ret holy power generation

i've noticed (and im sure im not alone) that as ret i have very limited holy power generation, and yet of all 3 specs ret has the most abilities to spend our holy power on. anyone else find this a little odd?
add on top of that the way ret is meant to use word of glory, its strongly suggested we use it on others with that nifty little talent towards the bottom of the tree. but i've found this again a rather strange talent..
if we were to spend say a 3 holy power stack on an ally for the damage buff, by the time we get back up to 3 stacks (aside from mastery procs) the buff is almost gone.. add to that we also generate more holy power while WE are being attacked via pursiut of justice - through stuns etc. so in a situation where i can afford to use word on someone else, it seems pointless, and when i would want to word myself i get no dmg benefit. CONUNDRUM

Prot actually has the slowest holy power generation of all three specs. Ret has a fair amount of it from constant Crusaders, PoJ, Divine Purpose and the odd mastery proc.
Only Holy has more HP to work with, and that's due entirely to Blessed Life, which is about to be nerfed extremely hard.

The Word of Glory/Selfless Healer thing, as you described it, is exactly how Blizzard wants it to work. You get to choose between healing output and damage output, you don't get both.
The buff you get from selfless healer, isn't something meant to be kept up. It is just a small bonus you get to help compensate for some of the dps you lose by not using a TV or inquisition.
If you get enough haste for 3second CS, then at a minimum you have 3 HP every 9 seconds, add in mastery procs, and procs from divine purpose, and it seems like ret's HP generation is fine to me.

edit: I assumed pve, but even in pvp it's like 11 seconds worst case for 3 HP.
prot may have less holy power generation (not much though seeing as CS is on a 3sec CD) but they really only have 2 moves to use it on, ret has a potential of 4 at present, i guess we discount divine storm because its utter trash atm, so 3 moves really.

takes a pretty long time to ramp up to 3 stacks and it seems the word of glory dmg proc would be more beneficial if we got the damage buff when we heal ourselves too.
Word of Glory doesn't need to be ramped up at all though. You can use it at any amount of HP and it will heal exactly the same (in terms of health per HP).
In PvP it's actually far, far better to use WoG at 1HP, due to Protector of the Innocent. Waiting for multiple stacks of HP to use Glory is just wasting potential healing.

Selfless Healer is "fine". It's supposed to cost you DPS to use. The little damage boost attached to it is just so you don't feel like an utter wank healing someone else with it.

I honestly hate Selfless Healer. It's just too good to pass up for PvP at the moment.

more beneficial if we got the damage buff when we heal ourselves too.

Agree fully.

Are we talking PvP or PvE here? Cause it seems to me every spec has roughly the same number of HP consuming abilities.
All three have Word of Glory, and all three can get quite a bit of use out of it, though ret far less than prot or holy. Ret should never be using WoG for PvE content anyway.
DS really shouldn't count, it's mutually exclusive with TV and kinda terrible to boot, and doesn't interact with HP at all on beta (and is even worse).

Zealotry consuming HP is absolutely stupid, but hey that's being fixed.

Practically speaking, each spec will (in the end) only have two finishers they care about.
Holy has Word of Glory and Light of Dawn.
Prot has Word of Glory and Shield of the Righteous, though will also need to use Inquisition for AoE
Ret will have Inquisition and TV for PvE content, drop Inquisition for WoG for PvP.
Remember that HoW is being added to Divine Purpose so that's one more ability which can give us HP.

DS is barely worth taking in PVE and absolutely useless in PVP so that's one less thing we have to spend HP on. Once it gets changed to mana it might be worth taking in PVP since it's kinda like FoK (minus the useful debuffs). Would be nice to have a cheap aoe for popping out stealth.

Inquisition is a PVE ability. Don't worry about spending HP on it ol.

Once they fix it, Zealotry won't eat HP to activate.

So really we only have 2 abilities to worry about in PVP: TV and WoG. In PVE we have to fit Inq in there somewhere (ugh). Considering all of our abilities have a chance to give HP I think we're doing pretty okay on the generation front.

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