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I recently purchased the Cataclysm Digital Download for my account and I'm pretty sure that the download has still not started? Is there anything else I am supposed to do? or possibly a mirror where I can start the download? Any help would be great! I want to have it downloaded so I can play at release. Thanks!
I want to know that too..
If you have purchased the game, exited completely and loaded the launcher again, there should be a file called expansion3.mpq under your data directory. If it is completed, this file should be 632MB in size.

You may not have this file yet, but you should receive it and further updates as we get closer to the release date.
It's only 632 MB? Will we be downloading the full thing like the week before? We don't have to wait til Cata drops to start downloading do we? I have the expansion3.mpq in my folder.
The initial expansion file is 632MB as of now, I assume it will grow in size as additional content and bugfixes are distributed. I would imagine there will be several patches between now and the 4.0.3? patch for Cata, so who knows. :)

As far as waiting for Cata to download, no. Anything that is released by Blizz will be picked up and start downloading when you open the launcher. You already have the first part, and you'll receive the rest as it is released. It probably will not be all at once, but there may be a patch or two in the weeks before Cata hits. Hard to say!
Thanks a ton! Really explained what I wanted! Again, thanks!

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