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34m Steal Mount from Person Above you! I'm going to steal a Mount from Blizzard! lol, Big Love Rocket!Peps0 34m
34m Clearly Blizzard is working with my employer Everytime I'm off work the servers are's obviously a conspiracy to try to get me to play less and work more. I'm not giving in, we do not negotiate with demons.Fatum9 34m
35m Angry! I am ANGRY that I can't log in. I am ANGRY that my Friday has been ruined. I am ANGRY that every time I try to log in, I have to look at that HORRIBLE PICTURE of Ion with his non-smiling, unfriendly look. Having to see that picture again and again is a real slap in the face. This is UNACCEPTABLE and I DEMAND an immediate fix to this situation! Not later tonight. Not after breakfast. NOW!Rastlin4 35m
35m Canadians [Alliance] Eh there by's, looking for some fellow canucks to play with in the evenings. Just getting back into raiding, trying to gear up my WW/ELE for Antorus. Going to be running ToS/Mythics and NH for transmog. Add me Warhead155#1182 I play Atlantic time usually 8-9pm until midnight most nights.Clomid9 35m
35m Why do Night Elves hate the Orcs? Ten thousand years ago the world suffered from the arrival of the burning legion. Nearly all of the races rose up to help the Night Elves from stopping the force they had summoned. One of those members was the Orc Broxigar. An Orc who most of the Elves were uneasy about because he was a "monster". But Tyrande Whisperwind freed the Orc from his cage and healed him. (If I remember correctly). After the events and Broxigar's ultimate sacrifice. The Night Elves made a statue of the Orc. Because he was honorable and gave his life for their cause. So when the Orcs came to the world all those years later..... why did they not look at the statue and think to themselves.... "Hmm, that creature from 10,000 years ago looks REALLY similar to these new guys! Maybe we were friends in the past." Tyrande certainly would remember. So why exactly is this never discussed? I may not be remembering the books exactly right.Eriedryste80 35m
35m Strange So as the rest of you I was playing, then suddenly kicked, but the strange thing is my net/router actually reset at the same time I got kicked, very rarely does that happen unless major problems with My ISP, so coincidence or anyone else get that before?Fallenknight4 35m
35m Where is WOW? Where is WOW? WOW51900102 don't hurt me Don't hurt me, no moar ... 35m
37m Since I have time.. I've been trying to figure out why I do not get ToS mission table quests on this toon. I get them on every other toon. Literally. I have 2 fresh 110s this past week and they both have ToS mission table quests but not this guy. What gives? Is there something I'm missing?Heretotroll2 37m
37m Gnomes: Zoroaster must be roasted and eaten. Zoroaster has threatened the gnome race with deletion. He must be swiftly slain to preserve the well being of our community. His corpse can be used for science. While his will may never be his own again his corpse can serve us, reaching tall items off shelves, for all eternity. For the greater good.Negativity0 37m
38m Darkspear Troll character model I'm fine with the trolls being hunched back or slouching but could you PLEASE make them look more muscular, like vol'jin or Zul'jin. Right now the Darkspear trolls look weak AF.Sahrmàl0 38m
38m Azeroth Will Die The wound is to deep. Azeroth will "die" her soul/mind will be placed in a host body or avatar. A 5th World Tree will be planted to plug up the large hole in Silithus. The majority of Azeroth's power will be absorbed by all the creatures and plant life that reside on her (the planet). Making everything in a very small way a Titan.Elumai19 38m
38m BfA A coming of the End Times? WARNING! Possible Spoilers Ahead! This expansion could very well be the last one, if you look at the information provided. Here's the evidence by which I speculate that Azeroth may be dying Sargeras punches a massive whole in Azeroth, nearly killing it. Although the heroes of Azeroth are successful in stabilizing the wound, it may still be a fatal blow. The introduction of Heart of Azeroth and Azerite may be a sign that Azeroth is bleeding from the massive wound it received. If Sargeras seriously injured Azeroth, then perhaps the Old God's prisons are broken and even now they will return with more power than before. The Horde and the Alliance are in all out war, Darnassus burns and Lordaeron is sacked. They are vulnerable to attack from outside forces. The maddening whispers and prophecies of the Old Ones seems to be coming to pass, Azeroth may indeed be seeing its Hour of Twilight. Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time went mad in a dark future and created the infinite dragonflight to cause a less severe end for Azeroth. What if that dark future is just ahead. These are just some ideas I thought up.Magebourn24 38m
39m To all whiners... It's Friday! Happy Friday <3! Have some beer, pizza and chicken wings. Just take a break from your favorite hobby - whining. It's BOGO on awesome Goose IPA 6 pack at Publix. Hurry while supplies last xDMadtusk8 39m
39m "Free weekend" broken game I just saw on twitter this little 'update' that forced me to update and then not be able to log back in was because they wanted to make a game free for poor people who can't afford to keep playing after the event ends? When are we going to learn that catering to the poor is never a good business strategy?Sanctúm20 39m
39m New class idea??? With the introduction of void elves do you guys think that void based version of paladins should become a thing since esentially all a paladin is is a warrior of the light why not have a warrior of the void.Kekoa16 39m
40m Since I can't log in... ...I thought I'd come dance for everyone in GD. /danceSixwraith16 40m
40m what now? shut downs on Fridays also blizz? what now?Brotéas5 40m
40m Raiding as Druid/paladin popularity? If I were to main switch to a holy paladin from a healing druid, would I find it more difficult to find groups for raiding? (and or raiding guilds?) A little background below at why I am considering the change... So... I've been playing WoW a very long time. Since Vanilla, though I didn't have a max level toon until BC. In BC I played holy / shockadin. Originally it was a warlock... but DPS was so common I wanted to role a healer (to actually find heroic groups and raids). Shockadin... was glorious. Loved every moment of it. Raided ZF and a little bit of BT. Really enjoyed the awesomeness of single target healing and healing in heroics. <3. In Wrath, I decided to go Alliance and changed to a druid (honestly... FF was the only reason). I really enjoyed raiding with my druid (more so than my paladin). I fell in love with HoTs. And that has kept with a druid since Wrath. Unfortunately changes to both balance and feral has made me like a Druid alot less for activities other than raiding (mythics, questing, dailies, gathering professions, etc.). I decided to give my paladin another go and start leveling it... the healing feels extremely well-tuned. Shockadins are back! (sort of). Plus ret in it's current form feels amazing for questing/dailies (more so than Druid's offspecs). My biggest concern about switching though... is whether it will make it harder to find groups : / Thank you for your feedback.Dasrock7 40m
42m I cant log in Just wanted everyone to know :)Zaldren3 42m
43m Old EQ "Servers down again" song This song just randomly popped into my head from my old Everquest days. Its not particularly great, but its kinda catchy and nostalgic. I thought maybe some of you would appreciate this. 43m
46m I broke the rules and was removed from group Group finder said "Fresh Heroic ToS 920+, NO PVP GEAR". I joined the group knowing I was wearing pvp gear (just feet) and was removed when the leader inspected me. I thought the pvp gear hate ended last expactBabybunnies10 46m
46m Highmountain Highmountain is not that high. I'm starting to think it's called Highmountain for another reason.Hadean4 46m
47m free weekend? what is this free weekend im seeing people talking about? can someone post a link to info?Leprechaùn8 47m
49m App Failure Anyone else having issues with their Blizzard app not opening? Also tried just going to the WoW app but its also saying not able to sign me in after i enter the verification code?Møjomon12 49m
51m What happened to down voting? For real, what happened to it?Performence0 51m
55m i logged in Serpent2 55m
56m let's celebrate wow anniversary with outtage cuz that's how the original wow's 1st days literally were like. why not re-live the glory days.Gnomeater5 56m
56m New Race Next Expansion What's the probability that we will be introduced with a new race next expansion? It's been awhile and there won't be a new hero class since dh just took that spot. So do you think we will get a new race or get nothing at all? Discuss.Puntress170 56m
58m Argus, not the end after all? Question, the demons don't actually die unless we kill them where they live. They respawn in the twisting nether? Which means we actually need to take the fight to the nether. Argus was not, in fact, the end? Correct or incorrect?Wicker5 58m
58m LF Vietnamese players CHO HỌ GHÉT ĐI EM 58m
58m Now trying to log in... ...just to troll the free weekend I know it's wrong. I know it's petty. I don't care. Thumbs up are thumbs down ittLohgan5 58m
59m Strange dream about new classic wow It was strange and it had details that weren't a part of the original WoW. I rolled an orc character but I can't remember what class but here's where it gets weird: NPCs in Orgrimmar would try to kill you for no reason. They even outleveled everyone. I died trying to escape and it broke all my gear. Then I went to the store to repair it. I had visions of a department store in the real world with real cashiers behind the registers (odd) Right outside the gate of Orgrimmar was a gigantic lvl 60 wolf that would tear anyone to shreds. I eventually woke up and that's all I can remember specifically.Kalorea0 59m
59m Dps Classes as of now. I just returned to wow to give it a go and I'm thinking which class should i stick to. I used to play a lot of them but it was before all these changes. I want to dps and to do some serious raiding. What dps class would you guys recommend for me. Also which class you wouldn't even recommend to touch. Thanks all in advance.Sathaz5 59m
1h DELETE TAURENS Their hitbox is too large, I can easily click on them. They are too up(underpowered) when compared to actual races like Gnome, like they take up half of the screen and I'm like 2 pixels. DELETE TAURENS NOWPrimmie15 1h
1h Zandalari Height in Battle for Azeroth? Hello, I had a lot of fun watching the virtual ticket for the first time in my life and it was great n' all... Though, something I noticed during the World of Warcraft Demo | Nazmir Zone is that.. male Zandalari are below 7' in height? What's this about? They're literally shorter than the player who plays a female jungle troll in the video. This really bothers me. Screenshot: Lore has more or less always been that Zandalari are about the third tallest troll subspecies behind ice trolls and dark trolls. Dire trolls don't count due to their variety. Nonetheless, there has never really been a number for their height either except for the Troll Compendium saying they're 8'. Which is wrong. Just.. please don't turn them into stunted midgets out of nowhere. :c Brann Bronzebeard pointed out in his journal how a few male jungle trolls in Stranglethorn Vale seemed to be around 8' in height, possibly more, the male jungle troll model in-game sits at around 8'4" in height so let's use 8'4" as our base average jungle troll height as Brann's was an estimation discounting posture and so on. In Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde, Vol'jin points out that most Zandalari are "at least a head taller" than a jungle troll. So, "at least a head" in this case would put male Zandalari at 10'+ on average (yes, heads are quite big) while other mentions in the same novel indicate females to be around 9'4", which is dope, tall trolls r great. But... in-game they look to be below 7' which is really sad and midget-y. Now, I get the expansion is in/around alpha stages and that it has height limits for gameplay purposes (tauren...) though I apologise if I'm a bit early with this as everything more or less is subject to change at this point. But I'd really like to know if male and female Zandalari will remain as midgets in-game, or be given a proper height that reflects upon their lore height? If anyone wants to read more into this, I've compiled troll heights from various lore mentions and cross-referenced them with the jungle troll model and whatnot. You can find that here: Having been a troll fan for about 18 years now, stuff like this is important to me... (Since Wc2 if anyone asks c;) I also have a weird obsession over height, not sure if that's obvious or not. ._.Madrathil54 1h
1h Drop rate increase for old raid mounts A friend who recently got back into playing was telling me how since hes gotten back hes farmed a ton of old raid each week for a rare mount drop with no luck. Having farmed ICC close to 100 times by now with no mount yet this got me to thinking of a better system. These mounts are not really rare anymore as was when the content was relevant, its purely based on rng and lets be honest you have a much better chance at winning 1k on a gas station scratch off than you do to get these mounts, however many people have good luck and have these mounts. Why not increase the Rng odds based on how many kills you have on said boss, lets say i've ran (insert raid) for 10 weeks with no luck, more numbers have been added to the mount and i'm sitting at a 10% drop chance.. much better than 1%, yes i may have bad luck and i'll have to run it another 20-30 times but atleast i know i'll get there Before everyone thinking they're a special snowflake starts complaining, these mounts are just not super rare anymore, and its not that people wont be "working" for them, this just says everyone will eventually get the reward for time put in.. if you run ICC every week for a year and you still have yet to see the mount drop thats not very rewarding.Folstagg46 1h
1h "Tyrande was mean to us. Were going Horde" Yeah, know who cured you of your mana addiction? A Night Elf. Youre welcome, ***holes. If it wasnt for them you wouldnt even be able to consider joining someone.Britanny110 1h
1h Quick Join popping up with random people? I was wondering if there was an issue with Quick Join, or if I just misunderstood how it worked? Lately I've noticed more and more pop-ups that are not people on my friends list or my guild. I can't for the life of me find a connection to them, so why are they showing in that list for me? Has anyone else seen this?Nerezza1 1h
1h Ion Hazzikostas's Sylvanas cosplay Look what Reddit dragged in! :D It's a thing of beauty.Ghara24 1h
1h When Zandalari Trolls go to Isle of Thunder, What happens? Also will the 'Zandalari Tribe' reputation from classic still exist? Many Alliance will be revered/exalted with the Zandalari but at war with them at the same time?Phenomenolog9 1h
1h RBG Mage Tower tint?? So I thought that they changed it so if you just unlocked a mage tower skin, you could do the 10 RBGs in another spec. Just won a RBG I was a healer, but got my enhancement challenge skin. So artifact tracker add-on reads as no credit. So still need 10? Should be 1/10Ròscó0 1h
1h Can't log in... Blizz pls :(Chasen9 1h
1h Irrefutable proof that Santa Claus is Odin You know it's true.örð6 1h
1h If you have both Ally & Horde 110 Is the questing different at all? I'm debating leveling this girl after I have every class at 110 Alliance, but I don't know if I can sit through the same quests for a 13th time. They are boring. Repeating same thing over, and over, and over, and over...... If there are different quests/different stories though that would make it much easierSweetiekinz5 1h
1h Shadow hunter class Just imagine zandalari shadow hunter I need themTälana1 1h
1h New Blue – Welcome Ythisens! ✨✌ Hey guys! Please join me in welcoming Ythisens to the North American World of Warcraft Community Team! Ythisens comes to us with over a decade spent in Azeroth across multiple characters (though he’s always been drawn to his Paladin), and he would like you to know that he firmly believes Garrosh did nothing wrong. Aside from actively supporting Horde genocide, Ythisens will be joining me here on the forums in his day-to-day, as well as working on collecting player feedback and helping get that to the development team. Super happy to have another Blue here on the forums as we march towards the stronghold of the Legion! Welcome Ythisens!Ornyx189 1h
1h Hunched over Troll Females Since we're going to get the option to stick the male trolls upright, can we also get the option to haunch over the females? Real Horde players don't mind being ugly and besides, it's the least you guys over at Blizz HQ can do for us after forcing more elves into our ranks.Grindspice11 1h
1h Battle net buggy? No not the unable to log in thing...different buggy. I noticed that it's saying ALL of my friends that are not online currently have been "away for 2 weeks" even when I know they were just on recently, within hours etcFatum0 1h
1h Thanks for the Bronze Sunglasses! Post here if you're wearing sunglasses.Melaroi77 1h
1h Rate the name above you On a scale of 1-10, of course.Bailey39 1h