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Hi All,

Short version of the question:
1) Our family has multiple Macs.
2) We each have a profile on every machine.
3) We may not always play WoW from the same machine each time we play.

Is there a preferred method of installing WoW to accomplish such a scenario?

Long Version:
Recently, my entire family started playing again. In order to facilitate this, I set up a profile for each family member on each of our Macs. The idea being that any of us could play from any machine.

I've tried to accomplish this several different ways. Ultimately I ended up installing the game to a single profile and then copying that WoW folder to all the other profiles. I then renamed launcher in each profile so each machine had a Launcher, Launcher1, Launcher2 etc. I did try installing WoW once and copying just a shortcut to the same Launcher into each profile but that did not work. Neither did having a WoW folder in each profile, each with a file named Launcher in it. The rename launcher fix was something I found on the forums.

I did this around the time 4.01 dropped. While it works, each time a subsequent hotfix dropped, there were problems with the renamed Launchers getting and applying the fix to their respective folders. They would appear to start the download, then the progress bar would just stop and sit for a very long time and never complete.

The solution to this was to run the Launcher from the profile that contained "Launcher" (i.e. not Launcher1 or 2 etc) and then re-copy that enormous WoW folder to the other profiles again. This can become rather time consuming when dealing with multiple profiles on multiple machines :)

I would just like to know if there is a better method. I'm okay if this is the only way I have to go, but if there's a better way I'd love to tap into your knowledge.

Thanks for the read!
You really shouldn’t need to go to all that trouble. The default Applications folder isn’t governed by the various profiles.

WoW can be picky about needing to be installed by the computer’s first admin account, but after that it shouldn’t matter in the least which profile launches the game, as long as it’s patched using the admin account.

Thanks for the feedback. Per your suggestion I went back and tried again and was able to make all profiles run from a single install.

1) Deleted all other profiles on my machine beside my own (admin).
2) Created a new profile.
3) Ran WoW Launcher from the Application directory while logged into the new profile.
4) Ran in into issues where the launcher was telling me it had several gigs to download which did not happen when running WoW from the same location on my profile.
5) Suspected a permissions issue that was allowing my profile to download Cata in the background but which prevented the new profile from doing the same.
6) Went back to my admin profile and checked permissions on the WoW folder. everyone had Read & Write, so I clicked on sunburst -> Apply to enclosed items.
7) Logged back into the new profile.
8) Ran WoW successfully from the new profile :D

I still had some trouble getting WoW to play nice with Parental Controls on the Mac, but I eventually worked that out.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Post is liked :)

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