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I have an Alchemist (frost mage) equipped with the Zen Alchemist stone ilvl 458 (just noticed it can be upgraded once) it was not so far beneath the Malevolent Gladiator trinkets, but I am now gearing up with Tyranicle Gladiator and wonder if there is a replacement for the trinket. I do a lot of transmute and flask work in the field so I need the Alchemist ability.
You only need to have the alchemist stone in your bags to use it for transmutations; it doesn't need to be equipped.

Just replace it with your PvP trinket of choice.
I really do like using the stone as a trinket, and it sucks that you have to replace it. Keeps a spot free in your inventory at least. But, eventually you do end up replacing it. Blizz doesn't add new recipes to up its ilvl, though I wish they would.
Yeah.. it really becomes more just about the Alchemist's Flask at 90.

The trinket just doesn't keep up.
The trinket is bad, ilvl458 or 466 when upgraded. The flask is outclassed by a 'rare' drop that isn't all that rare.

I wish they'd make the 40% bonus when using potions an alchemy passive and not tied to a trinket that is 100 ilvls behind current tier heroic trinkets.
I like the transmute trinket, gave a nice boost to my healing potions as well as whatever other benefits my monk had from it. Maybe more agility. Would be nice to have an upgraded one so that it isn't just something to take up a bag slot.
I have alchemy on my frost mage and her item level is 551 should I trade out the zen alchemist stone for a different trinket at this point???

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