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We have such mighty classes already, how about we degrees some and live the life of a hard working, severely unappreciated working class.

We yelled at them and beat them half to death for sleeping, leaving painful traumatic scarring memories of blistering pure hate starting out on the Horde side.

We didn't really care about ours on the alliance side.

Both sides should have this option, their peasants/peons finally become heroes! Finally a use for tools to become actual mainstream weapons other than... working objects for laborious purposes.

Also none of this phased starting zone crap, that's a no-no!

Their theme song would be this- -Peon Hero by Feature.

Their battle cries would be, "For the Working Class!" Finally giving us players! Something to relate to in the real world.

Their professions? They create buildings and haul wood on a tediously monotonous basis! They get paid for their work by the King or Warchief!

Their mounts? Dirty old mules, the left overs from heroes choosing their mounts from Stables.

Their abilities? Why a variety of abilities of course! They can create buildings on the battlefield while your allies sacrifice their blood, sweat and tears to allow you to build a tower that doesn't look anything close to the Lego instructions.

    Build a Tower on the Battlefield! - Able to garrison your Allies inside! Just don't let anything touch it however! It's made of gnomish/goblin balsa wood!

    Build a Farm on the Battlefield! - Grant an endless chain of supplies and food for your allies!

    Build a Castle! - Because why not live large?

    Build a Barracks! - Why wait another 50 days to complete one structure and an additional raid wipe to train and resurrect your allies back onto the battlefield! Do it in 30 seconds or less and be back to dying as per usual!

The Peon/Peasant for the next class in the new expansion!

Because my older ideas for Gnomes becoming Paladins by worshiping a light-bulb fell short. =/
Can I mass them and use them in a suicide run?
Demon hunters w/ a ranged spec
Building buildings would be kind of OP.

Can you imagine a bunch of peons or peasants building walls to block enemy forces from getting into boss rooms in battlegrounds?

Or building a tank factory in Warsong Gulch that doesn't siege anything but is just a pain for the enemy team to fight?

Actually, it sounds kind of fun. I'd play it. Their resource bar can be Lumber.
Peon Class

Builds walls that block access on all roads into and out of all zones.

Drains lakes, streams and rivers while you are fishing them then immediately fills them back in after you leave.

plants fields of plants that completely ensnare you when you run thru it.

entices you into caves then locks the door behind you so you cannot get out. Hearthstone is also disabled. Only recourse is to delete the character.

follows you around constantly but does nothing while shouting insults at you continuously.

Just stands around looking stupid all day saying "work. work, work."
People would complain too much about the tower rushes in battlegrounds.

Then blizzard would implement some "No rush 15" crap to balance them!
Demon hunters w/ a ranged spec
Not the bootarang!
That'd make LFR runs interesting.
2 Tanks
6 Healers
17 DPS
50 peons
Demon hunters w/ a ranged spec

Not happening.

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