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Dec 6, 2014 Is Versatility useful? Is Multistrike's ugly twice-removed cousin good on anything or is the new "of the Whale" stat that makes an excellent piece average, and an average piece a higher item level downgrade overall? What I'd give for reforging, and the old socket system.Maldazzar62 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Crate of Salvage should stack! Because muh bagspace.Traigirth15 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 No Red Draenei Models? I'm Super Sad that I was never given the option to make a Red Colored Draenei, I think this is blatant Racial Discrimination, and Something Must be done about it... Who's With me? Ps I'm not a Troll. I don't like to hunch down that far..... ^_^Blackruby14 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 WoD This isn't the last expansion right?Tadman4 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 naga playable race I have decided to read online about people wanting the naga as a playable race and there is entire forums about this wanting the naga as a playable race and such and I know it can be hard to add races because of lore and such I understand that but you managed to make pandaren a playable race which they are 100% natural they don't want to be in the horde vs alliance war and yet we got pandaren. I am pretty sure you can make it work somehow so blizzard dev people please comment on this forum at your own will I would like your thoughts on what to do please I would pay for all toons to be naga if this happenedVanesza16 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Hypnocroak! Is he broken? Or do i not know how to find him? He's either invisible or buried somewhere.Arkimus13 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 are they okay ? Hello I was wondering if anyone can tell me from experience or opinion if a fire mage is doing okay and how they do in the new area ?Frostybutt0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Cannot see Chat in Shadowmoon Valley-Outlands I'm playing on my lvl 69 Alliance character in Shadowmoon Valley-Outlands on Sisters of Elune server and I cna't see or post anything to General Chat or there a reason why? Also if this is posted in the wrong section. I apologize.Yundia1 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Wintergarde Tower Just wondering, why the tallest tower in Wintergarde Keep 77,48 has a hole in the floor of its crow's nest?Genicals0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Gametime? So my says I have a handful of minutes left but when I went to add more gametime it said I have 5 days left. What do.Hexile4 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 legacy of the ancients bugged? or am i just doing something wrong? according to wowhead- "This quest requires that you kill 4 ancients, each in a different zone. They will spawn only when you are harvesting medium-sized Timber (not Small Timber). You'll be placed immediately into combat with them, so be ready. If you run out and drop combat, they will disappear." i have farmed 213 lumber from nagrand (strictly medium tree's NO SMALL and in spire of arak, i have farmed 274 lumber strictly medium tree also no small. i have yet to get any spawns. i have already completed and my LM is level 2. why can i not get this quest to work?Sldjs6 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Follower collecting question If i've already gone through, say Gorgrond, and got the lumber yard outpost followers, if i may the 10k gold to change to the arena can i do those quests and get the followers for that outpost?Raniko3 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 [Merciful Wrath] what is it IT is in my spellbook as unlearnt but says holy but i am ret..and it's a glyph -.-?Ðáèûõëåùýßæî1 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Follower Missions It's been long enough, and there is a large enough data sample now that I believe I can say with absolute certainty that follower mission success probabilities are as follows: 0% displayed chance = 0% actual chance. 1-25% displayed chance = 50% actual chance. 26-49% displayed chance = 75% actual chance. 50-75% displayed chance = 1% actual chance. 76-99% displayed chance = 0% actual chance. 100% displayed chance = 100% actual chance.The only question remaining, is WHY, exactly, the game has been programmed this way? I have actually, truly, began targetting my mission success rates between 25 and 49% when I can't make them 100%, and had nothing but overwhelming success to show for it.Virnan12 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 blizz why are you doing this to me only 6 missions? my life is over.Sooperjelly7 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 WHY! No "Loremaster of Draenor" achievement... No "To all the squirrels I once loved/caressed" ... No Talbuk pet!!! This expansion is pathetic!!!! PS: I'm jokin, it's great, but Blizz, add these in 6.1, do not forget...Scratchi4 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Hero Commander stealing WoW charaters So...I was on facebook and I see this ad on the side for a game....and's basically Illidan and Jaina. Some re-coloration sure but this even legal? ( may need to refresh it to the sign up screen I am talking about) (basically durotan and sylvanis here...) Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 What WoW has become. (For me) Looking back at the game it had a lot to offer, A world to explore, Heps of lore and depth to the story that made looking and doing quests and finding new chains exciting and enriching. epic bosses with phat loots and dungeons with TLC and hidden in the depths of the world that you needed to find people willing to go the distance to complete. Today that seems to be lacking. I know its just the beginning of a new expansion but already it seems this one by far lacks...a lot...compared to my past 3 launches of WoW expansions. I mean theres a zone with a name right on the main continent that we cant even enter...that never happened with Wrath Cata or Mists! The launch just seems...rushed...And with a whole year of no content between their last patch and then thats kinda sad tbh. What has WoW started to become for me is a background 15$ a month app that i will occasionally log in to send people on missions and do 1 or 2 dailies and log back out or alt tab to another game...Maybe im just getting old or maybe the fun and wonder for me and this game are dwindling but it just seems like its lost its magic in my eyes. Aw well...guess maybe it wont change but man i wish it did something amazing to push the wonder back into it.Crowl9 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Unable to make a ticket. This means I cant contact blizzard at all for any help with an in game issue. I have already looked past calling because I know that's a lost cause. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "The server is currently unable to handle your request due to maintenance or high traffic. Please try again later." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This "error" is insulting to people that pay money for a game that doesn't care about its customers. Seriously...hire more people or increase data capacity. The company has time/resources to create this rude error but doesn't have time to help me.Healbo3 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 who noticed? I'm a fan of Orson Scott Card. Did you notice the name of the quest in Talador? Speaker for the Dead. Thanks Blizz, it always makes me smile when I notice a reference to something I enjoy IRL.Thulkor0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 This is hands down the most boring expansion. I have a level 99 and a level 95. This is the first expansion in 6 years that I dont think I will hit max level on. There is nothing to look forward to, I am over the gear ladder, I remember in wrath my friends and I competed on who could get the best gear and that was fun, I was also alot younger. Fast forward to now, nothing has changed same boring kill this, fetch this from 90 to 100. I used to just level trough dungeons tanking my way up. Now thats nerfed, and not only that but the 4 instances I have played are boring and seem to have not alot of effort put into them. Wrath had the most fun dungeons IMO, Blizz has gone stale. I dont see how everyone is saying this is so fresh and immersive, I hated the idea of panda's yet some how have 4 levels 90's, and cant get 1 100. Garrisons were not even fun for 5 min, there is a add on where u literately click a button and followers are done. You took away flight, IMO to lengthen the little content you gave us, saying its to get people to interact, yet garrisons contradict that very statement. Sub is up in 14 days, dont see anything bringing me back at this point.Stubedtoe91 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Yay! Im no longer a shadow Character! Thanks blizzard! its good to see my preety face again!Rivena0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Meta Acheivement Can there be a Meta Achievement for having a bunch of Meta Achievements? Like "We need to go deeper" in homage to Inception, or "Now that's Meta" I was thinking it could include: The Loremaster World Explorer + Explore Draenor Battlemaster + Khan + For the Alliance / Horde All the Dungeonmaster / Dungeon Hero / Glory of the _____ Raider Ambassador + Diplomat + The Argent Champion + Guardian of Cenarius + Insane in the Membrane Queueing Spree What a long, strange trip it's been Ten Tabard + Toying Around + Leading the Calvary + Awake the Drakes Garrison Architect + Working More orders The reward should be amazing, like a pet, mount AND a title.Frapsable0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Highmaul LFG Is anyone else extremely tired of sifting through endless trash farming groups for a half decent raid group? I would say well over 2/3 of the groups in LFG is trash farming groups. It wouldn't bother me so much I guess if they had to use the "custom" tab. Just to add the cherry on top when you actually read the info, its "first BOE goes to me for my lockout" your lockout? there is about 200 groups farming trash with your exact lockout, get real kid. Blizzard please nerf the living crap out of BoE drops so those of us not trying to cheese the system can actually find a group without these head aches. thank you.Zoarbot0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Sick of pugging? (Cross-Realm Team) Guild team filled? Or are they just not good? Sick of pugging and getting people that can't handle the simplest of mechanics? Me too. I am creating a core 10M raid team of experienced and dedicated raiders to progress through WoD with. You can stay on your server AND your guild and be in a experienced raid team. All core raid members will be battletag friended with one another and group up via premade. Only requirments for the team are vent, raiding experience, competitive drive, and 637-640+ min. ilvl. The core raid team will consist of 10 players and an additional 10 man team will later be added, both will consist of a raid leader and will progress seperately but together through the raids and then the groups will be combined for 20M Mythic. Raid times are not set yet until I have a few inquiries, and based on the majority of peoples availavility is when raid times will be. To be a part of what will certainly be an epic raid team add my battletag Discretion#1421 and send me a whisper, I'm only just about daily if only for a little bit. My home server is Dentarg / Whisperwind so feel free to ingame mail me if you are there.Discretion0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Account wide tabards This should be a thing. I wanna wear my Argent Dawn tabard on my DK.Lucrend3 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 I finally decided!! Hey guys I finally decided what classes I like the most! So I only started playing during MOP near the end and just couldn't figure out which class defined my style. After playing all classes for the last 6 months or so and leveling a few classes up in WOD, I've finally decided to go with Ret/Prot Pally and Disc/Spriest as my mains. I'm only going to focus on these two from now on. I really love the wings on them and the shiny golden animations and armour and transmogs. I'm currently in the middle of race changing them both to female Blood Elves for that blonde athletic body. Holy power for the win!Jaìna2 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 OH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED So my Molten Corgi just dragged his butt across the ground, and then proceeded to eat the trail of molten excrement that he left on the ground. Of all the idle animations you could have given him, you made him eat his own poo. Nice Blizz.Kouter19 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Camera position during transformations I play taurens mostly, but they do get a bit big most the time so transformations help, some like Kalytha's Haunted Locket seem to reposition the camera to be centered on the head which is great, but pretty much every other one doesn't and instead keeps it at the tauren position, this means especially with gnome and goblin transformations i need to zoom all the way out just to keep it playable soooo, my question is this. Is there a macro or add on that would allow me to recenter the camera? or is this just unavoidableKaruta0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Messed up server merges Does blizzard have anything planned for the still low population server merges and the bad choice of servers they mixed on some occasions? Such as.................the Darrowmere and Windrunner merge? I do not know your logic to this particular merge but it wasn't done in with a good thought process. Why would you merge two extremely high Alliance population servers together? Why not merge servers to attempt to at least better even out the to factions? Could an actual moderator resopnd to this? I know myself and many others would like to know more about why you did this particular thing? Are you considering merging some more servers with 3 instead of 2? Cany anything more be done than you did, because what little you did do shows very little to no improvement to our economy as a whole. By merging two highly populated alliance servers you created more of a mess than you set out to fix. Your attempt had an opposite affect. Horde Population = 32,290 Alliance = 81,086 with a total WOWzers population of 113,376. Alliance didnt quite double Horde before the server merge and now the more than double Horde. The least you could have done was what you did with US Wildhammer, US Eredar, US Gorefiend, US Spinebreaker. By merging 4 of them they at least got a much improved overall population base of 150,000+. vs our 110,000 and you only merged two of us. (Perhaps consider unmerging another server that had only two servers merged and take each one and merge them into other server with only two? Making it a 3 server merge. ) I am hoping I at least get some common sense minded responders. People that actually give helpful information in a nice calm context. Not a bunch of trolling blizzard bandwagon leg riders! lolAceswild0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Apathetic and pathetic Can the outpost guards not be wimpy children? they just stand by and watch me get killed in my own outpost and assuming they do try to help they are ridiculously worthless Can we go back to the Timeless isle style guard that would root you and beat you down instead of lifeless husks resigned to watching my talbuk?Elknight8 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 The Problem with Ashran Warlords of Draenor is by far the best expansion yet. The prospect of creating ones personal base in the form of garrisons, discovering new areas, battling new (and old) enemies, and engaging in a new PvP experience in Ashran were the highlights of the release. And overall, despite the technical difficulties that plague every hotly anticipated release, Blizzard delivered on their promises and brought new life to one of the most profitable games of all time. Despite the server downages and painful log-in times, we stand today with an awesome game that few companies could come close to emulating. That being said, there stands a glaring fault on Blizzard's design team in how Ashran was conceived and rolled out. To put it simply, four hour queues to access the new PvP zone in Ashran doesn't make sense. I don't care if you have chores to do, people to see, a life to live; you will never defeat the queue that is Ashran. I was able to access the zone at a relatively early stage before most players hit level 100, but now it's become a never-ending and non-descript queue (it doesn't even tell you the estimated time before you can join the battle) that every player is frustrated with. As it stands it's an area that 99% of players will never see. Blizzard needs to rethink what Ashran means towards PvP. Is it global PvP, an instanced battleground, or a place where players with four hours of spare time can wait to join? My suggestion is to have it be linked via crossrealm with a demand-based queue. Basically for every ~200 players are in queue (or however many players it currently allows), it creates another instance of the zone. Although this could be a technical hurtle for Blizzard it's what WoW players expect. This will shorten the four hour queue down to ten minutes. Furthermore, a great way for Blizzard to integrate Ashran within the average players' experience is to offer a daily quest from your garrison whereby conquest points for the winning faction and the side-quests/events awarding a chance of PvP gear / temporary boost in PvP power/ Apexis crystals. The top ten players with most honorable kills, best damage dealt, most heals given, and most damage received are rewarded additional bonuses in honor, gold, garrison resources and apexis crystals. Introduce diminishing returns regarding that. Introduce a leaderboard specific to Ashran that charts this and have the top player in each realm be awarded a rallying flag that boosts character's in their vicinity. Ashran needs to change and I have faith in Blizzard redesigning the zone. But in the meantime we are left with what we have and it's not satisfactory. What ideas do you have? How do you think Ashran can be improved? Let me know what you think and let's have our voices added to the conversation.Haram4 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Quick macro question, help please! If I have a valid friendly mouseover target I want to cast my spell on that target otherwise I want to selfcast; how can I accomplish this?Mojachii2 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Moonkins want Stellar Flare to be good! I want Stellar Flare to be good! The extra dot would be nice It's not really worth it atm because its only 900-1200 a tick when moonfire and sunfire are 2.2k-3.1k Please may the dot damage of this spell be increased!Owlcapwn0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Do I keep my quests when I server xfer? Yeah so title asks it all, I want to xfer my druid to a different server but I don't want to lose my quests because I have one half completed that takes a long time, so does anyone know if server transferring (not faction change) removes quests from the quest log?Vaenyra3 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 I want this as a weapon please!àwn0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Ashran NPC's still awful Kronous is moving now, but he's running up and standing behind all the alliance lines and dying meanwhile Fangraal resets every 10% wiping all dots and healing up. He hit 9% earlier, then just reset to 100% on a whim. Please fix these or disable them until they're fixed.Krayik0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Old quest log? I hate the new map/quest log combo since it closes other windows while I am trying to link quests. How do I change the interface to just display quest the way it use to? Is this possible?Gärithos0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Satchel Reward System needs Fixing. This is quite annoying that I'm queuing up for Healing with the "Satchel" as the dangle. And after joining the game, after the 3rd boss somebody leaves because they got the loot the wanted or didn't want. And do not continue on to the last boss. This forces the group to queue up for another player. And thus, voids my satchel reward. I have NO need to run heroics. The only reason I'm running as a healer is because a Satchel was being offered. This is CLEARLY a bug that needs to be fixed. If you queue up and offered satchel. And you stick all the way until the end. Blizzard needs to Honor the reward and give it to us. I described this already in my bait and switch thread. Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Ganking irl = death row Creepy mugshots of condemned men on death row in Texas. Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 No flying poll Double the amount of people agree that no flying is better than flying! I personally agree that no flying is great. Check it out for yourself! Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 dc's anyone else getting the boot out of battlenet and the game every 15 seconds, not my internet, that's up and running smooth, grrrr more issuesWeebles0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 All you guys complaining about vanilla... Well we got it now, their are specs that are completely broken, cc has been reduced, rotations are simplified, MC is back, pruned abilities, no flying, etc. Now their should be no reason to complain...right?Narcasius4 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Name what should i name my alt?Zelgodess20 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Can someone explain WoD lore to me? Okay so some simple questions! I understand Thrall appointed Vol'jin as new Warchief... and last I hear Garrosh is on trial... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRIAL?!? Did it ever take place? Why is Garrosh traveling through time?? Someone please explain how this happened or maybe provide a link to a related in-game event or cut scene. Wasn't Grom Hellscream a good guy who worked with Thrall in WC3? Why all of the sudden is he a power-crazed time-stomping maniac?? Also - I'm totally lost in how Blizzard feeds us this information, I took a long break from WoW so you'll have to forgive me but I'm deeply confused. Was there an in-game event that prompted WoD?? A youtube released cutscene? On a similar note, what was the event leading into MoP? Was there an in-game event? How are the events leading into expansions justified?Nethcoil26 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 HC dung dps Was it intended that lvl 100 dps would be the same as lvl 90 SoO dps? According to recount all the groups im healing are doing 10k or less. Usually the tank does 15k or soYelle3 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Why it's important to play another MMO I took a break from wow (during BC) because I thought Vanguard, Saga of Heroes was going to be the next big thing. It had about 500k players at launch, but after about a year and half it was down to like 50k or 20k. I leared A LOT about MMOs during this time, valuable lessons that I may have not learned playing through BC. I did end up coming back for the end of BC and killed Illidan Stormrage in a pug. Didn't really get to see Sunwell. I learned The importance of guilds and why we don't just spam invite 15 people at once, and why we don't just guild hop whenever we feel like it. Griefing has consequences such as a bad reputation on the server. There will always be a guild that's better than you at raids, pvp, or having all the gold Progression isn't everything, there's plenty to do out in the game by yourself Sometimes the people in your life deserve your attention, take a break from the game to answer the phone when you can Play ALL the classes that interest you. Why cry about balance when you have one of everything? If you're on a PVP server you can just camp your Druid in the zone you're working on and switch to him when it's time to PVP. If you're rich, share your gold. Deposit into the guild bank. Think of fun challenges such as a no holds barred Battle Royale, and invite the whole server, and give a bunch of gold to the winner!And yes I'm drunk. Thanks for reading!Ardcoreraver2 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Why remove most cc? God dammit blizzard, seriously wtf were you guys thinking i mean you said your gonna reduce cc in the game by pruning all the classes and making them easier to play but thats the problem, you have made classes too easy such as disc priests warriors in general hunters and ferals, now my main problem is this, so i go into a bg (warsong gulch) and half way through the bg i notice that this one priest had the flag running towards his base while everyone is fighting so me trying to be the good teammate i try to be to go get the flag, now healing classes already have strong !@# heals disc in particular have a $%^- ton of heals and sheilds too boot and combining that with the mana fixes too them makes them extremely hard to kill as a warrior whose defensives have been halved and damage output reduced and of course cc been removed and cut down as well as every other class, but this priest managed to 1v1 me and win stupid?, im *!@#, l2p noob yeah yeah i get it but the point is why reduce cc down so much to the point where healers now dominate bgs? like WTF!!!Dahminion1 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Jaina Proudmoore? Hey guys just wondering where Jaina is in WOD and what the story is with her. I played through it and didnt see anything except some elemental say it had orders from her not to let anyone pass.Symbiosis6 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Garrison Customization- Gear Sets Be kinda neat if in the future, they put mannequins (or the player) could put them where they wanted, but when you have gear set..pvp/dungeon/crafting you could click the mannequins and equip it with said gear. Sort of like old castles have suits of armor all over the place. Personally I like to collect gear sets, or try to since I don't have a full set of anything yet. Would serve two purposes, save bank space, and decorate the garrison. Me and some guildies were talking about Garrison customizations and stuff, I brought this up and it seemed like a good idea. Figured I'd share it. Hopefully Blizz has plans for garrisons in the future regarding customizing them, and if not..that's fine to. I'm really digging Garrisons, so I'm not being to picky and I'm happy it's a new and exciting change in the game. Just an idear. :) BTW if Garrison Customization has been brought up a million times before, sorry to add to the clutter.Grymblade0 Dec 6, 2014