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16h Tarlna frustration I've just started my third week with Tarlna the ageless not spawning on my server. He's the last one I need for my bird whistle. I thought he and Drov were supposed to alternate weekly. However I keep checking back only to find more Drov. Does anyone have Tarlna up on their server?Rendgar0 16h
17h 7.3 music. It's out! Some really haunting, beautiful tunes. My favorite is the Vindicaar music.Argunon0 17h
17h Help picking class, can't seem to choose. Found this survey thing while looking into how to get over this issue What have you played before? MW Monk, Arcane Mage, Balance Druid How far did you level it? 68, 42, 24 Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed! I liked the mobility MW had, I disliked Arcane Mage, and I liked the builder spender style of Balance Druid With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? Alone Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? PvE, and probably Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? Raids & M+ Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? Single char (and probably focusing on 1 spec) Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). Alliance and not Worgen Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? I dislike dps, looking at a bar go down is boring. I like healer a fair bit, lot more stressful and testing than dps, even if it just looking at bars go in the reverse direction. Never tried tank. Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) I like builder/spender and mana. Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? Doesn't matter Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? If I had to have one, I'd prefer temporary, i don't want to rely on pet AI for effectiveness. I have no faith in it. Throw in any extra details here: Interesting Lore & Fun/Complex playstyle is more important to me than how powerful a class is.Jianhel0 17h
17h How can anyone be a denizen of Azeroth When literally everything, everywhere is out to kill you? It would actually be the worst place to live in.... ever!Blackmalice8 17h
17h Aegir Wavecrusher I just spent 15 minutes on my Hunter stunned and unable to die in or escape from Aegir's stun-bubble. Aside from a player or pet outside the bubble attacking and breaking it, what gets you out of that thing?Maeld11 17h
17h CRZ orgs general chat is 100fold worse then barrens or trade chatVercetti3 17h
17h Acherus Needs Upgrades Give it some shields. Oh, oh! and a big death laser like the one dalaran has, only this one also raises corpses of stuff it kills. I want aerial battles where the acherus takes out legion ships using its giant death laser.Berronax2 17h
17h Bring back Brewmaster Dual-Wielding Taking dual-wielding away from brewmasters just sort of happened at the start of legion to make demon hunters the only dual wielding tank. This wasn't done for other classes (holy paladins can still use shields last I checked) but was for brewmasters, and even then they can still hold one-handed weapons . Bring back BM dual-wielding.Healbeam1 17h
17h The missed transmog opportunity So we have all these legendaries that are time consuming to get. However, they all use some random recycled piece of gear appearance. Why? As far as I know, all classes, between their specs, have a legendary in every visible gear slot. To me, this seems like a big missed opportunity to make an awesome looking unique set. Hell, you could have made them an alternate color of the badass Mop challenge mode sets. Purple+Silver mop pally set? With the wings not lopped off? Yes please. Anything would have been better than what we got. I mean me and my druid guildmates made our legendary transmog sets, and on both me and his druid, it looked like someone who just hit 110.Pallymcbeal2 17h
17h Please Blizzard let me Date and marry Prophet Velen!. Since the characters are on the road to become the racial leaders anyway we should just be able to date and marry our racial leader of choice to make it official. Blizzard please, I'll even play alliance if that means I can date that sexy purple hunk.Luciell36 17h
17h Let's Make Flying More Interesting... 1.) Have some mobs have an ability that can knock a player off their flying mount. That way, people can fly around, but when you land, you need to be careful. 2.) In pvp servers, give EACH class an ability that can knock a player off their mount. No more 'scatter!' moments. 3.) Make Druid Flight form transformations the same as flying mounts.Akikyo17 17h
17h Bring back pvp vendors Im tired of this garbage RNG base gear system. Put gear vendors back into the game so we can have a goal in sight instead of just random garbage. Even pve could use a valor vendor as a catch up/step into raiding. Gearing is one a the worse parts of legion.Cufs14 17h
17h Mounts on the AH-anyone you think stands out? I've got a little extra jing in my pocket and was looking at buying a mount or two on the auction house-not sure if you find any that stand out to you or not, was curious as I was looking through the different options if you think any of them are particularly unique or you like the aesthetic of that are available for purchase?Xaterian4 17h
17h Hardest Mythic+ Boss? Who has wiped your group the most?Firesphere21 17h
17h Magni Quest PvP Servers R I P Did you not learn from the Karazhan issues on PvP servers? Way to funnel players into a small area without a sanctuary protection/guards, again...Scoriae28 17h
17h Need help with a controller issue Before you flame or tell me to post elsewhere I already tried blizzard tech and was told that they couldn't advise on third party software as well the website from which it came has no response and no luck googling it either. So I'm trying to play with my ps4 controller and use console port and wow mapper and every time I activate the mapper it recognizes the controller but immediately shuts it off and I can't turn it back on. The log from mapper has the last 3 lines that read....controller manager shutting down....shutting down ds4 controllers...shutting down xinput I'm at a standstill and love the game but would appreciate any insight into this especially if you've had any previous issues like this...thanks in advanceFortdortlul19 17h
17h Improving on Relics/AP/Legendary system I don’t think that Relics, Legendarys and the AP system has hit the mark this expansion. Here is my proposed solution. What are your thoughts? Remove talents from Relics completely. (Got a 900 fire relic and a 915 drops… upgrade) When you hit the final trait before CoF on your weapon you are done with the weapon Make the Netherlight Crucible a single progression for all specs, Move CoF to the Crucible as a 100 point talent (Spec swapping now considerably nicer with the endpoint talent now shared, AP progression that devs wanted still intact) Change the final tier of the Crucible to let you select a talent or at least randomly roll one. Require Nethershards to change or reroll. (intelligent choice in relics restored, without or with less RNG) Create some kind of grind / trade in system for specific legendary gear. ( former D3 devs get a shot at bringing the cube to wow. New players and alts rejoice as you gain a reasonable way to get what you need within a few months)Dlog1 17h
17h buggy mage tower During my attempts at the affliction challange i noticed alot of bugs. Seems like their internal testing team did a horrible job here. just going to wait till either the corruption legendary drops or 7.3.5 to do it. Karem can hit you while going through the Gateway Karem can glitch and instantly run to you The Cripple seems to only have pvp duration on Karem Karem Does not respect threat lvs had 2% on him and still chased me Sometimes karem does not accumulate stacks while pet is tanking Sometimes Karem is immune to fear when no fear has been cast before. Karem’s Rising dragon is proximity based Pet pathing is horrible and have to click several times.Rizkog26 17h
18h WTB A Way To Hide Destiny 2 on my bnet, its not a Blizzard game and I have no interest in it so please give me a way to hide it.Frostscythe21 18h
18h The Stonewrought Dam Should Be Fixed Hi there! I'm going to keep this brief. The Stonewrought Dam was long considered one of the many wonders of the World of Warcraft that made the game seem more like a world environment. Beloved by many players, perhaps it is time that the Dam be repaired along with the Loch. If the Gates of Stormwind could be repaired in the timeline, perhaps the Stonewrought Dam could also be? Just some food for thought. I'd love to hear other peoples' opinions. Thank you!Balledor36 18h
18h LFR needs a mechanic to measure performance. I think LFR needs some automated system to at least check if each player is at least using his/her class skills. Many times (example), you'll see some overgeared buffon AFK because he's too cool to deal damage. The raid members can't police thenselves, because many players there don't even have damage metters installed, nor have time to check if everyone is moving. Auto-policing isn't working. With a simple automated system, people will be "forced" to at least do the bare minimun. If they don't, they shouldn't get loot from the boss (or other punishment). And make it a very low minimun, just enough to make people move a little and use more than 2 skills on the fight. Freeloaders shouldn't get purple itens (not even LFR purples!).Bisgoth55 18h
18h Would like to queue for main while on alt. There are times I want to put in some time on an alt who is behind but only because I'm bored with my main unless they are raiding or doing dungeons. It would be cool to be logged in on an alt and set the main as the que. And then when it pops up and you accept, you are you're main again while doing the raid/dungeon. Then when finished..back to the alt you were on. I'm sure there would be some sort of limitations on it that I am just not seeing. I think it would be a cool way of handling two things at once (leveling alt, while waiting for main to get in). It's not a must have thing for me. I just thought about it one day.Omegadeth12 18h
18h Need help on what to main for PVP I'm an altoholic. Right now I have almost everything at 110 and I love them all. I want a main for BGs and arenas but cant decide. any thoughts?Unapatari0 18h
18h Raiding on Alts? Do people raid with different toons in separate guilds? Been debating whether or not I want to invest in an alt to try another perspective despite it being the same content. Mythic raiding is tempting, but obviously not the wisest choice on a secondary character imo.Rosannora19 18h
19h So if our enemy is on Argus... Why not just load up Dalaran with as much magical explosives as possible and slam it until the planet and destroy it that way? I like to think we're capable of making a giant magical meteor and Argus doesn't look like it'd be worth recolonizing anyways. This would save so much time. Plus every demon we kill there is apparently dead for good, I only see it as a win-win.Motav40 19h
19h What is your WoW pet peeves? We ALL have certain things in WoW that tick us off...and not just stuff designed by Blizz, but things players do to annoy you. To that end, I want you to list your WoW-related pet peeves. I'll start my list. Feel free to add your own! Gorev's Pet Peeves -Legion Invasion mobs not scaling and causing a problem for lower level alts -Artifact Power (why waste time on this, when you know it's going to be replaced by a green quest drop later...assuming they don't restart with a WoW 2) -Elitist players denying access to normal and heroic raids, and elitist players suggesting LFR be removed -Faction tagging -Players who grab tons of mobs and then threat redirect onto me because they think I'll just deal with their problems (and threat redirect abilities in general) -PvPers who bullrush to get kills and not play the objective in battlegrounds -ANYONE who talks politics, both in-game and on the forums Your turn to add your own list. Begin! GorevGorev84 19h
19h Keep the Legendary Effects. This is a long post. TL:DR: Legendary effects add an interesting layer of gameplay, but the means of obtaining those effects right now is too RNG and grindy. Blizzard ought to remove legendary items in the future, but have a endgame character progression system for grinding out the effects. _____ To state on the general discussion forum that people have taken issue with the legendary system is a bit like claiming that 7.2 was a bit short on story: it's a truth so obvious that it borders on redundancy. I think, however, that the vast majority of complaints about the legendary system are relatively narrow in scope. There are two big issues I see re-iterated over and over again: 1) The process through which the legendaries are obtained. Because it is completely random which legendary you receive, players can feel very much disadvantaged compared to their peers, even when they put more work in. There's nothing more frustrating than, after a long and arduous grind for your next legendary, to find that it's completely useless to you. I think for the most part, mmo players have resigned themselves to the fact that grinding is going to be a part of their game experience - but they want to know that they're going to get a sure reward when they finish that grind. The legendary system doesn't allow for that. 2) The abundance of legendaries themselves. Simply put, when everyone is running around with multiple legendaries, these items don't feel particularly "legendary" anymore. When you can get a legendary from something as trivial as a blingtron, some "wow factor" is lost. It's clear that the legendary system is very unpopular, primarily for these two reasons (though probably the former much more than the latter). Both of these complaints, however, aren't really concerned with the legendary items themselves. They take issue (Rightly) with how they are obtained, but they make almost no comment on what the legendaries themselves do. And I think that, in many ways, the legendary items are pretty brilliant - not for the stats, of course, which are just mere numbers, but because of their unique effects. They add another level of gameplay to your character at max level. Not all of them do this to the same extent, of course, but I find that generally, I'm playing just a bit differently depending on what legendaries I equip. When a Blood Death Knight presses Blood Boil with the legendary shoulders on, that button has a lot more weight. When a Resto Shaman presses healing wave with the focuser of Jo'nat's on, you know your next chain heal is going to be a bit stronger. When an arms warrior puts on Ayala's Stone Heart, they know they have to pay attention to execute even if the boss is above 20% health. Not only, however, do these legendaries add a unique level of gameplay - they also force you, if you have multiple ones, to really think about how your character works and what the encounter demands. On this boss fight, do we require more ST or AoE? Do our healers need help? Is mobility a big problem for me? I encourage Blizzard not to throw out the legendary effects because people don't like the legendary system as a whole. Create some sort of character progression system at max level that remedies the worst parts of the Legion legendary system (The RNG), while keeping the best (the gameplay enhancements and choices). Let me know your thoughts.Argunon2 19h
19h new forum button idea. I think alot of us would like to see a way to report a necro thread. currently? there isnt 1.Têt12 19h
19h You down with RNG?! "Arm me with RNG! Ion, drop a load on 'em RNG, how can I explain it I'll take it frame by frame it To have y'all all jumping, shouting, saying it R is for random, N is for number, scratch your temple And the G, well that's not that simple It's sort of like, well, another way to call a timesink content It's the source of all the discontent You get it on every occasion when you're gaming It seems I gotta start the explaining, bust it You walk up to Thaumaturge Vashreen and say 'hello' You really need that last relic and think 'yeah here we go' You saved your nethershards to best of your ability You use the item and all it has is versatility?! You down with RNG? Hell no, not me!"Malicor7 19h
19h Can we plz fix Helya for Maw of Souls? The camera is terrible. Even zooming as far back as possible, it is terribly awkward to still see anything. How has this not been fixed yet?!Speckoh5 19h
19h Criteria for Whispers of a Frightened World How do we receive this quest? Found this on reddit, I had abandoned the quest because it bugged the first time, now wondered if that was dumb? Was it dumb to do that or was the quest released incorrectly?Iceacid1 19h
19h Transfering Itens, different servers Actually I have no idea which would be the best place for this kind of topic, plz move it if nedded. So, I want to buy some Felsteel Longblade for mog in my DH. The thing is... They cost a lot. I have enough money in server "A" (which I got selling battle pets), but my DH is in server "B". The real problem is that, to equip the sword and unlock his apperance in all my account, my char needs to be lv 70, and in the server "A", the one where I have the money, I have only lvl 1 chars... I tried inviting a friend and trading the item, but I'm only allowed to trade consumables from one server to another... Do I have any possible solution to my problem, other than having to lvl a character to lvl 70?Vendedør5 19h
19h The Arcway: Rite of the Captain I was doing the quest. finished the dungeon on mythic +2 then the item (Eon Winder) didn't drop. Is that a bug or do i need to run it on mythic +0 or is it RNG againMadeliegh1 19h
19h Playable murlocs please! Why aren't they playable yet?They have a lot of support from the players. They can use every piece of armor and weapon available,they can mount and there are even some friendly npcs in game. We have a playable murloc in hots and one in hearthstone. We get to play as a murloc during some quests. There are so many classes they can be.Even tho I don't think murkydan and paladin cards in hearthstone are enough to justify DH and pally. Some people say they're not intelligent but the action of some faction npcs makes me question their intelligence as well. What could be the reason for them not to be playable?Tormento45 19h
19h Why i dont like rogues. now don't mistake this as "hate speech" when i say i hate rogues i meen to fight,i'm not sure when it comes to how they act,i don't have any rouge friends. 1.they gank you:I think almost every person who has ever tried to level from 1 to 110,will get ganked by a rogue at least once,no matter the sever. 2.their overpowered:Dont tell me they are not,they will stun you for like 5 seconds and keep attacking you the entire time with anything they have,do you know how much damage a average geared rogue can do in 5 seconds? over 2 milion i can tell you that much. 3.they make fun of you/are trolls:now i have mentioned i don't know any rogues as friends,but when i do see them in raids or dungeons and talk to them,they tend to be annoying hypocrites,similar with the forums,I'm pretty sure not all rogues are like this,but i have never met a rogue that doesn't tend to be a bit of a jerk. well i hope you liked this list,and if you got this far congrats, have a cookie. also let me know if you want me to continue doing things like this with other classes as well.Scherbeh168 19h
19h Where's Nithogg? Okay, Soultakers again, that's nice. So... instead of spawning them twice, how about spawning Nithogg so those of us still waiting can get our appearances or Nazak for rank 3 prolonged? Odyn doesn't drop them at a rate worth mentioning.Xethalen12 19h
19h Did they change Inky Black Potion? I used it when I logged on, and the dark levels seem normal. But the sky is the same in every zone, even dalaran. It's just a black and grey swirl it seems. Almost like a vortex.Moomage4 19h
19h TL;DR Val'sharah Story for Beginners Tyrande: Elothir! Oh no, not you too! Have you seen my husband? My love, my heart, my sky! I watched him sleep for 10000 years and that was the best period of my life! Elothir: Can I fall to the nightmare now? Tyrande: The Nightmare's taint cannot be removed. Malfurion: Hush Tyrande. Watch as I remove the Nightmare taint from Cenarius and one third of the adds he summons! Tyrande: MALFURION MY LOVE! <3 The EndMortis14 19h
20h Accountability in Raid Finder ...considering how hard it is for people to do LFR Kil'jaeden, how much accountability should be allowed in Raid Finder? I know plenty of people hate those who AFK or just auto-attack the boss all day, but where should the line be in terms of mechanics?Akikyo15 20h
20h Magni Quest Now Live Just PSA to all. The magni questline that takes you to scholozar or whatever its called...its now on live realms. Still don't know how to get it.Moomage32 20h
20h New Magni quest (spoilers) So...anyone else think it was suspiciously anticlimactic? (Spoilers continue here, don't keep reading if you don't want to okay if you're reading this far you obviously don't care) Started off with all the Faceless Ones and tentacles, void terrors and all that...and thennnnnn...Sargeras? Sargeras is what's attacking her? Or did she just get MC'd and N'zoth told us to go to Argus? :3 Edit: Pay no mind to my guild tag.Malady6 20h
20h Which older zone should be remade to current? I vote Silithus, I've always liked the ambiance and feel of the zone, and it's basically just sitting there anyway. It's ripe to be remastered. Other mention: Moonglade (for same reasons for Silithus)Firesphere23 20h
20h Alchemy I've gotten 3 quests for 3 different heroic dungeons to complete for my alchemy. My question is, since this weeks event is 4 mythic dungeons, if I do the 3 that level can I still complete the quest? It's the one you make potions like "flask of ten thousand scars" gather an item and kill OdynIworgutu4 20h
20h Please bring back professions I would like to see profession patterns/recipes be made for sale directly from the vendors again. Most of the gear you can craft is completely outdated in iLVL to the point that crafting it is meaningless except for Mogs and DE. Can we please at some point go back to being able to buy directly from the vendor? PS. I'm liking the game still but as an alt junkie, the professions are the only thing keeping me from loving it.Drunkdemon6 20h
20h Is SC:Remastered worth $14.99? Not talking about Blizzard bucks made from gold farming tokens. I mean actual money that people use to buy goods and services outside of the Blizzard bubble spend. Edit: Additional info is that I already own the original and expansion from forever ago.Sgrios41 20h
20h What would you do if... You cannot trade gold anymore? I wonder the gold sellers and the carries going to quit wow and find another game or?Bringerz4 20h
20h Mythic KilJaeden Has anyone killed this guy on Mythic yet? I see people destroying him on Normal and Heroic (LFR is a different story) but has anyone killed him on the hardest difficulty?Lucane5 20h
20h Chris Metzen Farewell and I hope you have a beautiful retirement. Sucks to see you go, but eventually we must all part ways. :( sad day for meMalëficent13 20h
20h Classic Server Update Pt. 2 The previous thread reached its second post limit after 451 pages. Can we get another stickied thread to continue it, please? Possibly an update on how you guys feel about the feedback, preferably ignoring the trolling in the thread. You have 451 pages of feedback from a portion of your playerbase and it's slowly being buried. Thanks!Rogdush68 20h
20h Will there be new xpac teaser at Gamescom? I know they announced Legion at Gamesom in 2015 because people were fleeing in droves from WoD, but you think they'll give us something this year?Firesphere9 20h