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The format and implementation of TradeSkill hyperlinks (eg [Enchanting]) has undergone a massive change in 5.4. In layman's terms, the "recipe data" is no longer contained in the hyperlink itself, but is now fetched from the server when you click the link, based on the embedded GUID (character ID).

There are several significant drawbacks to the new implementation, which adversely impact the utility and usability of TradeSkill hyperlinks. Most notably, TradeSkill hyperlinks can only be opened if the character GUID embedded in the link has already been encountered by the client during the current login session. This has a number of significant negative implications:

1. You can only open TradeSkill hyperlinks from characters that you are grouped with, chatting with or standing near in the game world. Any attempt to open links obtained via other means will silently fail.

2. For example, this means that if player A whispers his TradeSkill link to player B, and player B whispers it to player C, then player C will be unable to open that link unless he has also directly "encountered" player A during the current session.

3. In particular and more annoyingly, you can no longer open tradeskill links for your ALTS (eg saved by an addon or even "whispered back" to you from another player), because the characters on one account never directly "encounter" each other in the game world. Nor can you whisper a working link for your alt's tradeskill to another player, unless that other player has already encountered your alt during his current login session.

4. It's no longer possible for addons to forge an "all recipes" TradeSkill hyperlink that can be clicked to open a tradeskill window containing every available recipe

5. It is now possible to forge links that "spy" on the TradeSkill recipes of any character you encounter in the game world. It was already possible to see any character's trade recipes via, but now it can be easily done with a macro directly in-game.

These are all regressions in behavior relative to 5.3, and represent a significant degradation in the usability and utility of TradeSkill hyperlinks. It has a side effect of breaking some features of certain addons (notably ProfessionsVault, BagSync, Altoholic, TradeSkillMaster, ...). However more importantly, TradeSkill hyperlinks are now far less useful than they used to be, even with no addons at all. Please consider rolling back this terrible change, or fixing the implementation to address some of the drawbacks listed above.

There's an addon developer discussion on this issue with full details here:

This thread was started on the PTR Bug Forum, the old thread is here:

Another previous thread for this problem is here: (locked for no apparent reason, perhaps in an attempt to silence the large and emphatic customer response?)

Blizzard finally acknowledged the problem exists in that thread, but the problem definitely persists and they have neither committed to fixing it nor announced an ETA to address the problem.
It's very very annoying that we can no longer open tradeskill links for alts and offline friends. This has worked perfectly for years and the 5.4 changes have broken it with no good reason or motivation. This is game-breaking for tradeskill enthusiasts.

Blizzard please fix this problem ASAP!
It's Blizzard, what do you expect?
It's Blizzard, what do you expect?

As a paying customer making a legitimate complaint about a major regression in functionality, I expect a better customer service response than "we know it's broken" then lock the thread to bury the issue (aka "there's no problem, move along... LA LA LA LA LA"). In the previous thread, over a hundred paying customers have expressed similar concerns at this regression (demonstrating the widespread impact of the problem) and made very emphatic requests for a timely fix.

What's needed is an official statement that Blizzard is committed to fixing the problem and ideally an estimated timetable for resolution.
I just got the new profession vault and when I clicked on the all recipes it gives this error
Date: 2013-09-21 02:36:02
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ...terface\AddOns\ProfessionsVault\ProfessionsVault.lua line 2446:
attempt to index local 'dbc' (a nil value)
(tail call): ?
[C]: ?
[string "safecall Dispatcher[3]"]:9:
[string "safecall Dispatcher[3]"]:5
(tail call): ?
...erface\AddOns\Skillet\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0.lua:314: Fire()
...ibs\AceGUI-3.0\widgets\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:518: Select()
...ibs\AceGUI-3.0\widgets\AceGUIContainer-TreeGroup.lua:522: SelectByPath()
...terface\AddOns\ProfessionsVault\ProfessionsVault.lua:2763: CreateWindow()
...terface\AddOns\ProfessionsVault\ProfessionsVault.lua:2775: ToggleWindow()
...terface\AddOns\ProfessionsVault\ProfessionsVault.lua:1297: OnClick()

So I wouldnt call it fixed, PLEASE BLIZZARD, put recipies back how they were. I hate how you have broken such wonderful addons.

Its a pain to have to leave the game to find what recipes you are looking for when this addon use to allow us in game to see every recipe in game and where to find it.

"Working" is relative.

The new release of ProfessionsVault is a "cripped" version that omits all of the features which rely upon working TradeSkill links. There is still no way to open the trade skill links for characters that are offline or you are not directly interacting with. This limitation is imposed by the hyperlink implementation, as detailed in the OP.

Please keep this thread on-topic regarding the bug in TradeSkill hyperlinks. If you have questions, comments or bug reports regarding specific addons, use the appropriate addon support sites.
Confirming that this is not fixed.

The underlying Tradeskill Hyperlink change still breaks ProfessionsVault and similar addons.

Disappointed to see the previous six page thread was closed in what appears to be a fit of political pique. Very sad that bullying of that type occurs.
Where's the blue response to this?
Where's the blue response to this?

In this thread there was a brief acknowledgement:
Blizzard rep:

This bug/broken functionality has made the game more frustrating and less fun to play.

I have developed a play style based on certain givens about how the game actually works based on observations over hundreds of play hours.

This feature appears to have been broken without giving much thought to how it impacts a subset of players.

After dozens of posts expressing concern over this issue, the courtesy of an honest reply would be well received by the players. We are not "owed" an explanation, but we expect it. The only recourse we have is 1) to continue to play in a degraded environment, 2) ask for your help here, 3) choose to play less or not at all.

Blizzard Officials: Please respond with a simple yes or no if restoring this functionality is on the "to do" list.

After dozens of posts expressing concern over this issue, the courtesy of an honest reply would be well received by the players.
09/21/2013 08:13 AMPosted by Catessa
After dozens of posts expressing concern over this issue, the courtesy of an honest reply would be well received by the players.


Sadly the response to six pages of requests in the previous thread about this issue was to silently lock it with no explanation.
Please fix this
Agreed. I depended quite a bit upon this addon. Was very helpful when grabbing mats from a bank alt or simply being able to look at what gems, enchants, inscription items, etc that were out there when upgrading a piece of gear. As per with most of Blizzard's haphazard changes, I am greatly curious why this was changed. Wasn't broke.
Please now update us when you will be fixing this extremely debilitating bug.

The "round trip time" simply to find out if you can make something on a character other than the one you are playing now looks like:
1. Finding an Inn or City for the character you are on
2. Logging out (slower than ever since 5.4)
3. Logging on the Alt with the approp trade skill set (though maybe not the exact recipe...)
4. Logging out on the Alt (slower than ever since 5.4)
5. Logging back onto the character you were playing at the time
6. Getting them back to wherever they were

That takes a minimum of 10 minutes.

Do that six times in a session, not unreasonable as all the new gear coming from Timeless Isle, SoO, etc. has to be gemmed (one Alt), enchanted (a different Alt), etc. and you have lost ONE HOUR of game play!

That is completely absurd for those that maybe only have four or five hours in an evening in which to play.
Still looking for an acknowledgement of this problem and a fix date.
Hello All,

I'm the creator of BagSync ( a very popular item tracking addon. I can tell you without a doubt that this issue with the Tradeskill links affects BagSync as well. BagSync users can no longer share or view tradeskills of their other characters (alts). This is unacceptable as the feature has been working fine for years. I'm not entirely sure why Blizzard has decided to secretly change this code without alerting anyone. I wouldn't be surprised at how many addons this breaks out there that rely on the tradeskill link return function GetTradeSkillListLink().

Blizzard please revert this change and or fix it. So long as we have the ability to link profession to others, then there shouldn't be a reason where we can store these links and process them ourselves. This includes viewing profession for a players other characters.

For more information on the TradeSkill link format:
Still looking for an acknowledgement of this problem and a fix date.
There was an acknowledgement, you yourself posted the link to it. As far as a fix date, you won't get that. Period. The guidelines for this forum even state that asking for an eta on fixes constitutes an invalid post. This forum is primarily a one-way communication link to the QA staff. We tell them when something is broken and they fix it when they are able. The only times that they communicate back is if they need more information, on rare occasions acknowledging an issue they are investigating, or when the fix is already completed and is in the process of being implemented. They never give estimates or predictions on when they might have something fixed, probably because doing so is just asking for grief if something prevents them from being able to deliver on the date (there's really just nothing good that can come out of them trying to guess at when any particular issue will be resolved).

Their lack of response is not to be taken as a lack of interest or as them ignoring issues, it's simply their using their time for better things than forum presence (such as actually working on these issues). Sapper said they're aware of the issue and are looking into it, which means it'll be fixed when they get around to it.
Like a large number of other people I would like to see an acknowledgement in a thread that has not been silently locked.

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