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Nov 16, 2014 Greatest expansion ever! It's only day two and I am completely amazed at how awesome this expansion is. I was worried at first. I mean, I loved BC and WoTLK, but Cata was a bit of a letdown, and MoP was the least "Warcraft" feeling expansion ever. But WoD... my goodness. The lore, for people who know the history, is just fantastic. The characters, like Yrel, are really awesome. Ya'know, as Alliance we've been thirsting for someone like her fore ages! Garrisons are a ton of fun play. I love going there to get away from all the crowds and have my own place to command. Gathering followers and building it bigger and better is more fun and addicting than I thought It'd be, though I am a bit worried I'm making less than optimal decisions. Shadowmoon Valley was just epic. i just finished it up earlier today and it was visually stunning. The questing was much less on rails than Cata or MoP, which was a nice harken back to the old days. And for all those people complaining for years about Draenei lore... there's more than enough. I'm a bit saddened the epic city of Karabor won't be used past the one quest line. I'm just starting in Gorgrond and it's beautiful, yet it feels dangerous. I've seen on the interwebs and these forums lots of complains about server issues, but I haven't experienced that yet as I have only been playing after work. They've always been up for me. That aside, I give Blizzard a huge salute. I can't wait to see what the other zones have in store for me. My one and only concern is how alt friendly this will be. Right now I'm worried. I have eleven 90s (well ten 90s and this 95) and I am not seeing how it'll be possible to play them all. I might have to pick 2~3. There is simply too much to do for a dozen alts.Theresá17 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Ques and Potential Character Migrations. Your in a 3000+ que. You've waited 4 hours so far and you have just reached the 500s. You eagerly awaited for the first moment to get on and play with your friends. Que decides to disappear without reason. Panic fills the core of your soul. You quickly reque and you are back in a now 4000+ que. Panic just became pure anger. I know a lot of people who can relate to this because I have talked to most of my friends who have played WoW and they are as furious as I am. A few are even planning on canceling because "Why should I be waiting on a game I pay monthly for?" Or "I had a long day at work and I can't even relax because of the horrid ques." Yes, I know the ques have died down, but still for people who have multiple realms and need to switch to get heirlooms it is a nightmare. I feel that if the ques last longer then a week Blizzard should allow heavy populated servers to free character migrate. Because what I have gotten to play from the new expansion has been amazing, but if it continues like this I will be likely to cancel as well and as a long standing player I would hate to do so.Riggus0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Just wanted to say thanks For continuing to punish me for being a contributing member of society and having a job. These 3+ hour queues preventing people with responsibilities from ever playing are just fantastic. 10/10 Blizzard.Youregarbage6 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 If I could change one thing about WoD... I would allow Leathery Caged Beasts to stack. Seriously, these things are bag hogs.Mythune0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 What are they doing now? What do you suppose is going on at Blizz right now? Folks go home for Sunday? Management hoping the propellerheads will figure something out by Tuesday? Upper management hoping it will all blow over by Thursday without losing 20% subs?Zamian0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 The few who DIDN'T buy Xpac rollcall! Whats worse then waiting in endless ques you ask? how about waiting in endless ques and not having shiny new XPAC content to be rewarded with! Yes, there are some of us who didnt purchase the new crack that hit the streets this week and we need to unite on a thread where we can operate as civil, level minded individuals and not like the drooling animals that troll these forests....err, forums. First off ROLLCALL! if you missed the XPAC bus lets know who you are! Maybe even say why you dont have the new xpac in hand right now or any non-xpac player related issues! Whats my excuse? Well I only just came back to the game this week after a lengthy hiatus and I have so much new stuff that has changed in game to explore and still have everything from Lich King to Panderia to complete! I chose to save my pennies for game time till I catch up. I only have one real issue and thats having my main transfered to a server that the XPAC people are not populating to play content that isnt the xpac stuff sucking up the precious resources. Now I have complete faith that Blizzard will fix this servers issue asap and find a way to give everyone a cookie for thier troubles so I am trying to be understanding about what is priority right now and thats all the customers that just bought the new xpac BUT I can step out of the que and leave a spot open for someone that really needs it if I can just get my main moved over to this very low population server and do my thing with the ghosts of xpac past. I was denied and given the standard response that im sure the billion xpac people trying to migrate are getting but maybe this server I have been using can be non xpac only? I dunno, but so far no luck and Im dealing with it with as much understanding possible. What do you guys think?Vektren4 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 People who AFK for hours - Why has there not been something done about this? I have people on Battle.Net that literally are afking for hours to preserve their spot while they go to sleep or run to do other things. This means there are people not doing anything and not logging out which is a big factor to these forsaken queues. The less people online, the lower the queue. People are AFKing so they don't wait in the queue. People waiting in the queue do the same so they don't have to wait in another queue. "I afk because I don't want to wait, I don't want to wait because people are afk. It's a vicious cycle"ßrutality14 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 gpu question 4gb nvidia ddr3...2gb nvidia ddr5...or amd? which is best for wow and possibly other gaming 2Hodisbea0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Log in que times This isnt a good thing. Im on a low pop server and have to wait to log in? I like the game and all but if I have to wait to log in I think I will just move on. I have other thing I can do. Not as fun as WOW but I wont wait everytime I want to play the game.Cowflop1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Lets go Packers Seriously....Draax0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 No point in logging in after 12 pm If you do not get logged in before lunch time there is no point in logging in that day. 6489 in que.Jakeyism3 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Is there a reason from Blizz for no flying? There's been a lot of debate about how good of an idea flying vs. no flying is. It seems like a lot of people were surprised when they learned of no flying at 100. Has Blizzard actually said anything about putting it in in later patches, or no? And, just for the sake of curiosity, has there been an actual stated reason from a blue as to why it's gone? I've read every argument from immersion to world pvp to whatever. I wonder which of these Blizz was actually most interested in emphasizing.Saucyheals0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 If Blizzard Had a Sick Sense of Humour: If someone at Blizzard had a truly sick sense of humour they would make the forum landing page read: "Thank you for visiting the Blizzard forums. Due to higher than expected volumes, you may experience some delays." "Your queue position is: 2967" Then have it auto-redirect to the actual forum about five seconds later while the visitor was still in mid-scream.Simplyred1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Game is awesome Let me preface this by saying that I haven't quite made it out of Shadomoon valley, and haven't had as much time to play as I would have liked (due to the unfortunate circumstances of server queues, my job, and a family I want to spend time with). However... I just finished the quest where we were defending the temple of Karabor, and I have to say that, so far, this game is INCREDIBLE!!! Good job, Blizz!!Sariisa3 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 flying killed world pvp Ok how about this flying mounts was one of the most detrimental things in the downfall of world pvp. example: touch and go landings at world pvp cap points using flying mounts to completely avoid fighting to just farm marks/badges/points. Yes I know the main problem is being value gear grind is valued over actual pvp. But, the point stands that flying mounts made it very easy to avoid any unwanted pvp outside BG's. Also flying mounts added annoying troll factor hey look 50 enemy players dive bomb in then fly away before they can kill, if they don't chase ill just land back farther pick off someone that's away from group then mount up fly away. I have done this on the wall in panda-land a number of times even with people actively trying to counter me I can normally pick off 8-9 players before getting caught. As much as I would like to say I am just that uber bad !@#, its 90% me abusing flying mounts to do it.Calico0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 The Rage in this Fourms will revive the Sha! We must always be careful with out emotions but i fear that time has long since past, With the anger of the Q and of hatred between flying and no flying the Sha of Anger has been reborn and has join the Iron Horde as a Warlord. He is now in a Iron suit of armor that is covered in cannons and explosives.What.....have.....we.....DONE!Andrewthelok0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Boost 90 question, If I hit 60 to get a refresher on WoW and all the things that has change then boost my guy to 90 does all his professions level with him including mining, blacksmith, fishing, cooking and the new archaeology?Numberz0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 When do World bosses go live? Sorry if this is known.Daslighting3 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Follower Missions - A Serious Problem... First off, I LOVE the new stuff, Blizz! Garrisons has proven to be great fun for me, and the questing experience has been highly enjoyable. The storyline, btw... VERY well done! Esp the in-game cinematics! Now, praise out of the way, I have one very big complaint... I have 8 level 100 follower missions available in my garrison right now. Each of the level 100 missions I have require at least 2 or 3 followers to run them... The problem with this? I only have one level 100 follower. All of the others are 91-96. Most of my followers are just chilling in my base, waiting for the chance to run a mission... but I am only getting 2-5 missions for the lower level followers. We need the option to "dismiss" a mission from the list, in order to make room for more to become available. Or perhaps some way to choose a level range for the missions that come available. Please... do something to help my bored pre-lvl-100 followers out!Hplichcraft6 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 I am Bashiok! I AM Bashiok! I... am.. Bashiok. I... am.. Bashiok.Indyca1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Off-heal is insane! Please we need battle fatigue!Vicao1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Lost hope in Bleeding hollow Either log in early morning and never log out, or stand behind at least a 4k que...Decieve5 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 High Pop realms getting help? Well I got to log on today and came on to a 6000 que. I checked blue posts to see any new ones talked about what got fixed today. I went to realm status and saw that all but the high pop server had no que and up and running.. Bravo!! Finally... Now what are you going to do with the High population servers? 6000 que is unacceptable you know how many accts you have on these realms so you should know how much resources you needed to attached to those. Its like you sold 2000 tickets on a plane that only had 200 seats and then said "Oh well Sorry. cant help you. but if you sit here long enough maybe we can get you a seat on one of our other planes we over booked." So here is what we see.. You are forcing people on High Pop server to transfer off ($25) for you. Then they can lvl up.. then transfer back to their guild (another $25). It looks like you don't give a crap about your customers Other than their Credit Cards. Makes me miss the crew before the Money mongers bought out WOW. This is YOUR problem Blizzard ! AND you knew better.. Watch here where you admitted you knew not to do this AGAIN!! Over selling your servers, and forcing people to pay MORE money to go around your mistakes.. Shame on you guys... I think all of your upper management needs to go back to your MISSION STATEMENT and actually read it...Nawaan219 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Queue times cont? I expected to have a bit better time of it this AM but I just logged on and my place in queue is 1719 with estimated time of over an hour..really?Zaztilla13 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Don't change heroics. They're challenging enough to make them interesting, and the mechanics for each boss are unique and engaging. Don't change anything.Lorithas1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Any new update? Day 3 still locked out... Like it says, any ETA on when this will no longer be an issue? Been a pretty good sport about it, but this is day 3 of basically not being able to play the game, and that is really asking alot of patience when complete denial of service for us is happening. I mean I get you were DDoSed the first day, and have been working ever since, but seriously guys this is not OK. I am trying to hold off asking for a refund because I would like to play, however, not being able to play hardly at all for 3 straight days with no news of an end in sight is really pushing it. Also this expansion is only really for level 90+, there isn't anything for new toons, so rerolling on a new server is a crappy option. So anything guys, throw us a bone here, we've paid to wait for you to get this working. Thanks.Warlich0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Predictions for next Xpac launch? My guess it be about the exact same and the forum topics will be about the exact same. Calling it now.Furrytotems7 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 WoD Gear Enchants? Can someone tell me what enchants or enhancements we can get on our gear in WoD? Is it just the neck, cloak, weapon and ring slots? Are there any profession upgrades like pant threads or shoulder enchants? Trying to start getting my gear right and need to know what enhancements there are.Stryven1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 First impressions of Warlords of Draenor Well, I just picked up my box yesterday and tried out the new expansion. I played for a few hours and here are some of my thoughts. Cons: - Too linear - Super faceroll easy. - The quests were not very interesting. - That starter portal storyline is going to really annoy me after a few runs through. - In regards to the garrison, I was hoping for it to be a bit more customizable; but it looks like it's on rails for awhile. - The enemy intros were kinda childish with the name tags plastered on screen in such a cheesy way. Pros: - The fire effects were pretty nice in the burning huts quest. - The lighting was kinda nice, not too blown out like with most zones (bit of a Duskwood feel). - The garrison I think should be kind of fun once it gets going a bit.Zsigmond7 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Our fight with Garrosh is bull (WoD Spoilers) This expansion was doing a good job at making the player feel like s/he mattered, then comes our fight with Garrosh, you, along with Yrel storm his army, lay waste to it and begin to battle him. He beats up both of you, only for Thrall to swoop in and save the day. I wish I had better words to describe how disappointed I am with this choice. Thrall does what two great warriors, one being you, kingslayer, worldsaver whatever else we have done/are, and the other who was supposed to be important a warior whatever else they wanted to say about her story, cannot (If your character can use magic it just makes it even sillier that ours didn't work on him and Thrall's can one shot him). Secondly the cutscene, Garrosh pours out his emotions in front of Thrall and Thrall's response is "Lol, I have magic, and everything is your fault, I did nothing wrong". It's a cheap end to a decent villian and a cheap end to our story arc. BEHOLD YOUR CHARACTER HE WASN'T IMPORTANT REALLY.Veklov14 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 The Ultimate Irony I had no problem logging on this morning but I had to go to a breakfast so I figured I would log off then requeue and by the time I got back I wouldn't have to wait long. Unfortunately the queue at 10 was non existent. When I got home and I queued it was 3700 people long and about 3-8 hours to get on as estimated by Blizz. Okay I thought that was reasonable but I got DC'ed and since I was alt tabbed I didn't notice and now after requeuing its over 5800. The irony is that if you need to go somewhere it better be in the afternoon otherwise you can't even take advantage of the ridiculous Queue times. Unfortunately I leave for work at 6 in the morning and get home around 6:30 in the evening so I can't Queue in the morning for the 10 hour wait and when I get home I won't be able to get on at all. No Wow for me next week. I have played since vanilla and that has never been the case. What a fiasco Blizzard.Hotbull0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Peons are the funniest people I just recorded these three short clips today. I guess the beta missed a couple of things. And the third one has given a whole new meaning to sleep walking(?). He did this all the way through my garrison but it took me a minute to load my recorder. lol Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 info on transfers? does anyone have any info on free transfers off high pop servers? its hard to find answers through the river of tears the forums have been producing these past few daysCorlione1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 What's the logic behind pvp vendor in ashran? Can't quite understand why anyone would think it's a good idea to lock away the pvp vendor behind a queue. How did that get past beta?Sendern1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 New WOD release non-combat pet "Murlag" Blizzard has announced plans to give all players that had active subscriptions during the Warlords of Draenor launch the non-combat pet "Murlag". This pet will be a simple green murloc that follows your player around. When you stop, the murloc will pick a direction and proceed to run in place until the player moves again. This pet can also randomly teleport in a 30 yard radius around the player and will sometimes say "Instance not found"Onin3 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Timber, lumber mill and Reagent bank tab So, I love all these things just to be clear. But, why put timber in the reagent bag if you are unable to use it at the lumber mill? I had 98 timber in bank, but lumber mill does not recognize for use. Can this functionality be added?Gremmy4 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Whats the new over powered class Since I am tired of wasting my days in the Queue, I've decided to reroll on a low population server. What is the new over powered class / spec this xpac?Rollex7 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 I think I learned how to log in! You have to wake up at 5am in the morning. I've done it this weekend and I've never had an issue logging in! You can do it!Xeronok3 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 A letter to the postmaster Dear Postmaster, While I greatly appriciate all of the work you do for all citizens of Azoroth, outland, and now Draenor, and i greatly admire your attention to detail I must insist that you are going above and beyond that which is needing to be done. Over the last few days with our recent expedition into Dreanor, we are quite limited in space, and supplies needed to maintain our foothold on this new world and to keep room in the alliances new garrison commanded by myself. While i also greatly appreciate that you find the need to return to me, my 22 Giant mandibles, i would like to request that from this point forward you no longer forward any items that value less then 10 gold to me, your work is greatly appreciated, but we have no need for such items at this time, and it is currently filling up our mail boxes. Thank you Commander KhlorosKhlorós0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 I understand damage will have longer queue But 1 hour and 30 minutes sitting in normal dungeon queue? What is going on?Oude12 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Negrand - Worst Zone ever without flying? Just saying, I spend more time trying to figure out how navigate the zone, than anything constructiveZöei6 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Ashran cities feel more like super-Garrisons To be honest, since Garrisons are basically using broad "Horde and Alliance" themes, I actually think Ashran compliments those themes a lot better than Shadowmoon Valley or Frostfire Ridge do. However, at the same time, I feel like they lack any sort of "identity" as Capital Cities. Personally? I'd like to see Warspear and Stormshield overhauled, and actually made into your Garrison locations. Just alter the starter quests in such a way that, after Tanaan Jungle, you actually go to Ashran first, going into a phase, "untamed" version of Ashran, and complete a few trivial quests before establishing your Tier 1 Garrison. Obviously, that involves a lot of work, but I think the end result would be better; having your Garrisons there, and going back to Karabor and Bladespire as the *REAL* Capital Cities. My reasoning is simple; as it stands, you're basically stuck visiting two garrisons, just with different lightning. By doing is this way, you get a more varied experience, which your fancy new "Draenei/Ogre capitals", yet still maintaining your Garrison in Ashran. In saying that, though, you do have to move the Garrisons themselves, otherwise you still wind up with a garrison and capital without much distinction; different architecture but similar lighting. I know this will probably never happen, of course, but I at least wanted to voice my opinion on the matter. To be honest, I *LOVE* the landscape of Warspear and Stormshield over their Frostwall and Lunarfall counterparts, which are also great, but I feel like there is simply far too much cross-over between these "capitals" and our garrisons, robbing both of their uniqueness.Drashuga6 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 The lag! Is it just me, or is there a huge amount of lag? I'm on Silver Hand. Things are taking 5 seconds or more to complete, yet I can surf the web and get email as usual.Flaye0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 AFKers in Garrison I've been sitting in a que for my server now for over 2 hours which is quite ridiculous and Im still # 2247 in line and its telling me I still have 120 minutes left. Is Blizzard aware that people are afking in their garrison for hours and not logging out?Flimez0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Heirloom Issue due to Queues Well, I was hoping to level up an alt on a less populated realm, only to realize that I left them on a character in Zul'jin...which currently has nearly 5k people waiting to get in. :( Doesn't make sense to wait hours just to get them, but damn would it be nice to have that exp bonus right now. Would be nice if they could add a way for you to retrieve heirlooms from other characters without having to actually log into them.Mìstress0 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 What Blizzard is Doing I think that it is rather obvious what is going on here: in order to save a few bucks, blizzard, the 14 billion dollar company mind you, is just going to wait out the original burst of players until there are less people trying to get on at once. This only makes sense, I mean why would they spend resources on making their costumers happy, when they can treat us worse than Comcast does.Zanduil25 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Need two words added to the autoban filter. Flying and Que Please help keep our forums clean.Nyshant2 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Which character should I boost? i have $60 to spend and i was going to buy a lvl 90 boost and wanted to know which class i should boost, or if you have any other ideas of what i could do with $60Drakluz1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Flying to Stormshield Why is it flagging us?Jacara8 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 waddya think about the xpac so far? okay this thread is not for posting about your angers and crap about stupid stuff, id like to know what people think about the content of the xpact, i don't give a hoot weather your having server problems or not i still have no idea whats actually in the xpac, what kind of quest line excetera. ill be buying the xpac on the 1st, that way i hopefully miss the server issues :)Iamstormwind36 Nov 16, 2014