Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Hey there boomkins I was curious my guild is having me do the Assembly line, killing adds. I was curious as to if i Could use wild charge to jump onto the platform instead of jumping into the stupid tubes?
I tried this and it is very glitchy which caused many whipes to our 10 man. The tubes arnt nearly as glitchy nor hard to deal with after a few attempts plus u get the added benifit of landing in a safe zone. If DB off at center ur at boss face (that's where we had boss) or get pulled off your at the same spot which u have a good chance of getting smacked by a bladsaw or the rocket bombs. Safe to say learn to use tubes. And if u don't know you can jump forward on the conveyer belt to move forward faster!
I always use the tubes to get back. Jumping will allow you to move 'back' on the belt. I suggest jumping back a bit, and then running off into a tube (without jumping). Trying to jump into a tube is really goofy because of the way the belt momentum works.
Thanks Trubeast and Ferrington for the respones I appreicate it alot.
And on this topic "And if u don't know you can jump forward on the conveyer belt to move forward faster!" so when you jump do you recive a stacking speed buff that increases speed and stacks up?
I've been on assembly line last raid and I used Wild Charge (Disengage) to get back... Mostly because I will kill the the weapon before I am at the end where the tube is and I hate the pushback along with jumping. If I am quick enough on the first wave of weapons I can get back and get my CA dots on Siegecrafter (While using CA on the weapon also)

Testing wild charge for the first time was scary, I wasn't positive i'd live =P

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