brutal glad gear?

For anyone who is twinking at 70 in the hopes that 70 twinking returns in Cata, have you noticed the brutal glad gear is severely overpriced? Has anyone else who doesn't twink noticed this? I mean...for a Brutal Glad staff its over 3k, where a Wrathful staff is only a little more than 2k. What's the deal?
i saw this too, i guess it's just how the conversions panned out and it's definitely not important to blizzard so they're not gonna change it. they're not obscenely expensive, though. it's still way way easier than getting, for example, a HWL weapon before this patch
idk I am hoping they lower the prices. Unless the twinks that dont gain xp can do bgs in Cata, there is almost no way to get more Brutal Gear.
S4 shouldn't be too easy to obtain.
You're right it shouldn't be TOO easy, but it also shouldn't be near impossible either. I don't see how they're going to allow us to get honor unless they

A) Improve the 70 twink bracket and let us actually BG or
B) Implement BoA honor again.

That's really what my point is
For most players brutal gear is strictly a RP thing. No point in it being overpriced or having a rating on it.
When 4.0 went live I made a post about this where I basically calculated how long it would take someone playing for 3 hours a night every night to get full S4 under the new prices and honor system. It was something like 70 consecutive days just to get the S4 armor set. I think we should just start referring to S4 as S7.5 because that's effectively where the costs of the items falls in at now at being just a smidgeon under Wrathful.

Which no, I'm sorry, but it doesn't make sense with how we now only get honor in fractions, especially at 70.

I don't think it would be so bad tho if we still had the BOA honor tokens. That in my opinion is what made it so 'brutal' to get brutal pvp gear.

When you combine the fact that now we'll all be fighting off against other twinks only, acquiring level 70 pvp gear (even non-brutal) has become the hardest endeavor in the game via legitimate pvp. It's easier to get tier tokens and gear up pvp items that way first, before walking into BG's, which again, doesn't really make sense.

Sure, S4 should be hard to get. I agree with that. But there's a difference between being 'hard' and difficulty that surpasses something like grinding for The Insane title achievement without any rep books or purchasable items.

S4 prices need to be re-attuned for the new honor system. They clearly weren't, which is painfully obvious. 70 items shouldn't cost more then 80 items when you get substantially less honor per at 70 then compared to 80.

Or I dunno, maybe they could just let T6 tokens work to buy S4? =^P
Full heroic ICC gear is strictly RP for me bro should be at a vendor for 25gold a pop.


In one or more expansions, why not? Nobody will care.
Eh i dont need it my main already has it.

But why would you want Brutal gear for RP?
what you RPing someone thats good at arena orr?

Stupid question, but I'll answer all serious-like: because it looks cool. Or because they want to. Take your pick.
Maybe Bliz thinks twinking is stupid and doesn't care to encourage it?
Some of you may have forgotten that we still are not sure if arenas will return at 70. If they do how it will play out will probably make more sense.

I can only guess for example, there's a conversion of Conquest > Honor points (say if it still all costs honor) that will make arena the preferred method to acquire Brutal gear. I am kinda just making stuff up, but you'll notice there are similar setups of this in content of wow.
Hmmm, I thought I read somewhere that Bliz acknowledge that some of the old gear was overpriced.

Wait until 4.03 as I think that gear will be adjusted to a lower and reasonable value.



"The costs for level 70 Brutal pvp gear, weapons and gems, offered by Brutal Arena Vendors, have not been adjusted to the new Honor points system."

Just wait a couple of weeks, peeps! :)

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