Dwarf or Belf

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Female Dwarf is still more masculine than a male Blood Elf.

you jes mad cus i can look in the mirror and say "id hit that"

that made me lol irl, im laughing right now actually
Dwarf without a question.

*chugs beer*
Speaking as a Blood Elf...Dwarves are the single most awesome race in this game. Bar none. Although they may be surpassed by Goblins...we shall see. Either way....the accent, the beard, the short stature...whats not to love?
Female Dwarf
Totally female draenei.

I had two of these for a while.

you jes mad cus i can look in the mirror and say "id hit that"

Pure win right there.

Theres nothin' better than a good ol' fashioned DWARF pally lad. You BELFS look too squishy to be on the front lines of any good fight.

I'm on the front lines in front of the lich king tanking his fist with my face. Call me when you get past marrowgar, we'll do lunch!
The midget speaks the truth, we are descendant of Night Elves, err actually the Highborne, which are our cousins but are on the Alliance atm (Night elf mages). Trolls are also descendant from Night Elves if you can believe that, but we are both much more resilient and better lookin! ;)

Wait a second. If you read the lore on the old site, trolls are not descended from night elves. Rather night elves are the descendants of trolls.
11/09/2010 9:49 AMPosted by Floating
33 Human Paladin
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But seriously, dwarf.

Blood Elf.
We have better lore and animations.

Better animations? Jeeez. Have you seen a Belf swinging a weapon? It's like he puts his ass for some action.

I don't see how human and dwarf show their back when attacking their target. Don't we get 100% hit chance on them?

Edit: I can hardly recognize who is the hunter, the dwarf or the mastiff.....hmmm
Belf paladins should have a battle chicken charger.
Well, Considering that blood elves are the most hated race in the game (and the people that plays them), go dwarf x 1000
12/05/2010 10:22 PMPosted by Tiderion
Blood Elves look retarded. Go dwarf.

11/10/2010 6:49 PMPosted by Lightsworne
Belf, and WE HAVE TWO GENDERS YOU MORONS!!! all elves have long hairstyles, ya don't see people saying Night elves have one gender do you?!?! I'm sick of this!!!!

We have two Genders? Im not gay?
Dwarf, I'll take the man who doesn't wax his chest.

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