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Feb 8, 2014 Moonkin lore Is their any lore that tells the player where moonkin come from? or what moonkin are about? anything like that?Suijinn5 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Rainy Day Saving Fund, Days 6 and 7 Well, it is hard to believe, but it has been a week so far. I've been working hard on saving resources for that rainy day in the future, when the something NEXT x-pac comes out. It is a HUGE grind so far, as I have been focusing on mining, but it us all worth it. I got side tracked last night with a raid, and I then realized how little time I've spent grinding resources, as compared to standing in front of a raid boss. Seriously, the amount of time I've spent standing in front of a raid boss, must be MAN-Weeks by now. If I could have put HALF that time into mining, I'd have to roll secret banker alts to hold the smelted bars! Now, I'm speaking cryptically, but in my endeavors, I'm starting my mining from scratch, so I've been going through all of the steps, like first copper, then iron, silver, and recently gold, and this one toon I'm using is level one too, so no flying or even a mount yet. So it is slow, very slow. That said, when I come back NEXT week, I'll probably still be THIGH HIGH in gathering resources from mining. Hopefully by then, I'll have figured a way to cryptically relate my other resources, I've been gatheringNoixi0 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 CRZ Normal Raiding Are there any plans to allow people from various different servers to be able to raid together? Currently, I know that many of us are in full Flex gear hoping to do Normal raiding but lack guilds. The other day I tried doing a Normal SoO with my buddies from Ragnaros (thank you, CRZ, for allowing me to become friends with such nice people), but I couldn't because we're from different servers. I would really like to be able to do this.Halsaet3 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Question about lvl 90 character boost Does anyone know if the free lvl 90 character boost with the purchase of the game HAS to be used on the account that received it or can it be used on a second account?Morasta5 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 What's the ETA on fixing Alliance Racials? All the top PVPers are Horde. All the top PVE guilds roll Horde. Why? The racials. It's quite simple actually. Racials like berzerking, blood fury, and Will of the Forsaken just make Horde too good at everything. Alliance are dwindling in numbers with every patch. More and more hardcore guilds are staying horde or xferring off of alliance. What's in it for you blizzard? The transfer money? The game is going to be really sour if this goes unnoticed. I want to play alliance again and feel proud of my faction.Animebabe44 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Just wondering... I have played WoW for so long that I started to think about it. Why blizzard didn't start adding the ability to trade anything between only your toons or characters on your account. Why this haven't started before or now? Was there problem with it before. Kinda wondering because I have orc horde player who have full profession and can make gold about 1k but I can't give my gold to my Alliance character so he can use it to get gems and etc for PvP. It kinda annoyed me but I just want to know why they didn't added it yet? Well now they added BoA or BoP to be shared easily or used easily but what about others as well with gold, items, armor, or xmog. (btw if anyone who is a troller telling me that they can make a lots of gold and think I'm stupid, well I'm not a YouTuber nor a waste time spending/farming gold guy. I do PvP for fun so i really don't care about gold, only use it for gems, enchants, and PvP sets.)Warboar2 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 How to make gold: end of expansion? I'd love to know people's tips on making gold at this state of the expansion. I'm having a hard time! I haven't made good, fast gold since transmog came out (and I made tons then, but now that market is very slow and things don't sell for as much). Now I mostly farm and sell pets, but that is a slow market as well. Most players have all that stuff already. Any professions still viable? I have herb, alch, mining, eng. I'd like to avoid the JC & ore undercutting game.. I don't want to spend that much time on the AH. Thanks!Thetimeless3 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Flex was not what I expected. Evening everyone, with flex now out for a little bit, this post may seem out of date but it's how i view it. When I first heard about the idea for flex raiding, I was excited. I had thought that it would allow people in small guilds/groups of friends get into a version of a raid with the people they had. They wouldn't be stressed or have to deal with the drama of finding people to fill slots/deciding who had to sit how. Now this did happen.. if you were 10+ people. I had the idea of being able to do it with 6-8 people. Too many for a dungeon but too few for a raid. Yes I am aware that you can do older raids of this expansion with 6-8 people, but I had the idea of being able to do a version of current content with that number. I, personally, only want to raid causally with my friends, no set time/schedule to keep, no drama about loot or whatever. Just a small group of friends having fun. A reason why I 'retired' per-say from regular raiding. And yes you can use Oqueue/other methods to fill slots but to me that's just like LFR. Grouping up with random people who I don't care about and will most likely never see again. But yeah, Flex is great for the people who want to transition into a raiding guild, but for me it's not what I expected it to be.Igoricus6 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Post if you want Gnome Hunters It might be too late for this expansion, but maybe they might listen to us next expansion if enough threads are made.Teckgnomeage46 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Why ima gonna quit wow... Because I'm not, this game is great lolololol.Myndarlegur3 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Better PvP Heirlooms? Does Blizzard have any plans to add any more PvP heirlooms? I never understood why there were only weapons and shoulders but no chest pieces.Kazus2 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 A fun idea for ganking (game suggestion) I have come up with an idea for a new game system that addresses the ganking issue on pvp servers while at the same time being a fun pvp experience for both sides. If a player of one faction kills a player of the other faction who is lower level than them, the killer will receive a 10-minute debuff. This debuff does nothing on its own at first, but stacks with each such kill made. At a stack of 3, the killer will become unable to fly. At a stack of 5, they become visible to all players as a blue dot (for alliance) or a red dot (for horde) on both the minimap and world map, and be unable to use their hearthstone. Also at this point, any opposing faction members of their level or higher who kill the offending player will obtain a daily quest that can be turned in at any capital city for a bag that contains gold, some honor points, and on rare occasions a class/spec-appropriate piece of honor-level pvp gear. Any further applications of the debuff will extend its duration by one minute each. Being killed by the opposing faction will completely remove the debuff. This system should disincentivize ganking by anybody who isn't explicitly looking for trouble. Any ganker who happens to be in a group, joins a group, or creates a group will spread the debuff to their party members, no matter where they are. If any party members are in the same zone, they must all be dead at the hands of the opposing faction at the same time for the opposing faction players to receive the daily quest and for their debuff to be removed. The dots on the maps will also show the number of players in the party when moused over. The idea here is one or more people can decide to go marauding through a low level zone and cause enough trouble to attract high-level people of the other faction to a fight. Furthermore grouping up is safer and more fun than going solo. Other players can see their enemies to do the daily, they can also see their allies to assist them in the fights. Edit: Changed the title to be less assumptive.Imoen58 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Hunter aquatic pets Wouldn't it be nice for a hunter to be able to tame a SHARK?!Eliil35 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Conspiracy!!!! dont panic but i know whose behind all the server and forum problems!!! its the undead male undead they are planning to take over wow listen carefully heres the proof!! it all started with tuesday maintenance i dont know if you know it you know it but male undead came up with the idea to turn off wow on tuesday mornings!! they saw all the QQ they caused and they wanted more power!! so the male undead came up with a bad plan!! first they tortured Crabby who had lots of info on the forums and they learned how to make it so the armory poses were made for you so you cant control your pictures which weakened everybody!! then they made male undead avatars zoom in super close so they could spy on every body for a while and they got stronger but they turned it off because people were getting suspicious and they werent ready to invade yet!! then they turned everybody into a shadow for a while every body was weaker except undead because they love the shadows!! they were about to melt all the shadows that werent undead and turn people into a clone army but then something bad happened to their plans!! Crabby escaped and sacrificed himself to destroy most of the shadows and his death shocked Ghostcrawler because Crabby is his spirit animal so Ghostcrawler had to leave wow!! Crabbys ghost watches the bugs on the launcher now which lets Ghostcrawler live!! they also shrunk the avatars of everybody all around!!! but the male undead didnt stop there no!! they invaded Blizzard when the gms were taking a break and they possessed the servers!! they were trying to shut them down to make more QQ and they succeeded for a while until the gms defeated them!! now they are trying to turn off wow again so i say watch out fight the male undead and dont be fooled!! good luck!!!!Burpyfeet27 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Just wanted to say Have a great day! and remember stay classy! :)Figgan6 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Anybody want to do " RAF " with me? Not sure if allowed to ask here but. If I'm allowed. Anybody interested?Eurothemist5 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 Gnome Shamans - Request A Feature via Forums This Thread has been Un-deleted - Thank you BlizzardCS @ Twitter and GM's (Live Support) and Any Forum Admins involved. First off - This isn't To Spam/Troll/ or anything other negative actions. This is for conversation relating a feature I would like to see implemented. As informed by a GM, you can submit a feature request either by talking about it on the forums or the Submit a feature in game. I find that forum conversation tends to go more noticed, and brings out more people to converse on the subject than submitting a feature request in-game. You get a more leveled more detailed argument on both sides. Therefore I have elected to talk about this on the forums. I will not bump my subject, but will reply to replies. Just so you know, I Dislike every Alliance shaman race/ look at the moment. I would like to see Gnome Shamans or Even Human Shamans! (Gnome preferred) Argument for Gnome Shamans – Request A Feature via Forums – We need a forum category just for Dead Horse topics, including gnome class options–Kazgrik A: Doesn't that tell Blizzard something? Like - Hum... Maybe they should implement it? There is a rather large post by JuJu and a sectioned off Reply by myself. Please read down to that. More at top of Page 2. (Deleted for some reason) Sadly, all the good arguments were deleted. Luckily I have a back-up of some of it! Reasoning why Shamans Should be added to the Gnome Class: Let's break things down a bit. Of the various classes Gnomes lack, the biggest outcry comes for adding Shamans, Hunters, and/or Paladins. And I strongly believe the best possibility for a new Gnome class would be Shamans. Between Warriors, DK's, and Monks, we don't really need another tanking-capable class, even if Holy-spec would lower a bit of demand on the Priests, so that drops odds for Paladins, if not outright removes them from the running. We totally lack any form of mail-using class whatsoever, so there's a big bonus in favor of Hunters and Shamans, if only for the sake of expanding transmog looks, LOL. With only seven classes (the lowest amount of all races), three of which being pure-DPS types (rogues, mages, and warlocks), and two of those being ranged attackers, adding a fourth DPS-only ranged class to make fully half of our already-limited class choices pure-DPS seems all sorts of redundant. Plus, the small stature of our hated rivals, the Goblins, kills the jokes about "eaten by pet" and such. Either way, down go the Hunter odds. As Shamans have Restoration spec, this would also expand the race's healing capabilities and raid versatility. Another mark in favor of Shamans. And the finishing-blow is this: Goblins have proven it is possible to use technology (and in their case, legalese trickery) to utilize the powers of the Elements without the typical spiritualism and worshipful reverence normally shown by the other races who have a Shaman class. And since Gnomes and Goblins have been rivals since literally the pre-WoW days, it makes perfect sense that there could be a group of Gnomes somewhere, studying the nature of the elemental studying the nature of the elemental powers and how to harness them, in what basically amounts to "anything you can do, I can do better". Plus, steam-and-clockwork techno-totems! Trainers referred to as "Environmental Engineer"! GNOMISH CHAIN LIGHTNING! What's not to love? I had quotes from some people previously, sadly I no longer have your names so I can re-quote you for credit. Sorry!Subzzero59 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 need someone to play with yes i know I'm a noob. i need someone to play with to help me get the ropes of the game. i am an orc on the horde. il give more info if someone is interested.Askatorin0 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 To retain a shadow of reforging in WoD I've been mulling around with the idea of keeping reforging in WoD without making it a big necessity. This way would also utilise the Jewelcrafting profession. Basically, certain pieces would have the option of a Reforge Socket. This would let you choose a secondary stat and socket it to take an amount of said secondary stat off and reforge it to the one of your choice. With secondary stats being completely random on drop in WoD, this would be a measure for both upgrades that last until better itemised pieces drop, and to make gear with tertiary stats or fresh sockets (those already planned) that aren't itemised as well as one would like be more appealing. It would also create business for Jewelcrafters that can potentially balance out the costs of a fresh socket.Eschatonin2 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 8, 2014 I...don't think this is normal. That whole bar is screwed up for me. I can't even click my character list to change them. When I try clicking the little arrow it just takes me straight to my character profile.Innoçençe4 Feb 8, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 I don't like the new way of customer help. Today I am not happy with this new way of asking GMs for help. The reason is simple, last week (I play mostly on the weekends due to screen time rules, which makes lvling slower for me) when I was in uldum in the underground tomb where the quest giver harrison jones was about to give me a quest with will show a cutscene in the tomb (the part where the statues fall off), he suddenly despawned out of thin air, I was frantically looking for him all over the tomb. When I was worried it was a bug, i made a ticket to a gm to fix this issue. Almost instantly when I submitted the ticket, jones respawned and offered the cutscene! I was rejoced and I did the cutscene and following quest and then when I was done I hearthed to the tol'vir village and logged out to wait until today. When I logged in, my character was in the aftermath of a cutscene where jones rides a plane or something and that I didn't got into that part yet! I looked into my ticket and saw that a gm mistakenly thought I was referring to the plane cinematic were I referring to the tomb one! I quickly sent another ticket saying that he/she made a mistake and ask to revert back into the tol'vir quest. When i submitted this ticket, I realized on how terrible this new customer support system is, I mean ever since that new system was implemented I had to wait for days for my ticket to be responded and solved and that I didn't even reply or noticed that my ticket has fixed until even more days later! (due to school and after school activities) and I remember how the older system actually took several minutes to wait rather than days (though rarely a few hours, but hey it beats 24-48 hrs), and that the gm is actually there to interact with you to see if there's other problems, not just waiting for 48 straight hours to see if he/she replied. Blizzard has done some amazing things, but there are a few "if aint broken don't fix it" issues that they introduced. P.S. this is not a qq thread, its a thread that needs to explain the few issues that blizzy created and can fix.Dirona18 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 The Armory poses Considering how long it has been this way, I doubt anything will come from asking, and I am sure it's been asked before, but anyway... I miss when the armory allowed us to take snapshots of our own characters so we could have them appear a certain way. It was a great feature that didn't last very long to my memory. I don't know why it was removed to begin with, but I'd love to see it come back.Brinz23 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 I need suggestions for my mog? I've been working on this transmog for a few days now. I've done all of the raids that are required for the pieces and some of them just seem a little impractical. In second thought I also think the shoes definitely need to be changed because they look atrocious. Any suggestions on white boots/gold boots/both? Would like a recommendation on gloves too. Ignore the hair, skin and face as it is irrelevant to my character.Sesrun4 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Weird Nighttime Stormwind Transition Anyone ever notice that the Northeastern part of Stormwind (where the Pandaria teleport is) is considered Elwynn Forest? Anyone notice how at nighttime Stormwind looks like night but when you go near that portal (and are officially in Elwynn) or go just outside the Stormwind gates that all of a sudden the lighting looks like daytime?Maelset0 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Why am I black? My avatar is black, what is going on?Robert5 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Items to be made: No Longer Attainable It appears I already have the Haunting Call, say why not make it no longer attainable due to the really low 0.3% drop rate, coming from Naxx it would be really awesome if it followed the Ashbringer drop out fashion. Would be much appreciated!Insorn16 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Whats your favorite Warlock Race? I'm debating creating a Warlock next and I know these days "racials" really aren't that significant. I was curious as to what everyone favorite Warlock race is and why? Even if its just a cosmetic based answer. I'm thinking either Worgen or Human.Thogad34 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 druids Hey my guildie told me to post this cuz he said blizzard listins sometimes so we were thinkin that instead of the cat form you should replace it with a raptor for trolls, a hyena for tauren, a wolf for worgen, and a panther for night elfs...or just change the travel form like that cuz it just looks a little bit offSpookyy16 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Sets you're sick of seeing Rogues in Bloodfang set with Gloaming Blades. Stop it.Rika294 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Please fix the Knowledge base/ticket browser I submitted a ticket yesterday and got a response, and it's very noticeable that I did with the pop up (and I like that), what I don't like is the browser to see this doesn't load it.... at all. I cant connect to the ticket so the pop up is always there. Please fix this so the pop up with go away, I preferred the old system but I'm not complaining about that, just that this one will not load my ticket response... or anything for that matter.Tyrion0 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 When is SoO normal getting nerfed? I'd like to start by saying I've already killed garrosh on both 10 and 25man normal. My main is 2/14H and I was wanting to start up a casual run on my Monk here. However, until I get my monk's 10man team together I'll have no idea what they're actually capable of until we go try on the 21st. As I thought about getting ready to enter on my little healer here I remembered back to ICC and DS10 where over time the instance itself got nerfed. Players did 10% more damage to the boss or the bosses dealt 10% less damage and had 10% less health. It was done to ToT (I believe) and I was wondering if they're going to be doing it to SoO as well, and if so, when?Suppress14 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Clarification of Boost to 90 please. I understand the basics of the boost to 90. A way for new or returning players to return to the game and be able to jump into the end game content quickly. I do think its a good idea but I, like just about every player, have my concerns. Now, I already understand that there are multiple threads like this but I can't seem to find the answers I am looking for through the forums or through google, so I am asking here. My first question is how are players going to learn the class if they don't level through lower level zones? Yes, it is possible to learn at 90 but I personally don't look forward to running a dungeon with a resto druid who spams Healing Touch over and over and nothing else cause they don't know any better. I have heard various answers to this but nothing I hear or read completely answers this. My next question is will there be a limit to how many 90 boosts one can buy per account? I personally feel that there should be. I don't think its right for someone just starting to be able to buy 4 or 5 90's or more when they may not fully even grasp the game and its features yet. Another questions is will there be any prerequisite to buying a boost to 90's? Maybe like having to have a level 55 before making a DK you should have to have two level 90's before your purchase a boost for another toon or have had an active subscription for 'XX' number of days. If anyone has any other concerns or questions please post. If anyone answer the answer please post.Kittenss1 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 What if Doubleagent changed race? If Doubleagent changed race would he still be on the island? For those not familiar, Doubleagent is the guy leveling to 90 in the Pandaren starting zone.Aleflusher14 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Frostwolf Clan rep What is the best way to get exalted with this faction? Winning AVs is a challenge in and of itself with how AV is now and the Horde refusing to play it correctly.Daudus12 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 i have two questions 1. how is that one guy 8 feet tall 2. why is the other dude 12 feet tallBelievex18 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Where Did I Go?? <------------------------Alvedious20 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Delete thread /endResthor10 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 PVP (but only at 90) Servers Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I kind of like the idea. - Levelling to 90 just as fast as on a PVE server, with no frustrating gankity gank. - Still being able to world PVP at 90. I know there are some drawbacks (which will undoubtedly be mentioned below) and I have no idea how this would be implemented, but what do you all think?Myndarlegur8 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Timeless Isle Armor Drop Rates Hi all - Recently hit 90 and have been trying to upgrade my gear on TI. Initially I was getting good drop rates on the bosses and chests and was able to almost fully upgrade my drood for both feral spec and balance spec. My problem is that now the drop rate has dropped down to almost zero and I am sitting on 4 Burden of Eternity's with no 'unclicked' armor to upgrade! I will get an occasional mail, plate or cloth piece but almost no leather and it's getting a bit frustrating - grrrrrr. I know the drops in the raids that I will soon be doing are even better than the TI armor but it *would* be nice to be able to use the burdens that i've collected. Is it me or does the drop rate really decrease as your iLvl increases? Has anyone else run into this problem and if so what did you do about it? Can I wear lower iLvl armor to "force" higher drop rates for instance? Thanks much as always - ItchyItchynutrack26 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Hello Azeroth!! So! Recently I started something I thought would be fun. On my realm emerald dream I started an all monk guild called <Monastery of Celestials> and I am currently trying to build up my numbers by recruiting and such! A little info about the guild: -We are RP friendly! While RPing is not a requirement, we strongly support it and this is a good place to safely partake. -we plan to PvP as well as PvE at endgame! Yes this means I want to run all monk arenas, rbgs, and raids! -one more strong thing we want to do is set an alliance with an all druid guild on the same realm! We are currently recruiting anybody! Want to join with your main? How about an alt? Doesnt matter, we will take you in and help you out in any way possible! If you are interested please add my b tag, or add my monk Momau on emerald dream! We hope to see many new faces in the near future!Momau9 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Dwarves and Gnomes are the backbone of the... Dwarves and Gnomes are the backbone of the Alliance. We are the reasons things get made and places get explored. Without Gnomes and Dwarves the Alliance would still be running around Elwynn Forest naked.Resthor17 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Does the Unbound water elemental growl? O_o I don't mean growl as in taunt, I mean have a sound effect of growling. I swear ever since I used the glyph to turn my elemental into an Unbound Elemental, it makes a growling noise every now and then. Is it all in my head?Cindyanne5 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 The downside of dps/hps meters Hey, Last night during a fight on General Nazgrim, we were only able to beat him after he went into Beserk mode. i reviewed our logs for the fight and notice one thing... Our high end dps were single targeting the boss without ever attacking the adds (except on defense stance). To me it seems more and more that people are so focus on getting the high dps numbers that they are forgetting/ignoring the main mechanics of the fight. Has anyone else notice that dpshps numbers are peoples primary focus instead of how to best help the raid team?Newfierogue20 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 idea for pvp gear drops just my own thoughts There is a constant issue in pvp of under geared players join a battle then go hide in a corner somewhere. Cause even if they fight they are going to die cause they have no gear. Noone buys pvp gear in AH so having us leather workers make it is useless there is little profit in it anyways better to just sell the leather. Anyways here is my idea. Random pvp gear drops in a pvp battle when you kill an opponent. Gear based on level and what type battle etc. Maybe even a roll coin given out by a pvp quest much like they do for raids. or even after so many kills in battle you can roll for a drop chance. So, another way to get gear not based on the group winning the battle but on the individuals participation in the battle. Of course keep the incentives to win as well encouraging a willingness to win. This would encourage participation in the battle instead of hiding and hoping you get conquest points if the group wins. Currently, the best way to gear up is just run arenas over and over for conquest points doing battles especially random battles not rated is not going to get anyone geared any time soon.Dochartagh5 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Looking for best RP realm for new guild. Hello everyone! Me and a few of my current guild mates are looking to create an ALL GNOME guild in an RP realm but I'm not sure which to choose. Any ideas for me? It will most likely be low on the RP but still active enough to have loads of fun! Any suggestions?Hydrocodonne15 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Now I understand... I get now why no new races or classes coming in WoD. Maybe they could just open up some more class combos then :)Pestilence4 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 The search is over! I have found my long long long lost cousin! Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Hey, WoW music guys!! Let's talk turkey. And by turkey, I mean floating islands over a sea of green Nagrand turkey. Just a thought I happened to have this afternoon. I was thinking about how WOD is going to have us going back to Outlands (in a manner of speaking), and how the ore names should be. For example, we might have Draenor Iron, True Adamantium, and Pure Khorium - that is, the pre-corrupted versions of those ores (and the Outland versions could be thought of as what happened to them after the world went boom - Feliron being Draenor Iron that was enfused with Fel magics, and Khorium and Adamantium that were likewise diminished - hence weaker - than these forms.) And see, when I think of Khorium and Adamantite in WoW, I think of Nagrand. ...and when I think of Nagrand, I think of Nagrand's music. Seeing the connection yet? Let me press on: Nagrand is one of my favorite places in all of WoW. The green, gently rolling planes, the trickling waterfalls from small floating islands, the calming sky by day or by night... ...and the peaceful music. Well, outside of that horrendous beastly slug (in music form) that plays whenever you wonder too close to Gauradar. (What? I'm both a musical and visual person - all songs have a visual representation in my mind, Guaradar's is that of a giant, slimy slug. And while I accepted that in Hellfire at Thrallmar, it was off-putting in Nagrand. :p) Ahem. Anyway, I've heard that the sound guys want to do something with sound effects akin to magic visuals. Like how a Fireball, Wrath, Shadow Bolt, and Lightning Bolt are all so pleasingly distinct visually you can even tell which is which by the color of the caster's hands while they're charging it, that the sound team wants to do something similar with the sound effects. This is because of how much people realize sound can be tied to memory. ...which brings me to my point... Even having not actually gone to Nagrand in the game in...probably close to 2 years now, just thinking about Khorium has me thinking of the Nagrand song, which has me thinking of rolling green hills under an enchanting, hauntingly broken sky. I love that. And I want that to stay. So here is my request: . KEEP THE NAGRAND SONG THE SAME. Oh, spruce it up for 2014/5, for Warlords, but keep the theme. Keep the instrumentation and the melody. I WANT to hear that song again when I first get to that zone. I want it to be linked to those rolling hills the same way it was to those floating islands. My FIRST memory of WoW is my roommate at the time mining on a floating island and how much I wanted to play this game and go to that place. I implore you to give us that music once more. Pretty please? :)Arthinas5 Feb 7, 2014
Feb 7, 2014 Female worgen faces, and other animals Dear Blizzard, Since you are going to be fixing the other races, I thought I would point something out to you. The facial expression you gave all female worgen is not one that exists in the lupine kingdom. An wolf does not show its back teeth without showing its front teeth. At best, it looks like part of her lip and gum is missing. I know it was supposed to be a threat display, to make her look fierce, but perhaps you should have looked up canine facial expressions first. Also, since no other race is in a constant state of threatening/being threatened, I do not understand why worgen needed a constant, fixed threat display. As for the other animals with a similar "fake snarl" I would say the same thing. Bear and the small wolves are the worst offenders. It does not look threatening. If anything, they appear they are about to be sick. I wish I could post you a diagram of facial expressions in animals. The closest any of them come to the worgen/wolf/bear expression is one of extreme fear, but even then the front teeth are showing. At some point, would you please fix this?Kintsugi5 Feb 7, 2014