Dwarf or Belf

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12/06/2010 6:07 AMPosted by Orocowsaki
Taurens were the original druids for the horde...gleaning their power from the moon goddess or some such. Somewhere, a tauren scholar was all like "hey if we can glean power from the moon, why not try to get it from the sun also?"

And BINGO, the Sunwalkers were created. Not so much a "paladin", per se, more accurately a "sun druid", just playing with the mechanics of a paladin.

Makes a lot more sense lore-wise then the blood elves "hey i realize we were cast out of High Elf society elebenty gajillion years ago and we got addicted to magic like crackheads so we kidnapped this M'uru guy to syphon his life force and ended up STEALING the power of the light from mankind".

So you are saying horde druids learn from the moon goddess which is from the night elves? Clearly taurens are stealing holy powers from the blood elves.
Belf, Best Racial Ever
Have you seen the way Blood Elves look when they stand still? Come one now - you are supposed to be a baddass killing machine, not a hairdresser strolling down the catwalk.

12/06/2010 5:58 AMPosted by Restraint
I still question why Taurens were given the class paladin -_-

I don't get this either. Then again, I don't understand a lot of the race/class combos. If Tauren can be paladins, then why not Night Elves. Hell, why not any class that can be either a warrior or a priest? I mean, isn't that really what a paladin is - a holy warrior?

Why are there Troll priests? Oh yeah, they are "witch doctors." Why are there Forsaken priests?

Why did they allow Alliance shamans or Horde paladins? I know, I know, easier to balance the game that way.

Blizz, just let every race play every class, because you've already borked the lore up so much that at this point it really doesn't matter anymore.

you jes mad cus i can look in the mirror and say "id hit that"

with my axe

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