End-Game Gearing

What gearing should be done to do heroics nowadays? Defense rating is gone, how is one to become crit immune and etc etc?
Ah it's the sanctuary talent. I thought that they made crit immune from PVE stuff if you have righteous fury cause they wanted to open up the ability to tank for ret (and similarly with frost presence so they could open up DPS DKs tanking and also defense stance for warriors so they could tank). You know, to alleviate the problem of finding a tank for 5 mans.

Nope each Tank spec has it's own talent that grants crit immunity.

Bears have Thick Hide. Death Knights have Improved Blood Presence. Warriors have Bastion of Defense.
Not to be rude but if you didn't know this you really need to read your talents before you put points into them.

Also I would suggest you start reading this to help you get started: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1670-Paladin-Cataclysm
On the Beta, I find that I am stacking Stam (of coarse) and Mastery. Mastery seems to be a superb stat to stack. Also, you no longer have Block Value to have to stack. Just Block Rating. This makes stacking Block even better, and mastery is the best way to get Block Rating as a Prot Pally. The Dodge and Parry you can pick up when you can't get Mastery.

I also found that I didn't really need to worry about hit or expertise at all. With my premade that has epic gear, I miss all the time and still have plenty of threat generation. The spells you use are what gets you almost all of your threat. Once you get used to gearing and using your pally with the new system, it is very easy to stat stack and tank with a prot pally in cata.
Thanks for the answer.
exactly how does one become crit immune


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