molten core come cata

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Does anyone know if they are replacing MC with a 85 version of ragnoras or are they going to keep both. I would hope that they didnt take out the lv 60 mc since they allready got rid off tier 3 and soon zg, I would hate to see tier 1 and 2(I believe thats what tiers are there if i rem right) go too.
Molten Core will still exist as a 40 man raid in BRM, it's been untouched. Ragnaros will be making a comeback in Cataclysm though, so yous there will be two versions of Rag.

The only Vanilla raid that is being removed or changed in Cata is Zul'Gurub.

Will others later be changed like Ony was changed mid WoTLK? Who knows. Don't count on it, though.
Molten Core along with all the current instances within Blackrock Mountain are staying just as they are, save for some minor changes to BRD in the form of teleporters or some such thing to make navigating it easier.

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