Leveling a pally

What would be the fastest spec with no heirlooms or gold support to start off on. No professions will be done till i ding 90. Does prot beat out ret early on or should i just stick with ret the whole way??
Anything not Holy. Prot if you like chain pulling an entire area. Ret if you like to kill one or two at a time. Ret pulls ahead when you get to Pandaria though, usually because the mobs hit harder and are more spread out.
Prot at least for a while. prot's shields hit a little harder than it honestly should. You have fairly good damage, very high survivability, and you're able to keep your speed up better.
You can have a lot of fun as Ret while leveling, but if you dip into PvP you might become somewhat frustrated at your lack of mobility and ability to burst before ~50; access to Exorcism and Art of War really fill out Ret's ability to dps consistently in the field.

As Prot however, you will be able to run instances practically continuously, which speeds leveling along tremendously. Even without support, in doing so, you'll earn rewards at a steady enough pace that you won't notice the lack of heirlooms --- in practice they really are only as good as many of the rares you'll find in the instances themselves.

I wouldn't recommend neglecting professions entirely though. If you spend any time out of instances, a gathering profession (even one you plan on dropping later) can be a great source of income. Stacks of 20 Silverleaf -- arguably the most abundant herb in the game -- sell for ~20 gold per stack on Emerald Dream, for example.
Tank specs are quite OP pre lvl 80 in terms of damage, and you have ultra fast LFG queues
you can dual spec into holy or retri if you feel like playing something different
It has been sooooo long since I leveled a pally (2005 I think) that I feel like this is some how an insult to even suggest, but leveling is totally dependent on what you want to do. I find that going protection on alts and using the tabards can max out reputations for the classic zones which can be cool. On the other hand, questing in zones with your professions already chosen, or with multiple gathering skills, can also be great. You'll either ding 90 with a bunch of money or a maxed out profession. It really depends on your goal. The only negative thing about a pally is how often they decide that want to revamp how we play. I swear I've had to relearn this class around 5 or 6 times now.
I leveled the whole way as ret and loved it, you kill things faster than a lot of others with the high burst damage. I also found it more fun than playing prot.

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