Restore Vanilla Windfury graphic

It was glorious. It was beautiful. It was gloriously beautiful

Volley when it still existed had its graphic change reversed, why not Windfury? I see no reason why it has to be linked to Cyclone
What was the old animation? Could you provide a link from somewhere please?

around 1:28

I prefer the new one.
I remember seeing the original change to Windfury and being like "err... that looks sharper for sure, but the old one looked so much more like the Shaman was being Enhanced by the element of wind."

I preferred the old one and would prefer it to come back, but possibly sped up slightly.
i like the original version as well.
I want it back too.


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I agree
I much preferred the old one.

Same with Evocation.
i concur, ol' chap!
GOOD LORD MAN this is a necro to end all necros o.o you have freakin matuk in here and everything

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