Proving Ground (Tank) is still badly designed

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WoWProgress shows a warrior that's gotten to ~86.

I'd suggest refining your strat, gems, reforges.

So is your argument that because a few very skilled warriors have been able to make it well into endless, then the proving grounds are well designed? Even though the percentage of warriors in the rankings for tank are almost nonexistent?

My argument is that it's possible and that, while you're free to offer suggestions for how it can be improved, you should also make do with what you've been given.

The amount of warriors ranking is certainly less than monks and DKs, but they're still ranking. So I would suggest working on your strat, gems, and reforges... unless you would prefer to quit where others have succeeded.

I would point out that you're complaining about gold, and not even endless.
As a Pally the problem is our usually low DPS output (compared to other tanks) so it sucks when the hardest hitting mobs also have the most health, as they usually don't die before the next wave. I don't mind the mechanics teaching, but a mob that hits like a raid boss, with a ton of health and an extra mechanic is very frustrating when all the other mobs have pretty low health and a single gimmick (e.g. conqueror's enrage to get you to use cooldowns, the little virmen do a bleed, etc).

If you ask me their health should be cut in half (at least), and it'd be much better without taking away anything from what Proving Grounds is trying to, well, prove. I mean let them hit hard, but die fast; that would be fine. But hitting hard and living several waves is BS.

Also I am specifically talking about Endless; for Gold (for me anyways) the only real hard part is the last two waves, Wave 10 especially because as I recall you usually have a wind guy up who hits hard enough, and then TWO Conquerors who enrage at the same time, and that really hurts.
Spec into Second Wind. Also make sure you grab the heathstone before you start it. Alternately you can try Impending Victory, I find on my Fury warr that that is up a lot more often. Helps me on TI.

I was tanking Naxx in this gear, or the tanking version of it, and I'm not insulting DK's, just pointing out that you're in no position to suggest how I'd be able to do the Proving Grounds when you've basically had it handed to you.

I would assume that Blizz tested the proving grounds with all classes to make sure it was possible before releasing it.

What exactly is it in gold that makes it badly designed for warriors?

*not intended to be a factual statement
I have no issues with tank gold but that dps healer is a DERPY fail. Never in my entire PUG experience have I seen such a sh*tty healer. She does nothing and decides to heal during times of spike and 5% health sink. I don't know who wrote the script for this healer but one thing is for sure that wave 10 is partially luck for those who did it. It's gotta be a well played gamble with the freeze and army. Not really a realistic judge of tanking skill.
09/22/2013 06:05 PMPosted by Reanimated
I would assume that Blizz tested the proving grounds with all classes to make sure it was possible before releasing it.

Your assumption would be wrong. Everyone knows Blizzard only tests things with mages. If GC's mage doesnt die, release it. If it does die, nerf it OR buff mages, probably both of the latter.

Anyway, on my DK tank, Proving Grounds didnt prove much of anything. And the OP is right, its basically handed to DKs, Blood DKs that is. Dont even think I dropped below 80% HP the entire time. On my Pally, damn near impossible to complete. Havent tried it with my Brewmaster nor my Warrior.

But then again, the Proving Gounds is just another boering useless thing to do after youve done it a few times, just like the whole of Timeless Isle.

So why don't you COMMENT on your DK so we can see if you've beaten it? Hehe.

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