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16h Have a bite master! ...I know its your favorite. Kudos to the person at Blizzard who did the voice work for Trilliax. My favorite boss in any raid. I do janitorial/hospitality work for a living and I find myself repeating these quotes in my head on a daily basis. Finally a raid boss that gets me!Shalashaska18 16h
16h Scary Goldshire kids still there? Are the scary Goldshire kids still there, performing their cultist rituals?Nommi6 16h
16h Stop Acting Elitist in WoW (Redux) *Writer’s Note: This is my second time trying to post this. Yesterday’s sorry state of a post got derailed and a lot of downvotes rather quickly due to much ambiguity and confusion. I am hoping this essay will clear some of that out.* Introduction This essay is designed to call out the ever-present problem of people treating everything, including LFR and normal difficulty raids, and normal difficulty dungeons, like it’s all Mythic+ difficulty, where you need a lot of skill and a lot of fast runs. This can lock out casual and new players. This is also to call out those who suggest joining a guild, as they are held by an illusion that I will cast aside and show the truth. The Problem In today’s World of Warcraft, group content is becoming more noob unfriendly and more casual unfriendly than ever before. In dungeons, veteran players automatically assume that all dungeons they run are Mythic+ dungeons and are to be treated as such. This approach being used in normal difficulty dungeons means they will boot out all casuals and noobs who fail to adapt to their playstyle and will exclude any newbies. And the problem is not limited to dungeons. Even in Raid Finder difficulty raids, any veteran player who joins an LFR raid will boot out those who don’t have the highest of ilvls and those who don’t have competent skill, which defeats the purpose of Raid Finder. Many players who complain here on the forums are often greeted with the response “Join a guild.” Unfortunately, most guilds tend to not help not new players or casual players get through group content, and usually will select hardcore players. The only reason these unscrupulous guilds can do this is they offer the illusion of being on that guild’s raid team during recruiting. The Specifics Today, World of Warcraft remains a popular game, but subscriber numbers are dropping. This is nothing to fear, Blizzard has 5 other games. But World of Warcraft has long been considered not just the “King of MMOs”, but the “King of Entertainment”. The problem as to why players are leaving nowadays isn’t that players are being caught exploiting or cheating (despite those exploits and cheats getting all the gaming media attention). It’s that World of Warcraft is so noob-unfriendly and casual-unfriendly, especially in group content. Allow me to explain. Many times, a veteran player who has done Mythic+ dungeons will automatically assume that all dungeons are to be treated as a Mythic+ dungeon, even if it’s a lowly normal difficulty dungeon. This means it is near-impossible for a casual player or even a new player to join a dungeon without getting booted from the dungeon by all the elitist players that want to treat every dungeon like it’s a Mythic+. The consequence of this elitist attitude in dungeons means that, since it is near impossible to get into a normal difficulty dungeon without some elitist player(s) ruining it, casual or new player are forced to do subpar World Quests that reward subpar gear to try and get into raiding. Unfortunately, getting into raiding without doing dungeons is nigh near impossible. Unfortunately, the elitist attitude shown in dungeons means that the casual players and the new players can’t gear up and participate in the activities these elitist players can enjoy. But let’s say that Joe from Montana somehow demonstrates a veil of competency in dungeons and gets the required gear necessary to get into raiding. He’ll be able to raid just fine, right? Wrong. When he tries to join a normal difficulty raid, the players will ask that he link the Ahead of the Curve achievement for the previous instance before he will be allowed to join. This is a very unfair requirement, as only the most hardcore players will get Ahead of the Curve before the next raid opens. For instance, running a simple normal difficulty raid Nighthold requires that you link the Ahead of the Curve: Helya before you will be allowed to join Nighthold normal difficulty. Who usually requires this? Everyone who leads a normal difficulty run, and most of those players are elitist players who are once again treating normal difficulty raid runs like they are Mythic difficulty raids. So, what about Raid Finder? Here’s a hint: It’s not loved by anyone. Many elitist players are calling for Raid Finder difficulty raids to be demised, or allow a system which will allow the elitist players to boot out casual or new players. I have seen countless forum posts in General Discussion asking for Raid Finder to be modified to benefit elite players. Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose of Raid Finder…which is to allow casual and new players to enjoy raiding, free of the elitist attitudes shown by many players. So, let’s say Steve from Canada comes on to these forums, and he complains about being booted from the dungeon he was in because of elitist attitudes. The most common response new players and casual players who say what Steve said is “Join a guild.” Unfortunately, this “solution” that is offered by the “guildies” (read: elitist, veteran players) to casual players like me is a elitist player’s trollish way of saying “You’re screwed, dude.” Even the most friendly guild that even offers a spot on the Raid 1 team will soon drop the new recruit in favor of someone who has more experience, both within the guild and in raiding. I will not deny that I once believed in the “Join a guild” argument. After all, the more players that a guild helps gear up, the more members it gets, and the better reputation it gets, right? Unfortunately, as I know now, it is nothing more than an illusion used by elitist players and scrupulous guild masters hoping to make a quick buck off of these players. Solution The solution to this big problem is threefold: 1: Stop treating everything like it’s a Mythic+ difficulty raid or dungeon. You know those annoying Cartoon Network PSA’s which say “Life is not a cartoon.” Well, the same rule applies here. “Life is not a Mythic+ dungeon or raid.” Stop treating everything like it is. 2: Welcome new players and casual players and help them when you can. New players and casual players helped WoW reach the massive game it is. To have elitist players shut out new players from WoW is like having an IT security company not listen to its clients…it will not end well, for the client or for the IT company. Treat new players and casual players with respect and help them. Whether it’s gearing up, or answering questions, help them. Remember, you were a noob yourself at one point. 3: Call out the elitist players and unscrupulous guilds. If a player here on these forums says “Join a guild” to try and shut down the “Dungeons are so noob unfriendly” argument, they should have to mention many guilds do not help noobs gear up, and those guilds that say they do are lying or are offering an illusion…or they should remain silent. Conclusion WoW may be noob unfriendly, and casual-unfriendly, but it doesn’t have to be. Just stop treating everything like it’s Mythic+ difficulty dungeons, help casual players and noobs get geared up, or at least answer their questions honestly, and stop saying “Join a guild” as an automatic response to player’s arguments that WoW is noob unfriendly. This concludes this essay. Any questions?Gorev59 16h
16h new class idea class: gunslingerr weapon: gun abilities: powershot-really powerful shot quickshot-realyl fast shot doubleshot-two shots in a row tripleshot-three shots in a rowCaethus0 16h
16h Sargeras, Azshara, the Void Lords, and then This is NOT a "WoW is dead" thread! I REPEAT! THIS IS NOT A "WoW Is dead" THREAD! So as most of us have probably noticed, Legion seems to be wrapping up all the final bits of Lore that began in Warcraft 1-3, plots that some speculated were worth expansions of their own. Story lines such as the emerald dream, queen Azshara and the naga, the origins of the Val'kyr, and of course the threat of the Burning Legion, are coming to a close.. The emerald dream has finally been cleansed of the nightmare. Azshara has made her first appearance to us (in the proper timeline) so she's probably going to have a patch within Legion dedicated to her, and we're soon off to the Legion's home base to most likely deal with Sargeras himself. That leaves the final threat, the big bad guys that caused Sargeras to piss his enormous pants and cleanse the world in destructive fel fire... That's right, the Void Lords- the gods of the Old Gods! It's safe to assume that this will deserve an expansion of its own, possibly right after, or a few expansions after Legion. Aside from the Void Lords, what else do we have? Once Legion is over with and the Void Lords are killed (or however you 'destroy' a deity removed from reality) do we really want to rely on this old formula of "Oh hey, there's a new big bad guy we have to deal with!" A lot of people felt this kind of thing with Garrosh in Pandaria, pulling villains out of nowhere for the sake of sustaining content- granted, Garrosh's turn to the 'dark side' can and has been justified by many lore points. So here's what I want to discuss: Should Blizzard keep this classic MMORPG formula of big bad bosses that threaten the existence of our planet, or are there other systems that Blizzard could use to create NEW story and NEW content without seeming to pull things out of their !@#$? For example, one of the directions I can see Blizzard taking is after Sargeras and the Void Lords, the people of Azeroth decide to carry out what the Pantheon had sought to do in the first place, which is traveling to other planets to awaken the titans within. Be creative with this. If you think Blizzard should stick to the formula we have now, what potential big bad guys do we have left? (Jaina is a dreadlord?) If you think there are other stories possible, what are they? P.S This is purely lore speculation. By dropping the "big bad boss" formula I don't mean to also drop things like raiding... As long as there are good guys, there will always be villains- but the World of Warcraft is beginning to run dry on apocalyptic threats to hold off, so it might be fun to come up with some new ideas.Rizerr0 16h
17h thumbs up whats the best way to get thumbs down?Noginfoger11 17h
17h LFR - Nightspire wing So what do you guys think about this wing ? I have done it on three toons so far and no major bickering, some people have died to complete failure of mechanics but the groups were able to kill all three bosses before we died of old age. The only issue seems to be the first group no one could find how to get to the final boss in that wing.Roxette13 17h
17h It's time to play the weekly game What did you get from your weekly M+ Chest?? I got a 900 cloak :( and my 865 Drape is still better. Oh well, better luck next week!Falckor31 17h
17h Rogue T20 Blizzard doesn't like you 17h
17h Did they remove the Iron Horde sets? I've been farming Iron Docks first boss on my Hunter since last night for the belt. 70 kills in and still no pieces at all. That was never an issue in WoD for me. I had to keep them in bag so more wouldn't drop ever other run. Did they get removed or something?Andrsonsilva2 17h
17h Why cant we share the kill with the horde? Why cant we share the kill with the horde? I thought we are working together or am I missing something.Drakehunter15 17h
17h I hate owls [All Caps] I hate owls, and everyone that I talk with agrees that I hate owls. Due to certain core changes to the game I am being forced to use an owl as a mount. I mean come on it's being permanently placed on my hotbars where I will have to stare at it and click it. Because it's a certainty that everyone feels the same way as I do I demand that Blizz changes the already finished mount. I have started a petition linked here [notreallyalink] to show my determination to this cause. If my demands are not met then in retaliation I will not change my current amount of time spent playing this owl infested game. Further more I also suggest that you do not change any other owl models in the game because they do not effect me directly and therefore it is acceptable that they are there. And to the Blue who is reading this... yes you I know you are there. You should be personally ashamed of the trauma that you have put me through. Now I need to cut this short as I have to go back to work because I have a real job that pays real money and can't play all day. tldr: I hate owls! Wtb a flying winged tentacle mount.Hugsnstitchs32 17h
17h PvP Brawls Where did the weather in AB go or did MMO just not give good details on the topic? Not to be a debbie downer, but we haven't gotten a new bg in two expansions and they only have 3 variations listed in the brawl write up. Is this laziness on Blizz's part or MMO? Heck we only have healing and berserking it too much to add in new buffs or maybe move their positions?Snozberry0 17h
17h Mythic reward class hall chest I look around for awhile for this answer but couldn't find it, also checked wowhead. I ran Havoc DPS spec on my Dh in Mythic + last week, I had loot selection for vengeance but for the reward out of my chest this week, it seemed to be more pointing towards a DPS piece. Does it not take into account that I had selected tank items over DPS? or does the chest reward not factor that in and only reward you the spec in which you were in during the run?Beautevil2 17h
17h Love is in the air Round-up So Love is in the air has ended , sadly another year with no rocket. whats your total items you gotten at the end of the event? Runs : 214 Vile Fumi Mask x13 Toxic Wasteling x11 Heart Breaker x5 Forever lovely rose x10 Big Love rocket x0 What's yours?Zhadox0 17h
17h Oh Well... Runs - 220 Necklaces - 61 Vile Fumigator's Masks - 21 Toxic Wastelings - 11 Forever Lovely Roses - 7 Heartbreakers - 5 Big Love Rocket - 0 Maybe next year! ;^(Stealthius0 17h
17h An alternate leveling/progression system In the past, whenever I tried getting a friend of mine into World of Warcraft, they always had a hard time digesting the sheer amount of content in the game. It was all layered on top of itself, and the idea of just leveling through an expansion to get to the next seemed really odd to the them. Its kind of sad, really, that the legendary Molten Core is reduced to transmog runs nowadays. While you could pull this all back to the big discussion of legacy servers, I'm interested in how the live game could change to make old content more relevant. I've based my thoughts on how this could work mostly off of DC Universe Online, another MMO that I played religiously at one point. In DCUO, the level cap is 30. Once a player reaches this, they progress through all the expansions, doing the instances and daily quests until they reach a minimum item level to start the next expansion. It would be a huge overhaul to the game, but I'm interested to see what other people think of this. What if you would reach a level cap of 60, and from there receive quests centered around the old Dungeon and Raid content in Vanilla. Then once the player killed C'thun/reached a certain item level, they would be granted access to head through the Dark Portal and begin the Burning Crusade, and then go on to play through all the expansions. I think this would really add a lot to the game, so what are your thoughts on this?Jabiir1 17h
17h Renewing the Horde vs Alliance conflict? I was reading a thread recently named "Biggest lore wishes" here in General Discussion, and one person had suggested getting rid of the Horde vs Alliance plot. I laughed at first, but realized it had quite a few upvotes. That got me thinking, what IS the current conflict between Horde and Alliance? As we all know, at the very core of the World of Warcraft are three things: Constant dangers that threaten to end our entire existence, the conflicts between the Horde and the Alliance, and murlocs. Lately, however, over the past few expansions, we've been heavily drifting away from the Horde and Alliance conflict. Yeah, there's the occasional tension such as the Greymane vs Sylvannas thing we have going on right now, but when have we truly been at each others throats, like this game was built upon? I'm not talking about PvE content and PvP content, I'm talking about story, the evolution of Warcraft. Almost every expansion, the Horde and Alliance have faced threats that forced them to work together. We've worked together so often now its a miracle we're not called the Horiannce... or the Allorde... I know, terrible names but you get the point. I think in a future expansion, it would be great if Blizzard puts some focus back on the Horde vs Alliance conflict. We've been facing these other threats that force us together so long, this supposed war between factions is only being maintained by a few quests and dialogue boxes. Perhaps, in a coming expansion, this conflict would become the main threat once again.Rizerr92 17h
18h What Engine is WOW used on? Tell me THAT ANIMATION IS SOOO LEGITChimi24 18h
18h Legion Dungeon reputation, what happened? Just getting back into WOW. On both Wowhead and Icy Veins, they list Legion Dungeon bosses giving 250 rep each. I have not seen this in my dungeon runs. Does anyone know, 1) What if any dungeons give rep? 2) Under what circumstance. 3) Was this something that changed? Ive seen where it may be limited to only certain bosses in certain dungeons. Just need a reference to a definitive site so I can proceed with my Rep Grind.Behead2 18h
18h Whats with our characters anyway? Why are we capable of performing great feats in gameplay but then a cutscene comes along and makes us look like total buffoons thats no better than some peasant? Like in Moonshade Sanctum, a single spider jumps on our back then we suddenly give up on life itself and get gang banged by spiders. Or in that Highmountain quest where we break stone with little effort, then later a naga bonks us on the head, we completely black out, then get restrained by a dinky chain. Does Blizzard not know what to do with us anymore? Were referenced as really powerful but in cutscenes were treated as some common schmuck.Britanny18 18h
18h Seriously. *Spoiler Alert* How many times do we have to storm the stronghold of a boss and beat him/her to death, only to have them come to the startling revelation that we were right all along, and they should have listened to us? Oh, and by the way, hey, since you killed me and all, let me help you beat the guy(s) up that are bigger than me.Arkimus9 18h
18h Reroll Legendary Suggestion The quest, Touch of a Titan takes approx 2 weeks to complete. The hardcore player earns a legendary about once every 2-3 weeks, while I believe the average player earns them about 1 per month (results will vary ... vastly). I purpose that the end result of Touch of a Titan offers the player two choices. The current reward, Distilled Titan Essence (which increases the legendary ilvl from 910 to 940) and a second option which will allow you to reroll a selected legendary in your inventory to another one from your chosen spec's list. This would allow the RNG aspect of the legendary system to remain in tact (which I feel the developers want) and give players a second chance at the legendary they want (need). I think ideally many players want a token type system to purchase the ones they want, this concept would help to bridge the gap between what the players want, and what the developers had envisioned, an RNG system that rewards the players with a significant power boost.Dademore9 18h
18h Feb. 21st HotFix? So I logged in and I don't see the hotfix being applied all my stuff is still the same for PVP. I was wondering if anyone else is having that issue. I tried a BG and did not notice any difference on my Chaos bolt timer and damage. The tool tip remains the same as well. Anyone else find any post about a blue saying they would delay today's hotfix?Mortishå16 18h
18h Armory issues with warforged/titanforged? It's not accurate at all... I got a neck today, armory shows it dropping at 860 and being 860, in game though it's 875. I feel armory isn't accurate - possibly can't handle all the diff ilvls with warforging/titanforging? This means if you armory someone before a raid, it might not be correct. I'm actually 874 equipped.Isabel5 18h
18h Should i leave my guild? I am currently reached my 1 year anniversary playing this game that we love. I spent the first half playing bymeslf because I still was learning the game. I didn't approach a guild until 1 day I was stuck on a quest and a friendly player helped me complete the quest. We chatted for a while and asked about joining his guild. He offered me an invitation. I chatted with some of the guild members and it seemed like a good group. I was not able to raid at first within the first month of joining because of Finals. Once summer break started, it seemed like the guild members were hardly active at all. For the past 7 months, the guild leader has been gone due to her health problems. Their are hardly any other guild members active. I would feel really bad if I had to leave because I want to raid so bad, but without anyone in the guild to raid with, I have been doing nothing but simple quests and dungeons. I appreciate any feedback about my current situation.Ausken15 18h
18h How to start legion professions? Okay so I want to start legion professions... I am currently tailoring/skinning. I think I am going to drop skinning for engineering, and tailoring for enchanting... What do I do to get up to the level I need to for enchanting/engineering?Coruptus11 18h
18h Playing only 1 toon? Hi guys so my question to you guys is do any of you play on one character? ive always have had problems with doing this but im currently going into the airforce and have a kid on the way so i feel like i wont have time to play more then 1 toon more then likely even 1 might be pushing it lol :P anyway i was thinking of going warrior and only warrior but like i said before ive had issue playing 1 toon for a extended amount of time but this druid ive played for quite awhile to consider it my main almost. most what im asking is if any of you have problems maining 1 toon at all like i do or its just "i don really want to play more then 1 toon" kinda dealDrudrudz28 18h
18h Dungeons for everything? Just putting my 2 cents in, I love the game, I enjoy leveling, exploring. But I don't enjoy dungeons, or raids. It is a shame that blizzard has made dungeons an absolute necessity now to finish anything.Redrage15 18h
18h What's your favorite class rn? For me it's my blood dk. People say it's the worst tank, but i don't care. I enjoy the class and that's all that matters imhoLunnaya19 18h
18h Bear Threat Is In Trouble Hello, I am having quite some issues here. I am doing about the same DPS as my off-tank, however he is doing far more threat. I can taunt and he drops to 80% threat, but then he is back up to 96% in a few seconds which then leads to him pulling threat for a mechanic. Conversely, he taunts, I drop to 80% threat and don't even go above 90% threat. And the only way I have a chance of being on the same threat/damage level as my off-tank is to spam maul, which leaves little for any active mitigation. My question to Blizzard would be, is this intended that not only bear damage lower than the rest of the tanks, but the threat modifiers also seem to not be working or are too low? Edit: Three other threads being ignored just like this one by Blizzard CMs, GMs, Devs 18h
18h Account wide honor level Hey Blizz, i just want to say thank you to start. I enjoy this expansion. One improvement I would love to see if possible would be making my "honor grind" account wide. You have made it very difficult as the expansion has gone on to obtain prestige levels and I assume have good reason for that. However, it has made it feel really pointless sometimes to run some bgs on a new class that isn't our main. I feel like if I'm going to que and run a battleground I'm stuck doing it on one character. I don't think that is how you WANT us to feel and this would be a lot better if we just earned prestige levels accountwide and actually added honor to our account wide honor as opposed to a character we don't play often.Päws7 18h
18h My Biggest Problem With Legendaries When one drops it either A) isn't BiS and so it feels good until you realize what one it is and then you're let down or B) is better than your current ones (or BiS) and you can't equip it because you don't have a piece of gear to fill the slot of your old legendary. In either of these scenarios it isn't exactly exciting and like, "Yes! I just got a legendary!" it's more like, "Oh crap." or, "Oh great what do I need to do to wear this?" Legendaries should feel powerful the moment one drops and you shouldn't need to do anything before equipping it. I feel like Legendaries should at least have their own slots and each one should have niche uses so that none of them are useless. Legendaries kind of fill a similar role to golden traits and so why can't they be some kind of relic built into your Artifact weapon?Empowerments17 18h
18h Tuesday M+ Chest -tosses my hundredth IL 900+ ring onto the pile- D_DSwålsh47 18h
18h Legacy LFR Hi guys, quick question on how legacy raiding works. There's a specific drop I'm trying to get, and it needs to be in LFR, so I talk to Lorewalker Han, and kill the boss I need. I get a drop, but not the one I want, so I try again, this time though the boss drops nothing, and after another attempt still no other drop. I check the 'Raid Info' panel and it doesn't display any lock for it. So with those details, my question is this: Are the drops from this boss just all rare and it will eventually drop something again if I keep trying (indicating I was just lucky with the first drop), OR, is it actually locked out for a week but just not displayed with the normal raid locks? Thanks in advance.Lexyeen3 18h
19h 3 months and still no legendaries What gives Blizzard? I have been playing the expansion since November and am getting out geared by who just started a month ago who have gotten 1 and in some cases 2 legendaries and all I get from dungeons and WQ is gear that is below what I am currently wearingTreeburt82 19h
19h Look at this... ...and you will understand, well I'm sure you already do. It's 2 pm EST, Tuesday and these are all the players on horde side, across all the realms looking for 3v3. I can't even imagine how bad is on Alliance side since their numbers are much lower... I believe it's time Blizzard to start considering merging factions, making PvP more accessible, engaging and rewarding to its player base. PvP for me at least has been that side feature I loved doing for a long time in this game.Kopogero6 19h
19h Mythic+ Leavers and Assassination Hello folks. Since blizzard won't do it, the blacklist society has stepped up. On emerald dream, all you have to do to take sweet vengeance on people who abandon Mythic+ is send a letter in game to greedhand in this format: Name Faction Amount you are willing to pay Number of deaths you want the target to experience (maximum 50) And presto an assassination team is notified. We are exclusively rogues hunters and druids, and we will mercilessly potty train those deplorable crybabies who leave mythic+ cuz its too hard. Our teams will gank them repeatedly, and prevent them from ressing and leaving. We will grief them so hard they waste more time running back to their body than they would have wasted in the mythic+. And we do this because we hate people who leave mythic+.Eldorathi4 19h
19h Graduated Event Drop Rates? I have always wondered this - do drop rates for thing like the rocket mount taper off after the first couple days? You get the come-on of early rates to suck players in and then...slim to none. Not sure if that is real but it sure feels that way often enough.Runrabbitrun0 19h
19h Dear Devs-Sharding and RP Dear Blizzard, My name is Valibas from Emerald Dream. In my years on Emerald Dream I have been host to many server wide events for Roleplay, as well as for Roleplay-PVP campaigns. I Enjoy this game immensely still, though now days it seems we cannot hold any server wide events any longer due to sharding. I know sharding was introduced to alleviate lag? maybe? I have no idea, but it is very annoying when trying to host an event for the server, and you can only see 6-7 people of the 60 that showed up and have to spend about an hour hopping groups until you get into a group that the majority is in. This recently happened at my Meet and Greet: Darkmoon Faire. An event that focuses on introducing non RPers to the RP community in hopes to get them to maybe start RPing. I have held the event event for 4 years, and took a small break while I got my life straightened out and recently picked it up once more. I am hoping next months is not as badly sharded, it may of just been location, though I doubt it since it happens elsewhere. (bismos brewpub) In WOD you all changed sharding in Stormwind due to these issues, which was great, but I would love to remind you all, RP does not soley happen in Mage District and Cathedral district it happens everywhere...and this is just another blow to the great RP communities of wow. This is a continuing annoyance for me as well as others on my server, and would ask you all to please look into sharding in old world areas and check the proper balancing or whatever. Many of our server events are affected by sharding from our weekly Bar Nights, our monthly Meet and Greets, and many, many guild campaigns we have always done. --Sincerly Valibas. ((Sorry for errors and spelling, I am not great at all that. )Valibas25 19h
19h I think its time for a break from wow I can't put my finger on it but I'm feeling very burned out. As of right now I'm tired of the level of repetition in wow today. I have nothing against the game and think it's still a great MMO. I'll probably be back I always come back. This past weekend was spent on my Retropie and I was having a blast. I have a ton of single player games I'm itching to play. If I had to list my complaints about wow it'd be: Repetition (WQs, same dungeon just slightly harder with M+) The war on flying really irritates me. For 8 years the system worked fine (buying flying at max level) until all of a sudden Blizzard turns it into a huge community dividing issue. It's been handled VERY poorly since WoD. These issues have been beaten to death but just wanted to throw my 2 cents out there.Draculous17 19h
19h Why Legion is the WORST expansion ever. Legion sucks, you may disagree with me but I will explain. 1. 4 dungeon difficulty. Normal, heroic, mythic, mythic ++( Really? Maybe mythic++ and mythic +++ in the future?) 2. RNG Gearing system. (Warforge, titanforge, 895 legendary) THEORETICALLY, it is possible for someone only raids normal and heroic raid to have a higher item level than a hard core mythic raider. Completely fair blizzard. 3. Blizzard cater to casuals too much, creating toxic players. (Just did many heroic dungeons during the past two weeks, I see too many "facepull warriors" and people that have no idea how the fight works but just queued anyway and just don't care. On the other end, you have those people that only invite 840+ to their group and threaten to kick others if they made the slightest mistake.) 4. Servers are bad, frequent dc in the first week of launch. 5. Artifact point. The arfact system is basically a bottomless hole and you keep pouring time into, it will never be filled(Maybe at the end of the expansion). 6. LFR in the future. 7. PVP (At least wod got ashran.)Hellscem38 19h
19h Anyone else unable to add the pet attack command to there pet bar?Velpha3 19h
19h bs plans from lfr legion blacksmithing plans from tichondrius in lfr? they drop?Tellurian0 19h
19h Guild Wide Mailing Suggestion Recently I went through a list of my guild's Raiders rank and attempted to send out notifications to them via the in-game mailing system, but was blocked due to too many unread mail outgoing from my account. I was informed that this was programmed in and I understand the reasoning behind it, but perhaps guilds could have a mass-mailing system implemented for these types of notifications? It would help to get people who log in to be notified and act as a sort of filter for those uninterested in coming online and enable us to more readily cut the fat so to speak in our rankings.Blavenath1 19h
19h Was Everything after MoP a mistake? WoD messed up the timeline so badly, with alternate realities, trying to keep track of it makes you feel like you're in a drug induced trip. The whole legion thing with demon hunters was a great reboot, but lets be honest here, what made burning crusade great was the storyline arc from Wc3. So, that said, what would I have done different? 1. No WoD. Period. Although cool, we finished outlands story arc in BC, and we finished all of the last bits of wrap up and tie ins to Wc3 in mop. MoP was the time for the game devs to step back, look at the world, and decide on what they were going to do next. I would have expanded the fight between horde and alliance, and focused on raid v raid wpvp. How? I would have added world bosses to quest hubs. They require a raid to kill, and they drop loot that allows for progression. It would encourage the skies to fill with blood. 2. Legion would have come in place of WoD. All MoP class balance would have stayed in legion, however the broken isles would not be a questing zone for single players. It would be a questing zone for raids to do. It would also be smaller to match the map of Wc3 Broken isles. Suramar would still be there, just the top half of broken isles removed, or turned into an underwater zone. 3. Argus and the draenei would be a thing. I would have the kirin tor work with the alliance and the horde to repair the draenei starship. There would be a massive project to build a kirin tor controlled facility orbiting azeroth. The tech we see in WoD would be instead applied throughout the old world, of azeroth. We could call this starship/facility the Kirin tor build- the arcandor Totally not copyright infringement xD 4. Dalaran would disappear from icecrown, and move back to the old dalaran crater location. All icecrown quests can be turned in at that point, and a portal on the ground allows you to port to Dal. 5. The legion would do invasions. With bosses. That drop gear for progression. Yes it would suck if you're a lowbie, but for players at max level, they have to defend the world from invasions, and with the world being open to raiding, it would make invasions something you have to catch. It would take the focus away from the stale formula of going to a dungeon and put it in a live environment.Kaishenzu22 19h
19h You REALLY need to change.... the "Heart Shaped Box" name to "Heart Breaker Box". Seriously...that thing destroys people hopes :<Ishna2 19h
19h Flying Issue Solved Blizzard Give people a choice: Either you do Pathfinder as Blizzard intended OR Make players who want to skip it all pay you REAL cash. Like $20 per that they likely do the Pathfinder as Blizzard Intended. Personally I would be happy if they never had flying again in future xpacs.Loveheals16 19h
20h old character models It appears that night elves and blood elves will no longer be able to switch back to old character models as of the pre launch legion patch. This information was provided to me by a game master. I really liked the old model on night elf female, this new one looks like awful and not as feminine, also looks like resting you know what face. please send in suggestions to allow elves to go back to old models, as the option in settings does nothing anymore, as when we deselect the new character model, the model remains the same and per GM conversation, this was intended and we cannot go back.Tankinpánda35 20h
20h One Race If Blizzard decided to remove all races but one from each faction, which would you prefer to keep?Pufferstumps17 20h