, this time, more. Why must blizzard tinker with things that aren't broken, and not fix things that are.Yaela22 5h
5h I can't see enemies trinket in arena. I can't see enemies trinket in arena when I am on my rogue but when I play my shaman I can see them... anyone know how to enable them?Adelgabriee6 5h
5h Old Character Creation Screens I remember the old character select screens. They added more style and gave you an idea of where that race comes from and what they are. For Undead your character is stood outside their own grave, Night Elves in front of a moonwell and forest. Now when you create a new character you're either in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, no uniqueness about it. They still do show up after you create the character at least.Lewdlady9 5h
6h Blizz doubles down on gating... The new Artifact Knowledge nerf was defended recently by saying... "We raised the Knowledge cap from 40 to 50 very late in the 7.2 PTR cycle, out of an abundance of caution: We wanted to ensure that players of all playstyles, as well as alt characters, would view the Concordance trait as accessible. However, between the additional Artifact Power gains added in 7.2 and others that were hotfixed in after the patch released, we’re now well ahead of that mark. Knowledge 40 now seems more than sufficient for players to reach Concordance, and the prospect of months’ worth of additional Knowledge still left to research makes some players feel like their efforts in the interim aren’t meaningful. Therefore, we’re rolling the cap back to 40." I am not buying it. My warrior is barely AK 35 and he is just a few traits away from Concordance with moderate playtime. (I have 5 110's, 3 which i juggle) This is nothing more than pushing back higher AK levels until 7.3 watch and see. This expansion has been a gigantic poop fest of gating. The only reason for AK existing is to gate content. The entire system is designed to keep people coming online every 3 or so days. "Get on every 3 days to do your wardens chests, upgrade your AK, and do a mythic+ then go play Overwatch." That should be a "TIP" on the loading screen. WoW needs to take a giant step backwards towards gear being rare in PVE and PVP, away from RNG and back towards hard to accomplish bosses or grinds, and away from these 11 week events where you get one generic quest each week as "content". Nobody in their right mind thinks that 7.2 had much content at all. The quest chains are dull and nearly meaningless, yet they tried to say it was unleashing the story over time... What an insult to our intelligence. Why don't you just admit you are pumping all your $ into Candy Krush and Overwatch? WoW could be so much better. Legion has so many good things going for it, but WoW devs seem bent on making this a hack and slash slot machien rather than an MMO-RPG. PVP could be great, but they somehow think fairness=fun. Progression is gone in PVP and PVE, NEWSFLASH. Why do you think so many top end mythic guilds are quitting? They have removed the reason to do PVP and PVE, what a joke. /end rant TLDR: Good stuff in there, go read it.Shocknyou0 6h
1h Painkiller > Breaking The Law Discuss.Weemadarthur15 1h
6h Flying In Pandaria I tend to level alts. A LOT of them. However, Lately, I feel so....sad... frustrated, that I can't fly while I level through Pandaria. I like doing quests. I really do! I enjoy the environments while questing, I like reading the lore, so on and so forth. I play, a lot of WoW. I want to fly, at 85, in pandaria. Why can't I? No I am not going to stalk the BMAH so I can buy ONE Grimore. I have SEVERAL toons that I am working on leveling, and I want to FLY? SO WHY CAN'T I? I want a LEGITIMATE, BLUE answer. PLEASE.Sindirella26 6h
6h An Argument for Account Based Bank Slot So I have done quite a few MMO's in a while and WoW being the oldest and one that helped defined the genre it still seems stuck in some old habits. I would like to present an argument that not only creating a new zone in the bank that allows you to share loot between character is not only beneficial to the game, not having one is actually harmful. Let us start with the harm it does to the game and ecosystem. 1. Wait times and Loading. One of the things players hate is just constant loading screens. Imagine having to craft an item and you need 3 different igredients from 3 different professions. So you need to login to 3 different characters to get everything. So you end up spending 5 - 20 minutes ( If you need to take a griffin to a town ) sorting through your characters to gather what you need and mail them all to your self. Instead of spending 30 seconds to go to a bank and pick it up. An if it is a crafting material you don't even need to travel you would have it available instantly! For every character! 2. Massive Burden on the Mail System. As we know the Mail system is the players "Unoffical Bank" People spamming the mail to send items constantly to other characters they own. Why not cut the middle man out? Why make players waste time mailing it to them selves, logging out and logging in and logging out and logging in again ( remember you need to do it at least twice ). 3. Constraints of time of Real Life. Now as life gets more fast paced the more time you spend doing unnecessary tasks the less time you have to enjoy the game. This isn't the Warcraft Postal Simulator ( WPS ), you don't get an Intro Trailer that goes, Through Rain, Snow or Legions of Undead and Chaos monsters your package will be delivered! ( Though there are quite a few missions where this is applicable ironically, but that is besides the point. ). You get a trailer showing adventure, excitement action. ( Partially Relevant Video for comic relief ) As for a positive note. 1. Streamline, Efficiency and Productivity The game was probably designed originally where sharing items with toons wouldn't be necessary. You had an auction house which allowed you to trade and sell goods to buy the items you need. Yet as WoW got older and people had accumulated vast piles of wealth - a new issue arose inflation. Of course you tried to combat that with the WoW Token. Yet for new players of the game - it is extremely harmful and off putting when they see a level 10 item being sold for 5 gold. When they have have only 1 gold and you need to save it to buy training to even ride a mount. A shared account would mean any item they find they can quickly and easily move it to other characters, have crafting materials easily accessible instead of paying 1 gold for 1 piece leather. So they can play your game instead of facing hordes of login screens, you can finally face the hordes of Azeroth. In Summary. I am not talking about making the bank slot a shared inventory space only. I am talking about creating 2 separate bank accounts. 1. Character Storage Slot 2. Shared Storage Slot. A good example would be Old Republic - you have 2 types of banks. A character bank and a "Legacy Bank" - the Legacy bank is used to share goods with every character on that server for both Republic and Empire. While a character bank ( In old Republic it would be the Cargo Hold ) only stores goods for that particular character. Of course they also have character houses but lets not ask for too much to soon. A shared inventory slot in the bank would be a huge boon to not only the community but to WoW server staff.Kavmorin17 6h
6h Sprite Darter Hatchling Just dropped one into the AH on Hyjal for 40k, get it while its hot, 10k less than the next cheapestTrenastor6 6h
6h How are you making your gold? Tokens are at an all-time high and I need some extra change. What are some of the best ways to make gold? Only professions I have are BS/Mining/Tailoring, spread between 2 character. I main a Warrior & alt a Warlock, if that info helps. Thanks in advance.Mythological36 6h
6h So first world of warcraft official sport And alliance can barely even able to score a single dunk ball BOOOOOO. *throws popcorn*Reì4 6h
6h Monument for Mokron We don't hear from poor Mokron anymore but he inspired many horde characters like myself... a huge shrine should be installed in org for himAsmonsilver5 6h
6h Rename the Broken Shores Examples: Boring Shores Broken Bore Broken Snore Broken Chores Grindr IslandConfushissay19 6h
6h 250K Order Resources & Nothing to Buy! I am currently sitting at 245,793 Order resources. And for what? I send out missions regularly and use the resources for my three bonus rolls. And up and up the total goes. Blizzard, if you are going to give tons of world quests with these resources, can you allow us to buy useful things with the currency? Maybe Mounts? Maybe Artifact Power Tokens? Maybe some useful gear? Anything. I fear it is going to be like the useless Apexis crystals. I still have 1,430,205 of those. And for what? With 54K Nethershards, I also probably am going to have more of those than needed. Bottom Line: Make the currency USEFUL. Make some good things available to purchase with Order Resources!Rastlin90 6h
6h TW Black Temple start of something more? TITLE CONTINUATION: Legendary Transmogging? So, with Timewalking Black Temple now coming out, and DHs getting the ability to transmog to the Warglaives of Azzinoth if you already had them, do you think that Blizz will gate other Legendary Transmogs like this? I personally hope that this is the case. Would give us a reason to farm these weapons besides "status", especially since there's no real use to them once their expansion ends. (Pre-Legion, you could use the BC-Cata legendary weapons in their respective weeks for the better scaling, but the artifacts make that obsolete.) We already have the "midpoint" items for Dragonwrath and Shadowmourne (and possibly the FotF as well, haven't done that one yet) transmoggable, plus, it would help to actually earn the transmogs outside of the merciless grind for the older ones (Seriously. Still trying to farm the glaives on my DH, and my Pali's SICK of MC by this point.) Not to mention, if they go this route, we'd have a good idea as to what additional raids will get the TW treatment: Molten Core (Could tie to the Vanilla WB TW event) - Thunderfury and Sulfuras Sunwell Plateau (BC) - Thori'dal, the Star's Fury Ulduar (WotLK (PLEASE!!!)) - Vala'nyr Icecrown Citadel (WotLK) - Shadowmourne Firelands (Cata) - Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest Dragon Soul (Cata) - Fangs of the Father (Could just timewalkify LFR Dragon Soul for this one) Personally, I'd love the option to be able to transmog to these legendaries (especially Dragonwrath), and TW Black Temple gives a good way to do that, just have the weapon achieve on any character, and clear the TW raid on a character who can use said weapon. Note that I left Atiesh out of this list. Personally, I think that Atiesh should remain untransmoggable, if only for the reason that there's no realistic way to make it obtainable. Naxx 40 was redone to fit a 25-person group in Wrath, and bosses like the Four Horseman (Vanilla) would make this raid difficult to balance properly. Not to mention, Dadgar currently has said staff, and I think it should remain that way. As for the MoP cloaks... Personally, I'd rather they just bring back its questline and make it a bit easier (ease up on the Shaohao rep requirement for one), than make each of MoP's raids timewalkable.Talih2 6h
6h Please Rethink Legendary Upgrades! As the title says. I know this isn't the first thread about them, nor is it even the first one by me. However, going to keep this one short and to the point. For some specs, people have the upwards of 8 legendaries they actively use, for raids, single target/multi target, mythic+, regular dungeons, etc. This quest, if left the way it is, will mean these people will be out of commission (AKA someone else would be better equipped) doing a good chunk of things they love for quite some time. To top this off, most people have at least one other toon at 110 at this point, which most likely has a legendary. Please. I emplore you. Rethink the disposable legendary upgrade item. Make it a re-usable item that can be mailed BoA. Make the quest take a little longer to compensate, but don't force us to grind out so much stuff so many times on multiple toons, just to upgrade our legendaries to be on par with the legendaries that drop after the patch. I almost cry every time I see a legendary drop now, because I know that's just one more thing I'll have to grind out with content I don't usually do. Getting a legendary should NOT be a bad feeling.Maizou17 6h