GLL versus GL issue

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NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB VRAM
MacPro 1,1 2.66 GHz Dual Core
10.5.8 (9L30)

Yeah I know it's old, but then no one has given a thumbs up to the latest ATI Radeons shipping in the new line so I'm really hesitant to invest in something that is going to be no better than what I have now, graphics-wise.

Okay, I have the infamous FPS issue if I remove the 'SET gxapi "OpenGL"' line from my WoW file. Today I removed the line to see if the problem has been fixed. Sadly the FPS issue remains.

My concern however is in how the camera movements are being handled in GLL versus GL. In GL, when I use the mouse to look around or navigate, the response is normal. I have hardware cursor enabled as well because without it, the cursor movement is too slow (speaking of the cursor itself, not character movement et al).

When in GLL the camera response is accelerated. So much so that minor movements of the mouse will radically change your point of view. Since I use the mouse to navigate, I can easily end up looking straight up into the air without only a slight movement. The reaction time is so fast that it is on the verge of being nauseating. Try doing BGs when your camera is zipping all over the place compared to your character placement. I'd best describe it as an over-accelerated cursor only it's the camera viewpoint which is ahead of the cursor speed. The slightest movement of the mouse returns a massive adjustment in the camera viewpoint.

Now on the flipside, enabling or disabling hardware cursor under GLL has zero affect whereas in GL there is a noticeable difference between enabled/disabled. I checked all my camera settings even tried using different ones under GLL but there doesn't seem to be a way to put the *brakes* on the camera sensitivity. I attributed this wonky camera movement to bad FPS initially, but now I see it's not lagging or slow, it's over accelerated. I've zoomed the camera all the way out and all the way in. It just seems to be on overdrive in GLL and I have no way to slow it down. In GL, it is perfectly fine. I don't feel like the camera is moving at a rate ahead of my mouse movements. A slight adjustment of the mouse returns a slight adjustment of the camera.

Beyond the FPS issue, the camera issue is completely unbearable. If a tech support guy would respond to whether this is a result of GLL not being supported under my graphics card, I'd appreciate it. I've had other NVIDIA cards (8600GT before it fried) and not seen this behavior before, but then GLL wasn't being pushed on the Mac users back then.
carb one posted tonight saying he'll be monitoring these forums now while lucy does other ones.
Hi Carbonic,

I will be assisting Lucytr on these new forums. I will be here mainly mornings, and will try to post as often as I can.

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