ret stats pve 5.4?

i ran a few sims on my character. three times with the xuen timeless trinket and twice with a heroic feather.

the xuen trinket won by 2k dps which is what i expected since my hit was at like 11.5 percent and the haste buff lines up with pretty much every avenging wrath/holy avenger session pushing me to 51% haste roughly.

here's what my stat weights were with the tiger trinket

stngth 1 1 1
haste .65 .65 .67
mastery .64 .69 .61
crit .61 .62 .65

it looks like my stats at this ilvl are so close that as long as the gear doesn't have hit/expertise or blue sockets it will be good about as good as anything else.

for example blue sockets are so bad since i'm hit capped i'm ignoring a 120 strength socket bonus on my shoulders.

it looks like mastery or crit could take over before i even hit the haste soft cap. I'm only 543.

anyone else run into stuff like this? I'm curious what other people are seeing happening on their gear for ret.

if i get the evil eye trinket off the fire dragon i'm sure that will !@#$ with my stats even more.
What version of SimC were you using? There was a bug or something in 540-1 that was strangely devaluing haste. If you weren't using 540-2, try again and see what happens.

Also, for blue sockets you want to match, you can use haste/stam gems; the stam helps with survivability which helps with DPS, sorta.
ya i was using haste/stam gems but i asked my healer what he would prefer and he said just max out my dps so i changed it to pure haste.

ahh yea i am using 540-1

i thought maybe my haste was wonky because of the haste proc on my trinket.


it looks like 540-3 is out.

i'll try that one.
Yeah, 540-1 was showing haste a lot lower than 530-x was, and 540-2 brought the values back up to expected levels. So definitely try that, as it seems like there was a bug in the program somewhere.

And Galakras' trink shouldn't shift stat weights as much as would Thok's Tail - Eye is the CDReduc trink, Tail is the stat-amp. Fair warning, Eye will probably force you out of HA since its reduction affect does not benefit HA. Eye will likely also devalue the Alacrity, since Wings will no longer match the ridiculous ICD.
ahh yea i forgot about the tail trinket. why is there spirit on there on a strength trinket proc? or is wowhead tooltip wrong?

anyway here's my stat weights 50k iterations on 540-3

xuen trinket (haste proc)

strngth 5.18 / 1
crit 3.20 / .62
haste 3.23 / .62
mastery 3.21 / .62

feather trinket (strength proc)

strngth 5.02 / 1
crit 3.10 / .62
haste 3.62 / .72
mastery 3.07 / .61

since my haste trinket is always up during avenging wrath/holy avenger this sim kind of gives me a window into what my stats are doing at the haste cap. pretty interesting.

the dps for the xuen trinket was 3k ahead of the feather.

yea i've been looking for an excuse to try sanctified wrath and the eye trinket is it so hopefully it drops tonight!
09/26/2013 04:00 PMPosted by Rautha
the dps for the xuen trinket was 3k ahead of the feather.

...Huh. Well, have fun with it, if that's what you choose; I'm not touching the 535 Alac 'cause I got an Eye which would completely desync most beneficial interactions with the Alac and Wings.
well don't forget i was at 11.5% hit so i only lost 600 static haste from reforge but gained 1.7k static strength.

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