New pet skins look GREAT, Blizzard.


I have to say it...thank you. :)

Ooh, that one looks sick.

I know what I'll be going after.
I'm ofcourse after the felboar!
Think I've figured out the name for my fox if I wind up with a brown fox. Totally naming it Rommel.
I'm definitely gonna have to go for the new turtle in Hyjal on my hunter.
I'm still hoping they're going to let us tame gyreworms and the owls in Twilight Highlands.
Got to agree, they do look fairly rad.
Some nice pets there. I'm looking forward to a fox, although it does not seem properly ferocious enough to be akin to the Crocs and Bears we have now.

I have always disagreed with Blizzard's allowing Hunters to tame Gorillas, and likewise, I am sad to see Monkeys added to the Hunter pet list. These are terrible pets and should not be encouraged even in a game setting.
Terrorpene looks amazing. Giving us a tamable Nemesis is just incredible, even if it's a rare. Seeing all the plaguehounds turned to beasts and tamable is excellent as well. This made me laugh, though:
Yay felboars!
Yay felboars!


Finally, this.
I have to agree that the new pets look awesome, especially the Spirit Beasts.

I'm getting a seagull.
all the stables in the world wont be enough for all my pets
I swear to god my existing spirit wolf better not become a spirit beast post patch.

I swear to god my existing spirit wolf better not become a spirit beast post patch.


I dont think that will be the case, them adding the look as a spirit beast will mean all of us that missed out on the glitch that allowed you to get that very rare beasty, we will finally get one that looks like it, but your beast should still be a very special catch.
But what i really want is a Black and White versions of Sambas, new maned lion look. For Humar, Pitch, Echeyakee, and Sian-Rotam. PLSPLSPLSPLSPlsPLS
I swear I will have 25 cats soon with all these great new saber cat skins. Oh and all they need to add is the White Saber cat.

<---- the New Crazy Cat Lady
We can tame Chromaggus now? Well, i found my new BM pet

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