Add-ons and how to maximize my DPS

Ok, good afternoon from the somewhat chilly state of Arizona today, coming from your's truely:

Well, this is my add-on list and what I personally use to maximize my DPS and Survival and Beast Master specs:
Backseat Driver

I was just wondering if there was any (working with 4.0.1 ofc) add-ons that I can use to maximize my DPS output as a Survival/BM Hunter, I currently can pull about 5.8k DPS without a pet up as Survival on a 4815 GearScore, Beast Mastery is able to pull about 5.4k DPS with a pet.

Thanks! ~ Maranx.
There's a thread for addons already in this forum. Best to post in that one. Just about all of these addons have already been mentioned.

Also, Gearscore has no relevance when talking about dps. A higher GS does not mean your numbers are going to magically go up.
Quartz for swing timer so you can stutter step your auto shots.
There's another but the name slips my mind.
ForteXorcist maybe? Good for timing cooldowns.
Also Power Auras or Need To Know to monitor procs.
Skillscore* I meant lol jk
I accidently listed all my add-ons in current use sorry about that, got off track and was looking at my curse client xD
I absolutely cannot live without my Power Auras. Aura's for everything - Serpent Sting (with a timer), Kill Shot, Hunter's Mark reminder, LnL procs, and more. A bit learning curve when setting it up, but once you've figured it out it's pretty simple. There are also quite a few websites out there with the strings already set up for import.
Once again guys- and not to come out grouchy: there is a whole other thread for addons- it's even on the first page. Let's not start doing what we did on the other forums and start flooding the new forums with topics that already exist.

(Geez, I feel like the forum police.)

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