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1d Unlocking World quests So to unlock world quests you have to be 110 and have every single legion faction rep at friendly or above. So does that mean for every character I level I have to do loremaster of legion and finish all quests in all legion zones? I was hoping I could level my alts through dungeons with friends.Erodan20 1d
1d Looking for Friends ;-; Hai ^-^ I'm kind of getting lonely just with my 2 discord friends, so I'm looking for more people to hang out with when they are offline. I do just about anything in game except PvP and heavy raiding. My main is a 910 ilvl Prot paly, I love to go mining and spam dungeons :D Btag: Psycha#11388 Server: StormragePsychà25 1d
1d Dear Community I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm rude and mean to people in trade. Or use the Dalaran crater portal to port ppl asking for a portal. I don't mean to be rude and mean but sometimes you make it to easy. Like every Tuesday some one says "where is my mythic chest reward?" At like 9am est. The resst doesn't happen until 11am est. Idiots. Anyway I'm sorry for being a bell end. I'll try and be better. And if people could stop blaming raid wipes on dps when clearly the tanks were bad or the heals were bad that would be dope. So. Like this one time we did the things and wiped and they said it's the dps but the tanks were drunk and swaped at 2.5 stacks instead of 5 and we wiped and they blamed the dps. Also there is no cream in cookies and cream. I'm sorry for being a meanie and I'll try and be nice. Also I'don't like some people to run some raids with. You need 999 ilvl and to have beaten the raid on mythic on the ptr. That's stupid right ? Lol group finder be like that. My local Mexican restaurant canceled taco Tuesdays. I'm sure all of your mom's are lovely and I'm sorry if I said anything about them. I love wow and I love you too. Ps....lfr kj is too easy.Auroraglade5 1d
1d Trial of style queing Like I get it. It's for fun its a micro holiday not that important but it really does suck getting qued into 5 people all from the same realm and guild - knowing you've got no shot as they will vote their friends up. Has happened 4 times already to me tonight - even when it's not all 5 people from the same realm - once it was 3 and still all three were up there in some form of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.Celerly1 1d
1d Workaround for Greymane's Gambit bug Greymane's Gambit appears to be bugged. I got transported to the Skyfire ship, but I was not in the scenario. The ship was floating over Stormwind, not in Broken Isles where it was supposed to be. None of the guns would fire, and I didn't have the special action bar for the scenario. A lot of other players were there and seemed to have the same problem. I dropped the quest and re-acquired it several times. Even went back to Dalaran and took the portal to get back to the Skyfire before re-acquiring it, as suggested on the beta forum. But it was still bugged. Finally found a workaround: After dropping and re-acquiring, I stopped the short cut-scene at the beginning of the quest (I think by pressing the space bar, which gave me an opt-out popup). Then I was transported onto the ship with the active guns and I was able to proceed with the scenario. I'd filed a ticket and got a response that Blizz is aware of the problem, but I had to figure out the workaround myself.Alaurai33 1d
1d Would you raid with the poster above you? Okay... GO !!!Sajesstive106 1d
1d Cookie cutter dps specs? I was wondering what specs are currently of the cookie cutter type with no talent swapping etc involved on a fight by fight, raid/dungeon basis?Frankspencer5 1d
1d Trial of Style Issue I join a group and someone leaves, and then the instance glitches out. Someone else joins but gets added to group 2 instead of group 1, so I guess that prevented the voting round from happening. The whole thing just stopped and everyone left. So I leave and now I'm banned from queuing for 30 minutes. Was this not on PTR? Very disappointing.ßelial3 1d
1d as expected, i have won the trial of style im not surprised.Xavier4 1d
1d Playing US Realms from EU Country Hey guys. Just looking for a suggestion. I move to Germany Soon and i am currently on a West Coast Server (tich) I was wondering if anyone with Prior Experience knows how bad the Lag/MS is when playing from Europe. Please let me know, would be a huge help. I dont feel like buying the EU Version of this game, re-leveling and re buying all the Xpacs and games... waste of time and money.Oneshotspec17 1d
1d Rate the above mog#5415151 It's that time again folks. get your 1-10 ratings ready and lets do this.Blôôdvalor404 1d
1d Next Expansion Leak? Came across this last Tuesday but couldn't post anything on it because my account was wrongly suspended for reasons. I don't usually put much weight in such things but as far as expansion rumors and speculation go, this one looked like one of the better one's I have come across. An email leak from the Irvine offices: EXPANSION DETAILS Name: Rise of the Naga Empire Main Villians: Azshara, N'zoth Plot: The Burning Legion has diverted the attention of the heroes of Azeroth away from their home lands. As the war wages on Argus to stop the Legion, Azshara continues her preparations in carrying out the will of N'zoth by readying an invasion that will cover every continent on the planet. The Naga Empire has been building its forces and patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike. Using a twisted form of black magic and power granted to her from N'Zoth, Azshara will carry out a ritual that will cause the submerged Naga empire to rise from the depths. Both the Horde and Alliance are unprepared for such an attack, and as a result, many iconic locations will be destroyed. In order to defend the lands that the factions of Azeroth hold dear, both major factions must band together even amid the hatred both feel for each other. Inventions created by the Gnomes and adopted by the Goblins will be created and refined to help curtail the invading Naga. Gifted and mechanically intelligent Gnomes and Goblins will pilot massive suites of Armor and will be instrumental in holding off the Naga invasions. These Tinkers will be looked at by the rest of the horde and alliance as essential to the military efforts that will greatly help turn the tide of battle. Major Expansion Features: Level Cap Raised to 120 New Race: Naga (Neutral) A splinter faction of Naga unwilling to succumb the Old God's whispers defect from Azshara's ranks and choose to either join the Horde or Alliance New Class: Tinker (Gnomes & Goblins) Tank, DPS specs available. New Neutral City: Undermine New Mount Type: Boats (with the help of the Goblins and Gnomes, players will be able to create their own boat in the initial leveling stage of the expansion. Faster boats will be able to be found as mount drops off bosses.) Race specific House Boats will be able to be created and customized by players. Faction Allegiance System: Allows horde and alliance players to undergo a series of quests and events that eventually allows them to group together, unlocks account wide. 8 New Zones (All new zones will have Legion level scaling tech except for ones indicated): Leveling Zones: Scintal Reef (Naga Leveling Zone 1-20) Kul'Tiras Isle of Kezan Zandalar Tel Abim Drowned Reaches Max Level Zones: Gishan Caverns Nazjatar Other Major Features: 2 New Battlegrounds 1 New Arena 3 New Raid zones available at launch, more planned in several patches 12 Dungeons available at launch, 10 New, 2 being refreshed previous expansion dungeons, more planned in several patches Transmog Closet updates, to include all off set "sets" (example purple paladin tier 2 BC dungeon set) ORIGINAL SOURCE: 1d
1d K E K Was questing in Un'Goro tonight, to finish up my kalimdor loremaster. In the area there's a wannabe knight who gives you the quest "damsels were made to be saved", in which he charges you with accompanying him to find and save three women. The "maiden by the shore" dropped her purse full of luxurious gowns into a hot spring and was far too timid to jump in and get it. As his squire (according to him) you are tasked to get your feet wet retrieving the gowns for the fair maiden. Unbeknownst to the knight the whole time, and despite her failed attempts at explaining it to him... The "maiden by the shore" is clearly a male blood elf. gg blizzardSperowolf0 1d
1d Hidden brewmaster ability not in game? Apparently the brewmaster artifact is meant to "Say a little extra!" when your character is drunk, but no one has actually been able to do anything interesting with it? Is the hidden effect even in the game or blizzard forget to put it in?Mordrish10 1d
1d WOW Bookkeepers How balanced do you guys feel? 64 Goblin Rogue here, bookkeeper and happy, let's discuss.Thegon24 1d
1d Easiest hidden artifact appearance to get? Just curious, for me its a tie between arms warriors, and BM monks. Warriors just have to talk with the forgemaster in their class hall and duel saurfang. (He takes it easy, no need to fear him cleaving azeroth in half) While monks just have to check this one daily buff keg, and the staff is a random drop.Rykaal23 1d
1d I made a friend. As you can see here, this is my new life long friend. Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to uploaded link. 1d
1d An illusion?! What are you hiding? Ahh. I see you've sidestepped a few inches out of my spell's very short circle of influence. I did not expect this. Very clever indeed.Rainspeaker17 1d
1d Rate mog above u (only for unique mogs) Title (Non-personal designed mog is not counted)Gypsytea13 1d
1d solo'ing gorefiend hellfire citadel any strat for this or is it not possibleSmoove20 1d
1d 2-handed leather melee? Where is it, Blizzrad? Monk? No, dps MUST dual wield fist weapons (at max level). RIP 2H WW spec. BrM is as close as it gets, but is forced to tank. Druid? No, cat or bear and fists/daggers only, and one is a tank. Rogue? No, dual wield daggers/swords only. Demon Hunter? No, you have to be pretty edgy, cringey, and a flamboyant elf to play one of these anyway, the ultimate she-male Batman class fantasy. Where's my Barbarian class? You bring all these elements from Diablo, but you stop there? C'mon Blizzard, do I have to show you how to juice your own games?Marsage10 1d
1d NPC pop up dialogue Are there any add on that will block the annoying npc chat dialogue that pops up on screen when you go into a WQ or quest area ?Reddemption9 1d
1d Fun Casual Guild Activities Hey folks! After a few years of very brief activity I'm back for a month for the first time. I've found a guild I'd like to do more with. They even have Mumble! However, with the new patch the raid events have disappeared and it seems people aren't very social in-game. So here I am to ask for suggestions on how I can have fun with my guildies without raiding by creating amusing or cool casual events. I searched for similar subjects on the forum and it seems some of the classics still exist. Posts date back to 2011 at the latest, though, sadly. So I'm wondering about newer ideas. Any activity that's easy to get into and set up would be awesome. I'd love to hear some suggestions, because I'm fairly limited myself with ideas. Here are a few things I'd lean away from, though: Old Raid Content (As noted above, people are doing Tanaan and the new raid) Gold as Prizes (I'm still 'new' coming back and everyone else has TONS of gold. They don't want more...?) Player-vs-Player (A few people like PVP, but organized PVP seems currently out of reach)Terajima10 1d
1d Pandaren Beer or Dwarven Ale ? DiscussFayenoor78 1d
1d Druids should have more Customization Demon Hunters are available to 2 races only and have the most customization out of any class while druids are available to 4 races and they don't have any unique customizations, druids have a lot more customization potential than demon hunters and death knights. We should be able to have deer antlers, wings on the elbows, bird feet etc.Spongebobt5 1d
1d Alcoholic Beverages in WoW My friend and I were discussing new ideas that should be implemented into world of warcraft. We believe the idea of creating beer/liqour distributors around major cities in the world of warcraft. You could make fancy beers like Blue Moone more expensive compared to cheaper beers such as Stormwind Draft Beer. And there should be bartenders working in the major cities at 'bars' and your character should be able to enter and socialize with other characters and buy a cold brew. We also believe that after a long night of drinking your character should wake up with a hangover the next time you log in, if you attempt a dungeon while still intoxicated from the night before, your character should promptly throw up. To cure your hangover they need to create water (either from a mage) or from a local beverage store. This would stimulate the WoW economy and make it more entertaining for players. To purchase alcholic beverages your character must of course be level 21....We don't want any money for this great idea, just the satisfaction of knowing we created it. Thank you Blizzard. p.s. for people who believe that this is not appropriate for little kids, the game is rated M for a reason and there is already alcoholic beverages, this would just make it 10 times better.Slickshotz27 1d
1d Vicious War Fox Is the vicious war fox able for purchase for season 5 or season 6?Rhondaa4 1d
1d Friendly Fire in LFR. In general, I'm against making LFR easier. However. When the devs were deciding which mechanics to nerf and/or remove, why did they leave in mechanics where dummies and trolls could follow you while debuffed and do damage to you?Valdavint0 1d
1d How to i travel world from world? So i was in the Outlands and i dint know what this item did and it took me to the Lych Kings platform and now im very far from where i was, im talking about a world apart, how do i go back?Xverksy2 1d
1d 110 Heirloom Hi I know that heirloom gear can be upgraded so that it lasts till 110 but is it worth it? Also does the item level of your heirloom gear still increase once you reach 110 or is it stuck being the same ilvl regardless of what you do?Rammel4 1d
1d Why are Tichondrius Horde players so good Yet so rude in dungeons. Seriously, every dungeon I've ran (pre-90 on alts), Tich players pull everything regardless of the tank, don't care about a healer, curse like a sailor in chat, but hey, they do dps through the roof and we clear the dungeon super fast. Its bittersweet. But it ALWAYS happens whenever I group with Tich players. I'm not saying they suck or are terrible people. Some of the funniest and coolest people I've met were Tich players while leveling through dungeons. But this behavior is pretty common every single time I group with Tich players. And frankly, it doesn't bother me at all! But it's just something I've noticed time and time again, far too many times. At 90, Tich players are absolutely fine and normal. But pre 90 grinding dungeons from 15-79, it's nuts! My guess is that its due to the PvP streamers switching from Alliance to Horde and the fanboys following, but this really isn't a generalization or stereotyping. At this point, it is FACT. Anybody who has leveled through dungeons Horde side pre-90 has experienced this time and time again, and its a pretty unique thing specific to this single server.Golf56 1d
1d neutral faction idea a faction who would have abandonned the idea of horde and alliance and embrace the idea of peace....but like playable basicly its would be a neutral faction by being one of them ur world pvp is being turn off for everyone . they could do whatever quest they want since they are neutral they could raid with whoever they want cause they would be neutral maybe its just me but everytime i learn that 1 of my friend is playing i ask witch faction u are .... and they alway play in the oppossite faction so i can't play with them .wich is kinda sad,pvp being force uppon player basicly ur dividing ur own player base by half. i think most pve player would agree with that since the only pvp(real pvp) is in bg or arena. Maybe even pvp player can agree with that weve all been the little leveling guys being gank by top level douchebag who don'T know what to do with their time so they kill lvl 60 noobies(weve all been the douchebag ganking lowbies,don't try to hide we all at one point done this) but my main point is the fact that i have friend in alliance and i can'T play with them(on my main) because the way the fACTION CURRENTLY WORK even if i'm a pve player and don't do pvp like at all.Pepitux1 1d
1d Help! SoS! Abduction! Please if you've seen my Free for All pvp world quest call me at 1800-555-5555. Key features -Worth 500 honor -Filled with cancerous "skilled pvp tanks" Last seen with a shifty zone invasion. Authorities believe they may be involved in the WQs disappearance.Pentaghar5 1d
1d Returning to WoW I stopped playing WoW around BlizzCon last year. I don't think I made a "quitting" thread, it's not really my style and the complaints I did have were a bit specific anyway - overall I was enjoying Legion; I just kinda stopped playing in favor of spending more time in Overwatch. Since then, I've been seeing some cool new stuff added to WoW; I'm not a caster but the preview for the new casting animations today caught my attention in a big way: I eventually plan to look up the patch notes for specifics but: I'm curious what the community considers to be the highlights of Legion's patch content. Are there new features I should check out before others? Any significant changes? I have no interest in ilvl progression so tips on raid tier catch-ups (while helpful) aren't really what I'm looking for here. More curious about the state of the game/community and any new features. (Please no story spoilers, I plan to pick up where I left off on quests which... is probably in a vat jumping on fruit)Nakhara2 1d
1d a computer how well can this play WoW?Allstate14 1d
1d Add more race based armor sets In warlords of draenor they added the orgrimar and the stormwind sets. Would like to see them add in additional sets like the ironforge set and maybe an undercity set maybe before end of this expansion. Then next expansion maybe add two more from nightelves or gnomes and tauren or troll sets near beginning and another set towards end of expansion. Then in like 4 or 5 years add exodar and blood elves. Also give us weapons and shields to go with sets. Then later perhaps the argent shields?Felblood2 1d
1d Hello to all my fellow pandaren shamans! Happy 2016! I just wanted to say hello to all of my fellow panda shamans out there and other fellow pandas and non-pandas. Happy Panda Year's! Any other pandaren shamans around? I have seen a few in dungeons I have ran so far.Yingtai18 1d
1d Jinyu as neutral playable race please have Jinyu as neutral playable race and waterstriders as their race mount since fly will be gated in future expansions, waterstriders will be the most used mount, especially at the start of any expansion. this makes people who have waterstriders a big advantage over people who does not have, such as new players. to even out the playground, it will be essential to have jinyu as a new neutral race who can be played by either alliance or horder.Flushing4 1d
1d 10 rbg challenge appearance req? Why there is a PvP requirement on a PvE challenge appearance is completely beyond me. Not to mention that certain Specializations can't even reasonably get invited into RBGs to unlock these. It could have been literally anything else. Kill 20 mythic bosses in tomb. Complete a 15/20 keystone dungeon. The fact that the last appearance in the row can literally be solo'd makes me wonder if this requirement should be nerfed to say... 4 or something tolerable for PvE players. Also, I've spent more time trying to get 1 rbg win than I spent getting the challenge skin in the first place. smhSlonghammer35 1d
1d Power Ascended Rewards Hey Blizzard, So, just going to throw this out there, but when you create an achievement that gives minor rewards to players who level one of their artifacts completely including rank 1 of Concordance, please remember to give ALL the classes rewards. Right now Priests, Druids and Warriors get nothing for getting that achievement. Death Knights get companion pet. Demon Hunters get to summon Demon Hunter Pepe. Mages get a toy that lets their companion pets fly. Monks get a companion pet. Paladins get recolors of their class mount. Rogues get recolors of their class mount. Warlocks get a mount. I don't see how it's fair to shaft Priests, Druids and Warriors by not giving them anything at all when every other class gets something unique. Please fix this!Carhagen21 1d
1d Viable MMORPG out there? I believe many of us believe WoW has morphed from being a true MMORPG into something different. Still, I will play this game because I still have vested interest and I like most of its direction. Are there any viable MMORPG comparable to the WoW vanilla or Burning Crusade?Innavoig50 1d
1d Alliance=good Horde=evil ? Well i have been playing since January and my first toon was a worgen and then on i made other ally toons but i don't really have a horde toon lvl10<.i just cant get the notion that horde is evil and ally good out of my head. please educate me.Zadeha198 1d
1d Do You Have A WoW-Nemesis? A WoW-Nemesis is something, someone, a boss, a class, an NPC, a stone you keep getting stuck on, anything you consider your worst enemy (AKA, your nemesis) ever in WoW. Do you have a WoW-Nemesis? My WoW-Nemesis is the Demon Hunter class lolMortis81 1d
1d +60 Leveling Hi I've recently reached 60 with one of my characters and usually once I reach 60 I boost however this time I've decided to bring this character all the way to 110 on my own. I brought my character to 60 by doing a lot of dungeons and was planning on continuing to do that till I reached 100 however one of my friends told me that once you reach 60 its easier to level by doing Illidain's quest line. I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be easier to level through Illidain's or if I should just stick 2 dungeons. Also if it is easier to do quest line can someone tell me where it starts? Thank you for your help!Rammel10 1d
1d Making gold So I have been playing on a Dead Server (even the connected realms to the server are not active). I miss the community. So I rolled on the "New Players" server. Doing so has made me a noob as far as gold. I am curious what is a gold making strategy for a "new player"? I don't even have enough for my first mount training. I have been looting everything and selling it all. Picked up Herb and Mining. Just curious if I am doing it right?Toughtiff18 1d
1d Bnet balance with bitcoins Is it possible?Sietgo14 1d
1d Little by Little I think blizzard might be paying the slightest bit of attention where getting into legacy zones is concerned. At least our quests have us going into old zones, especially northrend right now. I think that's pretty cool. It'd be great to see some more of this in the future. Do a quest in a certain region with a good hub of ports to quickly get us there. I could dig it, could you?Valeondra3 1d
1d Leveling Help So I've done all the main quest in each zone of broken isle except for suramar and broken shore but still 108. What do I do now??? Thanks!Jokzzonyu17 1d
1d Vanilla Timewalking Anybody else want to do Vanilla dungs in their original state, except Strat(that one was really long). It might calm some of the legacy server demands.Alterabull27 1d
1d Next expansion leak So I was having breakfast with the whole WoW dev team, yea I know I'm really lucky. We were eating some gluten free croissants and drinking some fresh apricot juice and they told me everything about the next expansion: World of Warcraft - Rise of the Gnomes You heard right. RotG is our next adventure peeps. Every single hint we got pointing toward the Void lords, the South Seas, Azshara, the Return of LK, blabla, all placed there to confuse us. The only legit hint was the introduction of Gnome Hunters and we completely missed it. Plot: Bolvar wakes up from a nightmare (N'Zoth) and we realize he's possessed and has now a mission "Attain Gnomeregan and join the 5th Old God "Gno'mish'Arj" to destroy the world! (He used to sleep under Tirisfal but used the Vindicar to teleport to Dun Murogh). Our mission is to stop them by using the power of all Gnomes combined "The Gnomish Goldheart" which can be obtained by traveling the whole world on foot 5 times and gathering 2 trillion gold each (even forgotten level 1 alts on forgotten accounts). Races/Class: No new races this time; every character is turned into a gnome. You can choose between Lepper Gnomes, Robotic Gnomes, Sand Gnomes, or Snowy Gnomes. Every class is replaced by a new class; Tinker, at max level. Level cap: 150. At level 150 you unlock a prestige system to level 50 prestige which unlocks you the Fire Gnome subrace, with purple eyes and chicken wings. New continent: Gnomeregan. Under the surface of Gnomeregan, a huge labyrinth full of evil Gnomes waiting for strangers to kill. The labyrinth is separated into 54 different zones, each the size of Nomi's kitchen. New holiday: Gnome Day and Winter Veil Island (full of Winter Veil Gnomes) New profession: Scientist, learn the ways of the Gnome and finally own your own lab! New system: Path of the Mechanical God. Learn to use all sorts of inventions to survive on Azeroth and beyond since your spells are all gone at max level! To level through this new system you need grind all sorts of new quests added to the game. Blizz learned from dailies and WQs, they don't want to repeat the same mistakes thrice... we're getting World Dailies which is the perfect combination of both! Return of the Gnomes, I can't believe we fell for all the other leaks!Guewergues12 1d