Mysterious Green fire patch..

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Hello again.

While collecting a handful (400+ actually) of runecloth for my friend, I stumbled on a strange phenomena..

In the Festival Lane quarter in Stratholme, there is a Green patch of fire; burning aimlessly and apparently eternally..

The question is, what sparked this forever burning fire ?
Why is it burning at that particular spot, why is it Green and not your average Red.
WHAT is it burning ?

Is it because the elemental plane is ripping apart ?
Is it some sign that Stratholme will change come Cataclysm?

I would really like to know why this patch of Fire is there..

Please help, I don't know if it's recent or not, but I really must know..

If this expansion is anything like the last one, there were limited time only bosses inside some of the instances such as Stratholme for players to kill.
probably the consecrated ground your seeing from back in the staff of Atiesh days of WoW

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