Best Monk names

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might as well throw my name in
my name is edgy as hell
I have a baby Tauren monk named Khaopai.
I like my name honestly, especially having the "Brewmaster" title :3
Nobody gets mine =(
I think mine is pretty good.
I love my name, especially because I have paralyze binded to yell "BOOP!" ^.^
Boop 10/10!
Happy with my name
Reesi of course.
Supposed to be spelled Kaioken - but was taken :)
The other night I was healing with my druid and saw an undead monk named 'rotnroll'. Made me giggle lol. Mine has nothing to do with being a monk though so no other suggestions there.
My name is pretty awesome.
sup :D
We have a winner!
Brewmaster fun.
Bruce Lee
I just call it how I see it.
My main monk's name obviously.
Destiny is best monk name.

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