Immune 6/14 Recruiting

<IMMUNE> is currently recruiting a Resto Shaman or R Druid & a Disc Priest for our 10m . We are 6/14N. Looking for a minimum ilvl of 525 and some exp. Raid times are tues/wed/thurs 7:00-10:30 server . Most of the group has been raidin together for a while. We just need two solid healers to finish the grp. If interested add me on real id
Disc Priest covered, just need a beast resto druid/shaman.
Bump 7/14
Hi there Zeroset, I added you on real ID.
I would like to talk to you about joining.
I have both classes you're looking for.



I'm not quite up to where you are yet in SoO but I really only PuG and haven't been in a steady guild since Cataclysm.
I'll try whispering you when I see you online.
Do not join this guild. I have had multiple bad experiences when raiding with them. I have been booted for harassing one of their members. I did no such thing, after I was booted he taunted me in whispers saying he is now #1 on the damage charts. On another occasion I was criticized, in raid chat, for not wanting to respec into the desired dps spec for a PUG raid. I already had both my specs for DPS but my talents weren't "ideal to [their] preferences". After i declined to change my talents I was booted from the raid.

The raid leaders, if they were not the ones causing the problems, did no type of mediation they took the word of their members and instantly ignored me so I could not share my thoughts on the situation. Raiding with this guild is a bad idea, joining it would be even worse.
Thanks Bro!

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