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Hi! So I'm trying to work with grid to make one of those One row, 25 column layouts and with the help of the scripts on the curse page I manage to get the intial idea down but I can't refine it to what I need. It won't sort by groups. People that are outside of raid are in the middle of my Grid.

Can anyone help me out with setting up what I want?

Also if you have any cool ideas for different type of grid layouts I'm all ears. =D
Have you tried this?

GridLayout:AddLayout(L["By Group 25"], {
[1] = {
groupFilter = "1,2,3,4,5",
it's definitely a one line set up, however some complications
Hmm...Try it this way:
GridLayout:AddLayout("Group 25 ", {
[1] = {
groupFilter = "1,2,3,4,5",
unitsPerColumn = nil,

No clue why you have raid members showing up more than once though.
Mmm no luck ran into LuA Error.
Is there a library of these codes set up?

Was playing with it myself, seems that I get doubles depending on how many lines of code I have...


turned into three copy's of Vaughn

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