What about Shadow Priests?

Shadow priests are looking really insane on PvP. I know what Blizzard will say about it:""The class balance is for level 85". OK, but Warlocks got a nerf on all spells of 12%. Let's see Priests:
    1. DoTs doing more damage than Warlocks Debuffs. I wearing about 1100Resil and Shadow priests Buffs are ticking about 4.5k!!
    2. Mind Blast have 1.3 sec of cast time and doing on me 9k dmg!! The SPriests will say: "MB has Cooldown!" - Yep! 6sec of CD, what is the time you need to put up Debuffs again or heal themselves !
    3. If you succeed to put down the SPriests shield, they silence you for 6sec!! and burn you down with MB + SW:D. (Shadow Word: Death hitting about 9k with 1100 resil);
    4. If you burm all your CDs to down their health under 30%, they change to a cloud and run from you, after that put shield up and heal themselves to full life with 2 Flash Heals of 1.5sec cast time.
    5. I`ll not talk about disarm, stuns from debuffs or Fear Effect.

So... i just want to know when Blizzard will look at this and nerf it.
Paper is fine, nerf Rock.

The high damage Mind Blasts you speak of are independent of the abilities cooldown. They need to stack up 3 Shadow Orbs to hit that hard, that takes much longer than the cooldown.

Shadow priests are pretty rough against casters because between Pyschic Horror/Psychic scream/Silence and Dispersion it's hard to do anything to them for like the first 15 seconds of a fight -- and that's plenty of time for their dots to weaken you significantly.

But, you may take solace in knowing that they're not nearly as effective with melee involved. Their fear is easily broken by Death Knights and Warriors. Psychic horror can be trinketed, and the disarm effect doesn't prevent pummel/kick, so even then you aren't free to cast -- not to mention the duration is significantly reduced by talents. Often, even burning all your cooldowns against melee, its hard to even cast a single spell with a cast time like Vampiric Touch -- let alone a mind Blast.

And of course, silence does nothing in those situations.

In other words, What shadow priests do to you, rogues do right back to them. I'd much rather face melee on a warlock (with Shadowflame, Demonic Teleport, Death Coil, Axe Throw and Soul link) than I would with a Shadow priest.
I know before this 4.0 I was tearing up Spriests, but now they are a different matter, I dueled a spriest earlier about 4 times, first few I lost do to Dalaran hates me >.< but the others was (in my opinion) do to their high survivability, but alas, this is only at level 80 so I'll see how well they do at 85, but right now his or her survivability is a little to much, like mine is with my wolves up.

P.S Blizzard, allow us to name wolves and I will no longer pee in your cheerios....
Yea shadow priests melt faces in pvp....must be nerfed.
this thread is from cata
Epic resurrection brohemoth

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