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17h Finally cancled Legion is awful, the rng on top of rng on top of rng on top of rng, combined with the same old tired stuff we always do. WoD was a failure, Legion was a failure, the next xpac may not be we will see. In the mean time, what do I suggest to improve the game? Look at what TES:O people did, to redo their entire game. Let me tell you son, that is what an MMO should be: Character housing Meaningful character appearance alteration Dye all armors Transmog Role players Hard but rewarding combat Character customization Rewards for exploration - I cannot stress this one enough, random spawning chests with relevant items for exploring the map, and finding secrets. Something wow sort of used to do but no longer It is like vanilla wow had a baby with something else to make a great game, not sure what. Now I did beta test TES:O and it definately had its flaws, but with their most recent updates it beats WoW even in it's WOTLK days.Soonzen45 17h
17h Please fix the hall mission board I'm exalted with everyone except the Falcosaur things and still get useless rep token missions. I also get missions for toys I already own. Its absurd and there aren't any flavor items for me to care about looking for. If all this thing is going to be used primarily for is time gating, I'm sure we can timr gate through other things like AK. Oy. Fix or toss please.Koven1 17h
18h What to level next? A little bit about me: currently at 110 I have a BM HUNTER, Vengeance DH, Holy Priest, and a Resto Druid. I recently discovered my love for healing as well as Alts. However, I'm torn between what to add to my collection. I am very interested in the classes that have healing specs as well as tank or DPS. That being said: I'm not interested in paladins currently. Just doesn't interest me very much. I'm torn between leveling a Shaman or a monk, help me choose? I would like to know which is more viable for current raid healing? Which has a more fun time as DPS or Tank (as I plan to level as one and then go healer at 110). Right now the monk artifacts are really turning me off, but I've always found mistweaver monks to be very interesting. Can anyone give me any details that might put me on to one over the other?Saelyria1 18h
18h Wow Youtube Channel Hey guys:) Hope your day is going good. I was wondering, as wow players, what type of content on WoW do you like to see on youtube? I recently started making WoW videos on my channel and wanted to hear from others what is preferred. Please reply. Thanks in advance :) Btw here are 2 of my duel videos: 18h
18h 7.2 - Dynamic Head Tracking! So, by complete accident, I've discovered something that is currently on the PTR. Your character, when targeting an NPC or Player, moves their head in correspondence to their position! And it's not just a default, locked animation, they can move it dynamically to track their target, and even adjust height! (It seems to be based on hitbox positioning) Wildstar does something very similar to this, mostly for the RP aspect and niche nicety of feeling like your character is actually interacting with the world. Devs, please don't make this a cut feature! This would be absolutely lovely to see going live in 7.2, even possibly sooner, because it's tiny touches like these that can bring some extra life into a game. Tiny addendum: It seems like if you're stationary and looking at a moving target, once that target is out of your range (which seems to be about 10 Yards?), you head doesn't snap back to its default position. It slowly turns to revert, as if your character's lost interest.Sparx8 18h
18h How to level with scarab event? I am so confused about how to level with this... I killed a big guys and he gave like 4 bars, then I killed him again and he gave like 800xp. But ive heard you can like powerlevel with this kind of like the legion invasionsPurposebh0 18h
18h Please tell me... ...if I'm Destro with green fire... I get the green fire horse?Gulduk12 18h
18h Is it just me or... Are the Worgen seriously under-equipped during Warden Tower assaults compared to the Forsaken Gilneas brings all infantry. They have a decent diversity of classes with them, warriors, druids, priests, and mages But the Forsaken though...Dark Rangers (Sylvanas' personal elite troops), Abominations, plague-spewing guns, and hunter traps on top of almost the same type of infantry as the Gilneans Throw these poor sods a bone and give em some cannons or somethingRikward14 18h
18h I don't want to auto accept quests items Tittle, every time i pick up an item that starts a quest *cough darkmoon faire* it auto accepts the quest - which is rather annoying, i seem to be blind and cant find a way to turn it off. Anyone know how to turn it off through the interface or maybe an addon?Kazecap15 18h
18h Can Blizzard make mythic + reward better Here is a question, I like difficult stuff, that's why i was excited about mythic +, but now, i don't know. it is hard, but the reward sucks I push to 16, and i got 870 loot. titanforge is 895? even if the current change, 16 is still 900? that's just not fair some people do time walking dungeon, and can get titanforge 925. are you kidding me.Gulongxuan2 18h
18h Quest chain progress behind table missions?? Why does this keep occurring? Who actually likes this? What is the point? Just stop doing it Blizzard.Verbatim5 18h
18h Battle for Shattrath problem So I'm doing the battle for shattrath and I'm I'm stage 5 the weapon and I don't know what I'm suppose to do plus everytime I land on the ship I die instantly and when I try and use the bombs it doesnt kill them fast enough so I'm really frustrated and I just don't know what to doClopatra0 18h
18h 110 boost? Will they/are they likely to release a 110 boost, instead of just a 100? I play many different toons, seeing as i cant stick with a main for the life of me. Which I actually hate btw. But personally, I have 5 almost 6 toons at 110, ranging from fresh 110- around 850 ilvl. I would much rather pay for a max toon but I almost refuse to grind thru the four zones to get to 110 one more time, its mind numbing at this point. I started playing near the end of WoD and that's why I'm not sure if they release a full max level boost during the current xpac. Thanks!Banot11 18h
18h Cross Realm Zones Best idea Blizzard ever had, never have to worry about finding people to quest with when I keep finding them along the way. That fix to how many people can tap a mob was pretty sweet too. If your computer can't handle cross realm zones, maybe you should stop spending all your money on drugs, and upgrade your computer. Git Gud n stop using crappy amd laptops.Nathandiaz11 18h
18h Don't know how to get to northrend in legion The boats wont leave the docks and I cant find a portal to northrend.......Barandalar29 18h
18h Tyrande being a jerk to Thalryssa? Can anyone explain to me why is she so hateful towards Thalryssa and her Nightborne? I suppose it's better explained from the Alliance point of view.Hadoukken37 18h
18h Are you ready for Patch 7.2? I'm ready!Sabelyana2 18h
18h *zergs* PRO PVP M8 Love how the Silithus event is basically just a bunch of Horde hovering above the Alliance camp, waiting to swarm any single person who comes near. Do you guys also like taking candy from babies? Don't think I don't see you putting your tail between your legs as soon as it looks like a fair fight.Larannas7 18h
18h Icon of Rot Trinket Undertuned I got an 885 version of this trinket out of my timewalking reward cache this week and decided to do a full test on a target dummy over 6 minutes to see its potential. It ended up being the lowest damage contributor with less than 1 million total damage over 6 minutes. This trinket is severely underperforming and I don't think any of the trinkets from NH should be worse than EN.Ishusha1 18h
18h Call of the scarab What is the point of this event? Kill mobs to summon bigger mobs to gain little badges so at the end of the event my faction can have a stupid banner on the walls of an outdated piece of content? So glad to see dev time going to stupid events such as this and not towards real problems that plague the game. well done blizz.Dookdookdook16 18h
18h Favourite class to level without heirlooms? Title should explain it all. I've been leveling a few different classes without heirlooms, so far feral druid has been the most fun for me. I suppose it's just interesting to play the game and not one-shot everything while at a lower level. What about you guys?Keleruna6 18h
18h Update models for gnolls Please? You're updating the models for ghouls, meanwhile during one questline in Azsuna there are gnoll NPCs that clash heavily with the other captives because they're still using their vanilla model. The world deserves to see Hogger in HD.Focinda9 18h
18h "inspired by" I don't think it means what you think it means, Blizzard.Calikrea31 18h
18h 400 Mastery = .60 increase really? I just added 4 +100 mastery gems to my gear and it only increased my mastery by .60% I know they nerfed it but damn they killed it.Buddyebsen13 18h
18h Undocumented Bug Fix = BIG Frost DK Nerf Okay. I'm taking a huge, huge gamble by posting this here, but I figured I should take the risk since I figure I'd be more likely to see a dev response here. I posted it on the DK forums and now I'm posting in here on General Discussion: I'm sure a lot of fellow Death Knights have been noticing that they've been getting less Runic Empowerment procs as of the release of patch 7.1.5. Initially I didn't notice much of anything while playing a more standard RA+Obliteration spec, but when I swapped to Breath of Sindragosa I immediately noticed that I wasn't getting much of any RE procs - essential to maintain the talent for such a long time and to get the most benefit out of it without proper legendaries virtually nobody has anyway - and that I was finding myself hard-pressed to even hit an Obliterate before I'd run out of Runic Power pretty quickly. Logs from the past two days, both in the US and EU, were showing this trend, too: in other threads folks were noticing about 20% fewer RE procs over the course of fights, regardless of the playstyle they chose, in their logs and this seemed largely consistent. They'd find themselves experiencing downtime to the point of it dramatically negatively affecting their damage - which was never particularly excellent to begin with - and that never feels good, no matter which spec you play. Naturally, people complained. I complained after initially dismissing it. Many others complained even though others dismissed it. "What could've caused this? Nothing's in the patch notes. Nothing's been documented. Is the entire DK community just that unlucky?" folks probably asked themselves. Well, Mishy, one of the theorycrafters on our class Discord server, came out with the following statement about two hours ago: ... There's a lot of technical stuff in there, but the main gist of what Mishy said in this post is this: for all of 7.1 until the new patch released, we were bugged. Runic Attenuation had a hidden effect that caused Runic Empowerment to treat all our RP-spenders as if they spent 20% more RP. This explains why Frost was so spammy and experienced so little downtime before the patch. The downtime we are experiencing now, however inconvenient it may be, is normal and intended. So, in an effort to hopefully address the devs (even knowing they virtually never check the class forums and that this will fall upon blind eyes and deaf ears), I request the following: revert this. Seriously. If this is meant to be believed - after the logs and everything all but confirm it - a single undocumented bug fix to a very popular talent effectively hit Frost DKs extremely hard where it hurts the most: our damage and folks' overall enjoyment of the spec. We have to cast Frost Strike twice as often to achieve the same thing now. We have to rely twice as much on complete RNG to maintain any relevant form of uptime on Breath of Sindragosa, which is arguably the most legendary-dependent spec in the entire game now. We're watching Icy Talons periodically fall off when it had otherwise seen 100% uptime, resulting in a massive loss in DPS for every second we cannot reapply three stacks of it because of how resource starved we may become. Were we even remotely strong enough for this change to be warranted? Even with this bug existing we weren't overwhelmingly strong. We couldn't logically compete with the Fire Mages, Shadow Priests, and Marksmanship Hunters of 7.1. All this is doing is making an upper mid-tier spec worse when it could've honestly used buffs if anything. Is there anything in the works for us to remedy this? Because this is far, far too major of a change to go virtually undocumented and to go without compensation elsewhere. TL;DR version for those guys: Blizzard stealth-fixed a bug with Frost - a spec that was only above-average at best in raids - and severely nerfed the spec by doing so, and this needs some kind of a fix or compensation.Dreadfury476 18h
18h Transmog to guild cloak Is there any reason we can't Transmog to the Guild achievement cloaks? Cloak of Coordination Wrap of Unity Shroud of Cooperation It would bring a lot of originality with transmog, and it would also just be cool to have another way to flag your guilds standard around.Xypher9 18h
19h Cant set Audio to Spanish w/ Text on English As simple as that I want: In-game text -> English In-game audio -> Spanish I was able to do it the reverse way Text->Spanish Audio-> English but as soon as i select Text on english, the option for Audio is set to English as well and it turns grey, so im not able to change it back Thats it, i want it the other way I made this post also on the spanish forum and i'm still waiting for answers there, if i ever got a solution im gonna edit this post with itMickuchiha4 19h
19h At 110, are WoD raids soloable? Or at the very least able to be one with 2 people? On normal difficulty at least.Raeul32 19h
19h Blizz-Can Tome of Tranquil Mind last an hour? Having to use one of these every time you want to change specs is getting old. There are never any in the AH on my server and if they are they cost like 1k gold each. People just end up hearthing back to town to respec and get summoned back which slows the raid when people are trying to optimize for each fight and respec constantly. Make them function like a flask (1 hr and 2 for inscriptionists). I can't be the only person that is sick of the way tomes work now.Falen7 19h
19h WoW makes me sick Seriously. I logged in this morning for the first time in a couple weeks. Ran around doing a couple quests and within 15 or so minutes I was ready to heave my guts out I was so nauseous. Had to log out of the game and now I'm afraid to even log back in. Has this happened to anyone else?Ashaala10 19h
19h Withered Army Training Disconnects Why are we unable to continue the Withered Army Training when we get disconnected? Having 42 Withered and getting kicked out and not being able to get the best source of reputation for Nightfallen is absurd. There really needs to be something done about this. Multiple people in my guild and I have been disconnected a few times when doing this. Just walking around not even doing anything and it disconnects me for no reason and it only happens during this scenario. You need to be able to continue your progress after disconnect. Watching a flood of people log in and get super pissed because they just got screwed isn't alright.Grillum142 19h
19h How do people not like S2M? Have you ever watched Dragon Ball Z and wanted to go Super Saiyan? Because thats basically whats happening when you pop S2M. You go Super Saiyan. And just like Dragon Ball Z the extreme power kills you. If youre having difficulty with S2M, just listen to this when you pop it. Screaming is optional.Britanny49 19h
19h Spoil Nighthold for me. Do we ever save Ly'leth?Zunde40 19h
19h Huln's War - The Arrival......Just Why??? So I go back in time to do this quest, and at the least 100 people are doing the same quest, Huln's running everywhere.... The Immersion of this quest was truly spectacular.........."Sarcasm" Probably the worst experience of a quest for a long time, it reminded me of the time 1000 people were standing on the surveyors tool in WoD to get the Garrison built. Just Lazy, really Blizzard.Coug16 19h
19h High Pop Realm Goes to New Player Realm? So a couple months ago i chose a realm (Dalaran) and it was a high pop and then it would switch to medium but usually showed high..then i come back for legion and its suddenly a new player realm?! I dont get how a decently populated server can just go from a high pop to a new player realm so quickBadgerboii4 19h
19h Master Cheng is burning you alive! How rude! Speaking of Master Cheng, I noticed there is also a female Blood Elf, Master Cheng ... are they married or related? /raises eyebrow And while we're on the subject, it would be extremely nice if all of the yellow messages for other players weren't popping up during your fight.Charitygrace10 19h
19h My new UI =^.^= rate it please. :3 19h
19h CRZ Ruined Call of the scarab for my low pop balanced H:A realm. !@#$ yall blizz.Eldrieth4 19h
19h General hunter complaints. Hello. I am hunter, I enjoy collecting pets, Blizzard does not enjoy making it possible to do so. 1. Limited stable space speaks for itself really. 2. Interesting pets that cannot be tamed I am fairly upset that there are a lot of pets we are unable to tame. Some more than others. Frogs, first introduced in Mists of Pandaria(to my knowledge). Owl Cats, in Legion. Racoons, EVERYWHERE(seriously, racoons are cute.) Giraffes, from The Barrens.. This is only a few examples. 3.Taming/Farming Etiquette Blizzard should introduce a system(on PVE servers, this would make no sense on a PvP server) wherein once you start taming a beast, nobody else can interact with said beast(tame, attack, kill, pacify, ect) to be fair to the hunter who camped it. 99.99% of all of this will sound like pathetic, lowly, whining. That's because it is. I'm alright with that.Maramir6 19h
19h Ok So Who At Blizzard Has the dress fetish? 19h
19h So many new mounts in 7.2 Yet I still don't see us getting any Storm Dragon mounts. I am sad cause I have been looking forward to getting them as mounts since I saw them at Blizzcon 2015. One day I hope. I love their design! Them class mounts though, so very pretty! I guess they will have to hold me over!Arakain28 19h
20h Felstalker Mount Too Small! I dunno, maybe it's just me, but the Felstalker mount you get for the collector's edition just seems to be a tiny bit too small for a mount. Blood Elf males seems to have a weird size ratio to the mount itself; makes me feel like the Felstalker should maybe be a tiny bit bigger. Like... maybe about 10 - 15% larger than it is right now. It looks fine on a Blood Elf female model, but not the male one.Kìju10 20h
20h Hunters jipped on transmog! As a Vanilla WOW player who went trough the effort to get Rhok'delar and Lok'delar i can never again (this xpac)use a weapon that looks like Lok'delar. Since the hunter only melee weapon talonclaw is a polearm and Lok'delar is a staff. There is a simple way to fix this, change transmog rules to be base on 2h, 1h, ranged. I mean it is a real disservice to the artist that worked to design the weapon models that have been effectively walled off from player use.Creama11 20h
20h Why your faction? Do you play only Horde, only Alliance, or both? What about your selected faction(s) draws you? For me, I've always loved the Horde's "ugly" races as well as the races' stories. I especially like the orcs' fall and mission of redemption, and I also really find the Forsaken's drive for revenge fascinating.Bawloo92 20h
20h Question about the DK minion update Since the ghouls are getting a visual update does that mean the abomination is also getting one? I'd feel a bit jipped if that wasn't the case.Noolore3 20h
20h Glitchcraft!!!! Not a day goes by playing this game where something glitches out, and this game NEVER used to be this badElmyrah20 20h
20h The grind is real The grind for a good legendary is real. Hundreds of mythic+'s to the point of exhaustion. The rng gods deserved to be put on the alter for sacrifice. I miss the days of predictable gearing. Who thought this was a good idea?Waft19 20h
20h Introductory Trip to Vashj'ir Removed So, I just went to do the introductory quest for Vashj'ir, the one where you wait on the dock and then ride the mercenary boat with the soldiers (and good ol' Budd). As someone who enjoys lore and NPC role-playing in the game, it's something I always look forward to when opening up Vashj'ir. Anyway, as soon as I accepted the quest Call of Duty from the questgiver at the head of the pier, I was instantly teleported to the sunken ship in Vashj'ir with no explanation whatsover of what happened. I find that terribly disappointing. Why was this changed? Did people complain about the boat trip being too long? Was the quest somehow broken by the 7.0 prepatch? Edit: Ugh, they changed the voice of the shaman NPC there, too. He sounds like a normal human now instead of a Draenei.Maldonix60 20h
20h Your Deserter system and community is trash. How is it that someone playing in a random BG minding their own business doing the best they can to help win, get removed from the group and penalized with a deserter debuff? This says a lot about the lousy, childish community and your broken system. I guess looking back, the system needs work, but it's the community that's at fault here. Rotten, toxic community.Venefica15 20h
20h Pristine Servers (again) I hope that I'm not beating a dead horse, but here goes: I started running a small, social guild before Raid Finder (during Lich King). Every week we were always at least a couple of people short for a 10 man raid. We advertised over the usual broadcast channels, picked up a couple of players, and eventually managed to to pull it together. PUGs were not a bad thing. Every week we got to know new people. Sometimes we made new friends, sometimes we even added members to the guild. The point is, it was a reason to be social and treat people with respect. Players who were rude, uncooperative, and generally jerks did not get invited back, regardless of their quality of play. For various reasons, I quit WoW after Cataclysm. I have tried on numerous occasions to return to the game and have found that, not only is the game becoming increasingly less social, but the level of rudeness and intolerance has escalated. I would love a "Pristine" server. I like questing, I don't mind levelling, and I believe that I could fall in love with WoW again on a server that is isolated from all the juvenile, testosterone fuelled, bad behaviour. I am certain that there are many others out there who would also appreciate a return to a place for civility. World of Warcraft has no shortage of servers for hardcore players. There are also dozens of servers for players who are impatient, angry, and rude. I would just like to see a single server for those of us who want to see a return to an atmosphere where being social and decent was inherently advantageous. No Raid Finder, no Heirloom gear, no level boosts, and no transfers in. Start from the beginning, do quests, run dungeons, and make friends. I understand that there are technical logistics involved. I understand that there are financial considerations. I also understand that there is a niche market that is not being addressed. I believe that that market is sufficient to justify at least one "Pristine" server, if not more. Thank you.Trillian7 20h