Soloing MC as ret

I was just wondering how much of MC is solo-able as ret @ level 80? I haven't been there for probably over 4 years, but if memory serves right, I know there are some encounters where the adds heal the boss. How would you fight those? Also, now that rets no longer have magic dispel, would that make things much harder? Thanks.
All of it is soloable except for Baron since he is currently bugged. His living bomb DC's you when it detonates.
I solo'd MC yesterday as a Holy Pally. Used nothing but WoG to heal myself, so doing it as ret shouldn't be much of a problem. Only boss I had trouble with was Sulfuron Harbinger, beacause Holy simply doesn't have the damage output to take down the healers. Otherwise it was cake though. Also, watch out for the packs of Core Hounds. They are evil. D=
took me forever to figure out how to kill the core hounds. the first two packs took about an hour =[.
only boss i had trouble with though was the one that drains mana. having no holy power sucks

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