Stat Priority for Selfless and Divine Purpose

I have tried the Eternal Flame/Holy Avenger spec, but with my gear it's just too mana intensive. And because I couldn't cast Holy Radiance often without going OOM, I never had enough holy power. So, I went Selfless Healer along with Divine Purpose, and have absolutely no issues at all healing. I'm about to hit 90 and when I get full 430+ item level gear, I'm going to step into heroics. I'm very comfortable with this spec and probably wont switch until raids. So this begs the question, what would be the best stat priority for this spec? Haste lowers the CD of Holy Shock and Judgment, but since none of my heals are HoTs, Mastery is also a very nice choice. And Crit is always appealing.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.
I'm doing that build at the moment. I'm doing haste/mastery stat priority, and reforging out of spirit. Since your judgments give you cheaper casts, it almost negates your spirit. Haste lowers the CD of holy shock and judgment, which in turn gives you faster Holy Power, which can be used to LoD, WoG. Along with Holy Radiance, you'll be stacking up the Holy Power quickly and cheaply. I don't ever go below 50% mana and continually pull over 100k hps. But this style of play is very quick and some people don't like having to use judgment every cool down. There's not a lot of downtime with this build and you'll want to save your global cool downs for judgments.

That said, I'm having a good time with it.

tl;dr - Haste>Mastery>Crit>Spirit (secondary stats)
Awesome! Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I was thinking, except I thought it would be Mastery>Haste>Spirit>Crit. But you're right, I'm never below half mana so spirit is kind of useless to me. And I love the fast play style and using Judgment on every cooldown. It reminds me of the days of old when I was using Judgment on every CD to restore my mana.

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