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16h Why No Quests In Dalaran? I am not talking about the ones that have been there from day one or slowly added, but how come we haven't had any quests taking place in Dalaran with 7.3? They built up Dalaran with so many NPC's slowly as 7.2.5 ticked by and at Krasus' Landing it is even said that fresh marks have appeared yet nothing has happened. Not only that, but there is a sickness going around Dalaran which I just learned about today. Npcs are getting sick for no reason and they are building up at the First Aid place in Dalaran. When you walk in, the elf says, "(player name), any word? This sickness is becoming a problem and there is no explanation for it." I know a number of NPCs say similar things, but why are there no quests happening there? So many questions are popping up in Dalaran with no answer or explination. What is this sickness? Why is looting not being dealt with? Where did the fresh marks on Krasus' Landing come from? Why is Council of Six not doing anything to calm people down?Haliden4 16h
16h Font of th forums I haven’t really been active on the forums and am mostly in game but I have to say I love the font! It’s my favorite to read, does anyone know what its called?Rosexephoa4 16h
16h Emissary quest rewards Is it just me, or has anyone else not gotten anything for the emissary quests other than a curious coin and/or gold/garrison resources? I just got a fresh 110 last night and did all three emissaries, and literally only got curious coins and gold. What happened to getting gear, or god forbid a legendary out of grinding these stupid repeat quests?Barthalamu2 16h
16h Subraces: Plausibility Discussion Pt. 2 Part 1: I made this thread awhile back - there was a lot of good discussion taking place, and I thought it might be a good time to revisit the topic and rekindle the debate. With the current expansion coming to its culmination, I figure it's a good time to get some of these ideas out in the public consciousness again. There's definitely room to expand with the content Legion brought us, so feel free to call attention to any gaps you fine, and you're encouraged to disagree with any of my assessments. Hello fellow forumites! Like many people out there, I've been pretty obsessed with the possibility of being able to play as characters that aren't yet represented in the available playable races, but aren't quite distinct enough to warrant a completely separate race being implemented. Of course, the hope is that this also means that these would be a lot more simply to implement, particularly those that are just reskins of what is already available model- and animation-wise. I've started us off with a lot of the most commonly suggested subraces, but I'm looking for new possibilities. I've also made a quick judgement call on each, and I'm open to discussing the plausibility of any and all of the options discussed therein. We can only hope that this catches Blizzard's eye! Thanks for reading! Horde: Orc: They have a multitude of options ready to go - most are simple reskins and fit in perfectly with existing lore. Mag'har: Plausible. The uncorrupted brown Orcs joined the Horde back in the Burning Crusade and have seen ample representation ever since within our faction - we were even led by one. If subraces happen, this one is a given. Dragonmaw: Plausible. The ashen-skinned, tattooed Orcs of the Twilight Highlands, these guys also joined the Horde back in Cataclysm. While many of them rallied against the players under Zaela, there are still quite a few out there loyal to the Horde proper. Fel: Questionable. The red-skinned Orcs have been popular ever since WarCraft III, but very, very few of them have left their demonic thrall alive, and fewer still have joined the Horde. Even so, we do have a few examples guarding the Dark Portal as of the end of the Burning Crusade. Half-Orc (Draenei): Questionable. We have two prominent examples in the lore with Garona (yes, half-human in the movie and prior to WoW, but half-draenei here) and Lantresor. This is a matter of representation. It would make perfect sense to have them, but the issue is that they've received so little attention beforehand. Mok'Nathal: Plausible. Rexxar's people, the ogre-orc hybrids, would be a fantastic addition, and the storyline in Blade's Edge Mountains justifies their inclusion perfectly. Troll: These guys are, at the same time, the easiest and most difficult to guess at. Trolls come in an extremely wide variety, both in colour and physicality. Forest: Plausible. The green Revantusk Forest trolls joined the Horde back in a classic questline. They've technically been a part of our faction longer than the Blood Elves. The difficulty comes with actually having to bulk up troll models in order to make them a reality. Frost, Zandalari, Sand, Dark, etc.: Questionable. All would face similar design hurdles to the Forest trolls - the difficulty here comes with justifying them in the lore. Aside from the jungle and forest trolls, all have shown nothing but hostility to the Horde. Tauren: Tauren have a couple good options. The main obstacle here is the unique head designs that would have to be accommodated. Taunka: Plausible. Joining up with the Horde during our assault on Northrend, the Taunka have been a mainstay of the Horde, continuing to pop up as NPCs even in on alternate Draenor. Yaungol: Unlikely. While a subrace of tauren, I can only think of a single individual that bordered on friendly. Highmountain: Unknown. While the moose Tauren of Legion have already won many hearts simply for existing, we don't yet know the extent of the relationship with the Horde. Undead: Like trolls, the difficulty with the Undead is that there are simply too many options. "Fresh": Plausible. The most immediate option that comes to mind is giving Undead players a more freshly risen appearance. Whether using Human models with Undead skintones, or the "boneless" Chinese models, I think many Undead players would appreciate these options. Undead High Elf: Plausible. Given that their leader is an Undead High Elf herself, and that the siege of Quel'thalas and the massacre of the Elves is a huge plotpoint, it makes perfect sense to give players the option to play as one of the fallen defenders of Elven lands. Other species: Unlikely. While the case can be made that a few individuals of other species succumbed to the Scourge, only Humans and Elves died in sufficient quantities to justify a playerbase. Furthermore, this niche is already filled by the Death Knights. Blood Elf: Blood Elves are relatively hamstrung by lore in their selections. High Elves: Unlikely. The most obvious choice, and arguably the easiest, is also the most problematic. Although the Sunwell has been reclaimed, the blue is going to take a few generations to return to the Elves' eyes. Furthermore, the surviving High Elves are few in number, and furthermore allied with Human nations. Darkfallen: Questionable. The red-skinned, vampiric offshoot of Blood Elves, it stands to reason that a few of them may have rejoined their brethren after the Sunwell was retaken and the Lich King dealt with. That being said, their numbers might not justify it. Half-Elf (Human): Questionable. While the humans have taken to accepting halfbreeds, the High Elves were never as eager to do so. That being said, there may yet be a few within Quel'thalas, and their not being featured as of yet could be explained as cultural, these individuals being hidden away due to the shame of their existence. Goblin: The issue with goblins is that, while they do have a decent amount of cultural variance, their physical appearance is more or less the same across the board. Gilblin: Unlikely. Nothing is really known about these fishy fodder enemies, and they've been nothing but hostile to the Horde. Alliance: Human: Much like the goblins mentioned above, humans have a lot of cultural variance without much physical distinction. Vrykul: Unlikely. The Viking-esque giants do make sense, but my issue here is that they are a distinct race from humans. It would make more sense to have them as a different race altogether, if implemented. Half-Elf (Human): Plausible. As mentioned above, while the High Elves didn't take kindly to halfbreeds, human factions rarely cared about their heritage in the slightest. Stormwind itself apparently houses a great many of them, so they would fit perfectly with existing lore. Arathi: Plausible. These guys have been with the Alliance since the start. the challenge here would be to lend them some distinction from baseline humans. Given their Scottish inclinations, some unique hairstyles and facepaint would be fantastic. Kul Tiras: Like Arathi, the trick is adding distinctions to separate them from baseline. Peglegs, inherent eye-patches, and unique pirate combat voiceovers would be adequate. Also, they'd have to accompany the reappearance of the nation itself. Dwarf: The best candidate on the Alliance side for subraces with a myriad of culturally and physically distinct groups. Wildhammer: Plausible. Technically a part of the Alliance since classic, these fiery-bearded, tattooed berserkers need to be included. From unique hairstyles to tattoos, Wildhammer customizations are sorely missing. They should have arguably been a part of the baseline dwarf options. Dark Iron: Plausible. Joining up relatively recently, the Dark Iron have finally decided to play nice with their cousins. With one of their number on their way to lead all the Dwarves, seeing these unique members playable is a given. Frost: Questionable. The numerical challenge rears its head again. While they've joined with the Alliance, there may simply be too few of them surviving to support them as playable. Earthen: Doubtful. See Frost. While the odd colony has been discovered here and there, they're simply too rare. Additionally, it's doubtful that many would be interested in adventuring. Gnome: Initially, I thought Gnomes would be a hard sell, but it turns out they have two very legitimate and very interesting options. Mechanized: Plausible. After learning of the Curse of Flesh during the events in Northend, I wouldn't be surprised to see the crafty Gnomes attempting various experiments to reverse it to varying degrees of success. Whether they just replace an eye, an arm, or are wholesale robots, I could see this working for the tinkers very well. Leper: Plausible. Having retaken their home city, the inhabitants that were trapped in their radiation infested tomb have mutated... but their minds are still mostly intact. Rejoining the Alliance, these decrepit examples of science gone awry would fit in perfectly with Gnomish themes. Sand: Unlikely. Showing up in Uldum, these guys are too enigmatic and hostile to justify the effort. Night Elf: Again, more options than you might think. Elves and trolls are subject to a lot of variation. The trick is filtering out which make sense and which don't. Highbourne: Plausible. Rejoining their brethren after a few millennia of exile, the pale-skinned magisters are an obvious and easy choice. Dryad: Unlikely. Dryads are in a strange state where they don't quite stand on their own as a race unto themselves, but are too distinct from Night Elves to be easily implemented. Given the art assets that would also have to go into their implementation, I'd have to wager that they'd only be justifiable as an entirely new race. Fire: Unlikely. Not much is known of the aftermath for the followers of Staghelm. We can only assume that these hostile Elves have been wiped out. High Elf: Questionable. It's a real toss up, here. The remaining High Elves are already a part of the Alliance. It all depends on whether or not Blizzard is willing to share the Horde Blood Elf model Alliance-side, and if their numbers have recovered enough to justify it. Draenei: With only one obvious choice, the Draenei are a little hamstrung. Broken: Plausible. An integral part of the Draenei since they were introduced, it actually feels off that they weren't playable to begin with. Lost Ones: Unlikely. The name says it all - their minds are gone, and thus they cannot be justified as playable. Sargerai: Questionable. If this happened, it would be due to the sheer amount of requests for it. Given that the Draenei haven't forgiven the Orcs for being overtaken by demonic influence, I couldn't see them doing it for their own kind, but there is nevertheless a possibility that a few might be forgiven, forever bearing their twisted appearance as a shamed penance. Worgen: Another race with only a single option - and I can't even think of any bad options, let alone more good ones. Gilnean Human: Plausible. Having overcome the curse - or perhaps never having been infected in the first place - it would be fantastic to be able to play as a Gilnean human. With the voiceover, particularly, and access to the Druid class, this is a more exciting option than one might initially perceive. Add in some specific customizations such as monocles, top hats, and unique Victorian hair/beards, and you've got yourself a fun subrace. Pandaren: Only one option comes to mind here, and it's a stretch. Sha-Infested: Questionable. Much like the myriad of Pandaren we've encountered that have been infested by the Sha in some form, perhaps there are some lingering after effects for those who have been able to overcome their influence. The organic, stark black-and-white tendrils are a very unique look, and it would be interesting to see how this concept might manifest. Even so, it's an unsupported stretch.Zuluhed2 16h
16h Best time to move? So when moving around the game, when is the best time to move into another region? Should i go into a 25-30 level before I get to level 25 ? Ive been trying to go in at least one level lower but Im wondering if Im missing out on some of the quests.Heagnin18 16h
16h Mage portals to unique places Who thinks mage portals should be made GREAT again?? I have this idea where how about in next expansion only a mage can teleport you to certain places around Azeroth and Beyond to get special cosmetic items and do special treasure dungeons or whatever. Thoughts???Elae4 16h
16h Simming DPS vs Dummy hi all. This is my second post about this. Looking for some help here. This is my first end game lvl wow character and with that said, my character is simming at 920k dps. my ilevel is 926 and ive got 2tier stormheart going forward. haste is at stats arent total junk. thats just some background heres my issue: if im SIMMING at 920k dps, when i practice rotation against a target dummy, i can not for LIFE OF ME, get that dps meter to break 600k. i hover around a measly 550k. this is going full monty on my is this possible? when im completely stationary, against a stationary target, i cant even get CLOSE to the number that im simming. (and i underrstand thats just a average mean mostly not a completely accurate number). STILL, wouldnt with stats and gear like i have, by default, at least be doing better than 550k? am i playing my character so incorrectly?? Is my rotation that wrong? HELP! (PS IM A BOOMKIN)Orchidmoon0 16h
16h Legendaries Does anyone know if Legendaries are still dropping? I haven't seen or heard of anyone picking one up since 7.3 dropped. Is that my bad luck? Or are Legendaries no more?Ashnazg35 16h
16h Ways To Help Deal With Trolls In WoW? This is a question, not a statement, I am asking you all for your own advice on how to help deal with trolls, griefers, and people who dont play as a team when needed. This is mostly in reference to the Keystone and raid system for LFG. I personally have dealt with a lot of people not knowing what to do on raids and keystones or simple trolling or not doing their part effectively on purpose and these said people do not get punished because they technically dont break the ToS. I would know this because I've already tried reporting them and a GM was very apologetic but said it's behind his hands since this is technically not against the ToS. So how could we deal with this? Or do you think it doesn't need to be dealt with? There is websites that tell you the history of everyone's Keystones and raids that they do and this can tell you if they are good or not, but 1 in about 4 keystones I do even with a full group of experienced players I always get that 1 who leaves and wastes 5-15 minutes of my time either trying to find a group, put one together, or do a dungeon, but wind up not completing it. Due to this, I got burnt out on WoW since Keystones were in my opinion, the most fun and exciting, yet skill based and balanced thing to do. And I really, really enjoyed them. But the time I waste putting together a group and someone leaves 20 minutes later after first boss just ruins it completely for me and I really think this is hurting the player base a lot since Keystones are obviously a huge hit and people seem to be really enjoying them. I would really like to see a banning system made for Keystones, I dont think anyone ever deserves a perma ban but a temp ban system would be very nice if someone got enough reports. What do you think about this?Jocundbeast2 16h
16h Legendary Drop Rate Changes needed with 7.3 First let me say, Blizz, you have done a great job with making alts relevant and easy to gear, ramp up. What used to be a huge pain in the butt for folks wanting to min/max their mains, which meant the never ending grind for AP and loot, alts were very hard to get going in the early part of this expansion. I think the one catch up mechanic that needs to be updated is leggo drops. Currently, I have two toons that have switched from alts to main with the intent to raid/m+ with on a regular basis. Gear catch up is EZ with Argus, getting AP is EZ with the current time lock mechanic for AK, BUT leggo drops are still complete RNG. I have 2 days, 18 hours, 49 minutes played on my hunter, who is currently ilvl 922, and AP 60 50% in (lots and lots of raiding, argus, WQ, and m+), but only 1 Legenedary. As luck would have it, it is a KJ trinket (pretty terrible), so I am constantly grinding anything and everything I know to get a leg drop, and have had zero luck. I still dont understand the drop mechanic rate of legs, but certainly at this point in the game, it is time to increase the drop rate for characters. As it stands Legs are very important for performance standards. Having to go through the slow rate at leg drops is just at this point, frustrating. I am not saying that we should have all legs, all at once, but certainly the drop rate for toons that have just started should be GREATLY increased, maybe curve in downward as you accumulate more and more legs (possible that doesnt even matter, just increase drop rate in general). What do you say Blizz, think it over?Disorients33 16h
16h Scale everything to group size Want to run a dungeon solo? Go for it. Do it with 1 or 2 friends? sure why not. Want to raid but can't stand groups, scale it down and let us solo even current raids. Or do it with your few closest friends. Want to take 15 people into maw of souls? Right on bro, that would be epic. Seriously, it's about time we get rid of group size restrictions on content and just let people play the game however they want. Isn't that what scaling tech is for?Darksmear30 16h
17h One thing from another game you want.. 2-man dungeons from Rift. They were fun, the strategies you had to come up with when you didn't bring a tank or healer.Firesphere81 17h
17h the legendaries from the board Why is it you can see all the legendaries you can get on the "call to arms" board. No one has been willing to explain this.Mendomain20 17h
17h How to get Orange follower gear? What way do you obtain these?Vureesa8 17h
17h Quest log This is a small request concerning the quest log. When a player moves from one zone to the next, the result can be several quests left in the quest log. It would be nice to have checkboxes next to the quests with the option to delete selected quests, or delete all quests. When flying on the rocket from Light's Hope Chapel to the Badlands, deleting quests is a bit tedious as the rocket flies through different zones and cancels the "Abandon Quest" option if you are not fast enough with the clicks. The flight time is a good time to efficiently delete quests in the log.Rastan0 17h
17h Flying in new areas. What's the point? In Burning Crusade and Wrath, and even Cataclysm, there was a reason for flying. It gave you access to instances and areas that you could only reach with flying. It also added some bit of excitement to the game, knowing that there was new places to explore. Flying had no real purpose in WoD, and is even more pointless in Legion. There are no new areas or dungeons to gain access to with flying. This is something for both the anti-flying, and the pro-flying people. I'm kind of in-between. I'm cool with flying when it adds something to the game. But in the case where it takes something away (I.E those "Find the item" and "Like the wind" WQs, where you can just fly to the end) then I don't think it should be added. It was exciting when I got flying for the first time back in TBC, and realized that there were whole areas I could now explore, and even new instances. Flying in Legion just feels rather pointless. It's a lot of work to get, and has no real payoff. If it weren't something that I got along the way, then I wouldn't have bothered. Like, if I were just starting to play Legion now, I wouldn't even worry about getting flying. Thoughts?Huh68 17h
17h Guild tabard designer needs help I haven't used the tabard designer since wotlk when I formed the guild. Finally figured there's only a couple of us left, me being the only one that somewhat cares what the design is, so I went in to mess with it and was both completely unsurprised and irritated that in all these years, it's the same horrid interface as before. Can we please get an update to it? Specifically, pages of icons with click to pick interface, same with colors, borders, and backgrounds.Melianthe11 17h
17h Get your Waterstrider mount fast this week MoP timewalking... The timewalking vendor on Timeless Isle sells (among other things) tokens for faction reputation for many MoP factions. These tokens are BoA so they can be mailed to other characters on your account. Take all your characters who qualify to do MoP timewalking dungeons and do a TW dungeon with them. The first one done (for each character) awards 500 TW coins. Have each one buy faction tokens for The Anglers. Then mail them all to one character (the one that already has the highest rep with Anglers). That one character can use them to gain a lot of rep. Reach exalted and then you can buy the Waterstrider. I did this the last time MoP TW was up and it took me about two days to go from friendly to exalted on on this character.Aarschott4 17h
17h I miss my privacy is it possible to bring back some sort of privacy back without my friends having to know my each and every move? maybe next expansion, you guys can do some ninja nerf to RealID so that I can queue for a mythic plus without announcing the whole world about it.. or my guildies knowing anything about my mythic runs for the week? just a thought. why is there so much transparency to the social aspect of this game?Biceps131 17h
17h Rares should drop blues It would nice if killing a rare actually got you an item you could use. Why not change the drops from green to blue?Sikviki4 17h
17h Tauren need more screen time. Seriously Blizzard... I understand we had high mountain which were some kind of Tauren. But where are the original Tauren? I haven't gotten an update on them since their leader died.Volu13 17h
17h Loading screens since 7.3 Since 7.3 launched it seems that loading screens have been longer, for me at least. However just this morning I took a Zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Grom'gol, but the loading screen was so long that by the time I got to Grom'gol, I got another loading screen, this time back to Orgrimmar. I going to be smart and not immediately blame Blizzard, as it could very well be an issue on my end. I am 90% sure it's not the hardware itself, since this laptop is less than a year old and has 8 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card (GeForce GTX 960M). Additionally newer games (like Destiny 2 Beta) have been running very smoothly. Is it possible that I have corrupted files in my World of Warcraft folder? If so, does anybody have an idea what specific files would be corrupted or if I should go ahead and reinstall everything?Truckerjim5 17h
18h If you want to keep Artifacts Everyone insist in the Suggestions box that blizz not remove our artifacts next expansion. Surely you cant sit by and watch as blizz destroys Doomhammer, Ashbringer, and Frostmourne blades, just because "lul artifacts are just for legion"Rivendel37 18h
18h Who Is Anthony Ray Stark? So questing in Hillsbrad Foothills for Loremaster (I know I'm crazy) and I found this dwarf near some stone named Rousch kneeling to it with the inscription "Anthony Ray Stark" 1961-2005 on the stone. Who is it? :0Beefysteaks10 18h
18h Will artifact appearances be account wide the title says it all. or do we have to grind every appearance for every toon if we want those appearances on those toons?Vishamani2 18h
18h Questline should be account bind I think it could be great for alt/reroll, to be a continuation of the main character. what i mean is, if i did a quest with my main , for exemple, in Westfall, i wouldn't be in the ogligation to make the quest line, i could speak to a npc and skip the Westfall quest line. if you want to do it, don't speak to the npc and do the quest line. Could motivate people and it could be more realistic because the history was done by another character, so the alt is just another adventurer.Isealar14 18h
18h My server is unplayable. I have come to the conclusion that my server is practically unplayable. World PvP is too imbalanced at its current state, and being on a server that is a large majority horde, its very difficult to do anything. For instance, i am trying to turn in the timewalking badge at the Timeless Isles vendor, and there are 15+ Horde camping it, and not enough Alliance at a time to put up any kind of fight. I know there are 2 solutions, get in a party to instance to another server, or server transfer altogether. I personally don't think either are good solutions; for one, why should i have to make a group to instance to another server just to turn in a quest? And for 2, spending 200$+ dollars to transfer all my characters off the server is just ridiculous. I understand that I should have thought about it before i chose a server, and I did, but when i joined it was split almost 50/50 and now seems more like 90/10 favoring Horde. So I am at a loss of what to do, I was so frustrated last night at being camped and not getting any kind of help that it almost made me cancel my sub.Banahunter16 18h
18h Please group legion fishers in the rep window You know, like how the Pandaland farmers are grouped up into the "Tillers." It would just make things more clean! Thksbye.Hiperion0 18h
18h A Rogue's Quest As masters of the sneaky arts of redistributing wealth and with the introduction of ingame items such as Pry Stone Dorian's Prybar and The Fire Extinguisher, we should be able to steal anything that is nailed down and on fire as well as anything that isn't.... and if we're really good we should also be able to steal the fire and nails as well. At any rate I feel that the pickpocketing mechanics should be changed in that a pickable mob can be targeted up to 3 times (getting progressively harder) in that the first time you get teh standard coinage and possible junkbox, the second gets you its lunch, and the third nets the mob's "unmentionables". For almost all mobs thier unmentionables are just grey vendor trash, worth only a few copper to a fistful of silver depending on the mob's level, generally less then the coinage you'd get on the first try. On PvP raid bosses however you'll get a BoP quest starter, with some examples below: Blaine's Briefs: These white briefs are clean and seem brand new, with an odd looking mark on the waistband. Prehaps Tyrende Whisperwind of Darnassus could tell you more. Upon turn-in Tyrende: You got these off of Blain Bloodhoof? Well his mother has been worried about him taking up the mantle of chief, at least she will be happy to know that he is still wearing clean underware. I'll send these back to her through our allies in the Cenarian Circle. Take these coins for your efforts rogue. Tyrende's Silk Undergarments: These silk undergarments are extreamly soft and comfortable looking, but seem a bit large for a Night Elf. Prehaps Syvannus Windrunner could tell you more? Upon turn-in Sylvannus: You got these from Tyrende? You're a brave one, <name>. (Sylvannus looks at the undergarments closely) Hmmm.... seems she has put on a bit more wieght after Malfurion woke up and left for Mt Hyjal. (laughs) Richter! *Darkstalker Richter approches* My Lady? Take a box of these chocolate Bon-Bons to Darnassus, and leave them where Tyrende will find them.... and try not to make anyone "disapear" while you are at it. Darkstalker Richter: Yes, my lady. (vanishes) Off in Darnassus Tyrende: (lost in thought, looks around and spots the box of bon-bons) Where did this come from? (pauses, then opens the box and eats a bon-bon).Karameldanse51 18h
18h Ranged class youtubers/streamers Are all the best youtubers/streamers that play ranged classes dying out or is it just me? If not, please give me a consistent fire mage or spriest to watch.Raelar2 18h
18h Class Hall Armor Sets and 7.3 Are there any plans to change the class hall armor sets now that 7.3 is out? Either make the achievements to acquire pieces account-wide or buff the gear to make it appealing/competitive to acquire. Making the achievements account-wide would be a good solution because it still requires players to earn the achievements at least once and provides alts with some quick gear to allow them to dive into current content. With patch 7.3 live the ability to acquire better gear has increased substantially. Players can purchase ilvl 910+ gear from a vendor simply by completing WQs, killings rares, or looting treasures and BoA tokens for ilvl 880+ gear have also been added. The amount of time required to attain these items is substantially less than is needed for the class hall armor sets and the reward is better. For an expansion that was supposed to be centered around the different classes why not try a little harder to keep these armor sets relevant?Shakkira3 18h
18h Lightforged Augment Rune Buy for 45,000g, sells for 100g. I'd say this was a huge ripoff but it pretty much matches everything I've ever tried to unload on craigslist.Jitka14 18h
18h Grimoire of the Four Winds I think it's time to add this to a vendor, or just let us train MoP flying from the trainer at 85. I have three BMAHs to look at and none of them even have it up for sale. What a load of !@#$ devs.Sanaye0 18h
18h Xur'ios. You can't sell anything to him, but you can buy back previously sold items from him. That's gotta be goblin level business right there. Shrewd.Arkimus3 18h
18h Understanding healers Hi, this is old but it may come handy for some who runs dungeons :) The things you could find when u are bored lol It was aimed for priests since it was created a long time ago, but any healer could probably like it too AFK: Attack, fight, kill!! The healer is telling you to go pull mobs. WTF: Way to fight! The healer is applauding your tactical genius OOM = Out Of Mobs, go pull more add: This is short for ‘ADDitional monsters needed’ and is used when the monster you are fighting is an easy kill and the priest feels the team can handle more. When you hear this, run into adjoining rooms and pull more mobs into the fight. brb: An acronym, this is short for “Boss Room Battle,” and is a priest’s way of telling the team it’s time to fight the cave or instance boss. Note that you will also sometimes see “afk brb,” meaning the same thing. combat log: A device designed by Blizzard to explain where things went wrong. “You take 8546 damage from <mob>” “Priest didn’t feel like healing you” “You die.” HELP: This stands for “Hit Everything! Leet Priest! This will often be shouted as the priest does a victory dance around the group, leading monsters around. He’s just taunting them – don’t feel the need to attack them. Just go get some more to add to the fun! lightwell: A priest-only version of a ready check. If a priest lays down a lightwell, please click it until it goes away so that we know that you’re ready to pull. LOS: ‘Leave our spot’ The position you have picked, hiding in a corner, behind a pillar, or in a pit, generally away from the group, has given you an excellent location to shoot at the bad guys. The fact I can’t see you means that your hiding will protect you from adds(which aren’t a problem, see above), ranged damage, or any other problems you might run into. Please, stay right where you are, I am sure you will be fine. omg watch the CC: Your healer is bored and wants you to keep an eye out for, and then break, any and all crowd-control in sight. Sheeps, shackles, seduces, traps, all of these are just slowing your group down anyways. out of mana: If your priest says this after a fight, make sure to count to 3-Mississippi before you run three rooms down and start another major fight. This will allow the priest more than enough time to recover her mana. oom: Some people believe this to be an abbreviation for “out of mana.” They are mistaken. What this really means is “Out of Mobs” and that more should be pulled into the fight as soon as possible as to limit the downtime and not waste the priest’s time. Alternately, you may often hear dyslexic Taurens shouting this as a battle cry – “Oom!” puller: The team’s puller has the important job of “pulling” the team into fights. Usually this is accomplished by having someone with a gun with and cloth armor shoot a social mob for 1/20th of its health or by having a similarly Health gimped teammate run into a room and fire off at least three special attacks, thereby pulling the rest of the team into the room to save him. Note that the puller does not have to be the same person every time and it is often best if different people pull as to keep the priest guessing who will drop to 1/3 their life and make her try to figure out what room they are in. rez sick: When priest say they are rez sick, it means they are sick of dying and resurrecting and they want to go straight to the room in the instance that killed them the first time and start fighting. SS please – This may sound like the healer is asking for a soul stone, but they aren’t. They are saying “screenshot” please. Cloth healers usually have a good laugh looking at their 100% durability before the first pull. It makes it easier to compare to when the instance is finished. tank: This is the person whose job it is to pull mobs to the priest. wait: “wait” is a bit tricky. While it sounds like the word “wait,” as in ’stop,’ what the healer is really saying is a shortened version of “WAste IT all.” meaning destroy everything in the area. Priests will use this if they want you to start charging the instance. Ps: I miss my lightwellDesatrozo0 18h
18h To all the elf haters Are you just jealous because your ears cant pick up radio signals when you put pieces of metals on the tip?Britanny32 18h
18h Arcane Explosion Grapic The new Arcane Explosion graphics for the mage class are too bright, It is a one second spam-able spell, and when combined with the Legendary Weapon duplication effect they cause a strobe light effect. This effect is very disruptive to my fun playing the game. As strobe lights make myself and many other people ill. I had to abandon my mage because I simply do not enjoy frost or fire and Arcane is unplayable to me while this graphic remains. Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the issue for me as mages spamming the spell in Raid, dungeons and World area's also cause me to become sick. I don't care if they change the graphic to something not as bright, or simply give me the option to turn it off on my end. However, I do insist that something be done about this as the modding community is unable to due to ToS restrictions. I'm here because the customer Service 'game masters' are unable to do anything or even send the Dev's an e-mail expressing the issue. I was told by the game masters to 'ask for support' for my cause, however, I've been told petitions are frowned upon so I'm not sure what I'm suppose to do from here...Talmara17 18h
18h I miss trial of style... Ill be fully honest. i love transmoging and the trial of style was amazing. i didnt win at all because everyone pulled out there best mog. Can we get a return on it? the next one is scheduled far off into the distance. When we do get it back pleaseeeee add more transmog items. just for the fun =DCorvûs20 18h
18h Blizzcon 2017 Battle Pet? I really want to know if Blizzcon 2017 virtual pass is going to reward, a battle pet or is this year just going to be the mounts? It will determine if I purchase 1 or 2 passes cause I collect the battle pet, and my wife if mount obsessed. Personally I don't like the mounts and think they look dumb, so if the mounts is all WoW players are going to get I will pass on the virtual ticket this year and just get it for the wife.Petmiss20 18h
19h Old expansions content guild starting now! Hello good people ! <A Song of Fire and Ice> (Eldre'Thalas - Korialstrasz) is currently looking for more members to fill out our raid group. Let me tell you more about us! We are a guild created specifically for reliving content from past expansions. That is, we raid instances such as Karazhan, Tempest Keep, Naxxramas, Icecrown Citadel, Throne of the Four Wind, Bastion of Twilight, Etc.. We will begin with the Burning Crusade content simply because in my opinion on the actual servers, the Vanilla raids aren't worth progressing trough and aren't a fun experience anymore. As stated below, Heirlooms ARE allowed for leveling purposes. Since we plan on clearing the entire expansions content, we will also run Expansions specific Heroic Dungeons to grab some blue items before we run into the raids. You will have to replace then your Heirlooms with the blues found in heroics dungeon. (I know that the content can be pretty easily cleared, but we want to experience old content as a whole even if it's pretty nerfed). We plan on having from 1 to 2 raid nights per week. We are a very friendly and laid back guild, you can take your time leveling and join us there is no problem. If you need to catch up, we will GLADLY help you grab some gears in heroics and early raids such as Karazhan. If everything goes well, there will be 2 raiding groups total. If you have never experienced the old content or wish you could go back there, this is your chance to go trough it all! When we are done with TBC we will switch to WOTLK, CATACLYSM, PANDARIA and maybe Dreanor. P.S : I will provide with the guild bank many of the needed enchants, Flasks, food etc.. That you will need to go trough expansions. I might add some crafted gear in there, only for people to catch up with us! Also Monthly and weekly giveaways for our members. General Info: Alliance side Raid times - Complete Schedule coming within 7-10 days. Currently on BC content and will be until its cleared out. Guild Website - Coming soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Who we are looking for: WoW veterans New players Old Raiders Noob Raiders Anyone! All are welcome! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guild Rules: Any race is okay to play! No DK or Monk until their respective content. No PvP gear allowed during raids. No gear from future content. (Ex: WOTLK Gear in BC) Heirlooms may be used to level, but not during raids. To raid, you must be at the content's level, not above, not below. Be respectful to all members. RaF boosting IS allowed (Under some conditions) Gold transfers are allowed No going past current content in any way, this includes current expansion PATCH. So no crafted gear from Sunwell Plateau if we are raiding Karazhan. Please check Wowhead for more information if you are not sure. You can also ask any Officers in the guild :) (Profs, Gear, Level, Ect.) No Runthroughs. Act responsibly, and take responsibility for your actions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recruitment: Now, the part you're all waiting for.... What classes are we recruiting? Do we need your favorite class? The answer is...... all of them! You heard me right. We are accepting all classes and specializations. Of course, if you want to make a healer or DPS, we'd be very grateful, but we aren't looking for any specific class. Got a question? 2 questions? Want to join us? Mail me in-game (Nutella) Or reply right here! I or any officers will reply as soon as possible! Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon.Nutella1 19h
19h New Warchief Please Since MoP I always wanted vol'jin to be Warchief and I thought garrosh was the wrong one for the throne. We kill garrosh and vol'jin is Warchief for one expansion? Then you kill him off? And put the worst character imo as the warchief. When all she cares about is forsaken and immortality. Why not put baine as warchief? Sorry if I offend any people who like sylvanas. This is strictly my opinion.Tenácity91 19h
19h Remove Auto Delisting In Groupfinder The server hoppers are out of control and it's annoying having to create new groups about 5-10 just for 1 quest. As soon as I list the group, 3 of them get instant invited and if I'm lucky 1 person that actually needs the quest as well. It delists and a few seconds later they all leave. I create it again just to have the same hoppers join, so then it I have to remove them manually and disable the auto invite which is even worse because nobody joins those groups. Just make it like it was before and remove the auto delisting please or do something about server hoppers.Sherawdog1 19h
19h Item Level, And increase How do you increase your item level? And how do you know what your item level is currently at?Blazzenblunt17 19h
19h Relinquished Trinket Should I have gotten a tank trink? I'm on a demo lock and it gives me an item called horn of valor and it's have tank stats. I thought it would give something for my spec? Also it has versatility... great!Lillithia12 19h
19h Cure Orcs and Humans Everyone listen to me. We must purge the Orcs and Humans of their hatred for each other. Their racist dispositions are like a deep, black pit that pulls everything that gets near it and nothing escapes. As long as they have power in our factions, we're all trapped in a horrid atmosphere ruled by fear and anger. "Only by enriching others can we hope to enrich ourselves."- Unknown.Kwamboka14 19h
19h Lets spread some positivity the fierce gladiator sets are awesome i like them all monk is #1 ... .Smile at a Stranger today, Let go of Your worries . the poster below is a good player and there is always room for improvement. Say something positive guysXflip21 19h
19h Can't enter the Greater Invasion point? Is there something I need to do first? I'm still working on that "clear 3 invasion points" quest. I'm hovering my mouse all over the portal and clicking it, it isn't doing anything and the mouse isn't changing to show I can do anything with it.Velasandra10 19h
19h i thought we all agreed That Yearly expansions are a bad idea? this is most likely why argus is so boring this is such a bad trend for the game the big problem i see is the content is coming out too fast and it feels cheap and pointless nothing to get invested inAevelamue56 19h
19h LUCK I received Ashes of Al'ar after my first run through in tempest keep!Despacitoh9 19h
19h Does Brewfest need time to set up? So I saw the prompt for brewfest and thought Id head on over to IF to check it out, but when I got here no tents or anything just a bunch guys working? Is this normal?Fatalscroll11 19h