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11h Ashmane's Fall treasure in Val'Shara Hi there! I am having trouble with a small treasure chest that I believe is located in Val'Shara, more specifically in Ashamne's Fall. It looks like the coords are 73,32. I searched Google to no avail. I'm not even 100% sure that this is located in Val'Shara - possibly Suramar? Picture of the treasure is in the link below. Can someone please tell me how to obtain this treasure? Thank youBjarde3 11h
11h What WoW moment for you is most nostalgic? Pretty simple question, what is your most nostalgic WoW moment, give some details. Could be more than a few moments, I know we've all experienced many. But try to find that one moment you always think of when you think about your past experience playing WoW. That moment that can still give you chills to this day, and gives that slight feeling of euphoria. For me, that moment has to be when the WotLK cinematic was released. The most chilling and exciting cinematic I've ever experienced for a game, and it still gives me chills when I even just think about it. How about you?Turaron38 11h
11h In Blizzard's quest for balance... The game has never been more unbalanced. I'm referring to instanced PvP and World PvP. I have 3.3 million hp and I was killed by a Rogue in a few seconds flat. He had legendary shoulders that give 100% crit while in stealth and for 6 seconds after. He literally popped his Order Hall stun from stealth (which did 1.7 million damage) and popped Draught of Souls (which hit me for 250k per tick) and I died. GG Blizz.Draethar3 11h
11h Horde/Alliance Imbalance I didn't sign up for this when I joined a PvP Server at launch, this isn't what World PvP is about These two screenshots represent what it's like to do world quests on Mannaroth as alliance This is my life 100 horde to 1 alliance. I don't care how many posts on the subject there have been, fix it or offer free server transfers. I love world PvP, I've played since beta, but not this.Corduroy6 11h
11h Class Chats 3: Shaman [Machinima] It's finally done! Check out the final product below: For those who don't know, I do casting calls on the forums for my Machinima! So cast your vote for the next Class Chats by commenting on the video or posting in this thread, I'm looking forward to more to come ---- Cast: Schizm The Underbog Hexo Emerald Dream <Bronzebeard Vanguard> Shamans Rockafella Sargeras Luni SilvermoonStrausin26 11h
11h We are not fighting Sargaras.... Since the trailer was released for the Tomb of Sargaras, there has been quite a bit of talk surrounding the Dark Titan. I just want to say, the likelihood that we will ever face Sargaras in a battle that doesn’t end with our immediate deaths, is not going to happen. I find the notion of it very silly, a group of 10-25 people slashing at the big toe of a being who can cleave planets in half. Everyone wants to talk about the “End of Warcraft” as if that’s going to be a thing. Will there come a time where people are no longer playing WoW? Almost certainly. That does not necessarily mean that Blizzard will be done telling storied from the Warcraft Universe. They can make another RTS game, or even a single player RPG. Think about what the “End of Warcraft” means. Let us assume we manage to defeat Sargaras somehow, a feat that the entire Titan Pantheon couldn’t accomplish. Void Lords are still left, and it has been well outlined that the Void Lords are infinitely worse than the Burning Legion. Yet, we literally can’t defeat them. Not without erasing one of the primordial forces, one of the six elements that makes up physical world of Warcraft. There will be no end from a story teller’s position. There will always be a threat, always something to overcome. War will be ceaseless, which supports the name Warcraft. Unless Blizzard just decides to let the void consume everything, there will always be another story to tell.Akiyass39 11h
11h Fix to LFR Can we fix the LFR system to prevent what is the common occurance of players queing in as specific roles and refusing to play those roles... Its become increasingly more common lately even annoyingly so. A way that would make the most sense would to grey out the abilities of the specs that arent qued for, making those players either leave the raid or play the role they qued for. Yes, I know some of you would comment its only LFR, but if I can do it while over geared for that place so can you.Corinthin29 11h
11h Blizz killing the night hold Why even do the hArdest content in the game for a ilevel 900 when you can get a 905 from only a +10 weekly chest holy crapServal20 11h
11h Why no penalty for leaving Mythic+? This is infuriating. For the second time in the past three weeks, I've had a key depleted because a jerk leaves after one wipe. How there aren't any repercussions for this is beyond me, considering the only one who suffers from this is the person with the key. Blizzard, please do something about this.Jacksouth5 11h
11h Friendly heads up here. Get a +10 done this week. On Tuesday, you'll get a 905 piece from your weekly chest. 11h
11h Dead/Dying Servers! Can they be saved? ...Zerstörung29 11h
11h Guess Game: Dalaran will be destroyed or not? What do you think?Bamboo14 11h
11h Mount from last Boss Is there a mount drop from the last boss of Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras?Redphantom2 11h
11h 7.2 Gear scaling I might be out of the dark on this. Haven't been keeping up recently. I have a question about 7.2 gear scores. From what I recall I believe gear is being scaled up coming 7.2? (Heroics drop 840 instead of 825, WQs reward 860+, etc.) I would like to understand the reasoning behind this, is it just gear being scaled up and content remaining the same (NPCs, Bosses, Dungeons etc) or is it everything being scaled up? Is the reasoning to help people catch up in gear? Thanks.Caralt8 11h
12h Armory FUBAR? I'm missing half my characters on the Armory. What up with that?Zèriná1 12h
12h Character not available? (Armory) Can anyone see my armory? Was trying to view my own profile and I can't. I haven't done any changes (no name changes/faction changes/realm changes/race changes etc) Not sure why I can't see my armory... =/Drizzelle40 12h
12h Kicked from LFR? Was just in a Gul'dan group that wiped on our first pull, which is all you should need in LFR. In that fight 5 people died in phase 1 by standing in lasers. I posted their names in chat after the wipe and told the group to kick them for not following mechanics / hindering the group, because we would have downed it had they been good players. Almost immediately after I said this, people started flaming me and in a minute or so I was removed from the group... How is this okay? I'm trying to get gear and help groups by making sure everyone is competent, and in the end I get removed and have to sit in queue for another 30 minutes? Why hasn't this system been fixed? It's ridiculous.Lovelier116 12h
12h Problem with Pathfinder None of the criteria requires me to find a path. Please fix.Teelo1 12h
12h have you ever wondered why your feral has antlers and looks like a bird - if you figure it out let me know. just got the feral hidden artifact appearance and why,just why, does my kitty form have wings.Roxette0 12h
12h Can't find my character that I've been posting on in the menu. Snowslight isn't there and the menu keeps defaulting to a toon I've barely played. (Not this one) I can play on her ingame okay, she just doesn't show up to post on in the forums. Anyone else having this problem?Tondaleo5 12h
12h Looking For Raid (A Civil Discussion) Topics up for Discussion: - Should Tier Gear be in LFR? - How hard should it be? - What Should be the Gap Between LFR and Norm? - Inclusive? Exclusive? (My opinions: Yes, simple enough for the normal casual player, they're shouldn't be one, and inclusive.) ...And please don't insult or kill each other. Thank you.Morgawse26 12h
12h Additional class changes for Tuesday 12h
12h Why is PVP damage so absurd? My item level is not that low, but I am finding that 900+ players can 2 shot me in 1-3 seconds. Sometimes I get a monk, fury warrior or boomkin ambush me and kill me in less than 3 seconds. Why can't Blizzard just go back to item level scaling (850 sounds great), so that all players have the same item level when playing PVP. Surely there are other incentives and rewards that could be given to PVP players other than better gear.Tyfi2 12h
12h Race & Faction Changes Hello all! This is my view on faction changes. The only benefit I can see from changing factions is that you get to keep (most) your items, then you literally have to change everything else about your character (race, appearance, name if you want to). This game revolves around war. In war you have people that defect to other sides. Example, in WW2 you had German soldiers defecting to the Allies because they no longer wanted to be a part of a cause they did not believe in. I feel keeping race upon a faction change would be a great asset to the game. Imagine making a Night Elf rogue that no longer cared for the mostly righteous ways of the Alliance. How about an Undead reborn into the Forsaken that couldn't succumb to the idea of following Sylvanas or the Horde? Every character, especially in a RP realm, should have the chance to defect should they please. I'm not suggesting completely revamp the game and do away with starting areas or reconstruct the story, however, I do feel that if I'm going to change my faction, and spend the money to do so, that I should be able to keep my race as well. There are already NPC's in the game that you can see have defected or made a friend of the opposing faction. Just last night I came across a Gnome hanging out with an Undead questing in Tirisfal Glades. So why as players are we not allowed to do this? Is this something that should be implemented into the game?Totesurgoats2 12h
13h You are NOT a loyal player So, recently their has been many threads about "loyal" players QQing that they don't receive any rewards. Playing a game a long time doesn't mean you are a loyal player. It's this simple. You play the game because you have fun doing so. And if you didn't, then you would stop playing it. If you have fun during a form of entertainment you don't deserve rewards. WoW is a game. You are not a loyal player.Bloodyshield43 13h
13h We should be locked to 1 forum toon Or at least 1 link to you that lists all your toons I find it amusing all the mouthy/big talkers tend to be on lowbie alts(level 50 or under) If people had to post on just ONE character, I bet the forums become a much nicer place xDXiata54 13h
13h Playing with BR players in a nutshell 13h
13h We are worst than Gul'dan How many people/souls did you killed in your WoW history?Déép20 13h
13h Moussa's House O' Brews What can I getcha? Nomi is cookin' in the back if y'all want some grub.Moussa5 13h
13h Question about Keystones... I'm curious about this as I know the Keystone Changes are being put in next week; will the rotation of affixes remain the same and change a litte later, or will the entire rotation change starting Tuesday to account for the different affixes we'll have added in? As it is, we'd have Raging/Necrotic/Fortified. Can we expect this to remain the case next week or will there be an entirely new lineup?Atráeus3 13h
13h glyphs? so i just put a glyph on a ability and i think it sucks how do undo it? do i need a scribe to make me a tome or something?Nosok2 13h
13h druid story line So I was doing my Druid campaign quest or story line. and now for some reason theres no where to accept another quest. I know i didn't finish because i didn't unlock the 3rd relic .Dendes4 13h
13h CRZ horde/alliance imbalance ruining game Blizzard, please do something - like offer free transfers off of realms that you have ruined with CRZ. Or remove the CRZ and revert back. The ganking is out of control, and the population imbalance is out of control. This isn't enjoyable. It's stupid. Is this a ploy for more transfer $$? Rather than pay Blizzard money for a transfer, I will quit the game and pay nothing at all. This is ridiculous.Merrilock3 13h
13h Name Change Discount Not working...?..? I have tried numerous times to change names of some of my characters and it never lets me complete the process saying ooops! seems the time has expired.... which is a joke because I fly through the name change very quickly with different names the past 20 times!Hardcõre0 13h
13h Scale WPvP Stats Do it. Still allow toys and stuff, but scale the ilvl stats. It will make town campers work for it instead of relying on being around fresh geared 110s. It'd be a big change, but I think it'd feel right a year in.Phumbles0 13h
13h Will NH be mythic cross-Realm with 7.2? titleOlimär2 13h
13h Best cinematic opening? I always loved vanilla's opening, was so cool and something so different at the time and then BC came out and seeing Illidan and hearing him say "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!" was awesome..and then WOTLK..amazing.. Idk I'd say LK was my fav.Necrophobia18 13h
13h I am done. Legion PvP I played as a dk at 2.6 mmr in 2's and 2.4 mmr in 3's, so I think I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to PvP ( Not that you need any knowledge to see how sad and boing Legion PvP is ) . PvP is not fun anymore, the meta in Legion PvP revolves around 1 comp, and I mean literally ONE comp. Back in early 7.1.5 it was RMX, and now it's Dh/Demo lock. And this is not "QQ" about some random comp always being at the top, because there will always be something at the top, this is just my feedback about how boring Legion PvP is. I just realized I would rather play WoD PvP than Legion PvP, at least WoD had more comp variety than Legion. The New Website. It's full of bugs, sometimes I can't find my characters, sometimes I post things and they don't appear, the PvP ladder was pruned, and some other things. The new website looks better than the old one but it's actually bad IMO. So TLDR, my experience with the new WoW website was just terrible. Legion PvE It's great, It's actually great, I wish I was a PvE fan, all my friends are now doing PvE, I do have a dk with 905 PvE gear and it's 7/10 H, but I only play PvE with friends, and I barely play PvE. Now that I am done I will probably play the game at least once a week, just as a way to hang out with my friends. I'm just stressed and sad about Legion. I fell in love with this game because of PvP, and now I hate it because of it.Kliva1 13h
13h 25% of game services... Finally...Atleast we get some kinda discount.Synshady0 13h
13h Blizzard App... The world must be a scary place for those who were confused by the branding.Hockeybalboa0 13h
13h I cannot post on my main toon Do any of you guys have this problem where all of a sudden you're main toon is missing on the 'change character' settings? I would like to post on my Holy Pally named 'Speckoh' and it was working fine yesterday. I can't even select my main toon to post on anymore and I can't even armory her. Thankfully, my main toon is still playable on WoW.Madcatmaddis24 13h
13h Anyone here live in a baton rouge apartment I do. ;PAranbyet6 13h
14h My Experience W/ PVP On PVE Realms I mentioned about a week ago that I was moving to Sargeras. Most PVE players I've read stuff from stated they hated the thought of PVP realms because they'd have to look over their shoulder 24/7 and pictured an environment where everyone was always attacking anyone they saw on the opposite faction I've used the PVPermanent addon for months, and on my PVE server it was only good for getting backstabbed by rogues every hour. Things like Talon's Vengeance and Fire Watching were annoying and nearly impossible because most players were scared of world pvp areas or gankers. And I had yet to have a single alt I was playing who didn't get farmed or repeatedly jumped by 110s at low levels. When scoping out PVP realms, none of the alts I was playing around with were jumped by the high levels who passed by. In Halfhill there's constantly about twenty players level 70-110 and we all just stand shoulder to shoulder and do our purchasing. Just now I passed a few Horde members with one hopping around and being silly on Mimiron's head, so I hopped on mine and we had a robot head dance off. Then all the rainbow generators came out Long story short, this is my subjective experience and every realm/player experience varies. But I'd compare PVP on PVE servers to walking around a random getto with a sign that says "fight me biche", while PVP servers are more relatable to structured fight clubs. There are douches on all realms, but if you want to PVP at all, the only other flagged players I've met on PVE realms are either rogues or farming low levels in Nagrand. I'd venture as far as to say you're infinitely more likely to get jumped out of nowhere when flagged on a PVE server. A player who deliberately pays to enjoy PVP would logically be more likely to want legitimate and enjoyable PVP. tl;dr in my experience, no, all us on PVP servers are not constantly attacking/being attacked by everyone we see. dicks are everywhere but it seems the PVP community is MUCH better on PVP servers (whodathunk)Sperowolf3 14h
14h What Level Does BadLuck Protection Effect? As the title states.. What level does that Bad Luck Protection system come into effect? Seeing how Legendaries are obtainable (even now) by small chance before you reach 110, I was curious about this. Next patch all legendaries will be usable at 101+, so I don't see why this system wouldn't be in effect if they were to do something like that.Ecopal4 14h
14h Artifact catch up in 7.2 So the limit for the quick artifact research is set at 15 for the 7.1.5, is this going to be 25 in 7.2? I've only played the first month of legion and the past 2 weeks, so going into 7.2 will I need to grind out the research needed to reach 35 trait?Anubiros0 14h
14h Broken Isles Pathfinder/Good Sumaritan I am a VERY casual player who does not do dungeons or raids - I just don't see things fast enough. I am no help to other players. I understand that I shall never have the cool gear, mounts, pets, etc. that one gets as rewards for dungeons and raids and I am fine with that. Flying is the only thing to which I can look forward. To complete the Good Sumaritan portion of the Broken Isles Pathfinder Part I, I must complete the quest - A Growing Crisis. I completed the first part of this quest and now I am told to complete the Emerald Nightmare. This is a RAID. In fact it looks like a raid inside a dungeon - I don't understand. Am I right - do we have to do complete raids (and possibly dungeons) to eventually get flying?Jagoji11 14h
14h Anyone ever had this feeling ingame. -Sees someone with the itemlevel of 900- Tells them where they get it they tell me that they got it From Nighthold LFR. -Does LFR- get's nothing but AP And Gold :(Denrarn2 14h
14h Spread the Nonheroic Classes Around. i have an idea. with the exception of possibly hero classes. we should open up every class that isn't considered a hero class to every race. i know hero classes have special requirements, but what stops a blood elf from being educated in the Shamanistic Path of the Elements and what Stops a Tauren from Training in the Art of the Pirate or Outlaw? i get that hero classes have lore specific reasons for their restrictions. but i think the point of the not heroic classes, is that they are classes that anybody could theoretically recieve education in, i know, this is partially motivated by my desire to main a blood elf Shaman. because i actually like Shaman as one of my favorite classes, but hate the current Horde race choices for Shamans, forcing me to settle for mage. please, at least open up the nonheroic classes to every race in the next expansion. i'm not saying every race should have access to death knight, demon hunter or something similarly heroic, but every race should have access to every non heroic class plus maybe death knight because death knight is already spread around. i can understand racial restrictions on hero classes. but please, open up the not hero classes to every race, like shaman, druid, mage, rogue, monk, paladin, priest, warrior, warlock. and hunter for example. i mean, Azeroth is running low on Villains, and blizzard could sneak this in a future Expansion where they advance the timeline a few generations to add new villains and make new lore characters. call it the period of culture sharing if you have to.Ilinaaniri3 14h
14h 7.2 Frustrations/WW feedback So with the impending patch looming over us like a dark cloud, I figured I'd drop a couple thoughts about WW with the changes as they are now. For starters, the new traits look completely unappealing. CD reduction on SEF is pretty much the same as CoF, very dependent on fight time, but most of the time underwhelming. Thunderfist or w/e you're calling it now does next to no damage. The mastery proc seemed interesting, but it's a marginal increase to mastery with a short duration on only a few targets. It's rng dependent and will not make the difference between the bench and that elusive raid spot for a single WW playing this game. My biggest concerns, however, are regarding the legendary changes. The nerfs were announced a couple weeks ago and during that time I've received 0 new legendaries despite spam running M+ for hours each day. I'm more than a little perturbed you would drop a bomb on us like this and then give no time to actually farm new legendaries to prepare. I completely understand the frustration of playing WW and not having the bracer/boot combo (I wasn't lucky enough to have cloak or boots during EN, bracers were my first), but it feels like I had 2 legendary items and now you're taking them both away, leaving me with nothing but the belt I managed to snag as BrM spec. Blizz, please rethink your plans. Classes should be hotfixed to keep dps balanced in NH. Do NOT wait for tomb to be released before tuning changes happen!Pandarøx10 14h
14h Warlock Is there a way to make the Warlock's Doomguard smaller?Hällöwëën2 14h