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Shouldnt nerf something gear and practice will solve.
9 stacks of Determination on Nazgrim. Wiped with him at 1,000 health because of Berserk + War Song.

The tank demands we get 10 stacks and ignore mechanics. Won't listen when people point out shamans heal the boss.

No DPS under 70K. People not on adds.

Help me.
oh i thought det only went up to 5....

Bliz please make a button so that I as a tank can only q for bosses with 9 stacks of det because I really would like to just down the boss and go do something else k pls thnx.
Galakras, one wipe because tower groups are dumb. Me and a spriest friend instead powerhoused the towers.

Iron Juggernaut, no wipes because it's just so hard to wipe on such a boss. Tanks were standing together however, and DPS was obviously low since it's Sarosha's terrain, so it took forever. I recommend watching the people get knocked away to the gates of Orgrimmar by Shock Pulse for entertainment.

Dark Shaman is just a cluster!@#$. Too much AOE, too many slimes, nobody will do it right. Good luck here.

The trash to Nazgrim you're going to need to taunt yourself away and just hope the healers can keep you up, because we couldn't manage to get the tanks to do it one by one.

Nazgrim will be pulled with every faithful as well as every ironstorm, so expect that wipe. Then, with enough yelling you can manage to convince them to switch off of Nazgrim(but not pets) for the first defensive stance, and the rest is a cluster%^-*. By the 50% mark, if you aren't berserking already, you should be doing Hexos dodging with Ravagers.

Overall, challenging for a LFR, and so it's destined to be nerfed because in that audience's eyes, "challenging" and "lfr" should not be in the same sentence.

just my experience yo
Ten stacks of Determination now.

Not even Garalon or Lei Shen was this bad.
gdi sarosha it's flex. not flexi.

For realz, yo. I thought we talked about this.
Nazgrim down at 10 stacks of Determination. Got my 2H mace on Ret Pally so worth it.
Nazgrim down at 10 stacks of Determination. Got my 2H mace on Ret Pally so worth it.

was it?

Honestly was it?

Would you do it again?
09/24/2013 04:16 PMPosted by Bobbydigital
Nazgrim down at 10 stacks of Determination. Got my 2H mace on Ret Pally so worth it.

was it?

Honestly was it?

Would you do it again?

I've had worse. I don't mind wiping again and again when I see that things are getting better with each attempt; that people are learning what to do. Never did much actual raiding because of my wonky schedule but this was par for the course in the guilds where I did do current-tier raiding.

Also a 528, now 536, weapon in the second week of a tier is all kinds of incredible so yeah, I'd do it again.

Now, would I do it again on this mage? NOPE.
09/24/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Madican
I've had worse. I don't mind wiping again and again when I see that things are getting better with each attempt; that people are learning what to do.


Because your whining got worse and worse up until you got something out of it. Now you're in support of it.
Eh I wouldn't call that whining really.

More of a general cry for help.

Glad you got something out of it. Try to stay in flex if you can from now on.
Proto drake 2 shoted ok learning curve, one shoted iron Juggernaut Woot. 3 shot Shamans watching people stand in bad stuff and don't aoe adds and Nazgrim 4 shoted.....*face palm* let see attack him in defense stand, stand in WW axe, don't kill adds and get shed a tear seeing gamon die ;_; yea..... rough week..
I'm not sure which thread will really keep going, but I posted this:
After very laboriously instructing my LFR group to victory against general nazgrim (despite a "captain capslock" trying to tell everyone the wrong thing, and falling back on "I'm 10/14 normal so !@#$ noob" - no joke, he used that line) I have a few things to say, according to not only my own view of the fight but the complaints of those doing it.

First, according to some of those in cloth, apparently face-tanking assassins is not doable. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, I can't tell because I was tanking, but I would think it a good notion to make (on LFR) an assassins melee damage approximately equal to a critter, and just have backstab 1-2 shot you. Either you do the mechanic right, or you die to it, not (as the group was claiming) do the mechanic right and still die to it but only if you're in cloth. Maybe they were just doing it wrong, but something to think on.

Second, I don't think this fight is designed well for a relatively uncoordinated LFR group to complete. Beyond all the mechanical things DPS and Healers have to do, the timing on things (like sunder) can become very muddled with the add spawn rate. The benefit of having a third tank because your second tank LFR provided isn't quite quick on the draw is staggering, and wiping due to an earth shield going on Nazgrim because (despite being on the other side of the room) you managed to get aggro on the war shaman AND nazgrim is a PROBLEM. I would suggest that earth shield simply be prohibited from being applied to nazgrim on LFR. Healing tide totem and chain heal would still be important to keep away from the boss, but at that point it becomes manageable and (probably) recoverable even if you're not provided with two tanks capable of executing the fight, or exceptional (for LFR) DPS.

Nothing else I feel would benefit the fight by being changed, except for perhaps a local warning after being struck by heroic shockwave to "open thine eyes", even if it is worth a snicker on my end when a quarter of the raid dies simultaneously to it.

The segment of LFR isn't too difficult, but I think (at least with nazgrim), people aren't realizing just how quickly earth shield will heal him if it ever goes up. His DPS check actually isn't that bad (I think my burden was averaging 120k? across the top 8 or so spots) if you can keep the shamans permanently away from him. However, without a tank dedicated exclusively to getting war shamans, that can be difficult - stopping earth shield mechanically will fix the sudden impossibility of the DPS check should it go up. Interrupting, target swapping, and separation are still beneficial or needed with healing tide and chain heal.
2+ hours in there before I had to leave. 2+ stacks on Galakras. Mercifully 0 stacks on Iron Juggernaut. 6 stacks on Dark Shaman. 45 mins on trash to Nazgrim. Left at 4 stacks of determination on Nazgrim. Prety sure I was in with someone's Special Ed class. Highlights included "I didn't know Nazgrim was in defensive stance" "Wait, I'm supposed to avoid the gaint red circle when the meteor's about to hit" and my personal favorite "calm down guys its only a game, I'm just playing the way I want." (The last one was in direct reference to being called out for the first one)
2 shot Galakras, he's fine.
1 shot Juggernaut, even with a ninja pull. He's fine, if a bit too easy.
3 shot Shamans, people need to learn the fight, probably fine in the long run.
Wipes 5 times on Nazgrim. He... probably needs a nerf. At least make it so that Ravager isn't so lethal, or remove it entirely. You can't count on 24 randoms to know to move away from it =/
on nazgrim, considering leaving and coming back after they've inevitably nerfed him

EDIT- stayed, got him on 4 or 5 stacks of determination

hero at the start worked much better than saving it
One shot all except Nazgrim, which we two shotted. Winged every boss except Dark Shaman, which someone gave a brief overview. Most the raid was dead by the end but we managed to one shot them still.
You can't count on 24 randoms to know to move away from it =/

Galakras takes more coordination and effort than moving out of the way of Ravager though.
Wait, people still do LFR?



I did a lot of ToT LFR but I don't think I'll be stepping into SoO LFR much if at all. I tried to get through part 1 and got bored halfway through, same with part 2 after Galakras.

One shot Galakras though no one went up into the second tower so I had to drag the proto drakes up there and do it myself, then we wiped on Juggernaut at 60% with me being top dmg/heals while tanking, so I just left.

Not going to waste my time trying to carry people through that stuff and after reading this thread with some people getting 10+ wipes on Nazgrim/Shaman I'm glad I didn't.

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