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I have been a healer for awhile but only recently fell back inlove with my pally i have read the stickies i have watched youtube videos etc but nomatter how i try my healing rotation so to speak i heal very low for my ilvl 40 50k on averege while i run with other paladin healers who more then hold there own near my own ilvl so i know i must be doing something wrong and am seeking help i run EF over SH or SS cause more pallys seem to run it then the other two i hit the first EF haste point then went mastery i have been HR HR HS for holy power and experimented with spread one hp EF on as many people as i can and the 2 or 3 EFs on members but still same low heals should i change my build gems is my rotation way off and i am missing it or something? and sorry but i dont possess logs or i would gladly post them.
Right off the bat I'm noticing your gear isn't enchanted. It's not going to make or break you, but that extra haste, mastery, int, etc... could boost your hps a bit. You're also 515 ilvl, so at your level you shouldn't be pulling huge numbers, but more focusing on how to manage your mana to last an entire encounter.

As far as hps goes, that is entirely based on what kind of healing comp your group uses. You could be sniped by a druid's hots, a shaman's totem or even out absorbed by spirit shell. Your rotation doesn't seem to be completely off, unless you guys are taking raid wide damage, then you could switch out EF for LoD for more throughput. Healing is kinda funny, there really isn't a set rotation. You're either reactive or proactive and certain situations call for one or the other. Sorry I can't really help much more than that.
Doesn't sound like you're doing anything blatantly wrong. I would recommend dropping the pure int gems though. Split them with as Int + spirit/mastery/haste depending on your needs. You get double the stats on secondaries and because Int is not 2x the value of those stats, the split gems are better. Other than that just pick up some enchants on the gear.

Healing meters are a very misleading thing if you don't know how to read them, so be careful when evaluating yours or others'. Damage meters are simple. Dps players always try to max out their numbers because their upper limit is only reachable by doing a perfect rotation, but nothing actually limits their throughput beyond their own gear and how effective they can be at performing their rotation while handling fight mechanics.

Healers have an upper cap imposed on our hps by how much damage the raid is taking. If the raid as a whole is only taking 100k damage per second. 2 healers doing 50k each can handle it, and there is no way for them to increase their hps without getting their spells out faster than the other healer or ensuring their spells are effective despite the raid being near full health (like absorbs and hots) in which case the split might end up at 60k and 40k, but the total healing is still the same.

Here are some things you CAN get from healing meters and logs:
1 - holy power generation - is it where it should be. Check how many holy shocks you cast during a fight. Is it being used nearly on cd? You should be able to cast holy shock AT LEAST every 7 seconds, so look for it to be used about 9 times per minute.

2 - cd useage - if you didn't use a specific cd during the fight, or used it less than you could have, that is lost hps. Wrath, DF and Guardian are all 3 minute cd's and can be used at least twice each on most fights. Avenger is 2 minutes and can be used even more frequently. Obviously don't just burn them for the sake of burning them, use them when it's most beneicial, but don't just disregard them because you don't "need" them. The trick here is to understand the timing of the fight and knowing how to balance between using the cd's when they are needed AND using them as frequently as possible.

3 - overhealing - Be careful looking at this. Not all overhealing is bad. Pallies still generate shields from overhealing for one thing. Secondly, some overhealing cannot be practically reduced, such as beacon of light. Do what you can to get the most out of it, but don't kill yourself trying to swap beacon every other cast. It's really not worth it. Eternal Flame too tends to overheal frequently because once you cast the spell, you have no control over how much damage the player will take while the HoT is ticking. As a general rule here, EF and beacon should be the bulk of your overhealing. HR should be a low percentage, DL should be very low. HS should overheal very rarely since it is a relatively small instant heal. If you find you have high overhealing on DL and HR, consider using HL as filler instead.

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