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8h Talk to me, fellow forumgoers... ...and help me understand why everyone is posting nonsensical threads that don't have anything to do with World of Warcraft. Over the past few hours, I've seen threads go up regarding Honey Comb cereal, something about tauren canoes, smoking, and comparing an MMO to a card game. And that's just 4 of the many nonsensical threads I saw over the past few hours. At first, I was going to chalk it up to it being a spillover from Sunday, but seeing the amount of nonsensical spam on the WoW forums, I wonder if there is another cause that I'm not aware of. So, talk to me, and help me understand the reasoning behind all these threads. Is it due to the B.Net app changes? Is it due to the weather? Is it due to the so-called datamining that may or may not have revealed a part of the expansion? Is it due to the fact we're all tired? I can't help you if you don't speak to me, so let it all out. TL;DR why have these forums been home to nonsensical spam over the past 4 hours? What's wrong?Gorev37 8h
3h Anyone gonna play Destiny 2? I'm probably gonna play Destiny 2 when it arrives. What about you dudes? (mostly wanting to make small talk while I waste away in an airport)Rasmuffin48 3h
8h Worgen and Goblin Model Updates - V.5 Since the other one reached its post limit... continue, children. Worgen have had horrible models since Cataclysm's release, and no attempt has been made to fix them. Goblins, while they don't have it as bad, need some love too. Worgen Female New animations; no more stroke casting animations! Blank eyed stare needs some emotion. She looks like she injects Botox into her face daily. New hairstyles. These girls used to be sort of Victorian; they need similar hairstyles. Fix her pose so that her potbelly doesn't stick out as much. Add tails! Connect them to fur colors, like Pandaren. Male New animations; he looks like he's wearing cement on his paws and hands, and he only has ONE CASTING ANIMATION. Fix up the hunchback thing. Makes no sense on a werewolf! Different hairstyles are badly needed, he only has braids, spiky hair, and... yeah. Tails, connect them to fur colors like Pandaren. More facial options, there is only one peaceful face. Both could use some hair colors. Goblins Female New animations would be nice; the tip-toe sneak animation and the wiggling fingers don't really feel realistic. They feel childish. Add some more variety to the faces. They're supposed to be rich snobs, make them fit the part! More hair colors Male Add some facial animation! He just stares. As a matter of fact, add some idle animations! He literally stands there, it's creepy and weird. Make the skin colors less of a sickly green. Better hairstyles, there's little variety. Better animations Fix up the pose. He's just so boring to look at.Lindeyna452 8h
8h Hallow's End Achievement Help Hi all, I'm trying to finish the achievement ' The Masquerade ' during Hallow's End, and I only need to be transformed by the following halloween wand's to finish it and I'm looking for anyone who has these that can help. Leper Gnome, Ninja, Wisp is what I need to finish it. I am horde, and on US. If anyone has these that can help, please reply and let me know so I can add you. Thanks, I'd really appreciate it.Rumchata7 8h
8h Appear Offline is now a thing, finally! After years of players wanting this feature and after Blizz said they would implement it around 5 years ago, it's finally happening. Thank you Blizz, you've caught up to Steam and PS4/XBOX in finally having a feature that numerous IM services have had for 20+ years.Lolpwned7 8h
8h WoW Tokens sitting in Bag If I buy WoW tokens at $20 a piece, and they keep going up in price like they are, like..literally 1k per hour, will the price adjust whenever I do decide to sell them? I'm amassing a good number of tokens right now tbh.Deathstar5 8h
8h I can’t decide!!! Help! I. Keep. Pingponging. AHHH I CANT STOP IT. I cannot pick what class I want for an alt! I was 100% dead set on a Hunter, but then my mind started spiraling “oh but they dont have much utility or pvp burst..” “maybe I want another role so i can get groups faster” “oh warrior looks fun but prot doesnt look enjoyable” “maybe I should go back to my shaman i mained for a few xpacs” Needless to say im stumped. What criteria or checklist do you guys go through to pick an alt? And what are some ways to eliminate a few classes from your choice? Any help means so much!!Crucifixiôn10 8h
9h AP World Quest frequency and total Are people generally satisfied with the ratio of AP per World Quest, and how many are given daily? I've done my "dailies" for years, pretty studiously. I remember not really enjoying them much at the time. Tanaan Jungle being the most familiar and recent of the classic "daily" structure, it felt like there was substantially less to it, by comparison to today. But I remember the second week of being max-level in Legion and saying in guild "Yup, I'm officially over World Quests." Obviously AP has diminishing returns, and neither Tanaan-style (Op, op op, oppa tanaan-style) nor World Quests were/are mandatory, but the amount of quests available per day in relation to their reward per seems increasingly out of wack to me. At the start of the expansion, if your AK was on the curve, you were doing what? 5-8 AP quests a day? I logged in tonight, there was 10 on argus alone, 38 AP in total. And this is only 24 hours since I last did a full emissary clear. There was a time when 40 WQ was what was available from taking 3-4 days off and the max possible WQs were piled up. 40 doesn't even cover the AP ones now. I don't feel like the AP has increased, at all. For over 5x the AP quests on the board, I'm not getting 5x the AP I was before (in relation to weapon level). It just feels like more and more smaller and small AP quests are being added--more and more investing into this horrible 'diminishing returns' system. There's just no "sigh of satisfaction" from doing WQs like there was with dailies. I'm wearing rose-coloured glasses I'll admit, but boy do I miss dusting my hands off at the end. I'm a hamster in a wheel today by comparison to them. TLDR I dunno. Are others glad there's hours and hours of quest grinding available? Do people enjoy the time it takes to do all their ideal world quests, by comparison to what it was 1 year ago upon release? Leaving half the quests unfinished because I don't want to burn out is making me bitter. It's not like a daunting amount of unique achievements to throw myself at. They're just... mindless regurgitations of the leveling quests. Do you enjoy 40 AP quests? Would you prefer 10 AP equal to what you get with the current 40? Do you need more AP quests to keep your attention? Where do you fall on that spectrum?Midguard6 9h
9h What’s the best US-pvp server? what’s going on guys! So, what’s the best US-pvp server for play, and most popular?Quenjamie12 9h
9h Class for casual play? Hey folks! I am returning after a 7 month break from the game, been having trouble deciding what to main. I am mostly interested in just playing casually since I don't have the free time to play hardcore anymore, so I was looking for something that could handle mythic plus and normal/heroic raiding. Something fun that will be able to handle PUG groups well. Thank you for your time! :)Guuon28 9h
9h If you could ask blizzard For one game statistic, what would it be? I be curious to see what everyone picked for their class hall researches, by the percentages.Jerauld30 9h
9h GD Lounge #54 ºAveryx5 9h
9h Am I missing something? or did the class hall champions for DK get totally screwed up in the making? I'm on my DK, just hit level 104, have three followers, out of five, and trying to get the only other one left below level 109....good old Koltira Deathweaver. FInally look up where he is and according to wowhead, to get him, the quest and he are in BROKEN SHORE???? seriously? Then to make it even worse, I get the DK campaign quest to finish 5 fallen steed missions, of which I can cover ONE hazard, the other two? Koltrina can do one, the other not until I get a 110 champion. I know i'm probably a wee bit late to this whine fest, but seriously? why make him a 103 or give the campaign quest to do missions you can't do, if you just gotta look at them for 6-7 levels? total bs. can i swim, or run with path of frost over to broken shore to get him?Erniemiser7 9h
9h I have a terrible feeling A feeling that in the next xpac, someone from the Horde side will do something bad to Dalaran after being allowed in. It almost happened in the Mage campaign, but the Tirisgarde were able to fix things. But I'm worried that somebody else will try and actually succeed, just to create more tension between the factions (because gotta keep giving them reasons to fight each other!), and that Jaina will be like "See? SEE?! I told you so! Now will you idiots help me in exterminating all the Horde races, or are you gonna keep giving them the benefit of the doubt until they kill us all?" I can't see Golden coming up with such a bad idea, but I can totally see her being told to include it in the story by her bosses.Stivers10 9h
9h Azeroth Cooking quest 2 tokens 10/12/17 Alliance - Ironforge 10/13/17 Alliance - Stormwind Horde - OrgrimmarGabryella13 9h
9h I have not had a follower legendary drop Do these actually drop? The only legendary follower items I have are from the command center. I have never had one drop for me anywhere else and I don't know of anyone else personally that has either.Worgenbane10 9h
9h Mark of the wild in legion? o.O i was running in circles around dalaran, then i just got the old buff "Mark OF the wild" up and idk how, does any one know how to get it?Cyndrasha2 9h
9h Seeing Argus from Outland? I haven't gone to AU Draenor so I don't know if it currently has Argus floating in the sky, though I am curious as to why Outland does. To my knowledge Outland is fairly far in the Great Dark Beyond from Azeroth as it took the Draenei some time to travel from there to Azeroth on the Exodar. It's not a major issue, as I do think Argus is a beautiful view it doesn't quite make sense to see it in the sky while on Outland and causes a small break in immersion. You could never see it from there before 7.3 and Illidan created a rift between Azeroth and Argus so it was within a close traveling distance for us on the Vindicaar. Outland would still be way off and impossible to see from Argus and vice versa. If this isn't the case then we may as well put Outland in the sky as well and just pretend like it was always there. (This was only the case in Terrokar Forest, I couldn't see Argus from Shadowmoon but didn't check all the zones.) Please get a blue on this if able, either to confirm this is the intention or to rectify it. Thanks for reading.Tausnor11 9h
9h What I realized flying over old zones... ..for the Hallow's Eve buckets in various inns: the old zones were designed so much better than what we have now. They actually felt like realistic or actual locations, not cluttered messes of quest hubs and nonsensical environments like they design now. The Wetlands is a great example. The whole zone has a unifying theme and you actually feel like you are traveling through a swampy, humid, and wet location throughout the entire area. You hear the sounds of crickets, frogs, with the ambient music the perfectly fits the area. I know they kind of butchered it a bit in Cataclysm, but the basic premise to the zone is still present. Today, Blizzard gets too cute and tries to cram as much "content" in a single zone like we are worker ants moving from location to location absorbing levels and experience. With some exceptions, current zone design is lifeless and non-immersive. It's almost like each zone designed today is an actual continent itself, with 10+ environments in a single zone. There is a certain charm to simplicity that has been lacking in WoW for a long time.Firesphere65 9h
9h GD Lounge #53 Have fun! *puts out breakfast buffet*Sevaira500 9h
9h Don't call me a Rogue I prefer to think of myself as an Asset Relocation SpecialistAdrianv16 9h
9h Nethergarde Keep Candy Bucket. Sooooo. This is awkward, huh? There's supposed to be a candy bucket in this fort! But the iron horde just kind of...broke it into itty bitty pieces and killed all the people inside! Not really the best place to send people trick or treating, and yet...Drazana22 9h
9h What’s a good iLvL before gearing alt? Hello, I just came back after a long break and I’m starting to get geared on my warrior but I wanna know when is it recommended to stop try-harding at getting geared and start gearing a alt. ThanksYositwo2 9h
9h I named my baby Winston Lil Harambe fight meConorithin9 9h
9h Need Fix for Vixx the Collector 1) You have to run this around 15+ times just to see a spawn. Given the probability groups won't even kill it, there isn't much a reason for the random spawn. 2) Given the daily lockout, and random spawn, you can't really group for it, which means you get a random group of people each time, which negates a learning curve. At the very least, you should be able to run this repeatedly. 3) He spams his spell quite fast, and in a group of random people, it's all the more unlikely he will be stopped since you can't solo interrupt given the frequency of casts. This makes it all but impossible for any toy hunters to deal with the mechanics themselves if they desire to farm the toys. 4) He aggros from a mile away and gives little indication he has aggroed until he starts casting and is running away from you. As he runs away the entire place is packed with trash, many of which slow you. Once you cast/engage/attack, you are dismounted and in combat, and without constant speed boosts, are unable to reliably keep up with his speed running away and get in range to interrupt. Gets pretty old running this on 9 toons daily just to see a spawn, and then every other day when you see one, it's highly unlikely the random group will be able to actually kill it. The one time of the 150+ times I've run this that a group killed it, it dropped NOTHING for ALL 5 people. This is truly absurd, RNG on top of RNG, combined with lockouts and poorly designed mechanics for groups of randoms.Smokescrêên2 9h
10h Legit question about Void elves. Will they be night elves that glow purple. Or High / blood elves model that glow?Kennin3 10h
10h Primal Obliterum Wouldn't normally consider equipping a crafted item, however, I crafted a nice neck piece with excellent haste/crit secondaries and figured if it was possible to upgrade to 935 the insanity proc on it would be nice to use at the beginning of a boss fight. So I hold on to it for a few days contemplating on whether to sell on the auction house because of excellent secondaries. Then i wonder if i can even upgrade to 935 or will that be in another patch? Log on go to obliterum NPC, see that primal is available, read description, hmm sounds like i can upgrade. So I head to the AH, buy 10 primal obliterums, try to upgrade and get "this item requires basic obliterum to upgrade". I'm thinking crap, gotta do the basic one's before primals, so i buy 10 obliterums, upgrade and soulbound the neck piece. Okay, now lets try the primals--"this item requires basic obliterum to upgrade". That's odd, maybe another patch, but why make primal obliterum available if it cant be used? I should google search that. Wowhead comments: blizz only has this eligible for new crafted item recipes post 7.3. WTF????!!! necks and rings were able to be upgraded further as legion went on. Just spent 20k gold on obliterum because tool-tips are vague. This is why i don't craft gear. It's crap or obsolete soon after it's craft able, but figured the stats on this neck would be nice at 935 with the insanity generation CD. Point is, I didn't really need this upgrade--have 920 radiant string--but was willing to try a crafted item because it would be cool to try the effect without the piece itself being at a garbage ilvl. 1. Thanks for being vague on in-game oblit upgrades /sarcasm 2. Why the heck wouldn't you make crafted gear upgrade-able to new levels throughout the xpac instead of half assed 2/3rd you can, but the last 1/3 you can't? Last 1/3 or whatever only possible for new patterns introduced to game. 3. The new patterns that are upgradeable with primal obliterum are trinket (crap for most) and tier slots. 4. Have over 100 primal sargerite. Why no vendor? No effort to gather my primals, they are just building up. Natural to think i could do something with them thru obliterum or something.Soulpresit9 10h
10h NA'ZAK!!!! I have been waiting for 6 months for Na'zak the Fiend to spawn so I can get my rank 3 Recipe: Potion of Prolonged Power. He hasn't spawned and I check every week. I see some of the same bosses spawning twice in a month! When is he finally going to spawn? I am sure there's hundreds of players waiting to get this recipe.Narsilia12 10h
10h Why is Legion... ...the only expansion that doesn't have a Troll patch, Troll raid, or Troll dungeon?Dreadfury28 10h
10h AH Undercutting This is not a Sunday thread, but a serious question. Undercutting on the AH is a fact of game life. But I've noticed a number of people who post regularly on my server's AH still undercut their competition by ONE COPPER. Back in BC, when items sold for a few silver instead of hundreds of gold, this made sense. But now, given the game economy, I can't understand it. I'm sure some of it is auction add-ons that automatically undercut for the 1c, but let's be real. If I see someone who has undercut an item by one measly copper, I will go buy the other item. If someone has listed something and 10 other players have undercut it by one copper each, I will still purchase the original listing. What's 10 copper these days, especially if the item is listed for multiple hundreds of gold? To me, a worthwhile undercut has to be at least 50 silver. If I'm undercutting, I'll do it by a few gold. Who still undercuts by a copper, and why? Discuss/flame. ♥Zxana76 10h
10h WoWstradamus predicts 8.0! Due to the shear saturation of opinions and speculation on the next expansion, why not cram another down, eh? I have thought about this in great depth recently, as all great minds do. This has mostly been spurred by seeing popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers (lesser creatures) being [Tel'Abim Banana]'s in regards to the lore. As someone who has been playing Warcraft since 1996 before the expansion "Beyond the Dark Portal" came out, this is entirely unacceptable. Sub races? Bah! More character customization? Hah! Good joke. Playable Murlocs? Don't make me sick... I made videos for lesser races with the inability to comprehend the written word as well *looks at playable Murlocs* Read now and weep my prediction, mortals! All hail, WoWstradamus! Cataclysm 2.0! - 1st half: Alliance vs Horde Alliance and Horde race to control the titan blood power in Silithus Jaina and Sylvanas scramble to acquire control over the area Old Gods are influencing Alliance and Horde politics - 2nd half: Banding together against Old Gods Resurrection of C'thun and Yogg Saron Xal'atath is the 5th Old God who was consumed - Illidans message: he leaves the world protection to Malfurion Malfurion has fought Old Gods all along - Tyrande has been datamined fearing a 3rd sundering 2 new races: High Elves (Alliance) and Naga (Horde) - most requested playable races - no I don't want High Elves, nor am I arguing for them, merely why they are likely. Calm the *** down, you anime loving BE players! Heathens... - OR 3 new: High Elves, Ogres and Naga (Neutral) - last race added was Pandaren in MoP, last 2 races was Cata - other possibility is Naga and Ethereals - too soon for Ethereals as I believe they will be the new race next expansion - High Elves are now or never in the lore - It's been a long time since a strong Alliance vs Horde (MoP) story existed. New lands: Kul Tiras, Tel Abim, Kezan, Zandalar Revamped old zones - Longer time between now and Cataclysm than Vanilla to Cata - Won't be as much work as Cata b/c entire new world doesn't need to be built, just needs a face lift and polishing World Quests across the world - EK and Kalimdor will have WQ and invasions in old world zones - Cycling daily quests, including PvP shared objectives to reinvigorate WPvP - City sieges True scaling in all zones - EK, Kalimdor zones. Can level and quest and mobs will scale from 1-120. New players won't be left out. - Tech is already in use in the game in Legion zones and in Timewalking dungeons Stat Squish to WotLK-type numbers - Devs realized WoD stat squish was too conservative - Legion and WoD content: TBC numbers - MoP and earlier: Classic numbers - the numbers are just extra zeros at this point and cause pointless clutter Legendaries - crafted with professions which will center around them and BoE world drops - lowered drop rates, increased material cost - more focus on empowering new ways to talent New Goblin and Worgen models RNG will get even worse. Blizz loves it. We hate it. Nothing wrong with a little flagellation to temper the soul... Mythic+ becomes the new endgame design focus for the game, replacing raids - eSports dominates Blizzards mindset anymore, and MDI was a huge success The Dreaded Loot Boxes - no more subscription - same model as HotS/Overwatch: mounts, skins, battle pets, toys, cosmetics - … and sub-race skins - may not happen until later in the expansion More Class fantasy focus and move away from balance around Arena - return to tradional roles (ie; Rogues stun kings, Mages CC kings, Paladins utility) - loss of all classes having a self-heal, root, slow, stun and silence - Every class will still have an interrupt - LFR… gone! Group finder is now an easier tool to use, far less time waiting, less toxic Bathe in my supreme wisdom, cogs!Wryndox26 10h
10h What if more classes were Tanks and Healers Obviously it wouldn't fix the issue with LFD and the major shortage, that's more of current tanks and healers being fed up with the PuG attitude and refusing to deal with that player-base. Also a person needs to have the mindset to be a Tank or Healer, those play styles are a niche field that some can't handle or find no interest at all playing. However, it might open up more players into trying those roles if they had more choices with a wider collection of classes than having a smaller selection. It wouldn't be far fetched for many other classes to be able to take up such roles as they have in the past, to some smaller extent before being disbarred from it completely. I'm also not against more classes having a 4th spec as long as it fits their fantasy role while opening up more options. Possible tanks: Priest - Inverts the Light and Shadow focusing them inwards, while losing the ability to heal others, they are able to project more powerful barriers and absorption techniques around themselves. It requires the player to weave between both forces of Holy and the Void as one force fades the other strengthens. It requires a delicate balance should one force go too far over, it can break your concentration leaving you vulnerable until you recover. Warlock - A new ritual has been discovered, allowing the Warlock to absorb the power of all their enslaved minions, coalesced into a powerful armor that infuses the warlock with greater power. In order to maintain this form you are unable to summon any minions as their energy is being used to power your armored form that utilizes all their abilities. Hunter - Forms a greater bond with their loyal companion creating an inseparable link between the two of them. They become tethered, gaining the stats from both as one and all aggro generated by the Hunter is applied to the Pet; however, this link is both life and death. Should one of them take damage then they both suffer, should one be healed they both recover, and if one were to perish then the other will as well. They must remain close together and within line of sight to retain this bond, if they become parted too far or lose sight of each other, both will suffer mental and physical anguish. Shaman - Geomancers that merges the power of their Greater Elementals of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire to form a powerful unity, a form of an everlasting Ascendance. Possible Healers: Rogue - With deeper understanding of their poisons, they concoct powerful remedies and medicines that can treat rather than harm. Unlike the conventional healers with magical properties, they use objects in their arsenal such as vials-darts they throw at their allies causing a small amount of pain before it injects a serum that heals over time. Flasks they shake up and throw which spews a cloud that heals all who pass through it. Concentrated powder to provide anti-venom and alleviate diseases. Death Knight - The powers of Undeath can steal life from others, but it can also transfer it from one being to another. Using their ghoul as a medium they can take small amounts of life energy from their surroundings or enemies, transfer it to the ghoul where it is stored, and then to themselves or their allies close to the ghoul.Jerauld109 10h
10h Does Camouflage = reliable stealth? Just wondering, if I decided to play a Lone Wolf MM Hunter with the Camouflage talent, can I count that character as a "stealth class"? Like, can any hunters with more experience tell me how reliable that ability is? I ask because the idea of playing a stealth archer right now sounds incredibly badass. :)Tadkins24 10h
10h Legionfall united nerf again? Have not had this proc in over a week now when before it was happening every 10 or so ap tokens. Was it stealth nerfed again?Jontargaryen1 10h
10h What build site is reputable? Is icyveins the most reputable for class talent build etc? If not what is a reputable site?Chãøs6 10h
10h Datamining next expac already starting.. New possible subraces are: Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei for Alliance, Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren for Horde?Hosêa232 10h
10h hearthstone is better than legion 1. both games are mostly rng. however hearthstone has fewer procs and is less annoyingly spammy 2. hearthstone is free 3. hearthstone is not that balanced but still has more balanced pvp than WOW 4. no argus, no massive amounts of annoying mobs. 5. hearthstone backgrounds are less bland looking and ugly than argus and broken shore. 6. no rubberbanding nonsense, instanced nonsense and connection issues with hearthstone (more or less)Bééfadin26 10h
10h Lil' Tarecgosa I really want this pet or at least have the option of getting it, can you guys tell me everything I need to do from square 1? and is it possible for me to solo it and is it possible for me to obtain?Stealthpaw17 10h
11h MYTHIC +10 CARRY Looking to buy a +10 carry for about 160k, on tichondrius ASAP. #Exodus12213Mongomesh0 11h
11h Offline Mode and Your Pals4lyfe Offline mode for bnet goes live juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust before Destiny2 goes live. Done on purpose to prevent mass hemmorage of WoW players seeing all their guildies on Destiny? Discuss. PS: remember when btag first went live and you were forced to use your real name? Pepperidge Farms ‘members. Lol the Forums were salty on that day my friend...salty indeedZhomsprockle14 11h
11h Addon for specific random mounts? I've tried the top random mount addon (which seemed to be the only one) and it didn't work as I had hoped it would. Currently, the random mount implemented into WoW goes like this: Flying area: flying mounts Non-flying area: ground mounts I'd like to find a way (which would most likely be through an addon) to have it set up something like this: Flying area: flying mounts Non-flying area: flying and ground mounts Any suggestions?Anonthealpha2 11h
11h I don't understand Sylvanas She was cursed by the Lich King. Her people were cursed by the Lich King. She knows how terrible it is to be cursed by the Lich King. I get that she wants to improve the existence of her people, which she started off with by breaking free from the Lich King. Then, she just wanted a place for her people to exist. Now, she wants to curse more people the way she was cursed. How does that make any sense?! To me, that's like a group of cancer survivors wanting to give healthy people cancer so they can join the group of cancer survivors. Wouldn't cancer survivors be happier to have no one else ever get cancer, then eventually all die off as they go down in history as the last of the cancer survivors?Lolli254 11h
11h 5v5 Objective Based PVP Please Not saying Blizz should change Rated BGs, but creating a new rated 5v5 objective based PVP game that can be solo queued is my dream for WoW PVP. Easy to form groups, approachable and would allow solo queue players to meet other PvPers.Pwnytailz7 11h
11h Class trial question Is this open to the headless horseman dungeon?Sennheiser3 11h
11h Toy Request. Make a toy that ports you back to the entrance of the instance.Sanders1 11h
11h Bad Luck Protection? Since my last Legendary drop I've "just played the game." Loot preference only set to a single spec and using an addon to track: Emissary Chests 15 Paragon Rep Chests 5 Argus Chests, lesser 128 Argus Rares 234 Argus Invasions, lesser 35 Argus Invasions, greater 2 Heroic Dungeons 28 Broken Shore Rares 1 Raid Bosses, LFR 3 Raid Bosses, Normal 3 Raid Bosses, Heroic 5 World Bosses 3 Blingtron 6000 2 Really starting to doubt it even exists.Coragain22 11h
11h LDK We are a freshly formed guild on Tichondrius, looking to restore what most guilds used to be, where everyone knew each others IRL name and was a tight knit and close group of online friends. We are forming out core RBG team and Arena teams! add me on bnet if youre interested! P.S. No liberals wanted.Mongomesh1 11h
11h Anyone not have the Horseman's reigns? Wish I could gift it to someone or put in on the AH like the other mounts.Shaolinfury27 11h
11h Readying into Blizzcon schedule. So I was looking at the Blizzcon schedule. And I found that they have "CodeCraft – Under the Hood with Blizzard Engineering, Part 1" so they have a two part series with about coding. Do you guys think MAYBE we're getting a new game engine?!?Volbi0 11h
11h ulduar solo I think I tried running ulduar alone 20 levels ago or so. Obviously I didn't get past the doorman at that point. So I tried running it just a minute ago on the lowest settings normal and 10 player Maybe? Anyways I set everything to Absolute minimum hoping I can get through. Getting by all the bodyguards was as easy as fan of knives. Literally taking no damage at all that I can tell passing through the masses. But when I got to that first boss with the big shovel it's not like he beat me real quick or anything but I could barely get him down to half Health before he put me down. So I guess my question is am I too low level for that dungeon at this point. Or is it stuff like my armor is only leather causing me to just take more damage then say someone that might be playing Warrior? Or is it more that I should be using my rogue abilities to somehow get through it? Most of the dungeons that I've tried to solo have been low enough level that I haven't had a whole lot of trouble with them. But I was thinking this was low enough level that I should be able to get through at least on the lowest settings. I was doing fine until that boss and then it's like I couldn't get any serious damage in on him. I was pounding the crap out of them as best as I could but just wasn't enough apparently. Thoughts?Miralax34 11h