Subtlety Glyphs

So, I've decided to dust off my off spec and go PVP for a bit until Cata hits. I hit 75 the other day and got my last set of glyph slots to use, however I don't know which ones to pick. I was considering glyph Hemorrhage and swapping my Eviscerate glyph for Shadow Dance as I rarely use Eviscerate(which might change once I hit 80/85). As for a major glyph I'm completely undecided. Vanish, Blind and Ambush all sound good I just can't decide. So, any more experienced insight would be great. Thanks in advance.
I believe my subtlety spec + glyphs is roughly around the ballpark for level 80. You can take out points from waylay if you shiv crippling poison alot, and move them to somewhere where you feel it'd be more useful.

edit: I did not spec into cheat death as i do not find myself in situations (since there's not alot of arena going on atm due to obvious reasons) where it would remotely prolong my survivability, so please take that into account).

Might I ask why you took Eviscerate over something like the Hemorrhage glyph? Maybe it is just what happens to me, but usually when I die, the target I'm fighting is down to 1/8 of their health and a bleed would finish them off.
Not only did you necro a 6 year thread, you did so with a completely irrelevant link.
Holy !@#$! Eviscerate glyph. This thread is ANCIENT.
This is some forum archaeology
Guys he used the banner, you're suppose to target the warscout, not him.

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