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Nov 14, 2014 Taking bets on OVER 9000 Taking bets on which server is going to be OVER 9000! first. I just saw Tich at 8200ish and Illidan was at 8100 before that. POST IT HERE FIRSTBrainpain1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Resub So this is the expansion that is suppose to bring back those millions of subscribers who have left Wow. I wonder if in Asia they will have these problems; the game is growing there and they have committed money and resources to that growth. Here they have cut back and instituted multiple programs to cut back on server costs. Is this what we have to look forward to from Blizzard?Micheil0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 free 90 boost if u dont play for 3 days Its simple you don't log onto your account tell Monday blizzard should offer you a free lvl 90 boost. Hopefully this will convince people not to log on for a few days so we can get people in and out of the Que lines and starting areas. OR The longer your offline the more you get rested. To help the players that cant play catch up.Demoshzer5 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 heirloom tab Where is the heirloom tab? We want the heirloom tab. I don't see the heirloom tab. Am I looking in the wrong place for the heirloom tab? You said there would be an heirloom tab. We have a "toy box" tab... What we WANT is an heirloom tab. When will we get the heirloom tab?Chërry5 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Queue Went from being 1000ish, had a 50 minute wait. Went to the gym and grabbed chipotle. Came back home about 5 minutes prior to me logging in. IT LOGGED ON! WOOT! Tried clicking on my toon .. Didn't log on. Tried other toons .. Didn't log in. Refreshed and back to 3k queue. THANKS OBAMA.Garunix6 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 WoW parent-player problems... Got home from work, wife said "You should loggin now before you guys (my 2 1/2 year old daughter and I) start playing. Queues are horrible." Okay I say, so I log in and get in queue. That was at 3pm. Now, about 4 hours later, I was at the number 33 position. I think the little one is watching tv and playing her shapes game on the ipad so I go get food for a minute. Come back to find her at the computer, pushing buttons on the keyboard. Then she double taps "Esc". I told her I hate her and she just laughs. =/Esonigh5 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 I would rather them take down all servers And fix it and relaunch. Not going to get butthurt over a game but i was excited to play when I got home. :(Bombsauce16 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 And... "Lots of hotfixes in test to resolve a number of quest issues. Sorry for the delay, but we need to thoroughly test them internally 1st." 5hrs ago via twitter. It's called open beta. which you guys are too hip to do apparently.Nebekinezzar0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Wrath of Gronn.... Officially the most annoying quest I, personally, have had the displeasure of attempting to complete in WoW. This is nearly impossible with so many people flooding the area. Been sitting here for an hour now and I'm 1/3 of freed Gronns... Brutal.Zephor0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Hey guys. Let's reinvent our architecture... So we can constantly have issues like we just released. WTF is in charge of quality control over there? You should find her and see if her grandkid will take the job.Gobledore0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Every Single Server = Locked? uh oo Was very surprised to see every U.S. server is locked even the really really dead servers are locked... I knew the hype was real, but not this real. What do you do in this situation unmerge servers lol? No but seriously this is crazy!!!Vallandrine0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Q times You would think after 10 years of development, Blizz would have learned something. I am not a programmer, but it just boggles my mind how after all these years we still have que times. I am currently 500 something in que on Alleria. I do realize though after a week or so things will calm back down and the que times will most likely disappear. This is just my two cents.Arac0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 China has attacked Blizzard Kung Pow.Ópium0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Been trying to play for the past 5 hours. Queues start at around 4k. When I finally reach something like 2k, disconnected. Then, back to the start of the queue. EVERY. TIME. Just happened the fourth time now. I mean, I'm doing my things while the queue roll, so I'm not actively waiting, still, after 5 hours I have finished what i had to do for today and still no log in. Absurd, after 10 years, how can they launch something like this?Luxïs1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Youtube VID Check it out its funny but true... Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Locked Server, bro's. So I think that I kick so much A that they specifically locked MY server connection, so they metaphorically locked away the beast! Na, but is this happening to everyone?Spòóky1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Got DC, and now I'm I'm 6,200th in queue.... Thought there was supposed to be a 5 minute window? Why did I just get kicked and then when I entered my info, get put at 6200? WTF Blizz.. This is the WORST launch yet! Where are the free server transfers? This is ridiculous that we should have to wait hours and hours to play a game.. not all of us have all the time in the world to play this gameLyssiana9 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Can someone explain to me DDoS on Blizzard? I don't really have a good understanding of how DDoS works I think. I read a quick wikipedia article about it once and it said that basically the attacker sends a bunch of packets to overwhelm the bandwith of the target, but I have only taken csci 1 so I really have no idea. How hard is it to be DDoSing blizzard? Is that practical? I feel like that's crazy. Can someone explain how this works to me?Viscodisco15 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 4800 positions in que Area 52 Gotta love launch day.Erik20 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 what game you playing while waiting for que Title says it all what other game are you playing waiting in line for this one. Mine is ps4 madden 15Israeli0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Time for new servers / Free transfers Blizzy We really need to see a few new servers with free transfers, Blizz. This would alleviate a lot of the angst.Death8 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Queue time keep on going up after 39 MIN I have been super excited when I pre ordered this expansion and now when the time came to play. Queue time is fine by me but I have been waiting for past 49 Min and it keeps on fluctuation and going up instead. Is there an END to this queue. Why don't they allow free Migration from high population to low pop. Must I pay more $$$ to transfer the character to low population . This is what its at Right now after 39 min in RL no this broken Blizzard timer.Semantr3 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 The dwarves in my garrison do nothing but drink.Yapcheng0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Not playable Is there an ETA? As it sits 12 people per server get to enjoy this farce.Cutthroat0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 I think Metallica and Axed Taxi's Was a much better expenditure than preparing the servers for this inevitable !@#$ storm.Synith1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Unable to access Shadowmoon Valley Khadgar will not teleport me to Shadowmoon Valley. I am stuck on the docks in Tanaan Jungle. Help plz!Pälädin1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Sooo Are there really No New spells from 90-100? when I had logged in for a few mins, I saw nothing new in my spell book (greyed out) like ones you will get when you get to that lvl, they took away SOOO much I figured we get a few things back or perhaps some new spells. Also im still 600/600 in all my trades, I had thought that went to 700? I see the new Talents at 100 (that's nice) but again only 3 major/minor Glyph slots still?? Im asking all the people who can play since I cant atm:DTinkabrat0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Dc'd >.< What a piss off. Bin playing for a few hours leveling all is good then bam Dc'd and number 3326 in queueDur0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Position in que 5549....... Looks like i wont be playing wod tonight. i shouldnt of logged.....damnitTurbø0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Solution to the server issues We need to get a Shaman into the server room and cast Bloodlust. 30% haste should help the servers at least a little bit, right? :DLynarraiel4 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Lower Cap is kicking players to back of line Please look into this. Twice now I've been online leveling(since midnight) and each time I've been kicked to back of line the even with instant logging back in.Viper0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 aider moi svp ces urgent je vien de m'acheter l'extension du jeux et je ne peut pas entrer la clé qui est dans la boiteBlackwidowfr0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 This is totally wrong So as if everything that is wrong was not bad enough, I decided to leave my que....started at 2500, left at 1100 after 2 hrs of waiting. I was will give Blizzard more of my money and transfer one of my toons to a lower pop server. Instead of working smoothly, I got the MIDDLE FINGER again from Blizz...I tried all my toons and it said they were ON-LINE. WFT, non of the toons were on line and the game was shut down. So feeling very defeated, I log back on to both my accounts again....this time at 4300 que...are you !@#$ing kidding meMadcherokee0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Blueprint/Profess Quest: Can I get diff one? I just started back up and had the wrong profession. I had Gem crafting and wanted skinning. So after I got the quest for my Draenor Gem Crafting and garrison building blueprint, I abandoned it and picked up skinning. Now when I return I still get the Gem Crafting Quest and cant get the Skinning one. Will I have another chance at getting the Draenor Skinning?Tiphoon0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Well then... After a 90 minute wait and then getting disconnected and force to get into the queue again... I-it's not like I wanted to play anyways... Baka...Suolis18 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 If you took off Thursday and Friday Will you play tomorrow or avoid the game?Beentipped1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Queue times How is it I am going backwards in queue's when it is basically just a line?Zaloe35 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Server Merges Now Suck Glad to see server merges now have every server locked because the immense amount of people logged in. Glad to see I can't log in and my 15$/month hard at work...Mårb2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 6700 queue on Tichondrius. I think we win. What's everybody else's?Grayjoy73 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Mal'Ganis Crashing I spent 2 1/2 hours in que and Mal'Ganis Just crashed...Shadlows2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Queue times wa baby, whaaaa! I'm on a very high population server (Area 52). I have not been able to play my main because of server problems and the long queues. As a result, here's what I didn't do: Cry like a little, spoiled, infantile brat. Nope. I logged on my second (Drenden), which had no wait times. I had fun leveling my second. I figure some time tonight I will get to play my main. If not, no big deal. You are aware that they've had a few bugs and even a denial of service attack, yes? Here's a Weird Al video for all of the pubescent, diaper-wearing babies: Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 DC before i can even log in I am sitting in que and get down to about 300 people left and then I get disconnected... what is going on?Xemnu0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Paying for a product I can not use. I am paying a monthly fee for a product I can not use. Will there be compensation (free game time) for the many many hours I am unable to log into the game? You allowed me to choose and play on the server, (Tichondrius) I expect access to it in a reasonable amount of time. A 10 hour wait is not reasonable. Would you wait 10 hours in front of a machine for anything? Of course not. No mention of free transfers, no mention of game time compensation. Blizzard do you care about your many customers? We are customers, and you are a profit driven public company. So far there is no response except telling us you are limiting access to something we pay for. If its limited, don't sell it. Its that simple. If you can't meet the demand don't take my money.Redophelia17 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Dwarf Thread Beard on, my brethren. Dwarfs only.Worusk8 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Not even kidding blizzard but.. I would have much rather had some lag then NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY ON LAUNCH DAY because you decided to bottleneck all the servers. This is absurd. I've been in a +5000 queue on Tich for the last 5 hours. I JUST WANT TO PLAY BLIZZARD!Kkqt1 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Looking for new server! I've been looking to get back into WoW for a few days now and figured that with the release of Warlords of Dreanor now is the time to do it. However I was playing on Tichondrius before which is a very over populated realm. Rather than deal with the current queue times and frustrating latency when raiding on prime nights, I've decided to pick a new server start fresh. But which server should I chose? I'm rolling alliance and looking for a pvp server in the eastern time zone with a medium population and more horde than alliance. The server also needs to have enough activity that I can join a social/raiding guild without to much trouble. To me the population of the server doesn't matter as much as having a good raiding culture does. Thanks for your suggestions (:Constructive0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Queue Priority? - I play a lot. Can't play tonight. The queue is like 4000+ - My friend hardly ever plays. Literally 4-5 hours a month. SKIPS THE QUEUE, gets right in.. - Is there some sort of subtle queue priority going on here? I don't mind, just curious.Malrak0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Population Locked Not a QQ, I just don't quite understand what this means. I logged out on an Ally Alt that I was leveling last night and when I tried to get on when I returned home from work to get into line the game put me into queue for my alt's server. I wanted to switch to my Primary server but they're locked. When I click on my primary realm it tells me "Logging in to game server". Am I in a queue that I cannot see or can we not switch servers at all? Since there seem to be no blues responding in Support or Gen Discussion I thought I'd just ask the players. :o)Llothvenia4 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 What number are you in que! I just finished a 4500 que to get into the game, get immediately DCed and thrown behind a que of 6500 people. What number are you guys in que?ßetric0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 the game kicks me off and 998 poeple in que I don't want to wait over a hour to play at night because you overload your servers, That and the que is going up more then down. If I'm in que to join shouldn't the que number always be going down. It going from 990 to waiting a while to get 950 and I check back and I'm back up to 980... Why would you ever let the servers get this over populated...Lilisong0 Nov 14, 2014