Blood DK gemming.

Death Knight
Am I doing it right?

Can you guys please armory me up and tell me what should I change (Except the pvp trinket, lei shen does not want to drop it for me, but im working on it).

Everyone was telling me my dodge and my parry should be close to each other and that I should never be below 100% mastery for the blood shields, but I was doing flex raid yesterday and we had another BDK that was full stamina, had 1 million health and wasn't taking as much damage as I was, even though our gear was just a couple iLevels apart.

I've used AskMrRobot but I keep changing gear so fast it's hard to keep up with him.

So, any tips would be appreciated.
For YOUR gear level I would....
for red sockets (for tanking) I gem parry/mastery
For yellow and prismatic I gem 320 mastery
for blue sockets i gem stam/mastery

Once you get up above 522 I start gemming everything with stam/mastery gems. When your buffed HP pool is 900k your conversion starts to really really shine. I average about 47k hps in a raid setting.

Reforge should look like this...

hit 7.5%>expertise 7.5%>mastery>parry/dodge>haste
If you haven't already, make sure to brush up on the ratings sticky. Good rule of thumb in there is "Stam until you don't explode into mist if something looks at you, then Mastery like it's going out of style". Don't gem or reforge into Dodge or Parry (cloak, chest, wrists, pants, boots). Doing so will get you into diminishing returns territory all the quicker.

Grab a chestplate and girdle from Timeless. Hope for something useful with Mastery on it, or reforge what you get into Mastery if you get non-Mastery pieces. Reforge your weapon into mastery.
wait wait hold the phone... conversion over death pact?
wait wait hold the phone... conversion over death pact?

It's coming from a guy using the Animus trinket... I'd just kinda ignore it. It's 'viable' for fights you might be out of heal range but thats about it.
for red sockets (for tanking) I gem parry/mastery
For yellow and prismatic I gem 320 mastery
for blue sockets i gem stam/mastery

Thanks :)

Don't gem or reforge into Dodge or Parry (cloak, chest, wrists, pants, boots). Doing so will get you into diminishing returns territory all the quicker.

Should I reforge that into Mastery then? What's a good mastery % at my gear level?

Also, another question, should I get lei shens trinket? or what are good trinkets right now?
In regards to avoidance. Don't listen to Kvishaas about whether or not to reforge into avoidance. For starters diminishing returns DO NOT have a territory. As in there isn't this point when it's a clear cut off. Dodge and Parry "rating" diminish independent of each other. If you need avoidance then balancing them out is beneficial. This can be in particular when early gearing into heavy melee'n content where mitigation and effective health are more crucial for survival. If you're tanking 10 man and the healers can handle it then intentionally dropping some mitigation like avoidance and or even mastery is doable. This is not always the case for players because of healer skill or even the player ability of the dk themselves.

For fun my tanking offspec is about mitigation with just some threat. I have 17,200 mastery just because it makes me smile. That doesn't mean everyone should do it. There are fights when that is awesome and others where it's totally overkill.


Personally I'd want a lot more mastery than you have. If you're going into content that greatly out gears you it's different than say tanking MSV in your current gear. There isn't for example a clear cut point when you have "enough" mastery. Due to many things. I'd suggest for stats this priority.

1st. Making sure you have mastery on every slot as much of it as you can. Reforging out of either avoidance, hit or expertise. Generally for example if a slot doesn't have it on it the highest stat you can reforge out of it to gain the most mastery.

2. Let Stam sort it'self out for you. It's better to gem Fractured (yellow), Puissant aka Mastery/Stam (Blue) & Either Parry/Mastery or Expertise/Mastery in a red socket. Geming full stam is only when more geared and or tanking a spell heavy heroic raiding boss. You aren't at that level yet.

3. If you really want stam here and there just carry trinkets with it on it.

4. Once you have mastery on your all gear try to cap your Hit and Expertise as long it's not costing you mastery.

5. Once You have mastery and hit & expertise then you can consider balancing out avoidance in areas.

I know that seems like alot of steps but trust me that the gear has so much rating that these are all possible at once.
What's a good mastery % at my gear level?

As much as you can get. There's no such thing as too much.
Personally I'm in a holdin pattern on my DK until Krinu posts that guide he's been talkin about on the tank forums. Was originally goin all in on Mastery until the couple tl;dr's about goin all in on Mastery isn't the most ideal thing to do.

Right now I'm bleedin some of the mastery off for avoidance/stam. Oddly I've noticed a bit of a survivability gain, though I'm not sure if that's just me gettin better at bein a Blood tank or if the extra stamina and avoidance is actually helpin. Either or.
Mastery has not changed. It is STILL our best survival secondary stat. Avoidance is still not superior for survival, especially in 10m. What has changed, is tank damage stats. Avoidance now does significantly more (as in at all) damage than mastery, which is why you get builds like the one i am using right now. However, I am doing a very specific build and just because i'm not using mastery doesn't mean it isn't still a very important stat. For 10m content, haste is still superior to avoidance for dps, and i would not advise avoidance stacking in 10m to push out more dps because you will get better results from doing either a mastery>haste or haste>mastery setup, depending on what you want to be more offensively or defensively oriented. Riposte will help the defensive setup, but it's not worth going for full avoidance builds in a place (10m) where you can work in considerable amounts of haste already.

EDIT: I assumed you were talking a pure avoidance stacking build, not the Haste>avoidance build you are using. The haste>avoidance build is fine, but if im honest you could probably get more haste. Do you feel youre GCD locked at 10k haste? Or are you limiting it at 10k because you feel you can't afford any more at the cost of other defensive stats, in which case i'd recommend getting more haste and more mastery at the cost of avoidance.

Haste as Blood? Are you guys tripping or is there something I don't know? Now I'm completely confused, lol.
A Haste focused dps set up is completely viable if your healers can keep up. I generally wear dps gear in most encounters, but I also have the luxury of getting all dps plate that drops since our warrior is on leave. I've geared myself with blood in mind as I very very very rarely ever switch to frost at all, but even at pushing my mastery down to close to 100% I do fine. However when the situation calls for it I swap to avoidance gear with 215% mastery unbuffed.

My advice with your current ilvl would be to forge/gem mastery everywhere that you possibly can. If you can't go mastery, haste is not a bad stat for blood, but unless you can get to about 10% haste I wouldn't really sacrifice avoidance for it.

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