Healing Haste

I am having difficulty finding current info on a haste target number/haste cap for Holy paladins.

In terms of numbers I am still getting out ranked in terms of HPS & Throughput by other healadins and its depressing.

Don't judge my gear too harshly if you check it. I am working on the chants and gems. I am at a point where I want the numbers for mastery vs. haste.
Eternal Flame Haste: 3506 / 7170 / 10867 +3 / +4 / +5
Lights Hammer Haste: 1189 / 5806 / 10388 +2 / +3 / +4

There is some interesting discussion at various places on Haste vs. Mastery 5.4+ You can get some good information from:

or the mmo-champion forums.

My suggestion at your ilvl is to level off haste at the 3506 break, ~12-14k Spirit (depending on your heal style), and then go mastery. As your ilvl increases, look to make the 7170 break and level your spirit accordingly (prolly will need a bit more), and then again go into Mastery.

You should bear in mind, Healing is more nuanced than DPS specs. Whats best on paper does not always translate to actual play. Figure out how you tend to heal, and build your stats around that. If you like to spam spells all the time, consider more spirit. If you react to damage, try haste/crit. If you anticipate damage, go mastery. Building around your playstyle (or even adjusting your playstyle around your build) is the most effective way to squeeze out all the juice you can. Using a high Haste build and trying to play like its pure mastery will only make things worse.

Also, if you want to see what type of builds you can manage in your current gear (or any possible upgraded sets), check www.askmrrobot.com. There you can load your character and play around with stat weights, soft caps, etc. to tune things just how you want. Choose which default "build" you'd like, and then click the edit weights button next to it. (Also note the adv. settings if you want a more balanced build where you might limit mastery to 30% and then go crit. or w/e).

Also note, those breaks are assuming +10% Seal and +5% from a raid buff.

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